1 month ago

After solving the problem, my motivation is back. I am starting to get really excited about #vue because I realised that not only #pinia states react to changes... also getters and actions. The more I know about vue and pinia, the more structured the code becomes. I am getting closer to having all the features I need for a basic Mastodon list manager. The UI is still a mess.

1 month ago

Oh no... I lost reactivity for an object in a pinia store. What to look out for? Any tips for handling more complex data structures without loosing reactivity? Where are the limits? What are common solutions? So many questions but not sure what to search for atm.. fml. Seems like I miss something obvious... #vue #pinia

Jakob Miksch
3 months ago

using #pinia state management with #vue is super useful, but I find testing it quite cumbersome

Matt Faz
4 months ago

#nuxt with #pinia #tailwindcss and #supabase makes creating websites so easy these days. It’s crazy.

Jakob Miksch
5 months ago

Learned about the #Vue store #pinia and now I am exploring some connections with #OpenLayers
to make layers and map events dynamically available in the whole web app

My latest tutorial:

:babat_flag: Starting an incremental clicker game with Vue, Pinia, and TypeScript

#webdev #tutorial #vue #pinia #typescript #gamedev

Eugene Teplitsky
6 months ago

Never thought I'd have to debug a race condition between #Pinia and #VueJS components over a state variable, but there you have it. Thankfully, it was easily solved once I figured out what's going on (using watchers on a "isInitialized" flag set by Pinia whenever it's done with... whatever it's doing).

Olivier Forget
8 months ago

I quite like using #Vue 3's script setup style. Very little boilerplate and defining props as TS types is great. is also 👍 I couldn't stomach #Vuex with its string-based actions or whatever.

#Pinia just makes sense to me. It doesn't try to do very much at all. It just lets me define reactive models and import them into my components.

Dave Mackey
9 months ago

I'm looking for good examples of using #Pinia in #Vue using the composition style rather than the options style. Curious if anyone has some good pointers? Most of the articles I've found use the options style...and the official docs switch back/forth between options/composition a bit too frequently for my tastes.

(Okay, I just found two...right after posting the question :-P But still, send me anything you've got!)

#javascript #question

10 months ago

IMO global stores like in #vuex, #pinia or #redux are just as bad as global variables.

Christian Niklas 🇮🇱
11 months ago

There will be a Vue online conference January 25 - 26, 2023: And it's free.
#vue #nuxt #vite #vitest #pinia

Zachary Taylor
11 months ago

After using Pinia with Vue, which I deployed in a production environment, I figured picking up Redux wouldn't be too bad.

Man... what lies we tell ourselves lol.

Past two days were like: 😖

Finally near EOB today it is like: 😲

Of course, cleaning out this boilerplate I opted to use really helped.

"I'm not using Saga, I'm using thunk! *throws in trash*"

Maybe some day Saga, just not today.

#react #redux #vue #pinia #statemanagament

senthu :vue:
11 months ago

Finally I can start my #100daysofcode

Day 0 of 99:

I've tried to follow a tutorial on how to program a Single Page application with #vuejs3 , #vite and #Pinia .

I must say it was a very challenging and I've realized that I'm missing the basics. So tomorrow I will start reading the official vuejs guide/tutorial again.

Paul Rosen
1 year ago

I just rewrote a hobby project in #nuxt3, #pinia, #dexie, and #pwa! It was delightful. I think my code is much cleaner. I just beta tested it myself and it worked with just minor cosmetic issues.

Daniel Zenzes
1 year ago

Ich durfte für das aktuelle einen Artikel zu #pinia und #vuex schreiben. Jetzt am Kiosk Eurer Wahl oder online im