Juli Gudehus
1 day ago

This must be the smallest Coca-Cola bottle I have ever seen #Coke #packaging #waste

3 days ago

📚 Just published a new blog post on the differences between the three ways to configure Python package setup! If you're a developer or data scientist, I hope it's valuable for you. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! #python #packaging #development #datascience

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A great dissertation on why packaging is a nightmare, and a peek over the fence into an option. Start clutching your perls nix fans - it's not all roses over there either.

Though Nix/GUIX do get a solid shout out in this article for what they provide compared to the alternatives.

#Devops #Development #Packaging #Brazil

Nicol Wistreich
6 days ago

There's a lot to be impressed with during my current German trip over the country's desire to not leave future generations with a burning planet. For e.g. reusable takeaway cartons — apparently driven by legislation requiring all takeaways to offer a reusable option. It just makes #tory anti-climate pivot all the more embarrassing (while also ensuring UK companies are behind Europe / RoW on this).. #reuse #recycle #packaging #Germany #legislation

A stack of reusable takeaway containers. The text on the top one reads 'i love sushi, reduce, reuse'
RSE Sheffield
1 week ago

Do you code in Python?

Ever considered bundling your code up into a package but unsure how to go about it?

We have just the blog post for you!

@nshephard takes you through the process of making a Python package and publishing it to PyPI

Feedback welcome 😉

#rse #python #packaging

it's kat!
1 week ago

throw the bag on the ground & the wind will lift it up & float it behind you so you won't see it & everything will be fine, actually? #packaging #symbology #recycling #rubbish

symbol on a plastic package depicts a human figure who appears to be making a throwing motion. there are three curved arrows in front of the figure, all swirling in a backwards direction.
1 week ago

im happy to release the release of #python #packaging #setuptools
this major release removes the hard dependency on setuptools, fixes a number of longstanding bugs and prepares for a future of more packaging tools

Veit Schiele
2 weeks ago

We have updated the sections on creating distribution packages. So there is now an overview of the different build backends, conversion tools for ini files that are no longer needed and much more:
#Python #Packaging

windymelt (Twitterから転送)
2 weeks ago

[Tw] RT @svetlyak40wt: Published a new #CommonLisp video showing how to create a deb package for Ubuntu.

This way also allows to package Common Lisp software for other linux systems.

YouTube version:

#lisp #linux #packaging

2 weeks ago

Published a new #CommonLisp video showing how to create a deb package for Ubuntu.

This way also allows to package for other linux systems.

YouTube version:

#lisp #linux #packaging

Justin at Ecoscore
2 weeks ago

#France is so often in the lead with innovation.
Yes we've seen plenty of #shrinkflation here in Australia too - muesli bars, potato chips, Timtams, etc. Oh and don't get me started on #broccoli and the generous amount of water in bacon and frozen fish 😆
Which products can you name and shame?

#retail #food #packaging

Michał Górny
2 weeks ago

Ok, so the sphinx-prompt situation is worse than I thought.

Previously, the #Python package was installed as sphinx-prompt (yes, with a hyphen). It worked only because of how #Sphinx imports Python modules. People were literally asked to write:

extensions += ['sphinx-prompt']

1.8.0 renames the package to sphinx_prompt which naturally breaks backwards compatibility. So upstream is indulging in hacks to install it under both names for backwards compatibility.

A side effect is a wheel that's technically invalid but apparently accepted by all common frontends.

What a mess. A mess that would have been avoided if upstream #packaging weren't the primary way of distributing this package. An experienced distribution packager would spot the problem with the old name right away.


2 weeks ago
Antonio One
2 weeks ago

`pkg_resources.extern.packaging.markers` and `canonicalize_name` can be used to evaluate and simplify dependency markers in a Python package. For example, to check if a package is compatible with the current environment, we can canonicalize its name and evaluate the markers. #python #pkg_resources #extern #packaging #markers

Martin Pigeon
3 weeks ago

Every year, three billion trees are cut down for paper packaging!

📢 Join people from all over the #EU calling on decision-makers to protect forests by promoting reuse and throwing single-use in the bin!

#MakeThrowAwayGoAway #PPWR #WeChooseReuse #packaging #reuse

3 weeks ago

When installing, command in `postinst` always results in `$?` = `0` #scripts #deb #packaging

One thing I appreciate a lot in the #Fedora / #CentOS world: mock is kept up to date across supported releases, so you can easily do local builds for newer releases no matter what you use.

Meanwhile I'm trying to update an #Ubuntu #PPA and right now to do a `pbuilder` build for #mantic I have to be... on mantic itself.

Thank goodness for #distrobox !


Deborah Makarios
4 weeks ago

I still haven't got over supermarkets labelling green coconuts as "dry" (you can hear them slosh for pity's sake!!) and now we have this!
If only there was some simple, natural way of protecting the delicate wee coconut from the hardships of life...
#packaging #food

A coconut which has had its outer protective husk removed, and is now protected by a webbing of styrofoam-like material. It is also wrapped in plastic.
Michael Tanzillo
4 weeks ago

This One Goes Out To All The Amazing Package Designers Out There! 🎨📦

I'm thrilled to share a brand new tutorial on my YouTube channel that will unlock the world of 3D design using Substance 3D. 🌟


#PackageDesign #Substance3D #MadeWithSubstance #Adobe #3DDesign #Tutorial #designers #Creativity #YouTubeTutorial #DesignInspiration #Packaging #DesignSkills #GraphicDesign #3dtutorial #3d

4 weeks ago

Why I hate #fastfood (2.)

Walking my dog in the morning, we encounter fast food packaging strewn on the road. Careless car occupants eat crap food and then dump their litter out the window. They can't even be bothered to put it in a bin.

I am bothered. I put it in the bin.

#Australia #packaging #marketing #capitalism #nature

Discarded McDonalds 'fries' packaging on the road, Umina Beach, NSW.
4 weeks ago

TROUVAILLES GRAPHIQUES :kare_mac: / Des #packaging japonais de glaces
Sources :

Antonio One
1 month ago

A simple use case of pkg_resources.extern.packaging.tags and mac_platforms is to identify the platform (e.g., macOS) in a Python package.

#python #pkg_resources #extern #packaging #tags

1 month ago

If a random person gives you source code and asks to debian package it, is there any proper way to install it's Build-Depends with apt beforehand?

I've only found some shady scripts that extract the field. What would be the proper debian way to do it?

#debian #packaging #continousintegration

Jona Engel
1 month ago

One week to go until the IEEE #Electronics (and #Photonics!) #Packaging Symposium at SUNY.

Excited to meet you there to talk about photonics #integration, #additive #manufacturing and perhaps the whole #processchain. #AM

1 month ago

I’m coining a new term: PACKRAGE — for those many times you can’t open what you’ve already paid for.

It is especially appropriate when combined with ‘HANGRY’ and the item you can’t open is a package of chicken lunch meat that cost $10.99 per pound.

L👀king at you, #OscarMayer!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

#Aries ♈️

PS Jen
1 month ago

The Encased Apple is a reference to the glut of wasteful food #packaging.
I did an old-fashioned clean up on this sketch in #MSPaint.

An ink drawing of a red pixel apple in a wasteful clear plastic package. This drawing is on graph paper and features a water stain.
I cleaned up the original encased apple drawing to have a consistent light gray background but retain the coarse line quality.
Ludovic Courtès
1 month ago

If you’re into #Guix and/or #HPC and/or #packaging, here’s your opportunity to come work in France with fine people:

Klickaffen Studio
1 month ago

Today I thought about what kind of #packaging paper my games should be packed with on the #playdate

Standard unpacking sequence of a new game on the laydate console. The wrapping paper is printed with the click monkey logo and diagonal stripes...
Juan Luis
1 month ago

Back to #python: Super excited about PEP 725 – Specifying external dependencies in `pyproject.toml`👏🏼 great job @pradyunsg @ralfgommers

Hope it gets accepted!


Juan Luis
1 month ago

I blogged a thing!

🐍 Best resources on Python packaging 📖 on @thepracticaldev

#python #packaging #pip

Juan Luis
1 month ago

This feature I contributed to pip has saved us today ❤️

If you launch `pip install -vv` or `export PIP_VERBOSE=2` you can see more detailed messages when there is a conflicting dependency. Look for `INFO: Will try a different candidate, due to conflict:` in the logs.

#pip #packaging #python

2 months ago

Will Australia phase out potentially hazardous chemicals such as PFAS?

(Around here the Pacific Hwy from Coffs Harbour to Urunga is littered with single-use-food packaging leaching forever chemicals into the environment.)
#forever #chemicals #toxins #PFAS #TakeAway #food #packaging #Junkfood #waste #PacificHwy #cars #motorists #pollution

#Greenwashing pro tip:

If you want to increase the paper percentage of your #packaging, just add more #paper to it. 💚

2 months ago

Just came across this...

From the State of #Maine:

Alternatives to #PFAS in #Food #Packaging [PDF]

"PFAS in Food Packaging
The Department of Environmental Protection (Department) invites stakeholder comment on the attached department rule concept draft language which would prohibit manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from offering for sale or for promotional purposes in Maine certain types of food packaging to which per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been intentionally introduced, as authorized by Maine Revised Statutes, Title 32, Section 1733(3-B).

Maine law authorizes the Department to prohibit the sale of a food package to which PFAS have been intentionally introduced in any amount greater than an incidental presence if the Department determines that a safer alternative to the use of PFAS in a specific application to a food package is readily available in sufficient quantity and at a comparable cost, and that the safer alternative performs as well or better than PFAS in the specific application of PFAS to a food package.

In February 2021, the Washington State Department of Ecology (Washington DOE) published the Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances in Food Packaging Alternatives Assessment, identifying 4 types of food packaging that meet Washington’s statutory criteria for a prohibition:

Food Packaging Type and Alternative Identified as Safer

Wraps and liners - Wax-coated alternatives

Plates - Clay-coated and reusable alternatives

Food boats - Clay-coated and reusable alternatives

Pizza boxes - Uncoated alternatives

In May 2022, Washington DOE published a second alternatives assessment report, Safer Alternatives to PFAS in Food Packaging, which modified their process in two ways: first, by adjusting the concept of food packaging application to be more focused on its function rather than the package’s name; second, by relying on marketability to demonstrate cost and availability rather than direct price comparison of final products. This report identified safer alternatives for all five of the food packaging applications reviewed:

Food Packaging Type and Alternative

Bags and sleeves - Densified paper and wax-coated options

Bowls - Clay-coated, #polylactic acid-coated, polylactic acid foam, and reusable options

Flat serviceware - Clay-coated, polylactic acid-coated, polylactic acid foam, and reusable options

Open-top containers - Clay-coated, densified paper, wax-coated, polylactic acid-coated, polylactic acid foam, aluminum, and reusable options

Closed containers - Clay-coated, polylactic acid-coated, polylactic acid foam, and aluminum options

Because language in Washington’s related law mirrors criteria for determination in Maine law, the Department proposes to rely on the conclusions in these reports that the safer alternatives identified perform as well as, or better, than PFAS in the specific applications of PFAS to the food package.
The Department requests written comment on this section of the Rule Chapter 80 Concept Draft by August 21, 2023.

The Department intends to initiate formal rulemaking with the Board of Environmental Protection this fall to amend the existing Chapter 80 to incorporate these prohibitions. This will be a major substantive rulemaking subject to review by the legislature before final adoption.

Please email with your name, affiliation, contact information, and comment in response to this request for stakeholder engagement."


#PFOS #WaterIsLife #ToxicWaste #FoodPackaging #Solutions

Michael Grass
2 months ago

Via an article on cardboard, waste, and e-commerce in the Los Angeles Times: "It’s true that e-commerce has increased seven-fold — to 15% of American retail from just 2% — since Amazon Prime debuted in 2005. But the data don’t lie: The amount of stuff we throw out has grown astronomically, while the amount of cardboard entering the municipal waste stream has remained, in effect, flat."

#Cardboard #Packaging #Sustainability #WasteManagement

@wilfredh coming to #Fedora and #EPEL soon! Tomorrow you can `sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing [install|upgrade] difftastic`; right now you can download the build for your release and install it yourself


2 months ago

@pamelafox maybe your use-case could be solved with dynamic versioning and setuptools in pyproject.toml? Like

dynamic = ["version"]
version = {attr = "package.VERSION"}

see #python #packaging #setuptools

David Zaslavsky
2 months ago

Here's an unexpectedly complicated #Python #packaging problem I've run into: say I have a package for which I've generated an sdist and a bunch of wheels for various platforms, all in the dist/ directory. And now, on some particular system, I want to provision a virtual environment by installing the most appropriate version of that package from among the files I have in dist/, while installing all the dependencies (and only the dependencies) from PyPI.

Fortunately I don't need this for a real live package right now, but for fun I went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out how to do it and failed. I would have thought there'd be a procedure for it - it seems like a reasonable enough thing to try to do in a build system.

Major Hayden 🤠
3 months ago

Yay, robots! I decided to give @packit a try on a few of my @fedora package repositories and I got a nice PR with a package update this morning.

This makes keeping up with changes *so much easier*. 👏

#linux #fedora #packaging #python

James Conroy-Finn
3 months ago

I keep hearing how tricky dependency management is from Python devs, and I can confirm it is not a solved problem when working with Python.

#python #packaging #despair

it's kat!
3 months ago

to my deep shame, i'm an anti-capitalist who can't resist the charms of aesthetically-pleasing, #sustainable #packaging. #vegan #rose #latte

a lovely, pale pink cardboard tube of april's rose petal latte supplement powder. text is a mid-fuchsia colour.

Using pyproject.toml: Notes on yet another new packaging option for Python, this one more sane and simple than previous ones
#distribution #setuptools #packaging #software #python #venv #+

David Zaslavsky
3 months ago

@simon I would hardly call myself an "expert", especially not in a context where you might be getting responses from developers of setuptools and pip and such things, but as someone with a decent amount of experience #packaging #Python projects, the one thing that stuck out to me was the same thing others said, that leaving out the [build-system] section seems like a bad idea. I mean, it's great to do the experiment and show that you *can* omit it, but IMO it falls firmly in the camp of opposite-of-best-practice for "production-quality" projects: even if you trust that all the relevant tools will assume setuptools as a default (which may be the case now but will it always be?), it's still a fairly obscure piece of "magic" for someone reading the build configuration to understand.

David Zaslavsky
3 months ago

@webology @SnoopJ @simon handles setup.cfg (and some others) to pyproject.toml

Also @stuartl and I literally *just* started working on a fully-fledged converter from to pyproject.toml 😛 (not usable yet, but feel free to follow our progress)

#Python #packaging

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
3 months ago

Ugly Food Boxes Flood Communities with Venture Capitalist Funds #FabSocialism

Wide-ranging essay. Same essayist has a separate expose on #HelloFresh, specifically.

#dystopia #FoodPolitics #FoodWaste #packaging #hunger #PublicHealth #RentierSociety #NonProfit #FoodSystems

David Zaslavsky
3 months ago

@apparebit My parenthetical fact was that running `pipx install tsutsumu` is in fact easier than `curl -o ` (ahhh I really wish I had Markdown support for that one). Is that really what you wanted to register doubt about the accuracy of? If so, I don't understand your logic 🤷

I'm certainly not disputing that the "traditional way" as listed in the project README does have a lot more shell commands than `curl`, but that "traditional way" is far from the best way to install #Python programs these days. We have much better #packaging tech now than we used to years ago when that method was necessary. Of course people still do use the "traditional way", but I suspect in most cases that's because they don't know that better tools exist.

Primo Natura
3 months ago

"By removing the plastic steak trays, Sainsbury’s will save 10 million pieces of plastic each year, a positive change in the world of packaging. The plastic replacement, carboard trays, are to be fully recyclable requiring only a rinse before being thrown into kerbside recycling bins."

#UK #UnitedKingdom #Sainsburys #Plastic #Plastics #Packaging

PS Jen
3 months ago

@stux There is so much broken-up #plastic everywhere from all the #packaging. In the woods, on the beach, at the playground. It was never ever like this guys. I'm 52 and lived through leaded gas and asbestos but plastic pollution is really scary. They triple plastic package items just to give profits to #BigOil.

Petra van Cronenburg
3 months ago

I mostly work on 2-3 #BiodiversityShrines at a time. Colias palaeno once was a typical #butterfly of the #Vosges, today it is probably #extinct. Its problem: #wetlands as habitat were destroyed or vanish now by #droughts. The butterfly feeds exclusively on Vaccinium uliginosum, but this plant needs wetlands and colder climate. The #shrine is made from #packaging #waste. #WorkInProgress #NatureArt #BiodiversityLoss #Alsace #reliquary #Reliquien #extinctSpecies #ClimateChange #Colias

Rectangular chipboard box with butterfly. It is lined with ivory glossy fabric and decorated with gold braid. The paper butterfly shows realistic lemon yellow colouring with dark grey edges of a male on the left. On the right, golden silk is glued on, which will be still decorated.
Macro of the butterfly showing the silk part. The body will be mounted in 3D with textile stuff.
Angel Munoz
3 months ago

Here's the #flatpak version as well, and FuncUI #fsharp app ready to be flatpak'ed I have to admit both snap and flatpak are here to simplify the story of distributing apps in linux I love it!

#dotnet #fsharp #packaging #flatpak #linux #fedora

Thanks to and for the pointers I appreciate the help!

If you still think that distribution #packaging is not necessary and upstreams should be doing that, let me remind that you that downstream packagers are the ones who report that your latest release doesn't include the changes from your latest release:


3 months ago

It’s great that this high-definition multimedia interface is “Fighting for the Dream.”

#Fun #Motto #Packaging #UX #Customer

Packaging for hi-def multimedia interface that has a slogan: “fighting for the dream.”

What i dont understand about #linux #packaging and #flatpak topic is that

How the heck is it so heated? What's with all the super strong opinions?

Can't we just work together?

You know what's really great about #Gentoo?

When everyone around you is like "you're obsolete, #Flatpak is the thing, #snap is the thing, upstream #packaging is the thing"…

You can just shrug and tell them you don't care. You're not on corporate payroll, you don't have to do whatever cool kids do, you don't have to make IT worse for easy profit.

You just do things the way your users want them done. Uncool kids are important too.

Juan Luis
4 months ago

I dislike pyenv so much.

There, I said it. I'm actively avoiding it in all my projects, and I'm sad it's the default option on Gitpod.

#python #packaging #shenanigans #rabbitholes #lamehashtags #pyenv #gitpod

Veit Schiele
4 months ago

Wheel metadata are now available directly on the PyPI – this eliminates the need to download and unpack the entire wheels and then analyse the metadata and especially the dependencies:
#Python #Packaging #PyPI

Juan Luis
4 months ago

The great Travis Oliphant delivering some hard truths at #PyConLT

#python #packaging

@hanabel Most people who design product packaging have no idea how people's eyes and hands work after about 55 years of age. You'd think that it would at least deserve a compulsory course in product packaging school.


There, I've finally removed references to in the documentation for my @novelwriter project. There are too many issues with using it for installs, and it has been deprecated for a long time anyway.

I also updated my build scripts to use the PyPa build tool, which seems to work really well.

Next step is to move other packaging and asset build features out of, and then delete the file entirely.

#Python #Packaging #Programming

If you're a package maintainer with Fedora (or would like to become one), check out rpmautospec! Helps to simplify release tag and changelog maintenance while having no impact on the end user.
#Fedora #Linux #packaging


Questions to the #Python #maintainers: What are the different python build systems do you use to build your package?

- pip
- poetry
- flit
- hatch
- pipx
- build

^^ to name a few. In the reply can you please tell me what do you use? I am trying to come up with a good list of such projects.

#packaging Please share the toot for more reach.

Update: I am updating the list as I get more project names.

Juan Luis
5 months ago

TIL that `wheel` is not needed as build requirement when using `setuptools`!

> Historically this documentation has unnecessarily listed `wheel` in the `requires` list, and many projects still do that. This is not recommended.

#setuptools #python #packaging #pypa

Code screenshot showing the "build-system" section of pyproject.toml:

requires = ["setuptools"]
build-backend = "setuptools.build_meta"
Juan Luis
6 months ago
ChatGPT saying "To install dev dependencies with Poetry, you can use the poetry install command with the --dev option. Here's an example:" and then showing "poetry install --dev".
A screenshot of my terminal with an attempt to run `poetry install --dev`, with a red message saying "The option "--dev" does not exist"
Chad Kohalyk
6 months ago

Get your pre-unwrapped individually packaged oranges! 🍊

#japan #packaging

A small deep freezer filled with peeled mandarin oranges/satsumas each wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper with the branding "mukan" which is a play on words for muku(peeled)+mikan(orange)
Juan Luis
6 months ago

dependabot and stalebot do more harm than good.

Change my mind.

#dependabot #stalebot #opensource #softwaredevelopment #packaging #developerexperience #lamehashtags