3 months ago

Some rainbow foxes. Watercolor and ink pen. I think the pink-orange Fox looks cranky. Like she’s got to go do something that she’s not happy about. #WaterColor #SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox

A watercolor and pen illustration of a rainbow color Fox standing up and looking at the viewer.
Watercolor and pen illustration of a side view of a rainbow color Fox.
A watercolor and pen illustration of a cranky looking pink and orange Fox.
3 months ago

I made a video of me drawing my party fox. I need to improve my cinematography but you may enjoy if you like watching chill videos with relaxing ambient music. Maybe it will put you to sleep.
#MastoArt #Drawing #PartyFox

3 months ago

My submission for #SillyCuratorPrompts from a few days ago. #PartyFox

I made this on a blank card to send to a friend. I hope she likes it because I had a really good time making this. These drawing prompts are really fun! I hope to do more. :blobfoxheartcute:


Marker drawing of an orange fox dancing, wearing a party hat and holding a sparkler firework in his or her paw. The background is green and blue. The marker lines are very brush like and loose. The tip of the fixes tail is white, as well as it's chest and ears. It's paws are black and grey. The mood is cheerful and fun.
3 months ago

Also one more from me cause I hate thinking I’ve probably missed out on this: my #PartyFox take for #SillyCuratorPrompts!

A head of a fox in a party hat with a party horn in his mouth
3 months ago

Also, I'm sorry (but not much). Opportunity was too good to pass.
Here is a #PartyFox for #SillyCuratorPrompts

Not exactly drawn I guess but... :blobfoxpeek:

Oh and you can have this fox if you want. I'll put two more photos and (price tag) in a reply post to keep this text short.

3D printed low poly style fox with a blue/gold striped party hat and colorful confetti stripes covering face, chest and back. And the tail!
3 months ago

Alrighty, got around to doing this fun #SillyCuratorPrompts

A fun #PartyFox

Might go back and shade. Had to stop or this was going to take a bit longer to do.

#Art #DigitalArt

Color digital drawing of a red fox holding a green party hat with orangish dots in one hand and the other hand tossing up dice.

Not the first time I draw a fox :blobfox:​


Cartoon style humanoid fox, wearing purple party paper hat. He is supporting his right elbow on a dark round table and has a glass with yellow drink in left hand.
3 months ago

This is #PartyFox, round 2!

Started to draw her for the #SillyCuratorPrompts #ArtChallenge, ended up drawing Kitsune instead(
Decided today I wanted to finish this one anyway

#mastoArt #Learning #Krita #DigitalArt

Digital drawing of a stylized fox sitting upright & wearing a party hat.
North Delta
3 months ago

Speaking of #artprompts - I couldn’t pass up the #SillyCuratorPrompt with Nora (Ice) even if she is a little bit of a wall flower. #PartyFox #PeysuPals

Digital doodle of Nora the fox (representing Ice) wearing a party hat and surrounded by swirly doodles
3 months ago

Did a #SillyCuratorPrompts with no reference for the extra challenge, it’s #partyfox time :3
Bit busy at the moment so couldn’t put huge effort in but it was a fun lil break.

#furry #furryart #fox

fox laughing wearing a blue, yellow and red party hat on a magenta splattered background.
neurotic owl
3 months ago

#SillyCuratorPrompts if you don’t follow my blog (and you almost certainly don’t) hypersensitive is used in the specific sense of the ultra vigilance I and other PTSD havers specialize in. HF is one of my many cartoon alter egos and Neurotic Owl’s friends! #PartyFox

A hastily drawn cartoon fox huddled into a ball trying to seem festive with a blow tickler.  Text: Hypersensitive Fox is bad at partying.
3 months ago

WaNnA PaRtY? o_O

Try following #sillycuratorprompts ! Thanks @Curator :D

#Mastoart #partyfox

A digital splotchy ink drawing of a creepy fox
A digital splotchy ink drawing of a creepy fox
3 months ago

Always love new #SillyCuratorPrompts

"Party Animals"

These #Kitsune are waiting for their friend, #PartyFox!

#mastoArt #Krita #DigitalArt

Digital drawing of 2 kitsune sitting around a bonfire on the beach. They have a full cooler, drinks, & music playing, but they are looking off down the beach. We can't see this, but their friend Party Fox is heading towards them!
Art of Zod
3 months ago

My quick silly #SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox entry! :fox:

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b 🥔

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3 months ago

She's on her way to the party

#SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox #art

An anthropomorphic fox wearing a white blouse and dark green skirt and carrying a red and yellow present.
Chewy A Dupp
3 months ago

Sometimes I have memories from when I was a teenager and wonder how I had the temerity since I don't remember ever not having severe anxiety. Like this one time I followed a fox across a field and down a hill toward a river bank where it just disappeared. I walked up to the river and found nowhere it could've disappeared in to. It must've found the secret door to the underground club. Maybe I should've started knocking on rocks to see if they'd let me in.

#SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox

A drawing on lined paper of a fox that looks more the size of a wolf because maybe the fox partied itself out of it's hide and the wolf put the hide on to appear more non-threatening and it isn't a threatening wolf, it wouldn't do anything to have acquired the fox hide any other way than having found it, because he just wants to party in the underground club featuring multicolored lights while drinking a blue drink from a straw. So, just to recap, its maybe a wolf in a fox hide but only because the fox partied too hard. Stop accusing the wolf of things. What are you, a Sanofi commercial? But, like, maybe it's an oversized fox and to think it's a wolf might hurt it's feelings. We don't know. We're not in this creatures head. Whatever this creature is. Party! Party! Party! Those last three words are also in this picture. They're green. But, anyway, here's more evidence that this is a wolf in the hide of a fox that partied it off, one of the back legs, the skin looks kind of loose. Man, this wolf really wanted to party. It didn't have time to make sure everything fit right.

when the party is over, #PartyFox is still there ...

(my memory is pretty digital)

@Curator #MastoArt

very simple line drawing of a sleeping fox. with empty bottles. the party is over.
3 months ago

Party Fox from the memory 🤔
🥳 🦊

#sketch #sketchbook #MastoArt

In the photo you can see an open sketchbook. In the sketchbook you can see a sketch of a fox who juggles with clubs.
3 months ago

Foxtrott & Gänsewein heute um 17 Uhr bei Federico Fox. Kommt alle!

Thema #PartyFox bei den #SillyCuratorPrompts @Curator

Meine Zeichnung zeigt einen Fuchs, der auf seinen mit Wimpeln geschmückten Schwanz „Party“ geschrieben hat. Eine Gans mit Partyhütchen staunt die Einladung mit offenem Schnabel an. Die Absichten des Fuchses sind etwas unklar … aber hoffentlich gut!
3 months ago

Party fox is all partied out! Sleep tight, #partyfox

#MastoArt #Ink

A sketch in ink of a tiny fox that has fallen asleep after a party. There's a banner above that reads "Party Fox has crashed". There are three balloons to his left, he has a festive conical hat on, and he has his tail curled around a martini glass. There are letter Zs below him indicating he's sleeping.
3 months ago

Party fox is a party fox 😅
#SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox

Drawing of a Wilber playing the drum and wearing a party hat
3 months ago



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Armorial College of Pride
3 months ago

A #PartyFox for #SillyCuratorPrompts :D

On a field gyronny Or and Vert a fox rampant regardant Gules armed Sable; over all semy of ribbons bendwise undy couped countercharged of the field.

This isn't a Pride Shield, just a bit of fun with the community here 💛

As suggested by the @Curator I drew this without reference. Also freehand, which isn't my usual practice.

An heraldic shield depicting a dancing fox (rampant regardant) in red with black details. The background is a pinwheel of green and yellow/gold. All over there are confetti streamers, coloured opposite to their background.

WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
3 months ago

#PartyFox is ready for a low key small gathering


Black ink line art sketch of a cartoon fox coloured with red and blue pencil. It's wearing a conical stripy paper party hat and blowing a streamer. There are little stars around its head, and next to its feet, a little bug on a rock looks up at it with a '?' .

Underneath, it says 'Party Fox ^.^'
Matt T
3 months ago

Here you go, @Curator

Got a quick little party fox, having a good time. Even getting some air-time.

#SillyCuratorPrompts #PartyFox

A fox flies through the air, smiling, above a crowd of other foxes raising their arms and cheering.
Bright colors, swirling above a group of foxes, orange fur reflecting white light.

#SillyCuratorPrompts time!

Draw a Party Fox :ablobfoxbongo:

For an extra challenge, draw the fox from memory without looking at references :o

No drawing skill necessary! It's about doing something creative without pressure to perform. Join in from any instance!

🚫 No AI submissions
:blobfoxfingerguns: I won't boost anything that doesn't have (or have a reqest for help with) alt-text

:revblobfoxfloofcofe: Have fun!