Japanned Steve McCarty
2 weeks ago

Re-evaluating various things lately, this was a job for Philosophy Path (哲学の道) along the eastern mountains of #Kyoto. Writers have asserted that Japan doesn't do #philosophy, mais non. To be sure, Mahayana #Buddhist #ontology eludes our grasp.

Furthermore, the #nature #symbolism that does the heavy lifting in real #haiku is not metaphysical or #abstract. For #teaching #haiku, winning contests, or more about the criteria for real haiku in #languages other than #Japanese, see "Internationalizing the Essence of Haiku Poetry" at or

Thus, I was #walking along the #path and not #philosophizing per se, but just absorbed in the scenes like these captioned #photos, and that was quite refreshing.

Publications on #Japan, #Asia, and East-West #comparative #culture:


Secret path to the Zen temple Nanzenji, with the huge torii of Heian Shrine far below.
Nanzenji in early autumn colors.
Eikando, one of the greatest temples for changing leaves, starting soon.
Gate to the temple Honen-In.
Martin Liebermann
3 weeks ago

Forest path leading into the counterlight

"Photography" translates as "painting with light".
Counterlight (or backlight), with its stark contrasts, is challenging. In combination with trees in fall colors, it gives spectacular images. Light even becomes the (secret) main subject.

#light #backlight #counterlight
#nature #landscape #forest #trees #path #FallColors
#Edersee #Germany
#photography #FediGiftShop #WallArt

DM me if you'd like to buy a print of my art.


A photograph of a path through a forest in fall colors in counterlight.
Bachlight shines through a dense mosaic of foliage in green, russet and gold colors. Trunks, branches and twigs of trees and shrubs are depicted as black silhouettes. 
The light is coming from off the center right, giving the appearance of a luminous tunnel. On the left, the light brushes a rock cliff (or small quarry). 
From the foreground left diagonally to the background, a trail covered by withered grass is leading into the light.
Khürt Williams
3 weeks ago

I didn’t want to, but I had to be at the Manhattan office today. I haven’t commuted to Manhattan since the previous mayor closed New York City because of COVID-19.

Nothing has changed.

This morning, the PATH from Newark Penn Station to the World Trade Center was so full that half the platform was still full of people. I stood around for the next one.

Why did I ever think doing this regularly is "normal"?

Princeton Junction Station

#commute #NJT #PATH #newark #Princeton

Princeton Junction Station platform
Packed PATH train.
P Gurgel-Segrillo
4 weeks ago

Measuring Our Progress on the Path - Akāliko Bhikkhu

"This is why our practice of mental development is so important. It’s like the laboratory where we do this work; we investigate, we analyse, make experiments and test the results. (...) We need courage to do this sort of introspection with truthfulness and full honesty." #AkālikoBhikkhu #Buddhist #Buddhism #Dhamma #progress #path

4 weeks ago

"You must be careful how you walk, and where you go, for there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set." — Robert E. Lee — — — #RobertELee #quote #quotes #path #lead #followers #steps #legacy

Steve Stanger
4 weeks ago

"the causeway.... a rainy Vermont Sunday morning"
#bnw #blackwhite #blackandwhite #landscape #Vermont #causeway #trees #nature #path #fall #cloudy #rainy

Sic Transit Philadelphia
1 month ago

Sweet zombie Jeebus, get your shit together #PATH.

Departure board listing the next PATH trains to World Trade Center departing in 16 and 36 minutes.
Tucker Teague
1 month ago

My walk yesterday. So much #beauty just a mile from my home. The #autumn light was wonderful. I found myself thinking about the radical, fundamental difference between walking a path through the #woods and walking a city sidewalk. The sidewalk gets one from A to B. The wooded #path gets one deeper into one’s #soul.

An open field bathed, and autumn sunlight with trees in Lowell Hills in the distance.
A path through the woods, showing One Direction, and then another at a switchback turn. The light coming through the trees is beautiful.
Another path going away through the woods with the light coming through the trees
A beautiful large fungus in the woods, surrounded by ferns and other plants

Still super late! Lol. Inktober day 3: Path.

"All roads lead to Blain, a sophisticated planet renowned for its pharamacies."

#inktober2023 #inktober #inktoberday3 #path

2 months ago


From this, they would come up with the #critical #path, and then #extrapolate the project #completion date. They would then write it up, and send it to HugeCo for approval.

It would go like this: We receive the project brief on, say, 15 March. It takes a few weeks of talking and then doing this estimating to get the #proposal finished, say ready for presenting to HugeCo on 1 May. It would say "If we start work on 15 June, it will be done March 31".


Martin Owens
2 months ago

Winding number is probably one of the hardest #svg concepts to explain to #inkscape users.

Some inkscape shapes have "sometimes holes" and others have "always holes". Converting from sometimes hole to always hole is a common task involving selecting the hole with the node tool and using the Path > Reverse action.

But explaining *why* without winding up the user's brain. Ooof.

#Vector #Path #Shape #geometry

A diagram labeled fig a. always hole, showing a red circle outline inside a red square outline. A green line passes from left to right. Each time the green line passes one of the red lines the winding count changes. 0, 1, 0, 1, 0 showing how the circle is a hole with a winding number of zero.

The xml dialog is next to it with arrows showing these two shapes are part of the same path.

Below is a copy of the first diagram labeled fig b. sometimes hole. This shows a winding series of 0, 1, 2, 1, 0, showing that the circle is now 2 and so is only a hole if the fill-rule is set to even-odd.

On the right is a a description of the fill-rule options. nonzero where only fig a has a hole, and even-odd where both figs have a hole.
malena 👟👟
2 months ago
Quick line drawing of a bike path by a road, trees and mountains in background
2 months ago


#inktober2023 #path

2 months ago

Voilà comme je l'ai dit hier on lève un peu le pied, c'est du dessin garanti 75% improvisé (et partiellement fait dans le tram). J'espère que vous aimerez quand même 😁

#MastoArt #Inktober2023 #Inktober #path

Photo d'un carnet de dessin. L'illustration représente un personnage équipé pour un long voyage et se tenant à côté d'un panneau, vu de dos. Face à lui, un chemin serpente sur des îles minuscules éparpillées dans le ciel jusqu'à un bâtiment au loin. 
En bas : "Inktober 2023 3 : Path"
DavidB 🍥
2 months ago

Today's prompt for #Inktober is #Path.

Here is my contribution (I'm happy with this drawing, this is not always the case, but I feel that I am making progress)

#drawing #inktober2023

2 months ago

Hi there!
Despite having a hard day I managed to draw another #inktober #art prompt. Today's prompt is: #Path. The #drawing did not come out exactly as wanted, but I'm still quite content with the result. #inktober2023

An anthropomorphic cat following a path to a pagoda located uphill.
3 months ago
Black and white landscape with wooden path along stream with water cascades in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.
Tilo Schumann
3 months ago

#Newark #PennStation liegt direkt neben der Hubbrücke über den Passaic River. Dort ist die Endstation für #PATH. Eine Etage tiefer, aber noch über Straßenniveau fahren die Fern- und Regionalzüge. Eine edle Wartehalle lässt einen das Feeling vergangener Reisekultur erleben.

Tilo Schumann
3 months ago

Am nächsten Tag geht es auf zum Nordostkorridor. Allerdings mit einer kleinen Abkürzung. Erstmal mit #PATH zur #Newark #PennStation. Schnell gesprochen ist die Frage, wie man das vom New Yorker Pendant unterscheiden kann.
Die PATH-Strecke führt über die Flüsse östlich des Hudson mit Ausblick auf Massen von Hubbrücken und Skyways. Wenn da ein Schiff durchfährt, muss New Jersey lahmgelegt sein.

Tilo Schumann
3 months ago

Dichte Zugfolge in #JournalSquare bei #PATH.

Tilo Schumann
3 months ago

Schickes Gewölbe bei #PATH in #Newport. Tja, Berlin Hbf (tief) hätte beinahe auch so einen Stil bekommen.

Tilo Schumann
3 months ago

Ein kurzer Spaziergang durch das nächtliche Midtown Manhattan führt zur #PATH Station 33rd Street, von wo die Fahrt weiter nach New Jersey führt, wo die Unterkunft wieder etwas bezahlbarer ist.

David Senate :neko_xd:
3 months ago

:1000: Mom's still rocking the #Path app on her iPad. It's like finding a vintage car in the garage! Oh, the memories of family and friends navigating the wild seas of social networking.

With its advanced UI and UX for its time, was a pioneer in design. Elements of its innovative interface can still be spotted in today's apps, a testament to its lasting impact.

#Nostalgia #Path

CC : @dustin

The Path app, with its advanced UI and UX for its time, was a pioneer in design. Elements of its innovative interface can still be spotted in today's apps, a testament to its lasting impact.
3 months ago

“There is still so much in the world worth fighting for. So much that is beautiful, so many wonderful people working to reverse the harm, to help alleviate the suffering. And so many young people dedicated to making this a better world. All conspiring to inspire us and to give us hope that it is not too late to turn things around, if we all do our part.”
~ Jane Goodall, in her New Year’s message for 2018

#quote #NaturePhotography #path #woodland

A shady hiking path through woodlands with spots of sunlight breaking through where there are breaks in the trees.
The Coding Beard
4 months ago

Still one of the best talks I've ever seen on the union of #software #engineering and #hardware - it's honestly amazing that most hardware works as reliably as it does. Bryan's personality also keeps this fun ;)

Have a look here:

Having been on the other side of this problem (the #software side) I can confirm what we often see as #random / unstable behaviour is often locked deep inside #firmware.

#joyent #tech #zebras #data #path

Rick Gaehl
4 months ago

Here's a little bit of fun for this #MonochromeMonday
Sometimes, when you're wandering around in a city, you just come across a perfect piece of shadowplay. Textures and curves, which create a high-contrast arabesque: a truly found but entirely ephemeral 'object'.

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #Abstract #Pattern #Path #Psychogeography

A black and white picture of curved, wrought-iron railings. On the left of the railings is a pond, and on the right a path. The railings are casting a strong shadow across the path, which creates a symmetrical pattern.
Tilo Schumann
4 months ago

Das #Oculus ist mehr als nur die #PATH Station vom World Trade Center. Hier geht es auch direkt zu vielen Subway-Linien und natürlich Einkaufszentren. Laut Wikipedia waren die Amerikaner über die Baukostenüberschreitungen so erbost, dass Stararchitekt #Calatrava keine Aufträge mehr in den USA bekam.

5 months ago

#Path って #SNS あったなあ〜ナツい… :tony_normal:

5 months ago

You want to finally understand how these path commands in SVGs work?

Good and easy to understand interactive demo showing how they work.

#svg #development #design #path #d

5 months ago
Ein Weg durch einen Wald.

A springtime scene that I hope you may enjoy. Our first flush of spring has passed already but it's my second favorite season so I'm dragging it on in my head a bit. LOL (Fall is my favorite).

Find prints, etc. here:

#Bluebells #Spring #DigitalArt #Painting #path #trail #woodland #MastoArt #CreativeToots #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting of a woodland path between the trees. There's bright light filtering between the trees and casting light and shadows. Beneath the trees, there's spring grass and bluebells.
Bjorn Idle
8 months ago

Looking along the path we're following towards Rydal Hall, with Ambleside behind us. This photo was taken only 6 minutes after the first one, so we haven't come very far yet!

I love a photo of a nice path. I find it so easy to imagine being there, the feel of your feet on the path, the sound of the wind and the clomp-clomp of your boots on ground...

#Walking #Path

The path curves slowly to the left, along the base of a gentle incline on the right hand side. There are occasional puddles on the dirt and gravel track, mature trees on the slope and further down the path. A handful of sheep cluster near to each other in places in the field to the left.
Alec Perkins
10 months ago

Got annoyed by the #PATH weekend headways, as I do every weekend. So I compared weekend ridership-vs-throughput against the weekdays (December 2022, WTC station).

PATH has “no plans to increase weekend service” despite the weekends being clearly under-serviced. 7pm on a Saturday is 557% more crowded than the same hour during the week!

#NYC #JerseyCity #Transit

Table showing PATH WTC passengers per train on weekend vs weekday, by hour of day. Most hours are more than 100% weekday crowding. Saturday and Sunday outbound are over 300% at 7 and 9 am, inbound is about 200% or more from 10am through 11pm. From 4pm to 9pm, Sunday inbound is consistently over 300%, Saturday inbound ranges 441% to 557%.
Kristian Harstad
10 months ago
Eli :verified:
1 year ago

Feel free to boost 🔁 if you like this picture 🥰 I took this photo in summer 2022 in #austria #tyrol #kühtai
I haven't seen an amazing scenery like this before. 🤩
#tirol #sunday #mountains #hiking #travel #nature #photography #photo #photographer #blog #blogger #natureblog #foto #landscape #mountain #amazing #awesome #adventure #picture #fame #follow #sundaymorning #way #path #newhere #neuhier #summer #photooftheday #inspired

a picture of the mountains of Kühtai in the background. There are also some trees along the curvey path to the mountain.
1 year ago

🐝 🌏 #Exploring
Cradle Valley Tasmania. This was a cold, rainy day in the mossy forrest.
✨ Perfection ✨

#Enchanted #Tasmania #Australia #Moss #Forrest #Tree #Path #Photography #Mosstodon

Gravel path leading though trees covered with moss
Mossy mound with moss covered trees growing from the top
Manni_P :mastolove:
1 year ago


The #Golden #Path is not an easy one.

:mastolove: :ablobcatattentionreverse:

Das Bild zeigt den Kppf meiner Katze Lisa, auf einem Baum geklettert, als sie noch klein war. Davor steht ein Text der Fragen zum Hanf, den Endocannabinoiden und dem Endocannabinoidsystem stellt.