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My gray tuxedo cat's cute paw & toebeans.
4 weeks ago

I didn't know it was Privacy Awareness Week
I guess they kept it, ahem, get ready, *private*.
Yes, you with me?
On fire today I tell you.
#PAW #PrivacyAwareness #Privacy

1 month ago

pass the ball lefties...

#lefthand #paw #cats #ball #passes #animatedgif

BLUR 🔜 Anthrocon
1 month ago

This Squeak's got a special place for pipsqueaks~

Sketch for ilynine

#FurryArt #Fanart #Paw #Daroach #Kirby

A mouse like creature from the Kirby series, Daroach, looking down at the viewer, raising one of his large footpaws
1 month ago

Seems like Faygo is caught riiiight between Bomba's skunk's toes. Are they in trouble? Absolutely.

#furryart #art #micro #paw

Picture depicting a micro red otter character looking up, scared, while caught up right between the toes of a larger creature, a skunk.
BLUR 🔜 Anthrocon
1 month ago

Don't worry. Some people work well under a bit of pressure~

Sketch for themintylord

#Furry #FurryArt #MacroMicro #Paw

A massive anthro foot paw stepping down on an anthro dragon
1 month ago

#AptoApril Day 24 - Legs

Wasn't sure what to do for this theme.
Ended up designing a grass fox, we'll call her Leslie, showing off her slender legs, and some green beans. (Heh heh)
And that tail of hers can extend pretty far, but she's gotta clip it all off afterwards (and it smells like freshly-cut grass), so she prefers to keep it at an ideal length.

#grass #fox #paw

BLUR 🔜 Anthrocon
1 month ago

What's a little planets between friends?

Sketch for @ARTKID890

#MacroFur #Pokefur #FurryArt #Paw

Two gigamacro sized furries in space playing with planets. They each have a planet in their mouths and their paws are both pressed against eachother holding the earth between them
1 month ago

Fuck, my ott is hot.

#paw #furryart #art

Picture of an anthro otter's paw pressing down on a micro stuck between the toegaps. The micro looks distressed.
1 month ago

Starting off with a commission for Cyno and Quakes, large and demanding good service from the tiny avian~ 😋​

#macro #paw #furryart #art

An illustration of Cynosura's character pinned under a massive paw that belongs to Erin. On a separate panel, the giant vixen is looking down and giving a command: "Lick!".
Mink of the End
1 month ago

He stopped pretending.

#mink_art #furry #furryart #macro #paw #fox

Cartoon drawing of the paw of a giant anthropomorphic fox stomping on the ground, cracking it and tossing chunks into the air.
2 months ago
2 months ago

yk & tr or mc 18

#Cats #Paw

Dr. Gravitas
2 months ago

Right. 11 pages of sfw. I forgot this one *technically* counts as nsfw. But I mean, really? Is it really so taboo? I rather wish it weren't.

Flames | Page 44:

#3D #furry #furrycomic #swimsuit #pool #nsfw #nude #paw

Hello, visual impairment alt-text descriptions will be found in my replies on to this page's post. I enjoy writing these too much and there's simply too much to write when the dialog is considered. However, for convenience, a condensed version is also written in this alt-text.

"No problem!" Blythe says, as Yeltsin is swept up by his whirlwind of a division head, finding himself walking along side her extravagant gait. "Then lemme just show you around. Opposite us we have the sunning platform and locker rooms. Up on the 2nd floor behind that mirrored glass, are the private sunning rooms. Marvelous view, there. Oh! Have you seen the shops up there yet?!"

Yeltsin pauses, mid-step, with one leg drawn back, resting on his new toed-socks and their glowing ridges in the shape of his pads.

"Yip! I, uh, got a hip-holster for my phone and some nicer suitsocks for my paws"

Blythe: "Great, great! What'd I tell you? way better than those bags, huh?"


"So, you saw the ships and hit the bar already. Well, there's the pool itself..."

Blythe stops and gulps down her beverage, casually flicking her free hand's wrist at a step pyramid-like structure.

"...and in the back we have a collection of hot tubs! Great for relaxing after a shift or just about whenever."

Yeltsin's thoughts vanishes as he sights a pair of nude Lapsa pass right next to Yeltsin, walking towards the waterfalls.  Through the waterfall, he notices the further recreational nudists.

Yeltsin: "Uh..."
3 months ago

How furries promote their works. New teaser!

Check out the full video on my patreon :3 [ ]

#furry #vtuber #video #youtube #paw #vrchat

3 months ago

Shiba Inu’s PawSwap [#PAW] is set to go live on the South Korean exchange #Gateio

#SHIBA #PawSwap #Crypto #ShibaInu #CryptoCurrency

3 months ago

Oh no.. be careful before I accidentally step on you with my big clumsy paws... 🥴

#nsfw #drone #pup #pupdrone #paw #rubber #rubberpup #latex #latexfur #bulge #catsuit

A Drone with pup ears fully covered in a purple latex catsuit, about to step on you with it's big clumsy purple paws.
blake shaw
3 months ago

"#FAUST programming on #FPGA for high-performance real-time #DSP"

#lurk #paw

Anders Sjöberg
4 months ago

Monster track in the snow. Alright, it's one of ours cats.

#track #paw #snow #winter #cold

Track from a cat
Ysengrin Blackpaw
4 months ago

Ysengrin under @Torrle 's paw at MFF2002

#WerewolfWednesday #Paw #Fursuit

4 months ago

#HighPaw is the #cat version of our human high five. It's cuter too 😸🖐🐾

#ToeBeans #Caturday #paw #CatFoot #CatsOfSDF #CatsOfMastodon #Feline #CatLovers #Cuteness #MyCat

My cat's foot & pink n black wee toe beans.
4 months ago

We are discussing at work what a #PAW tool might be. I have some fantasies now....

4 months ago

Котик спит и любезно позирует для фотографирования его нежные розовые лапки! Мурчит! Мурр-рр!❤️ :blobcataww:

#catpaw #cat #catcontent #catsofmastodon #paw

На фото лапка белого котика - с розовыми подушечками коточкиных пальчиков и ладошки! Мур

Selling paw pics on Paw Finder as I'm broke af and need to pay student loans and fuel my energy drink addiction lol! 🐰 🐾 :yanagiyuu_heart3:

#Art #Digitalart #SFW #OC #Fursona #Bunny #Rabbit #Cute #ToeBeans #Paws #Adorable #Paw #Funny

5 months ago

A painting for Jenora: Sara the skunk, Logan the red panda, and a bunch of very big beans. Remember to hug your friends!

Clip Studio Paint

#Ransom #NSFW #macro #micro #furry #art #Jenora #Sara #skunk #Logan #redpanda #breast #nipple #paw #foot

5 months ago

#paw #stomp #micro
Wanted to draw some more stomp stuff. Enjoy!

5 months ago

#paw #stomp #micro
"Where are they? We were supposed to meet here 5 minutes ago..."

Silly Willowbun can be a little impatient, lost in thought as he constantly thumps the ground with those big paws of his.

If you'd like to be the micro he's waiting for, I'd be glad to include ya under my sole for about 10 usd. <:3c

TIL that #paw the #MacOS native http client has rebranded and is now free! Being native #MacOS it is aesthetically very pleasing to use. If I recall I paid $50 back in the day for it. Grab it!

5 months ago

Yoink! Turns out this "shrinking" genetic mutation reacts to being startled, and like any good, playfully-overwhelming friend, this data-fox gotta have some fun with that. Better for freder to shrink when someone's there to care and catch him!

> "You don't mind keeping my toes warm, do you? After all, before long you'll be too small to do anything else around the house…"

Part 4/4 of a wonderful series of gifted sketches by freder, exploring gradual shrinking and how that impacts everyday life with yours truly serving as his helpful (and playful) height reference fox.

Featuring/drawn by the fantastic fennec, freder – and @freder .

#macro / #micro #furry #paw #footpaw #foot #footrest #shrinking #shrink #size #art. Full quality and details here:

Comic with two panels:

First panel: A pair of red fox hands reach to grab the waist of a surprised anthro fennec, hoisting the smaller, shrinking fox right out of the fennec's shorts, leaving him in briefs.  In the background, the bigger red fox is smiling.

Second panel: The large red fox sits on a couch, just his knees-down visible, big legs with huge four-toed paws resting on top of the shrunken fennec, one foot covering the fennec's entire head, innermost and next toe splaying to fit the fennec's muzzle in between, and the other foot pinning the fennec's waist and thighs down.  The smaller fennec looks mildly concerned about being pinned underfoot this way.

[Art by freder, and ]
5 months ago

A brief intermission before the finale:
Once you shrink past a certain point, you wind up seeing a lot more of the world from the ground up, including the underside of others' paws. Freder is finding this out first hand.. or first foot?

> "Whoops, nearly stepped on you, gotta watch where I'm walking! Though.. you do look so cute down there…"

Part 3/4 of a wonderful series of gifted sketches by freder, exploring gradual shrinking and how that impacts everyday life with yours truly serving as his helpful (and playful) height reference fox.

Featuring / drawn by the fantastic fennec, freder – and @freder .

#macro / #micro #furry #paw #footpaw #foot #pov #size #art. Full quality and details here:

The underside of a large anthropomorphic red fox paw, plantigrade with four toes, a ball pad, fluffy arch, and heel pad.  In the distance, the leg reaches up with square/voxel-like patterns where the brown fox "sock" transitions to orange fur.

[Art by freder, and ]
Thomas Naunheim :verified:
5 months ago

New blog post: "Securing privileged user access with #AzureAD #ConditionalAccess and #IdentityGovernance"

Overview and considerations to enforce security controls for using #PAW, strong authentication and manage access for privileged roles based on tiering levels.

Laura E. Hall
6 months ago

The paw pad of friendship

#Caturday #CatsofMastodon #Tabby #Paw

A tabby cat delicately hovers a paw over an open human palm

J'étais en train de numériser des vieilles gravures de 1890 quand d'un coup

PATOUNES DE CHAT TROP MIMI LÀ :shibahearteyes: :shibahearteyes:

#Photographie #FediArt #MastoArt #Paw #Chat #Cat

Petites patounes de chats vues du dessous. La peau des coussinets est brune et les poils tous autours sont blancs et bien visibles
Un chat vu du dessous avec seulement les coussinets et une partie des pattes arrières visibles le reste du corps étant extrêmement flou presque invisible
9 months ago

Who let him without supervision. :x #paw #SamandMax #fanart #mastoart

1 year ago

One may kiss the #paw!
#Washy #cat #MastoCats

Paw front Washy blur
Eyes closed paw front!
1 year ago

Ever had a moment when you look around and realize, "Wait-a-minute, something doesn't seem right"? Freder here just found out first hand by holding said hand up to his friend's foot!

Part 1/4 of a wonderful series of sketches gifted by freder, exploring gradual shrinking and how that impacts everyday life with yours truly serving as his helpful (and playful) height reference fox.

Featuring hand of / drawn by the fantastic fennec, freder – and @freder .

#macro / #micro #furry #footpaw #foot #paw #pov #art. Full quality and details here:

First person perspective of a small furred hand held up to the underside of a large anthropomorphic fox footpaw, comparing size.  The hand is about as big as a toe and a half.

This large fox's foot has four toes, each with their own black toe claw and dark gray paw pads, then a furred gap before a single short but broad paw pad along the ball.  A fluffy arch along the sole follows, ending with a rounded heel pad.  In the background, the large fox's leg bends and reaches to the denim shorts-clad waist as this fox sits down on a couch.

[Art by freder, and ]
2 years ago

Idle curiosity: when specifically referring to the ground-contacting paws of creatures that stand upright, does "footpaws" or "feetpaws" feel more natural to you?

If you don't use either, the species in question doesn't have paws, etc, that's okay and you're still valid! This isn't meant to represent all critters, it's just about terminology I've noticed some folks using. And I'm not trying to convince anyone to change how they speak, either.
#paw #feetpaws #footpaws #language

João Pinheiro
2 years ago

sayin' g'nite wid a #cat #paw for #caturday... #cya...

3 years ago is neat. It's not fully accurate to this data-fox (e.g. head fluff, paws), but it's close enough to be fun. #3D #art #fox #paw #HeroForge

Image #1:
A 3D model of an anthropomorphic (two-legged) fox with reddish-orange fur, brown ears/hands/paws, black claws, teal eyes, and white muzzle and tail-tip fluff, wearing a green T-shirt and blue jean shorts (jorts).

The fox is dashing forwards, tail streaming out behind.

To the right of the fox, a little theriomorphic (four-legged) fox crouches as if to leap, front down, haunches raised.

The foxes are atop a trophy stand of sorts, with "Hero Forge" emblazoned at the top-left.
Image #2:
The same 3D fox model as in Image #1, but now from the backside.  One footpaw is lifted off the ground, revealing the dark gray paw pads (ball of paw and four toes).

(Getting a screenshot of this point of view was kind of obligatory…)
Image #3:
The same 3D fox as in Image #1, but from the side, revealing more of the tail streaming out behind, curling up, and the flow of the T-shirt and shorts along the body.
Image #4:
The same 3D fox model as from Image #1, but zooming in on the face.  Orange fluff covers most of the face, with brown ears containing white fluff, black eyebrows, a black nose, and a smiling muzzle, fangs partly visible.

The fox looks onward, happy, as if charging into some discovery.
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago

Problems in life hovering over your head? Hauling around the weight of the world on your shoulders? Perhaps you ought seek a new perspective on your problems.. just like this little blue #wolf here. Come, rest at the foot of the #fox mountain, relax in the soft blanket of fur, revel in the warmth radiating from plush #paw padding, and enter a new world, free from the stress outside. Moments like these last forever.

Featuring / drawn by the lovely 'lil wuff, Alef – and

#macro / #micro #pov #perspective #footpaw #art for #FootPawFriday. Full quality and details here:

An anthro male fox wearing a t-shirt looms tall in the background, with pointy, fuzzy ears perked, hair-fuzz spiking up and forwards (colored chocolate/earthen brown), teal-tinted eyes peering towards the viewer.  Sitting down, arms by his sides, he hugs one of his knees with both of his hands, the other knee facing out offscreen.  The fur transitions among three main hues; white for the ears, muzzle, neck, and tail-