Keith Ammann
1 week ago

#PAX Unplugged has FINALLY announced this year's dates: Dec. 1–3. #TTRPG

David Chartier
2 months ago

Got a question about #PAX on my gaming account. If anyone has insight, can you reply over there?

Daniel Solis
6 months ago

Four #Marvel games I've been working on as art director/graphic designer will be appearing at #PAXUnplugged this weekend. I'm really proud of how different we were able to make each of them look, even with the same IP across them all.

While you're at the WizKids booth, give Marvel: Remix a try and receive a Squirrel Girl card when you purchase the game!

Hope you enjoy all these games!

#pax #BoardGame #tabletop #CardGame

Squirrel Girl promo card for Marvel Remix
PAX Unplugged: Dec 2-4 | Philadelphia, PA

Try and buy Marvel Remix or Marvel Rock Paper Heroes

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