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Happy Thursday, Friends! Does the recent buyouts (layoffs) of 200 pilots by #UPS mark the beginning of the end of the #pilotshortage? Keep reading for an analysis of the current #pilot shortage within the #aviation industry in this week’s #OnAviation™ full article. 

See you in the comments.

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Port of New Orleans
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Starry Time Podcast
3 days ago

Overall, I really liked the aesthetics of the Andromeda ship -- but I was particularly entranced by this arboretum/greenhouse!

Now, get ready for the hot take: this kinda puts Keiko O'Brien's arboretum on the Enterprise to shame... 😅

More of our favs/least favs from the #pilot episode of Rene Roddenberry's Andromeda can be found here:

#Andromeda #TVShows #GeneRoddenberry #StarTrek #TNG #StarTrekTNG #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Space #Science #SSF #Trek #Arboretum #Plants #HotTake

Screenshot of an image from the "Under the Night," the pilot episode of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. The image shows one of the characters standing in the foreground and in the background is a large arboretum/greenhouse with a large tree in the center.
Poetry News
5 days ago

Saga full of love and snow
Cruise, flight attendants, pilot's dream
What a romantic tale did bestow

#travel #romance #skiing #cruise #pilot #flightattendant #cinquain #poetry

5 days ago

Family trip to San Luis Obispo KSBP. My Son and I flew (1:45 each way) while my Wife and Daughter drove (3-5h depending on traffic).

#pilot #aviation #flying #avgeek #pilotlife

Pismo Beach and boardwalk, farm house where we over-nighted at San Luis Obispo, great food, 3/4 Family picture at the beach, and Boardwalk sunset.
View of San Luis Obispo after departure with Oceano in upper-right, airport under rear strut and Cal Poly between the struts. The upper right picture is over Gonzales, CA where 1/2 of the family was getting Starbuck while we were zipping along at 125mph GS. Bottom right is sunset right before return flight landing.
Hanging out with the big boys at ACI Jet Center at KSBP. Great prices and great service. Full Service fuel was $1/gal cheaper than my home airport self-serve -  we had coffee, hot chocolate and snacks on the house, overnight parking was only $5 more than municipal, and we relaxed at their fancy pilot lounge until the rest of the Family arrived :)
Richard A Carter
6 days ago

No beautiful footage of today's sunset flight, as the need to take-off before sundown ensured that only the essential safety prep could be done. Nonetheless, a preternaturally smooth "flight simulator" circuit around Rufforth was achieved, and a successful check ride for solo...

#gliding #aviation #flight #soaring #pilot #aircraft

A glider on the runway, with the setting sun behind, and several ground crew, plus pilots, smiling for the camera
A glider on the runway, with the setting sun behind, and several ground crew, plus pilots, smiling for the camera
1 week ago

South Korea to Pilot CBDC With 100,000 Citizens in 2024: Report - The Bank of Korea sees a CBDC as a potential answer to problems with existing government-... - #southkorea #policy #pilot #news #cbdc

Poetry News
1 week ago

Heaven called in its due
For the daring pilot who flew
His last flight in the sky
In a plane not so high
The angels saluted as his wings flew

#planecrash #texas #pilot #tribute #ode #poetry

PKPs Powerfromspace1
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Victory ✌️ for #Ukraine 💪🇺🇦will come from the sky 🌌

More direct strikes on logistics, supply, ammo and command this winter ❄️ force the Muscovy collapse! #Crimea

First touch was a bit jumpy but other than that, very nice

Video from @_pilotwife_3


Thank you for being here!


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📷Repost with credit
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[The Messenger] Pilot Whose Wing Decapitated Skydiver Can Never Fly Again, Court Rules
The 2018 incident played out 14,000 feet above France
Christopher Gavin

I can't imagine someone discovering a head somewhere on the ground...

#pilot #skydiving #generalaviation #aviation #avgeek #France #pilotlicense

Karen Simmons
1 week ago

Hey #UKagents & #producers, if you’re looking for a light-murder-mystery (Christie/Wodehouse vibe w/new twists on the usual murder-mystery tropes) the fab showreel for my award-winning HAWKWOOD pilot table-read @SpotlightUK is ready to 👀! #MurderMystery #comedy #pilot #Neurodivergent #tvwriter #LGBQcharacters #tv #devilishlyhandsome #detective

1 week ago

Takeoff and Land with me. 1947 Cessna C140 with O-200.


#pilot #aviation #flying #avgeek #pilotlife

Short landing with shadow of my airplane in the side window.
Garry Eves
2 weeks ago

The latest Fountain Pen First Impressions video is now available for your viewing pleasure.

In this video I am focusing on the Pilot Elite E95S fountain pen.

We take a look at the pen and how it writes with Diamine Diamine Ancient Copper ink.

#fountainPenReview #fountainpens #fountainpen #penreview #unboxing #firstimpression #firstimpressions #PilotE95S #PilotElite #EliteE95S #Pilot #Pilot #DiamineAncientCopper #AncientCopper #DiamineInk

Garry Eves
2 weeks ago

Writing Sun 19 Nov Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and Colorverse Able

Todays tools

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 <Gold 14kt Medium> + Colorverse Able

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #PilotCustomHeritage92 #Pilot #Colorverse #ColorverseAble

Smitha 🌸🌋🎻
2 weeks ago

Stumbled across a YouTube channel run by a female pilot.

Tuned in excitedly, as most prominent aviation YouTubers are guys.

Turned on a video talking about an increase in recent midflight issues, only to hear her say:

“Could it be diversity coming home to roost?”

*stomach-lurching record scratch*

(She’s a woman, but a white woman.)

Downvoted the video.


#AvGeek #Aviation #Pilot

50+ Music
2 weeks ago
Karen Simmons
2 weeks ago It’s finally ready, the showreel of my HAWKWOOD pilot table-read @Spotlight last Oct! (Thanks to editing-wiz @SomeAreDead who’s also in this as shouty Major Lyon!😁Fab cast all around!🔥) Have a 👀 #UKagents #producers #tv #pilot #comedy #MurderMystery

2 weeks ago

Geniale Cross-Over Folge zwischen #Bahn und #Flugzeug: ein Bahn #Podcast, wo ein ehemaliger #Pilot und jetzt #Lokführer interviewt wird. #hörenswert #horenswert

Pilot vs Lokführer
Immer wieder wird der Vergleich von Lokführer und Piloten gebracht. Doch wieviel ist da wirklich dran, wie nah beieinander sind diese beiden Berufe. In dieser Sonderfolge klären wir die Frage, was beide Berufe gemein haben und was nicht. Viel Spaß beim reinhören.

* Episode Download link:

3 weeks ago

Flight to Paso Robles, CA (PRB) to visit on-airport Estrella Warbirds Museum and get brunch. Just taxi over to the museum, park your plane across from DC-3 and come-on-it!!

Headwinds and tailwinds, 3.8h on the hobbs, and ~12 direct crosswind on landing upon return - no problem.

This was my second time at the Estrella Warbirds Museum and first time checking out their automotive collection. One-Niner-Diner's biscuits and gravy are A+ :)

#pilot #aviation #flying #avgeek #pilotlife

Jet intakes - I'm fascinated by their designs. Upper left is Saab J32 Lansen, then Saab J25 Draken, F4 Phantom (whose intakes russians copied for Mig23), closeup of Draken intake insides with "sharp" turns and F14 "modern/typical" intakes.
B-25 "Pacific Princess" out of Chico, CA, stopped by for lunch with their volunteers. It was cool to walked around it, poke my head inside and ask questions.
Flight back over Fremont Peak and two shots of Estrella Warbirds museum car collection. The 1967 Toyota GT2000 was amazing, so ahead of its time, they had a gull-wing Mercedes of similar vintage and the Toyota looked 10 years ahead of its time. Saw the BMW Isetta, up-close for the first time - didn't feel as sketchy in person as I thought.

"Citing Valve Damage, UND Drops Unleaded Fuel And Returns To 100LL" by @AvWeb - Not all operators are having problems with UL94 unleaded avgas. U of North Dakota reports problems with Lycoming engines in Piper planes. #aviation #pilot #avgeek

Elizabeth Grey ⚙️
3 weeks ago

I used to watch this when I visited my abuelita in East Hialeah (I lived in West Hialeah). I never had a sweet 16, quinceanera, prom, or any of that foolish stuff x #QuePasaUSA #SeasonOne #Pilot #Bilingual #Comedy

"Sky over the possible eruption site is now closed" by Flugblogg #Iceland #aviation blog - NOTAM closure for VFR aircraft and drones clears #Reykjanes #volcano🌋 evacuation area for emergency responder priority use #pilot #drone #avgeek

Garry Eves
3 weeks ago

Writing Sun 12 Nov Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and Colorverse Able

What are you writing with today?

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 <Gold 14kt Medium> + Colorverse Able

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #PilotCustomHeritage92 #Pilot #Colorverse #ColorverseAble

3 weeks ago

Here is the aircraft and some of the recorded track information of my flight. #avgeek #flying #pilot #generalAviation

Red and white Cessna 172 Skyhawk sitting on a well lit paved area. Tail N7843G
VFR sectional with flight track overlaid on top of it.
3D view of KATW airport with tracks laid out in 3D space showing flight pattern for practice landings.
Zoomed out 3D track of flight over the city of Appleton and then back in to KATW
3 weeks ago

After doing five landings at KATW, I flew out over the city of Appleton WI a bit because I really like lights. It was a pretty night for some flying.

#avgeek #flying #pilot #generalAviation

Night view looking out left side of cessna skyhawk. The wing with red nav light is visible in the top of the frame and below is the city of Appleton, Wisconsin. It appears to be a residential area as seen at night.
Night view looking out left side of cessna skyhawk. The wing with red nav light is visible in the top of the frame and below is the city of Appleton, Wisconsin.
Night view looking out the front of a Cessna Skyhawk from somewhere over High Cliff State Park in Wisconsin towards KATW. The airport is visible in the distance and a sea of lights that is the city of Appleton surrounds the view. A dark patch on the left is Lake Winnebago.
A view on final approach of runway 30 at KATW at night.

"How do pilots avoid Wake Turbulence?" by @flightradar24 blog / @lomasca - When wings generate lift, higher pressure air below wraps around the tips to lower pressure above. Whirlwinds behind them are hazards to smaller aircraft. #aviation #pilot #avgeek

3 weeks ago

The only nice thing about the sun setting at 4:30pm is that I can get my night flying currency really easily. I booked a skyhawk for 6-8pm tonight to do a few landings.

#generalAviation #flying #pilot

3 weeks ago

So a new game dropped today and I just had to draw one of the characters. She is adorable. <3

Game is Cobalt Core if you want to check it out.

#CobaltCore #Game #DeckBuilder #Riggs #Oppossum #Pilot #Space #Furry

Riggs, one of the characters from the new game Cobalt Core. A cute Oppossum wearing her orange jumpsuit and sitting in her pilot seat, hand loosely on the stick as she looks at the viewer with a smile.
Garry Eves
3 weeks ago

Writing Tue 07 Nov Pilot Custom Heritage 92 and Colorverse Able

What are you writing with today?

Pilot Custom Heritage 92 <Gold 14kt Medium> + Colorverse Able

#edc #fountainpen #fountainpens #penoftheday #dailypen #PilotCustomHeritage92 #Pilot #Colorverse #ColorverseAble

Rod Rakic
4 weeks ago

It was a beautiful evening for a walk in Manhattan.

Just a bit of chill in the air. The streets bustling with life and a very specific energy like nowhere else on Earth. 🗽🌃🍁

#NYC #newyorkcity #newyork #thebigapple #sonicetheynamedittwice #travel #travelphotography #airlinelife #pilotlife #pilotlifestyle #airlinepilot #pilot #Fall #streetphotography

4 weeks ago

Here are some photos my passenger took during the same flight.

#generalAviation #pilot #flying #avgeek

Multiple layers of clouds with some higher contrast from the sun lighting some from behind. It is from an airplane and there is quite a bit of haze
The city of Menasha, Wisconsin as seen from an airplane. The horizon is obscured by haze
Menasha and Neenah, Wisconsin, as seen from an airplane. The horizon is obscured by haze
4 weeks ago

Did a little flying today.

#generalAviation #pilot #flying #avGeek

Picture of a shoreline from an airplane. The wing is visible in frame. It is a hazy day with clouds above too. A break in the clouds with some sun filtering in in the distance.
Poetry News
1 month ago

Jet engine, fuel shut off
Breakdown, court cites Joseph
Emerson, Alaska Airlines

#alaskaairlines #pilot #crashing #josephemerson #fearful #cinquain #poetry

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

"Off-duty pilot who tried to cut engines took mushrooms for 1st time before flight, complaint says"

I'm seeing a ton of headlines making a case about the mushrooms.


The guy took those mushrooms 48 hours prior to the incident. I've not taken mushrooms, but there's no substance I've taken that would affect me that long.

He also admitted to depression, having not slept in 40 hours prior to the incident, having experience the death of a friend recently. These all seem to me more important than the mushrooms.

I'm not saying the mushrooms should be disregarded but they are more indicating of his state of mind, then a cause for the crash.

Even in the article, you find this:

Police reported that Emerson did not appear to be intoxicated at the time of the interview, and in a statement Tuesday, Alaska Airlines, which owns Horizon, said neither the gate agents nor flight crew noticed any signs of impairment that might have barred him from the flight.

But let's focus on the damn mushrooms, shall we? Because moral panics do sell.

"Mushrooms almost crash plane!!!!" 😱

#USNews #pilot #airplane #mushrooms #MoralPanic

So a while back I shared what it takes to land at O'Hare in my little plane, but what about what it takes to get back out? Well it may be a bit more than you might think. For all my #avgeek, #aviation, and #pilot folks:

Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
1 month ago

Kolejna ciekawostka z wczorajszej trasy: Maryja ze wsi Lipa (województwo wielkopolskie, gmina Szamocin), jedyne znane mi połączenie figury religijnej na skraju wsi ze świeckim pomnikiem.

Na cokole pod Marią znajdują się: biały orzeł bez korony, tablica z napisem „Królowo Korony Polskiej błogosław nam. 1946.”, kolorowa płaskorzeźba wojskowego górnopłatowca lecącego w chmurach wraz ze zdjęciem młodej osoby w mundurze oraz tabliczka „Ku pamięci polskiego lotnika pilota mechanika Edwarda Ruchalskiego który zginął śmiercią bohaterską dnia 27.11.1942.”

Próbowałem znaleźć jakieś informacje o pilocie i jedyne, na co trafiłem to informacje o pochówku na cmentarzu Friedhof Perlacher Forst w Monachium: Edward Ryszard Ruchalski, urodzony 7.5.1922 w Lipie, ślusarz, stracony w więzieniu München Stadelheim 21.11.1942.

Ktoś się musiał pomylić przy robieniu tablicy albo przy wprowadzaniu danych do archiwum, bo między datami jest sześć dni różnicy.

Nie udało mi się ustalić, jaki samolot ma przedstawiać płaskorzeźba. W tamtych czasach mógł być to jakiś PZL P-6 czy P-11, ale żaden z nich nie ma tych dziwnych wycięć w skrzydłach. Chyba artystę poniosła fantazja.

#pomnik #figura #MatkaBoska #lotnik #EdwardRuchalski #pilot #Lipa #Monachium #DrugaWojnaŚwiatowa #orzeł #samolot #górnopłatowiec

Na tle klonu stoi otoczona metalowym płotem figura Marii w biało-niebieskich szatach stojącej na sporym cokole. Na stopniach przed nim stoi osiem zniczy i donica z kwiatami.
Płaskorzeźba białego orła bez korony.
Płaskorzeźba przedstawiająca lecący samolot z biało-czerwonymi szachownicami na skrzydłach.
Zbliżenie na tablicę upamiętniającą Edwarda Ruchalskiego.
2 months ago

A selfie my mother took while we were waiting for the oil temp to get in the operational range in the Evektor Sportstar. Sharing aviation is the best experience and having excited passengers to share in your passion is always a great time. Marked NSFW for eye contact in case that bothers anyone.

#avGeek #generalAviation #flying #pilotsOfMastodon #pilot

Two people sitting in a small aircraft with a bubble canopy. A lady in her late 50s and a man in his mid thirties looking at the camera and smiling. They are both wearing headsets.
2 months ago

As part of my ongoing celebration of my path in aviation, I finished a page in my log book a few days ago. I used to post this on facebook but it is basically a disaster zone of a platform so I am posting it here. The slow march of progress continues on! (I also use this as an opportunity to reconcile my digital logs with my paper logs to make sure everything is being tracked as expected)

#avgeek #pilot #pilotsofmastodon #generalAviation #flying

Flight experience report for Feb 21, 2015 - Oct 05, 2023. Among other things it shows a total of 182 flights, 164 of which in C172 aircraft. 274.6 total time, 221.7 as pilot in command. 510 total landings!
2 months ago

More celebrations: after having not flown IFR (instrument flight rules) in 18 months I passed my IPC (instrument proficiency check) today. The check consisted of three flights, detailed ground instruction, 6 approaches, two holds, partial panel work (aka the instrument covered up instruments to simulate failure), circling approach, precision and non-precision, a VOR approach, and overall felt very thorough. Maybe this time I won't let my currency lapse long enough so I don't have to get another IPC again.

Anyway, I can now legally fly in the clouds again!

#pilot #avgeek #pilotsofmastodon

★ Σταργαζερ ★
2 months ago

Also, I'm a remote #pilot, officially 🫡

Part of the remote pilot certificate issued by the EASA and the national aviation authority (in this case, Croatian)
2 months ago
Headline: NH pilot accused of stalking a woman, throwing tomatoes from his plane
2 months ago

So I just realized it is October of an odd numbered year. That means it is time to start the process to renew my flight instructor certificate. Also, King Schools, stop creeping on me! 😜

#CFI #FIRC #Aviation #FlightInstruction #KingSchools #FlightTraining #Pilot

Image of a catalog from King Schools, an aviation training company. It contains the phrase, "Your CFI certificate will expire soon!" There is a picture of a white plane (possibly a Cirrus) in flight with two people in the front seats looking towards the camera.
2 months ago

I'm celebratory news, I passed my flight review and can menace the skies for another two years ​:doge:​

#pilotsOfMastodon #pilot #avGeek #aviation #flying

Andrew Somers 🔵
2 months ago

Angelisqatsi – Life Out of Body

This is a short "ambient" film, "Angelisqatsi" is an homage to the classic #koyaanisqatsi Life Out Of Balance

About 6 minutes of imagery shot around LA and SoCal, set to Phillip Glass music and inspired by the work of Godfrey Reggio and Ron Fricke.

Shot with DJI, finished in DaVinci Resolve.

#filmmaking #drone #demoReel #Cinematography #dji #pilot #film

2 months ago

I did some flying Today from 79C, around over Appleton WI, up to KCLI, over to KPCZ, and then back to 79C. The clouds stayed high and the winds were actually calm. It was a very nice day for flying.

(one image marked NSFW for eye contact and also because it is my face)

#generalAviation #avGeek #flying #pilot

Two seat low wing aircraft sitting on airport ramp. It has a bubble canopy that is currently open. The tail says N806EV
Cockpit view of N806EV aircraft while it is in the air. Various instruments and doodads are present.
A camera shot through the window hole in the bubble canopy of a small forest. The trees are a mix of vibrant greens, yellows, oranges, and reds.
A selfie of me taken over appleton. In face, Appleton international airport is visible in the frame off in the distance.

Een groot compliment van mij aan de @gemeenteamsterdam en het @minbzk voor het opzetten en daadwerkelijk gebruiken van eigen #mastodon servers als #pilot

Speciale vermelding voor twee deelnemers aan de pilot: @RWSverkeersinfo en @forumstandaardisatie die niet alleen veel en inhoudelijk posten op de #Fediverse maar ook snel en persoonlijk inhoudelijk reageren op andere gebruikers.

Thumbs up!
Louis Ingenthron
2 months ago

The #FAA requires a 70% to pass #pilot licensing tests.

This appears to be, in large part, because the tests are absolute garbage. They are ambiguously-worded, they have questions about ratings you're not even trying to get, and the charts they provide have larger margins of error than the gap between answers.

If this test weren't so incompetently assembled, they could require 90% to pass and have more qualified pilots as a result.

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

"I am very excited for people to finally hear it." Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson announces new solo album The Mandrake Project - his first in almost two decades - along with live dates
Iron Maiden legend Bruce Dickinson has confirmed his first solo studio album since 2005's Tyranny Of Souls


Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - Rogue #Russian #pilot tried to shoot down #RAF aircraft in 2022

David August
3 months ago

Just did a pass on a spec pilot script I wrote years ago to be able to show it to a friend and have it be stronger. And I am happy to find: I think I'm a better writer now! That's nice to find.

The pilot episode is The Temptress' Chest: Isle of the Amazons.

Swashbuckling fun, a sea monster, caves, cages, a showdown between pirates and the Amazons. The heroes are scouring the Caribbean to find a chest discovered long ago by the Templars in Jerusalem.

#pirates #tv #pilot #script #screenplay

Kevin Yank
3 months ago

@virginia The big #FountainPen brands like #Lamy, #Pilot, #Sailor and #TWSBI seem to calibrate their edition sizes to sell out in 6-12 months, typically.

There are some more boutique brands like #Leonardo that seem to go much harder, doing small-batch editions of a few hundred pens, some of which sell out in a month or two. This video gives you an idea of hype:

#Pilot in Japan (their home market) does in-store event exclusives that sometimes sell out same-day.

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

CNN opinion piece: Remembering ‘ #Juice ,’ the young fighter #pilot who embodied the Holy Grail of aviation
#UkraineWar #Ukraine

Cheryl Lindo Jones
3 months ago

My only experience with #Pilot nibs is through my Capless Fermo, Elite, E95s or Falcon. Oh, I also bought a stub nib unit for a Vanishing Point which I’ve used in Majohn A1s. I’m interested in the SU, the FA, and the PO from @penaddict ‘s article. I wish I could buy the #nibs separately! #FountainPens

Ranking 15 Pilot Fountain Pen Nibs

3 months ago

Been working on a handy little tool for calculating weight and balance for small aircraft.

#pilot #aviation #flying

Jason Bowen
4 months ago

I keep buying fountain pens, but I always go back to my Pilot Custom 912 with a PO nib. Everything else (I don't have any Platinum UEF nibs, which may be an exception) feels like it's just gushing ink. Especially Italian pens like Delta.

#fountainpens #pilot #delta

"No arts, no letters, no society, and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."
#penplotter #mastoart #aviatrix #pilot #independenceday

A black and white line drawing made of sweeping curves. It depicts a woman in a cute dress, wearing goggles and ear protection, standing in front of a bomber style plane. This is a closeup picture of  the plane.
A black and white line drawing made of sweeping curves. It depicts a woman in a cute dress, wearing goggles and ear protection, standing in front of a bomber style plane.
A black and white line drawing made of sweeping curves. It depicts a woman in a cute dress, wearing goggles and ear protection, standing in front of a bomber style plane. This is a closeup picture of her upper half.
Kriszta Satori
6 months ago

A #BBCRussian interview with the first #Russian airforce #pilot to #defect - about the war in #Ukraine and chaos and cynicism in the Russian military

Пилот ВКС сбежал из России и поговорил с Би-би-си

Suggested translation v @joosteto:

6 months ago

Sure, she was naturally flightless, but piloting a plane was her bread and butter. #grickledoodle #penguin #pilot #airtravel #gate #cartoon #art #drawing

People are posting increasingly frequent aerial views of #SpaceX #Starship launch site at Boca Chica, Texas. While the big rocket gets attention on one side, don't get distracted from navigation - Starbase launch site is next to the Mexican border. #NewSpace #aviation #pilot

Csepp 🌢
8 months ago

The #pilot for #Lackadaisy is so fricking good. 🤩
Some of the best action in #animation I've seen, especially independent animation. Also that vehicle chase, *chef kiss*.
I really hope this gets more episodes.

Aral Balkan
8 months ago

“‘You can’t fly a plane blind.’ So they say. I am here to prove them wrong.” – Sarah Alawami (@ke7zum)


#flyingBlind #SarahAlawami #pilot #flying #flight #sim #simulation

Got to take my neighbor and her daughter for a little sunset tour around the area tonight. She captured some video of us landing back at the airport. #pilot #aviation #AviationVideo #HackerFlightSchool

Local news did a really nice piece tonight on that photographer that captured the picture of me in my plane flying past the moon. #pilot #aviation

9 months ago

What is a line of code if not something you write in order to pass an action along to another action, which will ideally result in the intended outcome? What are these websites or applications for, that you painstakingly build, character by character, until you finally have a #pilot project ready for consumption? Then it's time to ask users to interface with your masterpiece, to inform you where there are faults in your scribbles.

You often wonder, as you type the millionth identifier and send the thousandth email request, why you expect for users to test your pilot application, but you shy away from opening yourself up to harmful critique on your writing. What is writing if not a medium for reaching out to an audience and asking them to respond in a certain way?

#MastoPrompt #Writing

Went out to play with the big cats today.

#Pilot #Airplane #Aviation #Airbus

An Alegiant Airbus A320 rolling out after landing on the runway parallel to Alyssa's plane. View over the right wing of Alyssa's plane.

Seller emailed me a picture this morning, my new-to-me aircraft is on the way!! #pilot #aviation

A star wars tie fighter on the back of a flatbed truck

And today I learned that #aviation fuel scented candles are a thing and now I'm questioning my life choices.

#pilot #WhyDoWeNeedThis #MakeItStop

A hand holding a scented candle labelled 100LL Fuel

Oooh a special #aviation treat today for this VFR #pilot. Got to do a little VFR over-the-top #flying thanks to having the perfect conditions for it.


View of rural Wisconsin from above a scattered layer of clouds.
View of rural Wisconsin from above a scattered layer of clouds.

Had a bittersweet #aviation moment today. Was flying to Rochelle, IL (KRPJ) for breakfast. In route found out the winds were too high so I diverted to Madison (KMSN) to have breakfast at The Jet Room. Got to park right out in front of the restaurant.

After I was seated, I heard a kid behind me get all excited that the #pilot who had just landed was sitting near them in the restaurant. But then I heard them ask their mom "Girls can fly airplanes too?".

While I was thrilled the just my simple visibility caused so much excitement for this child, I was also sad. It's depressing that thanks to only 7% of pilots being female, this kid didn't even know it was a possibility. Well, one life changed for the better, I hope.

Alyssa's plane parked on the ramp in front of the windows of The Jet Room restaurant with other airplanes visible in the background.

#introduction :
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I'm not sure what's going on here. I was told there's an important pointy-ball game happening today but when I flew over #LambeauField this afternoon I didn't see much of anyone around.

(Also included some other pics from my flight today).

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Aerial view of Lambeau Field from about 6,500 feet.
Aerial view of Eagle Harbor in Wisconsin
Aerial view of Green Bay (the body of water, not the city)
Aerial view of the Wisconsin Door County peninsula with Sturgeon Bay in view on one side and Lake Michigan on the other.

Sometimes I swear, the arrogance of men on the internet, especially in #aviation circles, is dumbfounding. I dared to share the cost of my plane's first annual (warning, it was a big one) and of course immediately there's people calling me an idiot for paying so much, accusing my mechanics of ripping me off, etc.

So if you are interested in knowing just how expensive #airplane ownership can be or if you're a #pilot and want to hear my saga, here you go. I did what I do and made a video.


Night flying is best #flying. A bit of a warming trend finally gave me the opportunity to re-establish my night currency. Flew down to Rockford and then did some patterns at home to get my necessary takeoffs and landings in. Good for another 90 days!!

#Pilot #Aviation #HackerFlightSchool

Night aerial view of the northern Chicago suburbs from 5,500 feet.
Track log of Alyssa flying patterns at her home airport.

Oh happy day!!

It's officially official that I'm official.

10 weeks after passing my check ride I finally have my permanent #pilot certificate. This puts the truest "DONE" stamp on my dream. #HackerFlightSchool is a true success (even though it's not done, onward to instrument training next).

#flying #aviation

Redacted picture of Alyssa's private pilot certificate.