7 hours ago

In #OrgMode, I didn't know how to get the TODO / checkbox count with "[0/3]" kind of notation to be updated without editing child item(s). It was actually as simple as running "C-c C-c" on the header, or call "(org-update-statistics-cookies 'all)" for the entire buffer.

Automating with "org-refile" was a bit more involved - I need to use both advice (for refile source) and hook (for refile target). It took me a while, but now these stats really help me grasp how much work is left 🥰

Nick Anderson
13 hours ago

Really high quality production from @howard on how he plays TTRPGs in Emacs.

#emacs #orgmode

Nick Anderson
13 hours ago
13 hours ago

Je mehr ich mich durch die Dokumentation zum #orgmode in #Emacs durcharbeite, desto begeisterter bin ich. Tags easy gelöst, ToDos können über diverse Dateien verstreut sein, schnelle, strukturierte Erfassung. Elemente mal eben innerhalb des Dokuments verschieben... einfach toll. Hab selten soviel Spaß gehabt mich in ein Programm einzufuchsen.
Und ich bin übrigens kein Entwickler. Ich möchte einfach nur meine diversen Notizen und Aufgaben besser verwalten 🙂

Communauté Emacs Francophone
15 hours ago

Après Demain c'est l'atelier Emacs Montpellier au Bib !

Nick Anderson
15 hours ago

Currently I have `56M' of .org files in ~/org. That's `4847' files and
`1176507' lines of text, the largest single file is `1.3M' and the
longest lined file has `26370' lines. `4675' are inside org-roam, the
majority (`3527') are "dailies".

#emacs #orgmode #orgroamui

org-roam-ui with dailies
org-roam-ui without dailies
Álvaro Ramírez
18 hours ago


> So, I guess, something plain text in md/org, with a desktop client could be quite interesting.

Here ya go ;-)

#emacs #orgmode #macos #swiftui #uikit #ios #plaintext #journaling

Álvaro Ramírez
23 hours ago

iOS Journaling - #plaintext has got your back 🫡

Private, on-device, non-intrusive, journaling on iOS, saved to org (plain text). No lock-in.

DM me for beta invites.

Please help me spread the word 🙏

#ios #swift #swiftui #plaintext #orgmode #emacs

Journelly beta app demoing rich text rendering as well as plain text.
Rick #37c3
1 day ago

I'm pretty sad to find nothing about multilingual in #orgmode. I'd like to write some articles in French and English, but I need two files :( imagine only one org file which is separated by section and we can only generate one section for one language

Jasmine Vidalia
3 days ago

Speaking of text-based notes, guess who didn't check the requirements of my favorite plug-in before upgrading and now org-mode doesn't work? This bitch. That's who.

Real big "fuck you" moment here but it's myself for not checking and doing the big dumb. I'm actually mad.

#linux #orgmode #debian #neovim #vim #oops

I'm hating my decision to code #Emacs #Lisp in #orgmode

(foo <<Bar>>)


(foo (bar))
(foo (bar))
(foo (bar))

and not

(foo (bar) (bar) (bar))

4 days ago

Viel zu lernen... aber die ersten Schritte sind gemacht. Und die Tastenkombinationen sind gar nicht so verwirrend, wie ich dachte 🙂
#emacs #orgmode

Screenshot EMACS mit meiner ersten Org-Datei
4 days ago

I presented “Emacs Turbo-Charges My Writing” at EmacsConf 2023 I walk through my writing setup for #Emacs, going
through the workflow of writing in #OrgMode syntax with #Denote; and then
exporting to #Hugo. The text of this post pairs with the recorded conference

Fabio Natali
4 days ago

I'm slowly catching up with #EmacsConf 2023. I started with a very interesting talk, "Authoring and presenting university courses with Emacs and a full libre software stack" by James Howell:

Among other things, it addresses the problem of creating course materials that can be simultaneously rendered as slides and handouts. Of course, #EmacsOrg comes to the rescue!

Favourite quote: "Slides are terrible handouts. And notes are usually terrible slides."

#Emacs #OrgMode

4 days ago

Heute will ich mich ein wenig mit #Emacs und dem #orgmode beschäftigen. Hat jemand Tipps für den Einstieg?

#Tech #Rant One thing I dislike about #LiterateProgramming in #OrgMode is that code chunks are not cross-referenced or labeled in the finished document, as they are in #noweb. #GNU #Linux #Emacs #programming

Erik L. Arneson :emacs:
5 days ago

I've been doing a bad job live-tooting #EmacsConf, because I've been deep in some #orgmode stuff. But @howard has his talk coming up next, so y'all should get ready!!

Lukas C. Bossert
5 days ago

Ok this just blows my mind: How cool is this, to have interactive #maps in #emacs! Links are out of the box working with #orgmode. Thanks to all contributors of all the packages and Daniel Mendler ( for `osm.el`.

6 days ago

Oh, #Kate has an #OrgMode mode 🙂

A file in Kate with two ToDo entries with syntax highlighting.

It looks like I'm going to join #37C3 in Hamburg. 🤓

Contact me if you want to chat, if I may conduct a workshop on one of my topics, give a talk at a smaller stage, ...

You know my topics: #Emacs #orgmode #PIM and more:

#CCC #Nerdism #NormaleLeute

Ross A. Baker
1 week ago

In literate programming, it can be difficult to adequately describe a block of code without chopping it up so finely that the context is lost. Maybe something like MkDocs-Material's annotations is needed?

Could probably build something like it atop coderefs.

#OrgMode #MkDocs #LiterateProgramming

1 week ago

#orgmode question:

How to keep existing internal links working between #orgmode tasks, if the linked one has been sent to the archive?

I just remarked that it doesn't work out of the box.

Ténno Seremél
1 week ago

Let's suppose I have a list of days in org-file. Well, “a list” is currently simply


but I can format it differently.

How do I go about:

1. Calculating an average number of days between those days?
2. A difference in days between a date and the previous date?

I probably need a table…

#lang_en #emacs #orgmode #questions

Charl's log, Earth date Monday 2023-11-27:

- at work nice and early (first!), snuck in a short waking up mindfulness practice
- enjoyed the reactions to my demo of emacs org-roam similarity through jina AI embeddings on mastodon and even twitter: retweeted by Jina AI
- spent a tiny bit of time amending org-roam-similarity readme so folks know this is not ready for reproduction yet (will soon be)
- It is running inference acceptably fast on GPU, 12700 CPU and even 8GB M1, although on the latter i have to limit the tokens to 2048 for a smooth(ish) ride
- taking notes during a sensor algorithm discussion: happy to use the HTML export of orgmode to preview the formulae on M1 MBA that does not have a full LaTeX installation for inline previewing. What are other people using for this?

#lifelog #emacs #latex #orgmode

1 week ago

Today was a good day. #emacs #orgmode

I keep trying to automate my cloud resources and today I think I got it nailed down with ansible.

Charles Choi 최 민수
1 week ago

If you like working with tables in #OrgMode and know SQL, you're going to love this post. In it I show how to run an SQL query on an arbitrary Org table without a lot of hassle.


1 week ago

#rant I was suddenly unable to export my #OrgMode documents to pdf – but after quite a bit of cursing and testing I found the problem.

For some reason I had managed to remove the package "texlive-xetex" from my #Guix manifest…

(I split the manifest into several files, I must have unintentionally removed it then)

Dr. Bluefall
1 week ago

I might try keeping a #journal in #orgmode again. I know #doomemacs has something I can enable in my init.el, just gotta do some configuring.

1 week ago

I don’t have to do a cranky #OrgMode ritual anymore. Something’s good about this Monday :)

#Emacs #mjbWrites

Charl's log, Earth date Sunday 2023-11-27:

- Weekend long run time! Super hot at 9:00 in the morning but really good.
- WHOOHOO I got Jina AI similarity working for Org-roam! See

#log #lifelog #running #orgmode #llm #embeddings

The quality of a FOSS community is also expressed in the way it tries to actually help even trolls.

Example for #orgmode:

Andros Fenollosa
2 weeks ago

¿Os imagináis usar un archivo Org como foro?
Me explico, un documento que cualquiera puede editar y sincronizar con un repositorio de libre escritura.
- Los hilos nuevos van al inicio del documento, con cabecera 1. A continuación el contenido.
- Los comentarios son cabeceras 2 con la estructura nombre + votos positivos + votos negativos (** Pepe | 0 👍️ 0 👎️). Después el contenido.
- Antes de hacer merge debes realizar un pull.
- La supervisión radica en todos.
#emacs #orgmode

Álvaro Ramírez
2 weeks ago

Extending the #ios experiment to edit rich text powered by org markup (now with image insertion).

#orgmode #emacs #swiftui #uikit

2 weeks ago

Letzte Woche Donnerstag ist bei einer langen Rad-Regenfahrt mein berufliches #Bulletjournal am unteren Rand so nass geworden, dass alle Seitenzahlen (Tinte!) weg sind und das Notizbuch jetzt ziemlich ungepflegt aussieht.

Zumindest die Inhalte sind noch alle lesbar.
Gerade überlege ich, ob ich die Seitenzahlen wieder eintrage oder ob ich das Notizbuch ersetzen soll.

Abgesehen davon, dass ich wohl langsam die Radtaschen erneuern sollte, werde ich in Zukunft eine Schutzhülle verwenden und wieder stärker digital mit #orgmode arbeite.

#bujo #füller

Wai Hon
2 weeks ago

Emacs lisp function for jumping to a random org heading. It is useful for getting a random note from a giant file.

#emacs #orgmode

Nick Anderson
2 weeks ago

@phundrak clocktables are pretty handy. I use one to prepare for daily standup meetings. I can clock time in my daily worklog, or off in project specific files and just produce a nice table of the files, headlines and time spent.

#emacs #orgmode

The Mandalorian with the org-mode logo (a green unicorn) on his helmet. 


This is the way.
2 weeks ago

I was wondering why my big #orgmode table reacted so sluggish on Mac OS 13/14 (M1) since a while.

Today I played a bit with my init file: No difference, even without a customized one (pure defaults, no packages or configs are triggered within my *.org files).

In the end, I've found a discussion covering the same scenario. It is linked to the version 29.*

After switching back to #emacs 28, it is back to normal speed.

I came across org-clock yesterday, it will become tremendously useful for me at work!
I’m also making great use of org-colums for managing CVEs detected in the projects I’m working on.

#emacs #orgmode

Dan Drake
2 weeks ago

I use just a couple little things from the #emacs Hyperbole package, but weird and I just don't get the overall Hyperbole system. It messes with other things in emacs for me. I wanted to replace the cool "implicit buttons": the things you just put inside { } or < > and hit M-RET on to evaluate.

If all you care about is org-mode, I figured out a nice way to do that!


2 weeks ago

@thelinuxfraud I need to look at this. I am a huge #OrgMode fan. But I used #vim for years, too. I have been using #doomemacs for awhile now, and have kinda gotten into the swing of it

Álvaro Ramírez
2 weeks ago

Someone very dear to me needs a simple journaling #iOS app, so I'm experimenting with building one backed by #org markup.

Anyone interested in trying it out?

DM me or ping journelly [@] with an email address and I'll send ya a TestFlight invite.

Looking for feedback. Please boost.

#emacs #orgmode #plaintext

Demos iOS journaling app, backed by org markup.
beezy :archlinux: :cupofcoffee:
2 weeks ago

So for the longest time I have been using BOTH #neovim and #emacs. Doom Emacs to be exact, but whatever.

Neovim is for md files and editing configs. Emacs is solely for writing video scripts because I absolutely love #orgmode but using both is kind of annoying. I want to keep everything "under one roof" so to speak and I think I finally found my solution.

This nvim "plugin" (because it seems much more powerful than a simple plugin) Neorg is freaking awesome. I suggest checking it out if you're a fan of org mode!

Today, I (re?)learned the value of breaking down tasks, even after I do them. Progress throughout the day is immediately apparent, even though I’ve been doing the same thing for over two hours now, in chunks. #orgmode #productivity

Hab' mir die #Emacs-Episode selber nochmal angehört. Ich denke, da ist uns etwas wirklich Großartiges gelungen.

Es fallen zahlreiche bemerkenswerte Aussagen und Erkenntnisse, die mich selber überrascht haben.

Meine neue Empfehlung für alle Menschen, die anfangen, sich für Emacs zu interessieren.


Erik L. Arneson :emacs:
3 weeks ago

@aldalire I don't use Doom #Emacs, but I do use #orgmode for 90% of my writing. One of my tips is to figure out how to do your citations early on, and keep them in a consistent format. I use #Zotero as a citation database and then hook into it through citeproc and the zotero package for Emacs.

3 weeks ago

How is the situation with #Emacs #orgmode on #iOS ?
Is there still no app that can connect to WebDAV?
Beorg is nice for tasks but not so much for note taking.

3 weeks ago


Using #Emacs since three decades, still do not grok much of Lisp 😀 I was between vi and Emacs (50:50) for ≈ 25 years and only recently became an Emacs totaller, thanks to #exwm, #magit, #mu4e, #orgmode, #tramp etc.

Still missing a cool interface to #APT #dpkg (#synaptic the magit way), a music player on par with #Quodlibet (#emms doesn't cut it, sorry) and a modern #Jabber client like #ementEl (jabber.el needs some love).

(Written in #mastodonEl.)

org-babel-execute is better with #elpaca ui
also I can add my config.el path to configuration.nix
#nix #orgmode #emacs

3 weeks ago

@dthompson Great ! This is a probably a sweet dream, but do you think one day haunt support #orgmode ? We are many I think to use #emacs on #guix ... For example using pandoc as processor to convert org to HTML ?

Maxim Syomochkin
4 weeks ago

I took a deep dive into #Emacs... 🤪
My biggest challenge right now is NOT to abandon #Obsidian and switch completely to #orgroam. And also not to abandon Todoist in favor of #orgmode.

Christian Tietze
4 weeks ago

Declarative filesystem management with Emacs & Org Mode

A Johnny.Decimal-inspired filesystem structure, declared in an org file and synchronized across machines. Different folders are available on different machines.

#emacs #orgmode #pkm

Nick Anderson
4 weeks ago

I have 55M of .org files in ~/org. That's 4769 files and 1163113 lines of text, the largest single file is 1.3M and the longest lined file has 26370 lines. 4599 are inside org-roam, the majority (3468) are "dailies".

I have 27M older .org files outside ~/org. The largest is 5.6M, and the longest lined file has 81921 lines. Not to mention Syncthing with 7.7M worth of .org files with the largest at 677K , the most lined having 49670 lines.

#emacs #orgmode #orgroamui

4599 org files in org-roam, visualized with org-roam ui (with dailies).
3468 org files in org-roam, visualized with org-roam ui (without dailies).
1 month ago

Copy-pasted from my diary:

Yesterday evening I spent some time playing with #4TheWords a [gamified] online writing app that I heard about from @autumn who's using it for participating in #NaNoWriMo

I'm not going to rehash what the app is or how it works, at least right here, but will say that it got me to write about 1500 words in 35 minutes, which is a fair bit better than I'm usually doing with [my #DigitalGarden]. And, upon an initial consideration of the application, that seemed to be enough, if the goal is simply to build up my writing habit - and that may need to be my habit.

But this morning I was thinking about how in addition to writing, there's lots of other little work involved with this app - learning which monsters drop which items, stuff like that - it is a [role-playing game], I guess I should describe it at least that much.

I have similar types of burdens attached to my writing when I use #InfoPonEmacs, but rather than being a [Good Guy] fighting against some [evil], I'm [gardening], building up a virtual world made up of the words I'm writing.

So, upon reconsideration in the literal light of day, I'm planning on using 4theWords as... I think the term that might best fit is [friendly competition]: something I can look at as inspiration and antagonism to guide InfoPonEmacs where I want it to go.

Which brings me to wanting to make another decision about how I handle my writing in the [herenow]: when in doubt about what to write, open up a new [diary entry] and start putting stuff in there.

Another thing I want to do is create something like a triage of prompts of stuff to write about, if I want to write, but don't have a pre-determined idea in mind.

One thing I like from 4theWords that I might want to bring into InfoPonEmacs is that it has word-count goals for projects, sections, and chapters (or individual documents, depending on how you strucutre your portfolio within their system. #OrgMode clocking] makes it trivial to implement "work on this writing topic for X amount of time' but I'm not sure if there's an easy way to handle word-count goals.

And another thing I like from 4theWords is that it has a cumulative word-counter, not just a "this document has reached this many words," counter. So every word I add, regardless of if I erase it, gets counted as part of my stats and portfolio. This would be good for my personal writing morale, I think, because it can be demoralizing to write and rewrite and rewrite the same paragraph 8 times, and ultimately decide against using it for anything, and all that work being invisible to anyone who looks at the portfolio - or myself if I look at it while in a bad mood.

Chad Nelson :guix:
1 month ago

Found el-easydraw this morning when looking into ways to include diagrams in org files. Have to say, this package is incredible.

#emacs #diagrams #orgmode

Writing Analog 📙:

Have I been using #orgmode too much, for too many things?

#journal #writing #notebook

Álvaro Ramírez
1 month ago

Continuing #ios experiments to edit rich text powered by org markup (smart insertion of checkboxes on new lines).

#orgmode #emacs #swiftui #uikit

iOS sumulator showing rich text editing of org mode markup, inserting checkboxes on return / newlines.
Álvaro Ramírez
1 month ago

@withoutclass oh boy, it's a rabbit hole (org markup is so rich). Fun, nonetheless...

There are some options on Android AFAIK...

@amake is bringing org editing to both Android and iOS

There's also and

Not tried any on Android. My background is primarily iOS, thus experimenting on that plaform... Got a few org apps on the store

#emacs #orgmode #plaintext

Álvaro Ramírez
1 month ago

More #ios experiments to edit rich text powered by org markup (toggle checkboxes on tap events).

#orgmode #emacs #swiftui #uikit

iOS simulator with a rich text editor that toggles checkboxes powered by org markup
1 month ago

Why use #obsidian ( Or #logseq, or #notion?
Or even #vimwiki or #orgmode?

I just watched a video of someone praising Obsidian for its cool graph, but what does this graph offer? What would I do with it?

I wanted to find a use case for Vimwiki (or #Neorg) but I couldn’t come up with anything that is not already covered by using ls, grep (or ripgrep) and #Neovim on well named markdown files in well structured directories.
I don’t see how tags and links add much value.

Álvaro Ramírez
1 month ago

Editing rich text for org markup and back (an #ios experiment)

#orgmode #emacs #swiftui #uikit

Demoing editing rich text and org markup on iOS

I was interviewed by @jarango for his #Podcast #TheInformedLife about #Emacs and #Orgmode:

He also includes a full transcript along the shownotes. 👍

Listen in, it was much fun for me, talking about #PIM and how Emacs is supporting here.

For my German followers: on Nov. 10, will feature a German episode on Emacs with me and others.

You'll find all details on

My freelance writing stuff has taken another shift: now most delivery seems to be requested in Google Docs. It's nice that it's not Microsoft DOCX format, but there is no easy way to convert org-mode to GDocs, so it's just been a lot of copy and paste.

Has anybody out there come up with a good solution for this? #pandoc and #emacs and #orgmode people, please help!

Karsten Schmidt
2 months ago

@ratfactor Oh nice! I still have a big soft spot for LP and am still experimenting with it for my own tooling after having originally only used Emacs org-mode for most of my earlier large #Clojure projects. Ended up stopping due to negative community feedback (who considered the format & indirection as main hindrance to contributing 🤷‍♂️)... is inspired by #OrgMode's `tangle.el`, supports Knuth's "noweb" code block references (incl. parameter passing and across multiple files). It's my current #TypeScript tooling to at lease use LP for parts of my project's readme files (e.g. code examples)... It's also one of the backbones of my WIP blog/digitalgarden toolchain...

(Just for your inspiration, not shameless plugs)


@Sydymar @stdevel #orgmode is what pulled me into Emacs 🙂