Fenn Martyn
9 hours ago

I hardly ever talk about my faith online, but I'm curious how many other pagans and polytheists are on here.

I practice a form of Roman Polytheism, with a lean towards reconstructionism but a fair bit of eclecticism to fill in the gaps + make things easier & more compatible with modern life. I also venerate deities from Norse paganism.

Would love to hear from some other folks on here and chat sometime!

#Polytheism #Polytheist #Pagan #Paganism

Moreau Vazh
23 hours ago

Some thoughts on The Unbinding, a Paranormal Investigation documentary into a cursed object. Made by the same people as Hellier, it's a fascinating look at mythology, spirituality and something that looks and feels a lot like a LARP #horror #Hellier #theunbinding #paganism #ttrpg #blogging

Jon Bowie
3 days ago

The #museum I #volunteer for got accused of introducing children to #paganism by naming a #summer #festival "#Lunasa" (a gaelic summer festival) by #religious #kooks in our #community (They even made #pamphlets!) Yet they partake in all the pagan #Christmas #traditions...religiously...

Every time I hear Loreena McKennitt I still imagine myself behind the counter of my little witchy shop full of crystals, oils, candles, books and statues, incense wafting and Pagan and new age music playing. #pagan #Paganism #Witchcraft #Wicca
Every time I listen to Loreena McKennitt, I

Se Ⓐnstapa
3 days ago

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The non-locality of #magick and #psychic phenomena is the key to faster than light travel since it is physically instantaneous. Do they invest in real #paranormal research? Nope. They argue politics on #socialmedia.

#occult #occultism #chaosmagick #chaosmagic #pagan #paganism animism

The annoying thing about magicians who believe that magic shifts probabilities is that they don't realize the ability to order disordered states without creating more physical disorder is the key to clean energy.

Magic that shifts probabilities can order how energy becomes disordered and unable to do work to create perpetual energy. Do they invest in a #magick engine? Nope. They argue politics on #socialmedia.

#occult #occultism #paranormal #chaosmagick #chaosmagic #pagan #paganism animism

"You have just died and have just been born, thrice happy, on this day. Tell Persephone that Bacchus Himself has liberated you. A bull, you leapt into the milk. Swift, you leapt into the milk. A ram, you leapt into the milk. You have wine, a happy privilege and you will go under the earth, once you have accomplished the same rites as the other happy ones."

-Pelinna Gold Tablet

#pagan #paganism #religion #OrphicMysteries

:boosts_ok_gay: New post up on Medium, this one is an overview of some #Pagan winter holidays!

If you enjoy the post, I'd super appreciate some claps on it as that helps to get my work seen (but you don't have to, of course)

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Glen Gordon
1 week ago

it has been awhile since I posted a #paganmeme

#pagan #paganism #atheopagan #atheopaganism #witchcraft

black image with white text reads: She's a 10 but she does witchcraft, worships the old gods, hates the government, wants to live on a homestead, collects rocks and books, and is feral.
Laura Perry
1 week ago

Today's Minoan Tarot cards. I draw cards every Monday for the week ahead.

Ace of Horns: Stay grounded and be practical. That can be hard during the holidays, but staying in your body and enjoying the simple physical pleasures (food and drink, comforting touch) can go a long way toward keeping you steady and stable at a time of year that can be overwhelming.

Seven of Rhytons: Do your best to face hard reality. I know, I know - this is the season of wishful thinking. But that can get you in trouble. There's a difference between having goals and desires - and simply refusing to see what's really there. Gather up your courage, drop the rose-colored glasses, and you might find opportunities you didn't even know were there.

#Minoan #Tarot #MinoanTarot #Divination #Paganism #Witchcraft

Two Minoan Tarot cards side by side on a white background. The Ace of Horns is in shades of green and brown. It shows a large pair of sacred horns sitting on an incurved altar. The Seven of Rhytons is in shades of blue and tan. It shows seven empty pitchers and two empty platters sitting on a table.
Se Ⓐnstapa
1 week ago

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Laura Perry
2 weeks ago

The Tomten family are enjoying their offerings. Like the Ancestors, they are especially fond of marshmallows. Though they look like Solstice decorations, they comprise our house spirit altar, so they stay out year round. I made them from thrift-store wool sweaters that I felted.

#Pagan #Paganism #PaganCommunity #Altar #PaganAltar #Spirituality #Handcrafts #FiberArts

A group of six handmade Tomte figurines, in shades of cream, grey, and red felted wool with tall, pointy hats sitting on a wood table. They are gathered around a dish of honey, a marshmallow, some other candies, and three champagne corks painted to look like mushrooms. The area is decorated with spirals of curled gold ribbon.

What is an esoteric topic that you're shocked isn't discussed more in the witchcraft/occult communities?

#witchcraft #occult #magick #esoteric #paganism

Chris Bond
2 weeks ago

#398 Cheryl Straffon (ed) - Meyn Mamvro: Ancient Stones and Sacred Sites in Cornwall, No 19, Autumn/Winter 1992. Meyn Mamvro, St Just. #CherylStraffon #MeynMamvro #EarthMysteries #Archaeology #Cornwall #Kernow #Fogous #Menhirs #Paganism #BookOfTheDay

The front cover of Meyn Mamvro 19 for Autumn/Winter 1992. Pale violet with title, main contents and an illustration by Andy Norfolk of a figure in a robe with a staff and fire torch at the entrance to a fogou.
Laura Perry
2 weeks ago

Back in 2001 when I signed my first book contract, I never dreamed I would eventually write four non-fiction books and four novels... and contribute to seven anthologies and edit two! The time has flown by! I'm so grateful to all my readers and to my fellow writers who have encouraged me to keep going. If you have stories to tell, I hope you find a way to tell them.

#Pagan #Paganism #PaganCommunity #PagansOfMastodon #Writing #Writer #Author #Fiction #Nonfiction #MinoanSpirituality #InclusiveSpirituality #Wicca #Witchcraft #HistoricalFiction

A stack of the books I've written, in paperback editions, lying on their sides with the spines facing the camera. From top to bottom the titles read: The Last Priestess of Malia, Labrys & Horns, The Wiccan Wellness Book, Leap! A Love Story, Ancient Spellcraft, The Bed, Jaguar Sky, Ariadne's Thread.

I am just not looking at the #socialmedia of most occultists or people involved in the #paranormal, anymore. Honestly, I cannot be bothered. They have all spiraled off into insanity and have gone so far down rabbit holes their asses are never coming back. They are just lost with no way back to reality.

#magick #occult #occultism #pagan #paganism #animism #witch #witchcraft #conspiracytheories #chaosmagick #chaosmagic #sigils #sigilmagick #sigil

Baa Baa Brighouse
2 weeks ago

Last call for ‘The Wheel of the Year’ – Yule/Winter Solstice Yarn Box. Sign ups close on Monday!

The Yule Yarn Box will include 200g (two skeins) of beautiful hand dyed, sumptuously soft yarn inspired by the festival. We’ll also include some gorgeous themed gifts to celebrate the eighth festival of ‘The Wheel of the Year’.

#theweheeloftheyear #pagan #paganism #yarn #knitting #crochet #indieyarn #indiedyer #handdyedyarn #yule #wintersolstice #winter #solstice

Picture shows eight individual pictures in a grid. Each picture features two skeins of yarn, one behind the other, in various pastel shades.

Quick reminder for both new pagans and experienced pagans: it's normal to not always feel a deity's presence, and it's normal even if you never feel their presence. You're not doing anything wrong.

#Pagan #Paganism #PagansOfMastodon #Polytheism #Polytheist #PolytheistsOfMastodon

Se Ⓐnstapa
2 weeks ago

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📖 Dive into a critical, academic exploration backed by peer-reviewed sources.

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I struggle back and forth about whether I want to continue using #occult and 'magical' models for the #paranormal phenomena I experience and discuss.

One of the warning signs that keeps flashing at me is that all the occultists I have met and interacted with are mentally ill and getting worse. For some reason, at this time this year, many of them are starting to spiral.

At The Crossroads: A Personal Journey Beyond Occult Paradigms

#magick #pagan #paganism

3 weeks ago

Final on the first knuckles, going over the lines I'd made with the cutting technique. In preparation for upcoming rites 🖤

#HandworkTattoo #Inkwork #SigilMagick #SacredTattoo #Paganism #Witch #InkWitch #OccultTattoo #OccultArt

A hand with four distinct sigils on the first (closest to palm) section of each finger. The focus is the pinkie, showing a new tattoo of a sigil comprised of three vertical lines, one which branches off to the left, contained by two dots outside the lines, approximately at its bisection
3 weeks ago

In this episode, Angela Raincatcher talks about how biodiversity, cultural diversity, and divine diversity are healthy and natural for a generative world. She also talks about diversity within polytheisms.

#Pagan #Paganism #Pagancommunity #Neopagan #Wiccan #Wicca #Heathen #witchcraft #witch #polytheism #religion #spirituality
#occult #theology #DivineExperiences #BeliefJourney #PodcastInterview #SpiritualJourney #PolytheismCommunity #biodiversity #culturealdiversity

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 weeks ago

@gothicdoll welcome! Take your time and get to know how things work differently here. There’s a learning curve but it’s worth it! Be sure to use and search hashtags like #Paganism #Pagan

Laura Perry
3 weeks ago

First Crescent Moon through the trees last night. In Ariadne's Tribe, this is a night for divination. Favorite method? Scrying in a cup of wine! In the Tribe, we call this manifestation of the Moon Diktynna's Bow, a reference to the goddess Britomartis, whose epithet is Diktynna, connecting her not with fishing nets (that's a later, classical-era interpretation) but with Mt. Dikte, the mountain on Crete that's sacred to our Earth Mother Goddess Rhea.

#Pagan #Paganism #InclusiveSpirituality #Minoan #MinoanSpirituality #Moon #CrescentMoon #AriadnesTribe #Polytheist #Polytheism

A bright white thin crescent moon shines through silhouetted trees shortly after sunset in the darkening western sky.
Glen Gordon
3 weeks ago

what are your favorite activities comming into #WinterSolstice / #Yule ?
#pagan #paganism #atheopagan #atheopaganism #witchcraft

3 weeks ago

When I shifted away from calling my practice "chaos magick", because it had shifted away from being that, I was wary of ever adopting the term "witch", despite the fact that the textbook definition was semi-accurate and that it's a common descriptor. But quite honestly, the way that I used to describe my practice most recently, as ancestral cultural practices, wasn't accurate either.

There are aspects of our practice that are very loosely and tangentially related to pre-Catholic Mexican practices (and for me more personally, Sicilian beliefs or practices, although my scholarship is lacking here and it's kind of hard to explain why I even say this, but I'll try later), but to say that our practice is ultimately based on these is inaccurate.

I think that what I've been trying to convey, or to honor, is that I've been following a complex set of experiences which have left me with impressions of these practices, but not necessarily the practices themselves. That the embeddings I've had into various kinds of spirituality amongst groups or people I've been involved with have opened the door to a kind of connection and a kind of openness to the wisdom kept closely within their practices. However, I think that I've miscommunicated and inadvertently conflated this impression with the real thing.

Meanwhile, my practice has developed along a different trajectory as experiences with guides and teachers continue to occur. Based on the actual, tangible actions within this practice, there is more than just worship occurring. The practice of magick itself has been a central part of my practice for years now, and for this reason I plan on re-introducing my practice and using the term "witch" as a descriptor.

That still feels strange, and I can't quite put my finger on why. By definition, it is accurate: a practitioner of magick, the tangible practice of which is usually rooted in pagan or neo-pagan systems.

But it's complicated, because much of the education, especially in the last year and a half, on these systems has come from guides and not books, from intuitive action and not grimoires.

This path has been complicated, but perhaps that's normal. Perhaps many of us here have found that once we open the door to wisdom, to spirits, to gods, to guides ancestral and not, that we find ourselves exploring a little, feeling out our own intuition and learning little by little what the right direction is, like someone groping about in the dark with the tiniest candle flame to guide them.

#Paganism #Pagan #Witch #Witchcraft #Meditations

3 weeks ago

Something spurred my partner to begin building a temple to Osiris, and this temple site was the location of the altar we erected for our Dia de Muertos celebration. It was fitting, the idea that offerings were being made both to our ancestors and the god who watched over the underworld.

The altar I hand painted with symbols related to Egyptian, Western occult, and Meso-American systems. This practice of ours is growing oddly eclectic, but somehow feels placed and connected with the landbase despite its tenuosity of place literally.

The temple site itself is an island 14 feet in diameter, hand carved from the land and built up by my partner. The 'moat' around it is encircled with rocks, and he likewise created a spiral path off of one of our walking paths to enter the temple. We've planted four marigold plants and a date palm at strategic points along this path. You enter the temple from the East, and face West as you worship.

There are plans to build a structure here, but for now it is freestanding, an altar in the middle of our land, in the middle of the desert, covered still in marigolds and offered seeds, petals and incense.

This morning my daughter & I walked out there, and sat with the altar for the first time since the event. I offered new flowers, seeds, and scattered petals. My daughter made herself busy arranging flowers on the ground in quite an intentional way, although she can't tell me about the designs in her head yet. I sat and meditated for a few moments below the altar, as the sun rose over the valley.

I think that this is to become a daily ritual. It's been a long time since I've properly engaged in prayer or ritual on a regular basis, and even my once-daily meditation practice has become "here and there, as I have time". There is something so powerful about structured practice, and I really don't know if I can explain why.

This might become a thread of other updates with regards to my spiritual practice, since I feel as though a lot has shifted in the last few months.

#Siin #Paganism #Pagan #Rituals #TheeTemple #Osiris #Meditations

Laura Perry
3 weeks ago

Today's Minoan Tarot cards:

Maid of Labryses: Stay curious and don't give up on puzzling out the solution to your problems. But do your best not to automatically reject the conventional answers to your questions; sometimes you don't need out-of-the-box thinking to find the solution.

Priest of Labryses: Take your time to analyze the situation, develop a strategy, and make sure it aligns with your ethics. Avoid allowing emotion to cloud the issue; think clearly and firmly as you consider the situation. Then, when you have settled on the right answer, don't hesitate to act.

#Minoan #Tarot #MinoanTarot #divination #Pagan #Paganism #Spirituality #InclusiveSpirituality

Two Minoan Tarot cards side by side on a dark blue surface. Both cards are in shades of golden yellow, cream, and tan. The Maid of Labryses shows a Minoan girl climbing a rocky slope while carrying a large labrys. The Priest of Labryses shows a Minoan man playing a lyre, facing a tall labrys topped by a bird.
3 weeks ago

Finally got around to making my shrine a bit more festive!

#Pagan #Paganism #Polytheism #Wepwawet #Upuaut #Kemet #Kemetic #Kemeticism #Winter #Holiday

A Pagan altar / shrine to the Kemetic God Wepwawet, decorated with winter holiday accents.
A Pagan altar / shrine to the Kemetic God Wepwawet, decorated with winter holiday accents.
Se Ⓐnstapa
3 weeks ago

🌙✨ Discover the Mysteries of Robert Cochrane's Witchcraft 🧙‍♂️🔮

"Robert Cochrane's Traditional Witchcraft: Pagan or Luciferian?". Uncover the rise of this unique witchcraft strain in the 90s, distinct from mainstream Pagan Witchcraft.

Join us on a compelling journey as we dissect the spiritual core of Cochrane’s Craft.

👁️‍🗨️ Watch Now for a Deep Dive into Witchcraft's Hidden Depths!
#Witchcraft #RobertCochrane #Paganism #Esoterica

Martin Rundkvist
3 weeks ago

Ullr is not an important god in the late written sources from West Scandinavia. But place names around lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren show that he was one of the main divine powers in the more easterly land of the Swedes. These are the remnants of a drained lake named Ullavisjön, Lake of Ullr's Shrine.

#vikings #paganism

Hello, just joined this instance so here's my #Introduction post!
I'm Phoenix (he/they), and I'm an eclectic #Witch and #Pagan (I worship the Norse and Hellenic pantheons). I'm also an Odin devotee. Recently I've started writing about witchcraft, paganism, and spirituality in general on Substack, and I plan to start writing on Medium soon as well! I'm also a #TarotReader.
Hashtags that represent stuff I'm interested in and might post about:
#Tarot #Paganism #Witchcraft #Hellenismos #Heathenry #Queer #Trans #Transgender #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #ActuallyADHD #Neurodivergent #LGBT #LGBTQ #Polytheism #Polytheist #Introductions #NewHere

Aby Darling
1 month ago

Ooh, I just realised with the layout of the new house I can make simmer pots!

It wasn't really worth it in the old house because the kitchen was so far away from the living spaces.. but the kitchen here is right next to the lounge room, so they'll work really well.

#Witch #witchcraft #magic #pagan #paganism #Spelling #spellcraft

Laura Perry
1 month ago

Inclusive Minoan Spirituality for the Modern World

Explore the history, the culture, and most of all, the profound spirituality of these fascinating people and their family of deities as we know them in Ariadne’s Tribe. Then invite the deities into your sacred space with seasonal rituals and rites of passage. And let them inspire and transform your ways of thinking, worshiping, and being in the modern world.

Ariadne's thread reaches across the millennia to connect us with the divine. Will you follow where it leads?

#FediBookFair #bookstodon #pagan #paganism #minoan #polytheism #polytheist #InclusiveSpirituality #spirituality #PaganBooks

The book cover for Ariadne's Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives by Laura Perry, second edition. The cover is blue and features the Ladies in Blue Minoan fresco from Knossos.
Chris Bond
1 month ago

#377 Cheryl Straffon (ed) - Meyn Mamvro: Ancient Stones and Sacred Sites in Cornwall, No 18, Summer 1992. Meyn Mamvro, St Just. #CherylStraffon #MeynMamvro #EarthMysteries #Archaeology #Cornwall #Kernow #Megaliths #Cromlechs #Paganism #BookOfTheDay

The front cover of Meyn Mamvro 18, featuring an illustration by Barry Millard of a raven beside Chûn Quoit.
Jürgen Hubert
1 month ago

Drudes are malevolent spirits who feel an overwhelming need.

The need to squeeze.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #paganism @germany @folklore

Part 1 of German folk tale "The Drudes". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "The Drudes". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Nix Kelley
1 month ago

blessed #Samhain. 🖤

usually I try to write a poem for a Sabbat, but not today. today was not a poem day.

#paganism #Sabbat #CycleOfTheSeasons #essay

Mar del Valle
1 month ago

Oscuro y cálido Samhain, mis bellezas. Desprendeos de lo que os lastra y pudre, y luego acurrucaos hondo en la noche y arded, arded, arded.
Dark and warm Samhain, my beauties. Get rid of burdens and rooting things, and then curl up deep into the night and burn, burn, burn.

#Samhain #paganism

Mar del Valle
1 month ago

He bailado tatuada e histérica
en los bosques nevados del siglo VII.
He gritado de placer
antes de ahogarme en un pantano de Louisiana.
He besado cruces en el desierto
y he acariciado con mano temblorosa
los huesos de otras brujas.
Y no pierdo la esperanza de volver a cabalgar cuervos sobre el Tigris.

✦ Verses: "La habitación de las ahogadas", @velvetmolotov
✦ Photo by: Marta Huguet (IG: @marta1901)


[CW: nudity]

#model #witchcraft #paganism #MastoArt #NSFW #nudity

Fotografía polaroid de Mar, una persona blanca y joven de cabello oscuro, ondulado y corto. Su torso desnudo se recorta contra el cielo y el mar nocturnos, tiene la cabeza alzada y los ojos cerrados, serena, extática. Una banda horizontal de pintura negra cruza su rostro bajo los ojos. 
Polaroid photograph of Mar, a white young person with short, wavy dark hair. Her naked torso is silhouetted against the night sky and sea, her head is held high and her eyes are closed, serene, ecstatic. A horizontal band of black paint crosses her face under her eyes.
Fotografía polaroid de la misma persona, mismo lugar. En esta foto está acuclillada desnuda entre las olas en una pose animal, algo turbadora. Nos mira fijamente con desconfianza y un aire amenazador, la pintura negra bajo sus ojos goteando por su mejilla.
Polaroid photograph of the same person, same place. In this photo, she is crouched naked among the waves in an animalistic, somewhat disturbing pose. She stares at us with distrust and a menacing air, the black paint under his eyes dripping down her cheek.
Mar del Valle
1 month ago

☽ Vosotros no sabéis qué Nombre me enjoyaba las heridas
Pero Nosotras sabemos de vosotros ☾

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #pagan #witch #witchcraft #Samhain #occult #goddess

Ilustración lineal en blanco y negro tipo retrato de tres mujeres como si fueran diosas hermanas, las Parcas, Mornas o Nornas. Todas tienen tatuajes/pinturas y coronas de laurel, y entre las tres sostienen y manipulan hilos rojos. Su expresión es seria, poderosa y serena. La mujer de la derecha es negra, tiene peinado afro rizado. Lleva gafas redondas, un gran collar, pendientes africanos, pulseras, vestido negro. La mujer del centro podría ser latina o nativo americana, tiene pelo negro largo y liso, pendientes de aro, un abrigo blanco de pelo o plumas, uñas muy largas. La mujer de la izquierda es blanca, tiene pelo blanco a media melena con media cabeza rapada, lleva piercings y un top gris con encajes.
Black and White lineal illustration of three women as if they were sister goddesses, the Parcae, Norns o Moirae. All of them have tattoos or paintings, and laurel wreaths. Their expression is grave, powerful and calm, and the three of them handle red threads. The woman on the right is black, wears an afro, round glasses, a big choker, African earrings, bracelets, black dress. The woman in the middle could be Latina or Native American, has black long straight hair, hoop rings, a furry or feathery white coat, long nails. The woman on the left is white, has white hair with an undercut, and wears piercings and a grey lace top.

My husband and I did a Mr. and Mrs Hyde fanfic cosplay based on these characters for Dragoncon. Anyone who knows us knows why that pairing fits us, lol. I was the Evil Queen.

Mr. Hyde & The Evil Queen (ouat) - Bad Romance

#nowwatching #horror #gothichorror #magick #occult #witch #witchcraft #LGBTQ #pagan #paganism #occultism

Mar del Valle
1 month ago

Dear magic practitioners and musicians on Mastodon, anyone here knows how to take proper care of a shamanic drum? Should I use some specific oil or grease to hydrate the leather/wood periodically, or something entirely different...?

I have failed to find that information online, I live in a very dry area with somewhat extreme temperatures, and I'm very much concerned about my beloved drum ripping apart any day.

Thank you so much in advance for any help 🖤

#magic #paganism #animism #music

Sara Kathleen
1 month ago

For those who feel a need for a little protection, may this energy reach you. 💚 Nothing evokes Protection for me more than holly. An altar of stone, holly in three colours, and ivy. Should I have worn gloves? That would have been ideal. 😌 But I didn’t know I was making this until I started making it.

#magic #altar #pagan #paganism #protection #nature #naturephotography #sunday #silentsunday #landart #mandala #natureart #naturemandala #art #artist #mastoart #natural #holly #ivy

Part of a closeup of a nature mandala. A large stone in the center has brown holly leaves around it. A woven wreath of ivy branches, with the leaves taken off, is in a circle around those. Around that is 4 layers deep of holly leaves, some overturned to show their brighter underside. A large circle of stone surrounds it all.
a circular nature mandala, shown with my feet in the frame for scale. A large stone in the center has brown holly leaves around it. A woven wreath of ivy branches, with the leaves taken off, is in a circle around those. Around that is 4 layers deep of holly leaves, some overturned to show their brighter underside. A large circle of stone surrounds it all.
Me holding a handful of golden brown ivy leaves. They are sharp but I am ridiculously not wearing gloves.
Part of a closeup of a nature mandala. A large stone in the center has brown holly leaves around it. A woven wreath of ivy branches, with the leaves taken off, is in a circle around those. Around that is 4 layers deep of holly leaves, some overturned to show their brighter underside. A large circle of stone surrounds it all.
Sara Kathleen
2 months ago

As I age, I become less and less a fan of unnecessary complexity and chaos. A single candle & a quiet space have an awful lot to offer. Magic for people who don’t believe in magic. Magic for those of us who do. Bringing actual little physical fires to your thoughts is such a beautiful thing.

#paganism #spirituality #photography #photo #candle #flame #fire #closeup #quiet #peaceful #magic #candlemagic

A lit white candle with the wax melting in a beautiful swirl shape, sort of like an ocean wave. The wall behind the candle is also pale.
Mar del Valle
2 months ago

☽ Never Hide ☾

{Eagerly looking forward to this Samhain}

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #pagan #witch #witchcraft #Samhain #occult

Ilustración a blanco y negro que representa tres brujas: en el centro y elevada, una bruja negra, a la izquierda una bruja japonesa, y a la derecha una bruja blanca. La bruja negra preside, tiene los brazos abiertos y alzados, lleva rastas, una túnica, una tiara con una luna y pintura facial. La bruja japonesa tiene el pelo largo, negro y liso parcialmente rapado, lleva túnica, crop top y guantes, porta una espada. La bruja blanca tiene el pelo largo y negro con una franja blanca, es carnosita, lleva un vestido negro que deja sus hombros desnudos, múltiples collares y un sombrero de ala ancha, en sus manos sostiene un cráneo humano.
Todas nos miran serias, poderosas, altivas. Tras ellas, una luna llena inmensa. 
Black and white illustration of three witches: a black witch on the center, a japanese witch on the left, and a white witch on the right. The black witch is leading, her arms are open wide and raised, she has dreadlocks, a long tunic, a tiara with a moon and facial paint. The japanese witch has long black hair with an undercut, they wear a hooded tunic, crop top and gloves, they are holding a sword. The white witch has long black hair with a white lock, she is curvy and thick, she wears a black dress that shows her shoulders, big necklaces and a wide-brimmed hat, she has a human skull on her hands. 
All of them are looking at us in a grave, proud, powerful way. Behind them, a giant full moon.

One of the bigges misconceptions about my magical practices is the power that I use. I don’t use subtle energy, #astral energy, spirits, or even #egregores...

I draw power from a plane of experience, perception of experience, qualia, and the subjective character of experience. Changes, derivatives, in experience are correlated with energy. Since this is phenomenological, we can say this is #psychic.

#magick #astrology #animism #occult #occultism #paranormal #paganism

Not that I'm a very active practitioner or anything, but are there any other Wiccanish types here? #Wicca #paganism

Se Ⓐnstapa
2 months ago

📣 Attention all scholars, students, and curious minds! 📣

🌟 Don't miss the chance to hear Dr. Angela Puca, a leading voice in academic outreach and public scholarship! 🌟

🗓️ When: 18th Oct at 5 pm UK time – in your time zone
📍 Where: Harvard Divinity School
🌐 Virtual Attendance:

📚 Dr. Puca will be diving deep into the transformative power of social media in academic outreach and public scholarship. 📚

#Harvard #academia #Paganism #Witchcraft

The 5x5x5 Daily Practice

If starting and sticking to a daily spiritual practice is your goal, but you don't know where to start, try setting aside just 15 minutes per day for your practice. Spend:

-5 minutes researching/reading about your practice
-5 minutes praying and/or meditating
-5 minutes engaging in ritual

Once you become comfortable with that routine, you may feel comfortable increasing your daily practice from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or more per day. Do what works best for you, your spiritual goals, and your schedule.

#Religion #Spirituality #Faith #Paganism #Polytheism #Omnism #Occult #Magick #Witchcraft #Devotional

Mar del Valle
2 months ago

‡ Ardat Lili ‡

[CW: artistic nudity]

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #pagan #goddess #witchcraft #nudity #NSFW

Ilustración de cuerpo entero de la diosa Ardat Lili. Está desnuda, tiene la piel morena, larguísimo cabello blanco y dos inmensas alas oscuras. Está de pie en una duna del desierto, en medio de una noche ventosa surcada por nubes. Su brazo izquierdo está alzado por encima de su cabeza, el derecho se aprieta contra el pecho, el cabello le tapa parcialmente el rostro dejando ver una sonrisa inmensa y extática, de la que asoman dos colmillos. Su pose y su expresión destilan sensualidad, gozo, diversión y peligro. Está enmarcada como una carta del tarot, y en la parte inferior del marco está escrito su Nombre.
Full-body illustration of the goddess Ardat Lili. She is naked, has brown skin, very long white hair and two immense dark wings. She is standing on a desert dune, in the middle of a windy night streaked with clouds. Her left arm is raised above her head, her right arm is pressed against her chest, her hair partially covers her face, revealing an immense and ecstatic smile adorned with two fangs. Her pose and her expression exude sensuality, joy, fun and danger. She is framed like a tarot card, and her Name is written at the bottom of the frame.
Detalle de la ilustración anterior. 
Detail of the previous illustration.
Se Ⓐnstapa
2 months ago

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What is an Open or Closed Practice?" 🤔

Dr. Angela Puca dives deep into the fascinating world of #Witchcraft, #Paganism, and #Esotericism, using the Italian tradition of Segnature as a case study. 🇮🇹🌙

👉 Don't miss this enlightening exploration that challenges our understanding of spiritual practices and their accessibility.


#ItalianWitchcraft #Segnature #OpenVsClosed #DrAngelaPuca

Feel free to share and join the conversation! 🗨️✨

Jürgen Hubert
2 months ago

Lollus: A god worshipped by the pagans of old - or an overenthusiastic folklorist's flight of fancy?

#Germany #folktale #folklore #paganism @germany @folklore

German folk tale "Of the Old Franconian Idol Lollus". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Alexander Hay
2 months ago

A fascinating #BBC compilation of clips from the 1960s onwards. Expect some cool #Music, fascinating traditions, #Swords, #Vikings, #Magic, #Hauntology, #Occultism, and a bit of nudity! Guest starring the #MariLwyd, and what can be best described as a ritual punch-up between two villages.

How many of these old rites remain?

#Folklore #UK #Paganism #Scotland #Wales

3 months ago

Since there's a lot of interesting cultural and religious variations present here, I'm curious: which holiday do you celebrate at the end of October/early November?

I'd also love to hear *how* you celebrate, if you choose to share!

#Paganism #Halloween #October #DiaDeLosMuertos #IlGiornoDeMorti #Pagan #Samhain

3 months ago

A lovely copper-gilt wooden statue of #Epona that was recovered from the depths of a well.

#GaulishPolytheism #polytheism #paganism

A wooden statue of Epona riding a horse "Amazon style," badly damaged and broken in ten pieces. It has patches of green patina from copper and silver leafing that was originally hammered on. Epona's head is held high with a kind expression on Her face. Her hairstyle is some kind of plaits tied back in a bun.
Laura Perry
3 months ago

Home-baked bread from last night's celebration of the Feast of Grapes (it went very nicely with the wine). Today begins the ten-day celebration of the Mysteries, Ariadne's Tribe's Minoan version of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Good times!

#HomeBaking #MinoanSpirituality #AriadnesTribe #Paganism #Polytheism #InclusiveSpirituality

A round loaf of crusty, seed-covered artisan bread sits in the crock it was baked in.
Mar del Valle
3 months ago

Thrown into the fire
Oh don't leave me till it's over

[Vaults - "Orphan" ]

Illustration for "Rojo y Oro" - "Red and Gold" -, young adult book written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Ilustración para "Rojo y Oro", novela juvenil escrita por Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #mythology

Black and white art-nouveau illustration with several panels. The center panel - the biggest - depicts a young white woman embracing a young man, protecting and comforting him with her arms. Both of them have their eyes closed. They are wearing tunics, she has short straight hair, and his hair is black and full of thick curls.
The side panels show aligned hooded faces emerging from the black background, all of them diferent - men, women, gender-unclear, old, young, children, a skull - and looking at us.
The lower panel shows the three black heads of Cerberus, the hell-hound of Hades.
Ilustración en blanco y negro de estilo art-nouveau con diversos paneles. El panel más grande es el central, que representa a una joven blanca abrazando a un joven, protégiendolo y reconfortándolo. Ambes tienen los ojos cerrados. Visten túnicas, ella tiene el pelo corto y liso, y él una espesa melena de abundantes rizos negros.
Los dos paneles laterales muestran dos líneas de cabezas encapuchadas emergiendo del fondo negro, todas distintas (mujeres, hombres, de género indeterminado, jóvenes, ancianes, un cráneo), que nos miran a los ojos.
El panel inferior lo componen las tres cabezas negras de Cerbero, el perro infernal de Hades.
3 months ago

#Bales2023FilmChallenge August 22: #folklore on #FolkloreDay

On May 1 an ancient procession goes around #Padstow, #Cornwall. How ancient, no one really knows. Locals may describe it as a pagan fertility rite but even their generational memory draws a blank and no living soul can put an age on it. #AlanLomax's Oss Oss Wee Oss (1953) is probably the best known visual documentation of the #ObbyOss festival ☞

#film #cinema #documentary #paganism #CineMastodon @film

Children re-enacting the adults' 'Obby 'Oss procession on a Padstow hillside.
4 months ago

I'm trying to suss something out, maybe some other folks from #deutschland or more involved in #paganism could help me understand.

I was in a club off the Reeperbahn on Friday and a dude came in and we danced near each other until I noticed that he had a pendant on a necklace that I'm quite sure was a Sonnenrad / Black Sun. I didn't really get Nazi vibes from him, especially since he was using a wheelchair and was dancing / and chatting with our group, which was composed of a trans Jewish person, and people who are Kurdish, Palestinian, Mexican, and Filipina. Not exactly in a friendly neighborhood for fash, not hanging out with people the fash associate with...

Researching the Sonnenrad Symbol, though, it seems pretty exclusively tied with literal Nazi stuff. As opposed to, say, Thor's Hammer which could be a #heathen symbol or a white supremacy thing.

I almost asked him about it but decided instead to bail.

Am I mistaken here? How do we navigate the use of fascist-adjacent symbolism?

Does your spiritual/religious practice bring you joy and improve your life overall?

Bonus Question: Which religion/spiritual practice do you follow? Please comment your answer.

#religion #spiritual #spirituality #atheism #polytheism #monotheism #animism #henotheism #Christianity #Judiasm #Islam #Hinduism #Bahai #Buddhism #Shinto #paganism

Pagans of all types and stripes are welcome to follow and interact with me, so long as they're not some kind of bigot: Polytheistic pagans, monotheistic/duotheistic pagans, henotheistic pagans, atheist pagans, etc. all have a place at my feast table.

I also welcome folks who identify outside of the pagan umbrella! Interfaith solidarity is huge for me, especially in times like these. It's often through interfaith dialogue that we all realize that we share more similarities than differences, even if we hold those differences to be quite important. But, at the end of the day, we're all just people out searching for answers on a quest for Truth.

#religion #paganism #theology #polytheism #monotheism #henotheism #atheism #interfaith

4 months ago

#Introduction I think my orig. server died. So now I'm here starting from scratch.

British, 50-something, gay, prob nonbinary, disabled, with the following interests:

#SecondLife #art #writing #cooking #paganism #mythology #history #tolkien #tarot #magick #cats #80sMusic #90sMusic #fantasy #lbtq #disability

Matti in SL
4 months ago

Apparently the tweety-bird lost more hit-points this weekend and consequently there's an influx of new users here. Welcome!


#Paganism and #Witchcraft
#Cooking (especially #Vegetarian, although I'm technically not any more)

Se Ⓐnstapa
5 months ago

🌙✨ Join the Journey into Ancient Magic and Paganism! ✨🌙

🔮 Are you fascinated by the mysteries of paganism and the power of ancient Greek Magical Papyri? ✨ Seeking a deeper understanding of esoteric practices? Look no further! 🌟

📽️ I'm thrilled to recommend an exclusive video by the renowned Dr. Angela Puca PhD, an expert in contemporary paganism and a true authority in the field! 🎓

#Paganism #Magic #GreekMagicalPapyri #ContemporaryEsotericPractices #DrAngelaPuca

5 months ago

Sat with this for a while today. One more session planned to shade it fully, but I'm happier now with this result than I was with the first sitting.
Tattooing oneself is tricky for a variety of reasons, but is a really great way to put a microscope to your shortcomings and progress.
#Siin #SacredTattoo #SolarWorship #Paganism #Inkwork #HandWorkTattoo #OccultTattoo

On the side of a person's right calf, just below the knee, is a tattoo of a bull. Stylized, with asymmetrical horns and a solar design on its forehead that descends into a sigil that looks like two V's intersecting. The tattoo features some sparse dotwork embellishing on the top of the head and the solar rays. The bull has a ring in its nose.
Se Ⓐnstapa
5 months ago

Curious about the origins of the Triple Goddess? In an eye-opening journey, @drangelapuca reviews the myths and illuminates the origins of the Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone. Discover the profound impact of scholars on this remarkable concept.

Intrigued by spirituality, #Paganism, #Wicca, or simply love exploring history's mysteries? This video is a must-watch! Get ready to challenge your beliefs & gain new insights into the enigmatic realm of the #TripleGoddess.

5 months ago

Unfortunately my last piece of reportage on Baltic pagan communities is paywalled, but the previous one is free to read!

#Paganism #Baltics #Latvia #Estonia #Lithuania #Pagan #neopagan #spirituality #religion

5 months ago

Something of a short follow-up, exploring the astonishingly low interest in church weddings in Estonia – only 6 percent take place in church. (Apologies if any errors – wrote this one in the early throes of illness!)

(Now, the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church is deciding to (temporarily) stop accepting applications from people wanting to register marriages in church from the new year

#Estonia #Paganism #Baltic #Religion #Latvia #Lithuania

Se Ⓐnstapa
5 months ago

🌟 Dr Angela Puca, @drangelapuca an expert in the academic study of esoteric practices, is now on Mastodon!
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🌟 Follow Dr Puca on Mastodon today and stay tuned for her captivating content on Angela's Symposium.
🌿Together, let's unravel the mysteries!🌺
#Paganism #Magick #Shamanism #Witchcraft #Pagan #Witch

5 months ago

I guess now that I'm figuring out this platform I should do an #introduction

I'm a #pagan #witch and #druid who just married my husband, @CaptainSharky, late last year. We also have two rescue #cats. My pronouns are she/her and I have a #history degree and work as a substitute teacher. I'm also a #barbershop #chorus singer (though I'm on break from that right now) and a #501st volunteer costumer.

My spouse and I regularly attend conventions and enjoy #anime #cosplay #videogames #gaming #boardgames #dnd #jeeping #hiking and #zumba. I also enjoy #manhwa #manga #reading #curlyhair care and #weightlifting. I'm also a #furry!

I consider myself a #gaulishpolytheist, French-American Folk Practitioner, and #cottagewitch. I'm an #AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America) Candidate, a #GCC (Gnostic Celtic Church) Novitiate, and an #ADFdruidry (A Druid Fellowship) member.

#witchcraft #folkwitch #frenchfolkwitch #paganism #druidry #teaching #education #costuming #colorado #starwars

📸 CW: direct eye contact, prop weapon

A collage of photos. Top left is of two individuals wearing Star Wars Snowtrooper costumes in the snow, top right is of an art badge depicting a cartoony deer with the name "Leena", bottom left is of the two Snowtrooper individuals with their helmets off posing with Hayden Christensen, middle left bottom is multiple photos of a chorus performance and attire, middle right bottom is of a handfasting wedding, and the bottom right is of two gray cats.
Sara Kathleen
6 months ago
Photo of my shoes, standing beside a big circle made of 100+ pinecones. Around the circle are branches of birch leaves. Inside the circle are 4 ferns pointing in the cardinal directions, with 4 pinecones in the centre of those. The earth is brown and bare, under a woodland canopy.
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
6 months ago

While I'm waiting for my follows to finish importing, I thought I'd do an #introduction for this new instance.

Hello, everyone! I'm a cisgender, #bisexual woman who works in a tech-adjacent field. I do web content writing/editing for nonprofits and I'm trying to learn more about #accessibility.

I'm also still #CovidCautious and tend to post about that, as well as #LGBTQ and #queer issues, especially related to #ComingOutAsAnAdult, and about #ClimateChange and #AntiCapitalism. I enjoy #vegan #cooking and #baking and #hiking as well as #music, and I'm learning more about #SlavicPaganism and #paganism in general.

I'm excited to get to know you all. Please feel free to say hi!

Se Ⓐnstapa
6 months ago

Discover the Intriguing Connection between Sleep Paralysis and Spiritual Encounters! 🌌🛌 Uncover the fascinating phenomenon in our latest YouTube video, where we explore the mysterious realm of Sleep Paralysis and its profound impact on spiritual experiences. Don't miss out on this eye-opening journey! Watch now and unlock the secrets within.
#SleepParalysis #SpiritualEncounters #esotericism #astraltravel #paganism #pagan

Mar del Valle
6 months ago

Everytime I rise I see you falling
Can you find me space inside your
bleeding heart

[Placebo - "Passive Agressive"]

Illustration for "Rojo y Oro" - "Red and Gold" -, young adult book written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Otra ilustración para "Rojo y Oro", novela juvenil escrita por Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #mythology

Ilustración en blanco y negro.
En el panel superior izquierdo hay un adolescente delgadísimo con el cuerpo cubierto de cicatrices, se atraviesa una mano con un puñal mientras sonríe malicioso.
En el panel central vemos el rostro de ojos cerrados de un joven de cabello rizado y negro, parece triste, derrotado o muerto. Sobre su cabeza hay una luna.
En el panel derecho hay una anciana blanquísima y sonriente. 
En el panel inferior hay dos jóvenes idénticas de perfil sobre un fondo de hiedra. Una parece abrazar delicadamente a la otra por la espalda mientras la otra se resiste débilmente y derrama una lágrima. 
Todes llevan túnicas griegas. 
Black and white illustration.
The left panel shows a very thin teenage boy with his body covered with scars, he is piercing one of his hands with a dagger while he smiles maliciously. 
The middle panel shows the face of a young man with his eyes closed and his curly black hair crowned with ivy, he looks sad, defeated or dead. Over his head there's a big moon.
The right panel shows a very old and very white woman smiling.
The panel below shows two identical young women over a background of tangled ivy. One of them is embracing the other, the other struggles weakly while a single tear runs down her cheek.
All the characters are wearing greek tunics.