Rick Turoczy
2 hours ago

Tell me you started your company in Portland, Oregon, without telling me you're in #pdx ๐Ÿ˜‚

5 hours ago

"Affordable housing" is where you pay $929 a month for a cramped studio in a building where the elevator buttons are broken, there's shit in the stairwells, your kids puke from fentanyl smoke exposure, and hatchet-wielding stalkers roam the halls.

Next person that posits building more "affordable housing" as a solution gets a spray bottle to the nose.

#portland #PDX #housing

Today I got a salad from #Crisp, and I got it in a #boldreuse reusable container.

Now I'm getting a #coffee from #Extracto and using my first #okapi #reusable cup! I feel so #Portland! ๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฒ

#pdx #reduce #reuse #recycle

Escape Fights - Portland/PDX
6 hours ago

Cheap Flights: Portland to Dublin $486-$532 r/t [October-December] (No Christmas) - Icelandair

#Airfare #Flights #Travel #EscapeFlights #Portland #PDX #Oregon

Redrawn Hell Human
9 hours ago

Also, Shady Pines Festival is right around the corner so get your tickets soon! July 13-17 at Red Mud Ranch in Oregon City: 3 and a half days of music over 2 stages, featuring some of #Portland 's best up-and-coming bands and awesome touring acts, plus local vendors, activities and camping in the pines on a beautiful creekside ranch! Kids go free!!

More info and tickets at

#pdx #portlandoregon #pdxmusic #oregon #festival #SummerFestival #MusicFestival

11 hours ago

Cosigning this take on Portland's new daytime camping ban that criminalizes being unhoused.


#Portland #weather
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Low clouds from the west under high clouds from the east this morning. The low clouds may fade away for periods of clouds and sun for the rest of the day, high near 25ยฐC. Isolated drizzle possible.

Similar conditions possible tomorrow. Sunny and warming through the weekend, around 27ยฐC Saturday but up to 32ยฐC by Monday.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

Disabled Anarchist ๐Ÿด
19 hours ago

Sharing this here so it gets out. Fash in the Portland area are targeting a drag story time at a library in Tigard, Oregon on June 11th. Please share this widely, especially if you are in the Portland area. Boost boost!

#Portland #TigardOR #PortlandOR #PDX #DragQueenStoryTime #Drag #DragQueen #Antifascist #LGBTQ #ProtectDragQueens #Library #DefendDrag #DefendDragStoryHour

Flyer made by fash that shows the details about occupying a drag story time at a library. The flyer reads, "Occupy Drag Storytime. Concerned citizens and parents protest. Show up early to 'sit in' and occupy all available seats leaving non for children. Or join others for a flag wave protest outside the library." There is a screen grav of the schedule that shows Miss Poison Waters is scheduled to to read from 3-4pm at the Tigard library at 13509 SW Hall BLVD, Tigard OR, 97223.

@ShaulaEvans just an FYI

They passed they law banning from 8am to 8pm ๐Ÿ˜ก

Pitch a tent #pdx #Portland

Encrypted chat and we can plan a protest ๐Ÿ˜

1 day ago

James Beard award winner for Emerging Leadership: The Burgerville Workers Union, the world's first fast food union

#PDX #Portland #Labor #Union #Food

1 day ago

"We hope to stand as an example that paying people fairly, having diverse and mixed gender teams is not just equitable, but effective.

โ€œToday I stand the son of Haitian immigrants, a son of my ancestors, and the member of a team 45 people deep who are committed to telling the story of #Haiti and its contribution to the culinary arts, to American culture and to global culture altogether.โ€

#PDX #Portland #Food #PNW

Sherri Koehler
1 day ago

#PDX friends, does anyone have a good allergist/asthma doc in the metro area?

A nice doctor told me yesterday I really should be seeing one as a nearly 54 year old asthmatic who has been getting hives over stressful days.

So I'm concerned about what is likely to be a highly unpleasant summer here in #Portland.

Given the far-right's obsession with trans people at the moment, Nazi tracking is gonna be super important.

How are we doing this without Twitter?

Twitter is dead. Mastodon is sort of a replacement, but misses a lot of less tech-savvy users (not arguing about this, it's a fact) who can contribute.

Where are we going and what are we doing, #pdx normies?

Jake Brown
1 day ago

Basking in City Hallโ€™s remarkable architecture
#portland #oregon #pdx #pnw

An elevator sits between two towering columns next to an interior staircase.
Stairs wind up multiple levels, revealing skylights above them and a table setting below.
1 day ago

#Running update: Tough (for me) tempo run today, 4x8:00 @ 10:45/mi. My feet are still going numb when running, especially at faster paces, even with looser lacing. It goes away when I stop and do some ankle rotations and stuff and doesn't seem to impact my slower paces so I should probably do some more dynamic stretching before a session.

Happy Global Running Day!

#Strava #Garmin #pdx

Just a picture of my Strava run. Run was 5.1 miles, Pace was 12:31/mi, Time was 1h 4m.
Tired Aid Worker
1 day ago

Jessie this morning while I was trying to have coffee on the balcony. Someone enjoys sunbathing and belly scratches. Jessie does, too. ๐Ÿคช #DogsOfMastodon #PDX #Portland #PNW #MorningCoffee

My long-haired chihuahua, Jessie, who is mostly white with tan marks, lays sprawled on her back in my lap with a satisfied look on her face as we enjoy the morning sun in Portland, Oregon, on my balcony. Red and purple fucsia plants in the background.
T. Thorn Coyle ๐Ÿ–ค
1 day ago

Some days, youโ€™re just a turtle, juggling baguettes.

#StreetArt #StreetPhotography #turtle

Art stapled to a wood pole. A turtle in a straw hat, ringed with baguettes.

#Portland #weather
Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Periods of clouds and sun with a high near 30ยฐC but the real spice comes this evening when a marine push comes up the river, reaching St. Helens mid-afternoon reaching Portland a few hours after. This will produce a north breeze, a cool down, and higher humidity.

Mostly cloudy through Friday but probably clearing out into the weekend. A little drizzle wouldnโ€™t surprise me but substantial rain wonโ€™t be a thing.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

Shaula Evans
2 days ago

Remind me, friends: who do I know in Portland?

#Portland #PDX

USGS now reporting that there were three earthquakes in quick succession under Mount Hood.

14:35:15 Tuesday - M3.0, 1.4km deep
14:36:03 Tuesday - M2.2, 2.0km deep
14:36:06 Tuesday - M2.6, 3.1km deep

Interesting, but still not a sign that an eruption is imminent.

(Updated with better info)

#pdx #Portland #Oregon #earthquake

M3.0 #earthquake near Mount Hood, #Oregon at 14:35 Tuesday. Earthquakes around the volcanoes are normal and do not mean an eruption is imminent.

If you are in the #Portland, Mount Hood, or Columbia Gorge regions you can help seismologists by filling out the โ€œdid you feel itโ€ survey linked below - even if you didnโ€™t feel anything.

#pdx #geology

Jake Brown
2 days ago

Perfect weather to cruise alongside the Willamette. I just love these late sunsets!
#portland #oregon #pdx #pnw

Looking westward across the Willamette River, as a small tree frames the left side, and the setting sun pierces through a building on the right.
Ian Rose
2 days ago

Portlanders: There's been a sewage leak just upriver in Lake Oswego. Terrible timing, with heat getting into the 90s, but if you can avoid the Willamette today and tomorrow, you should.

#pdx #portland #oregon

Escape Flights - Seattle
2 days ago

Nonstop Flights: Seattle or Portland to/from Denver $119 r/t [Aug-Nov] - Southwest

#Airfare #Flights #Travel #EscapeFlights #Seattle #Denver #PDX #Portland

2 days ago

One thing I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll ever understand about Portland is โ€˜brunch cultureโ€™.

The last thing I want to do on a weekend morning is spend an hour and a half in line with a couple dozen unkempt hipsters and then wait another 45 minutes to an hour for some sketchy eggs Benedict.

Give me a greasy spoon diner with a server named Nancy who smells of smoke and calls me โ€˜honeyโ€™ any day. The whole family will have eaten and be out the door in 35 minutes.

#pdx #pnw #portland

Escape Fights - Portland/PDX
2 days ago

Nonstop Flights: Portland to/from Denver $146 r/t [August-October] - United

#Airfare #Flights #Travel #EscapeFlights #PDX #Portland #Oregon

2 days ago

#Running update: Still using Garmin's suggested workouts. Yesterday it said today would be sprints, but this morning it said a base run instead. I'm not complaining.

36 minutes, based on 13:00/mi pace rather than HR. Felt alright. Calves are my biggest issue; they would feel better if I ran faster because I'd be touching the ground less. My feet went numb 3/4ths of the way through too; that was probably from trying my shoes too tight.

#Strava #Garmin #pdx #Portland

Puppet Community Team
2 days ago

Puppet is hosting a #PlatformCon watch party in our #PDX office on June 8 and y'all are invited. Rsvp here to make sure we have enough donuts ๐Ÿ˜

#Portland #weather
Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Mostly sunny again today and expecting it to be the warmest day of the week with highs around 33ยฐC. Not as windy as yesterday. Slightly cooler tomorrow but heading toward around 25ยฐC and mostly cloudy for the weekend.

Mountain thunderstorms bringing evening high clouds through Thursday.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

Octavia con Amore
3 days ago

YAAAY! I got something recorded today that doesn't need much processing before I can show you to you all! :zerotwo_hype:โ€‹ :cat_ooh:โ€‹ :espeon_love:โ€‹

This is a condensed version of the theme from Undertale arranged for 2 violins and shrunk to a size that'll fit as the piece for the recessional.

It's a bit from this morning's rehearsal for a wedding I'm playing at this weekend. Aside from getting to play my full range of soundtracks during the set, my friend came over to rehearse for a few pieces we'll play together :bugcat_dance:โ€‹ :rainbow_dance:โ€‹ (though he'll be busy with other things during most of the wedding)

#Music #Rehearsal #Violin #Violinist #Duet #Soundtracks #OST #Undertale #Games #GameSoundtracks #Portland #PDX

edit: anyone else able to get the audio to play?
edit 2: tried replacing the wav with an mp3

The Mad Codger
3 days ago

Visited the #McMenamins Crystal Ballroom yesterday in order to get the passport stamps that are usually only obtainable during concerts.

It's a shame it's never anything I'm interested in seeing as it really is a nice old venue. Fisheye photo by my friend.

#pdx #FishEye

Fisheye photograph of an old ballroom. Hard to describe the non-normal circular nature of the photo.
3 days ago

#Running update: I ran two 5ks on Saturday, one in the morning (#parkrun) and one in the evening. The evening one was supposed to be a fun run (the Starlight Run here in #Portland) but I ended up running it just as fast as my parkrun. So, a whole lot of recovery on Sunday, which included pizza.

Then this morning was a leisurely 36 minutes with a HR at or around 139bpm. Felt good and my HR was so low that I thought my watch was screwing up.

#pdx #Garmin

#Portland #weather
Monday, June 5, 2023

Sunny today with a north breeze peaking 50 km/h in typical breezy spots. Highs around 27ยฐC, reaching as high as 34ยฐC tomorrow before trending off toward a cool and mostly cloudy weekend.

No significant chance of rain over the next week though some light showers/drizzle/mist are possible this weekend.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

PPB says the recent deaths of six women around the #Portland area currently appear unconnected.


Just had a distant boom and power surge in Northwest #Portland. Looks like it fried the display on our microwave, but the microwave still works. Anyone else get it just after 19:00 Sunday?

Update - The microwave display turned back on on its own and even had the correct time.


Scott Murray
4 days ago

Hey #pdx how would you sell a secondhand #longtail #bicycle? My sense isโ€ฆ Craigslist and NextDoor are sketchy for different reasons. Whatโ€™s a legit way to sell a #bike?

Photo of a green longtail Yuba Mundo bicycle with front basket and rear extended rack, bench, and foot rests
4 days ago

there was a restaurant cafe place we used to go to in the early 00s #PDX with a theme soaked in new york dolls, lou reed, and the like.

there was a ham sandwich on the menu with a very Bukowski/Mickey Rourke description sourced from Barfly.

i think it was up on west burnside- anyone remember the name?

@portlandy I've been living in #pdx for about five years now and this year is easily the best rose year I've experienced so far. They are really going ham!

4 days ago

If you haven't visited #PeninsulaPark in #pdx yet this June, set aside a good hour to pay a visit.

#florespondence #Bloomscrolling #itssoprettyintherosecity

A fully unfurled peach-colored rose with a row of red roses in the background
A tight orangey rose with lots of leaves in the background
Several not-quite opened roses clustered around two or three fully opened blossoms, red roses in the background
Pink roses climbing up a tall lamppost, the blue sky in the background
Aaron Parecki
5 days ago
The first Fancy Monday ride of the summer is this Monday! I'm currently scouting good drone photo opp locations.

Can't take off or land a drone in Portland city parks, but they can't stop you from flying over the park.

I swear to Satan I'm gonna buy a gun and just patrol #AinsworthSt waiting for some jackass to do shit like that and just draw down on them and see how they like having a deadly weapon pointed at *them*. #cagers #roadRage #drivers #bikeTooter #cycling #20sPlenty #bashBack #pdx #portland

Had another altercation with a #cager while riding my #bicycle on #Ainsworth St. #pdx

I heard his loud pipes roaring up behind me but I was passing a parked car so I took the whole lane.

His tires barked as he hit his brakes within feet of my back tire. I held my ground and he honked.

Mind you, this was directly across from #Alberta park, where people are pushing strollers and walking dogs.

I slowly yielded and yelled at him to get on #Killingsworth.

#silver late model #camaro no tags.

Wow I didnโ€™t know you could see Mount Rainier from #Portland. Just to the left of Mount St. Helens along the horizon.

#pdx #volcano

The image described in the text. In the foreground is a major port/industrial area backed by a bluff with trees and homes. The sky is blue and clear.

Starlight Parade: Maybe some high clouds with cool temperatures. Starting around 17ยฐC at 20:00, ending closer to 13ยฐC by the end at 22:00.

#pdx #Portland #pdxtst #orwx #weather

#Portland #weather
Saturday, June 3, 2023

Mostly sunny with maybe some high clouds this evening. High 26ยฐC. A little cooler tomorrow and becoming breezy in the afternoon then rising Monday to reach near 33ยฐC Tuesday. Slowly trending down after.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

6 days ago

Itโ€™s almost the first Monday of the month again, that means itโ€™s time for the letters to prisoners writing group to meet up!

Come send a letter to criminalized survivors of domestic violence, political prisoners, or any of your homies that could just use a kind word while theyโ€™re locked up!

#FreeThemAll #Abolition #Portland #pdx

A flyer with a pride flag background that reads:

Letters to Prisoners Writing Group 

Build solidarity, connect to community, and directly support victims of incarceration and domestic violence by writing letters of encouragement 

First Monday of every month at Revolutions Bookshop, 6:30-8pm, supplies provided, masks required

#Portland #weather
Friday, June 2, 2023

Mostly sunny today with a high around 25ยฐC. Westerly winds and breezy through the Columbia Gorge (Sandy River to Boardman). Possibly becoming breezy in town Saturday evening into Sunday.

Probably staying around 25-28ยฐ for highs through the weekend.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

1 week ago

Hey #portland, Iโ€™ve been seeing these abandoned real estate flyer boxes around town. Itโ€™s pretty clear that whatever company installed and utilized them gave up and left them to become eyesores during the early months of Covid.

So I decided to liberate one from its shackles and give it a new life as a #littleFreeLibrary box.

If you see one, you should too. If you want one and canโ€™t find one, let me know. I have eyes on a few more nearby.

#pdx #bookExchange #books #upcycling #reuse

Very curious about the internal workings of #AppleMaps & #pdx #bike routing.

We've got a greenway network that Maps doesn't acknowledge. But it also invents bike lanes, putting you on fast, narrow streets. and it picks un-signaled crossings for arterials (e.g .Cesar Chavez). It's worse on intra-quadrant routes.

I try to report unsafe or misleading segments when I'm planning a route in advance & have time. I'm sure someone gets right on that.

(fwiw Google Maps seems to pick calmer routes)

May 2023 was the warmest on record at #PDX Airport (mean temp = 17.9ยฐC, avg 15.1ยฐC) and the fifth warmest for downtown #Portland (mean temp = 17.1ยฐC, avg 14.9ยฐC).

Records at PDX go back to 1941 and downtown they go back to 1875.

#weather #pdxtst #orwx #wxtooter

#Portland #weather
Thursday, June 1, 2023

Meteorological summer is here and with it comes mostly sunny skies (a few clouds this afternoon) and highs near 22ยฐC. Weโ€™re on an upward trajectory to reach near 30ยฐC by Monday.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx

#Portland #weather
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Today is likely to be the coolest day of the week with highs near 20ยฐC under partly cloudy skies. Of note, there were a few areas below 5ยฐC this morning, including Vernonia which did 1ยฐC for a low.

Temperatures begin to climb tomorrow heading toward a heat wave early next week. Models have backed off a little on the heat but still put us above 30ยฐC for several days.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx