A. Lee Bennett Jr.
13 hours ago

On one hand, I just updated #Photoshop, tried #GenerativeFill, and OH MY LANTA what is this sorcery‽‽‽‽

On the other hand, couldn’t figure out why #Acrobat no longer persistently showed document size in the bottom left corner even with the preference enabled. Turns out Adobe made a change to improve layering, just with the Mac version, and the persistent size indicator was a casualty. You can see it by hovering the mouse in that region but ONLY IF THE SETTING TO ALWAYS SHOW IT IS TURNED OFF!!!!

P. Hightower
15 hours ago

Since the Photoshop I bought and installed in 2005 stopped working because I acquired a new monitor because the one I'd been using for about that long finally gave up the ghost, and apparently the server it wants to connect to reregister itself no longer exists, I thought I'd ask what people use for photo/image editing these days. I'm not fond of subscription models for software so that rules out the latest versions of Adobe CS.

#photoshop #graphics #dtp #software #madness

Bez Lightyear
16 hours ago

Hello I am Bez Lightyear
Office drone
Married with two adult children & a pair of #cats
Antisocial hermit
Somewhere Middle East of England
Plays #guitar, #bass & keyboards (a bit)
Tinkers with home recording
Likes a bit of #SciFi & fantasy
Likes a bit of motor racing (#F1 mostly)
Likes playing #videogames
Used to like drawing but is rubbish at it
Occasionally #photoshop stupid images
Spams Top Of the Pops on Fridays #totp
Definitely likes a daft laugh
#Introductions #Introduction

Battle Masker
18 hours ago

@morax well, he IS the holy ghost

#Memes #Boo #Mario #Photoshop #Jesus #JesusFace

Jürgen Libertus
2 days ago

Spielereien mit den neuen KI basierten füllen von Bildern. Das erste ist das Original. Im Zweiten wurden Zuschauer „aufgefüllt“ Zeitaufwand ein paar Sekunden. Photoshop gibt auch verschiedene Varianten vor.

#KI #Füllen #photoshop

Ein Konzertfoto, eine Band spielt vor Publikum. Die komplette Bühne ist zu sehen, eine Uhr als Videohintergrund und ein paar Strahler hängen von der Decke. Das Licht ist eher türkis.
Dasselbe Foto wie eben, nur wurde der untere Teil per KI hinzugefügt. Auf dem Foto sind jetzt deutlich mehr Zuschauer zu sehen.
2 days ago

Updating my website with latest pics, and I was checking that the giraffe I posted for #bleptember was already there.

While searching I also found this, which is one of my favourite mutant creatures based off the same photo.

Look at its happy wee face!

#photoShop #giraffe #silly

It is an edited version of the giraffe photo I'm replying to. The neck, horns and ears remain the same, but the snout area now takes up the entire face space with bright human eyes in place of the nostrils. It works better than the description suggests.
2 days ago

#Design #Previews
Move over Photoshop! · Microsoft Paint now has layers and transparency

#UiDesign #WebDesign #GraphicDesign #Tools #ImageEditing #AI #Photoshop #MsPaint #Windows 📚
2 days ago

The paint app in Windows 11 is getting a bit more sophisticated, as Microsoft appears to be testing a new layers feature that you'd get in Photoshop #windows11 #paint #app #photoshop

Galmesh Rosewood
3 days ago

Wacom One Experiment. Got more spare time than I thought so I wrapped it up.
So the wacom one gen1 was perfectly fine, I had very little to complain about, at around 200 bucks, it's great.
The initial activation, and the gamut range that made it hard to work on the hair since the values are so close together, are things that you can improve with higher end tablets, but you could use this for work for years and be fine.

#MastoArt #illustration #art #DigitalArt #photoshop

a woman with short black hair and black eyes in a blue dress.
Daniela Pagenstecher 🚴‍♂️📚🦏
3 days ago

@heiseonline Da kann sich #Photoshop aber mal gaaaaanz warm anziehen! 😅

4 days ago

Was unable to finish this one in time for Batman Day, but here it is, my new tribute poster to "The Batman".

#TheBatmanMovie #TheBatman #RobertPattinson #MattReeves #posterdesign #batmanedit #batman #posterart #posterdesign #movieposter #alternativemovieposter #digitalart #photoshop #huiontablet

Fan art for the movie "Coco"! :blobcataww: :blobcataww:

I enjoyed the movie "Coco" very much! It will definitely occupy a special place in my heart. :blobcatkissheart: :blobcathearthug: :blobcathearthug:

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I love you all very much! :gwolf_confetti: :gwolf_confetti: :gwolf_confetti:

Miguel is adorable! :blobcatfunny:
This was drawn in Adobe Photoshop!
Still a WIP, but will be done soon. :blobcatfunny: :blobcatfunny: :blobcatshy: :blobcatshy: :blobcatshy: :blobcatshy:

#illustration #art #digitalart #digitalillustration #Coco #Disney #Disney #Coco #DisneyMovie #MastodonArt #MastoArt #ArtistsofMastodon #MastodonArtist #GraphicDesign #Photoshop #WIP

Miguel (from Coco) staring out at his favorite "musician's" show

#MicrosoftPaint has layers now....I repeat.... #MSPaint has layers now...

It feels like Microsoft is starting to position Paint as a free (but capable) alternative to Photoshop and Canva.


Florent Desanthèmes
4 days ago

Jodelle & Fluberte
(Le secret de Présentine Ramondore avec Harold Charre à paraître chez Noctambule courant 2025)

#bd #comics #LeSecretdePrésentineRamondore #photoshop #ClipStudioPaint

Galmesh Rosewood
4 days ago

XPeriment. I gave the XP pen artist a proper go and made something on it. The screen is too small and the dpi could be better, it did give me eye fatigue after an hour. The pen is fine for linework and opacity. Not so great for thickness control, giving an ugly taper as soon as you lift up the pen from the surface.
But it is perfectly usable if that's all you can afford it won't stop you from making great art.

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #illustration #xppen #photoshop

Woman with short black hair in a bare shoulder black dress with a chocker.

I'm really not liking this stupid future we're building. I just tried to use #Photoshop #AI to remove the obnoxious warning labels from a picture of a car seat holding a fully clothed baby and was denied because it violated Adobe's rules. I'll have to do this manually now, but not before I let #Adobe know how much they're contributing to the stupid future.

Chip the Android 🌈🤖
4 days ago

Sam Hubbard from the Cincinnati Bengals as an android! #NFL #Bengals #SamHubbard #Hubbard #maleandroid #maleasfr #photoshop #photoedit #football

An android with massive silver metallic robotic arms is in a football uniform (number 94) with his head turned to the side firing lasers into the stands
5 days ago

From an other place:

Discover her footprints in the lost places,

The forgotten zones, the buried ancient sites.

She was long before she was here, now.

Upon this mark, eye unite the worlds.

#LS #Ellis #linkingsigil #Sigil #Magick #ChaosMagick #Art #Transmission #photoshop #collage #psychedelic #uponthismarkiunitetheworlds

Two red violet figures kneel to either side of an unearthed colossal Olmec head.  Both figures are wearing dark hoodies and jeans. Instead of faces they each have a single large eye.  The eyes are surrounded by transparent concentric circles as though they are transmitting.

The colossal Olmec head is mainly a dark lilac color but has pink and royal blue variations throughout.  Emblazoned on its forehead is LS, the linking sigil.  In the air between the viewer and the head float a swarm of small transparent disembodied eyes.  In the background and all around the figures and the head is pale green jungle vegetation.  In the foreground, closer than the small eyes, float several transparent columns of words.  The words are disorted and unintelligible.
5 days ago

#Adobe #creativecloud #photoshop are to start charging “credits” for using their AI (generative fill) even for paid subscribers like me. Since it is extremely limited compared to Stable Diffusion et al, I won’t be using it and I’ll most likely uninstall it (“firefly”)

5 days ago

So, #Adobe #Photoshop v25.0 contains Adobe #Firefly (Generative AI), but the terms are that you can't use what you create for commercial etc.

This feels like using a feature in Adobe Photoshop is now a minefield.

Michael Fenichel
5 days ago

Fun change(s) of perspective:

Some greatest hits from "The Internet Photoshop Troll".

#photoshop #humor #humour

#Photoshop updates the app and my toolbar icon no longer works, some of my prefs were reset, and I have to involuntary LEARN shit. Nope.


Stamets 🖖🏳️‍🌈
6 days ago

Okay. Does anyone know #photoshop or #gimp or anything? I'm not asking for anyone to do it, honestly I'd rather do it myself and learn a little, but wondering how possible/easy it would be to change the color of something in the below image. Screengrab from #StarTrekDiscovery opening credits. I love it but have always kind of hated that it's red in this opening but blue in the show. The parchment-like background is fine but the red of the deflector dish/lights/trails is what I want to change

1 week ago

No price change to the Adobe Photography plans. 😮‍💨

Subscribers get "a set number" (?) of credits for generative AI features: "You can access generative AI tools like Generative Fill and a set number of Generative Credits within Photoshop with either a membership or a free trial." 🤔

Not sure how that'll work out but I don't expect to use it much, anyway. (Generative Expand sounds most interesting, like when I framed a macro too damn tight!😜)

#Adobe #Lightroom #Photoshop

Humbird0 Fandom
1 week ago

Wait, wait... WHAT??
Jpeg's can have VECTOR MASKS?!


I was just browsing my collection of pictures for reference material and then noticed one of them just *happened* to have a vector path in it. This picture was taken way back in 2007. Why did no one ever tell me this was a thing??

#Photoshop #Art #project_Misc

Jpeg with a clipping path
1 week ago

I do not know the context of this AFP photo, but I feel like it needs a bit of #Photoshop to have him holding something. A large pumpkin? A balloon? A giant round head? #random (Update: to see some great additions, click on "Expand This Post" on the three dots).

French leader Emanual Macron as if he is holding something in his hands, but is not.

Visitez ma galerie.😊
Partagez si vous aimez (voulez).
#illustration #photoshop

This #unity debacle is yet another instance of people getting bitten because they were willfully ignorant beforehand:

If you rely on a software or service that is under the full legal control of someone else, then you are screwed if they decide to change whatever about the license-terms.

The only thing that reliably prevents this kind of stuff is the use of free software (free as in free speech, not even necessarily as in free beer). Now sometimes there may truly be no alternative, but most of the time there very much is:

If you make your bed with #photoshop instead of #gimp or #krita, with M$ Office instead of #libreoffice, with #matlab instead of #octave, with #magma instead of #sage, with #Windows instead of #Linux, … You kinda have only yourself to blame when you get screwed.

Richard #Stallman put out the warnings about all these things AGES ago and you had YEARS to listen. But for some reason you found morons like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk so much more interesting.

#FOSS #FLOSS #OpenSource

What kind of hardware are you using for actual drawing? I'm not talking about apps (like #Photoshop, #AffinityPhoto etc.) but like are you using a #Wacom tablet, an #iPad or what?
Lots of seem to praise Wacoms, others say iPads are great for it but if I prefer to use a Windows PC (although I also have a Macbook), then it's a cumbersome affair most likely (there are 3rd party apps for mirroring but they all seem to have monthly/annual fees. Yuck. No thanks.)

#Drawing #Art #Artists #Artwork 📚
1 week ago

Adobe announced on Wednesday that its Firefly for Enterprise generative AI is now commercially available in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express workflows. #adobe #firefly #photoshop #illustrator #express #generativeai

Patrice Grundmann
1 week ago

Mise à jour de #Adobe #Photoshop qui quitte la bêta pour une version finale basée pour imagerie générative. Par #IA. C’est vraiment puissant. La création devient un jeu d’enfant, de plus en plus, mais le bon goût devra encore faire partie du bagage créatif des faiseurs d’images.

Android Infotech
1 week ago

Adobe Photoshop Generative AI Subscription Pricing. 🎨🖌️ #Adobe #Photoshop #Windows
Adobe has officially launched its Firefly-powered workflows to the masses, revolutionizing the creative process.

1 week ago

Adobe Firefly chega agora em fase final à suíte de programas
#adobe #photoshop #sistema #web #noticias #tech #tugatech

Adobe Firefly chega agora em fase final à suíte de programas
Galmesh Rosewood
1 week ago

Rain. Calling it done. There's a wip video for the beginning of this piece in a previous post if you're interested, finished in photoshop.

#MastoArt #illustration #DigitalArt #procreate #photoshop #art

painting of a woman with orange hair standing in the rain with wet clothes.
Chip the Android 🌈🤖
1 week ago

this #droid was conducting self-repairs (always risky) and froze up during a reboot cycle. you've walked in on it...what do you do? answer in the comments! 💙

#maleandroid #maleandroids #maleasfr #sexbot #gay #gayporn #erotica #gaysex #gaycock #cock #dick #penis #collegemen #jock #fit #gayfit #gayfitness #art #artist #photoshop #photoedit #scifi #sciencefiction #nude #nudity #robotfetish #fetish #kink #gaykink #gayfetish

A naked college age Hispanic android lays on a table has its left oblique skin removed for repairs. The droid is looking at the area of maintenance but is clearly shut down and unable to move
Benjamin Han
2 weeks ago

“Allen told the office that he "input numerous revisions and text prompts at least 624 times to arrive at the initial version of the image" using #Midjourney and altered it with Adobe #Photoshop.”

US #Copyright Office denies protection for another #AI-created image | Reuters

#Law #generativeAI #GenerativeArt

Seigneur des forêts.
Collage de base / Image finale.
#photoshop #illustration #Photomonday

Collage brut ayant servi de base à l'illustration postée hier.

@DiConX would be a shame if it wasn't - after all, it wants to be the go-to flagship video editor...

Just please don't make Tetris in it like Evan Kale did in #Photoshop...

2 weeks ago

This is a composite picture. I took my photo of the recent supermoon and my photo of migrating sandhill cranes and merged them. #supermoon #cranes #photoshop #birds

2 weeks ago

Remembering that time I totally failed to get a decent photo of a beetle, but decided to roll with it.

#nature #photography #PhotoShop #beetle #silly

A close up photo of a beetle climbing a roughcast wall. The beetle is large and central but totally out of focus. The small stones in the wall are in focus, so I added shocked human faces to them.
3 weeks ago

#Design #Explorations
Design tool memory usage · Testing Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer

#UiDesign #WebDesign #DesignTools #AffinityDesigner #Figma #Illustrator #Photoshop #Sketch #Mac #Memory

Richard Littler
3 weeks ago

I was a #Photoshop lifer (30 years), but I haven't needed it once since I started using the #Affinity suite. I'm still testing it out, but there are loads of fun possibilities, such as changing the weather in photographs! If only Affinity would develop an After Effects substitute.

Summer lake/mountain view
Summer lake/mountain view turned into a dark rainy scene
3 weeks ago

The badger anniversary led me to pop over to b3ta for the first time in a while. Was my first online community and the nostalgia is strong.

Also feel a bit old.

Anyhow, they have a one word challenge going on at the moment - beans - so it felt polite to join in.

#silly #PhotoShop #beans #b3ta

A close up photo of multi-coloured jelly bean sweets. Most of them have a large human eye and mouth edited on. They are generally happy.
3 weeks ago

Things I learnt today:

1. If I decide to "take 5" at my computer after doing some strenuous garden work, with the intention of grabbing a shower & making myself presentable after those 5 minutes, I should not

a) open Mastodon

b) open PhotoShop

2. If you put a human mouth on a bee while it's poking at pollen it looks a little like it has a hipster goatee beard.

Anyhow, I really need a shower.

*dashes off*

#nature #photography #flowers #bees #PhotoShop #silly

A close up photograph of a fluffy bee on a bright yellow flower. I have added a single human eye, and a grinning mouth. It looks like it has a long, thin goatee.
Randahl Fink
3 weeks ago

I suppose a part of me always expected, military analyst @anderspuck would own some interesting artwork… but I must say… I am impressed.

#photoshop #joke

3 weeks ago

Admiring a very fine oak tree earlier today. I like how acorns have wee hats on.

#nature #photography #PhotoShop #silly

A close up photo of an acorn hanging on a tree branch. It has human eyes looking up at its, erm, hat and a smiling mouth.
3 weeks ago

One-day personal #b3d project. I started with the #trimsheet with no actual plan for the corridor. I modeled the corridor using with from the trim sheet. Also made a really simple decal sheet. Pictures from Blender's viewport with some saturation and level adjustments in #Photoshop. Everything baked in #blender3d

Damon L. Wakes
4 weeks ago

I still see people saying "If you're using something for free then you're not the customer, you're the product" (or some variation on that), and at this point I feel as though that's not merely untrue, but usually backwards. Pay for PhotoShop and Adobe will exploit your work for "content analysis." Use Krita for free and it won't collect any data whatsoever.
#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #PhotoShop #Krita

Pixels / Le Monde
1 month ago

On a testé… #Firefly, l’#IA de #Photoshop capable de chambouler une photo. Par sa capacité à gommer des parties d’image et à en réinventer d’autres, le nouvel outil exploite intelligence artificielle générative pour un résultat étonnant.

Un article de Nicolas Six initialement paru le 26/05/23.

J. Kathleen Cheney
1 month ago

I'm starting to look around for a Mac laptop to replace my PC, but...

I need one with a video card that can handle #photoshop

Does anyone who uses photoshop have any recommendations for what model I should be hunting (used model, BTW)?

Coreyartus Imagery
1 month ago

Seems Adobe Stock is a bit lackluster at monitoring uploads to their own services. Artists have found their names used as search terms for hundreds of images generated using their names as prompts that have been uploaded for sale at $80 an image.

Literally other people selling artwork in someone else's style they co-opted to make a buck.

Adobe's neglect in favor of profit is dismissive at best, predatorial at worst. Bad either way.


#adobe #photoshop

Eric Vitiello
1 month ago

Photoshop maker Adobe's co-founder John Warnock died on Saturday aged 82, the company said in a statement early on Sunday.

#Adobe #Photoshop #Death #JohnWarnock #Obituary

Richard Littler
1 month ago

I've used #Adobe products, especially Photoshop (I started with v2 in 1992) daily for over 30 years. For the past two weeks, however, I have exclusively used competing software and, so far, I've not encountered any issue that required me to return to the safety blanket of #Photoshop, Illustrator or In-Design. In fact, even for someone like me, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Photoshop user, I'm already finding improvements and more intuitive functions.

1 month ago

Me: Hey, maybe if I make something from the other photos of this flower, keeping the alien theme going, it will all make a bit more sense.

[makes follow-up image]

Me: Nope. This is explaining NOTHING.

#nature #photography #PhotoShop #silly #alien #creature #PurpleBeastVisitingUsFromTheStars #BlueFriendsOfThePurpleBeast

A macro photo of the blue stamen of a purple and cream flower. The buds in the background are blurred, with one featuring an indistinct alien face. 

The photo has a very shallow depth of field, so some of the stamen are in focus, others not. All but one have a single eye and mouth on them, once human but now tinged blue and definitely alien. They look pretty jolly.

The one without a face does have a face, but it's looking the other way so we can't see it in this photo.
1 month ago

I took a few macro photos of this purple and cream flower. None of the photos were quite right, but they all made me think of alien landscapes. They were very other-worldly.

Then one of them turned into this.

I think it's friendly.

#nature #photography #PhotoShop #silly #alien #creature #PurpleBeastVisitingUsFromTheStars

A very close up photo of a set of tiny flower buds. The depth of field is very shallow, so only a small amount of the central purple bud is in focus. It is surrounded by similar buds that are a greeny-cream colour. The larger central purple bud has human eyes and mouths on it, colour matched and out of focus when needed. At the top some sparse, blurred hair has been added. It has two frog-based arms and hands, folded in front of it, also colour matched in mottled purples. Not gonna lie, looks a bit freaky, but friendly.

Oh #Adobe. Fuck you.

I've been using #Photoshop on this 10 yr old laptop quite happily. For TEN years. Yeah, its not *fast* at somethings, but for what I need its fine. Oh well, Ill just roll back to the prev- oh no you can't. Thanks Creative Facist Cloud.

Just use Gi- *yeah I know about 'shop alternatives and I use em. *<valid yet stupid work reasons blah blah>

At least you can dismiss this crap and it *seems* to keep working? Just yet another way Adobe makes us grateful for eating shit.

Adobe Photoshop now complains about my GPU inadequacy: apparently my 10 yr old GTX 770M on my still-going-stron Alienware laptop doesn't cut it anymore I feel less of a graphic artist. Maybe I should get a pickup truck to compensate.

As if forced mobile device obsolescence wasn't bad enough, now Software-as-a-service is now forcing you to upgrade your hardware. Never mind that the old hardware ran the software just fine all this time. "Well, the NEW features need the new hardware" "yeah, but I don't need the new features. Disable them so I can get to work with the old features on my old hardware" "Oh.. uh.. urm, well it doesn't work that way" "Ok, let me run the old version that was just fine." "Oh no, you can't do that! How will you experience the flavour of the NEW FEATURES with the old bogus software?" sigh.
2 months ago

"According to a new report, a debate is raging inside Adobe about the existential threat its AI technology could pose for its own customer base, with examples cited of design teams already downsizing thanks to the effectiveness of Adobe Firefly within Photoshop."

#AI #adobe #Photoshop #labor

Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

Adobe has streamlined its Photoshop AI tool for generating new imagery that expands the canvas of a photo. The new generative expand feature is built into the crop tool.

It's definitely faster. I had the same mixed results as with the earlier generative fill. Here's an attempt to add a shark to a kayak photo I took.
#Photoshop #AI #Firefly

An image with an AI-generated whale tail looming over some real kayakers, an illustration of what's possible with Adobe Photoshop's generative expand feature.
2 months ago

Not sure if I want to pet it or eat it.


No, I am sure. Pet it. Definitely pet it.

#Silly #PhotoShop #Broccolotl #SillyCuratorPrompts

A wooden table, upon which sits a green creature based on a very cute axolotl with its external gills replaced with sprigs of broccoli. It is adorable. And tasty.
2 months ago

Der Umstieg von #Windows auf #Linux ist für Fotograf*innen nicht einfach, wenn man von #Lightroom und #Photoshop kommt.

Welche Möglichkeiten hat man? Welche Tools gibt es und was können diese bzw. wie ist der erste Eindruck?

Das kannst du hier nachlesen:

Gerne freue ich mich über Feedback und Hinweise auf weitere Software, am besten als Kommentar zum Beitrag.

Wenn du Fragen beantwortet haben möchtest, bitte gerne stellen.

#Fotografie #Photography

Screenshot von der RAW-Entwicklung in Darktable.
Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

I'm doing a 20-image focus stacking in Photoshop and thought to myself, "this could bring my Mac to its knees." Sure enough, gotta clear out some room on the SSD first.
#Photoshop #FocusStacking #Photography

Photoshop error message that says I don't have enough scratch disk space to do a big focus stacking operation.
2 months ago

Use of #photoshop is quite normal in astrophotography. However, there are plenty of fakes. This picture of Milky Way aligned with the temple of Karkak is not only fake. It would be impossible.
h/t @astro_jcm 👍

Christian Alder
2 months ago

Two part question for the artists on here, specifically digital artists.

(I promise I will cool it with these weekly questions for different topics 😅)

1) Did you learn traditional first, if only for a bit to understand the fundamentals?

2) Do you recommend any software-agnostic learning resources, specifically a structured course rather than a bunch of tutorials.

I've tried before so I'm not entirely new - but let's assume that I am.

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #Krita #Photoshop

Obsidian Urbex Photography
2 months ago

Sometimes #JustForFun I like to create #DigitalArt pieces. I use one of my own #AbandonedPlaces photographs, and use them to create scenes inspired by some of my favourite movies/series.

My most recent piece takes an abandoned train found in Hungary, and re-imagines it as the eternal engine from


Here is the full blog post where I discuss my creative process, and you can swipe an interactive frame to compare before/after -

#MastoArt #Photoshop #NoAi

Before and after comparison. Before: an old steam train. After: the train edited to be moving on tracks in a blizzard and surrounded by snow and ice
2 months ago

Oh hey! It's that #PortfolioDay thing. I'm James, I like to paint landscapes and environments. Sci-fi, fantasy and anything else, I like painting anything! I also like to hide a cat or 2 in most of the art I do.
#Art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Landscape #Krita #Photoshop #Fantasy #cats

Crystal Cavern
A view of a sunrise over mountain cities.
A man and his horse make their way towards an ominous mansion
Dark souls characters from across the series sitting by the bonfire.
Alastair Temple
2 months ago

New #PortfolioDay means new pinned post.

Hello everyone, I'm a Scottish artist (/fire engineering researcher) living in Sweden who makes sci-fi and abstract illustrations. I'm available for freelance work (primarily book or album covers and similar).

#illustration #3d #SciFi #Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #ArtOnMastodon #Blender #Mandelbulb3D #Cinema4D #Photoshop #abstract

Science fiction illustration showing a "Sunjammer" spaceship approaching the "Spindle World" Trevenza Reach from the novel Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds.

Illustration by Alastair Temple.
Black and white 3d abstract illustration.

Illustration by Alastair Temple
Science fiction illustration showing a solar sail passing a planet. The viewer is looking from the planets ring towards the planet and a structure (being created by self replicating robots) can be seen on a large rock in the foreground. Illustration by Alastair Temple.
Science fiction illustration, shows some spaceships flying through a large semi-organic looking structure or rock formation with a portal or strip of space discontinuity in the midground.

Illustration by Alastair Temple.
Danny Garside
2 months ago

Anyone know a way to convert an #SVG into a layered #photoshop file (where each element is on a new later?)

3 months ago

My friend was making homemade flavoured *beverages*. So I had some ideas

#soju #MastoArt #digitaldrawing #illustration #personalproject #art #Photoshop #참이슬

Poster of a red plum soju bottle
Poster of a cherry soju bottle