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USDA Updates Plant Hardiness Map For The First Time In More Than A Decade
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-- <-- shared 2023 USDA map
“The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which perennial plants are most likely to thrive at a location. The map is based on the average annual extreme minimum winter temperature, displayed as 10-degree F zones and 5-degree F half zones. A broadband internet connection is recommended for the interactive GIS-based map above.
To find the Plant Hardiness Zone at your location quickly, enter your zip code in the Quick Zip Code Search box in the map above, or click anywhere on the map to view the corresponding interactive map…”
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photo - new seedling
map - 2023 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, USA
map - 2023 USDA PLant Hardiness Zone Map, USA - 2023 vs 2012 changes
map - 2023 USDA PLant Hardiness Zone Map - Pacific Northwest (PNW)
1 month ago

The hardiest flowers in my gardens.

If you need any seeds, let me know?

#Gardening #Perennials #Flowers #LowMaintenance #AnySoil

rock and gravel, harsh conditions for growing, but right down the center, is a cluster of thriving yellow Coltsfoot flowers and nothing else

(Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) is a flower in the daisy family)
Douglas Meadowfoam
2 months ago

Each flowerhead of Oregon Sunshine has a lot of seed.

After you pull the dried flower fluff off, there is a small cone that is a pile of seeds packed together standing on end. Sometimes over a hundred seeds are in that cone. Hand cleaning is well worth the effort.


#Eriophyllum #seeds #perennials #NativePlants #WashingtonState #PacificNorthwest

A close up photo of a small dried flowerhead from Oregon sunshine (Eriophyllum lanatum) held by three fingers.
A dried flower of Oregon Sunshine with the flower fluff pulled off, and the cone of seeds is exposed.
A dried flower of Oregon Sunshine with the flower fluff pulled off, the cone of seeds is exposed, and the thin black seeds showing.
Seeds from one flowerhead shown in the palm of a hand. Over a hundred small, thin, black seeds visible.
Douglas Meadowfoam
2 months ago

Today, I'm cleaning seed collected from the front yard #meadow -- starting with Oregon Sunshine (Eriophyllum lanatum).


#Eriophyllum #seeds #perennials #NativePlants #WashingtonState #PacificNorthwest #FlowerPhoto

Yellow daisy flowers (Oregon sunshine) are scattered across a lawn mixed with grass and white clover. In back, there is a white fence, a bristlecone pine, and juniper.
A white tray with lots of dried flower heads of Oregon sunshine.
2 months ago

One of our late season #perennials is Toad Lily. The plant doesn't look very special from a distance, but once you are close enough you can see the awesome tiny lily flowers.

This shrub rose has been blooming since May! It also seems to be planning on blooming all the way until first frost given all the buds it is producing!

#bloomscrolling #florespondence @gardening

Toad Lily: close up of the spectacular small spotted lily flowers and a picture of the overall plant.
Shrub rose: a fully open, perfect white blossom with a hint of pink and a group of new buds.
Bicycling Monterey
2 months ago

@fbaum The first handcycle we saw in Monterey County was in 2010 or 2011, when we met Ed biking on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail's City of Monterey section.

As we noted in our perennials post (where he's among those featured), Ed's career expertise demanded many working hours at the computer. That made those hours with his handcycle a very desirable way to keep life in balance! :)

#BikeTooter #handcycle #AdaptiveCycling #AdaptiveBikes #perennials #elders #MontereyCounty

A man is riding a hand cycle on a paved, car-free multiuse trail in Monterey. He is accompanied by a leashed dog, his golden companion! The man is wearing sunglasses, a dark grey baseball cap, light grey pants, white shirt, and dark blue jacket with turquoise lining. No one else is visible on the trail, and to the right, separated by a green belt,  there are motor vehicles on the street, Del Monte Avenue.
not ch1c
2 months ago

I was becoming very fond of this upstart zone 5 #perennials nursery in #Vermont even before they started offering #dystaenia and #hablitzia 😍

#garden #plants #FoodForest #FoodSovereignty #collapse

I read that rabbits don't eat daisies. Now I know that rabbits don't read. Had to save this from the wascally scavengers. Lots of buds....gonna have great curb appeal when it blossoms. #perennials #rabbits #flowers

A daisy plant with lots of buds.

Smaller bee: scoot over
Larger bee: buzzzzzz

#gardening #flowers #perennials #bees

Two bees, one on a red lavender Echinacea,  the other on wing approaching the first bee.
Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
3 months ago

Planning for next year's garden with #NativePlants?

Short list the Coreopsis "Uptick" variety. It grows in short (1 to 2 foot tall and wide) clumps and provides powerful color in a spray of flowers early Summer into Fall.

This big group of flowers grew from a second-year clump. Definitely not boring, and, as you can see, the #pollinators like the flowers as well.

Hardy in zones 5 - 9. Low maintenance.


Over a dozen flowers in a view of a clump of Coreopsis. The flowers are about 2 inches wide yellow on the outside half of the flower petals and red on the inside half. There are about 8 - 10 petals per flower that end in multiple points. In the center of each flower there is a small mound of yellow reproductive strands. On one flower there is a native pollinator of some kind. Beyond the flowers are green slender leaves.
3 months ago

Today it's supposed to hit 98 degrees in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, but there are still some August work-horses in the perennial garden boasting jewel-tone shades of pink and purple: coreopsis, Joe Pye weed, purple cardinal flower, and Angelica. Full botanical names are in the AltText.

#gardening #FridayFlowers #AugustGarden #GardeningMastodon #horticulture #BloomScrolling #perennials

These brilliant ruby-red flowers with golden eyes look a bit like daisies but are actually Coreopsis verticillata 'Main Street' blooming wildly in the month of August.
Close up view of the feathery pink plumes of Eutrochium dubium 'Little Joe', a dwarf Joe Pye Weed aka Coastal Plain Joe Pye Weed. Green foliage looks a little bit like mint leaves.
Two deep purple globes on Angelica gigas, a Korean native. The globes are supported by dark purple stems. Bright green foliage highlights the background.
Upright purple bloom stalks on Lobelia x gerardii 'Vedrariensis' - the Purple Cardinal Flower which is also a native here in the Southeast.
Mandy Watson
3 months ago

My #plantoftheseason - Ligularia Othello. This is just one plant in its second year. Large leaves open dark purple, turning dark green and purple underneath. Sprays of orange daisy flowers have been going for a month - loved by #pollinators and #bees.

#ligularia #othello #shakespeare #herbaceousperennials #perennials #hardyplants #gardening #gardeninguk #gardens #bloomscrolling

Ligularia Othello - large leaves and orange flowers
Ligularia Othello - large leaves and orange flowers
Ligularia Othello - large leaves and orange flowers
Ligularia Othello - large leaves and orange flowers
4 months ago
A sunlit field of pink and yellow flowers.
J blue
4 months ago

Test pic, can you see the AltText?

Muntingia calabura, Jamaican cherry. Everbearing tree, hundreds to thousands of fruit in warm seasons if the birds don’t get them before you do.

#gardening #jardin #fruit #organic #plants #perennials #GrowYourOwn @plants @gardening

So many cherries! A bunch of Jamaican cherry branches crossing with each other with tons of little cherries hanging off their stems. It is an upward facing pic and you can see the blue sky and clouds. Cast against the sky, the cherries appear black but they are green with a few pink ones here and there.

Been awhile since I've said Good Morning. #flowers #perennials

3 red hibiscus

Good morning - the Henry Eilers are beginning to flower. #flowers #perennials #rudbeckia

A yellow flower of many fluted spokes around a reddish central disc.
Discovering BTS⁷ - 마리온
4 months ago

They love my phlox plants. They come around every year. Today I spotted at least four in one area. Sphinx moth.

#insects #perennials

4 months ago
Tiny bumblebee on Echinacea
Rudbeckia flower with green leaves.
Wild bergamot and globe thistle in a meadow.
Fritillary butterflies and bees on flowers.
4 months ago

Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles'. The perennial name "Veronica" is attributed to Saint Veronica.

Veronica means “genuine image” because, according to legend, an image of the face of Christ was mysteriously imprinted on the veil that Veronica (a woman from Jerusalem who lived in the 1st century AD) used to wipe Christ’s brow while on his way to the crucifixion.

#gardening #etymology #BloomScrolling #PollinatorPlants #perennials #BotanicalNomenclature #horticulture #flowers #plants

Deep periwinkle blue spikes on the perennial Veronica spicata Royal Candles against an aged terra cotta planter.
Artists Garden
4 months ago

After a sunny morning a grey afternoon. View across the width of the garden. Very satisfying to think that only a few years ago there was nothing except grass, the trees and the hedge in the distance.

#artistsgarden #garden #gardener #gardening #gardenphotography #artist #wolfkettler #perennials #flowers #gardenwiltshire #wiltshiregarden #wiltshire #WildlifeFriendly #PlanetFriendly #pollinatorFriendly

View across the width of my garden. Two large borders, densely planted with many types of different perennials (now in flower), are separated by a narrow path. At the other end a cream painted greenhouse is partially visible before a tall evergreen hedge. The flowers bring colour to a grey afternoon.
4 months ago
Black cat sitting in a garden.
Butterflies on purple and pink flowers.
A mowed pasture with blue sky and clouds.
Someone standing in a creek to cool off.
4 months ago

I still have a few day lilies that are blooming. Cheery yellow & orange ones opened up this morning 🥰

#BloomScrolling #florespondence #daylilies #lilies #perennials #WhatsInMyGarden

Bright yellow day lily.
Multi-petals flame orange day lily.
5 months ago

@whoops @xris @darwin I don't keep bees but I keep native #perennials in #Colorado, my locals out work #HoneyBees primarily because they show up early and stay late! Not a value judgement, we likely need all #pollinators at this point, but native species are cute and don't appear to compete as much as you might think!

Yellow Canna Lily opening. There are two large pots of these on either side of the herb garden. They slept in the garage all winter. They'll bloom til hard frost in late Nov or Dec, and may end up being 8 feet tall. #FloweringPlants #Perennials #CannaLily

A yellow Canna lily flower, with small orange stripes in the center of the flower, against the dark green leaf of the lily.
J blue
5 months ago

The bunnies are wisening up and it’s looking like a war-zone out there. 🐰🥷

The first pic is moringa and the second pic is katuk. They jumped in the pots and ate all the leaves and green branches as far as they could reach. They ate the moringa down to a stub and gnawed at the trunk. Thought it was a goner but after a month, it recovered but still looks terrible. Need more chicken wire.

#gardening #organic #GrowYourOwn #rabbit #plants #plantas #jardin #perennials @plants

In the middle of the pic is a blue pot with a dwarf moringa tree. It’s hard to see but the trunk has been chewed off and there is a new branch growing up from the side that is putting out lots of leaves and branches. Also in the pot are some green onions and borage. 

Behind it to the left is loroco in a tomato cage and to the right is a pitangatuba with flowers. Behind this are more cages of raised beds hiding vines of achocha.
A katuk in a half-barrel that has been stripped of its leaves so that it’s only full of leaves and green branches at the top. You can see the brown multi-stemmed trunk. Also in the pot obscured by the cage is curly kale, green onion and mitsuba. 

Behind it in another barrel is elderberry and it is surrounded by camelias on all sides.
J blue
5 months ago

First beans harvested. Aren’t they so pretty? 😊

They were intercropped with Solanum corymbiflora (seen in the background) and that kept the bunnies away. This Solanum “hardy tamarillo” is supposedly cold hardy to 15F/-9C and lives for 12 years.

#gardening #GrowYourOwn #organic #perennials #jardin #plantas #plants #vegetablegardening #permaculture @plants

In the foreground is a dried bean pod cracked open to reveal three beans that are white splotched with a dark pink. 

The background is lush with large dark green heart shaped leaves catching sunlight. A Jamaican cherry tree is casting bits of shade and there are a few green leaves peeking at the top left and bottom right.
5 months ago
Cluster of yellow daylilies with burgundy centers & edging.
Yellow dayliliy with burgundy center & edging. Close up, side profile.
J blue
5 months ago

Been really busy with a theatre project 🎶 so haven’t had time for cooking experiments. So this summer has been basic salads everyday. Mix of garden and native annuals and perennials. See AltText for listing.

#cooking #GrowYourOwn #organic #perennials #NativePlants #rewilding #gardening #jardin #plantas #vegetablegardening #vegetable #foraging #permaculture

A vibrant explosion of vegetables and leafy greens and purples on a wooden cutting board on a wooden tabletop. 

From left to right: 
Top row: bok choy and radish flowers and seed pods, radish leaves, sweet peas, curly kale, longevity spinach, Okinawa spinach (dark purple colored), Boehmeria cylindrica 

Middle row: moringa, bloody dock sorrel, katuk, sissoo, mitsuba, chopped green madhatter peppers, 

Bottom row: baobab leaf, cucumber, purple shiso, more chopped peppers and chopped watermelon radish (green on the outside pink on the inside. 

Later this month, native cucumbers will replace the garden variety and there will be loads of native physalis.
J blue
5 months ago

Something nibbled at one of my red trillium seed pods but it looks as if the seeds inside are mature enough to be extracted and planted. Already planted them all in caged raised beds with other native plants for propagation. 😊🌱

Trillium erectum

#rewilding #gardening #NativePlants @plants #plants #perennials

Center of the pic is a plump beach ball like seed pod that has ridges on the side. One of sides it’s slightly torn away revealing brown seeds. 

The pod is sitting in the middle of a jangling stalk with three green to yellowing leaves sticking out of the sides. It’s the end of the season for trilliums. 

The plant is hanging over a sand colored pot and beside the pot is mulch. I cage all my native plants and keep them in raised beds or pots for keeping them safe from squirrels/bunnies and sheltered for propagating.
A couple dozen round brown seeds with some white membrane still attached. They are sitting on a white paper towel.
J blue
5 months ago

Sleepy time for firefly. ✨

Photinus pyralis, Pouteria campechiana (firefly has good taste 🥰)

#gardening #InsektenSamstag #insects #firefly #plants #perennials #fruit #organic #GrowYourOwn @plants

A firefly hangs snuggly on the back of a canistel leaf. The view of the leaf is from the side. The leaf is long lanceolate and curves at an obtuse angle from the central vein. The leaf is pointing down from the top right to bottom left. The leaf is illuminated by the sun overhead so the veins in the leaf look like they are glowing light green. The bright green veins are in sections that go perpendicular to the main central vein that is just visible. 

The firefly beetle has a yellowish plate over its head that has a reddish blotch and a smaller black splotch over the reddish splotch. It’s twiggy legs are black and its elytra is black with yellowish border. Its antennae are segmented and black and stick up like a V. 

In the background are more large canistel leaves and faded grass and garden.
5 months ago
Hardy fuschia in bloom.
Close up of orange day lilies in bloom & some unopened buds.
Orange day lilies in bloom & some unopened buds.
J blue
5 months ago

Boehmeria cylindrica “Smallspike false nettle” 🌱

Very easy to grow native plant to North America. Grows well in shade. 😎

Edible. Tastes like spinach. Best as a mixed salad green but can also be juiced and cooked like other greens. Leaves are a little fuzzy.

Blooms prolifically but flowers are modest. So far the bunnies have left it alone. Dioecious.

#gardening #NativePlants #perennials #FoodSecurity #plants #bloomscrolling #florespondence #organic #GrowYourOwn @plants #FoodForest

A close-up pic of the tiny greenish-white flowers. They bloom in clusters on spikes opposite each other on the green stem. Also visible are the light green stems of leaves and some green leaves.
A pic showing an abundance of verdant leaves of the false nettle. Leaves are wide lanceolate with serrated edges.
A downward facing pic of false nettle planted in the ground. It looks a bit like spearmint. There are multiple stems coming up from the base. Leaves look like they grow opposite to each other and they sort of are but are alternate growing. It’s a cheerful happy plant.
J blue
5 months ago

A baby praying mantis. Sqeee!!! 🥹☺️

Plant is Coccoloba spinescens.

#InsektenSamstag #insects #gardening #plants #nature #wildlife #perennials #GrowYourOwn #fruit @plants

A small thin brown baby praying mantis hanging onto a vertical stem of a plant. The insect’s legs are mostly green. It is likely a male bc of its extra body segments. In the video, the insect is at the middle bottom of the frame and climbs up to the top left of the frame and turns to the left-side of the branch. The background is faded and leafy green.
5 months ago

Lots of my #liatris #perennial #plants are bursting with many new flower buds. It's aka #gayfeather & #BlazingStar 🌸
Flower moth larvae love using this plant as food. Pollinators adore their bright pink bottle brush flowers; which bloom from distinct 2-4' tall spike stalks.

#Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #GardenersOfMastodon #SDFgardeners #WhatsInMyGarden #botanical #PollinatorGarden #nature #perennials #PropagatedPlants #SaveSoil #wildflower

Liatris foliage on spike stalk with mini flower buds.
5 months ago

Happy to see some of my alternate cover crops lawn replacement seeds sowing efforts, slowly paying off. Lots of red & white clovers, more sedges, self heal, wild chamomile, plantain & wild sorrels are showing up on our front lawn space now 👩‍🌾🥰👍🌿👍

#rewilding #permaculture #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #yyj #vanisle #VancouverIsland #PNW #PacificNorthwest #GardenersOfMastodon #SDFgardeners #WhatsInMyGarden #botanical #nature #perennials #PropagatedPlants #SaveSoil #ClimateAction #RewildYourYards

Front lawn with red & white clovers, self heal plants, sedges & plantain.
White clover flowers in field of clovers.
Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
6 months ago

#Coneflowers (Echinacea) can now be found in many colors. No matter the color, they still provide the yellow powdery pollen for native #pollinators. Later, the seeds are eaten by birds. Sometimes they self-seed the following year and you get bonus plants.

#NativePlants do not have to be boring. Fit one or ten into your #landscape.

#gardening #flowers #Florespondence

A bright red coneflower is shown close up. There are 16 petals, characteristically pointed slightly downward, presenting a circular structure where tufts of bright yellow pollen can be seen.

I've been helping my mom lately pick out some perennials for her #garden, which is primarily part-shade/part-sun, with a few spots in full but high shade. Easy enough. But the problem is she has a frequent visitor of the rabbit variety that likes to munch on her plants. So I need some ideas for shade-tolerant #perennials that are rabbit-resistant. Rabbits seem to be like deer in that they're not overly picky if they're hungry enough 😕 #plants #flowers

8 months ago

I'm absolutely in love with the Groasis Waterbox. Such a well thought-out concept. I'm usually not a huge fan of plastic but these are worth it.
#RegenAg #RegenerativeAg #RegenerativeAgriculture #Perennials

The components of the Groasis Waterbox laid out next to each other. A green bucket, black internal baffle and white ridged lid.
J blue
10 months ago

Dwarf moringa, Moringa oleifera 1/

Fresh: faintly bitter and green in a good way
Dried: less bitter, still “green,” but more tea-like

Care is a bit tricky. See thread.
#cooking #gardening #organic #GrowYourOwn #IndoorGardening #plants #perennials

An explosion of green. From a chopped trunk in a blue pot barely visible, moringa “leaves” flare out. Moringa leaves are compound, often tripinnately.
On a flat glass dish whose undersides are sculpted into bubbles to reflect light is a bed of bright green moringa leaves. Also among the moringa is some baby fennel and okahijiki like tiny soft bunches of green twigs. Sitting on this nest of verdancy is an explosion of oranges, reds and yellows and whites like a star or fireworks explosion. The explosion of colors come from lightly pickled daikon, carrot and daylily petals. The root vegetables are shaped like the long daylily petals. On top of the explosion is delicate sprig of baby moringa leaves.
White background, white dish rimmed with silver are two triangular onigiri wrapped with daylily petals and nori so that it looks like a flame. There is a whole daylily flower in the background on the plate. Also on the plate is a scattering of purple mizuna, chopped into sprinkles and a fresh frond of luminescently green moringa leaves. 

Inside the onigiri is browned maitake mushrooms and the mizuna leaves added after the maitake finished cooling after frying.
Blue background. Pink, blue, grey ceramic plate. On the plate is a freshly snipped Malabar spinach leaf and a moringa frond of leaves on top. Sitting on the leaves is a broiled square of tofu, nicely browned. It is drizzled with soy pickled peppercress seeds. It looks scrumptious. It was.
Bicycling Monterey
10 months ago

@marcprecipice We agree, such stereotypes are inaccurate. See "Why stop now? Perennials biking #Monterey County" for photos of visiting and local #perennials aka elders aka #seniors who bike.

J blue
10 months ago

Sissoo spinach.

Taste: lettuce (fresh), vegetal green tea (dried)

Pests: rabbits, grasshoppers, katydids

Light: part-shade, shade. Can easily be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill.

Temp: stops growing around 55F, dies in freezing.

Notes: compact grower, clones easily, air-dries in 2-3 days, goes well in thick soups, sauces, curries as well as fresh in salads.

I heartily recommend this plant. ❤️ 🌱

#gardening #perennials #cooking #indoorgardening #organic #plants

A dense mat of small green leaves. Oh so verdant! Much happiness.
Fairhaven Person
11 months ago

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