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Peru: Militäreinsatz der #USA zur Einschüchterung der peruanischen Bevölkerung

"Dem Gesetz zufolge dürfen die US-Streitkräfte mit Waffen einreisen, um mit den peruanischen Streitkräften und der peruanischen Polizei zusammenzuarbeiten und sie auszubilden."

#Peru #Autoritarisierung #Militär #USArmy #Repression #Südamerika

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#Peru #protesters, including children, killed in ‘extrajudicial executions’ by security forces, Amnesty finds

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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#Peru: Congress to debate bill that would promote deforestation and undermine indigenous rights
Despite opposition from the Amazonian indigenous organisations and the minister for the environment, Congress is insisting on debating proposed legislation that would weaken regulations controlling deforestation and endanger the lives of peoples in voluntary isolation. #Amazonas #Indigene

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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#Peru: Indigenous environmental and human rights defenders demand state action
On 22 and 23 May, at a national meeting of indigenous environmental and human rights defenders organized by the national Amazonian indigenous organisation (#AIDESEP) and held in the City of Pucallpa, those present demanded more effective measures by the state and that 8 regions be declared in ‘emergency’: Ucayali, Loreto, San Martín, Amazonas, Madre de Dios, Junín, Cusco and Huánuco. #Indigene

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Government intends to push ahead with Tía María #Bergbau #Peru
The Minister for Energy and Mines, Óscar Vera, has announced that the government intends to reinitiate discussions to restart the Tía María copper mine in Islay (#Arequipa), owned by Southern Peru Copper Corporation. The mine has been suspended for ten years due to local communities’ questions over the mine’s Environmental Impact Report (EIA).

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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#Peru: Amnesty publishes its final report pleading for an end to police impunity
On May 25, Amnesty International (AI) published its report on the human rights violations committed in Peru between Pedro Castillo’s removal as president on 7 December and 9 February. It investigates the circumstances in which 52 people lost their lives as a result of police and army repression of protests against the government of Dina #Boluarte.

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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#Peru: Congress pushes ahead with attempts to control the judicial and electoral systems
A section of the far-right majority in Congress is pushing ahead with its strategy to control judicial appointments through the National Board of Justice (Junta Nacional de Justicia, JNJ). It wants appointments to be placed in the hands of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC), an entity which it now effectively controls.

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Noch ein Geschmäckle vom Meisterbürger aus #Cajamarca #Peru:
Alcalde Joaquín Ramírez contrató a su pareja como asesora de su despacho
Controversia. Según la versión del burgomaestre de Cajamarca, la exreina de belleza Daniela Rodríguez ya laboraba en el municipio, pero su último contrato está fechado en febrero de este año.

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Venezuelans, Colombians and Peruvians lead asylum requests in the European Union
Applications for asylum from citizens of #Venezuela, #Peru and #Colombia in the European Union skyrocketed in March and are at levels close to the all-time high, according to community statistics, which place Spain as the main destination for those who arrive in #Europe from those three Latin American countries.

In March alone, the 27 #EU countries, #Norway and #Switzerland received some 92,000 #asylum requests, with #Syrians (10,000), #Afghans (9,500) as the main applicant nationalities, mainly in #Germany. Among the countries that are growing the most is #Turkey (5,900), whose data is now more than double that of the same month in 2022.

#Refugees #Politics

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#Peru: Der Kongress hat die Präsenz von Truppen der #US-Streitkräfte im Land genehmigt. Wie sollen diese eingesetzt werden?

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RT @CopernicusEMS: #ICYMI

Our latest #GDO report on the #drought in #SouthAmerica explores the impact of low precipitation💧 and high temperatures🌡️ in the soil moisture patterns of #Argentina🇦🇷, #Uruguay🇺🇾, #Paraguay🇵🇾 #Brazil🇧🇷, #Bolivia🇧🇴 and #Peru🇵🇪

Read more at👇


Police found 58kg of cocaine bearing the Nazi flag and imprinted with the name of Germany's war-time leader Hitler.
Peruvian police seize cocaine bricks wrapped in Nazi insignia
Report comes as Peru declares Mexican President Lopez Obrador persona non grata after he criticised protest response.
Amnesty report finds racial bias in Peru’s protest crackdown
Claudia Zahn
3 days ago

Brilliant Apple Green Augelite with Quartz from the famous finds at the Mundo Nuevo mine in #Peru! Size: 3.4 x 2.6 x 1.8 cm
Photo Copyright ©️ Saphira Minerals
By #GeologyWonders
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature #minerals #crystals #gems #Nature #NatureLovers #NaturePhotography

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"Razzismo letale: esecuzioni extragiudiziali e uso illegale della forza in Perù."
49 morti, quasi tutti da ambienti poveri, indigeni e contadini, suggeriscono un pregiudizio razziale e socioeconomico.

#Peru #HumanRights #25maggio

Chakad Ojani
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Thrilled to share my latest article on fog capture in Lima, published #openaccess with Cultural Anthropology! 🧵👇 (1/5)


#anthropology #ethnography #failure #infrastructure #lima #peru #water

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#Peru: #Rider für #Rappi streiken gegen "Billiglieferungen" und Ausbeutung durch die Plattform

4 days ago

#Peru|s Kongress ist dabei, Mexikos Präsidenten López Obrador zur Persona non grata zu erklären wie schon zuvor Kolumbiens Präsidenten Petro. Dabei ist die Kritik der beiden an der illegitimen Regierung in Lima angebracht.

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AMLO qualifica de prepotent l'actuació dels EUA enviant tropes militars al Perú... envien els seus democratitzadors per excel·lència per demostrar el suport a un govern sense legitimitat, dps del cop d'estat a Pedro Castillo.



Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
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This week for #MapPromptMonday, trying to make a "book cover" of an #imaginary #book about #Peru and its troubles. Map made with #Rstats, and some labels and tweaks with #Gimp and #ImageMagick. Using the "Peru" color as a basis.
#RStats code:

A "book cover" for an imaginary book about the continuous troubles in Peru. It shows a map of Peru in the tone of the red-like color "Peru"
BBC News Mundo
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Una tumba recién descubierta de más de 1,000 años podría cambiar nuestra idea de las culturas originarias de #Perú, #Bolivia y #Chile.

Lee más en #BBCMundo. #Arqueología #Incas #Macatón

Claudia Zahn
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Brilliant Apple Green Augelite with Quartz from the famous finds at the Mundo Nuevo mine in #Peru!..Size: 3.4 x 2.6 x 1.8 cm
Photo Copyright ©️ Saphira Minerals
By #GeologyWonders
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature #minerals #crystals #gems #Nature #NatureLovers #NaturePhotography

Claudia Zahn
1 week ago

Fluorite & Pyrite - Huanzala Mine, #Peru - 5.3cm —
Look at this combo! A rich effusion of lustrous pyrite adorns spring-green octahedral fluorite crystals including a superb @focalcrystal at the top.

By #MineralMasterpiece
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature #minerals #crystals #gems #Nature #NatureLovers #NaturePhotography


Steven Bodzin
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Fascinating survey by Ipsos of parenting by same-sex couples in #Peru. Many have had kids rejected by schools for having same-sex parents. Few are married. Only 1 in 8 can include their partner in their health insurance. Better than 10 yrs ago. But a ways to go.

Miro Collas
1 week ago

Pre-Hispanic metal artifact assemblage found in Peru – The History Blog

#History #Archeology #Peru

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Ich gebe zu, ich habe sie auch, diese #Momente bei der #Arbeit, in denen du denkst:
#Alpaka-#Hirte in #Peru wäre doch die bessere #Berufswahl gewesen!“

Deshalb: Augen auf bei der Berufswahl!

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American #Lithium, empresa canadiense, administrará el uranio y litio del #Perú
Falchani, en #Puno, es considerado el yacimiento de litio de alta pureza más grande del mundo. Descubierto apenas en el 2017, contiene siete veces más partes por millón del metal que los más ricos salares de #Chile y #Argentina.

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Dina #Boluarte firmó contra el proyecto Tía María y ahora lo quiere reactivar #Bergbau #Peru
Presos de sus hechos. En la campaña política de 2021, la actual presidenta de la República estampó su firma en un compromiso de Perú Libre para cancelar el proyecto minero de Southern en Arequipa y retirar a la compañía del valle de Tambo. Ahora uno de sus ministros habla de retomar la inversión.

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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Pese a crisis social, crece la fortuna de los más ricos #Lateinamerika #Peru
Un nuevo pacto fiscal en América Latina para reducir la desigualdad social. Ese fue uno de los principales ejes de la discusión en el Seminario Internacional: «La Reforma Tributaria: Una Discusión Global y Latinoamericana», un evento promovido por CooperAcción, Oxfam y el Grupo de Justicia Fiscal y realizado la mañana de este miércoles 10 de mayo en la plataforma del diario La República.

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Por el respeto a los derechos laborales de los trabajadores en la pequeña minería #Bergbau #Peru
Sobre los hechos ocurridos en el incendio del socavón de la mina Esperanza 1 de la empresa minera Yanaquihua SAC ubicada en la provincia de Condesuyos – #Arequipa, que provocó la dolorosa muerte de 27 mineros debido a la evidente falta de seguridad laboral y la tercerización de los trabajos de riesgo en la explotación minera subterránea.

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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Amazonian #Indigene defend their rights on three fronts
#Peru ’s Amazonian indigenous peoples find themselves defending their rights against abuse by the legislature, the judiciary and the executive
In November 2022 a Congressman presented draft law No. 3518 to Congress. This proposed law would transfer the responsibility for creating, modifying, or abolishing reserves to protect indigenous in voluntary isolation from the Ministry of Culture to regional governments.

Palm Oil Detectives
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Peruvian Yellow-tailed Wooly Monkeys live in #Peru #SouthAmerica. Known for their distinctive woolly coats, hooting calls. #Criticallyendangered from #deforestation Join the #Boycott4Wildlife against brands causing #deforestation via @palmoildetect

Peruvian Yellow-tailed Wooly Monkeys live in #Peru #SouthAmerica. Known for their distinctive woolly coats, hooting calls. #Criticallyendangered from #deforestation Join the #Boycott4Wildlife against brands causing #deforestation via @palmoildetect
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"la plata, el oro, son cosas que no importan ...
en la oscura sepultura todos seremos iguales"

#NowPlaying #peru

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Today in Labor History May 18, 1781: Tupac Amaru II was drawn and quartered in Plaza Mayor del Cuzco, Peru. Tupac II had led a large indigenous uprising against the Spanish conquistadors. As a result of his heroic efforts, he became an inspiration to others in the fight for indigenous rights and against colonialism. The uprising began because of “reforms” by the colonial administration that increased taxes and labor demands on both indigenous and creole populations. However, there was also an ongoing desire to overthrow European rule and restore the pre-conquest Incan empire. And though this would merely replace one feudal power with another, there were also Jacobin and proto-communist elements to the rebellion. Most of the Tupamarista soldiers were poor peasants, artisans and women who saw the uprising as an opportunity to create an egalitarian society, without the cast and class divisions of either the Spanish or Incan feudal systems.

The uprising began with the execution of Spanish colonial Governor Antonio de Arriaga by his own slave, Antonio Oblitas. Tupac Amaru II then made a proclamation claiming to be fighting against the abuses of Spain and for the peace and well-being of Indians, mestizos, mambos, native-born whites and blacks. They then proceeded to march toward Cuzco, killing Spaniards and looting their properties. Everywhere they went, they overthrew the Spanish authority. Tupac’s wife, Michaela Bastidas commanded a battalion of insurgents. Many claimed she was more daring and a superior strategist than her husband.

However, despite their strength and courage, the rebels failed to take Cuzco. The Spaniards brought in reinforcements from Lima. Many creoles abandoned the Inca army and joined the Spanish, fearing for their own safety after seeing the wanton slaughter of Spanish civilians. In the end, Tupac was betrayed by two of his officers and handed over to the Spanish. However, before they killed him, the Spanish forced him to watch them execute his wife, eldest son, uncle, brother-in-law, and several of his captains. They cut out both his wife’s and son’s tongue before hanging them.

#Tupac #indigenous #uprising #colonialism #genocide #inca #peru #torture

Tupac Amaru II standing tall, in a brown tunic, with white knee socks, and a golden medallion around his neck. By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
Steven 📸
1 week ago

#MtMachuPicchu, #MachuPicchu, #Peru

I had the good fortune to have Machu Picchu mostly to myself after closing time. This can be a deeply spiritual place once the scope and location are considered in a moment of silence. Not a place for a selfie, but a place for self awareness.

///mammalian.debt.custards [what3words]

#Photography #Picture #OAA #AYearForArt #MastoArt
#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #ArchitecturalPhotography #TravelPhotography #Travel #WellTravelled
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A view to a very high mountain peak through elaborate stone walls and terraces. Mist hangs near the summit under cloudy skies.
Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
2 weeks ago

For the week of May 15, for the #MapPromptMonday, here is a #map of protests and riots per region in #Peru from Jan 2022 to April 2023. Regions in the coast and south are where most of the events happened.

#Rstats code:

Maps of protests and riots in Peru from January 2022 to April 2023. Regions in the coast and south are where most of the events happened.
2 weeks ago

Peru approved the extradition of Joran van der Sloot for alleged crimes related to the disappearance of 18-year-old American student Natalee Holloway.
#News #Crime #Aruba #peru #NataleeHolloway

Art History Animalia
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Happy #AmphibianWeek!
#Moche stirrup-spout bottle in the form of a #frog, c. 1-200 CE
Probably northern coastal #Peru
pottery, clay slip, paint
@smithsonian collection

photo of the frog bottle on display at the Smithsonian Institution building
Blaze sparked by short circuit engulfed one of the tunnels at remote La Esperanza 1 mine in southern Peru.
Fire at gold mine in Peru’s Arequipa kills at least 27 workers
A new report says that the killing of protesters amid widespread unrest may constitute 'extrajudicial executions'.
Rights commission says Peru crackdown may qualify as a ‘massacre’
All The Brazilian Politics
4 weeks ago

India, Brazil among most dangerous places for activists, says report

#democracy #EnvironmentalJustice #politics #brazil #india #philippines #cambodia #peru #belarus #colombia #uganda #honduras by @erinhale via @AJEnglish

A vendor in Peru’s capital and his cocker spaniel find ‘life’ on the city's streets as they work hard to earn a living.
‘My dog works, too’: The 73-year-old vending on Lima’s streets
4 weeks ago

Schon seit Monaten protestieren die Menschen in #Peru gegen die neue Präsidentin und den verhassten Kongress. Was genau dort los ist, hat Hildegard Willer hier aufgeschrieben:

4 weeks ago

#Peru – 67 Tote bei Protesten gegen die Präsidentin: Jaime Borda vom Netzwerk Red Muqui erklärt, wie Polizei und Armee Muster aus dem #Kampf gegen Bergbau-Gegnerïnnen wiederholen und warum die aktuelle Ruhe trügt im Interview mit RiffReporter-Autorin Katharina Wojczenko.

People seeking to leave Chile amid increase in restrictions have been stuck in extreme climate with few supplies.
Peru sends forces to Chile border where hundreds stranded
Human Rights Watch has issued a report condemning Peru’s reaction to protests following a presidential impeachment.
Rights group denounces ‘brutal’ protest crackdown in Peru
OttoBrennerStiftung :mastodon:
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#Medien in 🇩🇪 berichten kaum über den globalen Süden und dessen Krisen. Das zeigt die Langzeitauswertung von Ladislaus Ludescher (@ejo_de): internationale Krisen-Themen kommen in nur 15% der Berichterstattung vor. #Haiti #BurkinaFaso #Peru #Pakistan

1 month ago

Scientists May Have Solved The Mystery Of How The Andes Got So Big
-- <-- shared article
-- <-- shared paper
[although my postgrad was in geology and I am licensed in the field, it has been a number of years since I worked directly in a geologic discipline; that said, I very much like to try and keep up with ‘things geology’…]
#GIS #spatial #mapping #geology #southamerica #data #modeling #model #mathematics #mathematicalmodeling #structuralgeology #andes #chile #peru #platetectonics #tectonics #tectonic #movement #mountain #mountainbuilding #remotesensing #geologists #orogeny #vulcanism #pointers #APM #RPM

'Latin America in general is a huge gap between the rich people and the poor people.'
Peru’s Historic Protests
Jesus M. Castagnetto🇵🇪💉x5
1 month ago

Almost slipped my mind! For this week's #MapPromptMonday, a map of #Dengue in #Peru up to epiweek 13 of 2023. Most cases are in the regions in the north, which are the ones hit harder by floods.

#Rstats code:

Dengue cases in Peru up to epiweek 13 of 2023. Most cases are in the north, the regions that have been hit harder with extreme rainy weather and floods.
A string of high-profile murders has drawn attention to rates of gender-based violence in the South American country.
‘Vicious circle’: Femicides in Peru reveal ‘crisis’ of violence
Peruvian authorities accuse Alejandro Toledo of receiving millions of dollars in return for public works contracts.
Ex-president Toledo returns to Peru after US extradition
Helen Pugh
1 month ago

Today is St George's Day... AND
it's World Book Night... AND
#OnThisDay in 1616, the mestizo chronicler Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died… on the very same day as Shakespeare did!

Inca Garcilaso and his mother are both mentioned in Intrepid Dudettes of the Inca Empire

#incaempire #incagarcilaso #peru #23april #worldBookNight #stGeorgesDay #shakespeare

Book by Inca Garcilaso
1 month ago

Letras afroperuanas. Creación e identidad by José Campos; José Respaldiza; Enrique López Albújar; Pedro Benvenutto; Nilber Cienfuegos; Alicia Rojas; Nicomedes Santa Cruz; Jorge Arévalo; Clemente Palma; Carlos Camino Calderón; Ciro Alegría; Ricardo Palma; Jorge Donayre; José Respaldiza Martínez; César Ángeles; Marco Farfán; Antonio Garland; Gregorio Martínez; Enrique A. Carrillo; Ricardo Alcalde; Rodolfo Espinar; Fernando Iwasaki; Julián Huanay; José Diez-Canseco; Antonio Gálvez Ronceros; Abraham Valdelomar; Julio Ramón Ribeyro; José Carlos Mariátegui; Jorge Basadre; Luis Alberto Sánchez; José Luciano; Luis Alva Castro; M'bare N'gom Faye; Martha Moyano

#Afroperuanos, #Afroperuanas, #Afroperuanes, #literatura, #literaturaperuana, #literaturadelPerú, #Perú, #Afroandinas, #Afroandinos, #Afroandines, #diásporaafricana, #literaturanegra, #Afrodescendientes

Alejandro Toledo is set to be extradited to Peru to face bribery-related charges in a corruption investigation.

Alejandro Toledo is set to be extradited to Peru to face bribery-related charges in a corruption investigation.
Peru’s ex-President Toledo surrenders to face extradition from US
Steve Herman
1 month ago

Former president of #Peru, Alejandro Toledo, has surrendered to the US Marshals Service, reports Reuters, a day after his bid to block his extradition was denied. Toledo faces up to 20 years in prison if he's convicted of charges he received $25+ million from a construction company in #Brazil in exchange for help in obtaining public works contracts.

1 month ago

#Peru ex-president Toledo surrenders for extradition: US marshals

1 month ago

How Conservation International, the UN, the World Bank, and multinational corporations are using National Parks in Peru to rob the Kichwa people of their land for carbon credits.

From Fortress Conservation: A Legacy of Violence

By Gord Hill (Kwakwaka’wakw) for High Country News and @grist

☠️ 🏞️ ☠️ 🏞️ ☠️

#conservation #ecology #NationalParks #hiking #Peru #Indigenous #Native #Kichwa

Three panels of a comic, showing Kichwa people raising their arms in resistance, a panel people at the World Bank, and a Disney cruise ship.

Text: "The government acted without the consent of the Kichwa, or any consideration to their ancestral connection to the land, and claimed exclusive control over the forests, sparking tensions and violent conflict.

"Then, in 2007, conservation international together with Peru's national service for natural protected areas protected by the state, made the region a REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) project.

"REDD+ is a UN and world bank managed program that allows governments, agribusinesses and communities to sell carbon credits in exchange for preventing deforestation. The conflict between the Kichwa and the state Intensified.

"Buyers include the mining corporation BHP, Microsoft, United Airlines, and Gucci. By 2023, more than 45 million dollars in carbon offsets had been sold. Walt Disney Co. was the biggest buyer, snapping up more than half of them.

"Rainforests store billions of tons of carbon dioxide in trees and soil. As loggers and farmers clear forest, they release carbon. Corporations like Disney invest in projects like REDD+ to offset their own carbon emission, such as those produced by Disney's cruise ships."
2 months ago

Truly one of the oddest birds I've ever seen. Some describe the Hoatzin as “basically, a flying cow.” They eat leaves, ferment them in their crop, and smell like manure as a result. The young have claws on their wings that they use to climb back up to the nest when they fall or jump into the water below to avoid predators. Photographed by Jim DeWitt in #Peru. #Birds #Birding #BirdsOfMastodon

A dinosaur-like bird with a long neck, small head, and unfeathered blue face with maroon eyes. Its head is topped by a spiky, rufous crest. The back is dark, sooty-brown with buff edging on the wing feathers, and the neck is streaked with buffy feathers.
Jennifer McMurray
2 months ago

A 30-year old #Peruvian #transwoman named Ruby Ferrer was kidnapped from #CercadodeLima, #Peru and taken to #Carabayllo by two people from a gang extorting money from #sexworkers

Digustingly, her murder was recorded. She was shot 31 times

Due to prejudice, it's hard for #transgender people to obtain #employment and #housing. Many #trans people have no choice but to work in the #sexindustry

This must end. Trans people deserve #EqualRights and to be treated with dignity

Ken M
2 months ago

📍Misión Internacional hace un balance a los 100 días del Gobierno de #Peru via @YouTube glad to see an @NLGnews comrade there! Fuera con los golpistas.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported an #earthquake with a magnitude of about 6.8 that was centred just off the #Pacific Coast, about 50 miles (80 kilometres) south of #Guayaquil, Ecuador's second-largest city. One of the victims died in #Peru, while 13 others died in #Ecuador, where authorities also reported that at least 126 people were injured.


Leftist UU
2 months ago

Begun reading #Chokepoint #Capitalism by Rebecca Giblin and @pluralistic and it's interesting to see a very identifiable political thread in its blurb people- Adam Conover, Lawrence Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, Jimmy Wales.

These people, who I would, personally, characterize as left-liberals much of the time, provide an interesting anchor point in the political and economic movement for #socialjustice. Some of them have gained an amount of reach and are viewed as experts or at the very least accessible communicators.

In the introduction we see a point of tension in the dialectic between "the minimum demand" (mild, almost performative reform) and "the maximum demand" (#revolution from the root to a different system). #Trotsky is known for the transitional program, but *Reform and Revolution* by #Luxemburg, a bunch of #Kautsky. It's a very long current in the camp of people that want to replace the relations of society and production.

Fascists obviously have used critiques of capitalism in order to gain a political audience, but Germany during the Third Reich reminds one a lot of the kind of incestuous relationship of dominant industry and the political elite.

The question is basically, can what is in many ways a deep overhaul of the #administrative state, something everyone thinks of when they think of Sen. Elizabeth #Warren, really possible? There has to be enough "democracy in the system" to get to the end point, and the US in particular has both issues of #federalism and a federal judiciary that despises the administrative state. Also changes such as relate to monopoly, monopsony, and competition, may in some cases lack what I think is the core way that #reformism can be built upon- stickiness.

I mean essentially that universal benefit programs, well funded, are the most difficult to reverse from the free-market right. They have a very large supportive population that melds the poor, working class, and aspects of the petty bourgeoisie and professionals together in common interests.

Targeting, as is done in neoliberalism, creates inter-class conflict among those not in the elite, and can be stoked additionally by #race, #citizenship, and other factors. Neoliberalism by design when it does #welfare makes programs extremely brittle and easy to defund.

So even though the Tories have had two decade and a half long reigns in power since 1979, and Tony Blair was thoroughly a center-right New Labour PM, the #NHS has stubbornly stuck around even in its crisis state. It has resiliency.

But having enough #democracy in the system is difficult. We can look at Castillo in #Peru and #Boric in Chile, who both rode into power promising a fundamentally new, inclusive, and anti-neoliberal constitution. Actually getting through entrenched power structures, a right-wing #media apparatus, and the eternal riddle of many aspects of a #constitution being popular but at a referendum it adds up to less.

The phrase "#Chile will be the tomb of #neoliberalism imagines an end to neoliberalism- #AMLO talks about this a lot whatever you might think of his time in power. But how do you get over the hump? How do you dispatch it, and make sure it doesn't return? How do you hold sustained power so the capitalists can't just reverse all that can be done? How can genuine democracy and social justice come to fruition?

I don't have a lot of answers, but I appreciate how much was sparked just in the introduction of Chokepoint Capitalism

#wikipedia #socialism #leftwing #progressive

Ken M
2 months ago

Learn about the fight in #Peru! Webinar tonight. Dear comrades involved.

Today we’re celebrating the life of Micaela Bastidas, who in 1780 started an Inca uprising against the Spanish with her husband, Túpac Amaru II. One of her goals was to reestablish Indigenous women in social life and politics, which the Spanish had prevented. Among other roles, she was a key figure in supplying troops with the necessary money, food, clothing, and weapons.

Today's art source:

#history #Peru #Indigenous #Inca #decolonization #eyes #HiaG

Micaela Bastidas and Túpac Amaru II stand stoically next to each other on a brown barren plane with thin gray clouds in the sky above. They're visible from the hips up. Micaela is wearing a golden pentagon shape on a necklace, a white shirt, and a black gown. Túpac is wearing a white shirt and a dark red overcoat.
Eva Amsen
2 months ago

Pottery #chemistry holds clues to ancient civilization. It turns out the Wari empire (from 600-1000 in what's now #Peru) didn't produce its ceramics in a single location like the Romans did but that each town had their own way of making Wari style pottery. #science #WroteThis

Ken M
2 months ago

People continue to bravely fight against the coup in #Peru.
RT @limantigua
Postales del Siglo XXI
Fotografía 📸 Vladimir Velásquez

Ken M
3 months ago

The judicial system validating the imprisonment of the legitimate president & co-signing the carnage of the putchists. #peru
RT @telesurenglish
#FromTheSouth News Bits | Judge imposes 36 months of preventive detention on Pedro Castillo in Peru.