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Sidequest’s Favorite Cozy Horror Games for Weenies

Do you love spooky season? Are you a huge weenie? Well, the Sidequest crew has gathered a list of cozy horror games just for you.

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Durchgespielt: #Oxenfree

Kompaktes, stilvolles Mysteryspiel. Atmosphäre, Sounds und Story stimmen und halten von Anfang bis Ende bei der Stange. Starke Synchronsprecher*innen. #gaming

Oxenfree GIF
2 months ago

Finally beat Oxenfree. I definitely see why they would be the perfect game studio for Netflix. #Oxenfree

2 months ago

Adam Plays Oxenfree II (part 2) Scaling Cliffs and Strange Cults

We're back after a break! Plus, donate to the Entertainment Community Fund to support SAG-AFTRA!

Hope to see you there! 😊

We're back after a three-ish week break! Plus, donate to the Entertainment Community Fund to support SAG-AFTRA!

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Wow, Oxenfree 2 was the exact sort of ending that #Oxenfree needed. Loved it.

jello ツ
3 months ago

Anyway, here’s my second-favourite line from the first game, just because…

“Hummin’ like a barracuda.” “Barracudas don’t hum.” “Says you, man.” #Oxenfree

jello ツ
3 months ago

But I guess, it’s also a nice a-ha effect once you do notice it the first time…?

Unless, I *am* imagining things, in which case: Disregard, please. #Oxenfree #Oxenfree2

jello ツ
3 months ago

While I have the same problem with ‘Lost Signals’ I had with the first game – that all the characters sound like… y’know, characters rather than humans to the point of almost being caricatures –, I still enjoy it a lot so far. An intriguing world and mystery will do that. #Oxenfree #Oxenfree2


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Adam Plays Oxenfree 2 (Part 1) Tuesdays are for Trippy Anomalies

new game!

Hope to see you there! 😊
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Pixels / Le Monde
3 months ago

"Au détour d’un sentier, abandonnée sur le sol d’une vieille cabane, traîne une note : « N’écoutez pas les murmures à la radio. Ces choses que vous entendez la nuit ne sont que des rêves orphelins à la recherche de quelqu’un à effrayer, à hanter. » Une mise en garde autant qu’invitation à passer outre."

Critique d'#Oxenfree II par Arnaud Hallet initialement parue le 12/07/23.

3 months ago

Today I did a little bit of nerding around at #Gamescom Cologne!

Of course I wore my #Oxenfree "Is Leave Possible?" shirt designed by @herrlarsen, posed with a #SquidGame guard and especially celebrated the announcement of #LittleNightmaresIII!

Such fun! :pensive_party_blob: 😜 👍

#Gamescom2023 #Gamescom23

YayForThat standing in front of the giant horror baby doll from Little Nightmares III game.
YayForThat posing with a Squid Game Guard in front of the Young-hee Squid Game doll.
The main entrance of the Gamescom fair from the outside.

#Oxenfree is an easy game so why not platinum it XD #PS4share

I'm glad I completed this game. It's finally off my backlog of games. :ablobcatreach: I can play the second through Netflix, right?

Oxenfree Platinum trophy

I went through the game fast while acquiring the silent achievement, but I forgot I still had the slap and matchmaking trophies that required "talking." #PS4share #Oxenfree

Time looping in Oxenfree with Jonas

Second round in #Oxenfree for the letters and anomalies #PS4share

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Running through Epiphany Woods in Oxenfree
Brian Swetland
3 months ago

Having finished Oxenfree 2, it was clearly time to revisit the original Oxenfree, so time for more walking and talking and exploring and mysterious goings ons. If you haven't played it before, no time like the present to fix that!

#gaming #oxenfree

Oxenfree title screen. Edwards island skyline in the background, Alex floating in front of a strange triangular portal in the foreground, radio in hand.
Oxenfree.  Hanging out with the gang at the beach.  Bonfire.  Blankets.  Cooler.
Oxenfree.  Jonas and Alex standing in a weird cave.
Oxenfree.  Alex and Jonas at the radio tower.  Dialogue choices (for a radio call): "Anyone there?", "SOS. Mayday.", "We need help!"
3 months ago

It's a pity, but #Oxenfree 2, hasn't hooked me as much as the first one. It's a nice game, more mechanics but the story just doesn't click for me

J M Berntson
4 months ago

#5 (2023-08-03) #OxenfreeIILostSignals

To be honest, I don't completely remember how my one playthrough of the original #Oxenfree actually ended. I just can recall bits and pieces. But then... it was in 2016, apparently.

The sequel? I like it. While Riley having Jacob (and [the kids]) can't compare to the cast of Alex's peers in the original, this was still a solid story with a lot of nice moments.

It's also a very pretty game... with light pathfinding and animation issues.


Riley and Jacob get pulled into some dangerous extradimensional bullcrap as the radio transmitter they just placed taps into a triangular reality-hole in the distant background.
Riley and Jacob stroll through some shallow water between two sections of the island, with an absolutely enormous full moon in the background.
Riley sits on the edge of a dock next to someone called Rex, who tells her to admit that an eternity doing nothing isn't for her.
Riley and Jacob sit on a dock/pier/whatever along with Jacob's dog, Athena.

Behind them is the ferry Riley that shuttles people to and from the island.
Loïc ⏚
4 months ago

j'viens de terminer l' #IndieGame #Oxenfree sur mon #steamDeck et c'était aussi étrange que cool à jouer 👌 très chill, j'ai sursauté quelques fois 🤪 j'ai cru j'avais tué un des personnages 😅

j'ai pris du temps à comprendre ce que je faisais, mais je crois au final qu'on aura chacun sa fin et son histoire, donc c'est vraiment cool 👌

Anthony Pham
4 months ago

#Oxenfree 2 starts off way better than the first one, a lot of great visual and tech improvements so far. Sadly, can't play it yet, but I'm excited for when I can.

4 months ago

Good to know that a Guatemalan team collaborated in OxenFree II: Lost Signals 🤯 🥳 🎉

#Guatemala #OxenFree #OxenFreeII #gamedev

OxenFree II Lost Signals cover
OxenFree II credits, with the names of the 3 guatemalans that worked in optimization support: Oscar Morales, Ricardo Illescas and Bryan Alvarado
Tobia 📖 💬 🍿 🎮 🎲
4 months ago

#Oxenfree è un altro recupero per il #BacklogPass

Gran bella avventura grafica, ottima scrittura dei personaggi e storia tutto sommato piacevole anche se un po' lineare. Molto carina anche la grafica, col mix di personaggi 3D e mondo disegnato.

Ovviamente ho messo in wishlist il secondo capitolo, uscito da poco. Ma prima va recuperato Olimar su Pikmin 4!

poster di presentazione del gioco Oxenfree. Rappresenta il primo piano dei due protagonisti, Jonas a destra e Alex a sinistra, sopra al logo del gioco
4 months ago

Really enjoyed #OXENFREE II. It stands up with the original, which is one of my favorite games.

I'm a little sad that I've finished it, after anticipating it for years. But on the other hand I appreciate a game that has a direct point, clear gameplay, and comes to a conclusion while it still feels fresh. Some of my favorites take about as long to play as it does to read a novel. A game doesn't have to take 100 hours.

4 months ago

Friendly reminder that you can play #Oxenfree 2 if you have a Netflix subscription. Just have a look at the Netflix app.

Brianne Battye
4 months ago

Played all of Oxenfree II in one day and it was so much fun to immerse myself in that haunting world. Love this series.

Next on my to-play-list is Beacon Pines.

#Gaming #Oxenfree #Oxenfree2

Lachlan H
5 months ago

I've finished #Oxenfree 2 and absolutely loved it highly recommend (sorry posting twice accidentally deleted the og)

M. Forester
5 months ago

I read a review of #Oxenfree 2 earlier today. It did not really want to make me play that game, but rather reminded me that I never played the first Oxenfree. I was surprised to learn that it's a horror mystery, 'cause that's right up my alley. I think I started it once a few years ago, but wasn't in the mood for a low interaction, high narative game. I only played the first five minutes or so.

Have you played it? Should I? Why?

Vote and leave a comment.
Boosts are appreciated.

5 months ago

The first Oxenfree game is on deep sale on the Switch eshop (US) right now, just saying.

#Oxenfree #Nintendo

B. Kramer
5 months ago

Guess I'm going to have to re-play #Oxenfree now that #Oxefree2 is out... I wonder how those play on the #SteamDeck?

Lachlan H
5 months ago

So #Oxenfree 2 is a deeply confusing but amazing adventure and I love it. I love how it uses radio waves. I highly recommend it and the first game

Jo, Unpronounceable
5 months ago

#Oxenfree 2 is a good game. Stayed up until 4am playing it in one sitting. Had a lil cry at the end. Good times #games

5 months ago

And if you’ve not played the first game, it’s down to £1.43 at the moment. I can’t recommend it enough if you like quirky, creepy dialogue-led mystery games. #oxenfree is superb

5 months ago

Si vous n'avez pas fait #Oxenfree (le 2 est sorti), il est à 1,63€ sur Steam. Vous devriez jouer à Oxenfree. (Et apparemment le 1 et le 2 sont inclus dans l'abo Netflix)

Mr Rikxx
5 months ago

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is launching today on Netflix, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

#oxenfree #gaming #netflix

Corentin Lamy
5 months ago

#Oxenfree II sort aujourd'hui et il récolte ce que j'imagine être une bonne note (92.8/108 MHz ?) sous la plume d'Arnaud Hallet sur Le Monde

5 months ago

The biggest new video games releasing the week of 7/10/23

Check out what’s new in the world of video games this week.

#Gaming #Exoprimal #Naraka #Oxenfree

Flavien 🔻
5 months ago

🏝️ Le let's play audio d'#Oxenfree est terminé ! Pendant 14 épisodes, vous avez pu suivre Alex et ses ami·e·s sur une île étrange.

#OxenfreeLostSignals sort en juillet, peut-être une série pour l'an prochain ?

#ListenToTheGame est un #podcast #Podcut.

Flavien 🔻
5 months ago

🎙️ 🎮 🏝️ Ca sort toujours, les épisodes 9 à 11 sont sortis, pour suivre en audio les aventures d'#Oxenfree.

#ListenToTheGame est un #podcast #Podcut.

5 months ago

#Oxenfree II Is Shaping Up To Be A Huge Improvement On The Original | #NintendoLife

I loved the first game and am really looking forward to this.

Flavien 🔻
6 months ago

🎙️ 🎮 🏝️ Du mal à communiquer sur la sortie des épisodes ces derniers du fait d'un déménagement, mais sachez que les épisodes 1 à 8 du let's play audio d'#Oxenfree sont dispo, pour suivre l'aventure d'Alex & co.

Un #podcast #Podcut.

Flavien 🔻
7 months ago

🏝️ C'est parti pour le let's play audio d'#Oxenfree.

Parfait pour vous préparer à la sortie du 2 cet été.

🎙️ #ListenToTheGame est un #podcast #Podcut.

8 months ago

I play primarily on the Switch and the greatest gaming experiences I had there were actually indie games like #Oxenfree #NightInTheWoods #ChildOfLight #Gris #BrothersATaleOfTwoSons etc. So you should definitely look outside the AAA games.

... animated sequence. It's more simple to read about it. To sum it up, I liked Oxenfree. I was exhausted by Night School Studios decision to extend the length of the game by forcing rudimentary mechanics onto us, but the story kept me going.

Looking forward to a sequel and announced series, if it ever happens...

#Oxenfree #FreeGames #EpicStore #HorrorGames #Gaming #VideoGames #GameReview #HonestReview

I haven't played any games in a long time. I have made a small list of 5 games to play through 2023. It might seem like a short list, but I can't really squeeze more time with my other obligations like writing.

First one on the list #Oxenfree. I just started it playing tonight. And although it's not on the list, I will include finishing #LastOfUs . I've been playing it for more than a year now. 😿

#VideoGames #OlderGamer #NoTimeToPlay #Gaming

Just got a test tattoo done at Dark Roots Tattoo Co in #WinstonSalem to see how my extremely sensitive skin reacts before going for a complex piece. Very pleasant experience, friendly staff, great atmosphere, plus they’re queer and trans friendly. Highly recommend it if you’re in the area. Now to take care of this #Oxenfree reference and see how it heals over the next four weeks.

Very fresh green triangle tattoo on pale skin with small red triangles at each point.

So, I gotta say, I'm impressed with #Netflix games. I looked up the #Exodus privact reports, and their games utilize minimal permissions and only contain the code signature of ONE known tracker (Bugsnag) for crash reporting.

I do not know what kind of analytics data the app itself collects, nor do I know what Bugsnag's crash reports contain; BUT, all things considered, this is significantly better than like... any other mobile game publisher in existence?! No Facebook Analytics, no Firebase (or Google anything), no AppsFlyer--nothing but Bugsnag.

So that means, Netflix is buying the rights to publish killer #indiegames (like #TMNTShreddersRevenge, #IntoTheBreach, #Oxenfree, #Moonlighter, #SpiritFarer, etc.) on an open-ish mobile platform, rebalanancing existing mobile games like #CatsAndSoup to remove P2W mechanics, and doing all of this for no extra charge, with no ads, no mtx, and almost reasonable privacy levels. Wtf. That's cool.

This doesn't make up for cancelling Santa Clarita Diet, but it's cool.

11 months ago

Finished my (first) playthrough of #oxenfree and absolutely loved it, what a lovely, creepy, scary game! A little light googling suggests that dialogue choices *do* affect how the story plays out, so I’ll definitely be playing through again, especially as it’s relatively short

11 months ago

Late to the party, I know, but I’m *really* enjoying #Oxenfree at the moment. It strikes a really good balance between being a #visualNovel and having proper interactive gameplay. I often get bored with the former, this keeping me coming back for more. I wonder how much of a difference my dialogue choices are making, but don’t want to know until I finish it.

Shannon Prickett
11 months ago

If you are a person who has not yet played but well might play #EightyDays from #Inkle, go do that.

Now. If you wanted that game but less random & more Solving Crimes slightly like #Oxenfree, #ReturnIdTheObraDinn is the game which you seek.

11 months ago

This evening I started to rewatch #GravityFalls and then pivoted to replaying #Oxenfree, and now I want to know what else I can read or watch or play that has similar kinds of vibes.

Any thoughts?

(I’m also on about Season Six of my #XFiles watch, too.)

1 year ago

So, twisting & reconfiguring advice from #ActuallyAutistic folk, I decided to try 1 hr of a video game. Per day, I hope? For other reasons, I was looking into so-called #CozyGames and so chose #Oxenfree for my first attempt Thread 1/n

5 years ago

After yesterday’s #FarLoneSails I’ve started playing #Oxenfree.

It’s been a bit of slow start, but now improving after an hour’s play.

#Storybased #indiegame

6 years ago

[LIVE on #twitch ] First time playing #Oxenfree ! I can't wait!!

Come along for the ride!

6 years ago

[LIVE on #twitch ] It's time for more RimWorld shenanigans!! :D

Tomorrow we're starting #Oxenfree !! Thank you again @Kakike00 !