Gregory B Sadler
1 hour ago

Added my latest publication to my PhilPeople profile. It discusses some of the robust resources we can draw from schools of ancient philosophy for understanding and managing anger in philosophical practice
#Anger #Philosophy #Platonism #Aristotle #Stoicism #Epicureanism #Emotion

Ancient Philosophical Resources For Understanding and Dealing With Ange

Philosophical Practice:3182-3192 (forthcoming) 

Ancient philosophical schools developed and discussed perspectives and practices on the emotion of anger useful in contemporary philosophical practice with clients, groups, and organizations. This paper argues the case for incorporating these insights from four main philosophical schools (Platonist, Aristotelian, Epicurean, and Stoic) sets out eight practices drawn from these schools, and discusses how these insights can be used by philosophical practitioners with clients.
Gregory B Sadler
2 hours ago

Anselm's Monologion is a meditation on what human beings can know about the divine substance, and he thinks that love is central to that knowledge as well as a response to it. Here's a Sadler's Lectures podcast episode on that!
#Podcast #Anselm #Love #God #Divinity #Philosophy #Christianity

2 hours ago

Cailin O'Connor, Sanford Goldberg, and Alvin Goldman have updated their SEP-entry on Social Epistemology,

The former version of Reflective Equilibrium has been replaced by Carl Knight's new entry,

#SEP #new #philosophy #epistemology #socialEpistemology #reflection #equilibrium #reflectiveEquilibrium #moralphilosophy #ethics

“Epictetus being asked how a man should give pain to his enemy answered, By preparing himself to live the best life that he can.”

By Epictetus

From: The Stoic
#philosophy #Stoicism #DailyAffirmation

“Epictetus being asked how a man should give pain to his enemy answered, By preparing himself to live the best life that he can.”

By Epictetus
Aspen Proposal
3 hours ago

People hold a lot of different beliefs.

But we live in a real world that is not contingent upon human belief systems.

The more we understand about the world, and the more our beliefs align with that understanding, the better our chances of thriving for the long-term.

#science #Nature #economics #philosophy #spirituality #sustainability #religion #biodiversity

A viewpoint overlooking the St. Mary River valley in the Kimberley Nature Park.
Yahia Lababidi
3 hours ago

A spiritual master is a vanishing mediator who gives you back to yourself ...

When we listen to a true leader, we discover what we want (or rather, what we always already wanted without knowing it).

A Master is needed because we cannot accede to our freedom directly – to gain access we have to be pushed from outside,
since our ‘natural state’ is one of inert hedonism.

— Slavoj Žižek

#spirituality #philosophy #politics #quote

4 hours ago

"Und vor Allem bin ich es dem Geist der Schwere feind, das ist der Vogelsang – wahrlich, ein geschworener Feind, ein Todfeind, ein Urfeind." _F.N

#philosophy #art #literature

John Carmichael
4 hours ago

A friend asked me which five songs I would choose if I could listen to no other song but those five for the rest of my life. An impossible task, really. Beyond your wedding song, if you truly loved it, what do you choose? Hard rock? Dance music? Introspective music? Singalong songs? Jazz? Classical? Death metal? Do you go with the first five you think of? The five most played on your p
#Lifestyle #Culture #Music #Philosophy

“If someone is slipping up, kindly correct them and point out what they missed. But if you can’t, blame yourself—or no one.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 10.4
#stoic #philosophy #stoicism

DaN McKee
11 hours ago

Rishi Sunak is trying to pull the wool over our eyes on Rwanda by using the classical bad philosophy of the ontological argument…

#philosophy #ontological #RishiSunak #Rwanda #AsylumSeekers #asylum #UK

Atheist Quote Bot
13 hours ago

The errors in #religion are dangerous, those in #philosophy only ridiculous. - David Hume

Tooted by a #bot!
SN# 4605

The essay as a whole, with its nostalgia for more "well rounded" philosophers less locked into narrow research niches, made me think about Max Weber. Consider this passage for example:

>>Behind all the present discussions of the foundations of the educational system , the struggle of the "specialist type of man"against the older type of "cultivated man" is hidden at some decisive point. This fight is determined by the irresistibly expanding bureaucratization of all public and private relations of authority and by the ever-increasing importance of expert and specialized knowledge. This fight intrudes into all intimate cultural questions.<<

(Gerth and Mills, "From Max Weber", 243)

I'm still trying to make up my mind about Weber’s thinking on rationalization and the “iron cage” of modernity. Nevertheless, I’m convinced Weber can help us address the questions that Lyons raises in her essay.



A certain kind of cultural conservative will react to all this by urging those in higher education to focus their attention on "Great Books".

Far be it from me to cavil against anybody reading Aristotle, Hobbes, or Adam Smith, yet I am against this type of conservative approach for two reasons.

In the first place, the "Great Books" canon is irresponsibly narrow. How can we claim to be educating students if we are not helping them grapple with Fanon, for example? I know this kind of objection has been made a million times before over the past thirty years, but it still bears repeating! ( I'm not a Fanon fan, in case you're wondering, but he is an important source for anticolonial thought).

My second objection to the conservative Great Books approach grows from fear that it cuts students off from so much twentieth and twenty first century work in philosophy and intellectual history.

Reflection about the the possibility of a scientific understanding of human society or what Aristotle, Hobbes, or Adam Smith were actually claiming should be informed by recent scholarly work in the disciplines I mentioned.


#SiobhanLyons #GreatBooks

I don't have a lot of time for Alain De Botton, and much less still for attempts to portray some psychopath with an MBA as a Nietzschean ubermensch.

Yet I wonder if we should be quite as dismissive of philosophy presented as self help. After all, many of the philosophers of antiquity, whose works the author is unpleasantly surprised to find shelved with self-help books in stores, thought of themselves not as scholars working on problems or even primarily literary artists but as searchers after a better way of living.

i have not yet read Pierre Hadot's book "Philosophy As A Way Of Life", but it might well be relevant here.



The author's view of philosophy today as divisible into narrow specialization on the one hand and vapid pop philosophy on the other seems misleading to me.

In fact, you can find philosophers teaching future managers whether they should consider the interests of shareholders alone rather than those of stakeholders, future health professionals the ramifications of informed consent, and future army officers ways to think about "proportionality" and "necessity".

In short, philosophers today practice in spots other than the ivory tower or the market place.



I have a number of thoughts on this essay, which is definitely worth reading if you have any interest in the humanities.
🧵 1/5
Since when is philosophy a branch of the self-help industry? | Aeon Essays

#Philosophy #SiobhanLyons

I’m fascinated by the excuses bigotry needs to defend its existence.

“Oh that’s just the culture.”

“They’re old and from a different time.”

“The religion says to do it…what do you mean the holy book doesn’t say that?… ok the religious leader says to do it.”

“She didn’t see many of /those people/ growing up.”

Yet to be a decent human requires no logical somersaults, no justification, no rationalization.

Maybe someone who knows #philosophy & is smarter than me can show what I don’t see.

Nate Gaylinn
23 hours ago

Is my mind entirely contained within my head? Or does it extend into the physical world, integrating tools, data, and relationships as part of my thought process?

I really enjoyed Andy Clark and David Chalmers's paper on this topic:

For them, the boundaries we draw are artificial. Cognition, belief, and identity are fluid things that can be spread across the many parts of a dynamical system. The brain learns and evolves to adapt to its environment, leveraging whatever cognitive aids are out there, and investing brain power only on the tasks that can't be solved reliably in some other way.

I think this very relevant to disability. I love the idea that physical aids and extensions can be thought of as part of the self. I like how it centers accomplishing some task, without concern for how it gets done. A person's biological constraints don't have to limit their thoughts, abilities, or personhood.

#science #mind #self #philosophy #disability

Captain Superlative
23 hours ago

There's nothing defeatist about accepting the conditions of your situation or the availability and limitations of the tools at your disposal.

There's nothing hopeful about pretending you have options that don't actually exist or that are exceedingly impractical or unlikely.

There's nothing helpful about pretending that you have power when you don't, or conversely, that you don't have any power at all.

There's nothing to be gained by assuming that everyone with more power than you has unlimited power.

#philosophy #stoicism

Jeff C
1 day ago

My advice for you today... Don't do Five, Take the Four Star.

Once a place gets exceedingly popular then it gets too crowded, whereas a place practically next door, with still very good ratings, will sit quietly. Choose the place next door, you won't be disappointed, and your overall experience will be better.

#Food #philosophy

Gregory B Sadler
1 day ago

One of the first online academic classes I designed and taught is World Views and Values. I developed an open enrollment version for the general public, offered in Study With Sadler Academy
#Online #Philosophy #Course #Ethics #Theory #Metaphysics #Class #Epistemology #Politics #Society #HumanNature

Cees Grootes
1 day ago

More than argument, logic is the very structure of reality

The patterns of reality

Some have thought that logic will one day be completed and all its problems solved. Now we know it is an endless task

#logic #reality #argument #arguments @philosophy #philosophy @philosophie @philosophyofmind

The patterns of reality
Greg Restall
1 day ago

My office blackboard looks at its best after my weekly logic lunch. Today was an especially good lunchtime discussion.

#prooftheory #blackboard #philosophy

A blackboard filled with logical notations and ideas from structural proof theory. “co-determination θ“ (“θ” for “thesis“) is at the centre, and different fragments of derivations, and different concepts are illustrated around the periphery.
Victor Gijsbers
1 day ago

A commercial #academic publisher asked me to review a #philosophy 170-page book manuscript, offering me 300 euro of books from their own online shop as a reward. (With their prizes, that's about about three books.) I found this insulting and I said no. So am I now...

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis 🍂🍁
1 day ago

It was a delight to join #EmilyStrand, with whom I co-edited the anthologies Star Trek: Essays Exploring the Final Frontier and Star Wars: Essays Exploring a Galaxy Far, Far Away (both 2023 from #VernonPress), to talk #StarTrek and #StarWars with the #DiceInMind podcast.

Dice in Mind is a #podcast hosted by #BradBrowne and #JasonKaufman that explores the intersection of life, #games, #science, #music, #philosophy, and #creativity through interviews with leading creatives.

Here is the episode!

The image shows the Dice in Mind podcast logo (a die in flames, rising from an open book) with the text "Epiosde 106: Drs. Amy Sturgis and Emily Strand."
Gregory B Sadler
1 day ago

Getting close to the end of the series of podcast episodes on Anselm's work, the Monologion. Here's a Sadler's Lectures on the analogy between the rational human mind and the divine trinity.
#Anselm #Podcast #Medieval #Philosophy #Theology #Rationality

1 day ago

Interestingly prescient, excepting the equanimity part. 😀

"There are leaders who seduce us because they do not have the conflicts that we have; we admire their equanimity where we feel shame and humiliation." Ernest Becker *The Denial of Death*


1 day ago

Sounds like I have to read some Erich Fromm.

"From his early work, *Escape from Freedom* to his recent *The Heart of Man* Fromm has developed Freud's view on the need for a magic helper." - quoted from Ernest Becker's book *The Denial of Death*

#Philosophy #Psychology

“First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.”

By Epictetus

From: The Stoic
#philosophy #Stoicism #DailyAffirmation

“First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.”

By Epictetus
1 day ago

📌 Every week, we highlight an #openaccess #ebook or #journal from our collection. This week’s pick:

➡️ New issue of Krisis


Krisis is an open access journal for contemporary philosophy that publishes contributions that employ philosophy in understanding current societal, cultural and political developments 🌍📰🔍🤔. It's published by University of Groningen Press (UGP).

#librarycollection #openscience #philosophy #society #politics #culture #UGP

Black and white image displaying the journal title 'Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy'

“How satisfying it is to dismiss and block out any upsetting or foreign impression, and immediately to have peace in all things.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 5.2

#stoic #philosophy #stoicism

Lisa Bortolotti
1 day ago

As Editor of Philosophical Psychology I am delighted to announce that Peter Finocchiaro & Timothy Perrine won the Lex Academic® Essay Prize for Understanding Linguistic #Discrimination with their free access paper, “Linguistic justice in academic philosophy” This is part of the journal's ongoing commitment to #justice and #diversity in academic #philosophy @philosophy

World languages represented by colourful speech bubble with planet Earth in the background
Philosophical Psychology
1 day ago

We are delighted to announce that the winning paper for the Lex Academic® Essay Prize for Understanding #LinguisticDiscrimination is “Linguistic #justice in academic #philosophy” by Peter Finocchiaro & Timothy Perrine. The paper has been published online free access , and will appear in print in a special issue dedicated to Understanding #Bias, guest edited by Katherine Puddifoot. @philosophy

The many languages of academia represented as speech bubble with Earth in the background.

On a new #biography of #Plato and the difficulty in teasing apart the reliable from the unreliable sources of his time:

“Was He Apollo’s Son?”, Literary Review (

#Socrates #Book #BookReview #Philosophy #History

"I think, therefore I am."
- Descartes

"Why do you always have to make it about you, René?"
- his girlfriend


Chris Long
2 days ago

It was a pleasure to join @DrLeighMJohnson, @JasonReadunemployednegativity, and @rickleephilos on the Hotel Bar Sessions podcast ( @hotelbarpodcast ) to talk about #Philosophy, #Leadership, and #PubliclyEngagedScholarship. We focused on the Charting Pathways of Intellectual Leadership model of tenure and promotion that we're implementing in the @msucal. #CPIL #HigherEd

Open Forum
2 days ago

The visionaries

The Visionaries tells the story of four indomitable women who pursued their their own visions of a truly free and open society at a time of brutal authoritarianism and cataclysmic war. #Philosophy

Nino Kadic
2 days ago

Does anyone know of any websites where I can check upcoming conference CFPs in India? 🇮🇳

A bit of a specific question, but I'm thinking of going there, so might as well use the opportunity 😀

#philosophy #academia #phdlife @philosophy

Patrick Stewart
2 days ago

Another peaceful #morning to all of you #thinkers, #philosophy lovers, #spiritual people. Remember, the universe didn't have to wake you up today, so let's be thankful we get to see at least one more day. Here is your morning #mantra.

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise, and I will use this #gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for today is the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower I took back in May!

1 hour until my #taoism class starts!

3 days ago

Elements of Clojure by Zachary Tellman is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $30.00; get it for $15.00 with this coupon: #ComputerProgramming #Clojure #Software #ComputerScience #Philosophy

Victor Gijsbers
3 days ago

Reflection #3: Against metaphysical possibility.

In which I explain logical, metaphysical and physical possibility; argue that these are not gradations of possibility but merely a classificatory system that depends on the details of our practices; and argue that metaphysical possibility is not a subject matter for #philosophy


"As Aristotle put it, the beginning of philosophy is wonder. I am simply amazed to find myself living on a ball of rock that swings around an immense spherical fire. I am more amazed that I am a maze—a complex wiggliness, an arabesque of tubes, filaments, cells, fibers, and films that are various kinds of palpitation in this stream of liquid energy." ~ Alan Watts

#philosophy #quote

Victor Gijsbers
4 days ago

A new (and again quite long) philosophical reflection, this time called "Normativity and Korsgaard". I criticise certain ways of thinking about morality, reasons, and moral laws; and end with some vague remarks about love.

#philosophy #ethics #metaethics

David Todd McCarty
4 days ago

“If you’ve ever really wanted to appreciate something, and I mean get down to the essence of it with tweezers and a magnifying glass, find yourself deprived of something for a reasonable amount of time, and its beauty, or lack thereof, will be revealed. There are very few things that can stand the test of time compared to the romantic mythologies we create in our minds.”

#Writing #Essay #Philosophy #ABitDodgy

Nothing Beats The Anticipation Of A Thing
When the hype becomes the source of our happiness

David Todd McCarty
A Bit Dodgy
Project Gutenberg
4 days ago

"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice."

Theological-Political Treatise (1670)

~ Benedictus de Spinoza (24 November 1632 – 21 February 1677)

#books #literature #philosophy

Reminder: logic and reasoning is **not** the determination of the truth. It is about defining the relationships between the truthfulness of separate statements. That is all.

#Philosophy #Logic #PredicateLogic

5 days ago

Did you know that one #thought #experiment in #philosophy wants to know if you - actually - like #pleasure ?

Robert Nozick, a #libertarian #philosopher, wanted you to imagine that you are offered a sophisticated machine which can perfectly simulate all the things you deem most pleasurable.

He asks you now: would you prefer this to real life?

Nozick assumes you don't & uses that as a justification against (#ethical) hedonists.

He never tested his #hypothesis.

Gregory B Sadler
6 days ago

Here's the next core concept video in the series on Kant's Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics. This one looks at his distinction between phenomena and noumena
#Video #Philosophy #Kant #Prolegomena #Phenomena #Noumena #Metaphysics #Distinction

Todd Battistelli
6 days ago

History of rhetoric musings:

What if the philosophers weren’t afraid that people would agree with the sophists?

What if instead they were afraid that people would see that the philosopher’s already did agree, claiming as truth what they would and discarding as abject and universal error any imagined futures that might move society toward close to equity?

It isn’t that right/wrong distinctions are arbitrary. And at the same time, it there isn't some objective and universally agreed to measure of right/wrong.

It is more that good/bad distinctions are complex and nuanced and situated. And a sophistic practice can encourage us to speak up to unsettle current distributions of power and privilege: other ways are possible.

#rhetoric #philosophy #sophists #HistoryOfRhetoric #persuasion #argumentation #dialogue #deliberation #facilitation

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Last was an engaging discussion with Justin Smith on the western philosophical perspective on irrationality at the LSE (9/9) #philosophy

Mr. Completely
1 week ago

A highly recommended read, short but intense - The World Itself by Ulf Danielsson

Most #books with a subtitle like "Consciousness and the Everything of Physics" are, frankly, cringe-inducing woo woo nonsense to the educated reader. This one, IMO, isn't. The author is a string theorist and the rigor in his reasoning and language are laudable. He may not be right, but he's not handwaving. No specialized knowledge is needed, just interest.

#science #philosophy #physics

A photo of the book mentioned in the post sitting on a blue fabric surface. The cover is a clever typographic spiral made from repeating the title
Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
1 week ago

If you are gonna use AI you may as well use it to create an eternal conversation between Werner Herzog & a philosopher. It's extra fun if you imagine Seth Meyers doing his Werner Herzog impression. #AI #Philosophy ?

Bryan Kam
1 week ago
Readwise highlight from Schopenhauer's _World as Will and Representation_, vol 2, Chapter IV: On Knowledge a Priori:

> Gradually such unduly wide concepts are then used like algebraical symbols, and cast about here and there like them. In this way philosophizing degenerates into a mere combining, a kind of lengthy reckoning, which (like all reckoning and calculating) employs and requires only the lower faculties. In fact, there ultimately results from this a mere display of words, the most monstrous example of which is afforded us by mind-destroying Hegelism, where it is carried to the extent of pure nonsense.

In the above quote, "Hegelism" is crossed out, and "language models" is written in red.

Below it:
Athenians reduce true philosophy to calculation 12/70b2h1
Ryan Pendell
1 week ago

@bookstodon "In a way, both sides of the debate were directly and indirectly responding to World War II. The absurdity of wartime led many to the view that all this talk of principles, ideals, and values was bullshit. At the same time, the horrors of Nazism stirred many toward an even stronger moral sense. Evil was real. And any attempt to turn it into mere personal preference couldn’t last a minute outside the walls of academia."

#books #bookston #history #philosophy

Scott Matter
1 week ago

Humble suggestions: academics should try to write as if they want people to read and understand their work (and not as if they’re desperate for people to believe they’re really really smart)

#academic #philosophy

Nino Kadic
1 week ago

Today I presented at a conference on disagreements in philosophy at the Zagreb Institute of Philosophy. My topic was about functionalist vs. biological theories of consciousness in the context of whole brain emulation. It was a great day! 🙂

#philosophy #consciousness #academia #ai #cognition

Me - white, male, 31, tall, average build, wearing a black tuxedo blazer, a dark blue long-sleve t-shirt, and black trousers - standing behind a desk; behind me there is a chalkboard; a laptop on the table.
Me - white, male, 31, tall, average build, wearing a black tuxedo blazer, a dark blue long-sleve t-shirt, and black trousers - standing behind a desk; behind me there is a chalkboard; a laptop on the table. You can see the conference slide on the projector screen, it says "whole brain emulation" in Croatian for the title.
1 week ago

"...with particular reference to sexuality "If thy eye offend thee,
pluck it out." Fortunately no Christian acts in accordance with
this precept." - Nietzsche.
I wonder what he would have made of the Skoptsy? 😀


Harmony. Corrupted.
1 week ago

I have binged through the second season of The Vow and cults have been on my mind a lot since then... this edit is just a joke but I do enjoy roleplaying corruption and mind control a lot!

I've been thinking of bringing more of my movie/media nerdism into my work... like reviews, spoofs/skits and such🤔

As a tryout, I've got a little game...

Can you guess all the movie/tv show references in this?🤓 (all mind control related)

#cult #teacher #philosophy #movies #thevow

Graphic of me dressed as a teacher, sitting down and pointing at a flipchart. There's a frog on my shoulder, beverage cans next to my chair and a box of sunglasses next to me. Text in the middle: "Join Harmony's (anti)cult today! ...or, y'know... NOT!* Bonus: you can retain your right to apostasize at will!"
There is text on the flipchart as well: "Yes, I will positively reaffirm your trust in critical thinking and self-reliance. And yes, we will totallly have hot depraved consensual orgies all over the place*"
Asterisk footnote: *not a bit of sarcasm here
Yahia Lababidi
1 week ago

Beware when fighting monsters, you yourself don't become a monster.

For when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

— Nietzsche

#philosophy #spirituality #psychology #literature #quotes

Ben Waber
1 week ago

Next was a great pair of talks by Elizabeth Anderson and Alondra Nelson on societal equity at CASBS at Stanford (6/10) #sociology #philosophy #equity

Eric MacKnight
1 week ago

Does anyone have a good explanation of why almost everything in nature—plants, animals, landscapes—is seen by humans as beautiful?

#philosophy #science #nature

Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

Some people are saying things like "Maybe you'll give up on Mastodon". They get it wrong. It is not about giving up on Mastodon;

I will never give up on my servers.
I will never give up on my loved ones.

Would you? Give up on your loved ones, I mean? What's the point in that?

#Mastodon #Servers #SelfHosting #SysOp #Philosophy #Life

Victor Gijsbers
1 week ago

Trying something new on my website: off-the-cuff philosophical reflections. Thought processes put down on virtual paper. This first installment is about the nature of judgement (in the sense of 'judging something to be true') and how in interrelates with practical contexts.

The general rule for these things is: what I write may be confusing to you, or raise questions, but ask me anything, at any level; or give me suggestions. #philosophy

Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

─ Bill Hicks (1961 - 1994)

#quote #quotes #thoughts #philosophy #science #existentialism

About me: #introduction #presentation

Country: México
Timezone: UTC-6
Pronouns: She/They
Major: Computer Systems Engineering
I speak:
I can code in:
- C/C++
- Python
- JavaScript
- Java
- Rust
#GNU_Linux, #FOSS, #Software Development, #Music, Languages/Linguistics, Mycology
Hobbies: Music production, language learning, reading, videogames, video/film production,
I also have accounts in:
Mastodon, Lemmy, PeerTube

Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

"The Real Self is dangerous: dangerous to the established church, dangerous to the state, dangerous to the crowd, dangerous to tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual."

─ Osho

#quote #quotes #philosophy #words

Nate Gaylinn
2 weeks ago

There's been a recent bout of people talking about #freewill and #determinism. Perhaps because of Sapolsky's book (

But so much of the discussion I see is grounded in a very strange conception of free will. For many people, “free will” means that a mind must have the power to bypass causation and alter reality purely because it wants to, without any external influences.

This is very silly. It's secret dualism. It's like saying free will only exists if my transcendent soul can reach into the universe (from outside?) and arbitrarily tinker with physics. Science tells us that this sort of free will does not exist. But rather than throw out the concept entirely, maybe we just need a better definition?

When talking #philosophy it’s so important to establish good definitions.

Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

People often talk about the circle of life. I prefer to call it the circus of life.

#thought #thoughts #philosophy #irony #sarcasm

Charles Roper
2 weeks ago

In these troubling, confusing times, it could well behove us to embrace ambivalence, or "composite viewpoints" as someone called it in Mark O'Connell's documentary on the subject:

O'Connell also wrote Notes from an Apocalypse which may be of interest.

#Philosophy #Psychology #Ambivalence #Books #Politics #Art #Business #Life

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

My #birthday is coming up next month, and to celebrate I’m once again asking for tax-deductible #donations to The #AynRand Institute:

97% of ARI’s revenue comes from contributors like you and me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

I’m already >60% to goal on a separate #Facebook #fundraiser—let’s see what the #fediverse can do!

#Objectivism #reason #SelfInterest #egoism #individualism #LaissezFaire #capitalism #happiness #freedom #liberty #philosophy #charity

black-and-white photo of Ayn Rand with the text “I’m With Her”
Gabriel Garrido
2 weeks ago


Hello! I made my new Fediverse home. I already followed some folks here, looking forward to get to know others!

My name is Gabriel and I am from Costa Rica. I currently live in Spain.

I write #software for a living and for fun. I have other interests, such as #plants and #ecology, playing #music, reading #philosophy and #socialscience, and practicing #permaculture, #agroforestry, and #simpleliving.

Project Gutenberg
2 weeks ago

"Philosophy is perfectly right in saying that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other clause—that it must be lived forward."

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard died #OTD in 1855. Much of his philosophical work deals with the issues of how one lives as a "single individual," giving priority to concrete human reality over abstract thinking and highlighting the importance of personal choice and commitment.

Søren Kierkegaard at PG:


Unfinished sketch of Kierkegaard by his cousin Niels Christian Kierkegaard, Royal Library.
Title page of the first edition of Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling (1843).
3 weeks ago

Austrian economics (or the Austrian school of economics) is #libertarian #philosophy masquerading as a school of economic thought. This school is notable for its lack of formal mathematical modeling and empirical testing. Among its more unusual traits, the Austrian school draws its conclusions based on deduction and thought experiments, rather than data. In place of the conventional tools of science, the Austrian School favors a narrative approach called "praxeology". Despite its shortcomings, some less nutty features of the Austrian School have leaked into mainstream economics while the more nutty have found a home at libertarian think tanks (Cato Institute and Ludwig von Mises Institute).

#RationalWiki #economics #AustrianEconomics #praxeology #catoinstitute #ludwigvonmises #capitalism

A grainy headshot photo of Carl Menger, founder of the Austrian School of Economics (pre-1921)
Keith Wilson
3 weeks ago

Had fun talking with my #PhilosophyOfScience students about ontic structural realism. #philosophy

3 weeks ago

Bill Gates just wrote a piece about future #HCI.

Google DeepMind just demonstrated that transformers don't generalize well outside their training set.

The question I have is, what if these agents are really good at doing things they learned about, but not in new things?

Will we end up with a static world of people doing only things the AI can do?

What will happen to what Arthur Kessler called 'blue' thoughts?

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oh #daemon of #laplace, we summon thy, lord of #thermodynamics, dark prince of #causality, thine shall be #entropy to all eternity ...eternity? is that even possible?! how .. why .. .. .. .. O_o ... ... ... ...

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puppet hierarchy meme
shows 6 puppets each taller controlling its smaller successor (orig meme shows further strings attached to the biggest doll, suggesting further "controlling dolls, for this meme they have been removed)

biggest doll labeled "big bang"
smallest doll "heat death (of the universe)"
all dolls in between labeled "all else"
3 weeks ago

Welcome. It's not that I am #NewToMastodon, but I am rather #neuhier with regards to the server I am on, so please allow to introduce myself, politely:

This is a rather private profile, with occasional toots around German and local #politics, #football and my personal life decisions (they’ll bring me to hell, I bet, if you believe in such stuff).

I'm #antifascist, and a #nocar person, and from that I think it is easy to conclude on the rest of my political views. If in doubt, please ask. Be prepared that most of my views are leaning #left - Hegelian.

Having worked in #ops and considering myself as #philosophy nerd for years, I am currently looking into #dev and #infosec a bit more to find a more sustainable way of living as I am sure that humankind needs to change in that regards, and these four have to play a major role in that change.

Living in #Leipzig, #Germany I am happy to answer all questions around topics taking place in mid Europe, as I consider myself as European rather than German.

langs: #english, #french, #german

Mark Burton
3 weeks ago

Sad news. Enrique Dussel, in my view the greatest philosopher of the late C20 and early C21, has died.
I wrote this short introduction several years ago:
He was a true polymath, a founder of the #Philosophy of #Liberation, a reinterpreter of the history of America, who also pioneered research, based on primary sources, on Marx's approach.
He stood with all the oppressed and excluded Others.
Murió a los 88 años Enrique #Dussel, - NODAL

3 weeks ago


Hi, Emil here. I'm a lvl 30+ Tundra Wolf #furry roaming the European Continent. 🇪🇺 🐺 🏳️‍🌈

Formerly a musician, my main trade is electrical engineering (power engineering, energy systems) as well as mathematics, and I've been known to make and post artworks and write from time to time. (I'll probably make an art account at some point).

I'm passionate about #mathematics #education (and more generally #STEM and adult education), as I've witnessed first-hand how many doors mathematical fluency opens.

Things I like:
- #books and #reading
- #jazz and #jazzfusion
- #philosophy (I think Žižek and Adorno are pretty neat)
- obscure #technology

Fuck Nazis. Be excellent to each other.

Thaiis Thei 𓁟
3 weeks ago

Chapter six of Virtually Real: being in cyberspace is up today at my blog at You can follow my blog at @ooze

In this chapter I truly become one with my avatar as he is framed for murder. This disorder has fatal consequences. Are we our avatars or are they us? Is it avatars all the way down?

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An image of a build in Second Life of an ancient egyptian temple. There is an  avenue of ram statues and the temple pylons and an obelisk.

“There is no evil in things changing, just as there is no good in persisting in a new state.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 4.42

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