Jeff Smith
4 days ago

Up since 4am but it is so worth it.

Fresh baked rye sourdough, spicy German mustard and sauerkraut with the pastrami

#pastrami #sourdough #cooking

Sliced pastrami on the left hand slice of bread and sauerkraut on the right hand slice.
Jeff Smith
5 days ago

The rub is on!

Brined this brisket that I got from a friend after helping butcher his home kill. Now the rub for pastrami. Tomorrow it goes on the smoker.

Making homemade sourdough rye to go with it. Rueben sandwiches will be made.

#cooking #brisket #CornedBeef #pastrami #beef

Two approximately 3kg pieces of brined beef brisket coated in black pepper, crushed coriander seeds, mustard, paprika and other stuff in a chafing pan on a black countertop.
2 months ago

Yummy! 🥪 Laras Kantinchen hat uns in der Mittagspause leckere Pastramis gezaubert. So lässt es sich super in die 2. Runde der Sessions starten 🔥 #unkonf #yummy #pastrami #lunchbreak #meetup #itcommunity #barcamp

Cindy Weinstein
4 months ago

@isomataalum. I understand the predicament. Let me set the stage: you're at #Canter's or #Nate'nAl's or whatever your favorite #deli is. What do you want? A #pastrami sandwich or #cornedbeef? You have your answer.

4 months ago

Das Pastrami-Projekt ist geglückt. Farbe, Geschmack - das passt.

Tada! 🥁

Ich bin untröstlich, dass ihr es nur sehen könnt. Ich kann es schmecken und genießen. 😀

Ohne Übertreibung: Das #Pastrami ist unglaublich lecker. Ganz sicher das Beste, was ich je als Aufschnitt gegessen habe. Mit der Würzung (zwei verschiedene Rubs) bin ich sehr zufrieden. Auf den Punkt, nicht zu laff, nicht übertrieben. Auch mein Smoker für Arme hat gemacht, was er sollte.

Wenn es überhaupt etwas zu kritisieren gibt: Es zergeht nicht direkt auf der Zunge, sondern mag schon gekaut werden. Aber das war zu erwarten, zumal ich mich entschieden habe, es nicht abschließend zu kochen (wie das bei Katz gemacht wird). Irgendwie habe ich eine Abneigung gegen alles, was nach Sous Vide aussieht.

Aber vielleicht beim nächsten Mal. Wir werden sehen.

Für das #Sandwich gleich zum Abendbrot habe ich selbstgebackenes Sauerteig-Schrotbrot. Dazu Salat aus dem Hochbeet sowie selbst eingelegte #Burgergurkerl aus dem Glas, Majo und Sahnemeerettich.

Und natürlich ein dunkles Weizen. 🍺

Boah, bin ich am Sabbern! 🤤

Pastrami. Das Sandwich entsteht.

4 months ago
Morgen werde ich mein #Pastrami anschneiden. Ich kann es kaum erwarten und sabbere bloß bei dem Gedanken. 🤤

This monster is on the #smoker for the next 12+ hours. I've done lots of #briskets and even Montreal Smoked beef but never a #pastrami. My grandfather was a butcher and had a smokehouse so I guess I'm carrying on the family tradition. Hoping for a good outcome. #food

4 months ago

Pastrami da Katz's.
#NYC #pastrami #food

6 months ago

Adventure at the copy shop, ride on the carousel, left me peckish. Spied a Zucker’s Bagel & Smoked Fish so natch’ got a PB&J on white LOL got pastrami-spiced salmon & by the time I added tomato onion capers my sammie was almost $20. But delish & huge, just finished other half. Charming tourists too. Regret only not getting the jalapeño cream cheese.
#pastrami #spiced #lox #cream #cheese on #everything #bagel w/ #capers #tomato #red #onion #bryant #park #carousel #NYC #tourists #sunday $5 #beer

Beer, pickle, bagel sandwich, all on a table at the center of Bryant Park.
Jeremy Bornstein
6 months ago

also found some leftover pâte feuilletée in fridge, made a single impromptu dumpling with wagyu #pastrami and parmesan. worth repeating/refining for sure

flaky pastry cut in half to reveal pastrami and parmesan, though technically one would be hard-pressed to know it was pastrami or parmesan per se.
9 months ago

Turkey Pastrami tastes neither like Turkey nor Pastrami. Discuss.

#pastrami #stpatricksday

Doy fe. Al menos has de ir una vez en tu vida al Katz’s.
Ojalá poder volver algún día.
#pastrami #newyork #nuevayork #nyc #katzs

9 months ago

> midnight snack!


Matt 😎
9 months ago

Went to Shapiro’s for lunch today. We had some gift cards that we bought on discount at Costco. I’m happy to finally use those cards, but I’m even happier to be full of food.


10 months ago

Last of last year's #fauxtrami [corned beef, soaked to desalt a bit, then rub, smoked and steamed to finish] - packet in the freezer thawed a bit and steam right up. Enough for sandwich with sauerkraut for the kids, but ah parents were good with a little stretch. #Mushrooms, sauteed in some of the steam bowl fat & juices, then the #pastrami, break a couple of #eggs and voila, utterly satisfying #BreakfastForDinner
#Food #Cooking

A round white ceramic bowl on a metal steamer in a pot, with slices of pink edged pastrami
A frying pan with chopped long white mushrooms (enoki like) over which are large pieces of chopped pastrami slices
On a tranlucent glass plate, a round bun over which is piled a mix of egg scrambled with chopped mushrooms and pastrami bits. Here and there drops of red from hot sauce are visible, and slices of avocado are in the background
Jeff Smith
10 months ago

Made burnt ends, aka meat candy, for the first time - with a twist as this was the brisket that I had brined and seasoned for pastrami. Really dangerous stuff as the kids keep doing the rounds to snag a bite. #bbq #pastrami

A foil tray with cubed roasted brisket in natural jus and bbq sauce. Many of the pieces are darkly caramelized.
Dave Spector
10 months ago

My friends know me so well — a belated #birthday #present from #KatzsDeli.

Amusingly, these must be packed in the store because it literally smells like #pastrami. (Not kidding at all. Seriously.)

A picture of Dave Spector wearing a Katz’s Deli sweatshirt.
David L. Stanley
11 months ago

Lunch today. #cornedbeef & #pastrami, grilled with swiss on rye, dunked in 1000 island.

11 months ago

A cashier at a grocery store I was visiting said without prompting #HappyHanukkah—probably because I was buying #pastrami, #whitefish salad, #sauerkraut, and #horseradish.

They know their demographic!
#jewish #hanukkah

1 year ago

I find #pastrami to be the most #sensual of the salted, cured #meats


1 year ago

Question: Which #restaurant in #London, England serves the best #pastrami #sandwich? Asking for a friend. Thanks!

1 year ago

It always helps to leave (and find!) little love notes to yourself and family in the #freezer

#homemade #pastrami

Small vacuum sealed package held in the hand with a few slices of pastrami inside. Black marker note on package says Pastrami for chawanmushi
Jason Isaac
1 year ago

Our day in two photos:

1) How it started - Jewish deli exhibit at the New York Historical Society Museum

2) How it's going - dinner at 2nd Avenue Deli.

#pastrami #pickles #knish #nyc #nychistory #food #yum