robyn 🍂
1 hour ago

I just finished reading a #gardening / #garden design book that was enjoyable and informative overall, but it also contained this gem - I present, the author's opinion on arachnophobia:

> "To people who hate spiders, I have this to say: get over yourself. Nothing is more irritating than hearing adults lose their mind over one teeny tiny spider."

... 🤯 wow!?! What an utterly disrespectful "opinion" that is also completely devoid of any understanding of the matter. Didn't know that curing arachnophobia was as easy as getting over oneself :ms_rolling_eyes:

"You cannot be a gardener if you don't like spiders" is just not something I agree with.

I prefer my gardening with a tiny bit of empathy towards new/beginning gardeners, and/or gardeners with different backgrounds and experiences, thanks.

#plants #horticulture

4 hours ago

One of my many #basil #herb #plants - #GrownFromSeed 🥰

Close up of my basil plant.
5 hours ago

#gardening these popped up where I planted onion seeds, so I'm not sure what they are. They look very similar to the cabbage seedling I started, but I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas?

#seedlings #plants

An unidentified "volunteer" seedling in a tray of onion seedlings.
Nick Anderson
6 hours ago

Newest leaf on my Anthurium Veitchii | “King” Anthurium. Scale for scale.

#plants #houseplants

Newest leaf on my Anthurium Veitchii | “King” Anthurium.
Newest leaf on my Anthurium Veitchii | “King” Anthurium with a scale held in front for understanding the size of the leaf.
JQ Jacobs
6 hours ago

Happy #Equinox #Garden #Photography #DeskPicture
First day of Spring, first mowing done, first plants in the ground. The peas had 98% germination, 106 plants set out.
#Spring #PhotoMonday #plants #PNW #Oregon #gardening

Garden with a newly planted row of peas, a cat in the foreground, daffodils and an orchard in the background.
Tradescantia Hub
6 hours ago

New article: a guide on growing tropical tradescantias from seeds! Lots of people have been asking for info about this since I've been posting seedling pictures, so finally everyone can start growing their own 😁

#plants #houseplants #seeds @plants @houseplants

A tiny seedling with one green leaf, on a saucer of cotton wool.
Angelique Sophia
7 hours ago

Google says this is Wild Teasel. Any thoughts?

#MacroMonday #photography #nature #plants

A close-up of a dried pinecone-shaped seed pod of wild teasel (at least that's what Google thinks it is) with a bunch more rising up  behind it.

one of the compensations of this Wicked Little Town is the number of big old magnolia trees in my neighborhood. spring is on its spite of the dreary skies (darkest in 70 years, i'm told)

#plants #trees @plants #phoneography

Photo with fuzzy magnolia buds in the foreground, and a snowy neighbourhood in the background. You can also see a tree-covered hill in the far background.
Steven Arntson
8 hours ago

#symmetry. Really into elderberry blossoms this year! #nature #plants #photography #pnw

Symmetrical new leaves on an elderberry stalk framing blossom buds.

Our work on Creating Environmental Awareness in Education through IoT and Gamification is now published @

In this work, we present our efforts and plans for creating environmental awareness towards #plants and #greenery by enhancing the #learning experience with advanced sensor and Internet of Things ( #IoT ) technologies, stimulating interactive learning via #gamification. This work is part of the EU TEASPIL project []

The Iot tool (Spike) controls and sensors on the “roof”, and the Telegram bot screen (left).
11 hours ago

My plants are gathering by the window looking for signs of Spring.

#Spring #Plants #Green #Photography #MyPhoto

Many green, indoor plants next to a window. On a reflective table in the foreground some blue sky is seen as well as some of the plants.
Janet Rosen :toad:
12 hours ago

Happy Spring! Our succulent collection, in pots under the front eaves, has weathered its first winter. They were covered a total of about a half dozen nights, with just a little frost damage on two plants to be trimmed off. One plant wasn’t happy being covered through two full days and has healthy but quite pale patches in protest!
#plants #succulents

Nine potted succulents in various sizes and shapes set on the soil against a background of buttercream yellow exterior wall.
Additional variously sized and shaped potted succulents, with some overlap from first photo.
12 hours ago

First fully grown TinyTim #tomato plant growing in mini #Kratky Hydroponic

I now know Tiny Tim thrives in the mix of vermiculite and Perlite and my fertilizer seems to be doing great to help it grow healthy leaves and lots of flowers.

I am afraid 1L container is not enough for it and may have to find a way to feed it from a bigger reservoir.

PS. Note to self, put date on the seedlings to be able to document it for future!

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowYourOwn #Plants
12 hours ago

I really need to but UV safe permanent markers.

All my labels are white. Nothing visible at all. Feel really dumb, I bought new markers but they are not UV safe.

Have to guess what these #seedlings are.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowyourOwn #Plants #SeedStarr
かわ kawa
12 hours ago

#植物 #plants

12 hours ago

The little pepper seedling growing healthy roots.

Soon it is ready to be placed in the Kratky Hydroponic bottle.

#Gardening #BalconyGarden #ContainerGarden #France #Hydroponics #GrowOwnFood #Plants #GrowYourOwn
13 hours ago

Even the gardeners ( the nicest, most relaxed people I know) are angry on Twitter. #Gardening #Plants #Garten #Pflanzen @plants

You're not rich enough to look at this plant! - GardenRant

Ivan Rodriguez
14 hours ago

I have a #funny #math #joke:

What do #plants #learn in #college? Trigonometree.

Jeff Alyanak
17 hours ago

Trying to grow some chilis.

Hopefully I don't kill these ones, too. ;p

#plants #garden

A planter with a number of sprouting plants, a soil moisture sensor is also pressed into the soil.
Jane Lago
19 hours ago

Here come the hyacinths! #Garden #Flowers #Floresondence #Plants

The buds of a purple hyacinth are reaching toward the viewer as they begin to open.
1 day ago
Four new tiny plants, each planted in a cute animal-shaped planter (by my daughter), in a row on the window sill.  From left to right: snail, hedgehog, turtle, elephant.  I don't know the name of any of the plants, but each has some mix of color in the foliage.
Soh Kam Yung
1 day ago

"Lord Howe Island remains optimistic that it can eradicate the plant pathogen Myrtle Rust which has the potential to devastate the Island’s ecosystems.

Last week the Lord Howe Island Board announced the temporary closure of about 70% of the island to all non-essential visitors, due to the discovery of myrtle rust (Austropuccinia psidii)."

#LordHoweIsland #Environment #Fungus #Plants

Joyful Girl
1 day ago

The transformation is nearly complete! Just a few more plants and I will be my mother… There are a few artificial ones in here as placeholders; some new lovelies are being delivered later this week. #plants #plantmom

Claudia Zahn
1 day ago
Claudia Zahn
1 day ago

Dragon Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari)
Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra dragon tree or dragon blood tree, is a dragon tree native to the Socotra archipelago, part of Yemen, located in the Arabian Sea. It is named after the blood-like color of the red sap that the trees produce.
By #KanerAnimals
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer

Peter Sketch
1 day ago

A close-up of Common Whitlowgrass for #WildflowerHour. Seen in the car park of #Hampshire #WildlifeTrust #BlashfordLakes yesterday. #botany #plants #flowers #wildflowers #plantscience #photography

Small white flowers which look like they have eight thin petals each, but actually there are four, each split into two parts.
Peter Sketch
1 day ago

Three spring flowers and one all-year one, all at #Hampshire #WildlifeTrust #BlashfordLakes yesterday. Gorse, Snowdrop, Wild Daffodil and Primrose. The Primprose looks to have had an argument with some local slugs. #WildflowerHour #botany #plants #flowers #wildflowers #plantscience #photography

Yellow flowers with complex shapes, on the end of a very spiny green stem. The sepals are also yellow, the same colour as the petals, distinguished by being hairy.
Plants whose leaves stick up from the ground, drooping at the tips. The flower stalks stick up slightly higher, with a single white flower hanging downwards from each stalk.
Tall plants whose leaves stick up vertically from the ground. They have yellow flowers, each with a darker yellow trumpet surrounded by paler petals.
Several cream-coloured flowers with yellow centres and five petal. Some of the flowers have bits missing, where they were chewed while still in buds.
Peter Sketch
1 day ago

It's Sunday and it's #WildflowerHour. The challenge was #WiteBrassicas and this is one,m albeit a very small one - Hairy Bittercress. #botany #plants #flowers #wildflowers #plantscience #photography

A cluster of small white flowers on the end of a short stem, sticking up from a plant with its leaves at ground level. Seed pods poke up from among the flowers.
1 day ago

Double pink tulips are having their say this week. These are a few of the survivors from the devastating Christmas Freeze last year that killed so many plants here in Georgia.

#gardening #GardeningMastodon #tulips #TulipFrenzy #MarchGarden #flowers #ContainerGardens #plants #ContainerGardenDesign

Two pink double tulips with ruffled edges, green foliage in the background.
A planter of double-pink tulips, not yet fully open. The planter is sitting on a sunny deck, and the foliage is springing up around the tulips.
A fully open double-pink tulip in the center. There is a white tulip to the left, and several other pink double tulips in the background. Tiny yellow violas are planted underneath the tulips.
A planter full of double pink tulips on a sunny deck. There are some yellow violas and pink pansies planted around the tulips in the planter. The winter woods can be seen in the background.

#Mojave #desert springtime: Joshua tree, tickseed, and man-root in bloom; harvester ants at work

#nature #photography #plants

A Joshua tree bearing clusters of green-white flowers on the tips of its branches
A yellow aster in sandy soil
A cluster of green-white flowers borne on a vine with tendrils and palmately lobed leaves
A closeup of ants at the entrance to a nest
DeeAnn Little
2 days ago

The outdoor carnivorous plants are just starting to wake up (though we still have some freezing nights).

They spent the winter on an unheated stairwell with a north-facing window and will end up later on the balcony in the open facing south, so I made them a transitional spot in my home office to acclimate them to more light and warmer temperatures for the next few weeks or so.

Space is a bit tight in this room, but everything still ended up fitting well.

@plants #plants #florespondence

Corner of a room with a set of small metal shelves to the right, holding four plants, a loudspeaker on a stand with a stuffed openSUSE mascot, part of a crosstrainer on the left and wallpaper assembled from printed parts of artwork of Kandinsky.
Closeup of a trimmed Sarracenia pitcher plant just starting to come out of dormancy.
Closeups of a Venus Flytrap and Darlingtonia Californica. The Venus Flytrap is emerging from dormancy.
Closeup of Sarracenia Rubra in semi-dormant state.
2 days ago

I found this out by the dog run this morning. We've had lots of wind, so it probably blew there. This is a devil's claw. It has little sharp barbs at the end of the long arms. The fruit from this plant can be eaten. It is kind of like okra. Indigeneous peoples use its fiber for basket making. It is a long process to prepare, but makes a fortress of a basket. (Tohono O'odham basket - the black is the devils claw) More on devil's claw at:

#Wildflowers #NativePlants #Plants #WildPlants #DevilsClaw #SouthWestUSPlants #BasketMaking #Basket #Basketry #BasketWeaving

devils claw plant
tohono oodham basket
Deb Oppermann
2 days ago

The classic White #Peony is a single white #Paeony with large crepe paper like crinkled petals surrounding a sunburst of golden stamens in the center. They are slightly fragrant and add a dash of dazzling color in the late spring and early summer garden.
Sunburst Peony available here
#flowers #FlowerArt #FlowerLover #floral #garden #gardening #plants #FlowersOfMastodon #MastoFlowers #wallart #InteriorDesign #homedecor #FlowerPhotography #macro #PhotographyIsArt #art

Close up of the yellow center of the white Peony flower
Marina Gorbunova (Yolkina)
2 days ago

Orchids in Apothecary garden, the oldest botanical garden in the country! It's an amazing place with tons of plants, you can visit it both in winter & summer to see different stuff outside and inside!
#flowers #flower #orchid #orchids #nature #naturephotography #plants #botany #Russia #garden

Odontoglossum flowers, white with lots of purple spots
Odontoglossum flowers with peachy petals and bight brown spots, tongue petal is more purple
Psychopsis flower with tree long vertical parts above the main flower, flower is light brown with big parts of yellow
Zygopetalum flowers, tongue is blue, other petals are green with lots of brown spots
3 days ago

.. and furthermore ( #Thread )

The four seasons of Fig Trees

I still have this one, if it recovers. I brought them inside late in the Fall, it might have been affected, too early to tell, but I don't expect Fig Newtons anytime soon.

#GrowYourOwn #Gardening #Plants #Gardens #Seed #Fig #Trees #IndoorGardening

Tiny 1 inch Fig tree in pot labeled FEB 2020
Same Fig Tree 2020, about 6 inches high, big leaves now
Even bigger Fig tree, in a bigger pot, I believe, still big leaves
Same Fig planted Feb 2020, is now over a foot tall and big broad leaves, about 6 showing
3 days ago

Oh and I bought one of those Prickly Pears (Cactus Pear) and they were gross!! Like the green on a watermelon, all water, no flavor. BUT, they had seeds!
So, naturally, I planted them. And they grew into a monster cactus, not the *window* ledge variety, it got 4 foot tall.

I had to find *real* homes for them, with a spare room with a Western movie motif

I kept a tiny baby to reproduce more.

#GrowYourOwn #Gardening #Plants #Gardens #Seed #Cactus #Pear #Trees #IndoorGardening

Screen capture from 2014 when I bought my first PRICKLY pear and the image shows them growing on the bottom of cactus trees. I grew from the seeds
A large , thick and heavy cactus. Eventually it reached 4 foot before they had to go.. photo shows a bud of new growth on one end. I kept that for future growing
A 4 foot white lattice fence with a cactus standing against it for support.
3 days ago

Also, I'm collecting *sticks* already this year, so if there's a Magnolia Tree in your yard.. I'd like a tiny piece or two?

It's easier to root a tree from green portions, but I've got to try everything once.. Roses and Lilac and tropical trees.. even Pomegranate I've re-cloned after growing from seed.

I'm no expert, by a long shot, but there's a lot I've learned in a short while.

#GrowYourOwn #Gardening #Plants #Gardens #Cuttings #Trees #IndoorGardening

A bunch of cups and tiny containers with *plants* in them. Most are just *sticks* hoping to root.
3 days ago

Ever grow from seed?
Maybe you didn't read my BIO?

I retired young, without a hobby. I decided to grow every seed I found into a tree.

Apples (and other fruit) grown from seed, will not grow up to be a similar taste. They grow wild, but produce good tasting apples (perhaps) but nothing like the parent.

So, I tried to grow an Apple Tree from seed.
I grew a few hundred.
Then I did Pears.. Plum, Peach, Nectarine..

#GrowYourOwn #Gardening #Plants #Gardens #Seeds #Trees #IndoorGardening

a bag of seeds, labeled *granny* Smith Seeds
Bryan Wright
3 days ago

Dandelion seeds, like tiny barbed spacecraft docked to their mother ship.

#plants #nature #photography #flowers

A large, white, dimpled, oblate sphere occupies the lower left of the frame. On the right, plugged into dimples around the sphere's equator, are small elongated brown capsules. Each has ridges of barbs along its length, and sports a long, thin tail, ending in a tuft of fluff. The background is blurry grass-green.
Laura Ritchie 🌸
3 days ago

Sprouting’ Progress!
Yes this is the sprout that somehow decided to become a new plant on my kitchen windowsill. It has changed SO much!! There are two definite growth places and the roots seem to be developing. I’m quite tempted to add a bit of soil to the water, but I am also very unsure- the don’t want to harm it! Or to rush it!

For now, enjoy the pictures and if you have any advice- please do share! I wrote more in the image captions #garden #growing #sprouts #plants

Top view of sprout. The main bit turned white and it is growing lots of new leaves off to the right.
Side view of the sprout to show the other growth place on the left, and the roots below.
Bjorn Idle
3 days ago

Some shapes and colours of things I've spotted out and about:

* The flower structure of (I think) a type of leucodendron
* The velvety flower of a NZ bullrush
* The developing seeds of a Dock plant, red and veiny
* The flower of a Himalayan Dogwood

#Plants #MacroPhotography #Bullrush #Leucodendron #Dock #Dogwood #Cornus #FlowersOfMastodon @plants

Looking down in a closeup shot of a flower structure of overlapping, tight green petals with small black nodules on them. It is surrounded by a cup shape of green leaves tinged red at the end, some of which are sporting some strands of spider's web.

Narrow depth of field helps give the illusion of the depth of the flower
A fluffy, velvety-looking bullrush flower, not dissimilar in appearance to a brown paint roller. Strong sunlight comes in from the side, highlighting the texture thanks to the shadows it casts. The background is blurred.
Closeup of a few clusters of red seed pods around a woody stem. Each seed is strawberry-shaped, with a flat surround standing out around it like an old-fashioned ruff. There are raised veins coming from the seed itself out into this ruff-like thing
Close up of a white and pink striated flower, with a prominent central woody dome covered in irregularly-shaped cells, each with their own little protruberance. One of the petals comes straight out toward the camera, forming a ramp up to the centre itself
Duchess of Umbrage
3 days ago

One of my favorite cactuses, the inimitable, aptly-named horse-crippler. It sports outrageously strong 7-pronged claw-like spikes and grows so close to the ground it is often concealed by grass until you trip over it and get stabbed as you sprain your ankle on the way down. It blooms in May, the most beautiful hot pink flowers you ever saw. This one is weird, about twice as tall (6”) as the usual specimen.

#cactus #plants

Outdoors, rural setting. Closeup of a flattened green orb of a cactus, about a foot in diameter, fluted and dotted with clusters of dangerous spikes, growing amid clovers. A tangle of brush in the background.
Closeup of the top of a horse-crippler cactus showing its intricate pattern of ridges and 7-pronged spikes. The cactus is green and the spikes are pink.
Johannes Ernst
3 days ago

In a change from the usual Friday afternoon work of programming, startup stuff, #FediForum organization and so forth, today I sorted through my seed collection instead and started to germinate a bunch of bean and veggie #plants for in my backyard.

It's springtime indeed, and I am so done with the terrible veggies in the grocery store. #hydroponics

Claudia Zahn
3 days ago

Male Jawfish with a Mouthfull of Babies
Females lay an egg mass and after fertilizing them, the male takes the eggs into his mouth and incubates them for several days or up to several weeks for some species. During this time, he does not eat, and his activities are restricted to juggling the eggs in his mouth to aerate them.
By #AmazingNature
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer

3 days ago

#DugUp hundreds of #HensNChicks from 2 #gardening beds. Potting up into various containers. Giving some away & selling some. I filled up 5 containers full of these. These are just 2 of them.

#Crassulaceae #succulents #stonecrop #herbaceous #zone8 #plants #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #orpine #YYJGardeners #GardenWork #SelfPropagating

A container full of dug up hens n chicks succulent plants.
A container full of dug up hens n chicks succulent plants.
3 days ago

Last Spring, did 2 #plants #propagation #gardening #experiments with my #lupine #MotherPlant & they were #successful 😊 Took 8 cuttings in early Spring & also dug up 5 of the smallest new plants to #transplant . I heard they're hard to transplant. All 8 cuttings developed into new baby lupines! All but 1 of my transplants adapted well to new bed!
These are some #transplanted lupines now - put 3 in & they've multiplied by themselves.

#zone8 #NativePlants #Wsanec #Saanich #VictoriaBC #vanisle #PNW

My lupine plants; foliage before maturing to bloom.  Propagated last year.
Gary E. Walker
3 days ago

Echinopsis pachanoi “San Pedro”
This is my son, and I am so proud of him.
#plants #houseplants #cacti #cactus

A goofy looking man is holding a terra cotta pot containing a 16” (41cm) tall columnar, almost spineless cactus and a small plastic gnome.
Lars Brudvig
3 days ago

Undergrads: interested in #plants or #insects and #conservation? Apply to be an #REU with the SRS Corridor Project this summer!

Conduct your own mentored research project with an amazing group, in a unique landscape experiment. Details in the ad; apply by 3/31/23

A view of a fragmented landscape within SRS Corridor Project, from the air
B's Creative Life 🌈 🌱🌻
4 days ago

Upon learning that your #soil is alive & needs to be for #food to grow nutritiously how can you go back to destroying that life by tilling, fertilizing, & fumigating?

For my part, every potted #plant I grow this year will be inoculated with microbes from my #compost pile, so hopefully they'll thrive once transplanted to their permanent homes.

Reminder: do not break up the soil when transplanting unless your roots are exceptionally root bound.

#gardening #Gardener #plants #NoTill

Sebastian Kaspari
4 days ago

Planting two additional hop varieties this year: Cascade and Centennial. 🌱

#hops #growing #garden #plants

Two pots with small hop plants.
Claudia Zahn
4 days ago

L'éloge de la lenteur ...
Photo: John Wilhelm
The praise of slowness...
Photo: John Wilhelm
By Lumière de l'Atelier
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer

Bjorn Idle
5 days ago

Leaves on a Clematis montana 'Freda' change colour a lot - starting off red-purple when freshly opened and deepening to dark green. In late summer / autumn they start to get really lovely, showing tints of gold and red and green all together.

#Nature #Plants #Gardening #Photography #Clematis @plants

A greying wood trellis in front of a green blurry background, with two stems of a climbing plant crossing in front. There are leaves coming out in a small clump, red at the tips, yellow-gold in the middle of the leaf, and green at the base.

This is quite a simple shot, but the colours of the leaves against the trellis and the background give a rich, autumnal look that makes me pause to look every time I walk past this plant.

🍃 Artist: #RUIN #r_u_i_n and #sskirl in City: #Vienna Siebensterngasse, Austria 🇦🇹 - Title: untitled (#Plantlove ) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Plants

Streetartwall. On a narrow beige outer wall of a three-story building in the city center is a mural with a woman carrying a plant, sprayed / painted. The mural is in black - white. The woman stands sideways and has a white, very wide, chador on.  (Islamic clothing, covering the body, the face is free).
The drawing represents her head relatively very small. She carries a large plant pot with a lush palm tree as big as she is.
Yahia Lababidi
6 days ago

Some #goodnews from our #garden : here’s #turmeric from one plant & it smells wonderful 👨‍🌾

#gardening #farming #farm #health #healthcare #nature #today #wednesday #plants #medicine #healing #life

Bryan Wright
6 days ago

Grape hyacinths, some open, some not.

#plants #flowers #nature #photography #macrophotography

A cluster of ovoid blue flowers. The flowers hang down from a central reddish stem. The lower flowers bell open at the bottom, where their color fades to white. Flowers higher on the stem remain closed by overlapping flaps that will become the bell when they open. The background is blurry grass-green.
Max, an ant whisperer
1 week ago

I took this picture of hops flower on a field trip a few years ago. I like it.
#nature #plants

A close of of a hops plant growing on a metal pole. Half a dozen female flowers are visible.

Lets get this started again!

Last time I grew kiwi from the store, they grew really fast and really big! Hopefully these yellow ones will be as nice as the last ones

@plants #plants

Two small pots, with a plastic bag over them
Tradescantia Hub
1 week ago

New article! On the reasons why you shouldn't use language model AIs for plant advice (or any factual information at all): they will give you completely made-up facts, tips that will kill your plants, and tips that will kill you.

#plants @plants #AI #LLM #GPT

Fake front cover of "The Planteer" magazine. The background image is a close-up of Tradescantia zebrina leaves. The headlines are "How to grow the perfect waxtrade", "Guess what high transpiration rates do to your room's humidity - and it's not what you think!", "The benefits of stomping: learn the best way to master this strange practise", "Solve pests the hard way: with herbicides!", and "Who will buy your belladonna soup?".
Claudia Zahn
1 week ago

Tawny frogmouth (not an owl) using its nictitating membrane to look extra grumpy
#Victoria #Australia
February 2023
| 500mm | 1/2000 | f/8 | ISO5000 |

By #AmazingNature
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer

Bjorn Idle
1 week ago

The flower bud of a Marlborough Rock Daisy looking like a portrait from an English National Trust house...

#Plants #Macro #MacroPhotography #Photography #Aotearoa #Nature #NaturePhotography #Gardening

Close up of a grey and white flower bud with velvety sides and a hint of yellow near the tip. There are grey-green leaves extending forward and backward just below, and the end of a woody stem.

I see this almost like an old- fashioned portrait painting of a European merchant, looking to the right, with huge collars sticking out on either side (like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon)...
1 week ago

i made this curled up leaf available as a wallpaper for download if you need some green in your life :)

#green #photography #wallpaper #nature #plants

a close up picture of a tightly curled freshly grown new leaf. the veins of the leaf stand out against the brilliant shades of green. it almost looks like a very close up very of skin. " title="a close up picture of a tightly curled freshly grown new leaf. the veins of the leaf stand out against the brilliant shades of green. it almost looks like a very close up very of skin.
Claudia Zahn
1 week ago

Kummakivi is a 500 tons rock in #Finland that has been balancing on top of another rock for 11,000 years.
Photo: Reddit|daqgsftwgrsshyrs
By #KanerAnimals
#Nature #NatureLovers #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Photography #Photographer

Huge rock balancing on another rock
Laurence Wolfe
1 week ago

Growing your own tomatoes really is the best way to devote 3 months of your life to saving $2.17 #Garden #Gardening #Plants

1 week ago

Objects of Affection
By Anna Valdez

#painting #mastoart #CatsOfMastodon #plants #books

1 week ago

#introduction I go by dianna, you can find me online using that name in a few places, depending on where you look

things that interest me

- #queer #lgbtq #trans spaces
- more please & thanks
- #software #cs
- I write c++, c, rust, and python
- #endocrinology
- fucking hormones, don’t get me started
- #philosophy
- ???

things that bring me joy

- #coffee
- #books
- #plants
- very cute #gay things
- unexpectedly intense convos when you find someone with a shared interest

find me in sf?