5 hours ago

Every time I hear Kubalik’s name it makes me think “You can Kuba-lik my balls”. #ottawa #sens #gosensgo

Kevin Dorse
7 hours ago

The face of a guy who just remembered all that case work he’s been putting off back in Ottawa. #ottawa

John Francis
9 hours ago

I put a car in the garage and tested the snowblower. That should ensure the snowfall warning for #ottawa is a flop.

10 hours ago

November compilation of my #OttBike #Ottawa commute is done! Pretty meek this month though lots of cars in the bike lane for some reason.

12 hours ago

Grey and snowy (& very messy) morning #run today along the #rideaucanal #ottawa #running #dailyrun #ottrun

Grey sky above the snow lined Rideau Canal
The snow covered, tree lined Rideau Canal path
Grey sky above the snow lined Rideau Canal, edge of Dow’s Lakw
Grey sky above the snow lined Rideau Canal

Don't forget Living Without Religion tomorrow online register on Meetup

#Ottawa #FreeThinking #Atheism

Living without religion
Now on the first Sunday of the month at 12 pm

"Postdoctoral Fellows (PDF) & contractual Non-Union Research Staff (NR) are practically the only employees at uOttawa who do not currently have any form of union representation."

Take action
Sign a card
Talk to your colleagues
Share campaign updates

#postdoc #union #unionize #academia #ottawa

14 hours ago

Homemade carrot and ginger soup. No cream.

#Ottawa #Soup #Cooking

Very orange carrot soup
Ottawa Weather Records
14 hours ago

With a 11am snow total of 4cm, today is #Ottawa's snowiest day since Mar 31st. #YowWx #OttWeather

17 hours ago

Why is the grass white this morning?


Thin layer of snow on our lawn which will melt today.
Ottawa Weather Records
17 hours ago

With 2cm of snow-on-the-ground, today is #Ottawa's deepest day since Apr 10th. #YowWx #OttWeather

Stephen Gower
17 hours ago

Yikes, just saw the #weather alert for #Ottawa. Sunday/Monday not going to be a lot of fun. I guess I should get stuff done today so I don't need to leave the house tomorrow?

Ottawa Weather Records
17 hours ago

During November 2023, #Ottawa had 16 above median days and 14 below median days (by maximum temperature). #YowWx #OttWeather

’Nathan Burgoine
19 hours ago

So. This is an actual ad from #OCTranspo here in #Ottawa. Like, they thought this was a great idea.

Someone got paid for this ad. Probably a lot.

I just...

Like... what?

A screenshot of an ad from OC Transpo's Twitter site—a turtle in shoes, above which writing says "There's no prize for being first. Keep it slow and steady." and the tag-line "Safer together."

#ToulaDrimonis: Sadly, latest anglo scapegoatng comes as no surprise

« #BlocQuébécois MP #MarioBeaulieu made big show o revealng analysis he conducted “exposing” $$ #Ottawa has earmarked over the yrs 4 Quebec’s English minority-language community (it’s public information) & condemning what he called support 4 the “anglicization of Quebec” & the “decline of #French.” Because nothng anglicizes #Quebec more than ensurng #English services 2 those who already speak..English»

1 day ago

*How about, fuck NO. These were the cops that helped those #FreeDumb convoy ppl takeover Ottawa.*

The #Ottawa #Police Services Board has approved a draft operating #budget for 2024 of $415.5 million — a $13.4 million increase.

#GreedyCops #Ontario #FreedomConvoyEnablers #OttawaPolice

John Francis
1 day ago

Good #weather news everybody! It might hit -20C in #ottawa during my tropical vacay.

I'll definitely be thinking about you!

1 day ago

Holy crap. Someone’s selling an outdoor condo parking spot for $50k! #barrhaven #ottawa

Lainey's Luck
1 day ago

Lainey has been napping but we have been busy!

So many new pieces out it is hard to keep up! We had a major restocking on Tuesday and we are ready for a busy December where we will be bringing out new pieces every day!

Don't forget to join our mailing list where we are frequently posting new items and oral coupons.

Here is our latest email blast in case you missed it:

#caturday #thrift #ottawa

A printed shirt hangs on a white wall
A printed shirt hangs on a white wall
A printed shirt hangs on a white wall
A printed shirt hangs on a white wall
Cara Martin
1 day ago

Pleasantly surprised there were 4 people masked within 30 feet of me on an eastbound LRT train around 2 PM. Then everyone else unmasked on a 39 bus, unfortunately. 🫤 #Ottawa #COVIDisAirborne

1 day ago

"Ottawa family doctor denied permanent residency over marital status, age"

“You got a physician who dearly wants to work here, who has a practice here, who is seeing patients and fulfilling a need desperately needed in the province,” said Dr. Barry Dworkin.

“It’s just not how you treat physicians who want to come work in the province.”

#Canada #Ottawa #HealthCare #MedMastodon

2 days ago

Anyone else with #videotron having trouble sending text messages? #mobility #ottawa

Human 3500
2 days ago

#COVID is raging in #Ottawa. It has rarely been higher and this wave is a sustained high.

Hospitalizations and deaths are up but you won't hear that from our governments and messages from public health don't gain any traction or clicks.

I recommend getting in and out of the hospital before Christmas because there might not be ventilators if you wait.

Also, #masksWork.

A graph showing COVID levels in Ottawa wastewater.

The current wave is in the top 5 although many of those other peaks very short lived - days or maybe a couple of weeks.  This wave has a lower growth rate but it has been growing steadily since September.
Shawn Graham
2 days ago

i am obviously concerned about our orchard and cidery being downwind of this putative plant. all of #ottawa will be downwind too of course…

At the Ottawa airport this morning. It’s morning rush time, but there was only one security thingy open. I asked a friendly but very busy senior CATSA staffer why that was. He told me they have such staff shortages, they only had enough people today to run one security station. (I fear things will only get more complicated as Covid-induced sick days rise and the Christmas travel rush begins in earnest.) #yow #Ottawa #CATSA #airtravel

2 days ago
Still COVIDing Canada
2 days ago

Ottawa-Gatineau community update | 2023‑11‑29

📈 The COVID-19 wastewater viral signal has increased substantially (+1,826%) since a low on July 12.

⚠️ The 7-day average of percent positivity is extremely high (19.94%).

🏥 Confirmed COVID-19 patients in Ottawa hospitals: 160 (decrease of 43).

In 2023, there have been 114 COVID-19 outbreaks at Ottawa’s hospitals so far, leading to 18 deaths and 953 known cases of COVID-19.

#COVID #CovidIsNotOver #Ottawa #OttawaGatineau

Stéphanie Pageau
2 days ago

How to avoid car theft? #Ottawa #police has the answer!!

Buy a second, crappier, car to hide your nice car. Genius!!

-- Block your vehicle in tightly against a second less sought-after vehicle --

3 days ago

Two things were noteworthy on today's run:
1) A small car zipping around a fire truck *with its lights on* on Nelson street, which isn't very wide. Got honked at by the fire truck. Should be an automatic ticket by a dashcam.
2) Interaction with a Mercedes SUV with driver's side window tinted so dark I was unable to make eye contact with the driver or even *see* them. How is that legal? #Ottawa #Autowa

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
3 days ago

Working short-staffed this week. People go out recklessly while unwell, infect healthcare staff in the community. Fewer of us left to care for you.

#COVID19 wastewater levels haven’t gone down in #Ottawa since they peaked last April. Not good.

Please #MaskUp, test, isolate, boost.

Hans on the Bike
3 days ago

4 hours after accumulation stops is the magic number. Any suggestion if there is an image somewhere of the winter cycling network in #ottawa as the city describes it?

3 days ago

It was mostly grey (and cold, so cold) for this morning’s #dailyrun along the #rideaucanal past #dowslake to #carletonuniversity (and back! 😄). But I was fast (for me). The cold seems to help! #run #running #ottrun #ottawa

Grey sky above the Rideau Canal and its path
Grey sky above the Rideau Canal and its path
Grey sky above Dow’s Lake
Grey sky above the Rideau Canal
4 days ago

#Ottawa reaches deal with #Google over contentious Online News Act

Google had previously stated it was considering removing Canadian news content from its search engine around Dec. 19, the date Bill C-18 comes into effect. #Canada 🇨🇦

Stéphanie Pageau
4 days ago

I was looking on Stéphanie Plante's website (my #Ottawa councillor). I wanted to see if she had posted something about the light changes in Vanier to help prevent drivers from killing pedestrians (sigh).

And.. yeah... fun to have a francophone councillor I guess. I bet Laura's website would have had less mistakes.

Text saying Prochanines réunions instead of Prochaines réunions
Gigi 🥚
4 days ago

🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳

Way to go #Ottawa!

📣 📣 📣 📣 📣

Christine Anderson's hatefest with h̶i̶t̶l̶e̶r̶j̶u̶g̶e̶Save Canada, and some other racist shitstains has been deplatformed.

Good work! 🥳

#NoParasan #NoHomeForHate #NoPlatformForHate #ChristineAndersonFash #AlertaAlertaAntifascista #FuckFascism

Notice that the event space for AfD asshole Christine Anderson has been unbooked.

Claudio Dinardo 19:39
to me

"We wish to thank those in the Ottawa community who alerted us today that a booking for space at our Conference and Event Centre on November 28 is, in fact, part of a speaking tour by persons commonly associated with hate speech and beliefs that are entirely antithetical and utterly unwelcome to the Ottawa
Conference and Event Centre (OCEC), its management, employees and others who use our facilities.

Please be assured that the nature of this event was not disclosed to OCEC at the time of booking. This booking has been cancelled."

Claudio Dinardo| Convention and Catering
4 days ago

@jameskoole 🤷🏻 We even have a site about the LRT & transit in #Ottawa that someone maintains: I think every city has issues with it's transit system, and we just need to keep after politicians to get things working.

The Senate Christmas tree went up this morning! #SenateofCanada #cdnpoli #Christmas #Ottawa #yow #SenCa

A man stands high up on a hydraulic lift, putting decorations on the top of a truly enormous artificial Christmas tree, in the sunny Beaux-Arts lobby of the Senate of Canada Building, aka the grand old Ottawa train station.
5 days ago

I am also sad to report that the stairs in Strathcona Park in Sandy Hill have entered the #Ottawa winter jail, so I won't be running up them for a few months. The ramp into the park isn’t winter maintained either and is still open. 🤷🏻 #ottaWalkers

Hans on the Bike
6 days ago

Hi all, Karen lost her binoculars on the Arboretum pathway on the west side of Dow’s Lake while birding. If you hear about them being found let me know. We suspect they may even have travelled on her bike luggage carrier after she had put her gloves back on. We are kind of scratching our heads how we didn’t hear them falling off. She was very attached to them (a birthday gift from me).

#ottbike #ottwalk #ottroll #Ottawa

Diane Bruce
1 week ago

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 17:36:02 -0500
From: CostcoMemberAIert <> Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 21:13:25 -0500
From: CostcoNovemberSavings <>

Costco are using domains that don''t have costco in them now!!!!!!

I'm not even a Costco member and they thought of me!!!!

#Ottawa #Phishing #Email

Justin Derrick
1 week ago

@randahl Follow hashtags that are geographically related - I follow #Canada, #Ontario #Quebec #Toronto #Montreal and #Ottawa.

When you see people that are interesting who are using those tags, follow them.

It takes time - weeks to months to get started, but maybe as long as a year to find a good community, depending on how much time you spend on it.

LA Legault ✌🏻
1 week ago

Three cheers for #Ottawa today ❤️

most Dsable.
People in Gaze
Live no. Noo
A huge banner: Jews for a Free Palestine
LA Legault ✌🏻
1 week ago

Damn #Ottawa 🫡

Absolutely massive crowds at Ottawa’s #FreePalestine protest today. #Canada
LA Legault ✌🏻
1 week ago

🇨🇦 today, in #Ottawa:
#Canada says #FreePalestine

Massive crowds for Palestine in Ottawa 
#Gaza #Israel #War