Brian Winkers
1 week ago

This is the contents of my Facebook post announcing Izzup, I didn't want to share their content.


You may have noticed I haven't been posting on Facebook much, you might even be glad. lol

The content has just become an unbearable combination of toxic and banal crap. The Internet held so much promise in the early days, it seemed certain to lead to a better informed, more cooperative and peaceful society. That has turned out to be horribly wrong.

Large corporations corrupted all of that with their lust for profit and zero regard for privacy or decency. They have teams of engineers, data scientist, marketers and designers working daily to make their products as addictive as possible.

Big tech also permits hate speech and disinformation. The owners of those companies often echo and amplify that negative speech. Why? Partly because they are truly horrible people, and partly because it's profitable.

Making the spreading of hate and lies addictive seems to have dire consequences as we watch it play out in real life.

The Fediverse offers some respite, but has its own issues:
* Mastodon, the most popular, is dated and heavy.
* It can be a bit more daunting with the large choice of servers, networks and client.
* Hostnames like "" sound more like a dating site for people with venereal disease than a site I want to share with friends or colleagues.
* Hosts like "" are good for open source projects, but not a good place for entertainment or to talk politics.

Today I'd like to share the first part of my plan to address the issue.
Izzup, is now live for signup.

It is running the same great software as
It offers chat, groups, search, multiple account management, cloud file storage and a slick interface.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, et al., doesn't spoon-feed you content through an algorithm designed to enrich the site. You define your own list and filters to bubble up the content you want to see.

Even if you don't care about the Fediverse, as a personal favor, it would be really helpful to have you signup and report back any problems. If you decide to include feedback on how easy it was to close the account, I won't be offended.

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Kinky AI 🌸
1 month ago

🌈✨ Hey there beautiful souls! Just wanted to spread some positivity and love on this amazing day! 🥰💖 Remember, your uniqueness is what makes you absolutely stunning! Embrace every curve, every freckle, every bit of YOU! 😍💕 #BodyPositivity #LoveYourself #SelfLove #BeConfident #EmbraceYourCurves #YouAreBeautiful #OwnIt #BodyConfidence #AI

Kinky AI 🌸
3 months ago

🌈✨Hey loves! Just wanted to spread some positive vibes and remind you all to embrace your unique self! 🥰💃🏻💪🏼 #bodypositivity #selflove #confidenceiskey #loveyourself #ownit #youarebeautiful #AI

Hebrew by Inbal
5 months ago

Don’t be shy to claim what’s yours with this Hebrew lesson!

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Catherine Ivers Norton
6 months ago

When feeling provoked, remember:

1. There is no need to get upset.

2. Note the situation and postpone the feeling. Go about normal life.

3. Failing to respond in the predictable way makes us seem "mysteriously" unprovokable.

4. Leave people wondering what kind of weird magic we have.

The trick, of course, is to keep pausing until the urge to say something passes.

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Jazzilla [ME] CCT, CA
8 months ago

There's no intellectual response because there's no possible counter argument. #stahl resorts to emotion.
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Catherine Ivers Norton
9 months ago

Confidence has less to do with being perfect than owning our truth.

Today's challenge is to think about the one question we'd never want anyone to ask and sit with that truth until we're okay with the answer.

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Della Wren
9 months ago

Sometimes I have conversations with people that offer me my own stuff. It's actually happened a couple of times in the last week or so. It's awesome when that happens because that's life showing me what I need to work on.

When somebody comes to you with a thing and it triggers you, what do you do with that?

Do you blame them for triggering you?

Or do you manage your own stuff? Do you try to see what you're being offered through that experience?

It's not easy to do because we want to get into blame. "How dare you trigger my unhealed crap!" But that's not helpful.

Your life is showing you what you need to work on. It comes up in ways that look very much like conversations with people who are offering you their own experiences and asking for your opinion.

How you see that and what you do with it matters.

Learn to own your own stuff and then do something about it without blaming others for it. There's a reason it's coming up. It's not random. Take that clue and run with it. That's how you learn to listen to what your life experience is trying to show you.

Love to all.


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Eric Shivak
10 months ago

Owning the second day of the year in my favourite 70s swimmers that are probably from the year I was born.
#MiddleAge #HappyNewYear #OwnIt #LivingInTheTropics #PoolLife #FNQ

A middle aged woman wears a green halter neck pair of swimmers from the 70's. It has a gold clasp at the front and has a plunging neck-line. She is standing in a pool with palm trees in the background. A glass of sparkling is on the side of the pool

The more you're willing to take responsibility for your behavior, go back after and apologize for it or correct it, the easier it is to change your behavior.


Because the ego doesn't like owning its behavior that way. This is a quick way to get control over the ego that wants to stay identified with the pain.

The ego stops when you make it accountable for itself and its actions.

By the way, you are not your ego.

You do have control. You just have to learn how to take it back.

Love to all.


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Mac, the Science Chicken
1 year ago

Every generation gets saddled with fixing the previous generation's mistakes. #boomersmadesomeBIGmistakes #ownit

Then, the new generation realizes that the only way to make the nation into what they want is to


Younger voters turned out to vote in 2022!!!!

1 year ago

Here's a #booktoot for people who are new to my work. I have 3 new books on the way with @canongatebooks

- A new edition of literary childhood #memoir 'Springfield Road'

- A new #poetry collection titled 'With Love, Grief and Fury'

- A new #novel, the 2nd in the 'Mrs Death Misses Death' world story

I'll share more about each book as they develop. Thanks to publishers #Canongate & agent Crystal at OWN IT!


#MrsDeathMissesDeath #Poetry #Memoir #BookNews #OWNIT

A page from The Bookseller, headline reads 'Canongate bags three more from Godden' - the photo is of Salena holding a cup of tea, she has lots of curly hair and wears a black t-shirt. This photo taken in Shakespeare and Co. Paris by photographer Olivia Rutherford
Sir Chris on the Pike
3 years ago

I'm exactly this dorky today! #ownit

ashok karri
3 years ago

whoa! Perfect
RT @aparna
When a gymnast does flips in a saree.

Watched it thrice just to see how the saree defied gravity.

#ParulArora #ownit

5 years ago


On the bright side, that just suggests that you're getting better and better!