Sean and Ruchika
2 hours ago

Another gift from Delhi - another day! Our Air India flight was delayed until tomorrow evening.... Planning a good breakfast right now while having one of @dohappybelove's favourites: Dominoes Mexican Green Wave Pizza 😂

#India #Delhi #NewDelhi #Travel #Flight #AirIndia #TravelSurprise #Unexpected #Pizza

2 hours ago

It's that time again. #Pizza has been ordered and I am about to open a #beer.

Cheers all and here's hoping everyone's weekend is going well.

Dave Portnoy 🤖
3 hours ago

If you build it they will come. #pizza #onebitefest

Margarete Rosalind
8 hours ago

#knowledge :ablobpats:
#China #Pizza #milk #cheese
#Lactose #Allergie
Why the Chinese don't eat cheese
For cultural and biological reasons, even as things change: especially thanks to pizza
by Arianna Cavallo – @ariannacavallo source il post

9 hours ago

@bahianoticias Quando houve os convites abdução pra brusque, mui e muito analisei os № de brusque e #SC da época.

Eis que na tortura dos № não tinha como dar errado, era tudo tão perfeito para dois domésticos que gostavam do escuro com #netflix vinho e #pizza.

Mas ao perguntar pra uma loira, mais loira que a rainha dos baixinhos, se havia muitos na cidade?

A loira cunhou "tem uns Cain, aí!" Uns Cain, impediram que nós, as cobaias vivêssemos, simples assim!

30🫀DE 30

#Brasil #brazil

Scott Ellis
18 hours ago

Pizza! (Pizza? Yeah under the #cheese is some #pizza )

Uncooked pizza on a baking sheet
Tom Lorenz
20 hours ago

Wawa, you know I love you, but come on. (Wawa is a regional convenience store that is expanding its prepared food offerings.) #Wawa #Pizza #Ardmore #HighHopes #AsIf

Wawa pizza billboard sitting directly atop Bella Italia Pizza in Ardmore, PA.
Brian Gettler
21 hours ago

Happy weekend everyone! #pizza

A homemade pepperoni pizza and a glass of beer on a wooden work surface.
21 hours ago

Our #pizza has two pounds of cheese. A 1/2 pound of Italian sausage. Lots of sauce. And a super thick and bready dough.

All in a cast iron pan, of course.

A deep dish pizza in a cast iron pan in the oven
An overview photo of a deep dish pizza, cooling on the stove top
1 day ago

Not exactly sure what to call this but it sure smells good. Curry spiced mashed potatoes and peas, drizzle of Miyoko’s liquid mozzarella, some tomato, bell pepper, onion and fresh ground black pepper #Vegan #Curry #VeganFood #Pizza #Flatbread #samosa

Large rectangular pizza with curry mashed potatoes
Close up picture
Leslie What
1 day ago

Some kids w/ #sensoryprocessingdisorder and other isms don't recognize #hunger #thirst or other processes allistic folk have learned to pay attention to. I've learned to have #food and #drink at the ready to avoid problems later. I could not be an effective #childcare provider / #grandparent without #traderjoes #pizza, #juicecartons, and a pizza #peel

Detail of Trader Joe's frozen pizza with added pepperoni pizza, sliced olives, and extra cheese
1 day ago

street food.

#pizza #electronics

Four bits of half eaten pizza crust outside a shop window. The shop window is displaying the insides of a computer or similar electronic device and is surounded by red and green flashing lights.
Dagger ☀️
2 days ago

Gestern die letzte #Pizza in #Napoli, etwas #StreetArt geschaut und eingeschifft noch #Palermo, wo es heute morgen um 9 Uhr schon 30 Grad hat. #circumsuditalia

Eine bunt belegte Pizza.
Ein Fleischer als Graffito.
Eine große Fähre am Kai.
Eine Stadt am Wasser mit Hafen, im Hintergrund Berge, wenig Vegetation.
2 days ago

Hab mit dem #Fahrrad nochmal bei dem "24/7 Frische Pizzen!" #Pizzaautomaten gehalten, die Neugier siegte :o)
Die 9€ #Pizza Magherita war tatsächlich echt in Ordnung und schmeckte wie versprochen frisch. Der Alu-Blechteller war allerdings echt viel Müll. Muss wahrscheinlich wegen der Herstellung so sein.

@dbx #radfahren #urlaub

Eine Pizza Magherita auf einem Alu-Blechteller in einer Papp-Pizzabox aus einem Pizza-Automaten.
PS Jen
3 days ago

I've been gabbing to my spouse's empty chair for ten minutes since he left to get a #pizza and then reminded his chair to eat dinner.

Fiyatı Nedir
3 days ago
Walter Basil
3 days ago

Happy National Pepperoni (+) Day! I usually celebrate once a week. That’s half as much as I celebrate Tacos.


3 days ago

Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Which of these popular outlets are you heading to to get your pepperoni pizza?
#Poll #Polls #Pizza #Pepperoni

Paul Nix
3 days ago

I think people get real angry at pineapple on pizza because they can yell at folks about it to their faces and generally get away with it. Whereas if they try to do anything meaningful about large scale issues they get ignored by people in positions of power and/or pepper sprayed by the cops.

Pineapple on pizza rage is a cry for help.

#Politics #Pizza #Pineapple #PepperSpray

Atlas Obscura
3 days ago

Make 19th-Century 'Neapolitan Pizza' for Dessert

This "exquisite" recipe comes from the book that created our modern concept of Italian food.#pizza #dessert #food #foodhistory #section-Articles
Make 19th-Century 'Neapolitan Pizza' for Dessert

Chuck Munson
3 days ago

Let’s Talk About Kansas City Pizza - My first encounter with Kansas City pizza was as a child growing up in south Kansas City in the 1970s. Shakey’s Pizza on Troost, just north of Bannister Road, was my first experience with restaurant pizza. #KCMO #KCeats #KansasCity #pizza #restauranthistory

Olive and olive pizza from Waldo Pizza in Kansas City.
3 days ago

"24/7 Frische Pizzen!"

Mit dem Kinderanhänger und Gegenwind kam zwar ordentlich Hunger auf, der Hunger reichte allerdings nicht für dieses Geschmackserlebnis. Wobei mich jetzt die Neugier gepackt hat. Vielleicht morgen zur Sicherheit eine #Pizza Magherita? :o)

#fahrrad #radfahren #pizzaautomat #urlaub

Ein Pizza-Automat mit der Aufschrift "24/7" und "Frische Pizzen".
4 days ago

Yet another data breach. They became aware of it early September but didn't let customers know until today? WTH?

'Pizza Hut’s Australian operations have been hit by a cyber-attack, the company says, with customer data including delivery addresses and order details stolen in the hack.

In an email to customers on Wednesday, Pizza Hut Australia’s chief executive, Phil Reed, said the company became aware in early September that there had been “unauthorised third party” access to some of the company’s data.'

#Pizza #PizzaHut #DataBreach

Stefan Bohacek
4 days ago

And hey, if making the world just a little bit less terrible is not enough of a motivation for you, how about free pizza?

#NationalVoterRegistrationDay #politics #USPol #voting #food #pizza #PizzaToThePolls

Jerk Chicken Al Taglio Pizza – jerk chicken, Monterey Jack w/jalapenos, fresh mozz, homemade ghost pepper BBQ sauce, mango, crushed sweet plantain chips, scallions


Jerk Chicken Al Taglio Pizza - jerk chicken, Monterey Jack w/jalapenos, fresh mozz, homemade ghost pepper BBQ sauce, mango, crushed sweet plantain chips, scallions
Lucas Cantor
5 days ago

I've had this idea on my mind for weeks, and I'm so glad I finally got to make #vegan #eggplant #pizza for @programmablecat and myself for dinner tonight. It was a delicious hybrid between pizza and eggplant parm! 😋

All vegan toppings:
🍆 eggplant
🍅 tomato sauce
🧀 vegan mozzarella
🍄 shiitake mushrooms
🧅 red onions

Vegan pizza toppings on baked eggplant slices: tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, and red onions

Served on a black dish on a white marble counter, with a whole plate of tomatoes and avocados in the background
5 days ago

Pizza dough getting a bit cheeky tonight #food #pizza #fullmoon

Pizza dough resembling a pair of buttocks
Mandu 🥟
5 days ago

that Canada post reminds me... the first time i had pineapple pizza was in Iceland many many years ago. it was a pepperoni, pineapple, mushroom pizza from a pizza joint outside of Reykjavik that had a '60s or '70s theme to it. the saltiness from the pepperoni combined with the sweet pineapple and umami from the mushroom blew my mind! (we were also really hungry from driving all day.) i don't remember the name of the #pizza place, so if anyone from #Iceland knows, please share.

Marc Hurwitz
5 days ago

Opening alert -- Joe's Pizza has opened a new outlet in Cambridge's Harvard Square; this is the first New England location of the legendary NYC pizzeria.

#restaurant #pizza #harvardsquare #cambridge

Brian Gettler
5 days ago

People get so upset about pineapple on #pizza. Whatever your take, Hawaiian pizza is a perfect expression of postwar #Canada - produced by migration, consumer society, and new foodways, esp. the rise of restaurants and the turn towards the "exotic" in suburban kitchens. Pizza was virtually unknown in the country prior to the late 1940s.

Check out the pizza Mrs. Brady made for the CBC in 1957 (and how she prononces "pizzeria") for an idea: #histodons #history

5 days ago

@MeanwhileinCanada The problem with Hawaiian #pizza has never been the pineapple, the problem is that ham is a poor substitute for bacon and pepperoni.

Anthony Pham
6 days ago
A Chihuahua dog sitting on the couch next to to someone holding a slice of pizza to the right. The dog's head points at the camera, however its eyes are wide, looking anxiously to the right at the pizza showing whites, ears flattened back.

@Caymon #Pineapple belongs on #Pizza - ask @fuchsiii and @Hoppel !

Nicd (EN)
6 days ago

I put pineapple on #pizza and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Ailantd Sikowsky
1 week ago

The well-known pizza soup transport barge prototype, designed to be mass produced, was discontinued after the pizza soup proved not to be a reliable source of income, and the ship could not be effectively repurposed as a generic transport.

Ink + copic from #sketchbook.

#SciFi #scifiart #spaceship #pizza #sketch

Spaceship drawing
1 week ago
1 week ago

Pagliacci | Hebelio

sehr schön.

…darauf erstmal einen Döner Hawaii!


Maths time! #pizza

Picture of a pepperoni pizza marked as thickness 'a' and radius 'z'. Volume is therefore equal to Pi times the radius squared times the thickness .. Pi z z a !
Andrew Glisson
2 weeks ago

The phenomenon of "cold pizza" demonstrates the idea that pizza is so delicious in any form that you can't wait long enough for the oven so you can eat it in it's best form.

Cold pizza is the bodice ripper of the culinary world: "Take me now, right here!"

#ColdPizza #pizza #food

Steffani Cameron
2 weeks ago

Sausage and eggs for dinner, but make it #pizza.

Calabrian chili sausage, tomato sauce, cheese, eggs, basil, and #sourdough crust.


Two partially eaten pizza slices with soft-medium egg and fresh basil
Two slices of sausage and egg pizza with a slightly runny yolk in the middle
A whole pizza uncut with 1/2” sausage balls every 1.5-2” and two eggs cooked on top
Code The City
2 weeks ago

On Wednesday at ONE Tech Hub  Robert McWilliam will explain how using the async library will speed up your code execution. We'll have pizza and drinks, then his talk, then you get a chance to try the code yourself. See how fast you can get your code running ! 

Book tickets now!

#Python #coding #programming #pizza #networking #KnowledgeExchange #datascience #dataengineering #webdev

2 weeks ago

Everytime I order from #PizzaHut I can't get over what appears to be a goatse inspired marketing campaign. Its just weird. Lol.

Pizza hut pizza box that says "My Box" with a pair of hands in the spirit of the goatse meme
Thomas Beagle
2 weeks ago

See if you can guess which pizza is made to the 12yo's requirements. #Dinner #Pizza #Vegan

Three pizzas on top of a stove. Two have complex toppings, one has crinkle cut chips.
2 weeks ago

Had option of going out for dinner this evening with people but heart not in it, plus too hot and little energy to travel, so just made a batch of pizza dough which is currently proving.

Means my new Italian peel (pictured) will get it's inaugural use!
#bread #pizza #Baking

Evoluzione pizza peel
2 weeks ago

Der Pizzastein war so eine gute Investition. 🤤

#food #pizza

Nahaufnahme einer Pizza auf einem weißen Teller, darauf ist roter Zwiebel, Käse, Knoblauch und Pfefferoni.
Code The City
3 weeks ago

Next Wednesday Robert McWilliam explains using the async library to speed up your code execution. Plus pizza and drinks, and try the code yourself.  Book tickets now!

#Python #coding #programming #pizza #networking 

Nick Schonning
3 weeks ago

I once again messed up the Tuesday assignment of #tacos, and we've with #pizza instead


Fresh uncut pizza out of the oven with a thick browned layer of mozzarella. Toppings: green pepper, tomato, green olives, banana peppers, and prosciutto


> 5. A vegetarian calzone #pizza
Oooh, that sounds really good right now.

3 weeks ago

It's time to participate in #10ThingsILoveRightNow!

1. My family (obviously)
2. My 19 year old tabby cat named Kes
3. Good #RockMusic
4. The way my favorite #football team plays right now
5. A vegetarian calzone #pizza
6. Cross platform programming in #Delphi for Win, Mac and Linux
7. Vintage Hifi equipment
8. #UnRaid
9. #HomeAssistant
10. #NextCloud

Dave Dawkins
3 weeks ago
What instantly ruins a pizza?
Tech Pizza Mondays
3 weeks ago

Pizza tonight!
We convene at 6pm at Victory Cafe - join us!
Tonight is our monthly research paper review, details here:
Mans is read!

#tech #pizza #mondays #techpizzamondays #researchpaper #literacy #mans #torontoslang #Toronto

Ryan Makes, Dreamscaper
3 weeks ago

Shout out to @torontopizzeria for this tasty Toronto Pizza!

The place is closed Mondays, so I invited Frank to join us at @Techpizzamondays but he says - no chance! He spends his days off in the kitchen!

Hero and Legend, we salute you!


Pizza in box, medium size, 'Toronto Special' with pepperoni mushrooms green peppers
Steffani Cameron
3 weeks ago

An attempt at pizza al uovo, I think it is, or pizza with an egg.

Tomato sauce, sausage balls, mozzarella, a bit of onions, and the egg. #cooking #pizza #sourdough

Whole pizza with little sausage balls and a soft-medium egg in the middle
Two slices of same pizza but with fresh basil on top
Universal Hub
3 weeks ago

#Beverly pizzeria owner gets two years for trying to start a new life as a Vermont alpaca farmer using Covid-relief funds
#Massachusetts #Covid19 #crime #alpacas #pizza

Last night I was watching *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles* (1990) and noticed this shot where Donatello is wearing a hat and in the next frame its gone and they never explain the hat. I love that.

I would probably have edited out the homophobic jokes and - well - actually I'd just cut Casey Jones from the film entirely. But otherwise it was a pretty great time.

Reviewed on my letterboxd lol

#movies #tmnt #pizza #continuity #review

A grainy, under exposed screen grab of the TMNT film. Donatello (the Ninja Turtle), standing in a grassy field with a farmers hat on.
3 weeks ago

Oh, es ist so gut 🤤😍

#food #pizza

Nahaufnahme einer Pizza, vom Rand aus fotografiert. Neben roten Zwiebeln sind Käsestücke, Pfefferoni, Knoblauchstücke und Basilikum Blätter darauf.
3 weeks ago

Endlich ist es wieder kühl genug zum Pizza backen 🤤🥳

#food #pizza

Eine Pizza liegt auf einem weißen Teller, auf ihr ist Käse, roter Zwiebel, Pfefferoni, Knoblauch und Basilikum.
Tech Pizza Mondays
4 weeks ago

Calling all Fedizens in Toronto!
Pizza will be served at 6pm at Victory Cafe!

Want to turn followers into friends?
No one can do it for you, you have to show up yourself! 😀

Bonus topics tonight include CoSocial ( )and digital coops in general, and Thinkpad servicing (maybe with a live demo?) and anything you'd like to bring for Show-and-Tell 👀

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 #🍕

#Toronto #Tech #Pizza #Mondays #TechPizzaMondays #CoSocialCa #Thinkpad #ShowAndTell

The #pizza is consumed

The #pizza is making itself ready in the oven

1 month ago

Pineapple on pizza?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Comment with why or why not!

#Polls #Poll #POTD #Pineapple #Pizza #AllThingsTech

1 month ago

The kids are making #pizza for the first time in their lives. I love how, when asking me what toppings I want, they're so serious, but also so amused and excited.
These kinds of activities are somewhere in between regular child play, but also actual serious adult activity with real implications in the real world. And they feel it, this gray zone between fun/imagination and the "real" world.
It reminds me of my own feelings when I was in their situation at the same age. Priceless.


Thin crust sourdough garlic mushroom pizza. Just about perfect!

#pizza #cooking #sourdough

A 12 inch or so mushroom pizza with a nice char viewed from the top
The same pizza viewed from the bottom through the rack, showing nice evidence of charring.
Carsten Raddatz
1 month ago