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Be the person your cat thinks you are.

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These two snuggling cats are the reason I'm trying so hard to be a self-sufficient author.
2 hours ago

Had a blast this weekend at the #AllThingsGo music festival. I love how this set of Arlo Parks turned out, and she is an incredible performer.
#PhotoMonday #Fotomontag #GameBoy #PixelArt #DigitalArt #Photography #Musician #MusicalArtist #MusicFestival

A pixelated photo of Arlo Parks taken with a Game Boy Camera.
A pixelated photo of Arlo Parks taken with a Game Boy Camera.
A pixelated photo of Arlo Parks taken with a Game Boy Camera.
A pixelated photo of Arlo Parks taken with a Game Boy Camera.
2 hours ago

#Photomonday photo dump I made from the last 3 months! (⚠️ flashing)

3 hours ago

#Sunset shot from Portsea backbeach on the mornington peninsula in #Melbourne #Australia

The rock formation on the right of the photo is known as "Dragon's head".

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#fotografie #fotomontag #mastoart #mastophoto #landscape

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The old and the new. #Paris #PhotoMonday #Fotomontag

Large works of graffiti adorn the walls of modern buildings, with an ancient church next door.
Just Some Guy
5 hours ago

#photomonday #Fotomontag #records #recordcollection #music #radio #Milwaukee #wisconsin

Close-up shot of the record wall at 91.7 WMSE.

Derek van Vliet
6 hours ago

riding bikes every day until i can't for some reason, day 1134

#Cyling #BikeTooter #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

photo of a red BMC roadmachine road bike standing on a dirt trail. next to the trail is a tree line that is showing wonderful autumn colors. the leaves are green, yellow, orange and red. there are scattered leaves lying on the trail around the bike as well
Antoinne Sterk
6 hours ago
The Goois Nature Reserve is thinning out the monotonous production forestry of the past. Soon there will be much more to see in the Kuil van Koppel on the Zuiderheide near Laren and Hilversum.
6 hours ago

Another week another image, and autumn is finally starting to show it's colours, I love how much more colorful nature gets during the autumn in Norway

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

#photography #photomonday #autumn #naturephotography #river

Image of a flat river with reflections yellow and green leaved trees on the left and a gravel walkway on the right and a red leaved hedged on the right hand side.
Ge0rG 📷
7 hours ago

Putting on weird leather outfits to drink excessive amounts of beer is a tradition I never quite got behind.

#Fotomontag #Fotografie #Oktoberfest #photography #photoMonday #StreetPhotography

Photo of two men dressed for the Oktoberfest, riding a tram. One of them holds a large gingerbread heart with a German inscription: "the biggest heart for the biggest love of the world"
Mario Torre
7 hours ago
A photo of Hamburg’s promenade, seen from a Ferris Wheel. The Opera House can be seen in the distance.
Paul G's Photos
7 hours ago

The Chase

A picture of my dogs playing at the beach.

#fotomontag # #photomonday #dogsofmastodon

A black and white greyhound type dog runs away from a galloping fawn coloured greyhound dog at the beach.. The fawn dog is at full stretch almost catching the other dog who glances behind.
8 hours ago
Eine Statue aus Metall mit Grünspan. Eine Frau die eine Urne umarmt und über die verstorbene Person trauert. Sie sitzt auf einem Podest und im Hintergrund befindet sich eine Mauer.
8 hours ago

Some people camp in the great outdoors to get away from things. Others like to bring their creature comforts with them. That includes their TV.

#PhotoMonday #LeicaM11

A TV Sattelite dish weighed down by light covered bricks on a rock by a stream with rushing water.   Portions of two travel trailers can be seen behind trees in the background.
mike fischer
9 hours ago

This was the best Father’s Day present I’ve ever received. #Photomonday #photography #dogsofmastodon #dogs

Johan Strandell
10 hours ago

#Photomonday #Fotomontag Rotsidan nature reserve, Sweden (coincidentally also how things look in south of Sweden right now).

A very foggy beach with silhouettes of two people in the distance
Angus McIntyre
11 hours ago

Because I'm feeling lazy, let's have a big splashy colorful sunset for #PhotoMonday.

#photos #photography #sunsets #landscapes

A colorful sunset sky, rich gold close to the horizon, darkening to deep orange at the top, with patches of brilliant blue sky showing in breaks in the clouds. Nearby woods show black against the sky, and a nearby tree is seen in silhouette. Patches of water visible in the lower part of the image reflect the orange color of the sky overhead.
11 hours ago

The passion vine in the backyard has started flowering again, maybe because the temperatures have moderated, only 90s the last couple of weeks vs the 100+ deg F daily highs we were getting. Still waiting on our first real cool front. Typically the first one arrives before the end of Sept, usually around the equinox. Not this year. But, the weather folks promise that it’s coming, end of this week, highs only in the upper 70s next weekend, bliss if true.

#PhotoMonday #photography #gardening

Color photo of two passion vine flowers on a wooden fence. The flowers have purple petals with a ring of blue frill-like filaments and three large stigmas on a stalk above them. Behind the flowers is the leafy vine and an abstract metal sun artwork mounted on the fence with a hole in the fence behind the center of it.
Derek van Vliet
11 hours ago

riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1134

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

Photo of the front wheel of a red BMC roadmachine road bike standing at the edge of a pond. through the spokes of the wheel, you can see three Canadian geese floating in the pond. on the other side of the pond, there are trees whose leaves have begun to change colour for autumn. The leaves are a mixture of green and yellow and red.
Wes Hardaker
11 hours ago

Ancestral reflections upon the youth
Echo Lake, CA, US

For context, the background reflection includes brown tinted pine trees that died as a result of the #caldorfire a couple years back.

#PhotoMonday #photography

11 hours ago

Although considered a weed by many, I let daisy fleabane grow where it volunteers, especially along my fence. I love the delicate flowers and the variety of native flies and little bees it attracts.

#BloomScrolling #NativePlants #Gardening #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Photo of blooming daisy fleabane growing along a white picket fence.  Delicate flowers have yellow center and white petals.  A few small flies can be seen the flowers if zoomed in.
11 hours ago

📸 Nakasu Island, Fukuoka
🗓 August 2023

#Photography #Travel #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

People eating at a street food stall in Fukuoka. On the forefront there are boxes and empty crates. People are passing by between the food stall and the canal. It is evening. The sky is dark but the buildings and stall are illuminated.
12 hours ago

Einen schönen Start in den Oktober euch!
Welcoming the best season of the year.
#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #autumn #herbst

Foto von gestreuten Lampionblumen auf einem Tisch, ihre geaderte Oberfläche detailliert sichtbar. Angestrahlt von hinten scheinen sie zu glühen.
12 hours ago
View over the #alps from a plane yesterday
12 hours ago

The forests are so colourful now with the reds of Maple trees.
This is an in-camera double exposure to capture the less fiery shades.
#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #forest

A photo of orange, yellow, and green leaves filling the whole frame. Two photos are layered and the individual leaves are kind of obscured so that they give  an abstract impression.
13 hours ago

Hi #PhotoMonday people feel free to put your cool photos on Wikimedia Commons so that everyone can use them, including in Wikipedia articles 💙

14 hours ago

#fotomontag #PhotoMonday Spartans take over Burg Kaprun. (Credit: Sportograf)

#ObstacleCourseRace #spartanrace #ocr #ObstacleCourseRacing

14 hours ago

Zum #Fotomontag ein bisschen #Herbst trotz sommerlicher Temperaturen.

#photomonday #Photography #Fotografie

Gelbes Ahornblatt liegt in der Ritze zwischen einem grauen Grabstein und einem Stein mit ganz viel grünem Moos.
Norbert Woehnl :itabashi:
17 hours ago

Kamikōchi (上高地) is a mountainous highland valley in the western part of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. About a year ago, I visited there on a perfect autumn day to enjoy the splendid scenery, and hiked from Kappa Bridge to Myōjin Pond. A perfect place to recover from Tokyo’s hustle and bustle. 🏔️🥾

All photos shot on iPhone.

#photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #japan #nagano #kamikochi #scenicphotography #japanesealps #hiking

Kappa Bridge in Kamikōchi, Nagano
Along the River on the way to Myōjin Pond in Kamikōchi, Nagano.
Bridge on the way to Myōjin Pond in Kamikōchi, Nagano.
Shrine at Myōjin Pond in Kamikōchi, Nagano.
Edward Philips
17 hours ago

It’s a topsy turvy world at National Trust Beninborough Hall. xx

#photography #Photomonday

Beninborough Hall
Beninborough Hall
Frauchen Will Raus
18 hours ago

Mein Meer, mein Fisch, mein Pommes.

My sea, my fish, my fries.

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

Eine freche Möwe steht auf einem Felsbrocken, der über der Wasseroberfläche liegt. Wir sehen ihn im Profil, aber sein Kopf ist uns halb zugewandt. Rundherum gibt es klares Meerwasser.

A cheeky seagull stands on a piece of rock that lies above the surface of the water. We see him in profile, but his head is half turned towards us. There is clear sea water all around.
19 hours ago

A photographers learning curve

#fotomontag #photomonday

19 hours ago

le soleil c’est la vie
Dominic Dähncke
#photography #Photomonday

l’ombre d’une chaise dessine le squelette d’un être humain sur le sol, comme une radioscopie ou un présage de mort
19 hours ago

Zum heutigen #FotoMontag gibt es Tierisches :) Und natürlich wieder Begleittext.

Sieh selbst:

#PhotoMonday #Fotografie #Photography #Natur #naturfotografie #FotoProjekt

Ein Reh steht auf einem Forstweg. Es sieht direkt in die Kamera. Dahinter sieht man, dass leichter Nebel herrscht.
20 hours ago
View from plane over the alps
Monsieur Ralph
22 hours ago

Beautiful autumn colours on yesterday’s hike from Jacobshorn to Sertig in Davos.
#PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #MountainMonday

Earth hi king path through a landscape of red and yellow vegetation. Background are alpine peaks.
Hiking path through a landscape of green, yellow and red grasses and vegetation. Background is silhouettes of mountains.
Derek van Vliet
1 week ago

riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1127

#Cycling #BikeTooter #Photography #Autumn #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

Photo of a red BMC road machine road bike standing next to a beam and post fence. The ground is covered in grass with some red leaves that have fallen from trees. beyond the fence, trees and wild growth that started changing colours for autumn.
1 week ago

This is the second time I’ve found an anole lizard - maybe it’s the same lizard - on the #hummingbird feeder. It has to jump a foot (30 cm) or so across from the wall to get over to it. I thought maybe it’s going after insects that are attracted by the feeder’s sugary liquid, but it looks like it’s licking around the feeder itself. Do lizards have a sweet tooth? 🤔

#PhotoMonday #lizards #BackyardWildlife #photography

Close up color photo of a yellow-green anole lizard standing on the base of a hummingbird feeder with its upper body and head raised and its front legs up on the red glass reservoir of the feeder.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
1 week ago

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday

September 2023, Brasstown, North Carolina, USA. Last hurrah of the flower garden at the John C. Campbell Folk School in the Appalachian Mountains. This was one of my views every day for a week. Lucky me!

In the foreground are yellow and orange marigolds, beyond that are tall purple flowers, then a wooden picket fence with a gap in it leading to a field. In the background are hills covered with trees.
Scott King
1 week ago

Heidelberg's Alte Brücke (Old Bridge).

I tried to get a photo of the castle yesterday, but it was hidden in fog, though I did get this cool photo.

I have both lived in A LOT of places, and I think Heidelberg has been my favorite. I mean... it has a castle!

#PhotoMonday #LandscapePhotography #Heidelberg #Germany

It is twilight. The Neckar river fills the lower third of the frame. It's blue waters glisten, reflecting the golden light of Heidelberg's Altstadt (Old Town). A medieval stone bridge crosses the river, and at it's end is are two round towers with a portcullis between it. Behind the city, is a mountain drenched in fog, with just the bottom bits of a castle in view.
Rebecca Celeste
1 week ago
Photo of sunlight shining into a room, casting a long shadow of the window on the dark floor.
Monsieur Ralph
1 week ago

I hiked to Saxer Lücke in the canton of Appenzell, Switzerland yesterday. This region is called Alpstein. This is it. #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #hiking #MountainMonday

Bare rock cliff above white clouds. Two hikers  are standing below on a hiking path.
Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago

Tide pool, Kauapea Beach (aka "Secret Beach"), Kilauea. #kauai #beach #photography #PhotoMonday

A lovely round tide pool in black lava rock, with blue ocean and sky behind it. The pool is round, about six feet wide and three feet deep, with tiny fish jetting about when a few drops land from nearby waves.
Visions of Napa
2 weeks ago

#FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #MondayMotivation

Spotted some purple morning glories in bloom while in on my walk.

#Napa #California #BloomScrolling #Blooms #summer #Flowers

A close-up of two purple trumpet shaped flowers.
Bryan Hansel
2 weeks ago

Sunrise from Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, MT, USA.

#Photomonday #Fotomontag #photography #LandscapePhotography

A good of wind whipped evergreen trees silhouetted against mountains under an orange sky.
2 weeks ago

How about a sassy blue jay to start the day.

#PhotoMonday #photography #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #BlueMonday #BackyardWildlife

Color photo of a blue jay perched on the edge of a blue ceramic bird bath. The blue jay has its head tilted and turned toward the camera with its beak open.