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2 hours ago

There’s something else #Apple has been doing to turn the #Mac into a #gaming #platform -- allowing #developers to easily port #Windows games to the Mac with a new Game Porting Tool.

Jerry Gonzalez :ivory_boost:
2 days ago

If we want to learn more about how #Apple thinks about their #VisualPro product, and determine the experiences we will have available upon launch, watching their Developer conference videos targeted towards #SpacialComputing are a great viewport into the new #platform.

#WWDC2023 #VR #AR #MR #XR

Jennifer Riggins
1 week ago

"Empowered #product teams are handed problems to solve and not solutions to implement."

Next up in my year of #PlatformEngineering @redhat’s @ckavili and Anna Ciula talking about how they've help teams over the last two years adopt a #Platform as a Product mindset. Now you can too! via @thenewstack

Paul Puschmann
1 week ago

In the book „Team Topologies“ the occurrence of naming the #container #platform #kubernetes in this context:

„These platforms [e.g. k8s] have generally succeeded in reducing the complexity of the underlying systems while exposing enough functionality to be useful to teams building the platform.“

🤔Really? It depends.
I think nearly every abstraction targeted to engineers to simplify #k8s complexity is helpful.

There were even people that built an abstraction for Docker Swarm and Nomad. 😃

Pinky Floyd
1 week ago
what if there was a #socialmedia #platform that allowed users to make OC posts of up to say, 500 unformatted text characters including title, plus one #link to anything.

users can only #reply to posts of users they have been following for at least 12 hours.

each user account has a limited optional profile area where they could choose to populate a small number of fields that are shown to all users, but more importantly each user account is verified/linked to a specific known (singular) irl human being. the platform itself only displays posts, without any associated public profile information.

replies available are #like, #dislike, #repost, plus a ridiculously low character limit of maybe, 10 characters and six emojis, all versions of a facial expression, think old school:

:) :( :| :P ;) :O

working title off the top of my head is something like referring to the reply restrictions.
1 week ago

Seems there's also a „#GitHub Copilot“ besides that „#Microsoft365 Copilot“, and a „#Windows Copilot“ and a dozen more from MS alone. Obviously it's a #platform with APIs and plugins for #ISVs to exploit the entire #Copilot stack. compares that stack with an operating system. Looks like there's something happening there, and that I've really got a lot to learn. I wasn’t aware that there might really be some significance in some of the current #AI stuff that's in the news.

2 weeks ago

Op 30 mei voeren #Taxichauffeurs in 5 verschillende landen actie tegen #uitbuiting door #platform #apps en, het niet toepassen of aanpassen door de #overheid van #wetgeving die #werkenden de broodnodige #bescherming kan bieden tegen deze #uitwassen van het #neoliberalisme
13.00u NDSM
15.00u Tripolis-park, Amstelveense weg

Europese Taxichauffeurs komen in actie tegen uitbuiting door Taxi apps en overheden die dit toelaten. Stop deze plaag die levens verwoest.
13.00u NDSM
Shahid Yatoo
2 weeks ago

@YouTubeIndia @YouTubeCreators @YouTube why you are cheating with the creators why you are not doing your work properly. Why everytime me i am reappling from last 5 months and also I deleted almost 100 abpve video's still it's showing same 👎#Useless##platform

Amadeus Paulussen
2 weeks ago

I am curious to see when the #epicgames #acquisition of #bandcamp will be reflected in #improvements to the #platform. 📚
2 weeks ago

#Android14 seems to be bringing a bunch of quality-of-life tweaks to the #platform, and that apparently includes #screen #recording which will gain the ability to record just an app of your choice.

3 weeks ago


These are not "#trust" levels, but levels of #engagement with the #platform.

They do not measure trust earned from other people, but trust earned from those who run the platform by staying more and more engaged with that platform.

It may help fight spam, but don't call it "trust".

@Mastodon @codinghorror @how

3 weeks ago

#Pew - Six-in-ten Americans who have used #Twitter in the past 12 months say they have taken a #break from the #platform for a period of several weeks or more during that span, while roughly four-in-ten (39%) say they have not done this, according to the survey of U.S. adults, conducted March 13-19, 2023. #SocialMedia #Birdsite #Twitter

3 weeks ago

Before y'all #mastoadmin and #fediverse types get all up in arms about the #spam apocalypse, please remember that it is this bad anywhere there are people. Want people on your #platform? Well, make peace with it, friends.

Screenshot showing my twitter message request queue. It is filled to be brim with smut and crypto spam links.
WIST Quotations
3 weeks ago

A quotation from Franklin, Benjamin:

It is unreasonable to imagine Printers approve of every thing they print, and to censure them on any particular thing accordingly; since in the way of their Business they print such great variety of things opposite and contradictory. It is likewise as …

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #censorship #conduit #media
#moderation #neutrality #platform #publishing 📚
3 weeks ago

#Microsoft has announced a big update rolling out to the #Bing app on #iOS and #Android today that introduces an update #widget for each #platform that finally allows users to pin the #BingChat experience to their home screen.

Aske Kammer
3 weeks ago

Is there a way to get information from the #Facebook Ad Library about which demographics/interests/whatever a specific advertisement targeted? This is for research purposes.

(Yes, I could (and did) google this - but Google does not seem to want to provide a useful answer, so I turn to Mastodon instead.)

#platform #advertisement #adlibrary

Leia Organa asking Obi-Wan Kenobi for help (as he is her only hope).
Marcos Lobo 💙💛
4 weeks ago

I’m looking for experiences and advices about #platform #engineering

Which are the strategies and actions you’ve put in place to improve the development experience for the Dev teams that are using the services you own in your Platform Engineering teams?

#retoot #softwareengineering #platformengineering #devrel #platformteam

@arossp Sorry, brother.

#bluesky is another centralized social media platform run by Jack Dorsey. Jack, a guy whose persona #Twitter handle got hacked.

Jack, a guy who’s created another #security and #privacy nightmare. Please folks: read BlueSky’s the terms of service. It’s awful.

There can be no cohesive #community on a #platform run by a whimsical billionaire who wants your data. Forever.

CHOOSE A BETTER PLATFORM. The people (and comedy) will come…

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

I loved the opportunity to share my wisdom with such a thoughtful, engaged audience (and to meet likeminded nerds like @hazelweakly!)

I sincerely believe #SRE and #platform engineering teams are critical for sustaining software #resilience (and #security).

PS if you vibe with my talk and this thread, read my new book:

1 month ago

@yamainu @SallyStrange #newbies find the right #platform and #instance.

Also, people here are helpful and will help to build your own server (#instance), maybe as a 2nd step.

Ask prominent #BIPOC to embrace the #Fediverse. It will be the next big thing, which is also why another "frienfly" #billionaire is speeding ahead with project #Barcelona to hook the #Metas up with the #Fediverse.

A #VideoClip going #viral...

@lunareclipse THIS is why every #SaaS or #Platform should have a public #API and support 3rd party and self-made clients.

The last of three appearances I recorded for Microcosm's podcast just went live, and it might be my favorite as we dig into the nitty gritty of platforms — specifically for publishers rather than authors.

In addition to things like websites, SEO, social media, and distribution partners, the most important thing? METADATA!

#publishing #marketing #platform #metadata

Almost 11,000 people have signed a petition asking the University of Pittsburgh to cancel three upcoming events that feature anti-transgender speakers.

#Pitt #students are the latest to try blocking #antitrans speakers from campus. #Conservative #Experts say that violates #freespeech

The students’ #petition
says the speakers, invited to campus by #right-leaning #student #groups, “advance a #platform of #hate and #transphobia.”

Garrit 🧳🇯🇵
2 months ago

Does anyone here have experience with #backstage, or #platform development in general?

We're looking to build a developer platform in our company. I'd be happy to hear how you're approaching this!

#DevOps #DevEx

Benjamin Han
2 months ago

“A task-management app, for instance, might see its relevance decline as #ChatGPT remembers more about users and potentially learns to prompt them about upcoming deadlines. Financial apps could fall away as A.I. learns to ingest and interpret data.”

An #AI#platform” is qualitatively different from the others.

#NLP #NLProc

I want to be a socially-responsible person. I want to listen to the people who are saying that I shouldn't be writing on #Substack because it supports people who support the eradication of #transgender people, but I also do believe that abhorrent views shouldn't deserve no #platform. That's not a good way to run a society, because plenty of people think that liberal views are fucking abhorrent, and when they are in power, we'll be the ones silenced.

Lilian Edwards
2 months ago

This is awful. What legal routes exist in Bz to do anything? Will there be collateral gain from EU DSA enforcement?
RT @1lucabelli
There is no better example of why a radically different #platform regulation regime is needed. After Musk decided to fire the entire content moderation team at @TwitterBrasil they are not even replying to press enquiries, as stressed by @sofiaschurig 👇…

Kathy Reid
2 months ago

It's been a while since I've done an #Introduction #FollowFriday #TwitterMigration post, where I use my large follower count to more closely connect the #Fediverse :fediverse:

Please meet:

@lucianofloridi is a #Professor and #Academic in #STS #science and #technology studies, where he researches #privacy, #agency etc. One of his favourite papers of mine is where he casts "privacy as friction" -

@Mer__edith is President of @signalapp, formerly of, founded with @Katecrawford and #NYU

@lessig is also a hero of mine - a #Professor, #lawyer and political activist, proponent of #CreativeCommons licensing, and #FOSS #OpenSource advocate 🙇

@jgcarpenter is a #researcher and #scholar of #robotics #HCI and the relationships humans have with machines (check her out on the latest ep of @algfutures podcast!)

The Free Software Foundation is new to #Mastodon at @fsf - and they advocate for #FOSS, #FLOSS and #Opensource.

@PERN is #Platform Economies #Research Network, and inquires into #STS and #sociotechnical systems - they have a talk coming up soon from from #Stanford:

That's all for tonight, don't forget to post your own #ConnectionList ❤️

API governance explained and why it matters

"Decades of trial and error with APIs over the span of decades have yielded a set of best practices that apply across industries; applying these to your APIs saves both time and money." -- #DarshanShivashankar

#api360 #governance #platform

Raphael Luckom
2 months ago

Dear software practitioners:

What are your favorite tools for creating visual representations of systems and processes?

Things that:

* help explain the environment to others
* give insight into complex processes
* can easily be kept up to date, checked into github, published with documentation, etc
* don't have too steep of a learning curve

#devops #sre #software #cloud #infrastructure #Platform #InfrastructureAsCode

3 months ago

In #EmberJS, are you tired of the bespokeness that LinkTo forces? ember-specific navigation notation? why?!

Here, you can add support for *proper links* across your entire SPA, using what you're used to: the anchor tag, <a>.

#javascript #platform

Colin Sullender
3 months ago

Reddit's ongoing "major outage" has now surpassed the two hour mark

#Reddit #SocialMedia #Platform #Outage

Screenshot from Reddit's status website indicating the platform is suffering from a major outage

How to Foster a Good Internal Developer Platform Experience

"...a good platform engineering experience establishes clear boundaries and responsibilities, answering both: How much does the platform do? versus How much does the engineer need to do?"

#api360 #platform

@ilumium amd that's why any #platform with #security or #encryption.

Or as @thegrugq once said:
" I’m gonna tell you a secret about “logless VPNs” — they don’t exist. Noone is going to risk jail for your $5/mo "


Also "#LawfulInterception" exists and EVERY SINGLE PROVIDER WILL SNITCH ON CUSTOMERS before risking getting unplugged by regulators and to be hold in contempt for customer's actions.

Team Topologies
3 months ago

"A platform might be the best way to reduce the cognitive burden on developers and allow them to get more done, but at best it is a means to an end. But we need to encourage people in charge of this function to be able to think more broadly ." Sam Newman


Kent Pitman
4 months ago


The reason for Biden not to run isn't that he doesn't have his faculties. It isn't that he isn't doing popular things. It isn't that he has poor skills. It's a more subtle set of things.

First, and most important, he is at an age where he can't guarantee (even probabilistically) 5 more years of life. In an ordinary job, we don't fuss about that because they are not so important. But shifts if the balance of world power demand more than that. Look at what happened when RGB, who was healthy in most ways and quite a fighter, died at an inconvenient time. All the good things she did until the bitter end do not offset the nightmare of having her die at a time when we were in least control.

If Biden died, for example, very shortly before the election, there would be a constitutional crisis. Some would claim he had to simply be scratched from the ballot and that it needed to say only the GOP candidate and no one else. Others would push for the VP to step up and pick another VP, but the battle for VP is not the same as the battle for President. A VP is who the candidate trusts, not always who the public trusts. It would be a mess.

And if Biden died in office, the chain of succession would be a single person thin. The VP would become President, but if that VP were unavailable for surgery, or due to an accident, or due to a rogue action, the Speaker of the House (that's McCarthy now, in case people are not seeing this) would become President just like that and without any intervening question because our founders thought that it was a good idea to have that chain be party-blind. THAT is too horrible a fate.

And even beyond that, changing times need changing circumstances. That Biden has navigated well does not say he will continue to, in part because he is a centrist, and Climate weighs ever more heavily. Some progressives may jump ship and that will sabotage the future if they split the party . We need, if not an AOC, at least someone who is left of Biden on Climate and who will represent the youth of America, who increasingly see we are not adequately tending to a world they will have to live.

Finally, the Republicans are used to arguing about Biden. They are ready with their Hunter stories. There will be balloon stories, and stories of mislaid documents. They need someone they do not have such a well-worked narrative about, someone who will put them off balance having to have actual discussions on actual issues.

So the Dems must grow up and be a party not of saviors but of ideals. They must make their morality plain. They must get better at explaining who they are rather than ceding the narrative to the other side. Because another 4 years of Biden will not do that. It will assume all of those things go without saying and make us even more vulnerable at the end of that time than we already are.

More on this by me:

Unarticulated Democratic Morality

Articulating Democratic Morality

#politics #democracy
#democrats #progressive #centrist #YoungVoters
#Biden #CultOfPersonality
#Election2024 #elections #primary
#morals #values #spin #platform
#Climate #ClimateCrisis #environment

4 months ago

Elon Musk said Twitter would take legal action against an employee who he said was the source of a Platformer report that said Musk's tweets had been artificially boosted.

Platformer reported Wednesday, citing engineers, that Musk asked 80 Twitter engineers to find ways to promote his tweets after President Joe Biden's tweet about the Super Bowl received more engagement than his own.

A Twitter user asked Musk on Friday whether the Platformer report was false.

Musk replied: "The 'source' of the bogus Platformer article is a disgruntled employee who had been on paid time off for months, had already accepted a job at Google and felt the need to poison the well on the way out. Twitter will be taking legal action against him."

#elon #twitter #clown #platform

Pablonius Monk
4 months ago

Why I'm the Last Person on Earth Still Buying CDs 💿 🎵

In this chaotic world, I seek order in the form of a tremendously large CD collection.

#Music #Platform #CompactDisc #MusicCollection #RecordStoreDay

Shinya Yanagihara
4 months ago

What is a '#Platform' anyway?

A platform is a foundation of self-service APIs, tools, services, knowledge and support which are arranged as an internal product. Autonomous delivery teams can make use of it to deliver product features at a higher pace, with reduced co-ordination.

Anne Collier
4 months ago

@ericholscher @thagomizer Great post (as I work w/co-authors on an academic piece on digital #ethics & #empathy). So true that “We don’t do that here” is empty words if the #standards aren’t modeled by the host (#platform event organizer, etc.)—1 reason y so many SM users don’t take #community standards seriously? It’d be hard for large platforms, maybe, but how amazing if they required all employees, vendors, etc. to “do what we do not what we say” offline AND online!

Patrick Stewart
4 months ago

Creating #ebooks is just #difficult apparently. Each ebook #platform has their own little things they don't like when it comes to #formatting Good grief man. Apple Books was by far the worst. I even created it the way THEY wanted using Pages and it was STILL like, What's an indention? You don't need to indent there, or there, or maybe not even there.

#writer @writers

Jean Burgess
4 months ago

I've flown the coop and joined a friendly local instance for now, so here is a new version of my #introduction:

I'm a #communication and #digitalmedia #academic who wrote a book about the history of the 🐦 #birdsite (#Twitter) #platform and now I have #TheBeths' #indie #breakup song 🎵 "Expert in a dying field" stuck in my head, and wondering if there's a connection?

(a GREAT song)

I co-lead a research centre on #automation and society, and I love trees.

Anjana Susarla
4 months ago

Wrote about Twitter access amidst the humanitarian crisis caused by the earthquake in Turkey for @TheConversationUS

First eyewitness accounts are invaluable in helping emergency relief personnel and researchers assess the extent of damage and match aid to what’s needed on the ground.

#twitter #turkeyearthquake #platform #digitalplatforms #digitaldivide

@RickiTarr by definition liking the status quo is #conservative think. Is that the issue do you think?

I enjoy the #discussions here and have been caught up in and #educated by several on this #platform which never occurred on the shit site. That was #argument for argument's sake IMHO.

sparseMatrix ✅✅ 📻
4 months ago


More folks should look at standalone solutions like the work by @benbrown

#epic #personal #activitypub #platform

27th Annual BTLJ-BCLT Symposium to feature scholars, policymakers, and industry participants from both sides of the Atlantic assessing the ramifications of the shift to a more regulatory approach with a particular focus on copyright.

From the #DMCA to the #DSA: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Online #Platform #Liability and #Copyright #Law

April 6 & 7, 2023
International House, #UCBerkeley

#LawSchool #LawFedi #LawProfs

In the #enshittification cycle, a #platform lures users with a good deal at first, then it lures business customers (advertisers, sellers, performers) by shifting surplus from users to them; finally, it takes all the surplus for itself, turning the whole thing into a pile of shit:

If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


A scary abandoned room. The back wall is stained with the Spotify podcast selection screen. In the center of the room is an oversized mousetrap, baited with the Spotify logo.
n8chz ⒶⒺ
4 months ago

@jaredwhite @jamescridland Stuff like this is why so many of us so adamantly and incessantly bleat #ProtocolsNotPlatforms but it all seems in vain. Certainly #media are a source of headwinds for this informational campaign. Obviously this is because media are, by their very nature, monetized. I don't think monetized activity is possible on a (open) protocol, and it seems non-monetized activity is nearly impossible on a #platform (or even a platform-dominated #web).

@siv @shojiwax agree. Though I use #Tusky which doesn't appear to have a payment process but I'm open to being directed to such a thing.

I do pay my instance however, but once again it's more of a donation than a cast in stone #requirement.

So many folks are using #Mastodon now and it seems to me that the ppl doing the work should be #reimbursed for their costs #technically (hardware, services etc), as well as for the work they must either put in themselves or get #volunteers to do for them, which isn't always 💯% effective as evidenced by some instances where a user gets their arse kicked for a #spelling error seen by one #moderator as death for the user and by another on the same instance as ho hum not worth a thought.

I only #donate $8 per #month which in real terms is nothing, but in terms of the value we derive from the #platform as users can be life changing for an #instance manager, if enough ppl say I really want this to continue, so I will donate the equiv of a cup of #coffee for example and do so #monthly.

Angelo Veltens
4 months ago

☝🏻Interessanter Essay von @pluralistic über den Niedergang von Plattformen.

Im #codecentric Blog hatte ich schon vor >2 Jahren beschrieben, warum dezentrale Ökosysteme auch kommerziell die bessere Wahl sein können: #web #platform #geschäftsmodelle

5 months ago

#Apps on this #platform are making the stay pleasant, which makes Twitter feel outdated and unpleasant in comparison. #Twitter is almost like reading The Sun.

#introduction :mastodon:

5 months ago

Medium embraces Mastodon · The popular publishing platform is launching a Mastodon instance

#business #announcements
#design #webdesign #webdevelopment #webdev #publishing #blog #platform #Medium #Mastodon

Bill Dobie
5 months ago

@danhon @miriamkp @michaelgemar Hey Dan - Happy New Year! Those two chats are among some of the most important conversations I’ve had about what we’re up to at Sedna in the last few years. If you want to understand your technology business better - hire Dan! #technology #strategy #vision #saas #email #platform

5 months ago

Hey #platform peeps! Articulate has a #jobopening for a director of Platform Engineering

More about the company:

#fedihired #jobs

6 months ago

@CryptoWhale Ah is the #ElonMusk masterplan, to turn #Twitter into his very own #Bitcoin #Manipulation #Platform - It's a shame (for him) that everyone already knows that the only #FourDimensionalChess he's playing these days is with the little #Martian voices in his imagination.

Arlyssa D. Becenti
6 months ago

Been on Mastodon for a month now, and am still #growing my #platform on here and figuring out how to use it to its fullest potential. All in all, it’s been great in my opinion. But i would still love for more #Indigenous folks to join so we can have a larger community. However, I am grateful for the Natives I’ve found or who have found me thus far

Félicien Breton
6 months ago

"We live in a snow globe. It’s a pretty albeit ersatz version of what a town is, and its limits aren’t visible until you run right into them and smash your face on the glass. Who’s holding the snow globe, peering in?" by @mariafarrell #GAFAM #platform #capitalism #ecosystem #entitlement #bias #networkPolitics #socialControl #surveillance #dataGovernance @dataGovernance #data #plantationEconomy

6 months ago

@jensimmons The best way to stand up to #Tyranny is to band together, despite differences/ in celebration of differences, in the common cause of #Equality #Democracy and improving #Earth #World for all #sentient #beings---we're all in this together---and both we and the #planet needs us ALL--and dem's da #Facts Please say #NO to #MUSKovite #Anti #Freedom of #Speech actions and think about not supporting a #Censoring #Platform... @donieosullivan #WashPO @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNNNetwork

Hidde Brugmans
6 months ago

I just locked my #BirdSite #Twitter account.

I work on #Telecom #Policy, #Privacy and #Platform #Regulation.

I can't justify adding further value to a platform that arbitrarily bans and censors users, creates a fundamentally unsafe environment, and is being overrun by extremists.

It hurts. It means giving up a platform for #LGBTI and #Disability activism. Please help me find a new #Community here. 😭

Rick Mangi
6 months ago

My biggest problem with the #platform movement as a growth from #devops is that platform engineering absolutely predates DevOps. I was on a platform team at MTV in 2006 or so.

Frederik Borgesius
6 months ago
Tuomas Tammisto
6 months ago

Excellent text by Melissa Heikkilä on how the #Lensa #AI reproduces sexualized stereotypes—in a particularly gross way.

As AI's are taught with existing material, hegemonic power relations get built into them.

In the #PlatformEconomy unequal power and #labor relations are often depoliticized by making them "features" of the algorithm. This was evident when I worked as a courier for a #platform company.

When thinking about AIs etc., we need to think about politics.