Matt Marenic
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Danas su baš krasni oblaci

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7 minutes ago

If you've ever wondered what really happens when a model comes to our house for a photo session - the cats pose for photos. I don't know how many cell phone photos models have taken of our cats over the years.

Anoush Anou and Jackson

Inspired by the Kodak Girl

#KodakGirl #Photography #ModelPhotography #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Anoush Anou, a woman with long dark hair pulled back in a loose bun, wearing a dark colored sleeveless dress, photographing Jackson, a brown and white tabby cat posing on a column, with her cell phone
David Alexander
7 minutes ago

The horror, the horror. #photography

Will Phoenix
13 minutes ago
That Nonproductive Guy
14 minutes ago

Blue jays are beautiful birds but they are loud with some very ear grating calls, bullying and generally a menace to all the other birds.

Similar to my wife.

#birdphotography #naturephotography #photography

A BlueJay perched on a feeder, wondering if he left the stove on back at the nest
Rom | Tapas in the sun
14 minutes ago

Senda del Gigante del Valle Estrecho. It was an easy walk, but great scenery..

Camera: Nikon FE2
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Developer: Ilfotec LC-29 1+29.

GPS location:,-4.620601

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #spain

A black-and-white landscape photo from the Valle Estrecho walk. Rolling hills, forest and mountains in the background.
15 minutes ago
Miami with the Rickenbacker Causeway in front
Itamar Medeiros
17 minutes ago

Have you ever wondered what the #FrameRate of the #HumanEye is and, just importantly, why it matters? This neat and informative #video takes you behind the scenes of the science behind how the #eyes sees to discuss the topic and the implications it has for #filmmakers. #Photography #Videography via #FStoppers

28 minutes ago

sowas sollte bald möglich sein - und nicht wieder diese Kälte von heute...
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Emil Ryge
33 minutes ago

It’s not often I do editorial photography, but recently my wife Sigrid Nygaard asked me if I would help her photograph a series of portraits of women, who told their individuel stories about getting abortions. We did it on wet plate and had a lot of fun and a fair share of technical challenges along the way. Lærke Cramon did the interviews - on both audio and text.

#photography #PhotographyProject #wetplate

34 minutes ago

Secret sleepyplace
#photography #bees #pollendreams

A pair of tiny bees (lasioglossum cognatum?) sleep within a small orange flower. Light from the setting sun lights casts yellow light on some of the petals
34 minutes ago

The genome of man


top view photograph of a person's lower leg and foot on a pavement, and closer an unsharp hand with a plaster on one of the fingers. the walking subject is frozen in time in the very moment that the toes are about to be lifted from the ground to make the next step
36 minutes ago

To the slaughterhouse


top view zoomed in high contrast red and white photograph of the middle part of a fully windowed canal boat with elderly tourists which is forced between big white capped poles. the tourists look anxious and the dark red makes the water look like blood
39 minutes ago

📷 Eddy Posthuma de Boer - Kraaykamp & Hazes, 1959 #photography

40 minutes ago

I was also visited by a moth
#photography #mothtodon

The underside of a moth viewed from the other side of a window. Its pattern is blurry and non-distinct from underneath. Its feather-like antennae catch the light
Will Phoenix
41 minutes ago

The Wandering Sheep #photography #Landscape

A single sheep stands on Marsh ground on a hill over looking the lake district. The ground is lush green with some purple marsh plant. In front of a rocky backdrop of fells. The sky is cloudy
42 minutes ago

Had some friends to watch the sunset with this evening
#photography #birds

A pair of magpies on a mound of dirt, silhouetted against a distant river. Golden light from the setting sun spills across them from off-camera. The one on the right is in the middle of eating something, while the one on the left looks on hungrily
Glare from the setting sun makes a golden haze a a magpie standing on a mound of dirt looks back over its shoulder toward the camera
A trio of Australian magpies stand on a mound of dirt overlooking farmland made gold by the setting sun. The middle-most one is carrying something in its beak
A magpie stands along on top of a mound of dirt, wind ruffling its feathers, which catch the evening light. The setting sun reflects off a distant river
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45 minutes ago

Processing last weekend.


Black and white photo of a large imposing skyscraper office block against fluffy clouds.
49 minutes ago

Looks like my dog is going on a date!

#dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #dogsoffediverse #doggo #photo #photography

Photo of a dog with red ribbons on its paws
Florian Kriechbaumer
52 minutes ago

My favourite temple in Taipei 🇹🇼- Songshan Ciyou Temple from 1753. I’ll be sharing more about the amazing sights of the country on my blog soon - subscribe at #travelblog #travel #taiwan #taipei #photography #temple #fotos #fotografie #taipeitimes

53 minutes ago

I have been playing around more with this 👆 #360degree photo.

You can now pan around the view to see it properly. I hid a #cat in the view too, to add that little something extra.

(yes, I am still experimenting with adding items into equirectangular images, no, there is no point, yes, I'm sure AI would do it better, no, I don't care - it's fun)

#photography #Scotland #silly

Dierk Haasis
55 minutes ago


#Lenses have a resolution and they have a contrast transfer function.* They are NOT sharp - unless you can cut yourself on them but that shouldn't be the case.

Photographs are sharp or not sharp, in part depending on resolution and CTF of lenses used.

*optically there exactly one point 'in focus' - and you really do not want that in reality


Nigel Stanley
59 minutes ago
1 hour ago
SteveWJJ 💙
1 hour ago

A breezy 5k run this morning 🏃‍♂️ #Run #Running #NatureRun #NaturePhotography #Photo #Photography

Info graphic of my run.
Swan and its reflection swimming.
1 hour ago

#マストドン写真部 #photography #fedibird

NASA JPL Pictures
1 hour ago

Gasa Crater

The smaller crater within the larger crater is called Gasa Crater, as shown in this image from NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft.

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

Instrument: Thermal Emission Imaging System
Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey
Tags: Mars
#space #NASA #JPL #photography #astronomy #astrodon

1 hour ago

I’m quite shocked at the cost of #analog #photography right now. I’ve been messing around with my old medium for the last few years. Graduating to medium format (which is great, I started back in the day with a Mamiya 645 - and I’ve just bought one again). The last year has been primarily digital though.

Cue my horror when I buy colour film for my 645. £80 for 5 rolls of Ektar. I was going to buy 35mm as well but £40 for 2 rolls of the same is outrageous.

It feels like the best value is ->

1 hour ago
clouds in a blue sky above silvery water - in the centre of the frame is the dark outline of a low lying island
Hrossey Wanderer
1 hour ago

A calm and quiet evening out on Hobbister nature reserve. This is one of my favourite places on the Orkney mainland and is my local birding patch. It's a truly fantastic place to spend some time alone with nature. #Nature #NaturePhotography #LandscapePhotography #Wildlife #Birds #AYearForArt #Outdoors #Orkney #Scotland #Travel #Landscape #Photography #Heather #Moorland #Sea #Ocean #Coast #Adventure #Hiking #Life #Mindfulness #Meditation

A rocky path stretches forward through thick heather moorland. Out in the distance, there is a sheltered bay which is bordered by more moorland. Water on the path shimmers with the reflection of the sky, contrasting blue and purple.
Xavier Santin
2 hours ago

During whole the mounth of April you can visite my showroom enterly dedicaced to the element Water.
Four_Elements-Water is a serie of Digital photograms. These photography are realised by contact on the glass of a flat bend scanner found in the street.


#Photography #Fotografie #Photographie #DigitalArt
#AbstractArt #Abstract #Art #Arte #Kunst
#fediArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #SpringIntoArt
#NFT #Tezos #MetaVerse
#Nature #Water

View of my showroom dedicated to the NFT Four_Elements-Water series, visible throughout the month of April.
2 hours ago

Wenn der #Spieltrieb sich im Gegenlicht regt..
Wer danach sucht, der findet auch den einen oder anderen Lensflare ;)

#photography #nature

Neuaustrieb im Gegenlicht. Im Hintergrund Bokeh.
2 hours ago

#Introduction #TwitterMigration 2022

ex-sailor, tried #Navy, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile #DJ Biz; Taxman took the fun away.

"I"ve been to both ends of #Halifax, have you?"

#Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 #Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have #ADHD.

#TeamHeardle #WAYCTV #Music #Cats #photography #boating #Mushrooms #Gardening #Seeds

Background: Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computers, PERL, HTML

A small warship passes under a bridge over a canal.
(former) Canadian DDH 265, HMCS Annapolis bow (pointy end) to the right. You could only see it if you knew to look but there is a flight deck at the stern with a helicopter on it Photo Black and White 1974, transiting the Kiel Canal, Germany
Brian Canavan
2 hours ago

Abstract composition from barge hull 1.

#photography #photographie #fotografie #fotografia #art

A colour photograph of a section of barge hull. The image has bands of vertical colour blending in three main panes from left to right. The colour present as random splashes of paint mainly in red and yellow on a backdrop which shifts from blue to green. Two rough horizontal lines in the top right corner cut across the otherwise verticals of the image.
2 hours ago

Long-tailed Broadbill (Psarisomus dalhousiae) in India by Debashis Biswas.

Just look at this cutie, it's looks so unreal. Just amazingly beautiful.

#Birds #Animals #Photography #Nature
Brian Canavan
2 hours ago

Morning Mastodon.

Did some abstract compositions from a boat hull yesterday which I plan to post up over the next few days.

Some colour and some black and white images. The colours and textures present were really interesting, I could have framed shots all day.

Dripping paint on barge hull.

#photography #photographie #fotografie #fotografia #art #Blackandwhite

A black and white photograph showing a section of a barge hull with dripping paint on the steel plate. The paint defines the image with long threads of paint projecting vertically on a lightly textured backdrop from the top of the frame. A toothed narrow horizontal beam towards the bottom of the frame adds a little drama to the composition.
2 hours ago

Just occasionally we do leave our valley, and at least once a year we try to make it to this beautiful place on the Adriatic coast. A breath of sea air is a wonderful thing.
#photo #photography #photooftheday #smartphonephotography #sea #conero #italy #landscapephotography #landscape #seascape #coastline #adriaticsea #photographyisart #ArtistsOnMastodon

A beautiful blue bay enclosed by a distant mountainous headland. A maritime pine tree frames the foreground on the left and top of the frame. A slim woman stands with her back to us looking out at the view.

One year ago I created this T2 miniature photo, I really thought the way it turned out lent itself well to an alternate movie poster so I added some text…

All shot practically except eyes on endos which I added digitally

#terminator2 #scifiart #miniaturephotography #photo #photography #mastoart #cinemastodon #introduction #T2 #sciencefiction #toyphotography #miniatures

Terminator 2 poster created with miniatures
Peter Barnes
2 hours ago
A man stands midway on a tightrope strung between two houses over a suburban street. His arms are spread wide. In one hand he holds a fish, in the other is suspended a throwing net and weights. He’s wearing a loincloth and headband. He’s a statue, in Sopot, Poland.
Girl, Caffeinated ☕
2 hours ago
Rain drops on a brightly lit window during a nighttime storm.
Mo 🔝
3 hours ago

No Joke

#SunriseOnSaturday and I think this is the only time we've visited Haukadalur without seeing another tourist!

8am in October, Bláskógabyggð in south-eastern #Iceland.

#DailyPhoto #photography #WeatherPhotography #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #dawn

An early morning scene, and the sun is just rising above the horizon in the top left third of the photo. The sky is pastel shades of orange with some scattered cloud. In the centre of the image is a hot water geyser named Strokkur, which has literally just erupted a plume of rapidly expanding water and steam. The ground around its base is a circular hole in the middle of a ring of sinter and rock, otherwise the ground surface is still pre-dawn dark. A bit of steam is drifting into the distance. The overall impression is of power and eager anticipation.
Sharon Gascoigne
3 hours ago

This is an image of #TotlandPier on the #IsleofWight taken by my husband when it was undergoing reconstruction.

The colours in the sky caught his attention and as ever he had his wellies with him, so it was paddle time! I think having the right clothing with you is as important as the camera when you're a #LandscapePhotographer

I kept my feet dry further up on the beach! #LongExposure #Photography

A wooden pier undergoing construction, the sky is visible between the wooden planks. Taken from underneath the sea surrounds it. A long exposure has smoothed out the waves. The sun has set and the colours are blues, lilacs and pink. The sea is various shades of blue and white.
3 hours ago


Serge Aus
4 hours ago

Sunset reflections
#photo #photography

Rom | Tapas in the sun
4 hours ago

Senda del Gigante del Valle Estrecho..

My two dogs Flo (on the left) and Chester. Sadly Chester is no longer with us. This was his last major tour, and he had been on many!

Camera: Nikon FE2
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Developer: Ilfotec LC-29 1+29 .

GPS location:,-4.616162

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #spain #dogsofmastodon

A black-and-white photo of my two dogs out on the walk. Flo is posing on a large rock admiring the view, while Chester looks at the camera.
A Person
4 hours ago

Hazy #sunrise this morning made for a soft #alpenglow on #MtFuji but I learned that that one stand-out tree in the foreground is, of course, a #sakura. In hindsight, it wasn't possible for it to be anything else.

It's getting harder to be awake for both sunset and sunrise, which is great.

#photography #LandscapePhotography #MtTakao

Mt Fuji at sunrise with a blooming sakura tree in the foreground.
4 hours ago

I was going through my old pictures and realized that the shadow of the branch makes this robin look like it has angry eyebrows (`Д´)

#Birds #Birding #Birdwatching #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #Photography #Wildlife

A European robin (light brown bird with orange breast) turned away from the camera. The shadow of the branch next to it makes it look like he has furrowed-down eyebrows.
Mrs K Husky
4 hours ago

Happy Caturday from Sweep.
#catsofmastodon #caturday #cats #photography

Sweep a tri coloured cat sitting like a human with TV remote controls in front of her on a black leather sofa with a white fleece blanket
Bjorn Idle
4 hours ago

A mini celebration of strong colour. They pics are all taken in Christchurch this year, 3 of them in / from my garden (sadly I don't have space for a gorgeous big tree like pic #1!).

#Tree #Nature #Trees #NaturePhotography #Flowers #Colour #color #Photography

Looking from ground level upward along the trunk of a tall tree. There are green leaves filling most of the frame, with some glimpses of strong sunlight filtering through on the left-hand side, where the sun sits unseen
Closeup of a geranium (pelargonium) flower. The petals are orangey-red, with white edges and white near the centre. The stamens are white with the same orangey-red colour on the anthers. Strong sunshine glistens off the petals, and casts soft shadows
Close up of a Gazania flower. The centre is bright yellow, the banded petals looking like sunbeams radiating out in yellow with red stripes. There's a darker maroon band running near the base of the petals, accentuating the centre of the flower
Closeup of a globe artichoke flower. Bright mauve spikes with pollen-covered bases all rising toward the sunlight...
Damian Ward
4 hours ago

Willow No. 30, Oxfordshire.
#photography #monochrome #bnw

A black and white image of willow tree branches. Number 30 of my Willow Studies Project.
5 hours ago

Eine einsame Gasse ..

#Fotografie #Photography

Schmale Gasse mit Pflastersteinen. Der Mitte als führende Linie gesetzt. In der Mitte hängt eine alte Laterne. Das Foto ist schwarzweiß. Vorne ist die Gasse sehr dunkel, nach hinten wird sie immer heller.
6 hours ago

#AYearForArt #ArtMatters #LoveArt #Photography #poetry #environment #bookbinding

To the Wild Wood with #JohnClare - one of our handmade books with its slipcase.

O how I delight to be
Wandering in the wild wild wood
Pausing on Grey mossy tree
Oaks that have for ages stood

South Westland’s Dismal Creek, Mt Awful & Mt Dreadful were perhaps named in weather like today’s, as we left #WestCoast via Haast Pass. There are short walks to 3 falls on the way. Roaring Billy Falls (30m) are visible across the gravel bed of Haast River (📷1). Thunder Creek Falls come next at 28m (📷2). After crossing Gates of Haast (📷3), there’s Fantail Falls at 23m (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Cascade in bush covered hills; green water of river runs past pebble bank.
Vertical waterfall centre frame; creek below; bush to either side.
Old bridge across a gorge.
Mutli-step cascade emptying into creek below.
7 hours ago

I envy people who bivy on mountains overnight. I couldn’t do it, but I wish I could. #photography

A star-filled night sky is streaked with clouds descending into a heavy overcast, above snow-capped mountains, below which all is dark.
7 hours ago

not really feeling the dark sky preserve thing in this one #photography

A star-filled night sky is partially obscured by heavy clouds that rise above a distant snow-capped mountain range. Far below in the valley, the town of Jasper is brilliantly illuminated against its dark surroundings.

⚪ Ein... "Wie ich diese
Aprilscherze hasse" ...
🟤 A... "How I hate those
April Fool jokes"... Favorite
📷 by Artist: #_s__o in Loc.: unknown - Title: "Hello ?" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #CatsofMastodon #Cats #Carturday #Aprilfool 😒 #Aprilscherz #Aprilfoolsday #Photography #Fotografie
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo shot of a gray and beige tabby big cat sitting on the floor in the hallway. She is looking up a bit questioningly. Behind her head appears the tiny little head of a baby cat.... if she knows, where the little cat is....
10 hours ago

I, too, would like a shiny glossy vividly coloured head. #photography

A male mallard duck floats serenely in the sunlight on blue, rippling water.
thomas 🌸
10 hours ago
bail of cardboard where sticker near center reads "ZEN"
Tim Bray
11 hours ago

Haida Gwaii, 2018/07.


A black-and-white photograph of a rocky outcrop covered with vegetation, against a mostly-clear sky. The area is very exposed and the plants have something of a bonsai look.  The texture is somewhat grainy.
adarsh 🚲
11 hours ago

Tony Bennett at the Sahara, on a bike. #BikeTooter #Photography #LasVegas

A photo of actor singer Tony Curtis astride a bicycle and smiling in front of the Sahara hotel and casino.
14 hours ago

The best camera is the one you have with you...

Thank you for the reminder @aurynn.

Taken with my little Samsung A21s potato phone in macro mode while bored and waiting around.

#photography #leaves #nature #light #details

14 hours ago

Welp… I’ve been at the Beige.Party instance for about a month and it’s probably time for an #introduction.

Let’s see… I currently live in my hometown of Houston, Tx
This is a second account to my other, more public policy focused one.
Yep… I’m kind of a politics nerd but I don’t really bring that stuff here. I tend to let my hair down on this account, post about every day things in my life and get a little silly.

I’ve got a handful of hobbies that keep me from being too boring, Those are listed in my profile but for the sake of the hashtags I’ll list them again: #photography #songwriting #watercolor among other things.

I’m a GenXer and believe it or not, I actually am in my mid-50s. Yes, that is a real, unfiltered profile pic of me… unfiltered because I’m too old to know how to apply a filter. I guess I have good genes, good makeup skillz, plus estrogen is like some sort of magic, time machine pill. My body doesn’t make it so I get the store-bought stuff instead. Yep… I’m transgender.

So periodically I post things to get the troops riled up regarding the trans agenda. You know stuff like: selfies out at dinner, selfies of me on a bike ride, selfies of me with new makeup, selfies of me when I go out with my wife. Oh yeah… I'm lebesian, too.

Honestly, being transgender is the least interesting thing about me, like almost every single trans person, which is the parody of the “evil trans agenda”.

Anyway… hello fellow Mastodonian.

Stop in and say hi.

14 hours ago

🚨With every increment of warming: The risks and related losses & damages from #ClimateChange escalate.

🚨Adaptation options are becoming more constrained & less effective. More from

#IPCC_CH’s Synthesis Report: 👉

#Science #warming #Nature #climate #development #gasemissions #ClimateEmergency #climatejustice #climatecrisis #wildlife #ClimateAction #photo #photography #GlobalWarming #pollution #publichealth #news #biodiversity #earth #indigenous #Amazon #damages #risk

With every increment of warming: The risks and related losses & damages from #ClimateChange escalate. Adaptation options are becoming more constrained & less effective.

Monro Beach Walk is 3km each way, btw. Lake Moeraki & Otumotu Point (📷1), a nesting site for 🐧 Tawaki (Fiordland crested penguins). Best seen Jul–Nov when breeding; occasionally seen Jan–Mar when moulting. We didn’t see the birds, but did meet an odd fellow in the bush (📷2). The beach was worthwhile on its own; a geological hodgepodge of shapes, colours, & textures (📷3&4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Rocky headland of Otumotu Point, with pebble sand foreground.
Moss-covered punga stump given limbs, facial features & antlers.
Honeycomb rock formation with a broken paua shell inset.
Striped smooth rocks in the shape of waves.

On week 2 of trying to move my photos onto my new hard drive ... Copying local files confused Dropbox so now downloading > 1TB remarkably slowly.

This was an old abandoned minivan I found somewhere around Ballachulish


An abandoned minivan overrun with weeds
15 hours ago

Separate #TransDayOfVisibility begpost for #Aldercone but on a very different subject. I do semi-professional #photography and my Nikon Z6 stopped working suddenly a few weeks ago. This is an important part of several projects and video projects in particular and it's a really friggin bummer, doubly so since this is a major source of self-therapy as well as an artistic medium that I enjoy a lot. If you can help at all please check out the camera fund goal on our Ko-Fi

A small plant (lambs quarters) lit individually amongst clovers.
A bird perched on a bare branch, another bird flying over it amongst foliage.
Earth's moon 3/4 full.
A sunset lit gap in the clouds. It looks roughly like the lesbian pride flag.
Michael Bester
15 hours ago

Inquiring minds want to know!
#photography #Massachusetts

A sticker on a metal pole which reads “How’s your life? Let us know!”
Rachel Burch
15 hours ago

Farewell March, pictures taken this month #Dartmoor #Devon #photography

A collage of  flowers, foggy photos and spring flowers.

An unknown (at least to me) butterfly species on an unknown (at least to me) flower at about 2743m (9000ft) in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Any entomologists and botanists out there know what species these two are?

#Insect #Butterfly #Entomology #Flower #Botany #Sierra #MacroPhotography #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A close up of a orange, black, and cream colored butterfly with spread wings sitting on a small white flower cluster.
Democracy Spot aka "Eddie"
17 hours ago

📷 Jack waiting at the back door. He *really has to go and is pissed I'm pausing to take his picture—something he loathes already.

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #photo #portrait #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #FediversalPictures #thesouth

horizontal shot from above in color. the small white dog with brown spots stands waiting to go out at the sliding glass door into the back yard.

Each new feature/release makes me like Pixelfed a little less… 😞


Cloning Instacrap is not what I initialy thought Pixelfed would do.

I guess I was right betting on my own website instead of Pixelfed after all: <>

#photography #Pixelfed


Ambivalena :verigold:
18 hours ago

Abstract water?!

If you are bored and have a camera...

#photography #BlackAndWhite #water

Water splashing out of a bottle
Water splashing out of a bottle, again.
18 hours ago

Regional Winners of World Press Photo have been announced 😍 #WorldPressPhoto #photography

Adrianna Tan
19 hours ago

I feel like a genius for buying as much Fujifilm Superia 400 as I could get my hands on. It's been my standard color film for decades.

I think most of us see the writing on the wall and we are trying to find alternatives. For BW we can always bulk roll any film, but color is a bit harder. I have a 50ft roll of Vision 250D: I'm going to have to get really good at ECN-2 processing, fast.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #Photography

Florian Ziegler
19 hours ago
Donncha Ó Caoimh
19 hours ago

The couple at the bus stop

Dublin is full of interesting moments to capture with a camera, and one of my recent favourites was photographing a couple waiting for the bus. They weren’t posing or even aware of my presence, but the scene was too good to pass up. :)

#photo #photography #Dublin #Ireland #StreetPhotography

A couple waiting for the bus in Dublin. She has a bunch of flowers and a red handbag she's looking in, he is carrying a Dunnes Stores bag