Jack Daddy Paul
5 hours ago


Happy Sunday #bators - Let's share #penis with each other! drop your #dickpics 👇🏼in the comments or post your #dickpic with the hashtag #SundayPenisPosting and spread the lust!

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Hourly Slime Girls
2 days ago

#SlimePosting #SlimeGirl #Penis
Source: Mon-Musu Quest! Episode 1

Took this at work this afternoon but didn't get a chance to post.

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully the weekend gives you exactly what you need ☺️ 🍻

#cock #balls #dick #penis #biguy #hairy #underwear #foreskin #ForeskinFriday #FaccidFriday

B&W phot of my flaccid uncut penis and balls pulled over the waistband of my boxer briefs.
Man Filth
2 days ago

Before making chicken soft shell tacos, I'm going to treat my #penis to a #masturbation session! I got a great porn by the name of "Don't Pull Out" by Treasure Island...Hot Hispanic men are fucking and cumming in each other. It had me furiously stroking my hard cock yesterday.

After dinner, I think playing more Cyberpunk 2077 is in order...As the new update dropped and I really want to make progress in romancing Kerry (a hot older rockband lad).

#Modders: #Transhumanism #Scifi #Erotica #Futurism #Robot #Penis #BodyMod

"Hey Jack, you wanna try a new genital mod we've been working on?"

"I guess? I mean I'll try anything once..."

Nuki gestured to the saddle of one of the genital modding machines, and Jack sat down. The machine began to do that whirring and humming thing, and soon, Jack began to squirm.

"Oh wow, it's all the way up in my crotch..." Jack noted from where the tingling was most intense, "is this thing giving me a pussy or something?"

"No, it's just messing with the root of your penis..." Nuki explained, watching her tablet screen. Suddenly, the machine stopped. "All done!" she declared.

"Okay..." Jack said as he stood up to get a look at his altered genitals, hand reaching forward to play with his partial erection, "It doesn't look any diff-" he stopped as his hand touched the rubbery material. "Wait..."

3 days ago

How did I end up here?
Why am I tied and elevated?
Lava, is that you?
What a-are you applying to to m-my penis?
w-Why Is IT Getting HEAVIER !!! ???

Me ,ft Lavastan

#bdsm #bondage #latex #hogtie #penis #growth #hyper

Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
4 days ago Watch slime-covered #penis #mushroom that smells like rotting flesh grow and decay in mesmerizing time-lapse #video

5 days ago
Swear Clock
5 days ago

Fans Of Twenty One Pilots Baffled By Their New Collaboration With Rolf Harris, "Nothing Compares 2 Rolf Harris' Brown Eye", It's 14:30 #penis #musicnews

chiccoebasta :mastodon:
6 days ago
Jack Daddy Paul
1 week ago

A few months ago, I randomly hashtagged a #dickpic with #SundayPenisPosting and then kept using the tag week after week. I know my #penis is appealing to other #bators and yes, I feel a superfluous ego boost from appreciation of my #stiff #dong.

Plus I benefit from affirmation of my naked body at its current age and condition. It feels good to be liked as one is.

But above all, I love you taking inspiration and responding in kind, embracing and exposing your authentic maleness. ❤️

Bastion Shadowpaw
1 week ago

Akito - Jelly Belly
Guess it is time to work out... Though he should probably grab a snack first.  He's going to need the energy for all that working out! Should probably get a nap too. That'll give him a ton of energy! It's a solid plan. 💕

#BastionShadowpaw #Furry #NSFW #akitobastionshadowpaw #racoon #tanuki #weightgain #weightconscious #hungry #male #penis

Noah the introvert
1 week ago
Photo of a naked guy sitting on a grey couch fully naked, smiling at the camera with his feet up in the air and showing his hard cock and boy hole, all shaven smooth.
Similar picture but he has his left hand on his butt to spread and show hole better while his right hand holds his smooth shaven hard cock up, with his face grinning at the camera.
Similar to the previous picture but his face is in a clothed mouth smirk at the camera.
Another similar picture, grinning at the camera while the hand on his left butt cheek has its index finger pointing towards his hole.
1 month ago
Some alts of my pengu without the boxer briefs... 🐧 💦

tags #furry #art #nsfw #yiff #bird #avian #penguin #dakimakura #bodypillow #naked #cock #penis #ass #balls #backsack
A drawing of my penguin character completely nude, in a dakimakura format (body pillow). On the left, he's laying on the bed with his cock exposed but soft, on the right, he's showing his ass.
A drawing of my penguin character completely nude, in a dakimakura format (body pillow). On the left, he's laying on the bed with his cock exposed and fully erect, on the right, he's showing his ass.
1 month ago

Woaaaaw it's been a while !

Posted so much on my Mym lately, you should definitely check it out ! ~

For now have this as a treat :3

#Sexwork #Sexworker #Transsexworker #Nsfw #Transnsfw #Nude #Transnude #Chastity #Chastitypup #Boobs #Dick #Penis #Mym #Puppyplay

I'm sitting in front of the camera, one leg lifted up a bit. I'm wearing a black panty with white skulls on it, a green sports bra, a long jean jacket, a yellow scarf and a black mask with valves on it
More experimental pic, a deep blue light is the only might source. I'm sitting in front of the camera, legs spread with my caged junk obscured. Looking at the camera with playful eyes while putting my leash forward as to give it to the viewer
Mark W. Alexander
1 month ago


Ok, #ChessBros, listen up!

Your #penis enabled king staggers around like a drunken peasant.

Your #vagina enabled queen slashes her way any direction she wants, eliciting instant death to any in her way.

Use wisdom while trying to understand gender power.

A little empathy wouldn't hurt either.




"Hah!  You ain't catchin' shit if you ain't got no rod, rookie."

*Whips out massive penis.*

*Catches shark furry.*

*The other guy's face.*

now remember, gang. with the new #glitchsoc tools we can't be annoying and abuse the #markdown formatting to make certain words bigger that are inappropriate or anything. we should be considerate of others on the platform!


Nr. 10
2 months ago

Das #Penis-Portal von #Nordbayern - die Speerspitze des #Qualitätsjournalismus. #Nürnberg

wow. if i #toot / #post something out like almost 800 people will see it. that's amazing. thank you for following me. i should really wield this power wisely.


Bastion Shadowpaw
2 months ago

R34 - Sly Cooper
Sorry chief! Looks like Sly pulled one over on you, yet again.  Maybe you'll get lucky next time.

#BastionShadowpaw #Furry #R34 #slycooper #raccoon #Male #erection #thief #presenting #Penis #Balls

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
2 months ago

In conversation with an only mildly annoying, seemingly authentic anti-#shipper on #Twitter, the anti-shipper continued to focus, despite every attempt I made to make them see reason, on the individual parts of #erotic #furry #art.

Specifically, they thought it was weird for erotic furry #artists to draw #knots (commonly understood as an #erectile tissue structure on the penis of #canid #mammals, although weirdly, it's also present in some #plant #species), and obviously, if an #artist draws a #knot, they must be attracted to #canines, from which the knot is imagined to have derived.

This is a weird reach, and I'm about to explain why.

Erotic furry art is, at its core, less concerned with parts as it is with behaviors. That is to say, the parts are considered simply to exist upon the #fursona of the individual that carries it upon their #penis in lieu of a human #glans. The intent of the artist is generally to draw their fursona (or a given #anthropomorphic non-#human #animal character) engaging in an #action. If the action takes place with a second (or more) character(s), then all of these characters will likely share some characteristics with the animals from which the inspiration for the character derived.

Yet these characters are often depicted behaving in remarkably human ways, even as they use their very animal parts on one another. As most of us are aware, very few animals (aside from some primates and their relatives) engage in foreplay and kink, yet these are behaviors often seen in erotic furry art.

Still, anti-shippers will focus entirely on the presence of a knot at the exclusion of everything else. In this way, their criticisms are very much like the #conservative r#eactionary's criticism of #Michelangelo's David, a #statue created with the purpose of depicting the #beauty of #man, and less with the intent of showcasing a neo-classical #dick. #David is #nude, yes, because the beauty of man would be hidden by clothes, obviously. But any reasonable person sees that statue and recognizes it as a work of art, not encouragement to go find dick of one's own to enjoy.

Only the conservative #reactionaries focus on the singular part of David's flaccid dick and see #obscenity, and I propose that this is because they are themselves driven to see that obscenity by their own #biases and repressed #desires. In effect, the fact that they #fetishize the penis is precisely why they can't see anything BUT the penis when looking at the statue of David (or any other piece of art that includes a penis for any reason).

I see the same kind of behavior motivating the criticism of #zoophilia levied against erotic furry artists by the anti-shipper community. When the knot is not prominently displayed, the intent is often simply to draw #love-making between two or more individuals seeking only pleasure among themselves. When the knot IS prominent, it serves as a metaphor for #domination, wherein the #bottom is bonded or otherwise held in place, at the mercy of the #top, in a position of #submission to the latter.

But when the anti-shipper views this form of artwork and only sees the desire to #rape living non-human animals, could it be that they're seeing some hidden meaning within the work? Could it be that Michelangelo wanted us all to seek and bounce upon dick, flaccid or not? #Illustration and other forms of #visual art are inimitably #subjective and their #interpretations are greatly informed by the viewer's #subconscious #mind.

So when an anti-shipper sees a knot and thinks, "this is about wanting to have #sex with #dogs," I find myself wondering if this is a desire that the anti-shipper is #repressing and #projecting onto an artist that does not share that interest at all. Normal people don't see erotic furry art and think "the artist wants me to go rape an animal." And I think that's telling.

#antiShip #antiShippers #zoophilia #furryFandom

Hank Wandle
3 months ago
acrylic painting of an erect penis, in reds oranges and contrasting blue tones. 5x7" on canvas board
a detailed study of an erect penis in acrylics on canvas, in green tones on a plain blue background
a long erect penis painted in red purple and yellow acrylic paint on a distressed purple and green background
a very sketchy acrylic painting of the tip on erect penis in realistic tones on a bright yellow background
3 months ago

#MAGA #Republicans are so obsessed with #HunterBiden's #penis, they're willing to break the law to spread pictures of it all over the internet.

I bet Ron Dee Santis has a copy printed out and hanging in his office...

Arizona GOP lawmaker may have violated state ‘revenge porn’ law by tweeting x-rated pictures of Hunter Biden

By Dennis Welch and AZFamily Digital News Staff

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — An Arizona Republican state senator, who is no stranger to controversy, may have violated the state’s revenge porn law after posting sexually explicit images on Twitter of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Late Wednesday, Sen. Wendy Rogers, who sponsored a bill earlier this year in an attempt to block minors from watching online pornography, re-tweeted a video that contained x-rated images of Hunter Biden, to her more than 300,000 followers on Twitter. The social media platform allows adolescents from as young as 13 years old to sign up without age restrictions and allows adult content to be posted.
3 months ago


#Australia also brought us "#Puppetry of the #Penis", if memory serves.

I imagine #beer was involved.

3 months ago

figured a good way to kick off posting on this new instance is with some #frotting fun with @silicas!

Art by TheJoyfulDragon:

#furry #furryporn #scalie #feral #anthro #nsfw #dragon #penis

3 months ago

Art by:


"Hey, did you know that in terms of human and Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most comp..."


Please don't trace, steal, use the artwork or re-upload it elsewhere.
This is not an RP character.
Iris uses she/her.

#Iris #Wolf #Canine #Female #Woman #Dualsex #Altersex #Penis #Breasts #Multibreast #Wolftaur #Pokemon #Satyr #Taur

Josh Humble
4 months ago

Male Nude Self-Portrait

More of me at

Get my art prints at

#malenude #erotic #penis #artnude

Josh Humble
4 months ago

Me posing in a shoot by photographer Jay Alan Rickard.

Get my prints at

Get all of my vids and pics at

#artnude #malenude #penis #art #nude #erotic

Male nude, Artmodel Josh.

It's Tuesday already so happy tummy tuesday folks. 😘

#TummyTuesday #Gay #GayBear #Penis #Uncut #DadBod #BodyPositivity

Selfie of a late 20s man wrapped in a towel but open enough to see his cock.

Curious how the ring fits when I'm super hard? I was!

I braved the small hole on the ball crusher because of the previous effect 😂 My balls aren't in between, I just wanted the #boner

Too big to be tight, but maybe fun in the right situation. How's it look at decoration? It doesn't seem to actually fall off when I'm soft, but I haven't really like, worn it around 😂

That's all the pics for now

Boosts are welcome!


#cock #penis #boner

my penis though the hole of the ball smasher, very hard, a sheen of lube from getting though the tight hole. I'm wearing the ring below my head. It's not floppy loose, but not tight either
Another angle of the same setup

Oops, almost missed these 2 😂

I had this on, IIRC called the "Ball Buster", and this is where I got the ring on. Looser when I'm not so hard 😂

None of these toys actually tell you how they're meant to be worn, this seems to be it, though? I've masturbated with this on a few times, but it's not my favorite

(edit: forgot the alt text, sorry, I'm tired. Black leather CBT device with snaps in the front of the balls, and flaps that snap around the cock!)

#penis #cock #balls #CBT

Next up is this ball separator thing. I don't think red is really my color 😂but it feels pretty good!

You can see I've got the ring on now, and even fairly hard, it's got a bit of a gap. It's not so loose it will fall off, but it also doesn't do much for me. I think it would be more fun if it were a little tighter!


#penis #cock #balls #CBT #boner

Close up of my erect penis pointing downward in the picture, with my balls up top. I think I'm lying on my back with my hips elevated. On my balls is a read leather ball separator. There's a strap not visible at the base of my penis, a snap on strap around the scrotum, and another snap on strap separating my balls a bit

Hi friends! I'm back with some more pictures from yesterday!

Here's the toy I said might be too big. Let's investigate! Also, my #balls got some more attention. We're not done with them yet!

IIRC this ball stretcher thing is deer leather. 1.5" maybe? It's pretty good, but it doesn't quite fit right


#penis #cock #CBT

My on my back naked, legs spread. Next to my soft penis is a circular metal ring, that's not a complete circle, with balls on the ends of the gap, much like piercing jewelry
Similar shot, but now I have a ball stretcher with a strap between the balls

That was mostly fun. I might have to sand those holes out a bit if nothing else 😂

I had to use lube to get it off 😂As you can see, all the parts are still ok. Some evidence of the tightness in the second one 😂

None the worse for wear, but my #balls are bluer! 😣


#penis #cock #boner #balls #CBT #tarse

Me on my back naked showing my soft penis and balls were unharmed by the CBT
Holding up my balls to show the indentation in my scrotum from the CBT toy
Another picture of my unharmed penis and balls

Guess I mixed up my pictures there a bit, I'm fucking exhausted. Don't think I slept well 🥱

I'm messing up my schtick 😂

So, I think it's not tight in the first one, looks pretty tight to me in the last 3 🫣

I did tighten it down until it hurt just a little. I couldn't take it for too long 😣

So I tightened it a little 😈😫

That may have lasted 30 seconds? For some reason I wasn't keeping track of time well 😂


#penis #cock #boner #balls #CBT #tarse

Hi friends, here it is! Just jumped right in to it here, but it's not like you haven't seen it!

I just barely fit through the holes, as you can see from the cock ring like effect 😂

It's not so tight it hurts and I'm not so hard it hurts, but that's a massive erection!

It does hurt to stroke (in a bad way), holes are too small 😂

The "scrotum clamp ball crusher" (edit) is screwed down on my #balls in the last 3!


#penis #cock #boner #balls #CBT #tarse

My erect penis, balls in a "scrotum clamp ball crusher" that's not been tightened, but I have a massive erection because the holes in the device are too small for me
My erect penis, balls in a "scrotum clamp ball crusher" that's not been tightened, but I have a massive erection because the holes in the device are too small for me
My erect penis, balls in a "scrotum clamp ball crusher" that's not been tightened, but I have a massive erection because the holes in the device are too small for me
My erect penis, balls in a "scrotum clamp ball crusher" that's not been tightened, but I have a massive erection because the holes in the device are too small for me
Shu Daizi
6 months ago

Sometimes AI-generation goes bad. Sometimes it goes very very bad.

#AIArt #Porn #Penis #BodyHorror

AI generated image.

It's just the worst. 

There's a penis coming out of a woman's neck. She's licking it.

Done. The first male #penis I have ever posted and ever wanted to see on the internet. 😶

Anti-Catipus :rainboweyes:
9 months ago

I'd be a really bad process philosopher if I didn't show the whole process :NekoSmirk:

#penis #nudity #orgasm

Me rubbing my penis (in my own unique way) to completion.
Lukas VF Novak
9 months ago

Snakes have clitorises

First evidence of hemiclitores in #snakes: Megan Folwell et al.

Across all species, researchers have given female #genitalia a lot less attention compared to its male counterpart. What’s more, it’s hard to get a good look at #snake genitalia. It’s all internal to the snake’s tail, for the most part. There has been quite a bit of research into the snake #penis, but the snake #clitoris has been missed.

An animated 3D reconstruction of internal anatomy if a snake. The snake clitoris is a heart-shaped structure in the tail. Folwell et al.

Tras la ruptura con su mujer, Liam necesita hacer horas extras por el temor a los gastos del divorcio. Sin dinero, emprende la ruta 69, pero no ha podido reparar el aire acondicionado de su gran camión. En pleno julio y con una ola de calor sofocante, sufre el riesgo de una deshidratación peligrosa, por lo que se ve obligado a conducir sin ropa. Un enorme sheriff se cruza en su camino y Liam deberá hacer todo lo posible para evitar un arresto por conducir desnudo.

🔁 ¿Me retooteas, por favor? Con ello me ayudas a sobrevivir. ¡Gracias! 🙂


#relatoerótico #relatoseróticos #Gay #CockFucking #AssPlay #Oral #Fisting #Leather #Exhibitionist #Neoprene #Gear #GayBears #cbt #GayFetish #Butt #AssPlay #Nudist #GayEs18 #NSFW #Nude #Nudity #ArtisticNude #NudeMale #Explicit #BDSM #Lesbian #Pussy #Porn #OnlyFans #GayPorn #Penis #GayMuscle #HairyMan #Daddy #Bondage #Horny #Sexy #Cum #Dick #Bear #Bulge #GayBulge #porno #PornoCanal #PornoDuro #Pornografia #CamionerosGays #AitorAbadés #Ruta69 #OlaDeCalor

10 months ago

Jeg lurer på hvor mange menn (og deres seksualpartnere) som har fått problemer fordi vi ikke snakker seriøst om penisstørrelse og hva det har å si for hvilken kondom du skal bruke. Det har heldigvis en stund nå begynt å bli mer kunnskap der ute om hvordan finne korrekt BH-størrelse, jeg vet mange kvinner har hatt unødvendig mye ubehag og smerter pga at dette ikke har vært allmennkunnskap (eller i dette tilfellet allkvinnkunnskap, I guess). Når skal vi begynne å snakke om viktigheten av å forstå hvilken #kondom som er riktig for deg?
#seksualundervisning #seksualfolkeopplysning #penis #mannehelse

Ben Caudron
10 months ago

Worth reading:

@pluralistic :

How #monopoly enshittified Amazon… #Amazon has produced a planned economy run as capriciously as a Soviet smelting plant, but Party Secretary #Bezos doesn't even pretend to be a servant of the people. From his lordly seat aboard his #penis-rocket, Bezos decides which products live and which ones die.