7 hours ago

@clayrivers So many people have no idea of all the devious ways White patriarchy has its thumb on the scales of Social Justice. #Patriarchy #Racism #BlackMastodon

Estelle Platini
17 hours ago

"The unit is engaged in the same kind of AI work that the world’s biggest tech companies, like Google, Facebook and China’s Baidu are doing in a race to apply machine learning to such functions as self-driving cars, analysis of salespeople’s telephone pitches and cybersecurity — or to fight Israel’s next war more intelligently."

“I’ve always loved algorithms. I was already involved with them in high school and worked in the field. When I [was] drafted I wanted to combine the technology with a combat,” Maj. Sefi Cohen, 34, recalls.

The unit’s only female member left recently. so for the moment it’s an all-male team. Cohen says: “Everyone who’s here is the tops.”

"Tiny IDF Unit Is Brains Behind Israeli Army Artificial Intelligence", Haaretz, 2017:

#startups #StartupNation #successStory #masculinity #manhood #manliness #force #patriarchy #elite #segregation #history #data #analytics #planning #C4I #ES2 #IDI #IDF #Habsora #merit #tech #techCulture #AI #sociology

Reuters, 2023 - Technologists with the Israeli army's Matzpen application and data operations unit work at their station, at an IDF base in Ramat Gan, Israel Palestine
Moritz Bartl
1 day ago

"His most recent book (2010), Healing Civilization: Bringing Personal Transformation into the Societal Realm through Education and the Integration of the Intra-Psychic Family, is both a continuation of and a turning point in Naranjo's lifelong work. In this book, with a foreword by Jean Houston, Naranjo explored what he saw as the root cause of the destruction of human civilization (as evidenced in the 2000s (decade) as war, violence, oppression of women, child abuse, environmental endangerment, etc.) — #patriarchy — and brought both the problem and the solution home to an intra-psychic level. Patriarchy, he said, has taken root over millennia in the workings of our own conditioned minds. He also offered a remedy, which derives from the work of Tótila Albert regarding the "triune" being of our nature: the "Inner Father" (corresponding to the head), the "Inner Mother" (corresponding to the heart), and the "Inner Child" (corresponding to the instincts). As people learn to integrate these three "brains", Naranjo believed, they may bring about a functional, even divine, family within. And this, he believed, in addition to transforming education oriented to personal and collective evolution, could bring about the healing of civilization."

Lalit Patnaik
3 days ago

Victims can become perpetrators, and restraint is the only hope, the only way to break the cycle. What will you pass on?

#poetry #genocide #patriarchy

Justin (koavf)
4 days ago
Gay Curmudgeon
5 days ago

In my school, boys were allowed to carry in the Christmas tree and set it up but girls were barred from the job, because it was "man's work." Direct order from the principal. #sexism #WomensRights #Patriarchy

Estelle Platini
6 days ago

"Even after brothels were banned in metropolitan France in 1946, French military authorities illegally brought hundreds of Moroccan women to France to work in ‘Bordels militaires de campagne’ because of the Moroccan soldiers still present in the metropole. With poor living conditions, underage labour and a high workload, French military brothels exploited Moroccan women to theoretically ‘protect’ European women against sexual violence from Moroccan men."

Catherine Phipps (2023):

#patriarchy #stateViolence #brothels #prostitution #immigration #childLabour #bordels #military #army #sexWork #history #sociology #PoC #raceMaking #France #Morocco #coloniality #institutions #entitlement

Just call me Ash
6 days ago

Now blog post: "The Bodycount Riddle"

A slightly tongue-in-cheek essay about why some men are so hung up about bodycount.

#blog #sexism #patriarchy

Dhyan Nada
1 week ago

"The number of women dying every year at the hands of their husbands and partners in the Russian Federation is roughly equal to the total number of Soviet soldiers killed in the 10-year war in Afghanistan.”

#Patriarchy in Russia is murderous and directed not only against women but #LGBT and any deviation fromt the traditional role model of heteronormativity. It's one example of femicides worldwide. Women's liberation isn't done, globally it has just begun


1 week ago

"In the family [man] is the bourgeois, the woman represents the proletariat." On Friedrich Engels' birthday Lady Izdihar looks at his work "The Origin of the Family" which explains how the women's liberation and anti-capitalist struggles are intertwined.

#Feminism #Patriarchy #KarlMarx

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
1 week ago

"young women in Stepford, Massachusetts are increasingly struggling to find suitable male partners who don’t want to have them abducted & replaced with a programmed simulacrum that will tend to their husbands’ every whim.

Men, meanwhile, are increasingly struggling with... a rapidly shrinking population of young females still willing to vanish forever and be replaced by an animatronic that has no hopes or dreams"

#BothSides! #Satire #Patriarchy #USA

Article headline, photo and text.

Headline: Wives In Stepford Increasingly Don't Want To Be Replaced By Robots:
Why this threatens the institution of American marriage

by A.R. Moxon, Nov 28, 2023

Photo: The Stepford wives in a grocery store. From the movie "The Stepford Wives"

Text: The Reframe welcomes the Washington Post Editorial Board for a satirical guest post.
Tadzio Mueller
1 week ago

if your #feminism isn't a bit "on the nose", you're not doing it right.

after all: where else would a practical critique of #patriarchy go than on the nose, possibly backed up by a golfball in your hand.

inspired by lisbeth salander.

Alx 🐈
1 week ago

Though international media aren't paying attention, last Saturday saw 500k people on the street to join the feminist cause to end the violence against women, and all other people the #patriarchy keeps hurting, everyday, everywhere, all the time.

#feminism #Italy

Paranoid Factoid
1 week ago


Ridiculous concern trolling by *The Washington Post's* editors, too cowardly to put a byline for the author, really showcases how #incel grievance has become normalized.

They argue *someone will have to compromise *(meaning women) or else marriage rates will tumble. I think women may have already found their own alternative.🤔

#feminism #patriarchy #dating #politics #genderdivide #USpol #relationships #sex

1 week ago

@Strandjunker Because, they too, are "scared of women" and "terrified of more powerful men". That's the trademark of #Patriarchy and #ToxicMasculinity!

Alx 🐈
1 week ago

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Just the fact that we need such day is a sad evidence of the dire state of our society.
At the dawn of another murder of a young woman in Italy, my head has been reflecting a lot about ‘monsters’ and ‘patriarchy’. I’ll be posting it during the weekend. For a little glimpse on what to expect, here my yesterday’s thread

#25novembre #25n23 #women #NiUnaMenos #feminism #patriarchy

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
1 week ago

Feminist collages. Auch, France, November 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #Newscast
#photography #FeministCollage #CollageFeminicides #gluers #feminicide #sexism #rape #patriarchy #November25

Feminist activists pasted posters on a city wall with the names of femicide victims, the date and conditions of their murder. Beyond the wall we can see, at night, the lights of a restaurant where people are having fun.
Nonya Bidniss
2 weeks ago

If Republicans said the quiet parts out loud to women
#satire #WarOnWomen #patriarchy

2 weeks ago

Fc EWE: Understanding the importance of sexism in shaping climate denial and policy opposition.
#ClimateCrisis #Patriarchy

Alx 🐈
2 weeks ago

#25November is tomorrow. I could have been that corpse, and I could have been (and per solidarity I am) that grieving sister.
When you embrace the feminist fight because of the International Day, try to pause a moment to realise that this is a constant fight. Patriarchy is everywhere, every time, all at once.
You can teach your daughter to run away from monsters, but there are no monsters, only healthy sons of the #patriarchy : they are everywhere, even inside their fathers.


Alx 🐈
2 weeks ago

Tomorrow is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This week, in Italy, the corpse of a 22-years-old woman, Giulia Cecchettin, likely murdered by her ex-boyfriend, after a video showed him violently assaulting and forcing her (still alive) in the car.
Giulia's sister, to headlines describing the him as a monster, answered: 'He's not a monster. He's a healthy son of the #patriarchy'.
Italian men from all spheres didn't like it.


2 weeks ago

A married woman’s residential status should not be viewed through a patriarchal prism, says Madras HC

Though a married woman ordinarily lives at her husband’s place, she cannot be presumed to have disowned her residential rights at her parents’ house on account of her marriage. The rules of marriage do not impose any such condition on a woman, and therefore, she can gain public employment by claiming to be a resident of her native village, the Madras High Court has said.

#TamilNadu #MadrasHC #WomensRights #patriarchy #RuralIndia #india

2 weeks ago

Well, how nice. I found my official divorce decree so the government will allow me my name back.

Welcome to the world of being female.

#Patriarchy #ThisIsSomeBullshit

Peter Christensen
2 weeks ago

Whenever I enter a phrase using the French pronoun “son" out of context into #DeepL, it invariably spits out “his" as a translation, even though in French, it could be either his or her, depending on the context.

Yes, friends, if you plug the #patriarchy into your AI, it will spit the patriarchy right back in your face.


Detroit_yeet 🔥🏭🔥🔪🐴
2 weeks ago

I recently played a game of Valorant where someone said I sounded hot. It was a few rounds in, not right away; it wasn't like I had just loaded in and someone was already thinking about my body. I wasn't put off by it, in fact I actually liked it. I smiled and said thanks.

Yesterday, I watched a Youtube video called something like "The Female Experience in Valorant Uncensored", which is a compilation of uncensored sexist and objectifying remarks a female Valorant player got in, like, a few weeks or months (I don't know the exact time frame, but when it was uploaded she was making videos like this every few months). It made me realize that unsolicited comments like that are (when directed at women) a form of patriarchal dominance. It's an expression of the way the patriarchy reduces women to simple sex objects which it's acceptable for anyone, even strangers, to desire. Even if I was into it, the average person wouldn't be, especially if they get catcalled regularly. Because I don't get catcalled, I didn't realize this, and ended up encouraging those "you sound hot" comments. That teammate of mine probably thinks it's okay to tell people they sound hot unprompted, in part because of me.

This is why, to be a good feminist as a non-woman, you have to actively listen to women. There are things that they understand that you don't because your lived experiences are so different. Unless you listen to those experiences, you risk encouraging misogynist behavior without realizing it. Sure, it's (to you, hopefully) common sense that catcalling women is bad, but if that's the extent of your knowledge, you won't see the ways you might be part of the problem. You can't "common sense" your way to good allyship.

#solidarity #ally #feminism #misogyny #patriarchy

No one is #safe until #trans #folks are #safe.

We need to #takecare of those who can’t take #refuge in the bosom of #patriarchy, and that starts with #trans people.


Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 weeks ago

And I do think that what we need, as a society, more than anything, is new values. Our current conceptions of bravery, strength, assertiveness, charisma, or confidence are what got us here just as much as #capitalism, #WhiteSupremacy, #patriarchy, #queerphobia and #ableism did. We're stuck in a world that's still holding up those old values and we're forced to judge ourselves by them, even as we try to cultivate new values, values that will help us survive in a world of #Ecocide, #pandemics, and #fascism.

I'm trying to remember that, to judge myself by these new values rather than the old ones. I'm trying to remember that if someone is judging me by those old values, they're not someone who's worthy of my time or attention. They're not someone who's going to make it in the #apocalypse.

Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

New (properly edited) video is up! "Did Free the Nip(ple) Fail? | Topless Topics Reacts"

See the #patriarchy-friendly version on Youtube:
See the patriarchy-unfriendly version on my website:

Image: uncensored nonsexual female nipples visible in the corner

Screenshot from my new video, with a screenshot of (censored) topless women running through the streets from the Free the Nipple movie in the main screen, and me in the middle of talking on the bottom right, with the caption: "Topless Topics Reacts | Did we free the nipple?"
Cleo of Topless Topics
2 weeks ago

New (properly edited) video is up! "Did Free the Nip(ple) Fail? | Topless Topics Reacts"

See the #patriarchy-friendly version on Youtube:
See the patriarchy-unfriendly version on my website:

Image: uncensored nonsexual female nipples visible in the corner

Screenshot from my new video, with a screenshot of (censored) topless women running through the streets from the Free the Nipple movie in the main screen, and me in the middle of talking on the bottom right, with the caption: "Topless Topics Reacts | Did we free the nipple?"

Oldest men in space
The Shatner shot had shat out
Musk prosperity
#Haiku #StarTrek #Musk #Patriarchy Orbiting a dying planet.

Old man gets a lift
Ecologia Digital
2 weeks ago

"#paradox of being a #woman in modern #India: Sometimes the most direct escape route from the oppression of #patriarchy was marriage to a man willing to help challenge that system. A wife could enjoy whatever liberty her husband granted — but he could take it away at any time."

2 weeks ago

Moreover, they have been trained to #BELIEVE that if they don't behave how the #Patriarchy wants, and continue to support it, they will burn and suffer eternal damnation. They have been trained to be #afraid

Jason Gardner
3 weeks ago

Mansplaining explained. The Ur-document: Rebecca Solnit's "Men Explain Things to Me" (2008). H/T @vagina_museum

#mansplaining #feminism #socialjustice #justice #patriarchy

3 weeks ago

On Gadigal land, outside the office of Australia's federal Environment Minister @TanyaPlibersek's office, with a large group of school students and their allies, demanding the Australian government #EndFossilFuelSubsidies and commit to #NoNewFossilFuels. #SS4C

All of us can help #ShiftThePower away from #DirtyEnergy:
- Stop repeating their talking points & narratives (not sure which commonly-repeated tropes are part of their decades-long #ClimateDisinformation campaign? Never too late to learn)
- Stop voting for their paid representatives in parliament (typically found within both/most major parties). #DirtyEnergyDirtyPolitics #DirtyDonations #PutCorruptionLast
- Support actions happening near you (not sure what's happening or how to help? Search for your location & #ClimateAction #ClimateJustice).
- Learn more about why we're collectively still failing to implement (political/economic/societal/cultural) changes at a scale & pace commensurate with the scale & pace of the #ClimateCrisis (hint: too much power in too few hands: #plutocracy #colonialism #capitalism #patriarchy #individualism).
- Consider the stakes: life as we know it is incompatible with the public business plans of the most powerful corporations on the planet. One/both of those realities will definitely change. Will you?

Cleo of Topless Topics
3 weeks ago

making myself angry reading #tumblr anonymous asks. Basically the digital equivalent of telling a woman to smile more.

#misogyny #sexism #patriarchy #sexualHarassment #toplessEquality #freeTheNipple #feminism #censorship

Tumblr ask screenshot
Anonymous asked:
Used to be one of my favourite pages on all platforms,And we agreed with what you said and believed in , but not now I beleive you are being shadow banned and deleted from pages because of your negative effect not anything else. Read over what you post , very negative and come across as constantly complaining non stop. Nothing positive comes from your posts anymore and it's a huge shame indeed ..
My response:
cool, bye then :D
(psst I post plenty of happy stuff, especially on my livestreams. if the algorithm is only feeding you the negative stuff, that's not my fault. also, I have every reason to be angry, when for fifteen years I've been repeatedly banned to a degree no one else is, and constatnly have to deal with sexual harassment and men telling me to "smile more" on top of that.)
Dhyan Nada
3 weeks ago


No climate justice on occupied land!

Suppressing people that speak out on a climate march against the war in #Gaza reflects the desperate effort to stop the politization of the climate justice movement.

#GretaThunberg stands to her convictions which is a big problem for those who treat this movement as a deflection from attacking the power relations that push #extractivism #colonialism #patriarchy #capitalism.

This is not a one-issue thing but the universal fight for our lives

Eric Maugendre
3 weeks ago

"Eunice Newton Foote showed that carbon dioxide traps the heat of the sun in 1856, beating the so-called father of the greenhouse effect by at least three years. Why was she forgotten?"

#greenHouse #Newton #science #historyOfScience #patriarchy #heating #climateChange #womenScientists

Drawing of Eunice Newton Foote by Carlyn Iverson, NOAA
Adrian Morales
4 weeks ago

"Modern men are, sooner than later, becoming aware of their sensitive sides and emotions. It is beneficial for women and children, as well as for other men too."

It's still an incredibly difficult and painful process, but I'm doing the work, and I know I'm not alone in this.

#MentalHealth #MensHealth #Wednesday #Patriarchy #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Dhyan Nada
1 month ago


There's a difference between hate and rage. To fight for the world to be saved from #Climatechange #colonialism #patriarchy you need a momentum for mobilization. That's what's happening around the globe - people made powerless by the war machines of aggressive nations states feel the pain and show their anger

That's why governments fear mass manifestations - it's power from down below - the only way for the weak to make the masters of war stop and push for a less unjust world


1 month ago

DMK’s Chennai Mayor R Priya is spoken over, patronised in meetings by male councillors

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam won a majority in Chennai’s local body elections in 2022, and was lauded for making Dalit member R Priya the GCC Mayor, a move many perceived as progressive. But at the council meetings, patriarchy continues.

#TamilNadu #chennai #MayorRPriya #DMK #sexism #GenderDiscrimination #casteism #dalits #patriarchy #india

1 month ago

Wow, just wow, Bazarov. And I thought I couldn't like you less.

"‘Why don’t you want to allow the idea of freedom of thought among women?’ he asked under his breath.
‘Because, mate, in my view, the only ones among women who think freely are bloody freaks.’"

From #fathersandsons by #turgenev
@bookstodon #reading #literature #russianliterature #femaleemancipation #feminism #patriarchy #books #bookquotes #readingcommunity @reading

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 month ago

Another quickly drawn #webcomic page idea. I could have drawn SO many more examples of what is considered a "newed" woman, all you need is so much as a centimeter of areeola showing, and suddenly it's "sheekshually expleesheet newdeetay", while the ONLY thing a MALE presenting person has to cover to be considered "clothed" is their actual jeanitalia. It's just the most blatant #sexism #misogyny #genderDiscrimination etc and it drives me nuts that so few people question or speak out about this.

#feminism #topFreeEquality #topFreedom #doubleStandards #censorship #patriarchy

Image: sketchily drawn cartoonish lineart showing "clothed" VS "naked" men and women

A hastily sketched webcomic page:

Top caption: According to American legislation and mainstream social media:
Two panels, one on the left titled "Clothed" and one on the right titled "Naked"

Under the "clothed" title:
a "female looking" person wearing a bikini top and thong, next to a "male looking" person wearing just a thong with the male genitalia clearly outlined, and nipples fully on display

Under the "naked" title:
A plethora of female-presenting people wearing everything from a g-string to long, baggy pants and a turtleneck with just a small "boob window" with a tiny bit of areola showing above the lover hem. In the middle of a group stands a male-presenting person, with nipples and penis/balls fully on display.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
1 month ago

#GenderBias #Patriarchy #Blog

In my November blog, "The Patriarchy Persists, Negatively Impacting Women’s Advancement at Work,” I discuss two 2023 reports; one on a global level encompassing 85% of the world’s population and one that targets nearly a quarter of a million U.S. faculty. Both reports show persistent gender bias that infects the attitudes and behaviors of both men and women. This gender bias holds women back from reaching their full potential. Click here:

Nonya Bidniss
1 month ago

I think we should start viewing power-hungry men as inherently unstable human beings who should barely be trusted to make their own breakfast much less make decisions affecting anyone else's life. #patriarchy

Cleo of Topless Topics
1 month ago

Lamenting with my #photographer friend how effing stupid and nonsensical the rules for places like #stripe and #paypal are for what counts as "porn" or not (not to mention the #patriarchy version of #censorship as it applies to #freeTheNipple )

#topFreedom #topFreeEquality #toplessEquality #feminism #genderEquality #equalrights #equalityforall #sexism #misogyny

Screenshot from a Discord DM (posted with permission):

Me: hopefully when i can get around to adding more of your photo edits to gumroad, i can sell some more through there...
since according to stripe, nude photography is porn but if i run it through a photoshop filter to make it look like its painted suddenly it becomes art (:

Them: I hate those filters >_<
The photos are already art 😭

Me: tell that to capitalism 🤪
its so fucking stupid lmao
then again tiktok bans even minimalist lineart with a single u shape for a nipple as "porn" 🙃
Screenshot from a Discord DM (posted with permission):

Them: Doubly so because porn is already legal, so likez why should it matter either way?
It's not like the sex shop doesn't take credit and debit. What's the difference other than hassling artists

me: It literally makes no fucking sense
The same sense as "female nipples are sexually explicit nudity but male nipples are totally safe for work" I guess 🙄
gemma lynn
1 month ago

louder for the people in the fscking back

[T]he gendering of design as women's work is why people don't use the title "web designer" anymore. It's been belittled and othered away. It's why we've split that web design role into two; now you're either a UX designer and you can sit at that table over there or you're a front-end developer and you can sit at the table with the people that build websites.

via @hbuchel

#webdev #design #ux #patriarchy

David Megginson
2 months ago

@holsta 🙂 Jokes aside, feminism isn't an attack on any individual men; it's an attack on the patriarchy system, which hurts people of all genders (though not equally or in the same way).

#feminism #patriarchy

Dhyan Nada
2 months ago

In its terror attack Hamas didn't target settler colonialists or ultraright fanatics but kibbutzim that are more liberal, leftist and interested in peace with Palestinians than the average Jewish citizens of Israel. That underwrites the fact that Hamas is not less than its Iranian supporters a force of the #religious #right, of #patriarchy and despotism. Palestinian #nationalism as its Israeli counterpart are to be overcome to put an end to this monstrous blodshed.


2 months ago

@KFuentesGeorge "I think that next to the myth that God made a #woman from man's rib to be his helper, the myth that man is the #hunter and woman is the gatherer is probably the second most enduring myth that naturalizes the inferiority of women," says Hamlin.” Wow, when #ethnology shatters the #patriarchy!

T. T. Perry
2 months ago

“Parents’ Rights” Rhetoric Is Rooted in Radical Conspiracy Theories
by Michelle Cyca for The Walrus

#Heteroactivism #QAnon #ParentsRights #Conspiracy #Epistemology #Ideology #Patriarchy

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

me: it's absurd that censorship of toplessness is applied only if you "look female," while those who "look male" are allowed to go topless anywhere they like without consequence. Either ban ALL #nipples or NO nipples.

Cis male #nudist / #naturist: yeah full body #nudity (including genitals) should be allowed in public and online

every FUCKING time.

#patriarchy #sexism #misogyny #censorship #feminism #missingThePoint

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

Just a lil reminder that my feminism-and-other-progressive-activism video series Topless Topics is "constantly banned from every platform you've heard of and some you haven't,"

so if you'd like to help me try to convince new people (and someday far in the future, the platforms themselves) that enforcing different levels of censorship based on "what gender you look like" is absurd and blatantly sexist,

please consider widely sharing, reblogging, and posting your own reply content (or just shouting out my channel) to my own posts, to help me get out of the shadowban-void I'm constantly fighting against (when my content isn't banned outright, as happens almost daily)

I have to change social media accounts fairly often as they get banned (always and only for the heinous unforgiveable sin of "female nipples") but here they are as of me writing this post:

(see the most up-to-date contact list at )
Best Ways to Contact Cleo in Order of Preference:

Discord DM: @CeridwenRoth (previously Ceridwen#6967)

join our Topless Topics chatroom here:

Mastodon: @toplesstopics

In the future I'm hoping to set up my own mastodon instance focused on progressive activists and creators, and their supporters, called the "Outcast Creator Collective." You can read up more about that here:

Uncensored videos without descriptions:

DELETED: the Topless Topics Twitter account, because fk Elon Musk!!!


Artistic nude digital photography:

Patriarchy-friendly versions of my videos: @toplesstopics

Instagram: @toplesstopics

Alternate slightly-less-shadowbanned Instagram: @toplessTopicsOfficial


And for receipts of just a few hundred or so times I've had my content banned, here are some screenshots:

#censorship #tumblr #banned #shadowbanned #patriarchy #feminism #equalRights #toplessEquality #freeTheNipple #genderEquality #doubleStandards #communityGuidelines #bannedVideos

Bob Jamieson
2 months ago

Madonna, Pamela Anderson and I agree – take your idea of how a woman should look, and shove it

A woman in the public eye will be judged by an ever-changing standard: too strident, too provocative, too predatory, too thin, too fat, too muscly and very soon too old. The only dignified answer? Smash the patriarchy

“Oh Madge,” the columnist Sarah Vine wondered aloud in the Daily Mail, “isn’t it time you grew up?”

#WomensBodies #WomensRights #women #patriarchy

@NPR If you have it to spare, consider financially supporting the Chicago Abortion Fund: Since the Dobbs decision came down, 89% of their grantees are based outside of Illinois. For more information, their service area(s) and how to get help:

Visualizamos un mundo en el que todos tengan la libertad y la autonomía para tomar las decisiones reproductivas que sean mejores para ellos.

#ProChoice #abortionRights #WomensHealth #patriarchy

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

I'm starting to schedule more #interviews for my video series, #toplessTopics . Let me know if you might be interested! You can see past interviews here:

You don't have to be an expert or professional on anything, just somewhat knowledgable and passionate about what you want to speak about. Just a few topics we might get into are:
#feminism #intersectionalFeminism #mentalHealth #SexEducation #KinkEducation #EroticArt #sexWorkers #decriminalization #genderEquality #lgbtq #queer #disability #activism #censorship #patriarchy #misogyny #sexism and a whole lot else...

I'm also especially interested in #collaboration with other #contentCreator s so that we might combine our audiences (to educate and galvanize activism in as many people as possible, as this is the only way we can ever force real societal change). Of course I will happily share links to your content! I don't have a huge audience, but I'm happy to encourage what supporters I do have 😉

If you might be interested, you can fill out this collaboration form here, or just reply or DM to me if you have any questions or comments:

Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Heard on the radio: "As the man, you want to be the fixer, the person who fixes things." Dear Patriarchy, we no longer live in the 1950s. #GenderRoles #Patriarchy

Cleo of Topless Topics
2 months ago

#youtube posted this ominous warning at the top of my studio: "Under our existing external links policy, violative URLs posted within the video itself or in the video's metadata (titles, descriptions, and tags) may result in the video being removed."

If you click "learn more," it takes you to their "external links policy," which is laughably vague, just like their in-general #communityGuidelines #violation page. You can read it yourself here: Note how they repeatedly say "this is not an exhaustive list," and there's no mention of nudity, only "pornography"--meaning it's up to that particular algorithm's programming bias what counts as "prawn" or not (to say nothing of the insanely blatant #misogynist and #sexist viewpoint within the #patriarchy that "female-looking nipples are 'nudity' but male nipples aren't" 🙃)

The absolutely wildest thing is, if youtube would just give me half the effin leeway that they do these many other accounts that post FULL BODY, FULLY UNCENSORED nudity, I wouldn't need to direct people anywhere else to see the "patriarchy-unapproved" version of my videos. Honestly, this is pretty crazy...I learned long ago not to post any kind of clickable link anywhere in a youtube description or comment (after getting #strikes for linking to my own website, and a twitter post of mine, and a tumblr post, and a link to a discord server intended to serve as a resource guide and community for intersex people...) but getting these threats that even just having the url to my site on my page can get a video banned.

If you're a #contentCreator or #influencer who only posts your content to Youtube, I highly encourage you to start packing now, and get your feet into some less-faschy alternative platforms--#Peertube is a great place to start (you can comment if you want me to try to direct you towards more specific resources). Because if you "keep all your eggs in one basket," you're going to end up with egg all over your face (and none left to survive off of) once capitalism kicks that basket out of your hands.

Screenshot of the text at :

(text is too long to fit in this alt description, so you can go to the link to read the full thing)

External links policy

Links that send users to content that violates our Community Guidelines are not allowed on YouTube. If you find content that violates this policy, report it. Note: Certain links may not be clickable. Learn more here.
What this policy means for you
If you're posting content

Don’t post links in your content on YouTube if they direct users to content that violates our Community Guidelines. This policy includes links that fit any of the descriptions noted below. Please note this is not a complete list.
Delia Christina
2 months ago

What are the traps of #patriarchy?

🚫💳Economic dependence
👫Compulsory heterosexuality

What are the far Right attacks targeting?

No fault divorce, anti-child marriage laws
Reproductive healthcare, autonomy & birth control
Workplace equity protections, wage reform
LGBTQI+ equality

Liberation demands escaping these traps.

So of course the Right is going to do what it can to protect those traps and stop white women from avoiding them.

(While WOC also exist under it, Patriarchy doesn't give a fig about WOC. We aren't the subjects that *matter.* Rather, we are lab rats so the control can really be refined.)

There is no protection under Patriarchy. Everything is control.

#FeministTruth #PinkPill

Sad, but...

"Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot"

#Patriarchy #feminism

Jan B Wildeboer @jwildeboer 

"Heard of a cool tech-bro-weeding interview technique the other day. A male and female engineer conduct the interview session together. If, when the female engineer asks the candidate a question, he directs his answer to the male engineer, then he's out. They said it happens a lot"

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3 months ago

#SA #patriarchy #capitalism #violence #UK

channel 4 (UK) just released a documentary about comedian/youtube-conspiracy-peddler russell brand's history of sexual violence.

i'm watching it now and it's a "jimmy savile situation" all over again. they even have a clip of him talking to jimmy saville about sending over naked women.

something i always forget about this kind of long-running exploitation is just how many people it takes to facilitate 1 man's violence against countless people. sadly, this show is reminding me. and of course, a lot of those facilitators were women who were working in tv production & didn't want to lose their jobs. i doubt they were "bad people", but the entire machinery of capitalist patriarchy put people into these roles where they're facilitating injustices that they would never want to do themselves. it makes everyone a perpetrator.

anyway, if you're outside the UK, you can watch it here:

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

“A young woman walks down a street in Tehran, her hair uncovered, her jeans ripped, a bit of midriff exposed to the hot Iranian sun. An unmarried couple walk hand in hand. A woman holds her head high when asked by Iran's once-feared morality police to put a hijab on, and tells them: ‘Screw you!’”

#iran #religion #misogyny #patriarchy

Jennifer Moore 😷
3 months ago

Lee Shevek a.k.a. butchanarchy has a zine out!

"A Woman Can Be Any Gender He Wants To Be is a zine by trans butch anarchist Lee Shevek ... exploring patriarchy, masculinity, and gender liberation."

#zines #gender #butch #anarchy #patriarchy #masculinity #liberation

Zimmer asks when precisely that golden era of free speech for which centrists hanker for us to return was in place. He answers:

"Unless we are talking about wealthy white Christian men only, it makes little sense to construct a version of U.S. history in which previous eras were characterized by greater freedom while the very recent past has been marked by a loss of free speech."

#nostalgia #polarization #CiivilRights #minorities #patriarchy #MaleEntitlement #heterosexism

"The frequently invoked 'consensus' of the post-World War II era, for instance, was depending on both major parties agreeing that white patriarchal rule would remain largely untouched. …

"It wasn’t a coincidence that 'polarization' started when one party broke with the white elite consensus and supported – albeit reluctantly – the civil rights revolution of the 1960s."

#nostalgia #polarization #CiivilRights #minorities #patriarchy #MaleEntitlement #heterosexism

Pratik Patel
3 months ago

Get this: his mother is on a hunger strike because she supports him. This is how #patriarchy works.

Spanish #soccer federation's regional leaders call on president to resign

The #patriarchy really did a number on everybody, huh?

Luis Rubiales: Spanish FA president's mother on hunger strike over kiss row -

3 months ago

"toxic families survive on narratives of strength and weakness." - therapist patrick teahan

i'm all about questioning categories such as "weak" & "strong." 👍​

#patriarchy #CPTSD #recovery #family

@jensorensen great idea. It's the best way to get attention to anything and declare it worthy of time & money 🙄🙂 #patriarchy sucks.

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

It has been brought to my attention by a number of you that comparing the penis brains at the Spanish Football Federation to Neanderthals is patently unfair to Neanderthals.

I just wanted to state for the record that I agree wholeheartedly and apologise profusely for any offense caused to actual Neanderthals who, I’m sure, would have been appalled by the behaviour of the knuckle-draggers at the Spanish Football Federation.

#rubiales #spain #WomensWorldCup #patriarchy

The fucking #patriarchy loves to dig its little heels in

Luis Rubiales: Spanish football federation will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso 'lies' -

3 months ago

this is an excellent video about the relationship between patriarchy & the global biocide we're currently experiencing:

this video is feminist praxis for real.​

#patriarchy #feminism #ecomodernism #environment #ClimateChange