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2 hours ago

Traigo la camisa roja, trai-lai-la-la-lara
Traigo la camisa roja, trai-lai-la-la-lara
De sangre d'un compañeru, mirai,
Mirai Maruxina, mirai
Mirai cómo vengo yo


Encendido de antorchas
Procesión Santa Barbara
Antorchas y cascos de mineros
2 hours ago

Snow blizzard over the rough Baltic Sea. Shot on an expired Fuji Neopan 400, pictured today.

#photo #photography #photoart #filmsnotdead #filmphotography #35mm
#colour #believeinfilm #snow #sea #Poland #Baltic #blizzard #blackandwhite

Snow blizzard over the rough Baltic Sea.
2 hours ago

Die #ZecheCarl im #Essen​er Stadtteil #Altenessen war ein #SteinkohlenBergwerk, das - zum #Kulturzentrum umgebaut - seit knapp 40 Jahren ein abwechslungsreiches Kulturprogramm anbietet und ein überregionales Highlight der Essener #Kulturszene darstellt. Jeden ersten Freitag im Monat findet eine 80er/90er Party statt. Das Bild vom 01.12.2023 zeigt mich vor solch einer Party in dem angrenzendem Restaurant.

#Ich #Me #CrossDressing #CrossDresser #CD #Transvestit #TV #Foto #Photo

Heute mal ne kleine Runde in der Nachbarschaft gedreht. Leider eine Stunde zu spät gestartet. Die tolle Sonne bzw. das schöne Licht war da schon weg. Versuche es in den kommenden Tagen nochmals.

#fotografie #photography #photo #picture #image #color #landscape #nature #snow #cloud #leica

Eine kleine Kate mitten in einer Schneelandschaft.
leChris :mastodon:
3 hours ago

... nicht einfach eine Tür, sondern ein kleines Kunstwerk zum #silentsunday, dass bei Schnee gleich viel besser zur Geltung kommt ... ☃️

... not just a door, but a small work of art for #silentsunday that looks much better in the snow ... ❄️

#ownwork #photography #fotografie #foto #photo #Natur #nature #tür #door #schilf #reeds #art #postprocessed #humanwork #Handwerk #craft

Das Bild zeigt eine Tür aus angerosteten Stahl, in die ein kunstvolles Muster aus mehreren  Schilfpflanzen geschnitten wurde, das durch den durchscheinenden Schnee hinter der Tür einen viel besseren Kontrast (wie ein Scherenschnitt) zeigt, als zu  jeder anderen Jahreszeit möglich.

The picture shows a door made of rusted steel, in which an artistic pattern of several reeds has been cut, which shows a much better contrast (like a silhouette) through the translucent snow behind the door than is possible at any other time of year.
Serge Aus
3 hours ago

Rain in the forest. Australia.
#photo #photography

3 hours ago

Once again I have been adding more images to my @Michael-K account of our trip to #Kazakhstan and #Kyrgyztsan back in May. l will keep at it and get them all uploaded at some point. #photo #photography #travel #TravelPhotography #USSR #CCCP #SovietArt #SovietUnion

A five storey brezhnevka style housing block. The building has seen better days and the surrounding land is poorly maintained. On the side of the building is a painted mural of people dancing round an industrial chimney pouring black smoke in to the sky.
4 hours ago

Heute schien endlich mal die Sonne und ich konnte mit dem Rad raus. Es war frostig und nur schwach windig - immerhin habe ich eine halb entfaltete EU-Flagge zum Thema #Wind für die #52wochenFotoChallenge gefunden.
#myphoto #mywork #foto #photo #fotografie #ownwork

Hochformatfoto: Vor klar blauem Himmel eine EU-Flagge. Der Wind ist schwach und hat sie nur halb entfaltet.
Vertical format photo: An EU flag in front of a clear blue sky. The wind is weak and has only half unfurled it.
4 hours ago

Did finally get a brief period of sunlight after all the mist and low cloud yesterday to catch this #photo with the #hoarfrost
(Edit: typo)

Autumnal trees covered in hear frost in late afternoon sunlight with mist in the background
4 hours ago
Gull (Thomas)
5 hours ago

Fallen tree at Stanley Park, #Vancouver . I really like this spot. It's great for watching waterfowl, herons, and the occasional beavers. #Photo #Photography

A fallen tree, reflected in the waters of Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver. The city skyline is peeking into the scene, at the right of center. This photo was taken in late autumn.
Garry Knight
5 hours ago


No need to shout, David!

Copyright © 2023 Garry Knight

All rights reserved

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #MyWork #MyPhoto #monochrome #CCBY

A black and white Hipstamatic photo showing three young women, seen from behind, taking phone photos of their male friend who is standing next to an art shop window showing a poster of David Bowie shouting through cupped hands. The man has his finger up to his lips


Sharing some photos taken with the Hipstamatic app on iPhone

In London's Brick Lane, home of vintage fashion, street food, collectibles and, above all, graffiti.

#photo #photography #MyWork #MyPhoto #Hipstamatic #iPhone

A colour Hipstamatic photo of a piece of street art depicting the face of a young woman in orange and red, whose head is surrounded by swirling petal-like patterns

Squatting Nude (Self-Portrait)

The etymology of the words “naked” and “nude” has nothing to do with sex, but in the popular imagination the link is almost automatic. (Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy (Dress, Body, Culture) by Ruth Barcan)

#nudist #naturist #nudism #naturism #FKK #NormalizeNudity #nude #naked #nudity #nakedness #indoors #interior #portrait #portraiture #selfportrait #artnude #posing #squat #squatting #man #photo #photography #portraitphotography

Naked man poses squatting
6 hours ago
a minimalist photo of the setting sun casting an orange glow on the horizon, silhouetting the Lake District mountain od Saddleback, also known as Blencathra
Swede’s Photographs
6 hours ago

Great Egret

Here is a great egret (Ardea alba) that I saw among the reeds on the bayou at the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana.

"Visit a pond or coastal marsh and look for an all-white bird—slightly smaller than a Great Blue Heron, with black legs and a yellow bill. It may be wading slowly or standing stock-still, peering intently at the water as it searches for fish. If you live outside of the species’ breeding range, you may still see Great Egrets in late summer as they move about widely before heading to their wintering grounds." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #bird #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #GreatEgret

This egret stands still among brown and green reeds facing to the right. The bird is completely white except for a long bright orange beak. Its long white neck forms the classic "S" shape. The tops of its black legs are partially visible. There is brown flowing water at the bottom of the frame.

"Great Egrets are tall, long-legged wading birds with long, S-curved necks and long, dagger-like bills. In flight, the long neck is tucked in and the legs extend far beyond the tip of the short tail. All feathers on Great Egrets are white. Their bills are yellowish-orange, and the legs black." -

“Wonder Who“

Sharing some photos taken with the Hipstamatic app on iPhone

In London's Brick Lane, home of vintage fashion, street food, collectibles and, above all, graffiti.

#photo #photography #MyWork #MyPhoto #Hipstamatic #iPhone

A colour Hipstamatic photo of a piece of street art that is a cartoon Wonder Woman
Swede’s Photographs
6 hours ago

Skimmers will skim.

Here's another photo of a black skimmer (Rynchops niger) skimming along the shallow for food. The bird looks like it doesn't have eyes, but a closer look reveals a black eye among the black feathers. It makes me think a bit about blind creatures in a sci-fi movie who hunt by sound.

I took this photograph at Gulfport, Mississippi.

"Although the Black Skimmer is active throughout the day, it is largely crepuscular (active in the dawn and dusk) and even nocturnal. Its use of touch to catch fish lets it be successful in low light or darkness." -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #bird #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #BlackSkimmer

This black skimmer flies from right to left, its left side is visible. The bird's long thick black and orange beak is open with the black tip of the longer, lower mandible cutting through the water below. The bird's feathers from this angle are mostly white.  There is a black patch on the upper half of its head that leaves its black left eye almost invisible. The top of its wings and body are black and it has a short white tail.  Its short legs and webbed feet are orange, but the talons on its toes are black.

"A medium-sized tern like seabird with very long wings and an outsized bill in which the lower mandible is much longer than the upper. Starkly black above and white below, with black-and-red bill and orange-red legs. Juveniles are brownish above, with pale-edged wing covert feathers." -
Chris Henrick
7 hours ago

Something you don’t see that often: a mail delivery person having a sweet interaction with a dog while on the job.
#dogsOfMastodon #photography #photo

A mail delivery person smiles as he pets a dog while seated in his truck. The dog, a white and grayish brown pit bull, appears to be smiling and happy too
Swede’s Photographs
7 hours ago

Good morning, friends. 🌻🌻🌻

3 December 2023

I kind of slept it this morning. Oh, I got up and delt with the dogs, but then I kicked back in my recliner and slept until about 9:30. Ben just came in, then turned around and left again. You know, he's been with us since he was six weeks old, now he is 15 years old. Imagine that, if you will, his whole life, everything that he experienced is with us. The quality of his life depends on us, it's something that I take seriously. He brings a lot to our lives, but we are his whole world, and Charlie of course.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” - Roger Caras

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #dogs #flowers #friends

These are some yellow flowers that I saw on a trail in Georgia. The showy rattleboxes (Crotalaria spectabilis) were growing amid dried brown grass, a fallen tree, and a stump.  The contrast of the bright yellow flowers and green leaves against the drab background caught my eye.
Jason Coward
7 hours ago

Friday morning was delightful at one of my favorite locations to walkabout with my camera. The low clouds obscuring the tops of the mountains. The dusting of snow clinging to the cliffs and tree branches. And an occasional visit from the morning sunlight as a break in the clouds passed by to the east.

#photo #photography #landscape #nature #colorado #nikon #winter #snow #hiking

The hidden valley of Falls Creek covered in a fresh dusting of snow with low clouds obscuring the surrounding mountains and soft morning light breaking through the clouds to illuminate some of the sandstone bluffs.
Ian Cylkowski Photography
8 hours ago

Welp, the snow's stopped falling.

We had to run a few errands in town today, so I took my camera with me to capture the wintery scenes.

The Lake District was totally buried in snow. 5,000 homes have been left without power, cars have been dumped where they stand, and people have had to seek alternative shelter.

Read my blog here ->

#photography #photo #photographie #uk #britain #england #winter #landscape #architecture #travel #snow #uksnow

The image depicts a snowy park with a group of people walking through the snow. There are three people in the scene, with one person closer to the left side, another person in the middle, and the third person on the right side. They are walking under a stone archway, which is covered in snow.

In the background, there are two benches, one located near the left side of the scene and the other closer to the center. The snowy landscape and the stone archway create a serene and picturesque atmosphere.
The image features a calm river flowing through a town, surrounded by houses and trees. The river appears to be frozen, with snow covering the ground and the nearby buildings. The scene is captured in black and white, giving it a serene and timeless atmosphere. The town seems to be situated near a bridge, which adds to the picturesque setting.
The image features a snow-covered bridge over a river, with the bridge spanning across the water. The bridge is surrounded by trees, and the river appears to be frozen. The scene is captured during the winter season, with the snow-covered landscape creating a serene atmosphere.
The image features a snow-covered park with a large, old building in the background. A dog is standing on the snow, looking at a bench that is also covered in snow. The bench is located near the center of the scene. There are two people in the park, one closer to the left side and the other near the right side. The park appears to be a peaceful and serene place, with the snow-covered landscape and the old building creating a picturesque atmosphere.
8 hours ago

C'è un'Ape che se posa | su un bottone de rosa: | lo succhia e se ne va... | Tutto sommato, la felicità | è una piccola cosa. Trilussa

#photo #photographie #photography #roma #sunday #goodafternoon

Donncha Ó Caoimh
8 hours ago

Waiting for a passenger

A rickshaw tuktuk driver waits for his next passenger and looks at his phone to pass the time. It's a sunny day in Malaga, and he's taking advantage of a momentary lull in business to catch up on social media.

#Malaga #Spain #StreetPhotography #Photo #Photography

A man sitting in the back of an open tricycle, waiting for passengers. He appears to be relaxing and enjoying his time as he looks at his phone while seated.
Bosque Bill
9 hours ago

Cathedral Valley
Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Last light of the day.

#SilentSunday #landscape #photo #NationalPark #Utah

Heavily eroded orange, siltstone cliffs dominate the photo reflecting the last light of the day; piñon tree in the lower right corner; dark valley floor bottom left; bright white clouds in a darkening blue sky.
Andreas Scherbaum
9 hours ago

Ein Zug wird kommen ...

S1 nach #Berlin #Frohnau auf verschneiter Stecke

#DeutscheBahn #Zug #Train #Photography #Photo #Fotografie #Foto

S1 nach Frohnau
S1 nach Frohnau
S1 nach Frohnau
11 hours ago

All the coughing people make it a challenge to battle anxiety #covid19 #CovidIsNotOver #travel #photo

Can you name this location in just one note? Hint in a world of forks be a spoonbill

The words peace & love have been spelled out in red, orange, & yellow toned fake flowers against institutional white tile walls.
The Vinyl Constituency
11 hours ago

I really miss the days when I could on a whim just jump on a train and head into Glasgow for no other reason than to fritter the hours away wandering about taking random photos of buildings and streets.
#photography #photos #glasgow #silentsunday #photo

#crow #photo
october 2023

a crow  standing on the drinking fountain faucet  (we call them "nasone/i" here in rome ,  because they look like they're 'big noses') ,  and bending over  to drink from the water flow  that is below  , seen from the left side .    some pigeons walkig in the background
same street fountain  and same crow  but now just looking at the flow ,  not drinking
the crow  now standing straight up on the faucet  and just looking at  somewhere else  on the left ;    the water flow isn't even framed anymore in this pic .    some red graffiti in the background
Paul Jackson
13 hours ago

Three consecutive mornings here in the UK.
Frosty, foggy, and snowy.

I can see clearly now.
What a difference a day makes.
Who knows what tomorrow brings.
...aaaand I'm all out of song titles. 😄

#photography #photo #naturephotography

The Autumn sun hangs low in the sky shining through the branches and casting shadows on a paved woodland walk. Golden brown autumn leaves cover the path edges and around the trees. There are probably more leaves on the ground than remain on the branches.
A paved path in autumn with trees and dense bushes either side. All the leaves have fallen from the trees and their branches reach into the foggy sky. The path curves off into the distance.
Light snow covers a woodland path that leads off into the distance with a set of footprints visible. The trees have lost most of their leaves and the branches have a light dusting of snow. Golden brown autumn leaves can be seen on a few remaining branches and peeking through the snow around the tree trunks.

🎁 Türchen 3 / 🎁 Door 3
⛄Das ultimative Weihnachts,
Schnee, Märchen, Natur,
Architektur Foto
⛄The ultimate Christmas snow,
fairytale, architecture, nature,
📷 by Artist: #TomJuenemann in City: #Schwangau #Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "untitled" - #SchlossNeuschwanstein #Photo #Streetart #Xmas #Adventskalender #APhotolove #Fotografie #Art #Photography
Follow: ➡️ #AmiXmas 🎄

Photography. A color photo of a fairytale castle with several towers, in the snow on a mountain peak. An ice-blue lake and impressive mountains can be seen in the background.
Neuschwanstein Castle was originally only intended as a remote residence for its builder, King Ludwig II, but was opened to the public shortly after his death in 1886, although it was never fully completed. Despite its remote location, it is visited by one and a half million tourists every year and is now the most famous castle in the world. Among other things, it served as the model for the castle in Disneyland.
19 hours ago

#Business #Launches
Profile Picture Generator · Create a unique avatar with your photo and a selected style

#SocialMedia #Photo #Avatar #Anime #Comic #Cartoon #AI #GenerativeAI #DALLE3

Jason Coward
20 hours ago

Foggy Outcrop

wisps of snow clinging
to sandstone bluffs in diffused light
dwelling within us

#photo #photography #nature #landscape #colorado #outdoors #nikon #snow #fog #haiku

An orange sandstone bluff partially covered by a dusting of snow, framed by evergreen trees with the mountain behind the outcropping disappearing up into the fog.
21 hours ago

Today's historic #photo of the day: Diesel #locomotive BL30 in AN Green and Gold livery at Peterborough, SA, April 11 1985.

Peterborough is 230km north of Adelaide in the mid north of South Australia. When this pic was taken, it was a triple-gauge station on the transcontinental standard gauge line, the northern terminus of a broad gauge line to Adelaide via Burra, and the southern terminus of a narrow gauge line from Eurelia that had once run to Quorn, Port Augusta and Alice Springs.

A side-on view of a boxcab diesel locomotive in dark green livery with yellow details including a yellow stripe along the roofline running the length of the unit and a full-height yellow panel a metre or two wide a little off centre.  A dark green or black stylised AN logo is in the yellow panel.  The ground in the foreground is dry and a blue sky is above.
Bosque Bill
1 day ago

The Cockscomb
Garfield County, UT

Driving north below Mt. Hillars on the Cockscomb Black Table Road. Although there are fresh-looking tracks on the gravel road I didn't see another soul the entire length of the road.

#NoDailyTheme #photo #landscape #Utah

A gravel road drives into the center of the photo with low, western brush and junipers on either side. At the left horizon a massive, rocky desert mountain. Blue sky with light clouds.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 day ago

The rooftops of Lisbon

The city of Lisbon lay before me as I looked out the window of my apartment. We had quite a view from the living room window, so one night I made this time blend photo of the city. In the background you’ll find the statue of the Sanctuary of Christ the King and the suspension bridge, the Ponte 25 de Abril, linking Lisbon with Almada on the other side of the river.

#photo #photography #Lisbon #Portugal #a8cTravel #sunset #TimeBlend

The city of Lisbon, with the statue of the Sanctuary of Christ the King and the suspension bridge, the Ponte 25 de Abril. The sun is setting.
2 days ago

Go Your Own Way

Somewhere in the Eden Valley under a blanket of clouds

#Saturday #Cumbria #Photo #Photography

Two tree covered ridges sticking out from a sea of clouds that fill the valley. Between then is a solitary large tree with its crown showing.
AmiW Streetart ❄️
2 days ago

🎁 Türchen 2 / 🎁 Door 2
🐻‍❄️ Heute gibt es was zu Futtern.
🐻‍❄️ There's something to eat today.
Polar bear.
📷 by Artist: #TinyHumanBigAppetite #IChingLiu 🇺🇸 - Title: "Holiday Greetings - Polar bear's gift" -#Art #Streetart #Photo #Xmas #PolarBear #Food #APhotoLove #Adventskalender
Follow: ➡️ #AmiXmas 🎄

Photography and food. A color photograph of a black, round plate of food arranged into a Christmas motif. A small white polar bear made of rice with a red Santa hat and a red present (pieces of tomato) sits in the snow (cheese) on brown wood (roast). Around him is a forest (broccoli), one tree of which is a decorated fir on which Parmesan snow is falling.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
2 days ago

The chihuahua model

I spotted a woman walking past with her two dogs. Moments before, the chihuahua was barking his head off, but he quietened down when he saw me. An obvious poser, and he just loves the camera!

#a8ctravel #BlackAndWhite #chihuahua #Dogs #Lisbon #Photo #Photography #Portugal #StreetPhotography

A black and white scene of three people. One person is holding two dogs, one of whom, a chihuahua, is staring directly at the camera. Two other people can be seen standing nearby with no visible pet.

The setting appears to be in front of some buildings or an urban environment.
Paul Jackson
2 days ago

It was a chilly start to the morning. Frost on the ground and a thin layer of ice capped the pond.

#Photography #Photo #NaturePhotography

A closeup view of a brown autumn leaf that has a covering of frost. The frost looks like tiny, almost feather like, spikes making interesting patterns rising from the leaf. The fairly slim leaf has it's veins traced by the absence of frost.
Green grass blades all tipped with white frost are an interesting backdrop for a brown frosted leaf. The leaf has a few holes but the frost traces the shape of the veins and also give a white edge to the whole leaf.
A small pond with dark green lilly pads in the background sitting just on top of the frozen pond surface. The shallow pond has many brown autumn leaves frozen just below the clear ice surface. The ice has frozen leaving many straight, almost isometric, lines on the pond surface.
The shallow edge of a small frozen pond has many autumn leaves just below the clear icy surface. The sun has just reached one side of the pond giving the leaves an almost golden glow.
Chris White
2 days ago

Afternoon light, Tate Modern, London, England, UK
My #photo for #fensterFreitag

The image is a two wide by three high monochrome digital photograph from a compact camera. A young woman is following an adult woman across the bands of light and shadow cas on the floor by very tall windows visible in the background.
3 days ago

Today has gotten off to a cracking start

#Friday #Frosty #Freezing #Sunrise #Mist #Mistodon #Cumbria #Photo #Photography

Sunrise over the mountains, the frosty hillsides are shrouded in clouds as the sun bursts through.
3 days ago

Nothing Really Mattress - Lynn

Next to The Meadows in June 2020 during Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions - more in our Edinburgh Noir web gallery -

#Edinburgh #FediArt #MastoArt #Photography #Fotografie #Photo #Image #Art #Picture #BW #BlackAndWhite #Monochrome

A black and white photo taken next to The Meadows in June 2020 during Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions. Two mattresses have been dumped in a lane. They lie vertically, slumped against a wall and the top one has been spray painted with the phrase 'Nothing Really Mattress'. Behind, the wall has further partial graffiti. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Photo by and copyright of Lynn Henni.
AmiW Streetart ❄️
3 days ago

🎀 Ab heute gibt es jeden Tag eine "besondere" Streetart, Foto, Bild, Cartoon, Webseiten etc.
🎀 From today, every day there is
a "special" Streetart, Photo,
Picture, Cartoon, Websites etc..
🎁 Türchen 1 / 🎁 Door 1
Artist: #BerkeleyMews (Ben Zaehringer) 🇺🇸 - Title: "Advent" -
#Streetart #Photo #Xmas #Art #Adventskalender #Cartoon #Fotografie #Photography
Follow: ➡️ #AmiXmas 🎄

Comic strip in 3 pictures:
First picture:
A purple stick figure in a black shirt joyfully holds a white box in the air. Speech bubble: "Time to start my advent calendar!"
Image 2: The little man is standing with a box on a ladder in front of a shelf of four with 23 boxes. Abbreviations for the days of the week are written above the shelf and the boxes are numbered from 2 to 24. One box under Sunday is missing.
Picture 3: The little man holds this box above him and lets the entire contents fall into his mouth. 3 speech bubbles: "Om", "Nom", "Nom"; stands for smacking.
He has a calendar for each day.
W Craig Photography
3 days ago

A dark pink daisy blooms vividly amidst a grayscale scene. Its striking pink petals and intense black center create a mesmerizing contrast, commanding attention with natural allure and vibrant beauty.

#Flowers #macro #nature #bloomscrolling #botanical #AYearForArt #buyintoart #artmatters #Art #photography #photo #Texas #Austin #GiftIdeas #WallArt #prints #windycraig #mastoart #FediGiftShop #FediArt #mastodon #MastodonArt

"Alt text: A vibrant dark pink daisy in full bloom, set against a grayscale background. The striking contrast between the flower's vivid pink petals and deep black center creates a captivating visual display."
3 days ago

Trying to find the most gnarled #trees to take fisheye portraits of
#blackandwhite #photo #monochrome #photography

black and white fisheye photo of dead gnarled tree and manzanita
Garry Knight
3 days ago

“Men in Caps”

How come the working men’s cap is also the chap’s cap?

Copyright © 2023 Garry Knight

All rights reserved

#photo #photography #StreetPhotography #MyWork #MyPhoto #monochrome

A black and white Hipstamatic photo showing a man waiting for his wife to get her bike ready to ride and a man walking behind them, both wearing flat caps of the type traditionally worn in the UK both by working class men and by middle and upper class men, the latter sometimes being referred to as the “chap’s cap”. There are subtle differences in the style of the hat, which chaps can point out if asked
W Craig Photography
3 days ago

Two vibrant bluebonnets stand tall in a high key close-up against a serene white sky. Their delicate petals exude a vivid hue, contrasting beautifully against the purity of the backdrop.

#Flowers #macro #nature #bloomscrolling #botanical #AYearForArt #buyintoart #artmatters #Art #photography #photo #Texas #Austin #GiftIdeas #WallArt #prints #windycraig #mastoart #FediGiftShop #FediArt #mastodon #MastodonArt

"Two vivid bluebonnets, Texas' state flower, contrast against a clear white sky in a striking high-key close-up photograph, showcasing their vibrant blue petals in exquisite detail."
Swede’s Photographs
3 days ago

Hunker down.

I saw these three Eurasian collared doves (Streptopelia decaocto) hunkered down near a treetop, late on Thanksgiving Day at a small town in Georgia. When I noticed them and realized that it made a pretty good composition. Liked both the color and monochrome versions of this photograph but opted for black and white.

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #bird #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #EurasianCollardedDove #BlackAndWhite #monochrome

There are three doves close together on mostly barren tree branches..