How can you draw a cartoon T.rex? This #NaturalHistoryMuseum London #video shares a helpful trick: With a #pencil, #draw a triangle, a circle, a rectangle, a zigzag line that starts near the circle’s center and ends with a tiny rectangle.

#drawing #kids #dinosaur #dinosaurs #howto #diy #tutorial

1 day ago

Sequel to my pevious post!

It seems Grumpy Old Cat is not too fond of rafles, pistons and other weapons that go BANG and make smoke. And he's going to tell everyone about his displeasure. And then he will tell them again. And again. And again. :P

#anthro #furry #furryart #medieval #fantasy #TraditionalArt #pencil #drawing #sketch #graphite #comic

2 days ago

First attempt at drawing a skull. Very relaxed sketch. Partly winding down and partly getting over the hurdle of making the first try at anatomical drawing. #skull #anatomy #pencil #sketch

A rough sketch in pencil with added black ink highlights of a human skull. The skull is turned a little to the left.
Chloe Cumming
3 days ago

Cadbury BBC Crayola Man (drawing)

#crayola #bbc #drawing #art #mastoart #pastels #pencil

A delicate layered drawing of a handsome man with text of various logos
Gilles Le Corre
3 days ago

7 Juin 2023
Grand nu N°5 ou étude N°237

Crayon et fusain sur papier Kraft blanc vergé.
60 x 160 cm

Modèle @Neko0001 d'après une photo de 2021.

#nude #nudity #nudityisnotporn #drawing #pencil #charcoal #nsfw #mastoart #dessin

Dessin au crayon et fusain. Une jeune femme nue, de 3/4 dos, bras pendant un peu détachés du corps, le gauche partiellement masqué par le haut de la cuisse gauche. Les jambes légèrement écartées. Les cheveux très noirs coupés carré sur la nuque laissent deviner le visage de profil dans l'ombre. La cambrure du dos et la contre cambrure des jambes donnent une impression de calme stabilité.
la lumière provient du haut à gauche, de sorte que le dos et les reliefs postérieurs sont bien éclairés, tandis que la partie antérieure est ombrée.
Camila Brun
3 days ago

Last week's output. Mixed more paint — the right way this time around! 🙌 — and tried the wet color pencil trick.

#pencil #sketchbook #drawing #fediArt

An open sketchbook full of mostly early 1900s people portrait sketches.

Page one: 1) A stoat (Mustela erminea) standing on its hind legs. 2) A moustachioed older man from 1860, with graying hair and a military uniform. 3) A miniature full body view of a man with his back turned to the viewer, wearing a dark coat and long striped sash streaming behind him as he walks away with an arm raised, holding a long thin stick. 4) A Tibetan Sikkim woman from circa 1890, wearing Lhasa-style clothes which include a headband decorated with what seems to be large dark pearls over her black and glossy hair and elaborate beaded necklaces. 5) A woman from c. 1900 wearing a dark dress, looking to the side. Her chignon is a bit loose and she's serious, almost sorrowful.

Page two: 1) A woman from 1870 wearing what might be an evening garb, with a pearl necklace and her hair partially up in a braid, the rest streaming down her back. 2) A stoat in profile. 3) Two tiny people, the 1st a woman in a light dress, holding flowers, her hat also decorated with them; the 2nd a man sitting in a slouch, his suit open. 4) A woman looking at the viewer with a smirk. 3) A young Black boy holding the reins of a horse. He's wearing a newsboys-style cap, white shirt and trousers folded up to his knees, held by suspenders. 5) A more stylized older man with a dark hair and moustache and a miffed expression. 6) A young Black woman in a stripped dress, her hair up in a chignon, gazing serenely to the side.
Roy Scholten
3 days ago

Waslijn / Clothes line
#drawing #pencil #sketch #trees #schetsboek

Pencil drawing of two trees next to eachother. On the left a T-shaped pole: the clothes line.
3 days ago

Marisa from Street Fighter 6
#mastoart #streetfighter #art #traditional #pencil

Marisa from Street Fighter holding her heavy gold chain. Pencil on paper with an ink outline
Alfred Poor
4 days ago

Making #wearable #sensors for #healthtech applications using #graphene is a cool idea, but it's really complicated and expensive, right? Wrong. Researchers at Penn State University have created a #pencil-on-#paper that can collect useful #biometric data!

Robert Cadena
5 days ago

Quick pencil and pan pastel sketch of Relya ( ) a fun musician I follow over on instagram

16x16 inches pan pastel and pencil on toned drawing paper

Some process shots coming soon

#sketching #pencil #mastoart

Pencil sketch of a musician
6 days ago

This is the first hand drawn pencil sketch I have done in years. There has been a daily sketch challenge in the art forums of fineartamerica for several days now and I had not played until yesterday. I think I will do it more often to get some practice.

prints are HERE >

#pony #sketch #horse #art #Mastoart #drawing #pencil #AYearForArt #SupportHumanArtists

A quick pencil sketch on paper of a fuzzy pony standing in the grass.
1 week ago

Nur is always up to date with the newest advancements in military technology and tries to always have the best equipment available. This model uses cartridges containing the lead ball together with an already set amount of powder, considerably reducing the loading time. The wheel-lock mechanism sometimes gets jammed, but he's certain at some point someone will solve the issue.

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #fantasy #graphite #pencil #sketch #drawing #comic

Gilles Le Corre
1 week ago

Samedi 3 Juin 2023
le travail avance, fini pour la semaine, je reprends lundi ou mardi.
Crayon et fusain sur papier Kraft blanc vergé.
60 x 160 cm

Modèle @Neko0001 d'après une photo de 2021.

#nude #nudity #nudityisnotporn #drawing #pencil #charcoal #nsfw #mastoart #dessin

Dessin au crayon et fusain. Une jeune femme nue, de 3/4 dos, bras pendants un peu détachés du corps, le gauche partiellement masqué. Les jambes légèrement écartées. Les cheveux très noirs coupés carré sur la nuque laissent deviner le visage de profil dans l'ombre. Travail en cours,  le corps, les bras sans la main droite, les fesses et les jambes jusqu'au genoux sont bien avancées, la main droite les mollets et les pieds sont juste indiqués au crayon.
Gerard Thomas
1 week ago

Void Machines. Flow sketching in pencil; trying to get the brain back on track.

#design #designer #SciFi #story #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #art #scifiart #spacefiction #MastoArt #fediart #conceptart #pencil #graphiteart

Janet Rosen :toad:
1 week ago

Today’s art. Not really satisfied with the rendering, but it’s as good as it’s going to get, so learn, discard, and move on…
#art #drawing #portrait #pencil #graphite

3/4 view of young white woman gazing off to the far side, slight head tilt, hair in french braid wrapped around her head with a few stray tendrils.
Gilles Le Corre
1 week ago

C'est parti. En prime un presque portrait de @Neko0001
Avec son autorisation bien entendu.
Crayon et fusain sur papier Kraft vergé blanc
60 x 160 cm
1er Juin 2023
#etudes #dessin #drawing #crayon #fusain #pencil #mastoart #nsfw
#nude #nudity

Dessin au crayon et fusain. Une jeune femme nue, de 3/4 dos, bras pendants un peu détachés du corps, le gauche partiellement masqué. Les jambes légèrement écartées. Les cheveux très noirs coupés carré sur la nuque laissent deviner le visage de profil dans l'ombre. Travail en cours, seul le haut du corps a été travaillé le reste est ébauché.
Camila Brun
1 week ago

And here comes the 20th page set! 🎉

Last week I tried black acrylics, hoping to reach the perfect black shadows and got the worst of the two worlds instead: Slightly washed out details that don't fit together with pencils while making the graphite shine obvious. Still worth the try! 😂

#pencil #sketchbook #DailySketches #art

An open sketchbook with mostly pencil drawings of late 1800s people.

Page one: 1) A beautiful Black woman in 3/4, her glossy hair arranged in a low chignon. She's wearing a white dress. 2) A stylized black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes). 3) A Black man staring at the viewer with a solemn expression. He's got a thinning moustache and closely cropped hair. 4) A handsome Sikkim Bhutia man from 1860s. The Sikkimese live in the the northeastern India, bordering the Tibet. 5) A woman looking over her shoulder. She's wearing her short dark curly hair in a classic 1937 style, but her clothes are more traditional. 6) Six late 1800s Indian people seen from afar (3 on this page, 3 on the next). There's not much detail to them and they have varied poses such as sitting, leaning against walls or holding objects.

Page two: 1) A hanfu model looking to the side with a serene expression. She's got a fringe and long black hair, adorned with classic hanfu-revival pins. 2) Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the 4th Shah of Qajar Iran, circa 1880. He's got a nice moustache and is wearing what might be a sikke hat — a plain tall conical hat made from camel wool, though his is black. 3) A mature Persian woman in profile from late 1800s wearing a chevron hijab. 4) A Mohave shovel-nosed snake (Chionactis occipitalis). 5) A mature man with a serious, almost sad expression. He's got graying hair, neatly arranged, and a thinning moustache.
Janet Rosen :toad:
1 week ago

Today’s art - Patrick from Museum by Sktchy in mechanical pencils with a touch of white gel pen to enhance highlights.

#art #portrait #drawing #graphite #pencil

Front facing portrait of a Black man, head and upper shoulders, in sunglasses and with two head wraps holding up his dreads.
Janet Rosen :toad:
1 week ago

Today’s art: work in progress at my drawing desk.
Alt Text : On the table easel, the reference photo on my Kindle; on the desk in front of it, a sheet of cotton paper taped to a board, with shadow-mapping in progress, with some of the mechanical pencils and the eraser and microeraser laying on the paper.
#art #WorkInProgress #drawing #pencil

description in post
2 weeks ago

#SillyCuratorPrompts gave me something to work on over lunch. Please enjoy this #CozyGecko. It's warm here so I thought he would enjoy sitting beside a pool with a fruity drink.

#MastoArt #Art #Pencil #Gecko

This is a sketch of a gecko drawn in pencil. He's sitting (human-style) on a chair lounging by a pool (not shown). He's got a drink in his hand with a straw coming out of it. There's an umbrella above him for shade. The chair is slatted. Below his feet is a beach towel with some folds in it that reads "#cozy". The picture is in a sketch book and you can see a placeholder ribbon by the spine.
2 weeks ago

Couldn’t go to sleep until I did one more #sketch just to prove to myself that I can still draw. This is on a 4” x 6” pad (about 10 cm x 15 cm).
#MastoArt #pencil #bipolar #anxiety

Pencil sketch of mountains. 4” x 6”
2 weeks ago

I drew a quick Sonic. Can't remember if I shared it.
#SonicTheHedgehog #Art #FanArt #Drawing #Pencil #BallHands

Drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog skidding to a stop. His arms are raised aggressively and legs bent ready to leap or run away.
2 weeks ago

This is a good moment to mention I really love maned wolves. They are such beautiful and bizarre creatures, and tremendously underrated as anthros. They also belong in their own separate genus and thus they are not real wolves, nor foxes, truly fascinating!

(And yes, I know maned wolves don't live in Mexico, but I really wanted to draw a macuahuitl).

#anthro #furry #furryart #canine #manedwolf #wolf #sketch #drawing #pencil #graphite #TraditionalArt

Quickly Drawn Mountains
2 weeks ago

this is fun (what was i thinking edit)

#pencil #coloredpencil #sun #mountain #landscape #sketch #quicklydrawn

this is fun (what was i thinking edit)

a mountain drawn in pencil, then colored in colored pencil, then i added some ink to define the edges a bit better.

i did recolor it and post it later, told ya.
2 weeks ago

New marker art what I finished yesterday!

#MastoArt #marker #copic #copicmarkers #posca #colour #color #pencil

Quickly Drawn Mountains
2 weeks ago

the elders have faith (and yet edit)

#pen #pencil #coloredpencil #mountain #landscape #art #quicklydrawn

the elders have faith (and yet edit)

same mountain, with "color," wanted to keep it greyish.
2 weeks ago
Donna M Strachan
2 weeks ago

A little pencil sketch of my two dogs Sally and Misty sleeping together on the sofa. Pencils and graphite sticks on paper.

I'll do a proper drawing of Misty soon, this was just for practice as I haven't drawn much lately.

Hope you like it!
#art #mastoart #dogs #drawing #pencil #sketch #creativetoots

A pencil sketch of Sally the Jack Russell terrier and Misty my young husky. They are sharing a large cushion and both facing the viewer. Sally is lying upright with her head on a paw, while Misty lies on her side with her legs extended.
2 weeks ago

Here goes, attempting to finish this big drawing, been on hold for at least a year. Photo is of a section #art #drawing #pencil #sciencefiction #nature

Pencil drawing of a humanoid sheep type creature, drawn in a detailed cartoon style with pencil.
Tini Malitius
2 weeks ago

Hei! I drew this one for you. It's called "bokskogen" or "forest of books". How's your Thursday going? I'm going to sit on the balcony now and enjoy the last bit of sunlight for today. (PS. notice the rubber eraser creature. I hope it makes you smile a little)

#illustration #MastoArt #art #pencil #books #ink #birds #bird

illustration of books and creatures
2 weeks ago

Heute Nachmittag endlich unsere beiden Hunde skizziert.
Wenn sie schlafen, halten sie schön still 😎, hier auf abstraktem #Aquarell Hintergrund.

#sketch #sketchbook #pencil #watercolor #aquarell #MastoArt #galgo

Links oben ist ein Galgo mit Bleistift skizziert, rechts unten ist ein Galgomix mit Aquartell und Bleistift skizziert.
Beide schlafen eingebettet in Kissen. Hintergrund bilden abstrakte Farben.
2 weeks ago

made a grid drawing of some random cat from google images

#art #drawing #cat #fediart #pencil

Camila Brun
2 weeks ago

Latest sketches, in which I start to practice tiny people to go with the floating heads (no, for crowds actually)!

Last month I started taking extra closeups photos because my camera sucks and heavily pixelates the full-page ones. You can see them regularly on and always at 👀

#pencil #sketchbook #fediArt

An open sketchbook with portraits of people from late 1800s, early 1900s and a few other mixed sketches.

Page one: 1) A young woman looking rather sternly at the viewer. She's got dark hair gathered in a low, wide chignon covered by a net with metallic or gemstone details. 2) A man in profile looking at cards in his hand. He's frowning, has dark hair, strong eyebrows and reddish cheeks. 3) Tiny full body sketches of three people, a boy in suit and a flat cap, a younger shorter blonde girl in a light dress, and a sitting teenager with long braided hair and a stripped dress and apron. Their faces are obscured by the distance. 4) A young blonde man in profile. He's got a somewhat anachronistic disconnected haircut style. 5) A beautiful black headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus).

Page two: 1) A dark-haired woman looking to the side. It's my take on a painting, not a photo, by Mihály Zichy. 2) A handsome man looking at the viewer with a neutral expression. 3) A young dark-haired woman with ringlets falling over her shoulders. She's got a noble, if not almost concerned, countenance. 4) Surrounding her in the white space are made up silvery fishes. 5) A young Black woman in 3/4 profile. She's got a slight prominent jaw due an underbite, and she's very pretty. 6) A mature man with a white dog on his lap. He's frowning at the sun, wearing a conical cap to protect his eyes, and is overweight, with full lips and a round face.

🔵 Kurz und zwischendurch...
🔴 Short and in between...
✏️ Artist: #BehzadNohoseini in Loc. : #Teheran Iran 🇮🇷 - Title: "Pencil Meaning"- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Painting #Artwork #Illustration #Writing #Design #Drawing #Pencil 📝

Drawing. 9 drawings of a pencil as it might look for individual professions.
No1 is the writer: his pencil is very short. No2 is a teacher: his pencil is perfectly sharpened and normal size. No3 is the designer: The pencil is medium length, but the pencil tip is as long as the actual pencil. No4 is the trainer: normal length, but it is nibbled under the rubber. No5 is the psychologist: his pencil has no tip at the top or bottom. No6 The engineer: his pencil has two points. No7 The samurai: his pencil is cut exactly in the middle into two halve. No8: The fighter: his pencil is broken in the middle. And finally No9 The murderer: No pencil, but a pencil sharpener.
Behzad Nohoseini creates clever and witty illustrations in the form of small charts for many topics. Always funny, but also cryptic.
3 weeks ago

Another pretty old sketch that I still quite like.

Just a random Ajshar (catfolk of my setting) guard keeping an eye out for trouble. This was mainly an excuse to have some fun with clothing designs and intricated patterns, I love working on that stuff :P

I should make a colored version of this attire eventually!

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #drawing #sketch #pencil #graphite

3 weeks ago

Woman wearing a haik mrama, the traditional white robe of the women in Algiers.

Graphite pencils sketch, from my Kasbah of Algiers series of sketches

#MastoArt #MastodonArt #FediArt #art #FigurativeArt #ArtBooster #PortraitCommunity #traditional #clothing #architecture #graphite #pencil #sketch #drawing #Kasbah #Algiers #UNESCO

Woman wearing a haik mrama, the traditional white robe of the women in Algiers. She is about to push open a wooden door in the Kasbah of Algiers. Graphite pencils sketch from my Kasbah of Algiers series.
3 weeks ago

I do not always sketch per se, sometimes I just make broad marks until I can see something beginning to appear. Then I “carve” the object with pencil and eraser, letting the paper and graphite decide where ridges and valleys should appear. It’s meditative and low pressure. Sometimes I even find new compositions for use later.
#MastoArt #graphite #pencil

A simple sketch of two mountain ranges, one behind the other.
Camila Brun
3 weeks ago

Last week dailies just dropped. I must confess I have the greatest fun drawing beards and moustaches!

Also starring is the most indignant poor Australian hobby 😆 (

#pencil #sketchbook #DailySketches #art

An open sketchbook with pencil drawings of mostly people from late 1800s.

Page one: 1) A frowning mature man in profile. He's a bit overweight, balding and got sideburns, but no beard on his chin. 2) A startled-looking hawk with its head thrown back, beak wide open saying "AH!" on a speech bubble. 3) A girl smiling at the viewer. Her dark straight hair is loose and thrown to the side, giving her a relaxed look. 4) A serious Black man staring intently at the viewer. He's got a moustache, closely-cropped hair and kind eyes. 5) A teenager looking into the distance. Her large doe eyes give her an appearance of innocence. She's fat with full cheeks. Her hair falls onto her shoulders in luxurious curls and she's also sporting short bangs.

Page two: 1) An older man almost in profile. He's clad in a military uniform complete with epaulettes. His hair is light or graying, and he's got a moustache. 2) A smiling woman in profile. She's got a classic 1900s chignon and is wearing a white dress. 3) Iron Tail (Siŋté Máza), an Oglala Lakota Chief and performer with Buffalo Bill's Wild West. He's smiling and looking up, to the side. 4) A man in a suit, staring at the viewer. His hair is dark, slicked and combed back and to the sides, intensifying the looks of his wide forehead. He's got an also carefully groomed handlebar moustache.
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
3 weeks ago

Happy Wednesday, #fediverse
I have finally finished this piece and I am so happy about it! Color pencils are very time-consuming, but I am desperately in love with this media.
Aniko and his neon colors are incredibly pleasant to work on. My first session is going to happen this Sunday! So excited!

Paper: Royal Talens Van Gogh Mixed Media Journal
Pencils: Prismacolor Premier, Caran D'Ache Luminance 6901

#art #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #pencil #cyberpunk #OriginalCharacter

Color pencil illustration of my original character, Aniko. Aniko is a young man in his early 30ies, he has pale skin, short dark brown hair with mint-colored bangs. On the sides of his head there are two rings with antenas, from which goes holographic image of neon green-yellow pigtails. He is dressed in tight sitting purple and green onesie. The pose is dynamic, like running. In one of his hands he holds a battle knife.
3 weeks ago

Changing it up today with a little Simon drawing. I tried something new with his hair that I might keep doing going forward.

#OriginalCharacter #pencil #drawing

Pencil drawing of a man with thick round glasses, messy hair and a goatee
Steven Arntson
3 weeks ago

This is a video describing how I use a #pencil to write sheet music for my compositions. It is a very long video, and potentially very boring! Approach with caution. :blobcat: #musicTheory #music #sheetMusic #musicNotation #folkMusic #concertina #falsetto #singing

4 weeks ago
Pencil drawing of four characters, a pyramid, a maggot, a robot and a humanoid thing.
Petra Brandström
4 weeks ago

We're basically halfway through #mermay ! I've done a total of *three* sketches so far. 😊 Not much, but more than I thought I'd manage! How about you guys, are you drawing mermaids or focusing on other stuff? It's not too late to start, if you're up for a challenge or just want some ideas for arting!

These sketches are for the prompts companion, mama, and mushroom.

#pencil #sketch

Pencil drawing of a mermaid feeding a small fish to a seagull that's balancing on her head. For mermay 2023 day 12: Companion.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid dragging a sack filled with eggs through the kelp. For mermay 2023 day 14: Mama.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid covered with various fungi and with a puffball on her head, swimming away in a mushroom forest. For mermay 2023 day 6: Mushroom.

This is my avatar, but I can assure you that I look nothing like this po-faced snooty elderly gentleman - honest!

This was drawn using HB and 2B pencils, in the style of the old Punch Magazine, but like many of my drawings, nothing like the original.
#Art #Pencil #Drawing

Pencil drawing of an elderly Victorian gentleman, his side profile facing right. He is bald at the front but his grey hair is long at the back with big side whiskers. It is a bust drawing, so the only part of his body showing is his neck, shoulders and upper chest.
4 weeks ago

Nur finds the courage to show his face... usually this is where all his potential dates bail out.

For context, he received these wounds during a battle, when a grenade landed right next to him. Surprisingly, he survived, but he developed a slight speech impediment due to the muscular damage.

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #comic #text #sketch #graphite #pencil #drawing

Stephen Shankland
4 weeks ago

My kid has inherited my fondness for stationery stores. He blew his entire supply of school tickets (awarded for helping out and other good deeds) and got 36 new pencils. Plus 10 he bought earlier in the week.
#pencil #bokeh #Photography

A glass full of dozens of colorful pencils
Camila Brun
1 month ago

Latest pages! It started with the adorable girl on the bottom right, then it became a practice on drawing kids.

You never know when you'll need to draw some and I don't want to end up with children that look pasted over from a different style! 😂

#pencil #sketchbook #fediArt

An open sketchbook with pencil sketches of kids.

Page one: 1) A girl of about 13 years old in profile. Her wild mousy hair is tied with a huge ribbon, and she has an impish smirk. 2) A girl of about 3 years looking up with a skeptical expression, one eyebrow raised and pursed lips. She has dark hair and is wearing a white dress with large shoulder fabric decorations. 3) A blonde boy of around 11 with a small jaw, noticeable ears and narrow eyes, the resulting face shape an inverted traingle. 4) A Tibetan girl of about 3 years with her hair up in pigtails and a cute smile. There are other two portraits of her in this page, almost in profile with a serious expression and fully in profile, with a neutral face.

Page two: 1) A Black girl of about 13, her dark hair falling over her shoulders in ringlets and a supressed smile on her lips. 2) A Black girl of about 6, looking at the camera with a serious to neutral expression. She's got doe eyes and a round gentle face. 3) A Black (source described as "colored") girl of about 3. She's possibly of Puerto Rican heritage, looks Latinx. She's got two small white ribbons on her curly, dark brown hair, and a very serious expression. 4) A girl of around 2 with a huge ribbon on her short dark hair and a royally pissed off stare complete with a frown, pursed lips, and a slightly wrinkled nose. 5) A dark blonde boy of around 5 looking into the distance. He's possibly the older brother of the pissed off girl.
Liath LaVerne Hawke
1 month ago

Thought I would share this. I'm picking up more studies and this is one I finished. All 7 images were drawn in pencil. I think the top left pumpkin was drawn using mechanical pencil before I switched to my traditional pencils to practice better habits. Long story short, I finished an Creature Art Teacher video from one of Aaron Blaise's instructors. I was watching him draw these things so I tried to draw them too. The dragon is debatable in my opinion.

#Art #Pencil #MastoArt #Study

There are 7 doodles total in two rows. The left is a pumpkin with a shadow to the left. In the top middle is a pig possibly a piggy bank with a very angry face. The shadow falls on the pigs leftward half. To the top right is a chair with the shadow falling across it and the floor to it's left. Bottom left is a guitar. I have one top down view that is larger then a slightly side view above it. In the bottom middle is a owl sitting on a branch with most shadows on it's right. There is a small arrow pointing down from the left to indicate light direction. Bottom right is a large dragon with the tail behind the owl's branch and one of the dragon's horns on it's head overlapping the chair in the top right. There are faint trees but they are hard to see in this low light image.
1 month ago

Some pages from my DRAGONS sketchbook that I sell.

#dragons #art #sketchbook #howtodraw #pencil

1 month ago

Welocme sketches i do for my new patrons. #patreon #sketches #moose #frog #drawing #sketchbook #pencil

Camila Brun
1 month ago

Last week I reached the detachable section of this sketchbook. After four months of uninterrupted drawings that's around 117 portraits, a little over 200 in total! 😱

#pencil #sketchbook #fediArt

An open sketchbook.

Page 1: 1) A young man staring into the distance. He has wavy hair brushed backwards and a squareish jaw, but not a square face. 2) A young woman smiling at the camera. Her curly hair is arranged in a voluminous short bob complete with a voluminous 60s-like bang, but she's from 1936. 3) A teenager looking off camera. He's got prominent ears complimenting his angular features, hair parted in the middle and a slight slouch that looks very causal. 4) A Black woman in profile. Her hair is in a braided bun, and she's wearing a cool coat.

Page 2: 1) A cute Banded Sea Krait snake (Laticauda semifasciata). 2) A young woman looking into the distance. Her dark hair is arranged in an invisible bun tied with a white ribbon, coordinated with a white dress. She was in the same photo of the first portrait in the previous page. 2) Discreet leaves doodles. 3) A dark-haired man looking into the camera. His hair is wavy and a bit casual, but he's wearing clothing that reminds me of a pastor. 4) A Black man looking to the side. He's got a thin moustache and is wearing a boater hat and light clothes. I accidentally made him look kinda like Will Smith and spent the rest of the drawing trying to correct it. 5) A laughing baby. They're adorable, with flushed cheeks and a glint in their eyes.
1 month ago
Pencil portrait of a male with some highlights with white calk
Pencil sketch of a woman who is putting her open hands into a waterfall
Pencil sketch of a tree which consists only of blocks which look like rocks.
Stylized pencil drawing of a skull of a boar with a lot of corners and design lines on it.
1 month ago

A leopard cat-girl type creature.
#MastoArt #leopard #pencil #sketch #noai #art

A pencil drawing of a leopard cat-girl creature with long hair. Her eyes are closed. She's not able today .....
1 month ago

Ken Masters from Street Fighter.
#streetfighter #pencil #art #drawing #noai #MastoArt

A drawing of Ken Masters from Street Fighter giving a thumbs up . Pencil on paper.
Camila Brun
1 month ago

When you choose who to draw by their hairstyles. 👀

#pencil #sketchbook #DailySketches #art

An open sketchbook with mainly sketch portraits of people from late 1800s.

Page 1: 1) An elderly man with hair only on the sides of his skull and a white beard in the shape of an inverted triangle. 2) A young Black woman looking into the camera. Her hair is arranged in a high and flat bun on the top her head, kept in place by a discreet net and a silk string. 3) A glossy eel of undefined species because it was drawn from imagination. 4) A woman in profile, dark wavy hair in a low bun. She looks vaguely Latin. 5) Another woman in profile, young with a round face and a smile on her lips. She's wearing her hair in an almost flat bun. 6) A girl with her back to the viewer, looking to the side. Her light hair braided and tied with a ribbon.

Page 2: 1) An elderly Black man, with dark hair parted in 3/4 and a saltpepper, almost white round beard. 2) A young man staring into the camera. His hair wavy is parted in 3/4, the tips curling up in a style reminiscent of the character Wolverine. 3) A woman with her hair presumably arranged back into a bun. It's curly and dark, cut into a microbang. It suits her square face. 4) A young Hopi woman wearing her hair in the traditional 2-side-buns style. Star Wars' Leia style was based in this ethnic hairstyle. The real thing is far more impressive.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

Last owl in my shop, original pencil drawing with a gouache background, £35.
Love their fluffy feet, with talons tucked in they look like kitten paws.
Original pencil drawing - Great Grey Owl via @Etsy
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Original pencil drawing - Great Grey Owl
A pencil drawing of a great grey owl in flight.  
Materials: graphite pencil, sketchbook paper, gouache
Width: 14 centimetres
Height: 20.5 centimetres
Martin Owens
2 months ago

This week's #inkscape update video is a look at the winners and runners up in the about screen contest with special guest.

Some choice quotes: "This would be good for a herbologist" #plants

"Why is #pizza coming out of my head"

"Hello little billy, you see back in my time we used #pencil and #paper to draw things..."

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Camila Brun
2 months ago

Pages from last week, a bit later than usual.

My routine was upended and I ended up doing a couple of these out in the public standing weirdly in waiting lines. Got my fair share of odd looks! 😅

#pencil #sketchbook #fediArt

An open sketchbook with portraits of people from early 20th century.

Page 1: 1) A handsome man with a neatly kept short beard and shiny slightly wavy hair. 2) 1936's portrait of Anna May Wong (Wong Liu Tsong), a Chinese-American silent film actress. She's wearing a small close-fitting hat with a veil and smiling sweetly at the camera. 3) A young Black woman looking off camera with a serene expression. Her dress is adorned with a large ribbon or perhaps cravat on the neck. 4) A young woman with a classic late 1800s bun. She's chubby and has gentle features. Her dress is pretty, with an outer dark layer laced over another made of thinner white fabric. 5) A woman in profile, smirking and looking down. Her bun hairstyle is arranged in multiple layers.

Page 2: 1) A house sparrow peeking at the camera, half in each page. 2) A man with a round face, balding head and rather thin moustache. He's staring directly at the camera with a gentle expression. 3) A Black man looking to the side. He's a captain and is wearing a 1880s uniform. 4) A young woman smiling gleefully at the camera. He wavy brown hair is tied in a bun with a large ribbon. 5) A young Black woman staring solemnly at the camera. She's wearing a checkered cravat or scarf and a cool structured coat of a thick fabric adorned with large flat metal buttons. 6) Fishes peeking out of the inner corner of the page.
2 months ago

I just found myself looking up "waterproof pencil" on Amazon. This century is fucking stupid.

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Jennie Martin, CPACC
2 months ago

My youngest asked for drawing lessons this morning, so I drew his bestie “bun bun”. Now it just needs a frame. #pencil #art ❤️

A graphite pencil drawing of a small stuffed bunny with soft subtle shading. The bunny has the words “I love you right up to the moon and back” on its tummy.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

⭐️New Listing!⭐️
I enjoyed doing this artwork, something a little different, a mix of human, animal and design elements.
Original watercolour painting - Woman with red hair in profile with fox via @Etsy
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A graphite pencil and watercolour artwork of a woman and a fox in profile with circular geometric designs. The painting is in reds, orange and gold. 26 by 18cm on Arches paper.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

#WIP experimenting. Playing about with some ideas. Going to add some colour next.
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A sketch of a woman and a fox in profile.
The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

#WIP I'm going all exotic for tree study no 7 with baobab, mad looking trees, but pretty cool 😎
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A work in progress shot of me drawing a baobab tree in charcoal.
3 months ago

Was mich an meinem #Apple #Pencil wirklich in den Wahnsinn treibt:
- plötzliches Verbindung zum #iPad verlieren (trotz ausreichendem Ladestand)
- reconnect dann nur mit angeschlossenem Kabel möglich
- damit der Pencil funktioniert, muss das Kabel wieder getrennt werden (inzwischen weiß ich das, das hat mich anfangs zur Verzweiflung getrieben)

Camila Brun
3 months ago

Newest pages. I couldn't wait to put the recently acquired paint and charcoal to good use. Shading feels sufficiently comfy now I'm starting to stylize the form again.

Sooo, any suggestions on a material with deep matte blacks like charcoal, but that won't smudge worse than graphite? 😅

I like the charcoal look, but it's hell heh. Looking at some videos, pastel seems to smudge as much. Maybe some higher quality color watercolor pencil for softness?

#pencil #ArtistsOnMastodon #sketchbook

An open sketchbook with graphite portraits of a variety of people, some more stylized, some closer to their likeness. A charcoal pencil was used to get deeper blacks, and off-white acrylic for some highlights and emphasis on edges.

Page 1: A middle age man from 1890, in profile. He has a beard and wavy short hair, balding, rendered in a discreet sytlized way by going a bit geometric compressing the values range; A quati (Nasua Nasua), an omnivorous animal species from South America. They're cute, with a roundish body and long snouts and striped tails, being related to raccoons. It's also looking to the side, walking, and is very stylized in a gesture drawing way; A chinese hanfu model looking at a book, head slightly down. Her very dark hair is fashioned in a complex tradition style involving buns and strands artistically woven into them. It's adorned with two headpieces of small white flowers; A woman from a Swedish 1946 movie still. She has her hands on her waist and is facing the camera, but looking to the side with dissatisfaction.

Page 2: Another middle age bearded man. He has a round face, slightly longer darker hair and a subtle frown. He's wearing a bowtie and seems trustworthy; Sophie Scholl, frowning and looking up. She was a 1940's German student and anti-fascist, convicted of high treason by Nazi German for her activism; A mirthful young man in a boxing pose, in profile, shirtless, and with nice wavy hair; A woman from 1920's, staring at the camera in a mugshot.
Margo De Weerdt
3 months ago

A tiny illustration. The first signs of spring are visible here, inspiration followed.

Made with aquarelle and Caran d'Ache coloured pencils. 7,5x10,5cm Part of a series of tiny illustrations I am working on at the moment.

#mastoart #fediart #illustration #aquarelle #pencil #drawing #art #painting

A detailed view of the tiny illustration. You can see a blue pencil giving more detail to the blue of the sky on the left corner of the illustration, behind the tree. Full description of the image, see third photo.
A detailed view of the tiny illustration. You can see an orange pencil giving more detail to one of the flowers of the tree. The big flower on the right tree, to be exact. Full description of the image, see third photo.
A tiny illustration, 7,5x10,5cm. It is oriented vertically. Two trees stand tall on the left and right side. They are painted in brown-green tints on the bottom and going up, the colour goes into reds and orange tinted browns. On the ens of the branches hang big red, crimson pink flowers. On the other branches the flowers are growing, still in their buds. The first leaves start showing. In the trees are little birds in a blue outline. In the middle, on the ground, stands a little witch. She has a crimson hat, blue, wild, curly hair and wears a green-ochre dress. She reaches for one of the flowers in the tree. Next to her sits a sater (see greek mythology.) They are there, in the twilight. Sun down or sun up, you choose.
Chloe Cumming
3 months ago

Self portrait with a Bent Head: updated

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Some initial sketches made #today for a top secret project!! Don’t tell anyone, Mastodon! #portrait #sketch #zoomsketch #pencil

A quick pencil portrait of a ninetyish white woman speaking, with notes around
A quick pencil portrait of a ninetyish white woman, with notes around
Camila Brun
4 months ago

New pages just dropped! Drawing tiny is in my DNA.

#pencil #sketchbook #artistsonmastodon

An open sketchbook with pencil portraits of people mostly from late 1800s.

Clockwise, page 1: A smiling elderly Maori woman; an aristocratic elderly man in suit and bow tie; supposedly Frida Kahlo; profile of a woman in her 25s-30s with loose curly hair; a 20s-30s dark-haired Swedish pastor; a man with his wavy hair smartly arranged with some oily substance and a cool beard.

Page 2: Frowning man with glasses (looks like a professor!); frowning mature woman Inuit who worked as a guide in 1880; curly-haired woman leaning slightly forward with full of 1920s-noir energy; man seen from afar, curved forward and holding a piece of fabric as if putting a fire out.
Rob Wigham Watercolours
4 months ago

Sketching is one of my favourite things - I love getting out in the open air with sketchbook - which I'm lucky to be able to do! Here's a couple of sketches from my sketchbook: 'King's College Chapel' at Aberdeen University and 'Cullen Harbour View' - both views from the north-east of Scotland. The second view, of the harbour, became one of our print range when painted in full colour and more detail.

#sketching #pencil #sketchbook #drawing #mastoart #art #watercolour

A sketch of a chapel with a spire just left of centre, with trees at right and extreme left. Outside the chapel is a wedding group, and a low statue on the grass.
A sketch of a fishing village (Cullen) in northern Scotland. In the foreground are the piers of the harbour with some boats moored; in the middle distance are the fishermen's cottages and behind, on the hills are the arches of a viaduct carrying a railway line. At top right is a ruined castle with a flag.
David Nicol
4 months ago

I've got 9 days off work and a colleague asked me if I had anything planned. No, I replied, maybe some painting. Then two days running I'm getting seagulls on signs. Obviously a sign.
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4 months ago

Hey #art #fedivers, can anyone tell me how to scan in #pencil colured work and not have it so washed-out looking? Thanks in advance.

Scanned this pencil coloured image in and it looks horribly washed out. Anyone know why?
4 months ago

Ready to transfer and I’m about 2 weeks late on this homework ☹️

I hate everything.

#mastoArt #pencil #academicmethod #classicalRealism

Teresa Arroyo
4 months ago

I was thinking about opening this kind of commissions when I open my store. Does anyone know some strong cardboard packaging so my drawings don't bend during shipping? It's my main problem right now 😅

(By the way, the process of the orange cat drawing is on my Patreon too 😗 🎶)

#pencil #cats #cat #mastoart #art #artistsonmastodon #drawing

Pencil portrait of an orange cat.
Pencil drawing of a kitten belly up.
Pencil drawing of a sleeping kitty.
5 months ago

Vous me conseillez quelles #applications #iPad pour faire du dessin de #logotype et des #illustrations avec le #Pencil ?
Idéalement il faut que ça s’intègre bien avec #Figma, c’est pour faire des interfaces ensuite :)