Public Health Ontario #PHO PCR positivity report.

A new test positivity record high on a very low testing rate: 35%

#CovidIsNotOver #Covid19 #SARS2 #sarscov2

Public Health Ontario lab testing reports for SARS2 positivity, cjrrently 35% and rapidly rising.
Three year history of PCR positivity rate to show the new high.

Public Health Ontario #PHO outbreak reports for Long Term Care #LTC

A useful trailing indicator for #pandemic #HowItsGoing in #Ontario

Sorry folks, #CovidIsNotOver

#COVID19 #SARS2 #sarscov2

h/t @Billius27

Public Health Ontario graph of confirmed COVID19 outbreaks shows a rapid recent increase.
Dawid Zaleski
1 day ago

La Bàn - Warszawa, Śródmieście 🍽️🍷

Pyszna kuchnia wietnamska z ogromnymi porcjami - duże Pho Bo (33 zł), Pho Cap Chay (36 zł), pikantne Pho Chien Phong Chay (42 zł) oraz limitowane Magic Bang Cuon (55 zł).

Warto spróbować!

#dawidcifoodguide #viet #wietnamskie #restauracja #pho

4 days ago

The #BCndp pay #BonnieHenry upwards of 400 grand annually to professionally lie to us.

She’s paid to deny masks are useful while peddling her hand washing book. She’s paid to hide hospital outbreaks and rising death rates while minimizing #covid transmission in #bced schools and hospitals. She’s paid to publicly claim victory over a virus she’s silently embraced in pursuit of private health.

No one in #BritishColumbia voted for #BonnieHenry, yet as #PHO she calls the covid shots for all of us. No one polices #BonnieHenry, as “top doctor” she outranks us all.

I’m no longer sick of #masks, I cherish them; they’ve kept us healthy this entire pandemic. I unfortunately can’t say the same for #BonnieHenry and #AdrianDix.

Truth be told, I’m past sick of both of them. Their faces are the faces of defeat and a constant reminder of this #bcndp’s #eugenic surrender to #covid19bc.

Their briefings only serve to trigger the ongoing sadness and despair I feel for a govt I helped vote to power, who gave up on control of transmission and instead focused on restricting covid information and minimizing societal sickness and death they caused by giving up.

For #bcpoli to move forward, both #AdrianDix and #BonnieHenry must be replaced with someone less #corrupt who actually cares to combat covid.

#BonnieHenry will forever remind me of my loss of trust in public health. Whenever I see her I’m reminded of the daily lies, misinformation and all the disgusting praise she got for surrendering our province to #covid.

We in #BC deserve a fresh new #PHO. One that is less tired of lying or distracted by her next book. One without #GBD motives and a winery in addition to the exorbitant salary she gets pretending to be a doctor.

We in #BC deserve a true public health leader.

#COVIDisNotOver #CovidIsNotMild #COVIDisAirborne #masks4healthcare #MakeSchoolsSafe #Masks4All #cdnpoli

Eater SF: Popular #Tenderloin Vietnamese Restaurant Turtle Tower Is Now Closed
#sanfrancisco #pho

There's still one at 6th and Bryant in #Soma!

eating pho rn #pho

Vietnamese food in Cameroon. Not bad. #yaounde #cameroon #vietnamese #asianfood #asiantok #pho

4 weeks ago


We Funk in my ears #wefunkradio

Pho on my tastebuds #Pho

Gloriousness in my eyes #GloriousSydney

A bowl of chicken pho in front of a Sydney intersection with a Sydney Train in the background.
1 month ago

#3GoodThings #ReasonsToBeCheerful

1. Tuesday was my Friday.

2. Enjoyed a low key 44th birthday yesterday with my son and DIL last night. Mexican baked potatoes and a hybrid cheesecake cake that was to die for.

3. Made pho for dinner and enjoyed it with my son and DIL tonight.

@3goodthings #food #whatsfordinner #pho #foodie

Pho in a bowl with beef, chili paste, cilantro, bean sprouts, one lone scallop at the surface, seaweed and more.
Pho with kell, scallions, scallops, radishes, carrots, seaweed, onions, serrano peppers and more.

The Pho shop on the right should probably have played off the strip bar's For Your Eyes Only name and called itself Pho Yuh Eyes Only.

Picture of a pho shop next to a strip bar called For Your Eyes Only.
2 months ago

Lunch #pho with the wife.

Delicious bow of vietnamese pho soup with bean sprouts and herbs.

Got COVID from some non-vaxxing non -masking "relatives" (not by blood....or choice) who showed up sick and didn't tell anyone that they were running fevers until we all started having to make urgent care visits.

That sucks.

But, I know I can count on mom to go out of her way and bring pho for me and the kids so we can enjoy it under the shade of the trees.

Also, Sriracha is still normally priced at Saigon Market FYI.

#asiantok #asianmastodon #laotok #kwayteow #pho #sriracha

Bowl of pho

@lao9s Laradump and Magnet are new to me. Using iTerm still, as it works as a terminal nicely and is a tool I know. Love seeing what others use, frequently learn something new. #pho #laravel

#cooking had some very thinly sliced pork from the asian market i'd gotten a little while back (was planning on making #pho or #hotpot) and put into the freezer when i got burned out on hot pot. marinated it in #vietnamese #lemongrass pork marinade. put together some boxed #padthai noodles i picked up at grocery outlet for 50cents (thai kitchen), and wham bam next thing you know there's lemongrass pork pad thai

Tyson, Chicken Rancher 🐓
3 months ago

Someone told me that Seattle has the best pho noodles in the world because of the quality of U.S. beef and the number of pho restaurants. I’m willing to bet that we have the most pho restaurants per capita in the country. #pho #seattle

A table with five bowls of noodles and two Vietnamese iced coffees. You can see the hands of some people sitting at the table, but not their faces.
3 months ago

Had a craving for good #pho today. Compromised on 5ive Spice, walking distance from home, and although it’s a top recommendation on Yelp, Trip advisor, Google maps, and Reddit, I had a bad feeling about it.
Which was correct. It was not good. At all.
And now I really want good pho, but can’t trust any reviews. Which probably means a lot of trial and error for a while.

4 months ago

Today's #lunch: instant #Pho with extra cilantro, green onions, mushrooms, and chili oil. I'm a happy otter.

A bowl of Oh Ricey! Instant Beef Pho takes up half the frame. It is served in a deep blue bowl. The rice noodles are in a broth with a rich, red layer of chili oil on top. Green onions, mushrooms, and cilantro are interspersed througout.
4 months ago

2023 Photo Challenge 155/365
Had a good lunch before a work meeting at North Market in Columbus Ohio. Bubbles Tea & Juice Company made a great drink and Lan Viet Market kept me fueled for the long afternoon. There was spot healing done on some random objects in the shot and slight slider work. #photoshopedit
#northmarketcolumbus #northmarket #columbusohio #pho #bubbletea #lunch #2023photochallenge

Wooden table with red bubble tea and beef pho with chopsticks, disposable spoon, napkins on left and condiments and additions on the right.
4 months ago

#BonnieHenry is the #heartless, #ruthless #PHO responsible for my complete loss of trust in this #BCndp, #PublicHealth, and endless #BCgovt apologists gloating in our #BCmsm.

I even lost a 20 year friendship to Bonnie’s #lies & #propaganda dividing British Columbian’s in a crisis.

I will never forget how #DoctorHenry leveraged caring communities for profit, #sacrificed our #vulnerable, trashed vaccines & masks, withheld testing & hid covid death in #bcpoli children.

#WeWillRemember #CDNpoli

Jeremy Ong
4 months ago

Vietnamese Beef Pho & Seafood Pho, Japanese Yakitori & Sashimi #vietnamese #japanese #beef #seafood #pho #noodle #yakitori #chicken #sashimi

Christian Pietsch 🍑
5 months ago

@esopriester Ich habe erst gestern gelernt, dass Phở nicht mit P am Anfang ausgesprochen wird (sondern F). Das kam so:

Diese Nudelsuppe stand gar nicht auf der Speisekarte, sondern nur auf einem Aufsteller vor dem Asia-Imbiss, der ansonsten eher unambitionierten Bratreis und eine Art Sushi anbietet.

Jedenfalls schmeckte die Suppe so gut, dass ich vermute, das Personal isst sie selber. Seither interessiere ich mich mehr für Vietnam.

Die IPA-Lautschrift für Phở in der Wikipedia kann ich nur teilweise entschlüsseln – vermutlich weil Vietnamesisch eine Tonsprache ist:


Tim Mak
5 months ago

Right now, I’m paying for all our expenses myself.

For $8 per month – less than a bottle of #Sriracha! Or a bowl of #pho! – you can be a supporter of regular reporting on the war in Ukraine: a combination of investigative reporting and the moving, personal stories of this conflict.

6 months ago

Every #Pho restaurant I've been too in #Vancouver is cash only. Like, tax evasion much LOL

⚞jRm⚟ ²³
7 months ago

J'ai réécrit ma recette de Phở Bò :

Faites vous plaisir, c'est long à préparer, mais le plat est ouf.

#cuisine #recette #vietnam #pho

Check out my onlyphởs for more hot pics

#yeg #yegFood #TauBay #pho #Edmonton

A fully loaded bowl of pho
7 months ago

Full of delicious Vietnamese food. Can thoroughly recommend #Pho in #CanaryWharf. First time trying it - I’ll definitely be back.

#pho when you’re sick is chef’s kiss

A bowl of chicken pho
J.A. Pak
8 months ago

Found rau ram (sometimes called Vietnamese cilantro) and so was able to make a very nice Southern-style #pho. Now have to figure out what else to make with it. #cooking #herbs

Photo of rau ram, Vietnamese herb.
Professor Loki
8 months ago

Just ordered a GAINT bowl of Vegan #Pho. Nom Nom Nom Nom this is going to equal me trying not to fall asleep at my desk 😆

8 months ago

Ingredients for the broth (and the 4 year old sous chef caught sneaking some cilantro)

#cooking #food #pho

Ingredients for cooking chicken pho- chicken drumsticks, cilantro, onions and ginger, fish sauce, and various spices- are laid out on a cutting board. A child’s arm reaches out to pilfer the cilantro.
Brian K.
8 months ago

#today As promised #pho

Militant Angeleno
9 months ago

The Militant checked the weather and decided, "Yep, it's a #Pho kind of night." Braved the rainy roads to The 626 for some #Vietnamese noodle soup at Pho Saigon Pasteur on Main St. in #Alhambra!


Chris Grey
9 months ago
Matthew Cassinelli
9 months ago

There’s a good pho place around the corner from me in #Alameda and I want to go more often but tbh I don’t know what I’m doing.

Anyone have recommendations?

#vietnamese #pho #food

So, das war die Phở, die morgen kredenzt wird. Dann noch mit Minze und Basilikumblätter.

#pho #kochen #vietnamesisch #Vegan

Zutaten für die Pho in einer Schale. Lauch und Lauchzwiebeln sind roh. Tofu wurde vorbereitet
So, die Pho mit Glasnudeln und der Suppe.

In jede Suppe kommen dann noch Minzblätter und frische Basilikumblätter.

Wenn Interesse besteht, mach ich mal das Rezept für meinen Blog fertig.


Für die Grundschärfe nehme ich eine eigene Chili (kommt in den Häcksler). Die Sriracha bleibt erstmal raus. Die kann morgen jede*r selbst noch dazugeben. Nicht alle meiner Gäste mögen es so scharf wie ich 😁

Morgen werden dann noch die Glasnudeln extra gekocht (nicht in der Suppe) und dann zur Suppe gegeben. Dann dazu frische Frühlingszwiebeln und etwas Lauch. Die werden aber nicht gekocht, sondern nur in die heiße Suppe gegeben.

Abgeschmeckt mit braunem Zucker.


Fat noodle pho with Napa cabbage and an obscene amount of sriracha. It’s dinner. #dinner #pho #foodie

Bowl of hot pho with Napa cabbage and wide noodles.
10 months ago

Who doesn’t love a hot bowl of Pho on a cold winter night?! #pho #nyc