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The UAAP men's basketball games start today and will be shown in the Ph on free TV channel One Sports.

2:00 pm UST vs UE
4:00 pm Ateneo vs NU

#Philippines #PhilippineTV #SportsPH #BasketballPH #UAAP #ADMU #UST #Universities #UAAP86 #OneSports

The One Sports TV channel broadcast schedule today from 10 am to 9:30 pm.
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Ch1na spends billions of dollars to suppress "critical information that contradicts its narratives on contentious issues such as Taiwan, human rights and its flagging domestic economy."

It has used Ch1nese apps like TikT0k and WeCha to disseminate official propaganda and to block potential critics.

#Disinformation #Authoritarian #Asia #Tyranny #Censorship #Propaganda #FreedomOfSpeech #PhilippineStar #Taiwan #Influencers #Philippines #Bully #Apps

Hello, world!
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Hello from Philippines! #HelloWorld #Philippines

Map of Philippines overlayed with a translation of the word "hello": Kumusta.

#Kpop concerts in the #Philippines this weekend.

2023-09-30 - #TWICE - Philippine Arena

2023-09-30 - #SuperJunior D&E - Araneta Cubao

2023-10-01 - #KimSeJeong - New Frontier Theater Cubao

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Where to watch the UAAP basketball games, which start tomorrow Sept. 30.

Free TV: One Sports
Cable TV: One Sports Plus, UAAP Varsity Channel

Smart Livestream app (free for Smart/PLDT Home subscribers)
Pilipinas Live app (P149/month or $7.99/month)

#Philippines #BasketballPH #UAAP86 #Sports #UAAP #UniversitiesPH #SpinPH #Apps #TV #Viewing #Streaming

Anjiolina Nakaya
14 hours ago

[From the archive]

I was in tears because I had to rebook my flight. My 11:45 am flight turned into 11:45 pm.

I took a taxi to a money-exchange shop, so I could have money to buy another ticket. 🥲

#neuroscience #philippines to #singapore

Comments come after coastguard dismantled a Chinese buoy barrier set up on a disputed shoal that raised tensions.#SouthChinaSea #AsiaPacific #China #Philippines
‘Bold step’: Philippines vows to remove future South China Sea barriers
Stella Arnaldo
17 hours ago

While many Filipinos are on revenge tourism mode, #UNWTO data showed their travel expenditures abroad reached just US$2.9 billion in the first half of the year, or 50-percent below the $5.75 billion recorded in the same period in 2019. #travel #tourism #Philippines

Shine F.
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#Pinoy #Filipino friends in the Fediverse! There's a #photoblogging challenge Pinoy edition happening soon. Masaya 'to! Here's the page created by @dyownie for those who want to join. And feel free to also suggest hashtag(s) for this!

If you can, please don't forget to include alt text to the photos. 😊

#Philippines #TootSEA

Dendan Setia (Nins)
20 hours ago

There's a new(ish) video up on Austronesian languages - - and this comment is such a callout for our people being too online lmao

(Context: for some reason, the word for 'five' is pretty consistently lima/ima/limo/imo across the languages in the family group)

ETA: the video also looks pretty interesting! I'll watch in a bit

#TootSEA #Pasifika #linguistics #Malaysia #Indonesia #Philippines #Vietnam #Cambodia #Fiji #Samoa #Tonga #Vanuatu #SolomonIslands #PNG #Hawaii #TimorLeste #Singapore #Brunei #Thailand #Nusantara #Taiwan #AsiaPacific #Madagascar #Maori #indigenous #Polynesia #Micronesia #Melanesia

I can see that the Lima Gang hasn't found this vid yet
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today i'd like to share the art relief mobile kitchen. it's an artist-led ngo that goes to disaster-struck areas of the philippines and cooks meals for people for as long as they can.


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Buy one take one on shoes in Marikina Riverbanks this weekend (Sept. 28 to Oct. 1).

You can score two for the price of one when you visit The Playground Premium Outlet at The Studio, Riverbanks, Marikina for Nike, Converse, Vans, Asics, Toms, and other brands.

#Philippines #MetroManila #SpotPH #Asia #Tootsea #Sale #Discount #Shoes #Shopping #Marikina

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Trending in #Philippines on Sep 28, 2023

Michael Gambon
2022 Asian Games

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Ziggurat Real Estate
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The Philippines was named one of the top climbers of the decade following the release of the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023, in which it placed 56th out of 132 economies, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said.

The index measures the innovation capacity of economies based on two sub-indices — innovation input and innovation output.

#realestateagent #innovation #WIPO

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It's *West Philippine Sea* and I hope the international press takes notice of these atrocities, and the blatant attack on Philippine sovereignty that China is displaying. It is incorrigible, and impossible to forgive.

#WestPhilippineSea #China #Philippines

1 day ago

#manila #philippines
Air conditioning units at the SMDC Shore Residences, Manila, Philippines

Air conditioning units at the SMDC Shore Residences, Manila, Philippines
1 day ago

Manila Airport Terminals - Can you expect a smooth transit through?

Having read negative reports about Manila Nasay International, I was apprehensive about our 6-hour transit thru the Manila airport terminals

#Manila #Airport #Terminals #Transit #Philippines

2 days ago

Ateneo de Manila University has been the top Ph university for 2 years in a row based on the Times Higher Education rankings. Should the University of the Philippines (formerly Ph's best) be worried?

#Rappler #Philippines #Education #Universities #Ranking #AteneoDeManila #UniversityOfThePhilippines

Autonomie und Solidarität
2 days ago

The #Philippines is the most dangerous country in #Asia to defend the #environment #ClimateCrisis
"According to Mr Bonafacio, the #Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 has also been weaponised and escalated in recent months, its usage "skewed against environmental advocates".The law, using a broad definition of €terrorism, means people designated as "terrorists" can be arrested without a warrant and detained for up to 24 days without charge.
Professor Curato said the Anti-Terrorism Act, along with other bills passed recently, showed the Philippines government no longer needed to resort to outright authoritarianism and could instead rely on laws that had the veneer of credibility and due process.
Among the tactics used against activists by both state-backed and private security forces, red-tagging is one of the most pervasive and dangerous, according to Nicole Curato, a professor of political sociology at the University of Canberra."
#Climate #Counterterrorism #Repression #Antireport

Man holds a sign on which 
Never again to Marcos-Duterte stand
Notice to shipping comes amid rising tension between Beijing and Manila over disputed Scarborough Shoal.#Military #Politics #SouthChinaSea #AsiaPacific #China #Philippines
China issues warning for military exercises in parts of South China Sea
2 days ago

After beating Bahrain 89-61, Gilas Pilipinas (Ph men's basketball team) faces Thailand at 11 am in Asian Games basketball today.

#Philippines #Gilas #Basketball #AsianGames2023 #PhilippineStar #Thailand #Sports #Asia

China is asserting its claim to seas far to the south of its mainland, wreaking havoc with fishers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, who have used the waters for generations.

#philippines #vietnam #japan #fishers #china #coastguard

Resolviendo la incógnita
2 days ago

Camarones circulando por el laberinto coralino en la isla de Romblón, Filipinas. #Filipinas #Philippines 📷 Weiwei Zeng

3 days ago

Added Tara Frejas' site to my list of DRM-free bookshops!

Self-publishing romance stories since 2015, Tara has so far written 13 books (including collaborations), all available in both print and digital formats. 🐰💜

#ebooks #romance #DRMfree #Philippines

Find Tara's ebookshop and many, many more here:

Raymond Scott Pert
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#Philippines officials vowed Monday to remove a floating barrier placed by #China's coast guard to prevent Filipino fishing boats from entering a disputed lagoon in the #SouthChinaSea
They said the 300 metre-long barrier at the entrance to the lagoon at Scarborough Shoal is “illegal and illegitimate.” Chinese coast guard vessels laid the barrier, held up by buoys, on Friday as a Philippine government fisheries vessel approached

A Philippine Coast Guard personnel cuts the rope connecting the floating barrier that was installed near the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, in an undated handout photo released on September 25, 2023. | Photo Credit: Reuters
Beijing warns Manila not to 'stir up trouble' after the Philippine coastguard removes buoys installed by China.#AsiaPacific #China #Philippines
What set off the latest South China Sea row between China and Philippines?
My Actual Brain
4 days ago

The hardest part of learning Tagalog is that almost everyone texts in abbreviations or nonstandard spelling. I can never use google translate to stay to figure it out.

I downloaded a book to learn with and numerous times, my wife had to tell me that the book was either incorrect or it was teaching a super old formal way of saying something that works never be used.

It’s not even on duolingo and they have fictional languages like Elvish.

#philippines #filipino #language

4 days ago

I swear, the weakest link in a Filipino's cybersecurity is the Philippine government.

Hackers demand $300,000 from Ph health insurer.

#HealthCare #Insurance #Hacking #Malware #Philippines #Tootsea #PhilHealth #Medusa #MedusaRansomware

Autonomie und Solidarität
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Environmental activists killed at a rate of one every other day in 2022 – report
"#Colombia was the deadliest country and a fifth of the 177 recorded killings took place in the Amazon rainforest, says Global Witness.
At least 177 people were killed last year for defending the environment, according to new figures, with a fifth of killings taking place in the Amazon #rainforest.
Murdered by organised crime groups and land invaders, environmental defenders were killed at a rate of one every other day in 2022, figures from the NGO Global Witness show. Colombia was the most deadly country, recording 60 murders.
#Indigenous communities were disproportionately represented in the figures, making up 34% of all murders, despite representing about 5% of the world’s population. The new figures mean that at least 1,910 environmental defenders have been killed between 2012 and 2022, according to Global Witness, with most of the murders going unpunished.
#Brazil, #Mexico, #Honduras and the #Philippines were the most deadly countries in 2022 after Colombia.
Almost 90% of all killings were recorded in Latin America."

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Protest #Antireport #Repression

An environmental protest in Brasilia, Brazil, April 2022. Almost 90% of all killings were recorded in Latin America. Photograph: Andressa Anholete/Getty Images
Images posted on social media show buoys blocking Philippine fishing boats from entering the area within Manila's EEZ.#SouthChinaSea #AsiaPacific #China #Philippines
Philippines condemns ‘floating barrier’ in South China Sea
6 days ago

Something I'm working on today: We have to think of detainees charged with abortion-related crimes as political detainees precisely because “the personal is political,” that abortion and bodily autonomy are political issues. The struggle for the legalization of abortion is part and parcel to any program of police and prison abolition in the Philippines.

#abolition #abortion #Philippines

6 days ago

we stan a Filipina who can sing “I Will Always Love You” #philippines #tootSEA

:mima_rule: Mima-sama
1 week ago

Oh god what an unfortunate acronym ​:momiji_cringe:​

#PETA #Philippines #Filipino

Official logo of the Philippine Education Theater Association
US Federal Reserve holds rates steady while European Central Bank signals a pause in monetary tightening policy.#ShowTypes #BusinessandEconomy #Coronaviruspandemic #Food #Inflation #AsiaPacific #Europe #Philippines #Ukraine #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Have interest rates reached their peak?
maeve harris
1 week ago

#Philippines government issues a public health warning and advises folks to mask up, as the National Capital Region is suffering from high levels of sulfur dioxide and volcanic smog, caused by eruptions on Mount Taal, in Batangas province

Country could file second case with International Court of Arbitration over China's alleged destruction of coral reefs.#Courts #Environment #Politics #SouthChinaSea #AsiaPacific #China #Philippines
Philippines mulls court action against Beijing in South China Sea dispute
Florian Kriechbaumer
1 week ago

The beautiful chocolate hills of Bohol island in the Philippines. One of my favourite landscapes, there are over 1000 of these little elevations spread in a small area, most likely formed from a weathered marine limestone layer with no trees or shrubs growing on them.
#chocolatehills #bohol #philippines #philippines🇵🇭 #visitphilippines #cebu#droneoftheday

Flipboard Culture Desk
1 week ago

Doja Cat is being taken to task over her latest single, “Balut,” the name of a Filipino street dish. “Girl, you don’t need to shame my culture if you don’t understand it,” is how one X user put it. The Grio has more:
#Culture #Entertainment #Music #Food #DojaCat #Philippines

1 week ago

Photo of the evening, putting the memorial to the victims of the dictatorship on the feet of the police, as if telling the police: you did this and are doing this.

#ML51 #Philippines

Barricade of police, candles below the barricades.
1 week ago

So how does one exactly go about swallowing a wad of American dollars worth 300 USD? Can she puke it out, rinse it a bit, and have it be perfectly legal tender? Are US bills indestructible and stomach acid-proof?

Man, #Manila airport mysteries.

#Philippines #NAIA

Female staff at NAIA airport appearing to swallow a wad of cash
Jonila Castro and Jhed Tamano disappeared while working with communities opposed to Manila Bay reclamation projects.#Environment #Police #Politics #AsiaPacific #Philippines
Two activists freed in Philippines after being ‘abducted by the military’
1 week ago

Losing my mind over the fact the Philippines wants to become a “major liquefied natural gas player” despite the lack of an abundant source of natural gas deposits in the territory, or that LNG/fossil gas has considerable greenhouse gas emissions (particularly methane). If you didn't know, the Malampaya gas field is steadily being depleted.

We are never going to get sensible climate/energy policy are we.

#Philippines #Climate #ClimateDiary

The quasi-religious group has at least 3,500 members who are holed up in a mountain community in Mindanao.#ChildRights #SexualAssault #AsiaPacific #Philippines
Philippines doomsday ‘cult’ accused of child sex abuse
maeve harris
2 weeks ago

Singapore based firm #Dyson commits to an investment of 11 billion PHP ($194 million) in the #Philippines for a new factory and R&D center. Dyson says 1250 new jobs will be created.

Tim Mak
2 weeks ago

Yurii Poita, a Ukrainian national security researcher living in Taipei, says that it may actually make #China speed up plans for an invasion.

#China will not abandon its strategic plans to take over #Taiwan,” he predicted and may want to strike earlier due to renewed alarm (and related military buildups) by China’s adversaries in the Asia-Pacific.

#Japan has announced a massive military expansion – the largest since World War II. The #American presence in the #Philippines is growing.

2 weeks ago

How many days do you have to work to earn the money to buy the iPhone 15?

Philippines 79.5 days
India 55.9
Vietnam 55.6
Thailand 45.0
Malaysia 30.7
China 23.5

Taiwan 18.7
Japan 12.6
South Korea 10.1
United Kingdom 9.9
Germany 9.5
Canada 7.7
Singapore 6.7
Australia 6.3
United States 5.3

#iPhone15 #Price #Philippines #Tootsea #Countries #PhilippineStar #Taiwan #Japan #India #Asia #Consumer #Smartphones

2 weeks ago

Anong mga ibon kaya yung inaakalang tiktik, wakwak, ekek, atbp?
Parang magandang #worldbuilding material.


Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

ok, so, factual correction: Maya is the upcoming one (and was used originally as remittance transfer platform), GCash is the more established player with the market domination.

But here's the thing: the national QR code exists (as mentioned). It's in use. You *can* use GCash app to read the QR code on Maya app, and VICE VERSA. (we tested) You can use your bank app to read a GCash app QR code. You very much practically CAN pay directly without transferring money across e-wallets.

BUT: does this cost you transaction fees?

AND: why wasn't this better communicated by the payment providers?

#TootSEA #Philippines #banking

Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 weeks ago

After getting a better idea on the e-wallet ecosystem in the #Philippines, I get now why transaction fees are a pain point - if it makes anyone feel any better, this was actually the situation back home and was going to stay so if the concurrent work on developing a national QR code as part of the payment systems wasn't also happening and implemented shortly after. The thing I didn't quite grasp was what was going on at the point-of-payment - the ewallets aren't interoperable at qr code level: if this app isn't working, you have to use another app. Ok, same in my experience, or so I thought.

Each provider is controlling every part of the payment process. Maya apparently is trying (like Zelle in the US) to be defacto payment provider through market size so when you can synonymize "paying across many accounts" with "being on that network".

//ETA: i got updates, corrections, revisions downthread//


Ayo Ayco
3 weeks ago

In the 🇵🇭PH, it was more common to take long vacations during the weeks approaching Christmas, in which kids also have long breaks.

We take the Christmas season there seriously: it takes up the whole “ber” months (September onwards), with a couple of days short break for Halloween 👻 on Nov., then Christmas resumes. 😄

I bet there are Christmas trees and lanterns around already this time. 😁

#philippines #filipino #christmas #merryChristmas

Francis Rubio :antares:
3 weeks ago

There's a queen on this season who's literally going blind because she can't afford surgery.

And Katkat's dress for The Shoes runway being from Lazada is a big issue? Girl… give these queens a break, they're broke that's why they joined #DragRace #Philippines

This is so funny! I don't know if this is real. #SANAOL is a #Filipino slang word which means "I hope all". It's usually used as an expression to something positive that you hope everyone else have or will experience.

For example:

A: I have a girlfriend now!
Everyone: Sanaol! (I hope all!)

B: I'm going to Korea!
Everyone: Sanaol! (I hope everyone else!)

Microsoft: We will replace "SELECT *" with SANAOL.
Every programmer: SANAOL!

#Philippines #Tagalog

A screenshot of a blog post about SANAOL.
Agas Ramirez 🌙✨
4 weeks ago

Anyone in #Manila or visiting until October:

Strongly NOT recommending "Wisdom of Da Vinci Immersive AI Exhibit" at One Bonifacio High Street.


Shine F.
1 month ago

New on the blog, in case you need some late-Saturday night read (and a quick escape from the gloomy weather in this part of the world). 🏖️

Wrote about this quaint resort years ago for, but here's a more personal take. 😊

#tropics #travel #Philippines #TootSEA #ExpatAsia #AmWriting

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
1 month ago

I made a loan on Kiva to a woman in the Philippines who owns a fishing business. She still needs some support, if you would like to help. As little as $25 can help Lilibeth reach her goal.

Kiva is an easy way to make a real difference in someone's life. Will you join me in helping Lilibeth in Roxas Palawan to pursue their dream?

#Kiva #Microloans #Microlending #Philippines

Mag-30 taon na pala next year ang Philippine Linux Users' Group. #linux #ph #philippines

Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Super Typhoon #Saola near the #Philippines earlier today. Maximum wind speeds of 250 km/h, pressure 922 hPa. #TyphoonSaola #台風9号 #weather #WX

Animated satellite imagery
1 month ago

I see Filipinos complaining that we no longer live in a democracy. A few points,

—The current authoritarian hellhole we live in is the fullest conclusion of democracy, not the lack of it
—Democracy, from its ancient roots in ancient Athens, has ALWAYS meant elite rule
—Elite rule is democracy's norm, not its aberration
—The explanation why democracy means elite rule means democracy varies, but generally under democracy, the agency of people are reduced to become mere passive voters BY DESIGN
—As such, Marcos Jr. winning a majority for the first time under the 1987 Constitution is a vindication of the passivity of the voter
—People vote in authoritarians precisely because they have no power, precisely because the authoritarians provides them with an image of power
—The struggle for a free Philippines will necessarily mean an overcoming of democracy, bringing out the fullest agency in everyone and repudiating the ballot box

#Philippines #democracy #anarchism

Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Super Typhoon #Saola (#GoringPH) at sunrise near the #Philippines. Winds up to 250 km/h, pressure 922 hPa. #TyphoonSaola #台風9号 #weather #WX

Animated satellite imagery
Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Night-time satellite picture of Super Typhoon #Saola (#GoringPH) near the #Philippines. Winds up to 250 km/h, pressure 922 hPa. #TyphoonSaola #台風9号 #weather #WX

Animated satellite imagery
Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 month ago

#AI #GenerativeAI #Philippines #WageSlavery: "The mathematical models underpinning AI tools get smarter by analyzing large data sets, which need to be accurate, precise and legible to be useful. Low-quality data yields low-quality AI. So click by click, a largely unregulated army of humans is transforming the raw data into AI feedstock.

In the Philippines, one of the world’s biggest destinations for outsourced digital work, former employees say that at least 10,000 of these workers do this labor on a platform called Remotasks, which is owned by the $7 billion San Francisco start-up Scale AI.

Scale AI has paid workers at extremely low rates, routinely delayed or withheld payments and provided few channels for workers to seek recourse, according to interviews with workers, internal company messages and payment records, and financial statements. Rights groups and labor researchers say Scale AI is among a number of American AI companies that have not abided by basic labor standards for their workers abroad."

Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Recent satellite picture of Typhoon #Saola (#GoringPH) near the #Philippines. Maximum wind speeds over 220 km/h, pressure 935 hPa. #TyphoonSaola #台風9号 #weather #WX

Animated satellite imagery
Francis Rubio :antares:
1 month ago

There's currently a rumor circulating that respected journalist and news anchor Mike Enriquez has passed away. His home network, GMA, has yet to publish a statement/announcement regarding this.

I really hope this is just a case of fake news. #Philippines

EDIT: Unfortunately, this news is true. Mike Enriquez has passed away at age 71.

Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Typhoon #Saola (#GoringPH) satellite view from today near the #Philippines. Maximum winds over 220 km/h, pressure 935 hPa. #TyphoonSaola #weather #WX

Animated satellite imagery