Mike Spillane
2 hours ago

A bike box goes up in Ballintemple, but Cork City Council says it must come down

It's amazing the things that are considered "visual clutter" by LAs

#cork #activeTravel #planning #cycling #bikeStorage

Jeffery Harvey, DEL, CEM
4 hours ago

The thing I like the most about #emergencymanagement #planning is the people. Good planning meetings energize me.

And it is possible to have a good planning meeting!

I don't get hung up on the agenda. I ask people what keeps them up at night. When you listen, and then design the process around their issues (to the extent possible), people participate.

#emergencymanager #crisisleadership #crisismanagement

4 hours ago

Ah, those “artist’s impressions”, eh?

“The visualisations before planning permission was granted over a decade ago showed a standard piece of contemporary residential architecture with details intended to render an otherwise blocky project easier on the eye. What was built is far more rudimentary and, in parts, resembles stacked shipping containers.”

#Planning #Architecture #London

1 day ago

Are your #planning and #estimating methods leading to #value or generating #waste?

In this short video, Agile Velocity transformation coach Kim Antelo shares a better approach to enabling delivery

1 day ago

"We’ll speed up planning for the most nationally significant projects,” said Sunak...Translation: central government will have to be more heavy-handed in overruling local objections, and may have to legislate to that effect"

Good from Nils Pratley on controversial plans for building new electricity infrastructure, including hated pylons, at twice the pace we usually manage. The NIMBYs are massing.
#Energy #Pylons #Electricity #Planning #ClimateEmergency #UKPolitics

Here are the two questions I ask myself before I start the work:

What do I need to do to add structure and simplicity to the task ahead?

What can I do to support my mood and motivation as I do the work?

More on building structure and creating delight in last week’s Hold That Thought newsletter. See what you missed…

Words: 162
Reading time: less than a minute
Value: Setting yourself up for success => priceless


Bruno Bord
4 days ago

#sweary #lightweight #agile #planning

What it says on the tin. Focus on the shit to be done, split it into small pieces of shit to be done, no need to estimate, because it needs to be done.

I wrote a long form post after 3.5+ years ... Will take 5+ minutes to read what I have written about reasoning capabilities of AI and 5+ hours to go through what I've referred to and 5+ days to let it all sink in ... If you have been following this space for 5+ years 🤣

#AI #LLM #GenAI #innovation #reasoning #planning #chatbots #RAG #copilot #AIArt

Brian Jackson
5 days ago

The amount of time I spend as a manager looking at my calendar to resolve conflicts is too damn high. Google/Microsoft, get on that please. Give us a company-wide solver that organizes it all, and when it's intractable raises that to humans: ex. "due to existing constraints and higher-priority meetings, this meeting cannot be scheduled with all participants." #corporate #calendar #planning #management

Photo Ephemeris
5 days ago

Yet to make your plans for the Oct 14 2023 Annular Eclipse?

This free webinar may be just the thing: "Last Minute Planning for Photographers”

Wed 27 Sep, 10:30am Mountain Time.

Register here!

#eclipse #annulareclipse #solareclipse #photography #planning #webinar

Annular eclipse circumstances, Oct 14 2023
Niels Pflaeging
6 days ago

Fuck strategy.
Fuck execution.
Having those things has been a hilarious illusion since the 1970s already.
#strategy #planning #noplanning #betacodex

Sean C.
1 week ago

Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans #focus #clarity #goal-setting #planning. —Allen Saunders


Rob Kitchin
1 week ago

Post-doctoral researcher (30-month contract) on my ERC funded Data Stories project at Maynooth University examining #housing & #planning #data and telling data stories working with stakeholders and artists. Closing date 25th Sept. Please circulate to potentially interested colleagues. Details:

I struggled for a long time to simply get started with the work.

Things changed when I asked myself these two questions (and worked through how to answer them):

How can I build the structure I need?

How can I create some delight in what I'm doing?

Here's my latest thoughts on this, over on Medium:

#Medium #writing #motivation #design #planning

1 week ago

Westminster Council has validated a number of planning application so far during September 2023 in Fitzrovia West. An appeal has also been lodged against a planning application decision.

To view the applications and make a comment, use the monthly list below and the links to the full application on the council website. There is a limited time to submit comments. If you have trouble with the link not working, use the application reference number and search Westminster’s planning website. The monthly list we publish is pulled from the council’s website and is correct at the time of publication.

Residents in the Westminster part of Fitzrovia can also seek advice on planning applications by contacting the Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (email:


#planning #planningAppeals #publicConsultations #WestminsterCityCouncil

Westminster black bin. Used to illustrate public consultations in Westminster part of Fitzrovia.
1 week ago

Who is doing research to plot locations of poorly performing. or high drop-out, Illinois schools on #maps that show political districts?

I created this essay in 2011 and updated it today.

#dropout #education #politics #planning

This is part of a presentation showing how to use maps of political districts, with overlays showing schools with high drop-out rates, in a process intended to generate more votes for needed drop-out prevention legislation.  

In this map I'm showing the southern section of Illinois.
Doug Belshaw
2 weeks ago

I read Evgeny Morozov’s book To Save Everything, Click Here a few years ago and found it frustrating. It’s about the “folly of technological solutionism” so, while I agreed with the broad argument, I thought he presented it in an annoying way.
Here, Morozov is interviewed about his podcast The Santiago Boys, which explores into […]

The European Network
2 weeks ago

Meet Matus Vallo, Bratislava’s hipster mayor-architect.

To run a city requires a plethora of political talents, from baby-kissing to haggling with central government. Mr Vallo brings different skills to the job. In 2018, the architect and self-described “urban activist” rode a wave of political discontent into office.

What happens when an expert in building public spaces gets given the reins of a European capital?

#Slovakia #Bratislava #Architect #Urbanism #Planning

2 weeks ago

The vertical axis, "#rationalism", is a little fuzzier concept. A common definition is something like how much you believe that #rational, #intellectually #rigorous #planning can solve society's #social #problems.

If you think we can solve every problem, if only we had the correct government program, or civilian association supporting it, or work hard enough, or if we #redistribute #resources #logically, etc, then you fall at the top end of this scale.


accademia di grappa
2 weeks ago

…das grösstes, realisiertes, #Projekt der sog. #Tessineschule kam. ursprünglich, von #Neapel 😜
(#Campi & Co. haben nur “kopiert”)

#ETH #ETHZ #Hönggerberg #Zürich
#Architektur #Landschaftsgestaltung #Stadtplanung
#planning and #building for higher #education

2 weeks ago

Very good interview with Florence Gaub about our perception and thinking about #future and #anxiety management.

What I find to be especially important for preventative #Crisismanagement is that #institutions have to think about possible futures in an open and #creative way, instead of just #planning based on past #information.

For example: Not being able to imagine that #Russia would actually invade #Ukraine or that #Ukraine would mount a successful defence has cost several weeks, even months, that could've been used for #preparation and #contingency planning.

Same goes for many natural #disasters.

#DisasterManagement #CivilProtection #CivilDefense #catastrophe #Crisis #management #disasterrelief

🌿 Don't miss your final opportunity to sign up for this online event on Rethinking the Green City, happening tomorrow (Weds).

Celebrating the Special Issue in Landscape Research Journal, "Rethinking the Green #City", Editor, Ian Mell hosts a panel of some of its authors: Helen Hoyle Paula Barros, Bertie Dockerill & Camila Sant Anna

Exploring changing urban landscapes in Brazil & UK, locating #green #ideas in #praxis for #sustainable forms of #planning
To register:

Zack Katz
2 weeks ago

I wish my schooling had focused on project management, organizational skills, and prioritization.

*Everything* comes back to these skills. Want any work done on your house? You better be able to manage multiple schedules, plan for contingencies, ask the right questions, figure out what you don’t know…

So much of life is this stuff and so little of our schooling prepares us for it.

Instead, it was called “home ec” and not required.

#Education #ModernLife #Planning #ProjectManagement

Resorting to extreme measures to meet a deadline? It means you've already failed in planning or estimating. The learning here is not to avoid failure but to dissect it for future prevention. #SoftwareEngineering #Planning #10xSoftwareDelivery

Mark Hogan
2 weeks ago

Why are we proposing San Francisco Legoland? Our city needs to rethink how we use existing space, but it doesn't need to cost $1 billion or more. I can't think of a better use for a vacant 300k square foot retail outlet: #sanfrancisco #retail #planning

2 weeks ago

🌈 Je suis en LIVE 🔴

J'en profite pour poster le planning de la semaine 💜✨ C'est la fatigue donc on va se poser tranquillou devant le contenu extra + le DLC de A Little to the Left

#alittletotheleft #streamfr #live #puzzle #indiegame #catgame #planning #horaires

2 weeks ago

What is Feminist Urbanism, and why is now the time to discuss it?

One of our founders, Gala, attended a fascinating session as part of the 2023 Architecture Fringe Gala.

Read her thoughts in our latest journal piece

#urbanenvironment #inspiration #planning #project #growth #cities #spaces #spacebuilding #placebuilding #feminism #urbanism #blog #blogging

Don Hornsby
2 weeks ago

It takes just as little time to see the positive side of life as it does the negative side. - (Jimmy Buffett)

Choosing your perspective is a matter of seconds, but its impact can last a lifetime. No matter how you choose to see life, it takes the same amount of time. Why not opt for positivity?

#PositiveVibes #JimmyBuffett #Weekend #Planning #Leadership #TodayMatters

2 weeks ago

Sparse 3D Topological Graphs for Micro-Aerial Vehicle Planning

Build scene-graph like sparse graph for fast planning of MAVs. Voronoi diagram, connected neighbors, and efficient pruning and joining methods can take you very far.

My summary on HFPapers:

#arXiv #paper #planning

3 weeks ago

Need to start planning the fruit, veg, preserve, pickle, drink, decoration and otherwise planting and gardening for next year…

The risk is that I try and do all of the things, and end up doing them all badly 😅

#garden #gardening #GardeningMastodon #gardener #fruit #vegetables #pickles #preserves #drink #flowers #decoration #planning #prep

3 weeks ago

My task list supports emoji. Whoda thought? #planning

Screenshot of my task list, with a sausage emoji showing as the dinner task.
Andreas Hepp
3 weeks ago

Worth reading article on #longtermism, #SiliconValley and what it has to do with #urban #planning. For me, it is also another indication that one has to be sceptical about the current hype of a new (?) interest in #future. Perhaps we need less imaginaries of the future and more analysis of problems of the present. #pioneercommunities #CalifornianIdeology #capitalism Via @tazgetroete, in German.!5955322/

Iain Roberts
3 weeks ago

Is it too easy for councillors to reject applications against officer advice? The council may pay appeal costs, but it's hidden away.

What if councillors lost visible funding in their ward to pay appeals costs - a new playground or road resurfacing? #planning #development #urbanism

Another day, another Planning Committee, This is a reserved matters application for a significant amount of much needed market and affordable housing on an allocated brownfield site. Despite having a well designed, policy compliant scheme and being recommended for approval by officers at committee in July we were deferred to go away and make changes to the scheme following much political grandstanding and public gallery pleasing by Members.

Despite my client having made a number of meaningful amendments to the scheme to try and overcome Members concerns, we get to tonight's committee meeting where my speech is interrupted by objectors heckling and shouting abuse, Members being interrupted and the whole process being dominated by NIMBYs, letting all decency and respect for the democratic process go out of the window. Sadly once again Members fuel the flames and play up to the gallery and surprise surprise unanimously vote to refuse the application So off to appeal we will have to go and all the associated delays and cost that brings for the developer.

Not content with their victory, the angry local NIMBYs decide they wish to wait for us to leave the Council offices and continue to intimidate, threaten and shout abuse whilst we were leaving resulting in the Council needing to adjourn the rest of the committee meeting, call the police who kindly took up their valuable time to disperse the objectors and escort us away from the chamber and out to our cars.

As a public-interest product development organization, we aim to be transparent and democratic. So, we've made the 🛣️ roadmaps for Hush Line, Pi Relay, and our internal development public.

Check them out. We'd love your feedback!

Hush Line:
Pi Relay:

#roadmap #planning #opensource #publicinterest #publicgood #foss #nonprofit

Once again #MichaelGove opens his mouth & offers much hot air and little of any substance (this time on onshore #windfarms & #planning

As Alethea Warrington, from climate charity Possible puts it: 'The minor changes announced today are nowhere close to enough to unblock wind. Today’s small step forward leaves new onshore wind in England still facing higher planning barriers than anything else, including new coalmines & it will still be too difficult for communities which want wind to get it'!

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
3 weeks ago

PhD planning graduates face an increasingly competitive academic job market. In this commentary, seven recent graduates provide qualitative descriptions of the complicated & ever-changing expectations graduates face.

We situate this w/in a larger reflection on the neoliberal academy that promotes a culture of competitiveness over care & production over purpose. We emphasize how this system is seemingly antithetical to transformative #planning work.

Geoff Green
3 weeks ago

Hey Chapel Hill, I’m planning (hoping) to write a preview of each Planning Commission meeting now that I’m a commissioner. First meeting is tonight, here’s the article:

#chapelhill #ncpol #planning #UrbanPlanning

Scott Matter
3 weeks ago

This quote:

“We’re not going to deal with the housing crisis in NSW unless we get more construction going, more completions done,” Minns said.

“And part of that means that you have to have at times difficult conversations with communities about more density.”

Has me wondering: what evidence do we have that conversations about density will be difficult? Is the angst grounded in fact or is it built on a wobbly pile of assumptions?

#AusPol #NSWPol #Housing #HousingCrisis #Planning

Kathy Reid
4 weeks ago

What I'm finding interesting in the #AI #AIhype gestalt at the moment is the yoking of AI use cases to increased productivity, creating the promise that AI "unlocks" benefits - productivity, capital, labour, time - that are somehow latent and present - but unattainable - without AI.

Take for example the push by developers in #NSW, #Australia, urging councils to use #AI for more rapid #planning approval, positing that AI tools can help in the design process so that plans submitted to councils are more "approvable".

I'm not sure if I agree with this framing. Could AI tools unlock all these benefits? Possibly. But whose interests do they serve? The developers'? The councils'? The communities affected by the planning applications?

He who builds the model shapes how, where, and why it is used.

What I expect to see next is "partnerships" where people with a vested interest in automating / AI-fying a process co-fund its build. Will developers build the AI tools used by councils?

Are we seeing the rise of #AIcapture in a similar vein to #RegulatoryCapture

Rob Kitchin
1 month ago

#Postdoc researcher (30-month contract) on my ERC funded Data Stories project at Maynooth University examining #housing & #planning #data and telling data stories working with stakeholders and artists. Closing date 25th Sept. Details:

Sam Butler
1 month ago

💨 When you sell a car (even for an EV), your gas car gets re-sold and keeps on polluting and emitting.

🛞 Tires are the worst form of car pollution. They shed microplastics and toxins every day — which kill everything.

The only way to end the problems of cars, is to end cars.

Boost on Twitter too, so people know:

#Depave #WarOnCars #CarFree #TacticalUrbanism #Urbanism #Bikes #Transit #Housing #Plastic #Microplastics #Pollution #FuckCars #StrongTowns #Planning #UrbanDesign #Policy #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Climate

Collage of newspaper article screenshots, about how cars are re-sold and keep polluting after being traded in for EVs, as well as about the pollution problems of car tires.
Picture from Cabriobeet Daniel Bleninger, of a garden and soil inside of a convertible.
A car-free community with dense multi-story housing on the left side of a walkway, and a natural stream area with contoured water and nature and grass growing on the other side of the walkway.
An image of people biking, walking, horse drawn wagons in the street on Makinac Island, Michigan, which is a car-free place in the USA.
Code The City
1 month ago

Less than four weeks until our 30th Hack weekend; and it is all about Union Street and the City Centre. We've multiple challenges. We need you - no matter what your skills and experience. We can all play a part! 

More details of the challenges and how to book: 

#Aberdeen #history #mapping #photography #planning #osm #datascience #dataengineering #heritage

Code The City
1 month ago

Just over a month until our 30th Hack weekend; and it is all about Union Street and the City Centre. We've multiple challenges. We need you - no matter what your skills and experience. We can all play a part! More details of the challenges and how to book: #Aberdeen #history #mapping #photography #planning #osm #datascience #dataengineering #heritage

1 month ago


I find it best not to assume that most of Musk's purposeful actions are purposeful actions.

The man appears to be missing the sanity-check filter in between impulse-generation and action-execution.

#ImpulseControl #planning

1 month ago

For Those Who Have No Idea What To Do ...

Mefi member gentlyepigrams posted "My Parents Are Dead: What Now?", a resource with useful advice and links for folks who are working through one of the awful parts of adult life.

#death #financial #funeral #legal #parents #planning #probate #will

1 month ago

So that's it for my #rant about #road #planning in the #UK.

I should have remembered that #motorists keep all the rights in this country, that when turning off the main road many will execute the crossing #pedestrian with a sense of offended righteousness - and that this is even enshrined into road signs.

I don't think I'll want to #cycle again in #Britain until they paint zebra crossings at each and every intersection. Which it'd take a revolution to make happen...


1 month ago

Today we were #cycling our way from #Strontian to #Glencoe. Great scenery, but after crossing with the ferry not such good road conditions...
I appreciate many of the #British ways, but not when it comes to #road #planning and #driving wrt #cyclists and #pedestrians.

A rant. 1/6

I hire planners. Our interviews make it clear that I expect them to understand history, how it shows up in today's crash data and gaps in active transportation networks, and the context all this creates for community engagement. Essential professional knowledge. Who will want to hire graduates from colleges prevented from teaching history? #CRT #UrbanPlanning #planning #history

Drought Center
1 month ago

We want to extend a sincere thank you to all who have started following the Drought Center since we joined in January. Today we crossed crossed the 400-follower mark and hope to keep expanding our reach on this platform.

Please consider boosting this post to help us in our mission to reduce the effects of #drought on #people, the #environment and the #economy with cutting-edge #climate #science and thoughtful #planning.

Thanks @Mastodon!

A graphic depicting the Mastodon logo, NDMC logo and number 400, with the "boost" icon in the center.
Andy Scollick
2 months ago
CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"#Planning for severe #storms, #flooding, #wildfires and poor #AirQuality will soon be required for #Washington cities and counties.

The guidance focuses on two new sections that must be included in long-range plans: lowering greenhouse-gas #emissions and raising defenses against #climate-related threats."

2 months ago

Looking for a job working on planning in the ACT? My friend Jo Clay MLA is hiring - please share around!

Jo is very into walkable suburbs, and planning that enables suburban biodiversity and tree coverage.

She’s also into active travel, light rail, buses, and jobs for artists.

Also her team like to come get snacks from my office (mostly muffins) 💚

#fedihired #FediHire #job #cbr #canberra #planning

New issue of WSDOT Walk + Roll E-News hit in-boxes Monday filled with upcoming webinars, other news. If you subscribe, that is! Sign up for that and other WSDOT news at Meanwhile here's the latest issue
#WSDOTActive #BikeNews #WalkNews #transportation #RoadSafety #BikeTooter #walkability #planning #infrastructure #WSDOT

Steve Woodson
2 months ago

Freelance journey check in time! 3 minute read chock full of drama and intrigue befitting the life of a web dev trying to figure out how to do _everything else_ required of a small business.

This one covers two weeks because I took some time away to enjoy ✨ summer vibes ✨ with family!

Check out the full post for more details and a list what I have planned this week.

#process #planning #business

Do people concerned about NZ #infrastructure and #planning know about #consultation by DPMC? Submissions on Phase One sought by 8 August 2023. More development including legislation planned for 2024.
FYI @peteo

Tim Scott's #Dark #Money operation:

According to F.E.C. filings last week, the Tim #Scott #campaign made $4.3 million in payments from April 1 to June 30 to a company called #Meeting #Street #Services L.L.C.

The money included $2.8 million for “placed media” and more for digital fund-raising, strategy and video production.

Meeting Street Services has no online presence, and has not been paid by any other campaign, records show. Its listed #address, in North Charleston, S.C., is a #Staples store. Records show that the company was set up in Delaware in August 2022, and its incorporation documents list only one name — #Barry M. #Benjamin — as an authorized representative.

According to business records in South Carolina, the company is managed by #AMZ #Holdings L.L.C., a company set up in May 2021 and based at the same Staples store in North Charleston.

AMZ’s Delaware incorporation documents were also signed by Mr. Benjamin.

Mr. Scott’s campaign did not provide information about Mr. Benjamin or further details about the companies. Efforts to independently determine Mr. Benjamin’s identity were unsuccessful.

There are several notable #absences in the campaign’s second-quarter campaign finance disclosure filing, including #Targeted #Victory, a major political fund-raising firm that has said it works for the campaign, and #FP1 #Strategies, a political advertising firm, which was also reportedly brought on by the campaign.

Several people from the two firms who are working for the campaign also do not appear in the disclosure.

Mr. Scott’s use of Meeting Street Services L.L.C. predates his entry into the presidential race. In the last four months of 2022, his Senate campaign paid the company more than $4.5 million, filings show, for television ads, digital fund-raising and other consulting.

And his presidential campaign reported an additional $1 million spent with Meeting Street Services in the first quarter of this year, even though his campaign had not officially begun.

The Scott campaign also made more than $940,000 in payments last quarter to #Advanced #Planning and #Logistics, a limited liability company set up in December 2022 — again, by Mr. #Benjamin — and whose listed address is a Staples store in Fairfax, Va.

The company received multiple payments for air travel and event production. Again, Mr. Scott’s campaign was the only campaign that paid the company

Martin Loidl
2 months ago

Today, I re-read this paper and liked it even more than the last time.
Go and read this thought-provoking piece if you are into #mobility #research, #planning or #politics:

Screenshot of abstract.
Tab Combs
2 months ago

#Question: what are your favorite #software tools for visualizing new #roadway and #intersection designs?

If you wanted to communicate how a proposed intersection or roadway redesign would look and feel to the public, what would you use?
I'm looking specifically for examples of tools that are fairly easy to use by non-experts and can create realistic renderings suitable for #public engagement.

Thank you!

#transport #planning #engineering #biketooter #visualization

2 months ago


Cool & non #aiHype ending by @NancyKanwisher @neuranna Joshua B Tenenbaum et al:

» Finally, to those who are looking to language models as a route to #AGI
we suggest that, instead of or in addition to scaling up the size of the models [Kaplan et al 2020],
more promising solutions will come in the form of modular
architectures—pre-specified or emergent—that, like the human #brain integrate #languageProcessing with additional systems that carry out #perception #reasoning and #planning «

2 months ago

Having a look at the City of #Sydney 's new draft Access Strategy that was doing the media rounds this week:

A few thoughts:

- #SydneyMetro west extension to Zetland by 2030 is completely unrealistic, unless the government has a secret fully actualised plan to deliver it up their sleeve. The rest of it, upon which construction is underway, is due to open in 2030 and even that seems questionable if Minns is planning on throwing more intermediate stations in the mix (which, as an aside, I fully support).

- The emphasis on zero emissions buses is dumb! Yes they're great, but converting burwood, kingsgrove and Leichhardt depots to be zero emission should not be the number one priority for #PublicTransport. More, frequent services will do more for climate change, mode share and urban amenity than retiring diesel and gas buses early to make the fleet fully electric. Give it time!

- I love the emphasis on the need to 'tactically' implement street redesigns RIGHT NOW. The NSW government has a terrible track record on reallocating street space after opening a Big New Motorway so it's great to see the City pushing the issue. Claim the space for people and PT and then we can work out the cutesy pavers and public art displays later.

- The report has a weird mix of urgency (both good and bad, see above) and incredibly long timeframes. I don't want Oxford Street to be a ped friendly destination precinct corridor in 2050, I want it now. You can widen footpaths, put in outdoor seating, add bike lanes and have high volume transit lanes installed in one day with paint and bollards. it would be nice to see the mid-range timeframes be a bit tighter.

- Love the energy but it is extremely jarring to consider that the same organisation telling us we need to allocate more street space to pedestrians installed those awful pointless ad-screens on busy footpaths in the last 12 months. Do as I say not as I do?

That's enough for now. I skimmed so if anything I said is contradicted in the text of the report please do let me know and I'd love to hear any other thoughts!

#Urbanism #Planning #transit

2/5 I can remember so many #deadlines I knew were coming and yet I just couldn’t get started. Once #motivated to begin, often as the deadline loomed, I could get over that hump and get my work done quickly. Perhaps not with the quality and care I might normally prefer but done was done.

Another truth I’m coming to realize is that #planning, of any sort, is a similar challenge. How can that be? How did I get to 52 and not be decent at planning?

#ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD

Looking for tips about weekly reviews. They are essential for me to ramp up for the new working week but for some reason I've been avoiding them.
Do you do weekly reviews and what do you do to ensure you do them? ;D

#Productivity #Obsidian #GTD #Planning

3 months ago

Future Impacts Of Climate-Induced Compound Disasters On Volcano Hazard Assessment
-- <-- shared paper
[Understanding how volcano activity may change over time is particularly important as climate change continues to have direct and indirect effects on how volcanoes behave.]
#GIS #spatial #mapping #climatechange #change #management #future #events #planning #monitoring #engineeringgeology #riskhazard #risk #hazard #geologichazards #naturalhazards #spatialanalysis #volcano #vulcanism #volcanichazard #naturaldisaster #model #modeling #mitigation #planning #preparedness #compoundhazards #socialscience #humanimpact #impacts #economics #publicsafety

Simon Ricketts
3 months ago

@davidallengreen English #planning law unplanned inc #simonicity blog. It’s tough here compared to twitter without critical mass, for sure.

Kendrick Leong
3 months ago

#Introduction for a new instance 👋

I'm a PhD student in Urban and Regional #Planning at the University of #Hawaii

Studying regional revitalization in #Japan, #Korea, and elsewhere in East and Southeast #Asia

I'm a big #JuliaLang fan interested in its applications for social science. I also create #AgentBasedModels

Catch me supporting #LAFC and watching #soccer

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"In a new report, we show how #municipal ##planning agencies, parks departments, local #health agencies, community-based organizations like #churches and nonprofits, multiple state agencies, #hospitals, public health professionals and #emergency response personnel, as well as individuals and families, can play a vital role in reducing risk."

#heatwave #ThermalResilience

#Local #governments and multiple agencies, i should say– #Hennepin county is standing off to the side acting as if they aren't complicit in the cruelty but their #security doesn't let people stand 2 minutes on #county #land that they have lying around by the acre.

The #Community #Planning and #Economic #Development office of #Minneapolis (CPED) is hoarding even more land, which used 100s of cops to finally displace the long-lived @nearnorth camp.

Better Streets Australia
3 months ago

If you haven't already - please sign the Build a Better Oxford Street petition in support of a separated cycleway on Oxford Street, Sydney! It currently has 1,005 signatures.

> Transport for NSW is planning to rejuvenate Oxford Street with wider footpaths, new public spaces, additional tree canopy and a separated cycleway from Taylor Square to Paddington Gates.

#oxfordst #sydney #cycling #visionzero #urbanism #planning #urbanplanning

Drought Center
3 months ago

Help us see more #drought by submitting Condition Monitoring Observer Report (CMOR, pronounced "see more") photos and observations each week or each month, in dry, wet and normal conditions.

#drought2023 #citizenscience #climate #science #planning

How often has it been this dry in your part of the country? Condition

m Monitoring Observation Report
Kent Pitman
4 months ago


I don't think this is the right way to frame this problem.

Our first job is to live long enough that such concerns matter. If we don't do something quickly, we won't have that chance.

That's why I also support the use of nuclear where other tech is not feasible. What matters most is to stop fossil fuels.

If solar panels get us far enough to be worrying about how to replace them, or if nuclear gets us far enough to worry about waste disposal, we'll be in better shape than we are now. There are serious short-term milestones we have to hit to avoid both near-term catastrophes of various kinds and falling over tipping points that lock us into long-term problems in nature itself.

I also think this kind of fearmongering is the kind of stuff you expect to see funded by the oil industry as a reason to delay switching. Any reason for delay favors short-term coal & oil profits but not the survival of the human race.

No one promised us that surviving the Climate Crisis would be easy or even without sacrifice or difficulty. This idea that "oops, this has issues" is a reason not to do it needs to be dispensed with. We can't find the right path by disproving all the others. That will find no paths. There will be issues. But the point is to get the big things done and then to address the issues that remain.

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4 months ago

#Water crisis in #Uruguay also includes some very poor planning: #desalination plant that was expected to help solve the water shortage "does not fit" in a C-130 Hercules aircraft, because someone did not check and it's "15 centimeters" too large. So now they have to send it by boat. #aircraft #planning

Grant Denkinson
4 months ago
Rik @ bikescape
5 months ago

#Provincetown is seeking a consultant for a multi-use path and parking feasibility study of its Route 6 corridor. Hopefully someone with design skills like @tooledesign, @altafieldnotes, @mikelydon, or @jeffspeckfaicp will respond to the RFP by the May 25 deadline… #bikeTooter #capeCod #planning

Alex Ip
5 months ago

Land use around San Bruno BART is an abject failure. Even worse than Atlanta.

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