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The Minimum Required For a Film Camera - Film cameras can be complex and exquisitely-crafted masterpieces of analogue techn... - #pinholecamera #classichacks #35mmfilm #camera

1 month ago

How 🖕'n kool is dat!🤩
An impromptu #pinholecamera in da garage.
There b da 1/4" hole in da door.
Dat b da sun as da clouds cleared shining past da evergreen outside.
2 busy to do a real Spicy Pineapple Habanero #pizza, do'n da cheater version😋
Back 2 play'n Farmbouy👨‍🌾

Paul Horn
2 months ago

Silly fun with the eclipse this morning. A steamer basket, colander or anything with a pattern of small holes will cast a shadow filled with mini eclipse shapes.

Even the shade under trees can cast shapes of the eclipse by acting as a multitude of tiny pinhole cameras.

#eclipse #PinholeCamera #PinholeViewer

The shadow of a steamer basket is cast on a concrete pad. Each hole in the basket acts as a pinhole camera; an intriguing pattern of mini-eclipse shapes appear where the basket has holes in it. At the bottom of the photo, my arm is visible holding up the stainless steel basket.
2 months ago

I'm not saying we're easily entertained around here but we saw the eclipse

#eclipse #photography #funny #humor #silly #PinholeCamera

The image of the partial eclipse of the sun has been projected onto a piece of orange cardboard laid down over an uneven patio. You can see the bright crescent shape of the partly revealed sun in the otherwise dark shadow thrown on the orange cardboard by a cardboard box with a small round hole in it. My photo, not that anybody else would care to claim it!
Kent Borg
2 months ago

When one doesn't have proper filters to look through, don't seek out clear skies and look up, find a tree and look down.

Taken earlier today in Los Angeles. Note the projected crescents, as gaps in the leaves act like pin hole cameras.

#PinHoleCamera #LookDown #Eclipse #LosAngeles

Crescent shapes projected on a mostly shaded wall, during partial eclipse.
2 months ago

I’ve been playing with a pinhole 4x5 camera to direct positive print paper and it’s been interesting so far. Contrast is hard to control!

#analogphotography #pinhole #pinholecamera #blackandwhite #bnw #ilford #harman

3 months ago

📸 Make Your Own Digital Pinhole Camera

「 I had a US $10 ESP32-Cam board left over from a previous project that I realized would be perfect for this endeavor. The board integrates the popular Wi-Fi–enabled ESP32 microcontroller with a microSD card socket, an indicator LED, and an interface for a number of low-cost image sensors 」

#Pinhole #PinholeCamera #ESP32 #DIY

3 months ago

tag 4 und noch immer keine kamera verloren/gestohlen. morgen werd ich etwas mutiger platzieren - weniger tief im grünzeug.

und ein platzerl am balkon für langzeit hab ich auch.

#solargraphy #pinholecamera

Eric Jennings
4 months ago

having completed my morning ritual flagellation (reading the 'news'), i'm going to go out in the sun with a #ShittyCamera to do some #FilmPhotography

art exists in a weird dynamic for me. it feels trivial and insignificant when the world is on fire and being taken over by literal nazis, but it's necessary for my mental health

this camera is a #VintageCamera #Diana #DianaF, not a #Lomography clone. i have nothing against the clones (I have a #Lomo #PinholeCamera) but they tend to be a little less #shitty than the original

#120 #120Film #120mm #photography #BadPhotography

closeup photo of a vintage plastic Diana camera that is almost completely covered with black and red electrician's tape
H Polley
5 months ago

I took my Supersense 66/6 pinhole Polaroid camera to Crab Cove, Alameda early this morning. The photos ended up looking like twilight images.

#Polaroid #PinholeCamera #FilmPhotography @ShittyCameraChallenge

Lighter pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
Darker pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
Pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of very dark blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
5 months ago

Another analogue pinhole camera image showing the legendary Wānaka tree. 5 second exposure on ISO 1.6 film. #pinholecamera #pinholephotography #NewZealand

A picture showing a tree in a lake
Bill Minarik
5 months ago

Solstice to solstice, viewed from near where Quebec, New Brunswick, and Maine meet.

#Solargraphy #PinholeCamera #Temiscouata #Quebec

A pinhole camera images of the Sun's arc in the sky from December to June. Gaps in the track represent cloudy days.
RC Hopgood
5 months ago

I've been waiting my whole life for a #ShittyCameraChallenge so i can share this 1977 #photograph (#selfie) taken with a shitty #PinholeCamera that came in the back of a box of #CocoaPebbles cereal.
I think i'd just gotten that #StarWars tshirt after seeing the movie.
Ok, now i have to dig out my shitty 126 #instamatic and find some film for it to take a new photo for the

blurry, black and white photo of young boy.
Andy Karlson
5 months ago

Solar Cans! Mounted on my neighbor's balcony six months ago in negative temps, collected two days ago in 90° sunshine. I tried not to overwork them too much in Lightroom, but couldn't help but add a little bit of juice. Pretty happy conclusion to six months of waiting!

#ShittyCameraChallenge #ShootFilmBeNice #PinholeCamera #SolarCan

5 months ago

Another solstice approaches so it's time to release another six month pinhole camera exposure. Here's the view from my office window twixt December 2022 and June 2023. The trails are the path of the sun Love the ghost effect of the summer vs winter leaves. Also note the change of curvature of the sun's path between summer (curved south) and winter (curved north). #solargraphy #astronomy #pinholecamera

sun trails curve in a blue sky

Ladies and Gentlemen: may I present my brand new Looca Q3?

#photography #shittycamerachallenge #pinholecamera

Eine Kamera mit angeklebter leerer Klopapierhülse als Objektiv.
Detail: Die Front des Objektiv hat ein kleines Löchelchen → Pinhole-Kamera =)
Blick aufs Display der Kamera. Man sieht einen Baum, der vor der Kamera ist.
Foto des Baums mit dem Klorollen-Pinhole-Tele.

@iangriffin 🥥 Big effin deal. My nephew has a #PinholeCamera and he could do this just as well as you if he tried.
(Apologies. In truth this is a haunting image and it's obvious that a lot of planning, skill, and work went into creating it.) 🥥

8 months ago

Made myself a pinhole camera.

I am ready for a "homemade" round of @ShittyCameraChallenge.

#pinholecamera #cameraobscura #photography #BelieveInFilm

A cardboard box propped up on a stone pillar on the side of a river. The box is aimed at an island on the river with the dominant being an old hydroelectric power station.
Still wet photo, hanging on a thread and fastened with a clothespin. It is a flipped negative of a view of an old hydroelectric power station, situaded on an island of a river. The photo is blurry and has many defects, such as swirls of uneven color.
Processed photo made from a flipped negative. It is a view of an old hydroelectric power station, situaded on an island of a river. The photo is blurry and has many defects, such as swirls of uneven color.
10 months ago

2020. #SelfPortraits using a friend's DIY #PinholeCamera 📷 Shot w/only candle lighting. Made into a double collage.

I was introduced to #photography by a kind & attentive nurse, while being a live-in patient at local children's hospital. She also got me my first camera, a Kodak Brownie.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with shooting with many different cameras. Manual or digital. I like the challenge of learning to shoot w/a wide variety of cameras.

#AsianMastodon #Photographer

Self portrait with pinhole camera. My eyes open is top photo & eyes closed in bottom photo.  Monochrome edit.
10 months ago

@Catelli is this why my hobbies are all low tech handmade? #pinholeCamera #altphoto ?

11 months ago

Tune in tomorrow, New Year's Eve for the unmissable top five in #IansTop102022 Meanwhile, on another note, I should mention that yesterday I snuck in another all day solar graph picture. This is a 6 hour exposure with a pinhole camera facing a mirror. I'm probably the only person in the world who is amused by a pinhole camera selfie. #solargraph #pinholecamera

This is a circular image of the motion of the sun over six hours. A bright curved line shows the path of the sun while the pinhole camera is captured in the foreground
Scott Kardel
11 months ago

Here's a pinhole camera image of my back yard on Christmas Eve. The streak in the sky is the path of the Sun in this all-day-long time exposure photo. #SolarCan #SolarCanPuck #pinholecamera

1 year ago

I purposely bought an old unopened pack of 3.5 diskettes just so that I could scavenge the little spring loaded gate at the business end. These were used by some d.i.y. pinhole camera enthusiasts as a handy shutter mechanism. I still have them, but no drive😅

#pinholecamera #pinholephotography
#floppy #diskette

@alxmiguelc2 My cameras are just simple handmade shaped cardboard boxes, tripod socket (1/4-20 thread insert) with a light-proof lid and a little pinhole usually ~f250 Electricians tape make everything light tight. A single sheet is loaded one at a time. Arista Ortho is one of the films that works, I do workshops. #altphoto #pinholecamera

@alxmiguelc2 I shoot very large format, but in big single shot pinhole cameras. I use inexpensive rapid access film developed in an ultra-low contrast developer. I print altphoto - one of the older ultraviolet sensitive techniques 12x18 inch vandyke brown contact print. #altphoto #pinholecamera

street corner large tree by brick store front. VanDyke Brown print from 12x18” pinhole camera negative
1 year ago

this was my first attempt at taking a photo with a homemade pinhole camera and developed in my bathroom. All things considering, I was pretty pleased! #photography #PinholeCamera #HomemadeCamera #DarkroomPrinting #homemade #succulents

A black and white photo I took using a homemade pinhole camera of three small succulents lined up against a brick wall with shingle and shells in the foreground
1 year ago

Another pinhole image from my Recesky plastic camera.

I stumbled across this "Peace Bell" while in Lewes, Delaware. It would seem ironic to sound the bell in order to achieve peace though...

#recesky #pinholephotography #lewes #photography #pinholecamera #ArtForSale #irony #peace

Pinhole camera photograph of red bell on post with sign stating Imagine Peace
1 year ago

Finally I had time to fix my DIY pinhole lens for the Intrepid 4x5 large format camera. #photography #largeformatfilm #largeformatcamera #pinhole #pinholecamera

A piece of black plywood with a hole in the middle and a piece of aluminium sheet with a pinhole in that. The this is a pinhole lens board for a 4x5 pinhole camera.
A piece of black plywood with a hole in the middle and a piece of aluminium sheet with a pinhole in that. The this is a pinhole lens board for a 4x5 pinhole camera.

@cboaz If you were to make a post and add your interest(s) as hash tags, people would find you. I believe Mstdn specifically doesn't support searching for people, as it can be misused. #Canadian #FilmPhotographer #musician #blues #SlideGuitar #PinholeCamera #DianaCamera

1 year ago

Right, #introduction part 2, it’s easy to not say hi properly as an #introvert

I love #photography but don’t do enough of it, mainly playing with #lighttrails and homemade #pinholecamera (I really ought to get that out and play w/ it more!)

I’m a #dog person, mainly because my husband is allergic to #cats. My dog Cooper is an absolute derp (see avatar) but love him to bits.

Sick of the shit we’re seeing with #tories, tired of their endless fuckery.

#FollowFriday #FollowBackFriday

@stanleygarden But I take pcitures with cardboard boxes :) #pinholecamera

Does anyone do #altphoto and #pinholecamera?

image of fiat storefront in Vandyke brown processes taken with pinhole camera