Jan Gaska
14 hours ago

First oil painting now I'm back in the UK. Two and half hours this morning by the River Thames near Marlow. Oil on primed panel, 20 x 20 cm.
#riverthames #marlow #landscapepainting #oilpainting #oilonpanel #pleinairpainting #pleinair #artwork

Christophe Jammet
1 day ago

Sharing this #pleinair #painting i did over the summer while sailing around the amalfis. Inspired to share after seeing @hei's piece. #watercolor

A painting of a shrimp boat turned yacht. Its a great boat with the name "pink shrimp"
1 day ago

Plein-air of a berthed sailboat. It was a very handsome boat. I find boats with intricate rope and pulley systems that control the sails particularly romantic. Another thing I find romantic is the mechanical watch with its intricate gear system and delicate escapement structure. #drawing #painting #pleinair #gouache #sailboat #mastoart

A plein-air gouache drawing of a two-masted sailboat, probably a yawl.
Jan Gaska
2 days ago

Last painting from Croatia. Managed to squeeze this quick one & half hour study of a random scene close to our apartment, very early in the morning before we set off to the airport. Gouache on cold pressed watercolour paper, 18 x 25 cm.
#croatia #konavle #dubrovnik #gouache #gouachepainting #gouacheart #pleinairpainting #pleinair #landscapepainting #artwork

2 days ago

Unrelated, here’s a little painting I made a few weeks ago. I did this plain air, spending the afternoon sitting under a tree. Stopping every now and again to refuel. I had to stop before I was done because it started raining and I was a 30 minute walk from shelter lol. It was really nice..

#AgericArt #Watercolor #PleinAir

Simple watercolor painting of a lake shore. The colors are faint, mostly dull blues and greens. 

Along the shore you can see a variety of trees, some small buildings, bridges, and blue paddle boats waiting to be ridden. 

I wish I had time to add more dark values, but I enjoy this how it is.

There was a moorhen circling me almost the entire time I was making this lol. I think it expected food
Jan Gaska
3 days ago

A gouache painting of the Franciscan Monastery in Prodvorje, lying at the bottom of the escarpment in the Konavle valley, Croatia. Gouache on cold pressed watercolour paper 18 x 25 cm.
#dubrovnik #konavle #croatia #gouacheart #gouachepainting #gouache #landscapepainting #pleinair #pleinairpainting #artworld

3 days ago

I went painting en plein-air last Sunday. I am always attracted to the great trunks of the Moreton Bay Fig trees. #pleinair #painting #gouache #moretonbayfig #drawing #mastoart

A plein-air gouache drawing of the trunk of a big Moreton Bay Fig tree. Sunlight hit on it and the grass in the foreground.
Jan Gaska
4 days ago

A small chapel in the village of Lovorno, in the beautiful Konavle valley in Croatia. Gouache painting on cold pressed watercolour paper,18 x 25 cm.
#croatia #dubrovnik #konavle #gouachepainting #gouache #gouacheart #landscapepainting #pleinair #pleinairpainting #art

Christophe Jammet
6 days ago

Had a wonderful day of #pleinair painting with the crew at @ComeToGather at #stormking today!

A view of storm king sculpture garden with a group of people sitting in the foreground on picnic blankets making art
A photo of a watercolor painting on a sketch easel at storm king
A selfie of myself and our friends at a plein air painting workshop at storm king
A painting of a red metal sculpture at storm king
Firehorseart lives!
6 days ago


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A collage of layered red, blue and yellow tissue paper on a white background.

Marion Boddy-Evans
1 week ago

When I stood up to take this photo the wind caught the edge, blew it out from under the pebbles holding it down, and towards the sea... 😱 Fortunately it landed before it went too far and I was able to get to it. Guess the wind wanted to add some expressive mark making using the still-wet paint 😁

#PleinAir #PleinAirScotland #Painting #MarkMaking

Seascape painting lying on a picnic table overlooking pebble beach
Jan Gaska
1 week ago

A couple of gouache paintings on cold pressed watercolour paper. Views around Prodvorje, a village near Dubrovnik where we are staying. 18 x 26 cm. #Dubrovnik #croatia #gouachepainting #gouacheart #gouache #landscapepainting #pleinair #pleinairpainting #art

Jeremy Osborn
1 week ago

Watercolor plein aire - 9/21/2023

Mid-September with sailboat.

Harriman Reservoir, Whitingham, VT. USA

(9.5 x 6.5 in, 24 x 16.5 cm)

#Watercolor #watercolour #pleinair

A sailboat on a calm blue lake is  sailing to the right in front of a tree stand. The shoreline is dark brown and blue and leads up to a green yellow and brown mountain that has pine trees visible on the peak.
Christophe Jammet
1 week ago

for my #pleinair #watercolor #painting crew: I finally broke down my travel kit so that I could share it with my fellow outdoor painting friends: what do you think?

Reply with yours if you're so inclined!

(i also just realized it's missing my favorite refillable pentel manga brush pen and my wrist sweatbands that i use for brush wiping/cleaning)

a top down photo showing an exploded view of my travel painting kit.  it features a chrome fanny pack, a collapsible water cup, a schminke travel watercolor kit, two sketchbooks (one pentalic, one a smaller moleskine), various travel brushes, liner pens, brush pens, pencils, fountain pens, erasers, and more.
Hartmut Kiewert
1 week ago

Ich bin wieder auf dem wunderbaren @hofbutenland. Das Wetter war gestern etwas durchwachsen, aber gegen Abend kam die Sonne nochmal raus. Heute ist es relativ stürmisch, so dass ich gleich erstmal bei bei den Schweinen vorbei schaue, wo es windgeschüzter ist.

#hofbutenland #pleinair #paintingcows #lebenshof #farmedanimalsanctuary #veganpainting #hartmutkiewert

Jan Gaska
2 weeks ago

A small one and half hour oil study. Painted from a wooded hilltop near West Wycombe this morning. Oil on gesso panel, 13 x 18 cm.
#westwycombe #chilternsaonb #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinair #pleinairpainting #art

2 weeks ago

A great Moreton bay fig by a pond in the Carlton Gardens in the afternoon. Plein-air gouache painting. #pleinair #gouache #drawing #painting #mastoart #tree

A plein-air gouache painting of a great Moreton bay fig tree. It is reflected in the pond in the foreground. Slanting sunlight casts translucent shadows on the surface of the pond.
Barry Phillips Smith
2 weeks ago

Latest #sketchbook #sketch - The Anchor Inn, in Burton upon Trent, opposite the bus stop I use to get home. TBH - I've done this in three hits as I've been waiting for buses, but I let a few go yesterday, and completed it - In total about 1.5hrs due to all the messing about.

Interesting to note I managed to draw it OK (people passing seemed to like it!), but I titled it incorrectly - the "speech centre" issue associated with the brain tumour continues to manifest in the most unexpected places - writing the wrong words even though I know full well it's "Burton upon Trent" not "Burton and on Trent"!

#MastoArt #PleinAir

A streetscape of on old inn, the main part 3 stories high, with a lower two storey section with a carriageway to "stables" beyond, now a beer garden. The main pub to the right the carriageway has a predominantly red ornate old-fashioned facade, whilst the left hand side is now used as a "Chippy" (Fish & Chip shop) and has a similar period shopfront in blue. 

Needless to say, the Anchor Inn has an old anchor hanging hanging from a bracket, and Tommy's Fish Bar has a metal fish hanging over the pavement too ... 

The sketch has been done using Uni Emott pens in vibrant colours, with the addition of watercolour pencils to add tone.
JC Little
2 weeks ago

The bench under the apple tree in the garden across the street from the house in Penzance.

#watercolour #painting #sketchbook #pleinair #urbansketching #art #artist #mastoart

This is a tiny, watercolour painting I did of the bench in the garden across the street from the house, where I was staying in Penzance in England this summer. It is a wooden bench in the sunlight. It is surrounded by greenery and it’s in front of an apple tree. The bench is the focus of the painting. It has some lovely light and shadows playing across it and underneath it.
My left hand is holding up my tiny sketchbook with the painting of the garden bench in it. I’m holding the sketchbook in front of the scene I’ve just painted. The garden is lush and green and the wooden bench is underneath the apple tree.
My sketchbook is on my lap with my watercolor, paint, palette, brushes, and water container. The sketchbook is open to the page that I have just painted, which is a garden bench surrounded by greenery. The sketchbook is tiny, only 2” x 2”.

I was out painting again. It was at a flower farm, and the sphinx moths are abundant here too. It was beautiful.
#MastoArt #pleinair #GetOutside

A narrow path between rows of flowers. White/pink cosmoses, and sunflowers.
A hill in the background, blue skies, blue shadows from the trees in foreground.
My big plein air easel under a tree. A big pastel box under the easel.

I'm going to a paint out tomorrow, and I'm packing only a paper that I've never used before. Thinking about how to tackle it. Getting nervous already.
#MastoArt #pleinair #pastelartist

2 weeks ago

Went to spring mill park yesterday and did some watercolor of Hamer Cave!

#illustration #background #pleinair #traditionalart #sfw #gouache

Aitch - Þei/Þem
3 weeks ago

Also, here is my wall of my own art! Here there is #ink #watercolour #gouache and some #mixedmedia.

The painting of the boat, and the rocky beach, were #PleinAir #watercolours up in Northumberland. The trees in the lake were Plein Air watercolour in Alabama. The remaining paintings are from reference photos.

The ink portraits were #MastoArt challenges sometime in 2022. The #mermaid is from #MerMay and the purple cape character is an adult #AoyamaYuga from #MHA / #BNHA.

#art #painting

16 A5 and smaller paintings and ink drawings arranged chaotic aesthetically on my wall. Art as describes in the text.
Jan Gaska
3 weeks ago

This morning's painting of the Hughenden stream in Hughenden Park. The sunlight streaming through the hedge on to the path aand vegetation was so beautiful, I had to paint it. Oil on primed panel, 24 x 30 cm.
#hughendenpark #chilternsaonb #highwycombe #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinair #art

Jan Gaska
3 weeks ago

A view of the small road bridge over the Hughenden stream, near the entrance to Hughenden estate (earlier this morning). Oil on gesso panel, 18 x 24 cm.
#hughendenpark #highwycombe #chilternsaonb #oilpainting #landscapeoilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinair #pleinairpainting #art

Jan Gaska
3 weeks ago

This morning's painting of the chapel on the river Wye in West Wycombe estate. Oil on primed panel, 30 x 24 cm.
#westwycombe #chilternsaonb #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinairpainting #pleinair #art

JC Little
3 weeks ago

Painted the arbour in the garden across the street, in Penzance 🎨.

#watercolor #painting #art #artist #pleinair #sketchbook #cornwall #Penzance #mastoart #urbansketching

Tiny, watercolor, painting in my sketchbook, of an arbour in a crowded Garden Inn Penzance. In the painting, the arbour is surrounded by plants and greenery. My left hand is holding up this tiny sketchbook.
My left hand is holding up my tiny sketchbook in front of the scene that I have just painted. It is a watercolour painting of an arbour in the midst of a congested garden. Behind my hand, you can see the actual scene I have just painted. This garden is across the street from where my mother-in-law lives in Penzance.
This is my tiny sketchbook in my lap, with my watercolor, palette and brushes and water container. The painting that I’ve just done is of an arbour in a garden, full of greenery.
Jan Gaska
3 weeks ago

A painting of the river Wye in West Wycombe estate, painted this morning. I started early but it didn't take long for it to heat up. Oil on primed panel, 28 x 36 cm.
#westwycombe #chilternsaonb #landscapeoilpainting #oilpainting #oilpaintingonpanel #pleinairpainting #pleinair #art

4 weeks ago

Plein-air drawing at Sullivans Creek. It was nice and sunny. I think I'll refine this as home. #drawing #painting #pleinair #mastoart

A digital painting of a person riding a bike on a path along a creek. The grass was verdant. There was blue building looming in the distance.
Barry Phillips Smith
4 weeks ago

Today's #sketch (approx 45 mins) of the Southern Gate (the "Turret Gate") to the Castle Yard at #Leicester.

#MastoArt #PleinAir

A multicoloured ink sketch showing an archway though the remains of wall to Leicester Castle, blocked by a bollard in the centre to prevent vehicle access.
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Watercolor en pleinair - 8/31/2023

Looking north at Harriman Reservoir. Whitingham, VT.

The last of my plein air paintings on this location for a few weeks at least.

Challenging conditions of strong winds and bright sun dried my paints up fast, so I ended up using a lot of dry brush technique out of necessity!

(10 x 7 in, 25 x 18 cm)

#watercolor #watercolour #landscape #pleinair

A horizontally oriented watercolor landscape of sloping hills in the background of a reservoir.

In the foreground is a large expanse of choppy water, on the right are a series of rock ledges jutting into the water. The nearest ledge has one person sitting on it, and another behind the ledge in the water.

In the background are three distinct layers of hills and mountains. The furthest one is blue and has a number of huge wind turbines perched on top.
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Watercolor plein air - 8/29/2023

Looking north at Harriman Reservoir. Whitingham, VT. USA.

Incremental improvements.

(9.25 x 6.25 in, 23.5 x 15.8 cm)

#Watercolor #Watercolour #landscape #pleinair

A horizontally oriented landscape watercolor painting of mountains in Vermont behind a body of water. In the foreground is a flat blue gray reservoir, to the right a rock formation with trees on top huts out into the water. The heads of a group of people swimming are faintly visible. In the background are two sloping hills in front of a distant mountain range. At the top of the most distant mountain 5 power generating windmills are visible.
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Watercolor (Plein air) - 8/27/23

Harriman Reservoir. Wilmington, VT. USA.

The good news is I learned that painting the same scene multiple times really advances your understanding of plein air painting.

The bad news is I’m going to have to paint this scene a few dozen more times before I’m pleased with the results.

#watercolor #watercolour #landscape #pleinair

(8.5 x 6 in, 21.6 x 15 cm)

A horizontally oriented landscape watercolor of a series of sloping green mountains behind a body of water. The background is a dark blue and gray cloudy sky with hints of blue. In the midground the green hills slope upwards from left to right. In the foreground is a still expanse of light blue and gray water, the edge of sandy brown banks are visible on the far left jutting out into the water.
Catherine Grace Artist
1 month ago

6 x 8 Oil painting from the Oregon coast
Gouache practice in my sketchbook
Photo from my recent trip

#oilpainting #art #artist #pleinair #pnw #gouache #sketch #ayearforart #BuyIntoArt

Oil painting in impressionist style of a rocky and tree covered hillside along the ocean with beach in foreground
Gouache sketch of a Rocky and tree covered hillside
Photo of the Oregon coastline with beach and tree covered hill
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Watercolor (plein air) - 8/24/23

The Ledges at Harriman Reservoir. Whitingham, VT. USA

(While I didn't paint the bald eagle in real time, the image of it flying overhead was burned into my brain. Absolutely epic.)

#watercolor #watercolour #landscape #pleinair

(9x6 in, 22x15 cm)

A landscape image of a lake with mountains.In the foreground is a large expanse of blue water with ripples. In the background are a line of green trees on sloping mountains, primarily pine and maple. A thin expanse of light brown beach can be seen below the tree line. The sky is a light blue with white highlights.
1 month ago

just put a bunch of these up on patreon - very glad to have been well enough to paint outside for the first time in years #PleinAir #watercolor #sketch #forest #mosstodon

a wide angle POV photo of a mossy tree by a river. In the foreground, a hand is holding up a sketchbook of a watercolour painting of the same scene
Catherine Grace Artist
1 month ago

Waves study from my recent trip to the Oregon coast. Waves are hard, need to practice…

#oregon #oilpainting #pleinair #art #artistsonmastodon #BuyIntoArt #pnw #painting #beach #ocean

Oil painting of waves crashing on the beach in an impressionist style
Mary Beth Frezon
1 month ago

Grabbed a chance to paint a familiar scene since the rain had stopped. #watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #landscape #landscapepainting
#August #wildflowers

Watercolor painting still taped to board: foreground at left in shadow then a line of yellow and pink-purple flowers in front of several areas of grass and brush against background of suggested pine trees
Jeremy Osborn
2 months ago

Watercolor en plein air - 8/12/2023

Pond in Foster, RI, USA

(8 x 6 in, 20 x 14 cm)

#watercolor #watercolour #pleinair

The focal point of the painting is large multifaceted gray rock sitting in a still pond. In the background is a thicket of trees and bushes growing at the edge of the water. A small island with trees and green bushes is visible to the left of the rock. In the foreground the edge of a rock cliff with moss growing on it is visible.
Martin Hamel (Mobilité Active)
2 months ago

Prenez conscience de ces cinq bienfaits du vélo sur votre santé. Profitez de notre belle Vélopiste pour pédaler en cette belle journée!!🚴☀️

#monplusgrandterraindejeux #pleinair #vélopistejacquescartierportneuf #routeverte #vélo #cyclisme #VeloQuébec #santé #bienfaitsduvelo #mobiliteactive

"First Sunlight"
pastel on UART paper - 18x24 in

There's nothing like just rolling off the bed, running outside and start painting. This is based on a plein air painting I did at my friend's house.

#MastoArt #pleinair #pastelartist #landscapepainting

A large pastel landscape painting. Looking up on a hillside that is just catching the morning sun that's still low in the sky. The foreground bushes are just lit, casting long shadows.
Ian Jago
2 months ago

My first painting in public!
Direct watercolour again, no sketch, using just the Frazer Price box and a # 8 Escoda Versatil on 1/16th sheet SW rough.

Well, 3/4 of a painting. I was running out of time and knew I couldn’t do justice to the cars, people etc. Besides, this was a learning exercise and to get out and try. I encourage everyone who hasn’t tried painting outside to give it a go. A couple of people came to look and chat and I found I didn’t mind. No idea what I was worried about!

It’s somewhere between a painting and an urban sketch. I’ll leave as is as that’s what I achieved in the time and is a good record. I might put the location and date etc in the white space, as sketchers tend to.
#DirectWatercolour #UrbanSketching #Watercolour #Watercolor #PleinAir #Painting

Street with old English houses with trees around, ivy on the walls and a church in the background.
Mary Beth Frezon
2 months ago

Stopping here for the night. Pretty pleased with this one but then I had good models!#watercolor #watercolorpainting #pleinairpainting #pleinair #july #mailbox #summer #yardpainting #daylilies #WorldWatercolorMonth

Watercolor painting of the daylilies and mailbox in front of my house by the road. The road is to the left, with trees in bright sun. The orange and yellow lilies go in and out of shadow in a mass of greens from the foreground to just below the horizon line.

"View from A Potters Backyard"
pastel on Canson Touch paper (black) - 12x20 in

Plein air at a potter's backyard. Started on 6:30 am. Lights and shadows are rapidly changing. Working quickly is challenging, and rewarding at the same time. 
#MastoArt #pleinair #pastelartist

wide angle landscape painting of a mountain range with sunlit ridges and dark blue shadows.
Christophe Jammet
2 months ago

I call this one, "col du joux plein air"
Painted while waiting for the exhausted #tourdefrace racers to rip up the hardest climb of the race. What a beautiful day.

#pleinair #painting #watercolor #art #mastoart #letour

Me holding up a watercolor painting of the view from the top of the col de Joux plane climb in the tour de France. The painting is of the road, the curves alongside the edge of the mountain with spectators all about. A French flag waves in the middle.
A selfie of me while plein air painting on the side of the col de Joux plane climb at the tour de France near morzine
A picture of my point of view while painting plan air on the side of the col de joux plane. I'm holding a watercolor to him and my sketchbook. The background is the view which is the road that the riders will go up to get to the summit
Christophe Jammet
3 months ago

I've come to realize that #pleinair #painting is such a source of good for my mental and creative health. No matter how I'm feeling, if I make myself go out and paint a picture outside I always feel better after.

Here's today: Morzine, overlooking Nyon.

My point of view while sitting and painting on the side of a mountain overlooking other mountains in the Alps near morzine I'm holding a watercolor pan and my sketchbook that has a painting of landscape that I'm looking at
A pictures, a sketchbook that I'm holding up with a painting of the landscape that's in the background. The background is a mountain in the Alps near morzine France
A selfie of me doing some plein air painting outside with a view of mountains from morzine France in the background.

Look who came to admire my blue pastel sticks! Perillus bioculatus (two-spotted stink bug)
When I fished him out my pastel box, his feet were purple. Hope that's his favorite color.
#pleinair #pastelartist #bug

A stink bug that has an incredible pattern in light beige and dark brown. Two spots on his shoulders look like eyes. He's in my pastel box right by my favorite blue.

I was out painting again -- three days in a row! The location was too pretty and picturesque, and that is also a problem... hard to decide what to paint, and the result often becomes cliche-y.
#MastoArt #pleinair #pastelartist

A large pastel painting on an outdoor easel, facing a waterway, grass field and far mountains, still snow-capped.

I was out painting again
I really haven’t done a lot of plein air painting this season and it shows! Strange thing about plein air is that everything you planned to do or the style you thought you were developing completely go out your brain. Sigh, but I needed this.
#MastoArt #pleinair #pastelartist #getoutside

A big plein air easel with a painting of hillside. A large box of colorful pastel sticks is on the easel
Christophe Jammet
3 months ago

I'm about to head out on a big euro trip and i'm so excited to bring my #pleinair setup along, especially for the sailing portion.

Here's a little plein air #painting i did last year in #morzine while hiking:


me holding a plein air painting of the french alps in the summer. it's green and the sky is blue with some beautiful clouds floating by. the mountains i painted are in the background, and my watercolor kit is in the foreground
3 months ago
Kolorierte Zeichnung einiger Backsteingebäude am Flußufer.
Einige Backsteingebäude am Flußufer, davor Hand mit Skizzenbuch und kolorierter Zeichnung der Szene.
3 months ago

Zeit, um zwei verschieden große Versionen zu machen, das ist auch mal schön.
#WaterColour #UrbanSketching #PleinAir #Sissinghurst

Turm in einem grünen Garten, davor Hand mit Sketchbook dieser Szene.
Zwei unterschiedlich große Skizzenbücher zeigen zwei verschieden große Bilder mit einem Turm in einem Garten.
3 months ago

Versuch, Zeichnung und Kolorierung am Rand zu trennen.
#Watercolour #UrbanSketching #PleinAir #Brighton #England

Zeichnung vom Meer mit einem Pier mit Fahrgeschäften im Hintergrund, nur in der Mitte koloriert.
Das Meer mit einem Pier mit Fahrgeschäften im Hintergrund, davor hält eine Hand ein Skizzenbuch mit einer Zeichnung der Szene.
Jeremy Osborn
3 months ago

Watercolor landscape (plein air) - 6/25/2023

En plein air painting is definitely one of my achilles heels (and yes I have more than one, before you get all snarky 😉).

So going to focus on making more this week, weather permitting. (Today's notes: I think I went in too heavy with the paint in the first wash, thereby affecting the entire contrast: going to try for a lighter touch moving forward.)

#watercolor #watercolour #pleinair #landscape
(8.5 x 6 in, 21.5 x 15 cm)
(Time=approx 60 min)

A landscape format watercolor painting. In the background are hazy ultramarine blue mountains in the distance. The midground is farmland and meadows, primarily yellow ochre and green. In the foreground on the right is a maple tree silhouetted against the sky at the top of a gentle slope, and to the far left is a large brown and gray rock.