2 days ago
Justin 🇻🇦
2 days ago

Is there a language that handles dependencies well?

Python's virtual environments are a bit awkward but everything mostly works, I haven't played with Java build tools much, Javascript is a trainwreck. I've been happy with Dart, but haven't gotten into the weeds much. Same with rust, cargo seems nice, but I haven't played with it enough to know the pitfalls yet.

#programming #dependencies #python #java #javascript #dart #flutter #rust #cargo #pip #npm #yarn

3 days ago

To prepare for a #DWP Work Capability Assessment a friend was given separately the same advice from a Job Centre workcoach and a #Restart worker:
"Tell them what you're like on your worst day"
How counterintuitive, how incongruent is being coached for success by being told to be yourself at your very worst?
#RDLaing and #DeleuzeAndGuattari understood that the origins of #mentalillness lie also in the double-binds that inhere in the family, as a microcosm of the society #Capitalism creates.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
5 days ago

IDEA: A #pip / #pipenv wrapper that reports back to you what it is going to install before it installs & reports the security rating/states/download counts, so you can decide if you really want to install it.

I think I just need to parse the output from
and feed it into package info API calls.


Jonathan C. Dietrich 🌀
1 week ago

Picked up a pair of Bath Star pips at the Vintage Fest.

#vintage #pip #bathstar

A vintage, polished brass Bath Star pip on a navy fabric background.
1 week ago

Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device #python #pip #storage

2 weeks ago

I **just** got this initial version working and I realised how to make it not only better but to incorporate some features that I thought were going to be tricky to add.

#Textual #Python #pip

A screenshot of a Textual app showing the packages installed by pip in a virtual environment.

typing_extensions wheel
Ratul Maharaj
2 weeks ago

Took me a little while to figure out how to install python packages when behind a company firewall.

Wrote a short blogpost about it:

#blog #python #pip #proxy #package #dependencies

2 weeks ago

Installing Cantera 1.8.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 #1804 #pip #python27 #numpy

2 weeks ago
Gonçalo Valério
3 weeks ago

"Externally managed environments: when PEP 668 breaks pip"

#python #pip

3 weeks ago

You can't use `pip` on Ubuntu 23.04 anymore #pip #2304

3 weeks ago

Probleme de renouvellement de certificat Let's Encrypt NPM

Si vous rencontrez un souci sur la certification …

#npm #NginxProxyManager #pip #zope #lienstechsystemfr

Linux Uprising
3 weeks ago

How To Fix pipx: Fatal Error From pip Prevented Installation / No Module Named pip

Doug Henderson
4 weeks ago

@bbelderbos NOTE: on windows, do not install from store, as this does not have batteries included.

This install gets minimal packages, e.g. #pip, #setuptools, #venv, #wheel, and dependencies.
Then use desired python executable with a "-m venv .venv" in working dir, activate the virtual env, and use "-m pip install -U package-name".

This minimizes you chance of messing up the install, and gives you a safe place to install packages without messing with the main install. /2

4 weeks ago

If anyone is having issues with installing xmlsec package via pip on mac there is a version mismatch between the supported <1.3.0 version of libxmlsec1 installed via brew and what is supported by python-xmlsec. There is a workaround that can be found here:

#python #pip #libxmlsec

Pip doodle I made last month while watching "Pip" for the first time. #southpark #shota #pip #ショタ

1 month ago

Solving environment: failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve #softwareinstallation #python #pip #anaconda #conda

1 month ago
Stripey orange shorthair cat curled up on a beige sofa with his head resting on the arm. His eyes are shut tight and the toe beans of one of his hind feet are visible.

I think that's a good think, disallowing messing native packages with pip packages. Anyway, I always use virtualenv (viritualenvwrapper namely) for every separated development, or pip --user #python #pip #virtualenv

1 month ago

Is there a setting to make `pip` hard-fail when trying to install outside a virtualenv?

#pip #python #virtualenv

1 month ago

Claiming #pip

This may be of some use?

Social Broadband Tariffs for Personal Independence PIP claimants

PyPI Organizations is an awesome step forward.
Well done!

The next step I would really like to see happening is package name namespaces like `org-name/package-name` instead of just `package-name` support on PyPI and in pip.

#Python #PyPI #Pip #PackageManagement

1 month ago

This is #Pip trying to rub on the window screen because I'm on the other side of it. :blobfoxcrylaugh:​#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Photo

Close-up of an open, white-framed window. A grumpy-looking orange short-haired cat is pressing his face and body against the opposite side of the screen.
A picture like the previous one, but closer up, so the screen's texture is more visible.

I've been fighting with #conda and #mamba all day long, and let's just say I'm this close to never using either ever again.

I'm usually an apologist when it comes to #Python packaging, but really that's just because #pip and #virtualenv are serviceable enough for 90% of use cases. mamba does a pretty good job of papering over the unusable mess that is conda, but it's still lipstick on a pig.

In terms of the brokenness of python packaging tools, I think it's

conda > virtualenv > mamba = pip

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
1 month ago

Tonight was #Lily's first night of work as a #musician at a #lounge bar named Ten no Ji! She was very excited and had a lot of fun! Also, her future stepdad is the bouncer, which was pretty badass. 🤘​💜​

#FFXIV #FFXIVGlam #Pip #Bard #RockNRoll

Lily in her musician glam standing in front of the Ten no Ji lounge bar and doing the /fistpump emote.
1 month ago
Photo of an orange-striped shorthair cat lying upside-down on a greenish-beige sofa, with his hind legs akimbo. He's staring lovingly up at the viewer.
Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 month ago

Why is the user experience for #npm and #pip so awful when you have to deal with private repos?

Both tools like to make it impossible to install anything when a credential expires/repo is unreachable and you get useless error messages and have to spend hours googling/ asking 6 people before you find which config file (local? global? other?) has the ref to the private repos

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
2 months ago
2 months ago

Using a combination of pyproject.toml, metadata library and #invoke the #edwh library allows for combining several collections. With #pip installable plugins, local tasks and run-everywhere functions it combines the best of code reuse, maintainability and project specific functionality. Still in beta, we'll be moving a lot of our internal project #devop code into an mit licensed open source repo.
The 1st functional plugin lives at #python

Colin-Roy Hunter
2 months ago

It is not just the Cons, #Labour has also always known this and never upgraded #SocialSecurity. Nor do they have any policies to ensure #benefits payments (neo-liberal preferred term) are sufficient for all basic needs. In the same way #pip (and forerunners) has never been enough for #disabled folk! #welfare

2 months ago

Hi, friends I have and haven't met yet! I'm Kellyann, and this here is my #Intro. I recently (like, a year and a half ago) moved from #Vermont to #NewHampshire with my spouse, Tim. I'm #queer, of the #pan variety, and #genderqueer, though I don't talk about the latter much because in the past few years I've become femme. I dunno, maybe it's part of the glorious cycle that is genderqueerness.

Tim and I have two #cats, #Pip the Golden Boy, and #Dayenu, whom we also call Nubbins.

My spouse and I enjoy #hiking, #nature (we're both amateur naturalists), #LeverageRedemption, and the #Horizon games, #HorizonZeroDawn and #horizonforbiddenwest.

I work from home as an #indexer and as-yet-unpaid #Writer. I take lots of #Photographs; they're not good but I share them anyway.

We belong to a local #Reform synagogue, despite being Christians (one of us [me] a former professional Christian). There are many reasons for this: a lifelong appreciation of Jewish ritual and ethics, a Jewish step-mom who's closer to me (and my spouse) than we are with our bio-moms, and an aversion to supersessionism and bad theology in general in Christian churches. (When I left my last church, under very unpleasant circumstances, a fried, the organist, said, "I didn't think I could be a Christian, but you made a place where I could be a Christian." Turns out I did the same for myself.😢​

I'm #autistic and have #cPTSD. Also #ChronicPain, #asthma, and a scarred trachea, making this #pandemic both incredibly tedious and yet full of suspense!

Too tired! More later!

White person in red and maroon Baja hoodie holding two large cats outdoors. The one of the right is Dayenu; he's a long-hair dark brown tabby. The one on the left is Pip. He's a short-haired ginger tabby.
2 months ago

#Pip wants attention and keeps bringing me toys to play fetch with, but half the time he comes back to me, all expectant and excited, *without* the toy. 😹​

Stylus 🦉
2 months ago

Well-meaning folks have broken #python #pip in #Debian Testing. Fix it with if you like things the way they were.

dpkg-divert --divert /usr/lib/python3.11/NOT-EXTERNALLY-MANAGED  --rename /usr/lib/python3.11/EXTERNALLY-MANAGED

this change will survive updates of the package, while merely removing the mark would not.

Linux Uprising
2 months ago

Next Debian/Ubuntu Releases Will Likely No Longer Allow pip install Ouside A Virtual Environment

2 months ago

How do you isolate your dev environment? Do you?

regarding #webdev or #dev In general. When using f.e. react, next or even just axios I got a ton of #npm modules installed in the JS ecosystem. Same with python #pip (though it seems a lot friendlier).
Now these packages sometimes become a security risk for my computer, my data, potentially life.

That's why I think we should all get a secure but ideally hastle free way to code.

How do you do it or do you have an idea? Pls boost!

Jürgen Gmach
3 months ago


"When thing to notice here" -> "One..."

"virtualen" -> "virtualenv"

"single-file virtual environment creator" -> you can use virtualenv as a zipapp, this is how I bootstrap a new #Ubuntu machine, and no, it is not small 😉

And #Ubuntu not distributing #pip by default is a blessing, as then there is no chance that I install anything globally or into my user folder by mistake.

3 months ago
Close-up of the head and forelegs of our stripey orange kitten, Pip. His forelegs are stretched out in front like Superman flying, and his eyes are closed.
3 months ago
Striped orange cat lying upside-down on an off-white carpeted floor. His front legs are curled, and his back legs are splayed. He's looking off to the left.
Erinosaurus :infinity_rainbow:
3 months ago

Got my #PIP award review papers. Thought I had another year on it. Just the thought of having to deal with it has left me a sobbing mess & feeling sick.

#MentalHealth #bipolar #ActuallyAutistic #disabled #disabilityPayment

4 months ago

I'd forgotten what #Pip's voice used to sound like! #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

(Video shows our orange shorthair, Pip, purring, mewping, and turning upside-down in response to my attention and belly rubs.)

Did you ever use `--prefix` flag with `pip` ? #Python #packaging #installer #pip

Preslav Rachev
4 months ago

For a client, I am considering upgrading their entire #python dependency management from #pip to Poetry. Regardless of how many libraries we have pinned, with pip, there is always a chance that some transitive dependency will get updated to an incompatible version, and cause hours of bug-chasing.

Are there any underwater Poetry traps that I should be aware of?

4 months ago

This might be related how your #Python / #pip is installed.

For example on Debian Bookworm machine, installed from the Debian repository.

$ apt show python3-pip
Package: python3-pip
Version: 22.3.1+dfsg-1

version on #PyPi 22.3.1

The pip version is up-to-date.

Python packaging: An excellent survey on the state in 2022 and the need to improve it. Mostly focuses on using packages, not building them.
#packages #badtech #python #venv #pypi #pypa #pip #+

4 months ago

Today I released a new version of Guardian, a tool to monitor the status of a set of services.

You can install it with #pip

#python #monitoring #foss #opensource

Steven Saus [he/him]
5 months ago

From 08 Jan: Download music tracks, playlists, albums from Spotify using spotDL - GeeksforGeeks - #spotify #download #music #mp3 #python #pip

5 months ago

everything everywhere all at once IT edition 😜 #npm #rust #pip #vim #vscode #debian #java #github #gitlab #go #golang #js

At 5AM the brain does not function enough to figure out that I have to disable #IPv6 in a VM to make #pip work properly. #python

Ratul Maharaj
6 months ago

Yesterday when hearing about the rise of malicious #pypi packages on the #realpython podcast, I had an idea for a package I’m calling`pre-pip`.

It’s a way to run some custom #python code before a #pip command. This could potentially be used to check if a package is on a known list of bad packages before installing it or to automatically upgrade pip before a pip install.

Seems there are lots of possibilities here.

#prepip #fosstodon #opensource #rich #click #precommit

Terminal window showing pre-pip python package
Louis Lang
6 months ago

Detected a new #typosquatting campaign that appears to be starting on #pypi. The package `ttensorflow` was recently published. Malware tucked away in an innocuous file named `version`. #python #pip #malware #opensource