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| The Matter of Everything: How Curiosity, Physics, and Improbable Experiments Changed the World
Audio Signals with guest Dr. Suzie Sheehy on @ITSPmagazine

In this podcast episode, host Marco Ciappelli and guest Suzie Sheehy discuss the book "The Matter of Everything" which explores the #history of #physics through the lens of experimentalists and highlights the often-overlooked contributions of women in the field. They also touch on the topic of #diversity and #inclusion in #STEM and the importance of recognizing the biases and cultural legacies that have contributed to the underrepresentation of women in #science.

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Marcio Aleksandravicius 🐧
6 hours ago

Arguably the most intelligent photo ever taken:

Solvay Conference on quantum mechanics, at the Institute International de Physique Solvay, Brussels, Belgium, in 1927. 17 of the 29 attendees were or became Nobel Prize winners.

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Angry Budgie
6 hours ago

If I get this right, you should be able to click on this title Why Einstein’s E=mc² is only half of the equation and read the article by Starts With A Bang

#EthanSiegel #Einstein #BigThink #Physics

Freya Blekman
12 hours ago

#CMSPaper 1218: Are there bumps in the jet-photon spectrum? This would happen if there are quarks that are not elementary, new undiscovered quarks, or if microscopic #BlackHoles were produced. We in the @CMSexperiment don't see any in the 2016 through 2018 (Run2) LHC data.
#particlePhysics #nullResult #physics #CERN #science #fundamentalscience #datascience

Bean Thinking
13 hours ago

#Coffee in a goblet! Finding Toothless Coffee in #KL #Malaysia was not easy… but this #V60 of an Indonesian “Semendo Paranormal” was definitely a find.

Heavy on the natural notes, this coffee changed character significantly as it cooled, you could almost say that it “went beyond the range of normal experience”.

While a nice cafe, I’m not going to do a #cafephysics review of it on #BeanThinking - but what #physics - if any - do you see here?

The exterior of Toothless Coffee. A one story building with a yellow door opens straight onto a drain and a carpark. The blue sky gives an indication of how hot the day was while a multi-storey building behind emphasises the strange neighbourhood that this cafe is found in.
Foreground shows a black coffee in a clear glass goblet. The goblet is on a table with two Gieson coffee roasters behind it. The reflections of light on the table and on the coffee suggest that the windows of the cafe are to the right of the photograph.
Nobelesse Oblige
19 hours ago

Just finished the notes for Marie Curie, and we’re gonna have a whopping 4 biography episodes for her, plus the ranking episode! So, we’re officially announcing the beginning of ☢️Hot☢️ Girl Summer! We’ll be doubling up on episodes each month, ending with the rankings in August!

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Spent all day debugging a weird discrepancy because I'd differentiated r^-3 to -2.0*r^-4 instead of -3.0*r^-4 in some code

1 day ago

Many yrs ago,during mom's illness,a vice-Dean of my Faculty asked me to go talk to him
There he told me: "aLFRe, how happy we are with u.
How nice and cute u are,
you can stay at Faculty spending all your whole life with us"
I replied: "What do you mean MY whole life?! At some point I will have to leave coz I 'd have learned #Physics"
And he said:"That never"
And I said: "Never what?"
And he told me: "Never ever.We don't care if u never learn #Physics,actually no professor here knows #Physics"

Writer Antonio Gala face to face with journalist Jesus Quintero
Headlines El Cultural of El Español 2023 May.28

The 16th and 17th centuries constituted a period of drastic change in the way humanity conceptualized and sought to understand the world. Scholars made massive leaps in fields such as mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, and, perhaps most notably, physics. Arguably, no city contributed more profoundly to that new understanding than Cambridge." #History #Science #Physics #Cambridge #histodon #histodons @histodon @histodons

1 day ago
Daniel Detlaf
1 day ago

I'm working on my concept of time. Dealing with time travel, I'd like to say I have a sophisticated grasp of the mechanics and paradoxes of time. Yeah. Above my pay grade, boss.

In my world where the present and the near future are connected by a physical gateway, a basic question is: If I do X in the present does X manifest, having always existed, in the future?

My answer so far is: Sometimes? Not exactly. We don't quite know, really.

Time is hard.

#writing #amWriting #physics

Alireza Dehbozorgi
2 days ago

A snippet just published on @medium on the possibility of 6-dimensional representation of meaning. Your precious comments and feedback are highly welcome! Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

#linguistics #semantics #computation #geometry #physics #blog #6d_semantics #meaning #representation

2 days ago

Does anyone know what causes #heated #oil to appear to form #crack -like shapes that coalesce and converge?

#science #FluidDynamics #physics #chemistry #fluids #liquids

A view into a pot of oil, observing crack-like patterns that take shape and converge.
Mike Perham
2 days ago

I can’t find much of anything on the #physics of what’s going on here. Plenty about soap film but nothing about the shadow.

Jencel Panic
2 days ago

So, does the fact that there may exist a amother (simulated?) universe that is an exact copy of our universe, where there is abother version of me who is doing exactly what I am doing, mean that I don’t have free will? No, I am freely making all of my decisions, it is just that the decisions that I am making happen (quite unsurprisingly) to be the same as the ones that the “other me” is making. That does not make my (our) decisions free. #physics #philosophy #compsci

Jencel Panic
2 days ago

A proof that Laplace’s Demon is impossible in this universe: Assume that Laplace’s Demon exist. Then its mind must contain within itself a model of all the universe. But Laplace’s Demon’s mind is itself part of this universe, therefore it must contain a model of itself, which leads to infinite regress. #philosophy #physics #compsci

m naudin
2 days ago

De la magie ? Non, c'est de la science, rien que la science ...
Lorsqu'un objet (ici, un verre, un tube à essai) est immergé dans un liquide (ici, de l'huile), si l'indice de réfraction de l'objet correspond à celui du liquide, la lumière à l'interface entre l'objet et le liquide ne sera ni réfléchie ni réfractée. En conséquence, l'objet semblera invisible.
#science #physics #physique #optical #optique

Lorsqu'un objet est immergé dans un liquide, si l'indice de réfraction de l'objet correspond à celui du liquide, la lumière à l'interface entre l'objet et le liquide ne sera ni réfléchie ni réfractée. En conséquence, l'objet semblera invisible
Super Piéton (🎲🥐)
2 days ago


But machines depend on #energy, and energy depends on

1) laws of #Physics
2) #Geology

And they both already said that the game was over.

So no, everyone could not "enjoy a life of luxurious leisure" on a planet populated with 7.9 billions humans.

And less and less of people will be able to do it.

#peakOil #peakGaz #peakCoal

NMR Online + NMRD
2 days ago


THE WEBINAR – 22nd June 2023, 15:00 (UK time):
SEE our presentation. TRY ELECTRO!

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@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

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A large and centred sign in button. Below this, is the NMR Online logo
Xenharmonic Pica pica
3 days ago

In my experience, the challenge in understanding quantum mechanics lies less in its fundamental nature being incomprehensible and more in having to identify and deal with all the perpetuated misconceptions that will pollute your knowledge and keep you from seeing the underlying patterns.

Anyone who is curious about it should first stay away from theoretical models and focus on fundamental principles that are continuously experimentally verified. There is a difference between observed truths and the stories we tell (or models we construct) to make sense of them, because the former is, ideally, indisputable while the latter can only ever approximate truth (as far as we can know). It is good to distinguish between these so as not to get confused about what we think and what we know from observation. What we think can change tomorrow; observational knowledge is much more reliable and transferrable as models and narratives come and go.

#physics #qm

3 days ago

“You can think of collision energy as legal tender, to be exchanged, via E = mc2, for particle mass.”
@AstroKatie on particle accelerators in The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)
#quotes #physics

m naudin
3 days ago

Ce dispositif de tri, alimenté par la seule gravité, est peut-être le plus simple, mais il est redoutablement efficace. J'adore. :shibahearteyes:
#engineering #lowtech #automation #physics

Dispositif de tri low tech
3 days ago

A new favorite YouTube channel, for sures! #youtube #hardware #vintage (Note that she's not always about vintage hardware, but any means, usually about #physics and #academia and stuff, but still!)

vintage oscilloscope | 10k subscriber special via @YouTube

SciPost Physics
3 days ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Parameter-parallel distributed variational quantum algorithm

Yun-Fei Niu, Shuo Zhang, Chen Ding, Wan-Su Bao, He-Liang Huang
SciPost Phys. 14, 132 (2023)

#HenanKeyLaboratoryofQuantum InformationandCryptography
#KeyLaboratoryofHighPerformance ComputingandStochasticInformationProcessing

The Satyr
3 days ago

Im done. This thing is crazy #mathematic #physics

Rhett Allain
3 days ago

Sometimes I see stuff on youtube that makes me think of #physics. In particular, I love those gold snipping videos where people try to find tiny pieces in moving water. Here's how that works.

IMPRS Physics of Light
3 days ago

Proud to share our brand new IMPRS #Physics of #Light film with you!

Don’t forget to submit your #application until 31st of May!

More information about our #graduate #program with #MSc stipends and #PhD #positions:

Permanent magnet is 150 metres in diameter (but has the correct dipole field!) ah, I have not converted mm into metres

A Danish student has uncovered the secret of black holes in a scientific triumph. The student, Albert Sneppen, solved a 45-year-old problem that baffled physicists by finding a formula that describes how black holes emit radiation. This could help us understand the fate of black holes and the universe's origin.

#blackholes #physics #science

Kirk I. M.
4 days ago

The electroweak horizon problem. Inflation is usually used to explain why the universe looks roughly the same everywhere, but for some things like the electroweak constant which is universal everywhere this doesn't quite make sense. I first recall reading Penrose about this, but there's a new-ish paper out about it.
#higgs #electroweak #electricity #physics #quantum #science #inflation #DarkMatter #cosmos #universe

SciPost Physics
4 days ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Extreme value statistics of edge currents in Markov jump processes and their use for entropy production estimation

Izaak Neri, Matteo Polettini
SciPost Phys. 14, 131 (2023)


SciPost Physics
4 days ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Revealing the finite-frequency response of a bosonic quantum impurity

Sébastien Léger, Théo Sépulcre, Dorian Fraudet, Olivier Buisson, Cécile Naud, Wiebke Hasch-Guichard, Serge Florens, Izak Snyman, Denis M. Basko, Nicolas Roch
SciPost Phys. 14, 130 (2023)


SciPost Physics
4 days ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

Measurement-based quantum simulation of Abelian lattice gauge theories

Hiroki Sukeno, Takuya Okuda
SciPost Phys. 14, 129 (2023)


Ben Crowell
5 days ago

I've been on #mastodon for six months, and my enthusiasm has been steadily waning. I've decided to stop using it. It's too hard to find interesting content. Following the #climbing tag means I mostly see random photos of climbing routes people did, which they don't bother to identify or describe. Following the #greek tag (due to my interest in ancient Greek) means I see material about fraternities and Greek politics. #physics is 90% inaccurate pop-sci stuff, often repeated over and over.

6 days ago

Fun #physics:

a) Every E&M student learns the "method of images". To find the field of a point charge near a conducting plane, you replace the conductor with an "image charge" that happens to nail the boundary conditions.

b) A charge near the CORNER of two half-planes has a lovely solution ... sometimes! If the corner angle is 90, 60, 45, 36, 30 etc you can start by placing two full-plane-like images and sort of iterate until you have a circle of them.

c) What about OTHER ANGLES? 1/

Mikko Tuomi
1 week ago

Not a backdrop, an illusion or an emergent phenomenon, #time has a physical size that can be measured in laboratories.

#physics #complexity

J.K. Ullrich
1 week ago

Confined to bed, but boundless among the stars: I teared up at this heartbreaking-yet-inspiring #news profile on cosmologist Catherine Heymans. Stricken with long #COVID, she retains her passion for #astronomy and continues to redefine #physics with her study of the "dark universe".

#Science #Space #Disability #Health #COVIDisNotOver

Helen Czerski
2 weeks ago

Paul Sen’s book Einstein’s Fridge, on the history of thermodynamics, is brilliant and fascinating and full of insight. This is possibly my favourite new snippet of information, appropriately enough from the final chapter on information thery and how the study of computer bits relates to thermodynamics.

“An E coli uses 10,000 times less energy to process a bit of information than the transistors used in most human-built information processing devices”

#Physics #Books #Thermodynamics

Photo of a book page with this quote circled: “An E coli uses 10,000 times less energy to process a bit of information than the transistors used in most human-built information processing devices”
Rachel Armstrong
2 weeks ago

Could dark photon dark matter be directly detected using radio telescopes? #Physics #Dark #Matter #Telescopes via @physorg_com

Helen Czerski
2 weeks ago

The only silver lining from being stuck on the sofa with Covid: catching up on reading between the naps. I got through all of these, all of which have been on the pile for a while. And if you ever studied/teach thermodynamics or have wondered what it’s all about, that top book - Einstein’s Fridge - is an absolute must-read. It’s the story/history of the subject, incredibly well told, with utterly superb descriptions that make the physics easy. VERY highly recommended. #Books #Covid #Physics

Pile of books: Einstein’s Fridge by Paul Sen, Beryl by Jeremy Wilson, Reading the Glass by Elliot Rappaport and Hands of Time by Rebecca Struthers
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 weeks ago

call for submissions — please boost!

Here’s the site, since the email/contact info is a bit blurry on the slide.

#science #NASA #telescope #CallForSubmissions #academic #stars #space #physics #telescope #3Dprinting #JWST

Want to help design the NASA telescope that will replace JWST? Work with NASA Scientists and Nobel Prize Winner John Mather to:
• Design a 100 m starshade
• Make a 3D CAD rendering
• Get $1,000 to make a 1:100 (or larger) scale model of your design 

Only the first 20 schools can register.

Questions Janessa at SIONF/

Theres's also a QR code on this screen shot.
Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 16 May: Replication of high-temperature superconductor comes up empty - Enlarge / Lutetium, the metal at the core of superconductivity claims.L Yagovy ... #physics #replication #science #superconductivity

Freya Blekman
2 weeks ago

There is another #PhD position on the @CMSexperiment available in my #team at @DESYnews Fancy doing innovative direct searches at the LHC that are not just re-running someone else's code, and with the amazing Andreas Hinzmann and me (and loads of others, we're good and fun!)

Then have a look:

#Academicjobs #physics #jobs #hamburg

Scientific Frontline
2 weeks ago

New techniques can answer questions that were previously inaccessible experimentally - including questions about the relationship between #quantum #mechanics and #relativity.
#QuantumScience #Physics #sflorg

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 15 May: Cosmic rays reveal hidden ancient burial chamber underneath Naples - Enlarge / Archaeologists used cosmic rays to detect a secret underground burial chamber fr... #archaeology #cosmic-rays #gaming-&-culture #laser-scanning #muon-tomography #muonography #necropolis #nuclear-emulsion #particle-physics #physics #science

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 10 May: Qubits 30 meters apart used to confirm Einstein was wrong about quantum - Enlarge / The quantum network is a bit bulkier than Ethernet.ETH Zurich / Daniel Winkler ... #physics #quantum-computing #quantum-entanglement #quantum-mechanics #qubits #science

Michele Bannister
2 weeks ago

Condensed matter #physics and #materials science folks: we are hiring for an early-to-mid career #faculty position (continuing, i.e. permanent)! Apply by 25 June. Happy to chat about what life in the School is like,15207 #academia

2 weeks ago

The event of the day at #CWRU #Physics is ChuckFest, celebrating Chuck Rosenblatt's career on the occasion of his retirement

a) We never published it but Chuck and I worked together on an idea for a liquid-crystal-powered gas ionization detector. Still a fun idea, wish I had bandwidth/funding to work on it, would love someone else to pick it up and run with it

b) Nice to see all the emeriti

c) I learned the word "auxetic"

Hey #physics (#fusion) Fediverse,

I would like to inquire about some weird and potentially dubious claims of net energy producing nuclear fusion.

Some hype is going around an entity called Helion. I'm having trouble finding a good description of what exactly it is that they're hyping. All the sources that I have so far are full of red flags of the "this was written by a low-clue PR person" kind. This is often a sign of Theranos-like affair, but considering the high likelihood of such a distortionary process, the things that do seem like physics-side red flags might plausibly be just mistakes by the PR person, so I'm also not, at least so far, confident that it is a grift.

If you happen to understand what it is that Helion claims to do, or better yet, have a link to a good description, please share.

Soh Kam Yung
2 weeks ago

It turns out that if you are actually shouting into the wind, people upwind can hear you. Your ears, however, are downwind, and perceives your shouts as quieter than they really are.

#Science #Physics #Acoustics #Research

My last foray into #linkblogging was so great - and my backlog of links is already so large - that I'm doing another one.

Link the first: "Siphon," @xkcd's delightful, whimsical "#physics-how-the-fuck-does-it-work" one-shot (visit the link, the tooltip is great):


XKCD #2775: Siphon. Man: 'Wow, it's true - the water doesn't flow up the tube anymore.' Woman: 'Honestly, it's weird that it ever did. Why did we ever think it was normal?' Caption: 'Physics news: the 2023 update to the universe finally fixed the 'siphon' bug.'
2 weeks ago

"Emmy: Moldable Physics and Lispy Microworlds" by Sam Ritchie

This talk gives some very interesting historical context for the work it presents and the work itself that is presented is just fascinating. I don't have much experience with computer algebra systems like this, but the way this is built is surprisingly clear to me and makes me want to dive right into doing #math and #physics. I will definitely try this in some way in the future.

Scientific Frontline
2 weeks ago

A team of #scientists from the Department of Energy’s Ames National Laboratory have developed a way to collect #terahertz imaging #data on materials under extreme #magnetic and #cryogenic conditions. They accomplished their work with a new scanning probe #microscope.
#Physics #QuantumScience #sflorg

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
3 weeks ago

Oh, the #CERN folks know how to do outreach! If you happen to be there, Synchrocyclotron show(?) is lovely with such great visual effects.

#scicomm #physics

A dark room with the Synchrocyclotron (big, techie looking things) in it with a light show highlighting certain elements of the apparatus projected onto it. It looks extremely cool scifi futuristic.
Peter Ericson
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm Peter.

Much of my life revolves around #movies. I watch a lot of them, and I work as a #projectionist and #film booker at the local #cinema.

When I'm not watching or showing movies, one of my pastimes is #translating preferably free and #opensource #software. Another interest is #science and #technology in general.

I have a Bachelor of Science in #ComputerScience. After receiving my degree, I studied theoretical #philosophy (primarily #physics and #mind) for two years.


Kevin C. Tofel
3 weeks ago
Pseudo Nym
3 weeks ago

Memory is weird. I haven't thought about this in a decade, but it just popped in to my head. Paper is still there, archived on arVix.

Circa 2001, a researcher claiming to see a repulsive, anti-graviry effect with super conductor, after ruling out all the other known-at-the-time effects.

Extreme claims require extreme proof, but I never heard any follow up to this.

Sharing not because I think it's some hidden super science, but just something interesting that surfaced.

Would love someone more familiar with super conducting
#physics to explain what obvious mistake the researchers made.

My brain is an odd place.

Scientific Frontline
3 weeks ago

A group of re­search­ers led by An­dreas Wallraff, Pro­fessor of Solid State Phys­ics at ETH Zurich, has per­formed a loophole-​free Bell test to dis­prove the concept of “local caus­al­ity” for­mu­lated by Al­bert #Ein­stein in re­sponse to #quantum #mech­an­ics.
#QuantumScience #Physics #sflorg

“A team of physicists, including a Filipino researcher, have found that existing theories don’t completely account for the mysterious behavior of high-temperature superconducting materials that have left even Nobel laureates stumped for decades. The team’s discovery, which promises to spark completely new lines of research, was published recently in the prestigious journal, Nature Materials.”

#physics #superconductors #UPDiliman #UPDCSNIP #Philippines

m naudin
3 weeks ago

Résultats du sondage :

Chose étonnante, seulement 5% des répondants ont coché la bonne option : une clé USB devient moins lourde à mesure que vous y stockez plus de fichiers.

C'est une question de physique et de transistors : lorsque vous enregistrez des données, un zéro binaire est défini en chargeant la grille flottante du transistor, et un binaire est défini en supprimant la charge, donc la masse d'électrons.
#physique #physics #usb #Transistor #technology

SciPost Physics
3 weeks ago

New #openaccess publication #SciPost #Physics

A gauge theory for shallow water

David Tong
SciPost Phys. 14, 102 (2023)


3 weeks ago


replacing math in the K12 curriculum with psychology would be a net benefit

Because in the real world, there are more real life problems related to psychology then to math

#physics #math #maths #education #psychology

A normal mode (one of the many) of a spinning fluid sphere. #InertialWaves #Physics #FluidDynamics

JW prince of CPH
3 weeks ago

@arstechnica 👆 Sidebar: I need somebody knowledgable to go into the question about the feasibility of a #hydrogen infrastructure. H looks promising, but besides the fact that it's another fuel lock-in - in contrast to (improving) batteries which will take electricity from any (improving) sources - H is a highly combustible invisible gas which burns with an invisible flame & transports under high pressure, spelling a logistical nightmare to my layman's eyes...

#energy #physics #sustainability

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
4 weeks ago

This is an interesting article on the aftermath of the first Starship test - the physics of how Starship threw sand so far are not really understood. The idea that SpaceX should have planned for something like that happening is a bit harder to buy when the physical models say it should not happen.

SpaceX has to fix the issue, but the steel plate concept has gotten positive reviews from NASA scientists who study rocket plumes.

#SpaceX #Starship #Rocketry #Physics

The Conversation AU + NZ
1 month ago

In a new book, physicist Thomas Hertog unravels Stephen Hawking’s last theory, which focuses upon one of the biggest questions of all.

📚 review: On the Origin of Time: Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory – Thomas Hertog

#Astrophysics #Physics #books #Space #Research #Science #bookreview #Review

Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Is time travel possible?

Scientific American writes: "The laws of physics allow time travel. So why haven’t people become chronological hoppers?"

#TimeTravel #Physics #Astrophysics #Science

Interesting study on transgender athletic performance by medical physicist Joanna Harper, who is transgender. Her work is groundbreaking, serving as a data-backed retort to the myth that transgender women have an unfair advantage in sports. And she, herself, is a runner.

#Transgender #Athletics #Sports #Research #Physics #AthleticPerformance #Testosterone

The Coding Beard
1 month ago

Fascinating read on #gravity and black holes.

"Black holes are the reason it’s difficult to combine gravity with #quantum #mechanics. Black holes can only be a consequence of gravity because gravity is the only force that is felt by all kinds of matter. If there were any type of #particle that did not feel gravity, we could use that particle to send out a #message from the inside of the black hole..."

#physics #quantum #science

NMR Online + NMRD
1 month ago


#NMROnline has a growing software library, with titles integrated into seamless and efficient workflows, built with industry standards and best practices.

See you at #Euromar2023!

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

#biochemistry #bioinformatics #biology #biophysics #chemistry #CompChem #metabolomics #NMR #NMRChat #physics #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #StructuralBiology #WebDev

25 Services, 14* Software Packages, 1 Platform

ChemEx, Dangle, DNN-CEST, FastModelFree, FuDA, iPick, Modelfree4, NmrPipe, ParamagPy, PeakiPy, PsiPred, ShiftX2, Sparta+, Talos-N

* DM us to add your NMR software to the library!
Manlio De Domenico
1 month ago

A simple pendulum is attached to the ceil or the floor of the international space station. Anyway in a point that is not necessarily the center of gravity of the spaceship.

The ISS is orbiting. The pendulum is put in a random position and left free to move.

What's it's stable equilibrium position? Will it be aligned with some special direction?

#physics #quiz

Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 month ago

(If you are a #physics nerd and yet uninterested in the non-existence of all that spooky stuff they claim quantum mechanics entails, then there is nothing I can do to help you.

You aren’t REALLY as interested in the nature of reality as you fool yourself into thinking.)

David Meyer
1 month ago

Born #onthisday in 1900, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli was an Austrian theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum physics.

In 1945, after having been nominated by Albert Einstein, Pauli received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "decisive contribution through his discovery of a new law of Nature, the exclusion principle or Pauli principle". His discovery involved spin theory, which is the basis of a theory of the structure of matter.

#physics #quantumtheory

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli
Knowledge Zone
1 month ago

#OnThisDay The first Solar cell was publicly demonstrated at Bell Laboratories (1954).

Francis Crick and James Watson published Molecular structure of Nucleic Acid (1953).

Birth Anniversary of Wolfgang Pauli (1900) - one of the #Pioneers of #Quantum #Physics, #Actor Al Pacino (1940), #Inventor Guglielmo Marconi (1874).

Today is World #PenguinDay, World #MalariaDay.

1 month ago

A black hole can elongate after strong rotation, stretching out and becoming oblate rather than circular. Happy #caturday #physics from a VERY rapidly spinning Quasar 🐈‍⬛

A black cat named Quasar, very stretched out