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Dreaming of an outdoor oasis? Discover sandstone block concrete sleeper walls in Brisbane with @RogersLittleLoaders. Elevate your space with durability and elegance. Redefine your landscape effortlessly. 🌿🏡 #BrisbaneLandscaping #OutdoorLiving

Always photos of hydrangea! I should just create a hydrangea account! I loved these super dark flowers, honestly with the weather I didn’t look close enough, I think maybe these are all dried up? Anyway, the New York Botanical Garden never lets me down! #flower #flowers #nature #hydrangea #hydrangeas #photography #garden #gardens #beautiful #gardenlife #flowerstagram #photooftheday #plantsofinstagram #outdoorliving #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony2470gmii #adobelightroom #newyorkbotanicalgarden

A little balloon flower for your day. These flowers were so beautiful at the @nybg, the dark purply-blue hue of its petals really caught my eye. It took me a while to color correct this photo to get just the right color! #flower #flowers #nature #bellflower #hydrangeas #photography #garden #gardens #beautiful #gardenlife #flowerstagram #photooftheday #plantsofinstagram #outdoorliving #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony2470gmii #adobelightroom #newyorkbotanicalgarden #botanicalgarden

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2 months ago

Say goodbye to pesky bugs! Our Solar Bug Zapper is your ultimate outdoor companion. It's waterproof, UV-powered, and even has a built-in LED light. Get yours now for bug-free evenings! 🦟🔦 #BugZapper #OutdoorLiving #tuesdaymorning #tuesdayvibe

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Make the most of the last days of Summer! ☀️🏡 Transform your #outdoorliving space with 84 Lumber! 🛠️ #ad

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ICYMI: #dogladysden #mybackyard
It's been a rainy summer but there's one upside. Look at all this lush greenery! 😍 Usually, the grass is brown and burnt by August. Our Rose of Sharon bushes are loving it too! (see page 2 ►)
#lushgreen #lushgreenery #summervibes #greensummer #summergreens #summerflowers #RoseOfSharon #grass #greengrass #greengrassofhome #backyardliving #outdoor #outdoors #outdoorliving #beautyofnature #beautyinnature #naturephotography #DogladysDen

#dogladysden #mybackyard
It's been a rainy summer but there's one upside. Look at all this lush greenery! 😍 Usually, the grass is brown and burnt by August. Our Rose of Sharon bushes are loving it too! (see page 2 ►)
#lushgreen #lushgreenery #summervibes #greensummer #summergreens #summerflowers #RoseOfSharon #grass #greengrass #greengrassofhome #backyardliving #outdoor #outdoors #outdoorliving #beautyofnature #beautyinnature #naturephotography #DogladysDen

Ahavah Ariel Sacred Arts
6 months ago

We've been busy working on our front porch, which needs the railing re-painted and the deck restained. As part of the process of cleaning things, I tried brasso at first and then Bar Keeper's Friend on an outdoor big box store decoration that was badly tarnished.

That was certainly a mistake...resulting in pulling out my exterior paints and redoing it. I also touched up the wood mini-fence we made along the wall that covers the old concrete porch residue.

#OutdoorLiving #Decorating #Art #

We bought this at a store some years back. It is tin or brass or something, not real copper. And it tarnished to almost black. 

I tried to clean it with Brasso, which just made things worse. Then as I was looking in the cleaning supply closed my eyes landed on the container of Bar Keepers Friend, which I use to clean the sinks, which are stainless steel. It said, "Cleans rust!" on it. So I thought, Hey! Rust is oxidation. Tarnish is oxidation. Ought to work, right?

Ummm, no. Not really.

And the thing is bolted to the wall with anchors, and I was afraid if I took it out it would never be tight again and I'd end up having to adhese it and it'd be stuck there for all time.  Seemed like a bad idea.

Also, getting the BKF off the bricks was...challenging. 

In the end, the only other option was to drop back and punt - with some exterior paint left over from murals in the back yard patio area. 

It's not great, but it's way better than it was, lol.

Leah Kiser
This is a mini-mural I painted on the face of some leftover fencing. We installed the fencing to cover the brick face that was badly damaged by the concrete porch that used to be here.  I put the shelf on top for plants and candles and what not. The stone in the left corner was painted years ago by one of my kids in summer camp.

The grey you see on the railing is primer. 

I had the original porch taken out because it was extremely high and the stairs were steep. Hubby and I aren't getting any younger, you know. There might come a day when we need a ramp. So I had a friend who works at Habitat come with his buddies and they built me this deck on some weekends a couple of years ago.

Anyway, the fencing seemed boring, so I jazzed it up. 

Leah Kiser
7 months ago

I built a pizza oven in my garden and carefully left a hollow metal section protruding from it at just the right height to support a stone 'serving side', or worktop. It's a great thing to have and my wife was looking forward to using it on all those lovely warm summer evenings that we always get here in Northumberland.

That was 3, maybe 4? Years ago. Well here it is. Just before we move out. I promised the new buyer that I'd finish it. I keep my promises. #outdoorliving #pizza

A stone wood fired oven at the edge of a garden with trees and hedge behind. A 'serving side' has been added to it, made of 3 slabs of grey Gritstone (no, not concrete, how dare you) with a slab of grey sandstone for the work surface.
7 months ago

Maybe its time to start enjoying the great outdoors without paying rent.🌿🏰This dilapidated ruin may be covered in moss and vines, but it's still got great bones. Literally. And hey, who needs a roof when you have a clear view of the stars, right?😜

#pixelart #illustration #ruins #abandonedplaces #overgrown #naturelover #outdoorliving #landscape #digitalart #digitalillustration #artofinstagram #artcommunity #medieval #fantasy #castle #history #architecture #wanderlust #explore #vacationgoals

Just Julz
8 months ago

Calling on any stone masons and contractors-this is how our firebox was bricked this week and it just looks weird to me without the mortar between them. Is this an excepted application? #contractors #fireplace #outdoorliving #stonemason

9 months ago
Scallops in a pan on the barbecue
Basset hound in the evening
Scallops in a cast iron pan on barbecue
Rabi'a Elizabeth
11 months ago

Thinking about putting a portable wooden #Yurt on my rooftop terrace, with a little bitty #WoodStove inside. This is so I could sit and read in a sunny warm place in the winter.

There's so much sun here even during the winter that it would be nice to enjoy more of it... and the rooftop terrace is all mine and completely unused at the moment. And I hate having to have the electric space heater on all the time.

Tons of sun on wood can be problematic, but there are probably ways to cope.

I rent the apartment, so all would need to be approved by landlady and possibly condo association. I think there might be issues with the wood stove idea. (Love how propane is seen as less dangerous.)

#Sustainability #Sunlight #OutdoorLiving

Our New Years meal was hot dogs.
#newyears #outdoorliving

1 year ago

I have (had) 3 accounts on tw***er. One for me and the rabbits, one as a medieval rabbit (don't ask) and one for my business, making items like this gas firepit, installed in Crail, Fife. The gas bottle is disguised by the sandstone wall on left. This business account will be first to be deactivated as the business is mothballed due to recent illness. I'm saving photos from there now. I may start the business up again next year when we move to Surrey. #outdoorliving #gardendesign

A gas powered fire pit on a patio, with small flames burning.
1 year ago
A Tiny House Container with all doors open.
Si Jobling
1 year ago
2 years ago

Today's delivery of stone to be cut and shaped to form bench seating and the top of two fire pits. #busy #sandstone #outdoorliving

A pallet of 50mm x 500mm sandstone coping stone cut to random lengths
2 years ago

I built this wood fired oven about a year ago. It has slate around it on the brick base. Customer put an oak top to the side walls but this went black and looked horrible. I have now cut and fitted more slate to top off the walls in front of the oven. It looks great now and the customer is very happy. #outdoorliving #pizza 🍕🍕🍕

2 years ago

I'm cutting some slate for a customer that got me to build him a pizza oven last year. He had some slate then, around the oven.

He then made some lovely serving sides to top off an adjacent wall from oak. The oak went black when sealed, probably not completely dry. I now have the challenge of matching what I did last year and fixing the slate on a narrow wall. #OutdoorLiving