10 months ago

As a PAX Unplugged regular, Rob Pontious gives his thoughts on last weekend's #PAXUnplugged2022 in the latest Investing In.

Joshua A.C. Newman :condemned:
10 months ago

Negative Covid test!

I’ve been masking at school until I had enough time for a test to matter. I hope you’ve been, too.

The “Vaccination card plus masks” policy might have worked. And unlike last year, the show didn’t kill anyone.

I hope the rumors of #paxeast not requiring vaccination are false. The policy clearly had no effect on attendance.


Negative Covid test. Are there any Covid tests for the visually impaired?
10 months ago

Huh, caught up with my friend to find him demoing our game Adventures in Inventory Management at #PAXUnplugged. I wonder if we’re allowed to be doing this. #PAXUnplugged2022

Norton Glover
10 months ago

Decided to make a last minute day trip to #PAXUnplugged2022

First haul from #PAXUnplugged2022

In the queue for Pax Unplugged!

10 months ago

If you’re coming to #PaxUnplugged2022 swing by the Battleground Games and Hobbies booth right across from the Crokinole tables in the Free Play hall and say “hello!” #BoardGames #MtG #Pokemon

A counter in a convention hall destined in small games with some cool new titles displayed behind it.
The Battleground booth is filled with board games.
A vast and I imitating array of Pokémon and Magic the Gathering product
A discount booth full of old and used games including some out of print gems!
Dickie Adams
10 months ago

A little #paxunplugged2022 prep work. I originally built this game for my brother as a Christmas present then decided it might work as a self-pub / fun way to hand out my business card. Hopefully it will get the attention of a potential publisher enough to continue discussions about other games. I'll have a handful of copies at PAX next week to share / sell. #boardgames

Wreck game tin, front.
Wreck game tin, back.
Wreck game tin, opened showing cards, rules, and business card.

Getting closer now! #PAXUnplugged2022

I won some V5 books in a raffle. Plus a set of V5 dice. I honestly am probably not going to ever play this edition and I'm considering bringing them to Pax Unplugged and trying to identify a person who would love them. #ttrpg #paxUnplugged2022

Updated our #PaxUnplugged2022 #Booth3607 page with the list of 150 games we sent! December 2-4 in Philadelphia.

We are partnering with the
#PAXTogether Intersection (PTI) to bring the PTI Game Library to #PAXUnplugged2022. Here are four simple ways YOU can support the PTI Game Library!

➡️ Donate a game to the library’s collection
➡️ Demo a game with your organization
➡️ Run a game session (your game, or one you love)
➡️ Donate on Ko-fi

Learn more at

1. Donate a game: Creators can donate a copy of your tabletop board or roleplaying game
2. Demo your game: Organizations can run a demo of their tabletop board or roleplaying games.
3. Run a game session: Individuals can run a session of a tabletop board or roleplaying game your created, worked on, or just love!
4. Donate your money: We're accepting donations via Ko-fi to help purchase materials for the library and provide financial support for creators to attend PAX Unplugged. Full details at the link in our bio!

Dear #ttrpg mastodon.

I have loved RPGs for 3 decades now, but I have never really gotten into Cons or anything. Just chilling with friends. But on a whim I decided to go to #paxunplugged2022 next month. I just kinda wanna meet cool people and play cool games, but have no one else going with me and no real contacts there. So if you are in the same boat, It'd be a please to say hi and hang out with y'all.