7 hours ago

Lies of P recebe uma atualização com mudanças de equilíbrio e melhorias na respec. Saiba mais sobre as alterações e como elas afetam o jogo.
#LiesOfP #Soulslike #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

7 hours ago

Cuphead terá uma atualização gratuita exclusiva para Xbox e PC com conteúdo dos bastidores, incluindo galeria de arte e muito mais.
#Cuphead #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

7 hours ago

A atualização "Final Cut" de The Last Oricru traz melhorias significativas ao jogo, incluindo mapas, dicas e muito mais. Confira!
#TheLastOricru #Plaion #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

IT News
7 hours ago

PlayStation sci-fi epic Horizon Forbidden West makes its way to PC - The release will i... - #horizonforbiddenwest #horizonzerodawn #playstation #pcgaming #gaming #steam #sony #pc

Tech news from Canada
7 hours ago
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
8 hours ago

Knew if I waited long enough!

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition announced for PC, PlayStation 5

#HorizonForbiddenWest #PC #PlayStation5 #Sony #GamingNews

Aloy and another character from Forbidden West standing in front of the Hollywood sign.
9 hours ago

Explore uma mansão assombrada, enfrente criaturas sobrenaturais e desvende seus segredos em Sunshine Manor, que chega ao Xbox em breve.
#SunshineManor #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

10 hours ago

Novidades para os fãs de Alan Wake! A Remedy confirmou um Modo de Desempenho para Alan Wake 2 no Xbox. Leia e saiba mais!
#AlanWake2 #Remedy #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

10 hours ago

A EA retirou todos os jogos FIFA de lojas digitais, incluindo FIFA 23, antes do lançamento do EA Sports FC 24. Leia e saiba mais!
#FIFA #EASports #EA #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

10 hours ago

Meine ersten 6 Plätze auf der #Steam Wunsch/Beobachtungsliste. Wie sieht eure Liste aus?

#gaming #games #videogames #pc #pcgaming

Steam Wunschliste Platz 1-6
1. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
2. Fate7Samurai Remnant
3. Natuto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Connection
4. Helldivers 2
6. Dragon's Dogma 2
10 hours ago

Ok, so here's the "new" #PC build thread. Started out bad. After getting back from the store I got to work. Pulled out the old PC and tore out the stuff I wanted to reuse. Got out the new case and readied it for building. Immediate road block: old PSU a no go. Hit up FB Marketplace, kid had a new EVGA 650 for $75, but he wasn't available to hand it over till 4:30PM. It was 11AM. I hate waiting.gif. Yeah, Best Buy, but I like a deal yo. So I waited, picked it up, and got back to work. #Tech #DIY

Fractal Meshify 2 case, mostly disassembled for building, sitting on the floor of our RV. The MSI Krait Gaming Motherboard I got used from eBay sits on top of the PSU/Storage shroud on the bottom of the case. You can't see it, really, but the PSU is installed, to the left of where the Mobo is sitting.
Nerds with Friends
11 hours ago
G4Media 📰
12 hours ago

AN🖥️#PC a amendat cu peste 5,6 milioane 💶#RON 500 de magazine Mega Image, în ultima lună și jumătate.
Principala problemă: neconcordanțe între prețul produsului la raft și prețul acestuia la casa de marcat.


#News #Știri

14 hours ago

Ubisoft surpreende com crossover entre Halo e Rainbow Six Siege, trazendo a icônica armadura do Master Chief. Saiba mais!
#Halo #RainbowSixSiege #MasterChief #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

L'Edition Collector d' Avatar : Frontiers of Pandora de nouveau en précommande sur Micromania !

PS5 :
Xbox :
PC :

Blog :
#avatar #ps5 #xbox #pc #jeuxvideo #videogames #gaming

Logged into my #Windows11 #PC to find Microsoft helped itself to installing a new preview of an AI chatbot they call "copilot." No thanks. I don't need that garbage. You probs don't either:

1. Right click some blank space on your taskbar.
2. Choose taskbar settings.
3. Uncheck Copilot (preview)


IGN Italia
17 hours ago

Il cloud streaming "è il futuro dei videogiochi", secondo il CEO di Ubisoft

Scopri di più! 👇

#Pc #Notizie #Pc

23 hours ago

Hello again, from my "new" PC. Took longer than I had hoped, so I guess that celebratory 6 pack of Guinness Extra Stout will have to wait till tomorrow. I will also post some build pics tomorrow along with a more detailed narration. Suffice to say, I love Linux. Once I post tested the Mobo, I hooked up my SSD and HDD (which isn't registering, hrm) and booted. Up popped Grub. Selected my OS and whap, login screen. Typing on it right now like nothing's different, lol. #PC #Tech #DIY #Linux

@ikanreed @SwiftOnSecurity Yeah, because the availability of high bandwith allows the propagation of low quality fancy shit in lieu of good writeups and howtos...

Needless to say people don't even get #TechLiteracy taught in #School and so in 2019 I did met a highschool graduate on a dual-study/apprenticeship position who confessed to me that they've never ever used a #PC before.

And I'm not talking about #Linux or a #Mac or #Windows in General but like how to use a #Keyboard & #Mouse...

chris actually
1 day ago

happy new nvme ssd day to me 🥳🎈🎉
#pc #computer

1 day ago

I have acquired a PSU, the PC build has begun. #PC #DIY #Tech

A mostly disassembled Fractal Meshify 2 case sits on the RV linoleum floor in front of the door. there is a motherboard sitting on the bottom of the case, ready to receive its CPU, RAM, and heat sink.
1 day ago

Didn't take long to hit the first major SNAFU with the PC build: old PSU is just too old, therefore too big to fit into the new case. Trying to run down a 650w EVGA modular on FB market for $70, but if this dude doesn't get back to me soon a trip to Best Buy is scheduled. 750w version of the same EVGA is $100. #PC #Tech #DIY

2 days ago

Ich mag die Beleuchtung total. Sowas sollte das Haus in dem ich wohne auch haben 😂

#gaming #games #videogames #cyberpunk2077 #pc #pcgaming #steam

2 days ago

Computer question for the tech-y folks here. I'm looking for one of those mini / micro computers that would connect to my TV. I'd be using it for photo storage and organization, streaming video (YouTube, Nextflix, Hulu, etc.) It would run through an AV receiver, so audio isn't an issue.

A #Mac Mini would probably work and I was also looking at the MSI and Geekom mini #PC options.

Looking to stay under $1K in price and requirements are HDMI port and 1T built-in hard drive.

Any suggestions?

2 days ago

Okay, ich finde sie echt nice. Aber das Rauchen nicht. Jeder hat wohl seine Laster 🤔
#gaming #games #videogames #cyberpunk2077 #pc #pcgaming #steam

He invertido en esta lista más tiempo del que quiero reconocer, y si siguiera más rato sacaría otros 25 videojuegos que me han flipado o marcado en mi vida.

#videojuegos #top25 #playstation #xbox #pc

1. Beyond Good & Evil 
2. God of War 
3. Final Fantasy X 
4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 
5. Veil of Darkness 
6. Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition 
7. Shadow of the Colossus 
8. BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition 
9. Severance: Blade of Darkness 
10. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 
11. Life is Strange 
12. Darkest Dungeon 
13. Persona 5 
14. Simcity 2000 
15. F29 Retaliator 
16. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition 
17. Overwatch 
18. Control: Ultimate Edition 
19. No Man's Sky 
20. Cat Quest 
21. Oxenfree 
22. DeathSpank 
23. The Secret of Monkey Island
24. Day of the Tentacle 
25. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
c't Magazin
2 days ago

heise+ | Mini-PC im Test: Intel NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition

Der NUC machte das Superkompaktformat massentauglich, jetzt lässt Intel die Minirechner auslaufen. Einer der letzten Vertreter ist der NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition.

#Betriebssystem #PC #Intel #MiniPC #SSD #Test #news

2 days ago

Habe mir nach jahrelangem Zögern nun eine neue #Grafikkarte rausgesucht. Das Ding ist über 33 cm lang. Mein #PC #Gehäuse kann nur <28 cm fassen. Ich krieg die Krätze. Muss ich mich jetzt echt mit einem neuen Gehäuse befassen, nur weil ich ein einziges Teil meines PCs aufrüsten will? Das tut meiner ohnehin recht geringen #Konsumfreudigkeit nicht wirklich gut...

Craig G
2 days ago

One of the more fun side quests in Starfield - dressing up as a giant tardigrade to scare tourists on Titan 😊

#Starfield #PC #Gaming

On the orange hued surface of Saturn's moon Titan, my character is dressed head to toe as a brown coloured giant tardigrade with one arm raised in the air.
Fly Boy
2 days ago

The first foldable #PC era is unfolding.…


Ryan Peters
2 days ago

I'm thinking of building a PC with my kid, but it's been at least 8ish years since I've built one. What's a good source for budget, sub-$500 builds? Is PC part picker still a good start, too? Thanks.

#pc #computer #building #custompc #boost

heise online
3 days ago

Intel bestätigt, dass "Meteor Lake"-CPUs für Desktop-PCs erscheinen

Intels nächste Prozessorgeneration "Meteor Lake" erscheint nicht ausschließlich für Notebooks – zumindest, wenn man sich geduldet.

#Prozessoren #PC #Intel #news

Irfan 🌝
3 days ago

I have 0 know-hows/logic comprehension when it comes to anything involving electricity, it's fucking nuts lol. I'm planning to replace a perfectly healthy drive on #TrueNAS with a brand new, bigger drive. I've an extra SATA port/data cable, and likely also a SATA power cable, so I can pass the new drive to TrueNAS while retaining the old one it's replacing.

What I don't have is a proper spot to mount the new drive, while the old one is still in the build. I'm planning to only remove the old one once the replacement/resilvering process is done. Is it safe if I just put the new drive anywhere inside or outside of the case, as long as it's away from the motherboard?

#NAS #homelab #PC #server

And we’re done! Time to throw the glass on and not open it again for some time. 🙌🏾🥳

#pc #pcgaming

Photo of a pc with rgb components and shiny new pink cables
Photo of a pc with rgb components and shiny new pink cables

@beka_valentine For example a #PC running #OS1337 and using #Dropbear to #SSH into is a terminal...

Alrighty, time to make a few adjustments and then I’m closing this baby up. 👌🏾

#pc #pcgaming

A photo of pink PSU cable extensions and two BeQuiet fans
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

This is the game that should have been available at launch!

MajorOffline: Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update - MajorLinux

#CDProjektRed #CyberPunk2077 #DLSS #Gaming #Nvidia #PC #RayTracing #Steam #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring female V holding a handgun on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
4 days ago

Et voilà le nouveau câble dans le PC, c'est beaucoup mieux comme ça !
#retrocomputing #pc

L'intérieur du PC avec le nouveau câble  de lecteur de disquettes.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but...

#gaming #videogames #NintendoSwitch #PC #Xbox #Playstation

Berdly, an awkward humanoid bird person, has a touched but surprised look on his face as he says

"You're not only kind, but a true gamer as well."


- ASUS Crosshair VIII “Dark Hero” (MOBO)
- 64 GB G.Skill Trident Z (RAM)
- AMD Ryzen 7 5800x3D (CPU)
- AMD Radeon 7900 XTX Sapphire Nitro (GPU)
- ASUS ROG Strix 1000w Gold (PSU)
- DeepCool LT520 (AIO)
- Lian Li O11 Air Mini (case)

#pc #pcgaming #computer

Close up photo of colorful ram, aio, and gpu inside a pc
Photo of a pc with rgb elements and an open panel
Close up of colorful gpu , ram, and cpu aio in a pc

2 BIOS updates, several RAM re-seatings, multiple arch-chroots and grub reinstalls later…the new rig is running and looking almost like I wanted.

My 24-pin and 8-pin PSU cables are extremely thick, stiff, and i kinda hate them so I’ve ordered some better looking ones to replace the cables seen in the pics.

Otherwise, I love it 😍

#pc #pcgaming #computer

Photo of a newly built computer with rgb elements and an open side panel
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

This is the game that should have been available at launch!

MajorOffline: Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update

#Cyberpunk2077 #CDProjektRed #PC #DLSS #RayTracing #Nvidia #Gaming #Steam #YouTube #BlackFedi #BlackMastodon #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring the female V character holding a handgun on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.

Time to get to work 😊

#pc #pcgaming

A motherboard, cpu, ram, thermal paste, and toolkit on a desk
The Video Game Library 📚
5 days ago

Big thanks to Adam in the Discord for shedding some light on "Gadget: Past As Future"🙏

I'd never heard of this game, let alone the 3 books written about it! 📚

Now all catalogued in #TheVideoGameLibrary!


#PCGaming #PC #Game #Gaming #Gamer #VideoGame #VideoGames #GadgetPastAsFuture #Gadget #PlayStation #PS1 #Book #Bookstodon @bookstodon #Books #ArtBook #Novel #StrategyGuide #RetroGaming #90s

The cover of 3 books, all based on Gadget: Past As Future. There's a Japanese Guide Book, an Art Book and a Novel.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.

My new GPU is finally here! 🥳

I can’t wait to start putting everything together this afternoon.

#pcgaming #pc #amd

An AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX box sitting on a wooden desk

@primesuspect*nodds in agreement*

I think that making #GameDevelopment for #Consoles accessible and easy to do isn't necessary at odds with the interest of said platform owner (#Microsoft) as for #Xbox and #GamePass, #content in the form of #games is desireable.

Obviously that should still mean #Quality and no #Shovelware but unlike on #PC the "walled garden" nature does make it easy to exert #QualityControl.

Also @godotengine & @defold do support Xbox & #Windows pending developer agreement.

🆕 #mbpoli poll: PROBE decided+leaning: #NDP 49% | #PC 38% | #MLP 9% | #GPM 2% | Sep 7-18 live-agent + IVR phone n=1000

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

I love this for the iPad!

New 'Orion' App Turns Your iPad Into an HDMI Display for a Console or Mac

#App #iPad #HDMI #Display #Console #PC #TechNews

An iPad being used as a secondary display using Orion.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
heise online
1 week ago

Lüfterloser Mini-PC: Zotac Zbox Edge CI343

Zotac packt Intels N100-Prozessor in ein Mini-Gehäuse ohne Lüfter. Mit dabei: drei Display-Anschlüsse und vier Lanes für eine SSD.

#MiniPC #PC #news

@HopelessDemigod @ncommander

That being said #AIX and the #RS6000 is as far away from a #consumer #PC as #zArchitecture, #DB2 and a lot of other #IBM products...

After all #Services make #Software,
Software makes #Operating Systems,
#OperatingSystems make #Hardware.

Otherwise noone would deal with #AMD64 and everyone would've transitioned to #ARM64 or even #RiscV #128Bit ages ago...

@ncommander It reminds me of some stuff like the #PoweMacintosh 6100/66 "DOS-Compatible" that #LGR reviewed ( ) and the #Apple2 #PDS card that #8BitGuy took a look at ( ) ...

I wounder if we'll see something with #amd64-based #Atom / #Celeron / #COREi chips similar to the NUC Extreme Kits for #Linux #PC's once the mainstream goes #ARM64 or even #RiscV-128...

PC Build update 👩🏾‍💻

After waiting since September 6th for the AMD Radeon 7800 XT to restock, I decided to just buy the Radeon 7900 XTX instead.

I cancelled my backorder last night and my 7900 XTX Sapphire Nitro should be here this Friday!

In the meantime, my thermal paste, cpu AIO, and gpu support have arrived. 😎

#pc #pcgaming

A photo of a DeepCool LT520 aio, the ROG Hercules gpu stand, and pk3 aluminum paste on a wooden desk.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

We join our intrepid space explorers failing to start The First Descendant, trying to buy a new ship, finding a second ship, and failing to sell that one!

The MajorLinux Show: Starfield (Part 2)

#Bethesda #BethesdaGameStudios #Gaming #Microsoft #PC #Starfield #Twitch #Xbox #YouTube #Zenimax #BlackMastodon #Blerd #BlackFedi

A split thumbnail featuring an astronaut looking at a mountain range with a distant ringed planet in the sky on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 week ago

super special shout out to ASUStek who have been phoning it in lately - for this amazingly shoddy "locking mechanism" on their "super leet ROG STRIX" motherboard GPU slot. HOURS wasted last weekend.

New m.2 drive? OK.. remove GPU, but you can't anymore without removing the CPU, which means taking out the motherboard, finding the "good" thermal compound, and it's a whole ass THING now.

Sure, it's "my fault" for having "a large CPU cooler"... 🙄

THANK YOU ASUS, you absolute asus-hats #asus #pc

the release mechanism is totally knackered on the GPU slot. From trying to engage it with chopstic, screwdriver, paint stirrer, a peanut butter stirrer, etc.

At long last I had to remove the CPU.
clearance is tight here. Sure that's partially on me for having a gigantic air cooler, but you'd think the release mechanism wouldn't crumple..

Who remembers the #ConsoleWars those days when we had to choose up sides between #XBox and #PlayStation with #PC and #Nintendo as collateral damage?? Also who remembers #pokemon Gen1? Red and blue? Gen 2? Silver and Gold?

I contend that which gen 1 game you played (to a lesser extent gen 2) predicted your side on the war. (Choose the Pokémon game and console you felt most connected to)

Please boost for reach

2 weeks ago

I was looking at old family photos and this PC caught my eye. Has anyone seen a case like this before?

This photo was from way before I was born but it would be pretty neat to have a case that is similar, if not, exactly the same

#Retro #RetroTechnology #PC

Nils Wilcke
2 weeks ago

Il a osé le dire: "J’ai mangé une bavette aujourd’hui. Ça va brûler en Afrique? Sans parler des ris de veau que j’ai mangés à Châlons (...) Ça, ça vaut au moins un tremblement de terre à Haïti", lance Roussel dans Libé, pour critiquer Sandrine Rousseau. #Politique #PC #Roussel #SandrineRousseau #DirectAN #Ecologie #Climat #Viande #Nupes

Craig Grannell
2 weeks ago

#DailyRetroGame 192: Driver (1999)

Gangs. Assassination plots. Whatever. Driver appealed because you got to belt around massive cities, and ignore your mission when you fancied just driving like a maniac. Arcade handling enhanced the exhilarating nature of the game, although it did get a bit much during the psychotic final mission, which at the time felt like you existed in a city of infinite kamikaze cops.

Play it on: #PlayStation, #PC



Games That Weren't
2 weeks ago

A big surprise to kick off the week at Games That Weren't, with recovery of a long lost and complete #PC #DOS conversion of Firebird Software's Thrust. Missing for around 35 years + it's existence not fully known - you can now finally play it!

I've been having this issue with my #AMD #Windows #PC: every day or so the display outputs stop working. When I restart, it's in low-res. My #GPU is "disabled" in Device Manager. If I uninstall the #driver and restart to let it reinstall, it goes back into high-res, but only for a day or so until it happens again. I've tried installing AMD Adrenaline Software, but it's the same. I suppose I need to get into the Event Viewer and see if there are any error messages..


I—;— General Diver Detals Events Resources »v | AMD Radeon RX 6300 XT ;B g : Devietipe:  Dilay adaters ‘]‘; Manufacturer:  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Locaton PClbus 3, deice 0. functon 0

Devioe status

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load

the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

{Operation Failed)

The requested aperaton was unsuccesshi

Cose Cance
Mono :verified:
3 weeks ago

Como algunos saben, he andado investigando un poco porque quiero reducir al maximo mis gadgets, en mi vida he gastado demasiado en esos aparatos, me refiero a tiempo y dinero. Quiero quedarme con un teléfono, una consola y un dispositivo para consumir multimedia, leer y editar ligeramente documentos (tablet). Todavía estoy indeciso sobre de que tanto desacéreme. Que sería su mínimo necesario en tecnología? #ios #ipad #android #switch #windows #surface #pc #iPhone #MacbookPro #linux

Matthew C. 🖖🏻
3 weeks ago

Okay, #PC folks...

I have been having an ongoing issue with my HP Omen 30L PC. I’ll share specs, and then ask about the issue I’m having. I’m running Windows 11 with an AMD Ryzen 7 - 3700X processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 GPU, 16 GB and a Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 700W PSU (upgraded from the 500W PSU it came with). 250 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD. The computer is 2.5 years old.

Stefan TRMSC | eduBW
3 weeks ago

So, der Arbeitsplatz für das neue #schuljahr steht! Mit dem heutigen Tag und meinem neuen #PC, der nach vielen Jahren unumgänglich war, läuft endlich auch mein Hauptrechner vollständig auf #linux und wo es geht mit #foss #opensource #freesoftware - ein sehr gutes Gefühl! 😍🐧 #goodbyewindows

Diesen Moment möchte ich mit euch teilen, liebes #fediverse #fediLZ und mich für eure Hilfe zu all meinen Fragen der letzten Zeit bedanken! 😊💐

#kubuntu @kde #kde @fsfe 🥳🥇💙

2 Bildschirme mit KDE Wallpaper, auf dem gezeichnete Berge zu sehen sind. Ein dritter Bildschirm hinter einem Mischpult ist inaktiv.
Fast Junkie 💀
3 weeks ago


#OMG... I ❤️ that series... I still have those old #PC entertainment utilities... get this... designed for (Win 3.1) #WIN31 or later... (which means... #WIN2000 at best)...

Wish replies allowed photos... still have the original boxes (remember when software came in a box... with instructions...) 🤪

I still have #Homesite in the box... yes I was around well "before the internet"...

Would love a #Babylon5 modern day reboot...! #sweet...!

Windows licensing question #1:

I have a custom built system with two physical SSDs in it. Can I have two separate Windows installs, one on each? If so, do they need their own separate licenses, or can they share one?

#windows #PC

Corentin Lamy
1 month ago

J'ai joué à #Morrowind dès sa sortie, quand un pote me l'a offert sur CD gravé pour mon anniversaire (et même 15 jours avant sa sortie en fait, au fanday que je vous racontais l'autre fois). Puis j'ai eu une version legit gratos mais moche avec ma carte graphique... Ce n'est que des mois (des années ?) plus tard que j'ai mis la main sur la version collector : je me souviens encore de dizaines et de dizaines de ces mini #bigbox alignées dans les rayons de la FNAC.
#retrogaming #elderscrolls #pc

Recto de la boîte de la collector de Morrowind
Verso et contenu de la boîte de la collector Morrowind (jeu + OST + carte en papier + figurine)
1 month ago
A picture of a black cat with its paws on the keyboard for the IBM PC looking at the monitor which has some sort of game on it displayed in green
Craig Grannell
1 month ago

#DailyRetroGame 182: The Typing of the Dead (1999)

You’d loved to have been in the room. “You know what House of the Dead needs more of?” “What?” “Typing!” And so Sega mashed its fab light gun shooter into Mavis Beacon and the result was… awesome. Rather than aim and fire, you smashed out words accurately, or had your face torn off. Now someone have the next Walking Dead TV show do the same, for the yuks.

Play it on: #arcade, #Dreamcast, #PC



1 month ago

#Microsoft #Windows #OneDrive - That's what was locking up my #PC so badly.

I took it off, and it's saving me a fortune in power, time and patience. Power especially! Those fans were running all of the time.

I don't understand how a user-level application is even allowed to lock the entire machine for minutes at a time and make it unusable after a while. That's some seriously bad #Engineering there and not at all #Environment friendly!

This is on #Windows11 but it's just as bad on #Windows10

1 month ago

A breve i PC fissi aziendali della mia compagna verranno rinnovati. Stavolta metteranno tutti portatili con docking station per tastiera-mouse-schermo.

La spiegazione è che i portatili sono più performanti dei fissi (a parità di prezzo?) e consumano meno energia.

Stesso pensiero espresso un annetto fa da cognato ingegnere informatico.

Non ne so abbastanza: qualche idea a riguardo?

EDIT: pc easy per uso ufficio e fogli di calcolo

#pc #computer #laptop #notebook #energia

Chris Pirillo
1 month ago

performed an inadvertent experiment and learned that #google #chrome is seemingly *far* more efficient, responsive, and snappy than the #microsoft edge browser (oddly enough) on the same #pc

I accidentally made this really evil looking staff so I felt like I had to give myself a more evil appearance. 😈​

#NoMansSky #PC #gaming

A figure, eyes glowing red perches atop a giant skull that is backlit with red from an unknown source.  It wields a staff with a robot head on it that also glows eerily.
Seen now in less dramatic lighting, you can see that they have a head with many red glowy eyes inside a black hood trimmed in red, purple markings visible.  Their arms and legs show exposed servos...the metal is mainly black with actuators in red.  They have a sleek armored chest piece with a big red stripe in the middle and a circle of purple.

Their staff is a greyish metal color with glowing red lights on it.  The middle of it flares outwith many lights and it's topped with a salvaged head from some other machine life-form.  

They've a jetpack on their back that is winged, only the wings are visible from this front angle.  In the background is a structure overgrown a bit with mushrooms and hanging plants.
They have their back turned in front of a fireplace, their jetpack is in full view and is very bulky, with wings with blue jets.  The wings are mostly black and red fitting with the rest of their color scheme.
They stand looking upon some unknown experiment in their dwelling, half cave, half hi-tech base.  A large glowing green jellyfish like creature is in a stasis field directly in front of them alongside some canisters full of flora samples.  Shelves of supplies and other things can be see in the background.
Chris Pirillo
1 month ago

we're doing a bit more #pc work today (upgrading a psu) ~

c't Magazin
1 month ago

Der optimale PC 2024: Welchen Bauvorschlag wünschen Sie sich?

Für unsere diesjährigen c't-Bauvorschläge brauchen wir Ihre Mithilfe. Geben Sie uns Input für den nächsten optimalen PC.

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1 month ago

The #LinkediIn #IT #Operations test asked me about #PC crap. There was nothing about how not to chop your finger off putting the first cabinet into a 19-inch rack, or how to buy suits in bulk because your boss wants you to wear suits but also to crawl under floors or rail depot underground tunnels or roofs to fix cables in all weathers.

When I left #BritishRail and turned up for my 1st day of the job at #BT, I went in army combat pants and a hoodie to set the tone for the rest of my time there.

1994-1996 me - The first on the Paddington Station platform wearing a suit and tie (though with hands in pockets), the second standing (hands on head) on a bench in a British Telecom machine room in camouflage combat pants, and a blue sweater. I miss those pink BT security badges, they were snazzy.
c't Magazin
1 month ago

Dual-Boot: Problem mit dem Netzwerktreiber unter Ubuntu

Uns ist aufgefallen, dass es im Dual-Boot-Betrieb mit Windows 11 und Ubuntu 23.04 zu Problemen mit der Netzwerkkarte kommen kann. Aber es gibt eine Lösung.

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1 month ago

I discovered why my #PC has been painfully slow for the last few weeks. After a LOT of troubleshooting, when I went to have a look at the fan speeds to see if there may be a cooling issue I spotted that it had somehow, magically, switched the power plan to "Low Power" instead of "High Performance".

So now my 64Gb Stupid fast PC is running like was built this century.

If I was ever going to write a virus just to piss people off, now I know what I'd make it do!

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1 month ago

Did you learn to type on an actual typewriter or on a PC, or something else?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

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1 month ago