Allysse Riordan
13 hours ago

Day 04 of the #ArtAdventCalendar

Today's pinhole offering is from a brief flirt with paper negatives. I should flirt again. I like paper negatives.

Counter productively, the thought only seems to occur in the depth of winter in the northern hemisphere... which is very much not ideal for paper negatives. Maybe I should embrace it anyway 🤔

#BlackAndWhite #Photography #Monochrome #MonochromeMonday #BlackAndWhitePhotography #MonochromePhotography #Pinhole #PinholePhotography #PaperNegative

A square grimmy black and white image of a suburban street with a row of brick houses and cars parked in front of them.
Allysse Riordan
2 days ago

Day 03 of the #ArtAdventCalendar

One of my favourite thing about pinhole photography is the ability to shove the camera in all sorts of places. In this image, the camera was in the puddle. I would have never considered getting that low with any of my other cameras.

#BelieveInFilm #Photography #FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead #Pinhole #PinholePhotography

A square black and white photograph of a puddle surrounded by grass.
Allysse Riordan
2 days ago

Day 02 of the #ArtAdventCalendar

One of my favourite thing about pinhole photography is how easy it is to make your own camera. It doesn't have to be perfect to work.

This is from a Pentax ME Super sporting a cut up drink can with a tiny kind of round but not really round undefined aperture. It's still one of my favourite pinhole camera.

#BelieveInFilm #Photography #FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead #Pinhole #PinholePhotography

A horizontal colour photograph of a footpath bordered with greenery. A person is walking on the path, their figure appears ghostly and is only seen from the waist down.
Allysse Riordan
4 days ago

It's the #ArtAdventCalendar :)

This year I'm going to share a pinhole image everyday. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with pinhole photography. I still am but my self-imposed rule not to use film has impaired my pinhole image making a lot.

Anyway... here's one of my very first pinhole image. As you can see, I got a few things wrong but somehow still fell in love with the process.

#BelieveInFilm #Photography #FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead #Pinhole #PinholePhotography

A long horizontal colour photograph with overlapping images of a park, a street scene, and an environmental portrait.
H Polley
6 days ago

First time shooting Polaroids since moving house. #Polaroid #FilmPhotography #Pinhole

A row of elaborately painted Victorian houses next to a tree with golden leaves in dappled light.
6 days ago

Listen, I'm not one to often share NSFW content, but this AI generation was too good to not put out into the ether and share.

I present: The Chicken Dancer

#ai #aiart #chicken #erotic #eroticchicken #chickendancer #pinhole #stablediffusion

Stable Diffusion image for the prompt: erotic chicken dancer, pinhole camera

It is a a woman, nude, with the head of a chicken doing a wild dance. Black and white, seen through a pinhole camera.
2 weeks ago

"Keep Out"

Holga 120WPC; Illford FP4

#pinhole #holga #BelieveInFilm #photography

Black and white pinhole photograph of the side of a building painted like the Texas flag. In the foreground spanning the entire image is a chain link fence.
2 weeks ago

I call this one...
"Keep creating art."

July 21, 2023
November 18, 2023

Tin can converted to a #pinhole camera and loaded with (very) expired Kodak paper.

#Solargraph #BelieveInFilm #MastoArt #Photography

Dark blue-greenish solargraph with over 100 days worth of sun trails running horizontal in the image. Some are orange (at the top) and the lower ones are light green. Some trails are dashes due to cloudy days.
3 weeks ago

New pinhole camera! 😃

MIA 612m

"Multi format pinhole camera capable of produce images in 6×6, 6×9 and 6×12 format with very little if no vignetting."

#Pinhole #PinholePhotography

3 weeks ago

We all see the same sun...

(Be good to each other. It's tough out there. ❤️)

November 14, 2023
11:07 am
November 15, 2023
10:40 am

Film canister converted to a #pinhole camera and loaded with (very) expired Kodak paper.

#Solargraph #BelieveInFilm #photography #MastoArt

Greenish photo with dark silhouetted trees and one very bright sun trail going across. Big, dark scratches in the middle of image.
Felipe Tofani
3 weeks ago

This is one of the many hay rolls that could be found all around the Tempelhofer Feld during October.

#believeinfilm #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #HeyLomography #analogphotography #pinhole

4 weeks ago

From Reality So Subtle (aka RSS) blog:

Spotlight #3 - Niels Hanson.

Featuring the surreal pinhole work of Niels Hanson #pinhole #PinholePhotography #BelieveInFilm #RealitySoSubtle

4 weeks ago

Portrait of my wife 🤣
Yes, she is really there. but the shutter speed of 9 seconds made her invisible

📷 Pinhole 4x5
🎞️ X-Ray mammography film in Pyrocat HD


a black and white film photo taken with a pinhole camera.
image of the inner territory of the residential area. 
On the right is a row of five-story buildings. To the left is a chain-link fence overgrown with bushes.
In the foreground is a playground with swings. A girl is swinging on one of the swings. But she is not visible because the long exposure almost completely blurred her. Only a faint trace of movement remains.
1 month ago

Día de los Muertos is a combination of an Aztec tradition from 3,000 years ago and the Catholic tradition of honoring ancestors and loved ones that have passed away for All Souls Day.

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

A #pinhole photo of our #ofrenda taken in 2017. (Our ofrenda this year is under construction and is a bit smaller.)

Terrapin Bijou + Portra

#BelieveInFilm #Photography #MastoArt #DiaDeLosMuertos

Colorful pinhole photo of the altar in the corner of a room with colorful flags above a small table with photos, candles and paper skulls below and soft light coming in from the left.
Ryoko Morningstar
1 month ago

Walk through the daylight dark.

#pinhole #lomo #lomgraphy #olympus #agfa

Ryoko Morningstar
1 month ago

Walk through the daylight dark.

#pinhole #lomo #lomgraphy #olympus #agfa

Ryoko Morningstar
1 month ago

Made myself a pinhole lens.
Here are the test shots. Very tiny focal length and tiny aperture.

#pinhole #plasticlens #lomography #floral #photomonday

2 months ago

There is still beauty to be found in the world...

July 1, 2023
October 13, 2023

Foster's Beer can converted to a #pinhole camera and loaded with expired #Kodak paper.

#Solargraph #BelieveInFilm #MastoArt #photography

Pale blue sun trails going across the image with two groups of sun trails crossing each other at the top(?) A couple of tree silhouettes. Strong vignette surrounding image.
A. Lee Bennett Jr.
2 months ago

Crudest possible version of a pinhole camera, but I can officially say I glimpsed today’s eclipse

#sun #shadow #eclipse #hand #pinhole

The shadow of my hand on a sidewalk, clinched with a tiny opening through my fist to create a pinhole, resulting in an image of a partial solar eclipse in the middle of my fist’s shadow.
Art Zemon ✅ 🟦
2 months ago

Which do you prefer, the bridge photo or the bike path photo?

Nikon Z 7ii + Lensbaby Composer with Pinhole Optic
Post-processing in RawTherapee

#photo #photograph #lensbaby #pinhole #nikon #rawtherapee

pinhole camera photo or a red covered bridge
pinhole camera photo of a bicycle parked on a bike path
James has no seasonal name
2 months ago

Shot a bunch of what I thought was #Velvia50 in my #Ondu #6x6 #pinhole this morning. Finished the roll in fact.

Turns out it was #LomoColor 400. Oops. Should be interesting…


3 months ago

I’ve been playing with a pinhole 4x5 camera to direct positive print paper and it’s been interesting so far. Contrast is hard to control!

#analogphotography #pinhole #pinholecamera #blackandwhite #bnw #ilford #harman

3 months ago

📸 Make Your Own Digital Pinhole Camera

「 I had a US $10 ESP32-Cam board left over from a previous project that I realized would be perfect for this endeavor. The board integrates the popular Wi-Fi–enabled ESP32 microcontroller with a microSD card socket, an indicator LED, and an interface for a number of low-cost image sensors 」

#Pinhole #PinholeCamera #ESP32 #DIY

3 months ago

Another view of Felixstowe docks from Shotley marina. Medium Format #pinhole #trichrome

#believeinfilm #colourfrommovement #makingcolorphotosoutofbandwfilmfornogoodreason

Pinhole trichrome photograph of Felixstowe docks from Shotley marina. The image has a purple tint. The curved edge of a rock pool in the foreground leads to a docked container ships and cranes on the horizon. The cranes look like giraffes and the long exposure has captured the clouds streaking across the sky. Part of the horizon is reflected in the rook pool.
4 months ago

Felixstowe docks

Most of my #trichrome images are made with #pinhole cameras. Combined with 3 stop colour filters this gives me the long exposures I need to make "Colour from Movement".

#believeinfilm #makingcolorphotosoutofbandwfilmfornogoodreason

A purple tinted long exposure pinhole trichrome photograph of Felixstowe docks. The docks are on the horizon mirrored in a pool of water on the gravel beach at Shotley marina. The dock cranes look like giraffes and an MSC container ship is being unloaded on the left hand side.
4 months ago

Another oldie but a favourite.

Rainbow Bluebells is a 4x5" #pinhole #trichrome made with a Harman Titan camera and Ilford HP5. The trees shadow has moved during the 3 exposures and the time taken fumbling the filters between and this has induced the rainbow in the bluebells. Another win for "Colour from Movement".

#believeinfilm #makingcolorphotosoutofbandwfilmfornogoodreason

A pinhole trichrome photograph of a tree casting a rainbow shadow across a bed of bluebells in a wood. The leaves of the wood are little jewels of colour and the rainbow shadow is caused by the shadow moving during the 3 long exposures.
4 months ago

A "lumen-graph"?

Is that the child of a lumen print + solargraph? I haven't Googled it yet, but that's basically what I tried here. I walked past an empty cereal box in the kitchen and well.... ;)

August 14, 2023
August 15, 2023

Cereal box converted to a #pinhole camera + expired Kodak paper + flowers.

#Solargraph #BelieveInFilm #MastoArt

Purple-ish image of small flowers taped to the "frame" and two bright sun arcs crossing right through the middle. The flowers appear ghostly.
6 months ago


June 21st International Stereoscopy Day

Fomapan 100 film
Minuta Stereo Pinhole camera


Breakfast table with a wine glass and mug, next to a window. Stereo black and white pinhole film photo.
R. Natale Fine Art
7 months ago

The Waiter - an exercise in shooting from the hip while following our waiter to our table on the porch at the Dimmick Inn. Always fun and unpredictable. Processed as a B&W. :)

#milfordPA #shootingfromthehip #ayearforart #BlackAndWhite #Photography #art #MastoArt #buyintoart #pinhole #humanart

B&W photo following our waiter to our table on the porch. Using shooting from the hip
Artistic Norma
7 months ago

Sunday was my first #worldpinholephotographyday and considering I used a camera I punched out of a kit at the back of a book… it went better than expected. #photography #pinhole #analogphotography

Image shows a very blurry street scene in black and white. Image angle reveals the photographer stood in the middle of the street.
7 months ago

...and here's the finished #solargraph...

#Photography #pinhole #MasoArt

Green, scratched solargraph with dark silhouetted trees and a yellowish sun trail burned across the top.
7 months ago

Happy #WorldwidePinholeDay

Just pulled this little solarcam that has been out there a few days.

#wwpd #BelieveInFilm #photography #pinhole

Woman in grey sweater pull out photography paper from black film canister solarcam.
8 months ago
a picture of the Hoad monument (which is a 3/4 scale version of I think the 3rd Eddystone lighthouse. blurry because it's taken with a pinhole lens and shown against the bright blue sky
10 months ago

I call this one....
"Chinese Balloon Floats Over America Causing A Ruckus And Then Dramatically Shot Down By A Missile"

February 3, 2023
February 5, 2023
4:28 pm

Homemade pinhole camera that was positioned around the window in the kitchen. I dipped the Kodak paper negative in leftover wine.

#Solargraph #BelieveInFilm #pinhole #Art

Indigo-hued solargraph with dark, silhouetted trees and a tiny dash of sun-trail (white light). Noticeable white dust specks all over image.
11 months ago

OK, so here is my #introduction !

I live in the most isolated capital city in the world, #Perth , and therefore on Whadjuk #noongar boodja. I pay my respects to the traditional custodians of the land, and their Elders - past, present, and emerging.

I am male (he/him), and married to the amazing artist @leece .

I have been a #Linux #Sysadmin for most of my professional life, and use Linux or derivatives exclusively at home.

For fun, I play #rpg games, and #boardgame . I also swim as a #mermaid (well, mer-dude), and ride a three-wheeled human-powered vehicle called a Me-Mover. I have a Hobie Outback pedal-powered kayak, which takes me back to my past as a Sea Scout on the Swan. I enjoy playing with #lego, #cooking, #preserving, and many, many other things.

I am #teetotal (and have been all my life) but love making mixed drinks, and have an extensive #zeroproof bar.

I am an amateur #photographer without any particular speciality, but I do particularly like taking shots of #birds (especially #raptors ), and other mer-folk. I also enjoy shooting #pinhole B&W, and play with in-camera #cyanotype (about which I have written extensively on my blog) . To round things out, I take quite a few #solargraph images.

For the past few years, I have been learning Nyoongar (primarily the Marribank Orthography).

Here is a shot of me taken by the amazing @leece on #Wadjemap .

I have always loved pinhole photography, although these days I no longer have a darkroom or a pinhole camera. So I get the effect during processing. Back in July, I was people watching at the lake and noticed the young man sitting alone at the water's edge. I saw it as a pinhole in my mind's eye.
#ArtMatters #pinhole #photographer #AYearForArt #humanart #modernart

A B&W photograph processed as a pinhole image. A lone young man sitting at the water's edge this summer.
Allysse Riordan
1 year ago

Since I'm on a self-portrait kick of late, let's share an older one for day 10 of the #ArtAdventCalendar

I created this one in the midst of constant lockdowns and the realisation I am autistic. It was an incredibly difficult time during which my life crumbled in more ways that one. Still, it was also a hugely empowering time, one that allowed me to understand myself a lot better and ultimately lead to being able to take care of myself in a way that works.

#BelieveInFilm #Pinhole #SelfPortrait

A square colour sel-portrait. I am sitting on a bench against a hedge in full bloom. There is grass all around of varying heights. I am wearing a green pair of shorts, grey shoes, and a checkered shirt with rolled up sleeves. My head is blurred from moving it from left to right whilst making the photo.
1 year ago

One thing with Mastodon is working out what images you've already shared. I've shown this image before on the bird site but not here (I don't think). Either way it is a re-edit, using Affinity Photo 2 to see if the auto alignment was any better. Difficult image to auto-align as the tide was rising and most things in the scene were moving.

RSS 6x17 pinhole
Ilford FP4
RGB filters + ND
3 x 3 minutes

#believeinfilm #pinhole #trichrome #panoramic

Panoramic view of a boat marina. A trichrome long exposure panoramic pinhole capture. The tide is rising so the boats and ropes are moving over the 3 x 3 min exposures. This creates an erring vision of colour and movement that is surreal and slightly disconcerting.
Laura Ward
1 year ago

I attached a beer can with a pinhole in it to a rose, pointing towards my neighbours house. 💙

#pinhole #solargraph #solargraphy #westnorwood

Solargraph of my neighbours house
1 year ago

Here are a couple of shots from a trip to Italy taken with the camera included in the third photo.

The #Milan Duomo was quite an experience. I'm so amazed at the work done by earlier generations of artisans.

The Cinque Terre was equally inspiring. This is the village of Manarola, where we spent most of our time.

The prototype for the Pinoramic 120 Series 2 cameras.

#panoramic #italy #pinhole #film #llensless #MediumFormat #believeinfilm #travel #architecture #church #stenope #camera

Pinhole panoramic view looking up at the spires of the Milan Duomo and all the gothic details with beautiful color variations in the stone facade.
Pinhole panoramic view of the boat docking area in village of Manarola in the Cinque Terre area of Italy. An arched wall to the left supports a landing area where small boats are kept. The typical, colorful, stacked buildings along the hillsides are visible at the top left. The rocky ocean view out the right includes a few boats out in the water.
A rear view of a walnut and brass pinhole panoramic camera which was the original prototype for the Pinoramic 120 Series 2 cameras. The unusual configuration includes a pair of gullwing doors at wither side of the open view of the inside of the camera. A brass part in the middle of the camera is a latching mechanism for the folding doors.
1 year ago

I am here. Wherever that maybe. Come follow me for #cyanotype #photography and #pinhole and #filmphotography 😍 #phonephotography #sunderland

Black and white image showing a shopping street scene. Long shadows and glare from the winter sun. Two people walking away on the left and several walking towards us further away on the right
The steamboat public house in South Shields with big blue sky reflected in the windows. Full building pictured with a man on a cellphone on the left
Stitching and hand embroidery on a blue print on fabric. Print shows a pansy and a fuschia with rainbow threads in a spiral
Embroidered Fern on blue fabric. Threads of green with embroidery hoop imprint left on fabric


Keep forgetting this important step, so it's pinned on my profile page.

Down to earth, vegetable grower, partially vegetarian. Interests are sustainability, climate change, countryside & nature, and live music. Trying to stay fit for life!

#DysguCymraeg #cycling #camping #swimming #jazz #pinhole #EV #BelieveInFilm

Expect more hastags to be added as I find my way in here!