4 hours ago

New comic on my Patreon:
Kali's Fornication - Chapter 7
Kali uncovers a truth she didn't think possible.

#erotica #smut #lewd #breasts #women #eroticart #nude #naked #3d #3dart #porn #erotic #boobs #sexy #patreon #comic #adult

7 hours ago

All audiobook chapters for Part I of Dawn Must Follow Night are now up on Patreon!

They will be coming out on YouTube once per week, but if you would like to listen to them all without the wait, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you!

#audiobook #patreon #author #dawnmustfollownight

🍌Lana Banana 🍌
9 hours ago

Hello, #fediverse
I revisited rewards system and now it's focused on original content (both SFW and NSFW), merch, seasonal raffles and discount coupons for commissions. For example, starting from June I am going to work on original color pencil illustration series - fruit tentacles!

...and by the way my page already has plenty of #lewd illustrations I haven't published here!

Pick your card here:

#art #MastoArt #patreon #fediart

Portrait illustration of my original characters: Blaze and Morgan, as I see them in cyberpunk AU. Blaze is a brunette, he wears stylish futuristic glasses. Morgan is redhead, he has pink tattoos around the corner of his eyes and he hold a joker card in his mouth. Both are positioned back to back. On the background there's a neon card back with symbols of Jack of Hearts and King of Spades.

Le nouvel épisode du #podcast #Numerik est disponible pour nos abonnés #Patreon et #Applepodcasts - Cette semaine, le documentaire #Nadal/#Djokovic, la fin de #TedLasso et l'app #Anydo -

Setsune Wave
13 hours ago

The #Patreon app is so laughably busted now. It's been bad for a while, but now it's a different kind of bad, crashing almost constantly no matter what you're doing. I can sometimes make it through a post or a single Lens before it restarts.

Bogi Takács
16 hours ago

As the plumbing disaster is nearing the end (G-d please!!) I hope to be belatedly launching my Patreon summer event. Tomorrow?

It's going to be Pride-themed, but that's only half of it.

If you can guess the other half, you will feel delight and a slight frisson of fear!

#LifeUpdate #Patreon #Pride

Releasing my June Patron lineart early this month for everyone to enjoy!

Colors included are:
Progressive (rainbow), pan, ace, bi, enby, lesbian, gay(MLM), trans, intersex, and genderfluid. There's also a blank layer for you to add your own pride colors ^^ 

#furryart #Patreon #pride #pride month #splash #lineart #june

digital art of a colorable lineart for Pride Month~ Has several different pride flag colors
18 hours ago

Tomorrow at 0900(ish) EDT I'll be live streaming my #3dmodeling! I'll make more #Patreon requests so expect some random stuff :)

See you there!
#3Dprinting #3dart #dndart #dungeonsanddragons #twitch

@rocrym @badtux @MattHodges

There are several options for that, like #Patreon, #Flattr, #Kachingle and single-purchase articles that can be paid via #SMS and #PayPal or even #Monero...

Seriously, none of these options is new...

Austin Belzer
1 day ago

Want to see what’s happening at #Tribeca2023?

Support me on Patreon and get exclusive content, early access to interviews, and more.

Plus, a 7-day free trial when you sign up.

Click the link and become a patron now!

#Patreon #SupportCreators

1 day ago

Yay! my comic #TPoH just updated! read here

want cool TPoH things like shirts or books? #topatoco has got what you desire! you can get ALL the books I've made so far!

support my #patreon to get extras!

Elise "yuuana" Moreno
2 days ago

Week in Review (May 28 - Jun 3)

My #writing week wrap up! In which I talk about the writing I did (or didn't) do and also my garden. #Patreon patrons only, join at any level to unlock!

高产如我又更新博客啦~(其实是前两天飞机上一起写的): 告别行李箱 One Bag Travel 一包游天下两年记

两年前的夏天,我入坑了 Aer Travel Pack 2 并且写了一篇 one bag travel 短期体验文( )。当时刚买这个包不久只出门了一趟两周的 trip。现在两年过去了:

- 这个包随着我走过世界各地无数地方(包括分别去欧洲和亚洲的两次两周的旅行)
- 我也买过 5 款不同用途的 Aer 的包了(或许以后可以出一个 Aer 全家桶大赏?)
- 对入坑 one bag travel 非常满意,旅行再也不想拿行李箱
- 打包技巧和周边也愈发熟练,本来就不极简,现在更能不妥协地一包流

本文就来梳理一下这两年来我 one bag travel 的体验。算是一篇 one bag travel 神教的按头安利。如果你经常出游旅行,想探索一下除了提行李箱或者极简出行之外的出行方式,但又不确定 one bag travel 到底适不适合自己,那么这篇文章适合你。

本文是我 2023 年 5 月博客投票的选题结果( ),被我拖延到现在 6 月投票都已经放出了,欢迎点进链接进行投票

- 2023 年入坑游戏选什么平台
- 个人博客如何选择工具和平台
- 十年没去过理发店自己理发经验总结

Again 阅读全文:

#blog #Patreon #消费主义陷阱

Seth Rutledge
3 days ago

Shared another cool pile of rubble as a model on my Patreon to all subscribers. You know you want it!

#Photogrammetry #MastoArt #Blender3d #3D #Patreon

Screenshot from within Blender of a 3D model of a pile of rubble.
3 days ago

Freezenet Podcast Episode 55 for May 2023 Now On Patreon!

The 55th episode of the Freezenet official podcast for April 2023, “The Bill C-18 Senate Hearing Special” is now on Patreon.

The 55th episode of the Freezenet official podcast for May 2023 is now available for Patreon subscribers. This is available for subscribers on the

#Podcast #2023 #Freezenet #Freezenetofficialpodcast #May #Patreon

Games People Play
3 days ago

Monthly serving of fanservice for my patrons. Become one today.

#webcomics #patreoncreator #patreon

Games People Play
3 days ago

Monthly serving of fanservice for my patrons. Become one today.

#webcomics #patreoncreator #patreon

Bogi Takács
3 days ago

OOKAY so while our basement was being jackhammered, I did manage to get two reviews in! I just *had* to talk about these books.

On my Patreon for now and they become free shortly after the next set of reviews go up.

#Patreon #Bookstodon #reviews #RykaAoki #WilliamSleator #Fantasy #ScienceFiction #Horror #books #DiverseBookBloggers #QUILTBAG #translit #PrideMonth #QueerBooks

Agente Especial
3 days ago

Sending the PDF copies of Drivethrurpg to the patrons. This May there have been four books and about FOUR HUNDRED PAGES.
Yes, my friend, you get that every month, plus everything published, FROM THE FIRST CONTRIBUTION.
#TTRPG #RPG #Patreon #patreoncreator

Did you know if you join my Patreon, you can see a LOT of Parker Pictures?

#patreon #cats #catsofmastdon #parkerpics

An album listing 7152 pictures of Parker
Parker, an orange kitty with long hair sitting at the top of a step with a pleading expression
RB - FWA Sat 9:00 PM
3 days ago

New #Patreon Post up where I FINALLY post a Whiteboard Update after #FWA2023 where I post a new dice table, and talk about my upcoming shows for Anime Festival Orlando and @anthrocon ! #AFO #AC2023 #musiciansofmastodon #furrymusic

Anna ☃️
3 days ago

I posted a new sketchbook tour on my Patreon :D This one is pretty long, it has some digital sketches, paper tests and sketches for my latest creature design (and more!) :artcapy2:

I post these at the beginning of each month and you can access it for just 1€/month :heart_sp_pride:

#MastoArt #patreon #sketchbook

'Sketchboo Tour, May 2023'. In the background there is a collage of sketches showing various animals and a cat girl.

I strongly suspect I forgot to attempt to tempt you to patreonize me this week. Imma level with you, it's been a goddamned loooooong and bizarre week for me. Anyway, #ShamelessSelfPromotion follows!

Support me on Patreon for instant access to exclusives like my short experimental sci-fi/horror film "In the Sharing Place" #Patreon:

EDIT: I'm so bad at this I screwed up the Patreon link. Fixed now.

Jamie / Must Be Tuesday
3 days ago

On Patreon, I just posted a demo of the song Lover Not a Fighter, which is eventually going to switch back and forth between rock and synth instruments but right now is a jumble of all the instruments piled on top of each other lol! The song includes the line "I've worked hard for my comfort zone / and I'm never gonna leave on my own."

#songwriter #patreon

Happy Jak Games
3 days ago

Have you heard about our Monster-A-Month Patreon? For $5 you get a high-rez image and system agnostic stats. These drawings fall under CC BY-SA, so they're yours to do with as you please! Head over to to learn more
#patreon #illustration #ttrpg

image of several drawings done for the Monster-A-Month patreon.
Elisabeth Alba
3 days ago

Some photos of a few paintings in progress for the Witch's Familiar Oracle I am creating with author Deborah Blake for Llewellyn Worldwide, publication in August 2024!

My patrons at get way more sneak peeks! There are a lot of other perks too, like stickers, coupons, a print tier, saving for original art, coloring pages... please check it out! (:

#art #illustration #workinprogress #wip #artwip #mastoart #fediart #patreon #oracle #inkdrawing #animals

Erotic Mythology
3 days ago

June is the best month to join my #Patreon: not only will there be a story featuring the two-sexed deity #Hermaphroditos, I'm also pausing billing for July, so you get 2 months at the price of one. 🙂
There won't be a new story in July but a catalogue of 87 stories and 36 non-fiction articles should help bridge the gap. I write in about equal parts #mlm, #wlw, and wlm/mlw.

#mythology #LGBTQ @lgbtqbookstodon @mythology @smutstodon

4 days ago

June's YCH is pride themed ^^
Just like in previous years you can get something unrelated on the flag, but it's mainly meant as a pride YCH

Check out my or my if you'd like a slot on this YCH

#patreon #pride_month #pride_ych #furry #mlp

4 days ago
mopani (she/her)
4 days ago

Patreon Overview


Patreon only:
- Guts #1 WIPs (2 pieces)

Early Access:
- Washi Tape Gift Cards (3 pieces)
- Guts #1
- Guts #2
- Cloud Strife


Patreon only:
- Guts #2 WIPs (3 pieces)
- Cloud Strife (3 pieces)

Early Access:
- custom stationary


#patreon #kofi #berserk #finalfantasy7 #ffvii #washitape

patreon overview for may
patreon overview for march
Nero Villagallos O'Reilly
4 days ago

Always come prepared with the right tools, regardless of where your hookup is.

Join me over on Patreon with the $2 per month tip tier or at $5 per month and get access to 5+ years of NSFW comics, sketches, and illustrations!

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #patreon )

A man in latex gloves and a hood stands over the viewer in an alleyway.

说到做到现在就更新新博客!从社交到生产力,一篇文上手 Discord

Discord,一个虽然疫情期间扩展了很多新用户,但似乎仍然在青少年及 PC 游戏玩家之外的主流群体中是个神秘的”小众平台“。很多不关注互联网动态也不打 PC 游戏的我的同龄人甚至没听过这个名字。

这点上我有点想吐槽 Discord 的宣发和新手引导。因为虽然是游戏语言起家,但其实通过这 8 年的发展,Discord 的文字聊天也已具有强大的丰富强大的功能(自定义 reaction、markdown 富文本、回复和 thread,forum channel、AI 助手等),外加比 slack 更强大的 server 管理工具(自由度很高的 permission 和 role 管理、AutoMod、Onboarding 模版、可定制邀请链接、server subscription 喝 boosting 等众筹手段等),以及强大的开放 API 所带来的众多插件和无限可能,其实从社群运营还是个人生产力管理角度,都是一个很强大的工具。但市场拓展宣发和上手难度造成了在很多人心目中它还只是一个 PC 游戏玩家的小众平台,实在很可惜。

前阵子刚好听了一个 discord for productivity session 教大家如何把 discord 当个人生产力工具用,外加刚好看到 wirecutter 一篇很有趣的 Discord Improved My Marriage 的文章( ) ,索性也写一篇上手指南给大家按头安利一下。

本文是我 2023 年 4 月博客投票的选题结果,被我拖延到现在 6 月投票都已经放出了,欢迎点进链接进行投票

- 2023 年入坑游戏选什么平台
- 个人博客如何选择工具和平台
- 十年没去过理发店自己理发经验总结

Again 阅读全文:

#blog #Discord #patreon #productivity #tech

4 days ago

Hey folks, it's the top of a new month, which means if you're a patron on #patreon, you probably just got a bunch of stuff and paid a bill for it, to very little fanfare compared to other crowdfunding models.

Back when I ran a Patreon, I was surprised by how quiet releases were. You made a thing, you put it out there, and it kind of just languished in some inboxes.

Tell me about a thing from someone you patronized (not a fan of that word) last month!

5 days ago

I am suspending Patreon indefinitely. Their age-verification system is non-functional for me and their staff have been unwilling to help.

My other pay sites are:

Support me there, instead.

More details:

#patreon #fuckpatreon #funding

Paul Nicholas :pico8: :vscode:
5 days ago

I've posted a DevLog 📝 to my #Patreon covering more 🗺️ #SAGEngine new features:
• Now a proper PWA
• Video backdrops
• Built-in Code Editor
• Actors (with Close-ups!)
• ...and much more!

Will it be finished in time for me to build *something* for #AdvJam2023 ..? 🤷‍♂️


#GameDev #IndieDev #PointAndClick #PixiJS #VueJS

Amanda Makepeace
5 days ago

I have a new public post on my Patreon today. Come vote in my poll and help me decide which new business cards to order. 🤍

#artist #patreon #mastoart #poll

Image showing 6 business card backings depicting art from my portfolio
Matthew Bogart
5 days ago

This week, I posted six new pages of my secret next comic to my Patreon. So we’re only a week or two away from being done with this story!

Join the gang if you're interested in how this all comes together.

#comics #patreon

A figure in a hood walks towards a small detached garage. The door to the garage is open and two figures can be seen in silleoette taking shelter from the rain.
Carolin Reich
5 days ago

Monthly Overview blogpost about the last month and what will come the next is live on Patreon.

Yes a day earlier. I will do these on the last day of the month from now on :)

#patreon #promotion #comicartist #crowdfunding

Mark Witton
5 days ago

New #paleoart megapost at #Patreon: the development of the three British dinosaur track site paintings I worked on with Kirsty Edgar and Richard Butler, featuring Triassic and Cretaceous critters. Check it out here:

(And, if you missed it, the UK dinosaur track review paper with these images is here, and it's open-access:


Blake (Pandora Blake)
5 days ago

New audio secret on my #Patreon: What I really sound like!

I had such fun sharing a secret with you last time that I'm doing it again. Newsflash: the voice you hear in my videos isn't my voice! Well, it kinda is, but also, not quite. Want to know what I really sound like?

This is the last audio secret which will be posted to the $1/month tier, so get in quick if you want to listen!

5 days ago

@roseen Stort tack från alla oss på för ditt Patreon Premium bidrag!

Alla intäkter går direkt till drift, utveckling och moderering av Hoppas du fortsätter ha en fantastisk dag!

#mastodonnu #patreon #kofi

Mark Witton
6 days ago

I've just posted the full version of my battling Balaur #paleoart over at #Patreon along with notes on its creation. Check it out at


Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
6 days ago

Over on my #Patreon page, you can find posts on Vietnamese food, movies, reptiles, & occasional other weirdness. Consider joining to support all of the things I do (& encourage me to do more of those things)!

Goal: $100/mo. Maybe we'll make it this yr :D

Tim Richards
6 days ago

I wonder who is stealing whose look here? Can't be a coincidence, surely.

#Medium #Patreon #App #Logo

The War on Cars
1 week ago

Hey, Mastodners! We have a new bonus episode dropping tomorrow.

Normally we do one bonus per month but this Bike Month we figured we'd do something special and release two.

Become a Patron for access:

#TheWarOnCars #Patreon #podcast

Matthew Bogart
1 week ago

I just psoted 6 new pages of my secret upcoming comic to my Patreon. We're right in the middle of the climax now!

Come join the gang as we create my next book pick.

#comics #patreon

A figure in glasses with the words "62 pages so far." foating near his head.
Erotic Mythology (comms open)
1 week ago

There are at least 5 different versions of Medea's and Iason's life in Korinth, one of which has their children die in a ritual that was supposed to make them immortal with Medea and Iason splitting up after their death.

If you enjoyed this thread, you can toss me a dollar at #Patreon – I promise I won't take revenge in case you leave 😉

Justin Drawing
1 week ago

The next page of my Keep on the Borderlands Webcomic has been posted to my patreon feed. A new Chapter!!

#patreon #ttrpg #webcomics #rpgart #dndart

Carolin Reich
1 week ago

Patreon now offers a free seven days trial period, which I enabled for my Llovely lizards (3€+) and furious frogs (6€+).
I post a lot of exclusive sketches to Patreon and am currently developing a new comicproject from scratch.
If you ever wondered if this for you and maybe wanna help me realise 'Choose' - check it out:

Another Project blog "Finding the love" = designing the boifriend just went up two days ago <3

#sketch #wip #comic #patreon #lgbtqia #mastoart

Prwview Black and white digital sketch.
A guy gets a kiss on the forehead calling it "That's cringe" The second person is only half visible.
1 week ago

Patrons! Don't forget to vote for my next silly model!

This Tues I'll live stream its creation ;)
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #tabletopgaming #patreon #tabletopgames

1 week ago

Hehe here's another old fav of mine #3Dprinted by one of my patrons:

The Kobold Artillery Crew lol

This is another submission to my latest #3Dprinting and #miniaturepainting contest happening now:

Winners will get custom minis by me :D
#patreon #dndart

Anna ☃️
1 week ago

Firefly (and its friend) 🦖

If you'd like to support me please consider joining my Patreon - at 5€/month tier you'll get the lineart and high resolution of this drawing (as well as all previous ones) 💖

#FediArt #Krita #dino #patreon

Digital drawing of a velociraptor following a firefly in the jungle. It is dark and the starry sky is visible between the trees. Lush greenery surround the dinosaur, the firefly is the only source of light in the jungle. The dinosaur is smiling and had its eyes wide open as it bends the neck to get closer to the firefly.
Mark Witton
1 week ago

Preview of new #paleoart at #Patreon for #FossilFriday: my take on Oviraptor philoceratops. The full painting, which contains several babies and the star of the show - a single cloud - awaits you at #dinosaurs

1 week ago

Neuer +5€-Patreon-Post. :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns:
Wer schon immer mal den nordischen Feuerriesen Surtr im Tom-Of-Finland-Style als Leather Daddy sehen wollte, here's your chance.
Und fragt mich nicht, wie es dazu gekommen ist. @Atalante ist schuld!😅

#illustration #patreon #pinupart

2 weeks ago

The Goose Hydra, Pumpkinholder, Centaurtaur... these are some of the minis that make my Patreon stand out and its all thanks to the wild ideas my patrons come up with!

Time for a new silly mini! Patrons! Its time for your crazy minds to shine:

#patreon #3dmodeling #3dprinting #3dart #dnd #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames

2 weeks ago

Hello friends! Today I worked on more #Patreon requests ready for #3Dprinting!

- Aasimar Druid
- Elf Druid

I also made the most terrifying mini in existence... the WEREPOMERANIAN!!!!!!

Free files here:

#dnd #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

hastily drawn #webcomic page once again mocking #patreon #tiktok #twitch etc for their #censorship #banned policies towards a photo or video of a woman without a shirt (or wearing a strapless dress) cut off at the shoulders as "implied nudity," but not a woman wearing a teeny tiny bikini and g-string. and of course, not banning topless people who "look male," even with full nipples fully on display. make it make sense 🙃 #feminism #sexism #genderEquality

poorly drawn comic page with the title "according to Patreon, tiktok, twitch, etc:" with two panels, on the left, a photo of a woman with the frame cutting off under her neck and the caption "implied nudity" ; on the right, a curvaceous woman with tiny bikini triangles covering just get nipples and a g-string thong barely covering her pubic region, captioned "not implied nudity"
Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

haha, #patreon #bans photos of topleesh women that cut off at the shoulders as " implied newdeetay" when you know they would never do such thing for a picture of "male looking neepels" even if they showed all the way down to the waist. Once again I ask these fascist #sexist #misogynist #patriarchy-controlled anti-#feminist pro-#censorship #socialMedia platforms: do you think female neepels simply stop existing when we put a shirt on? How tf is a photo that cuts off at the shoulders "implied newdeetay" but a teeny weeny bikini doesn't? Make it make sense 🙃

a screenshot from a post I'm trying to put on patreon, with my head cut off under the collarbone with no female nipples anywhere visible, and the warning added by Patreon's algorithms that says: "Looks like the image you're about to post might contain nudity or adult content, which is only allowed on patron-only posts. As a reminder, implied nudity is still considered adult content."

I'm dealing with significant depression and anxiety right now. Having more income coming in would help.

If you appreciate my writing, please consider:

- Supporting me on #Patreon:

- Reading and sharing my stories on @medium:

- Leaving me a tip:

- Giving me leads to part-time, remote employment:

You'll be supporting a queer Black #trans person. Thank you.

#BlackMastodon #FediHire #GetFediHired

Sail [Musician - Writer]
2 weeks ago

Anyone backing me on Patreon at $6+ can go and listen & download my next release a week early. Click here:


2 weeks ago

Analog Obsession is a good place for awesome plugins by Rıdvan Küçük

„My plugins are now available exclusively on Patreon, and they're free!

Bringing the classic sound of analog hardware into your DAW is what I love to do.“

#audio #musicproduction #audiounit #vst #vst3 #patreon

Bogi Takács
2 weeks ago

I am going to do a #Patreon funding drive, but not sure what kinds of goodies to offer. At $350 I'm going to offer new poems (which I already have), but need to come up with ideas above that.

What would you like to see?

2 weeks ago

the d.manager . I'm not entirely sure anymore what the d is supposed to stand for.

#MastoArt #art #drawing #sketch #celsiusprime #patreon

a drawing of a woman in winter clothing
Solarpunk Presents Podcast
2 weeks ago


In episode 2.10 of Solarpunk Presents, join @xtinadlr and @arielkroon for a conversation that revisits episode one of season two and discusses (among other things), #rewilding and #ecofascism - we promise it's not super doom-laden, though!

Getting urgently-needed #environmental protection and rewilding right requires facing the evils that have been historically committed in the name of #conservation, so that we don’t repeat those grave mistakes, even with the best of intentions. As #solarpunks, we need to learn from the past in order to shape #futures that are intentionally better than our pasts and presents.

Listen to the episode here:

And that’s a wrap for season 2! Season 3 will be coming along in the last week of June for #Patreon supporters, and to the public in the first week of July. Until then, keep dreaming, and keep up the good work!


#solarpunk #podcast #SeasonFinale #future #PositiveFutures #ClimateAction #ClimateHope #CriticalEngagement #Philosophy #Ecology #Conversation #WowTheWordcountOnThisServerIsMassive #WhatElseCanITag? #ComeListenToUs #We'rePrettyGreat #OrSoWeThink #SolarpunkRocks #EatLocal #Locavore #LocavoreMovement #100MileDiet

Supernatural Selection
2 weeks ago

The first episode of our spinoff #podcast, The Distraction Hole is now up. You can catch the three demos on our #Patreon, but from here out qe are adding the show into the #SupernaturalSelection feed.

This week, we talk Canadian bear armor, #TearsOfTheKingdom, and #FiredOnMars. Plus, more on #GotG3 and we play a game to identify the most practical #StarWars quote.

#PodcastersOfMastodon #gaming #film #comedy

Poorly drawn Tears of the Kingdom art
Kristin Henry
2 weeks ago

Happy Monday!

Starting a new week of daily #inkyDays drawings with a pair of dancing sea-stars.

Here's where I'll be posting this week for my supporters on ko-fi and patreon:

#ink #drawing #art #SciArt #patreon #kofi

Hand drawn generative art on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern resembles two sea stars dancing.
The War on Cars
2 weeks ago

New episode dropping tomorrow morning!

Support us on Patreon if you want an ad-free version and access to fun bonus content.

#TheWarOnCars #patreon #podcast

A cat
2 weeks ago

Hi hewwo! My name is Tavia, I'm a trans girl kitty currently working trying to make a federated social vr game in godot engine!

You may have seen my play-byplay hellthread of project development before:

if you want to see my announcements on other platforms:

I've also got a patreon if you wanna support me:

#SelfPromotion #Patreon #GameDev #vr #godotengine

2 weeks ago

Patreon just sent out a survey to find out what we think of the AI content issue. I encourage all Patreon members to answer that and give your opinions, but beware that they might be asking us to do a lot of free work in helping them develop a policy. It seems like half market research and half not wanting to actually have to think about it, and just seeing what we'll put up with.

#Patreon #ContentCreator #Creatives #CreativeCommunity #AI #AIArt #MLA #MachineLearning #LM #LearningMachines


Nope, sorry to disappoint. That is the bug that I am trying to make them acknowledge and fix. This the the video I sent them yesterday (if the quality is bad, I can upload it somewhere else). So, no Nick, it is not visible.

#Patreon is full of bugs, but reporting them and their incompetent support denying it for a week despite all the videos and evidence it unacceptable.

@Liberapay @doctormo @BrodieOnLinux @thelinuxcast

#Patreon have been my main way of donation for so many years (I think about a deacde), but now based on the quality of suppirt, lack of transparency, and removal of essential features, andon top of that, for having a bug and not acknowledging it, I will be moving away. I will take all my money to @Liberapay and OpenCollective. Donation should not make me feel robbed, but now Patreon do.

@doctormo @BrodieOnLinux @thelinuxEXP @thelinuxcast

After a week of back and forth with incompetant supprt of #Patreon and sending them videos to demo multiple bugs, today I recieved another shitty answer but it still covers part of the issue:

> I have double checked and looked into this and see that just recently, we have already retired Goals so that is why you can't see them anymore. Again, our apologies.

This means they have silently removed a veeeery essential and core feature: Goals

@doctormo @BrodieOnLinux

John Linton Roberson
2 weeks ago

Recently had to get a new computer so new patrons would be AWESOME to defray...
Full access at #Patreon to my work in progress, my books(including the banned ones available nowhere else), weird experiments no one else will see, & more for JUST 5 bucks. You should become a patron now.
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Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
2 weeks ago

Hello! I made a brand new Patreon page! If you like my music and want to support me in creating it, you can now for $1 per month or more- everything is appreciated.

There's no tiers or anything like that, but I may occasionally offer gifts there like free albums or sheet music giveaways.

Your support for my work means a lot. Thank you!


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The Mayor 🏵️
3 weeks ago

A reminder that if you want to support your favourite small and local #Mastodon instance, then you can contribute to the #Patreon fund.

We’re grateful for all donations. It helps keep the lights on 💡💡💡

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3 weeks ago


so #patreon thought it clever to trick me into accepting all cookies using a deceptive cookie form.

All they have done is ensure I'll never click on a Patreon link ever again so if you're looking for funding I'd go elsewhere.

4 weeks ago

Page 25 of my Lupin III fancomic “The Curtain Falls” is up:
We're halfway through! The story follows Lupin in his 60s, dealing with the fact that nothing lasts forever. In this update I've also included all the thumbnails for the first 25 pages. Hey and any support helps me have the time to work on these really fun personal projects, I’m really hoping to get this one printed once it’s done!
#LupinIII #TheCurtainFalls #Webcomic #Patreon

Image of a cropped panel from The Curtain Falls comic. It shows an older Zenigata in the middle of the panel looking front on with a surprised expression. The background is a light grey gradient texture.
Bogi Takács
4 weeks ago

Facebook is not letting me post a link to my Patreon for "hate speech" - I think for having the word "queer"

Edited to add a screenshot

#Facebook #Patreon #queer

"Your post goes against our Community Standards on hate speech."

The screenshot also shows the text of it, it's the same post I just posted on Mastodon, this one:
Kristin Henry
1 month ago

Today, I'm thinking about lots of little houses on rolling hills.

And that's a wrap for this week of daily #inkyDays drawings.

They're all posted for my supporters on Ko-fi and Patreon now:

#ink #drawing #GenerativeArt #art #patreon #kofi

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is inspired by little houses on rolling hills.

Damn it! As far as I can tell, #Patreon has removed the total monthly pledge for the creators! This is super annoying. This is even less transparent than any other crowdfunding platform! Someone please tell me I'm missing something and that info still exists on Patreon.

I personally prefer to donate via @Liberapay and if I have no choice, the @opencollective, and as the last resort I use Patreon. Unfortunately Petroan is more popular by creators.

1 month ago

🌟 My Goals for 2023: 🌟
1. Draw 300+ yokai, 100+ critters. [Currently @ 226 & 74~ Average 8/month]
2. Finish off Yokai Zine 3 & Critters Zine 1 by fall. [Both are about 85% finished ]
3. Reach 50 Patrons & $200/month? 👉 👈
#yokai #critters #bestiary #patreon #mastoart #progressupdate #may2023

aprils creatures
Its me~
New biz cards for 2023!
Hannya Honnari @samkalensky
Martin Owens
1 month ago

Heh #Patreon is pushing it's Aclub community initiative and all I can think is: "No one from the Free Software direct-user-sponsored community is going to make a club here, not when we could make a club in a million other places"

But then again, there isn't a conference for indy foss devs. You're either a volunteer or a corperate drone (this is hyperbolic, I know) so maybe a club would be actually useful.


ink and yarn
1 month ago

Practicing the elements of landscape painting, starting with some happy little clouds.

(I'm running a fundraiser on Patreon for my brother and posting art every Tuesday. Almost all the posts are public, if you want to follow without signing up. [Of course, new pledges are more than welcome.])

#art #clouds #patreon

A digital painting of four fluffy white clouds in a blue sky, each one painted with a different brush so it has slightly different characteristics.
Nicol Wistreich
1 month ago

@Mastodon #Patreon doesn't appear to let me reject or opt out of Tracking #Cookies to read that… #GDPR #OpenCollective

Screengrab of Patreon's Privacy notice screen that shows no working reject button.
1 month ago

A new update on our #Patreon: Hiring progress, 3 months in

John Linton Roberson
1 month ago

Full access at #Patreon to my work in progress, my books(including the banned ones available nowhere else), weird experiments no one else will see, & more for JUST 5 bucks. You should become a patron now.
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1 month ago

Alright, I did it. Crit Chance Studios now has a Patreon page!

The tiers are Roll 5 (basically just the tipjar tier), Roll 10 (get access to playable builds when they come out), and Roll 20 (get your name listed in the credits when a build is released)

I'll also be releasing a variety of updates on Foxblade's development over there.

#gamedev #IndieDev #patreon #foxbladefable

1 month ago

Wow, I downloaded the "engagement data" from Patreon, and it has even less insight than their "Insights" page.

Hey Patreon! I'm a full-stack engineer specializing in data and data visualization. You can do a whole lot better than what you give me on my Patreon "Insights".

I'm in San Francisco. If you care about artists, you should bring me in as a consultant to help you make something actually useful to the artists on your platform.

#art #patreon #dataviz #analytics

2 months ago

I've got this and 5 other illustrations planned around Lupin and the gang's tits. I just love that Lupin doesn't have any so he loves everyone else's! It's up for my 18+ tier over on Patreon, which updates every Thursday!
#LupinIII #Patreon #Lewd (kinda)

Image of a drawing of Lupin the Third, he's shirtless and his hands are up in an excited manner. His eyes are hearts. Behind him is the word "tits" repeated over and over, with cropped out chests behind that - we can't see any nipples.
2 months ago

New poll time!

When you consider signing up to become an ongoing supporter of an indie creator on a platform like Patreon, how important are backer perks/rewards to your decision?

If they are, let us know some of your favorites in the replies!

#comics #webcomic #mastoart #books #patreon #kofi

Kristin Henry
2 months ago

It's Monday, so these are the new posts for this week's #inkyDays drawings.

Starting the week with a comforting blue flower.

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #patreon

Hand drawn generative art on an open page of my sketchbook. The pattern is floral, and my glass dipping pen is next to the sketchbook.
Blake (Pandora Blake)
2 months ago

Did you know I'm on #Patreon? My patrons are the best. They support my #kink education work, are helping me finish my book, and get access to patron exclusive writing on kink, #porn, #politics and #power.

I post fresh #writing every week including new original articles, transcripts of #YouTube videos, and tasty tidbits that get cut out of my forthcoming book as I wrangle it into shape.

Thanks so much for joining me!

Boosts welcome ☺️

#sexuality #SexEd #BDSM

Selfie of me looking like I know an amusing secret. I'm wearing glasses, a satin polkadot pussybow blouse, and a black waistcoat.
Kristin Henry
2 months ago

Today's #inkyDays drawing kind of exploded onto my sketchbook. No clear pattern, but a tiny bit of order in the midst of chaos.

And that wraps up this week of daily hand drawn generative art. This week's in-progress and finished drawings are now all on posts on my Ko-fi and Patreon:

#ink #drawing #art #GenerativeArt #Patreon #Kofi

Hand drawn generative art on an open page in my sketchbook. The pattern is abstract with squiggly shapes and three colors.