Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
1 month ago

My favorite Hawaiian flower is the fragrant White Plumeria and here it is on canvas.

The #ART:

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Beautiful and fragrant Hawaiian White Plumeria on canvas
Dan Bowman
1 month ago

#spring has finally arrived in MY #backyard. #plumeria #frangipani #today

clump of yellow flowers on green stalk
Al Andersen
2 months ago

A beautiful and fragrant yellow #plumeria #flower, taken at the Hono Hu'aka Tropical Plantation on the Hawaiian island of #Maui.

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A close-up color photo of a yellow Plumaria flower set against a soft green background.
Lisa Neuman Watercolors
2 months ago


Waiting for spring flowers? Here are five brightly colored plumeria flowers and their green leaves to brighten your day.

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Five bright pink plumeria flowers and their many green leaves.
Heron&Fox Photo
3 months ago

A #photograph of #plumeria #flowers at the #Naples #Zoo in Naples, #Florida.
The plumeria is widely distributed throughout the #tropics.
#Pink and #white are common colors for their flowers, and they have distinct, dark #green #leaves.

A photograph of plumeria flowers at the Naples Zoo. There are two bunches of flowers, the nearer one is dark pink and the further one creamy white. Green leaves surround the flowers and a tree trunk is in the background.
4 months ago

January Joy - Day 25
"Beautiful Frangipani Flower"

I posted this photo before when I did my introduction posts here, but I just love frangipanis and their smell. The yellow brings happiness and they are tropical flowers to me, so they stand for summer, perfect 😄 (me being logical)

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A close up of a yellow frangipani flower with white edges in full bloom. You can also see a tree branch on which it grows with three more flowers that are still closed, the background is of green trimmed grass with black reflections of the tree branches.
Debra Martz
5 months ago

Pink Plumeria Digital Painting by Debra Martz
AKA #Lei flowers & #Frangipani, which are actually small trees native to #tropical regions. This was mine from the years I lived on the coast in S. Texas. Unlike Hawaiians, we did not use them for Leis, but we often took a cutting & gave it to a newcomer so they could start their own plant.


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Pink Plumeria by Debra Martz
These are also known as Lei flowers and Frangipani, which are actually small trees that are native to tropical regions. The flowers of these beautiful plants are used in making traditional Hawaiian leis. With that said, I don't know of any events or times that Leis are made with them here in south Texas.  This is of the pink variety with clusters of five-petaled flowers blooming amid the deep-green, long, leathery leaves which grow in dense clumps at the tips of its branches.

5 months ago

Bright Pink Plumeria flowers from my garden. #floralfriday #flowers #frangipani #Plumeria

5 months ago

January Joy - Day 8
"White and Yellow Frangipani"

I love frangipanis, they always remind me of tropical weather and they smell so good. I'm not sure if this one here actually grew like that or if I positioned the blossom on top of the leaves (aren't they supposed to grow on trees?) - in any case, I like how it looks and I hope you enjoy the blob of color 🙂

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A frangipani blossom that is yellow in the middle and white on the outer part of the petals is surrounded by dark green rain kissed leaves, planted in dark soil.
6 months ago

Plumeria to Brighten Your Day ~

#plumeria #flowers #nature

White plumeria with shades of yellow in the center and pink on the edges, these plumeria are large and fragrant
Mr M 🏳️‍🌈
6 months ago

My favorite plumeria, have no idea the name.. #plumeria #flower #garden #tropical

Plumeria flowers, looks like a sunset colors
6 months ago
7 months ago

Good Morning All, hope your day is Wonderful ~

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Yellow and white Plumeria Lei on a Sandy Beach on a sunny day
7 months ago

My profile picture depicts a beautiful yellow frangipani/plumeria blossom on a tree branch. I love frangipanis, they are so pretty and smell so good. I first saw them in the Cook Islands, where also this pic is from.

Available for purchase as acrylic blocks and more here:

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A fully opened yellow and white frangipani blossom on a tree branch with at least three other still closed blooms. In the background you can see trimmed green grass with the branch of the tree being reflected onto it.
Scharada Dubey
7 months ago

#MastIndia Some visual relief. The few hours of sunshine today seem to have been the trigger for #plumeria flowering, even though the rain came down again, very soon.

Flowers pink plumeria

It’s been a long while since I’ve give an introduction and there are several thousand new people here now.

I’m Jerry. I have two kids - the oldest of whom just got engaged to his girlfriend, and I’ve been married to my wife for going on 30 years.

I have a cat named Thor and a dog named Lacie and a grandkitten named Eevee, who I tend to post many pics of here. I have a love of #orchids and #plumeria and grow both in my basement office.

I live in the Atlanta area, but I bought a condo in a high-rise in Panama City Beach, FL during Covid and spend about half my time there.

I’ve been in the IT biz for about 30 years. For the first half, I was on a CIO trajectory, but some things happened and I ended up today being the CISO of a large cloud provider. I feel like I know about 1.5% of what I need to, but I’m trying to learn fast. I have a great team and great support.

I’ve worked from home since about 2009, and have been an avid treadmill desk user since about 2012.

I co-host the on again/off again Defensive Security Podcast, which has helped me learn a lot and make many new friends. I aspire to get much more into podcasting, but life keeps getting in my way. Hopefully soon.

Finally, I’ve been operating the mastodon instance since the spring of 2017. When the Musk/Twitter nonsense started, I had a feeling I knew where it was going and dramatically scaled up the capacity of the instance, which seemed to have worked out well.

Coralie Mercier
10 months ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #flowers #plumeria

🇫🇷 mon petit frangipanier aux fleurs plutôt blanches à cœur jaune pâle fait une petite fleur plutôt rose et jaune en-dessous de l’inflorescence principale

🇺🇸 from my little plumeria, whose blossoms are rather white with a pale yellow heart, grows a smaller, pinker and yellower blossom, underneath the main inflorescence

Plumeria flower and leaves
Coralie Mercier
11 months ago

#fleuristonfil #florespondence #mygarden #monjardin #plumeria #frangipanier

🇫🇷 Il y a un peu de Hawaï dans un coin de ma terrasse où le frangipanier a mis 3 semaines à fleurir 🤗

🇺🇸 There’s a bit of Hawaii in the corner of my terrace. The small plumeria took 3 weeks to start blooming 🤗

4-June baby leaves / 4 juin bébé feuilles
15 June: budding and more leaves on the second branch / 15 juin : ça bourgeonne sur l’autre branche et de nouvelles feuilles ont poussé
19 June: promising bud took a head start on one of the budding branches / 19 juin : un bourgeon est plus développé que les autres
Today, 25 June: first flower on the plumeria. It’s white with bright yellow at the core and a touch of pink at the end of the petals / Aujourd’hui 25 juin : première fleur du frangipanier. Elle est blanche au cœur jaune vif et des touches de rose à l’extrémité des pétales
Kelson's Photos
2 years ago

Some #florespondence from a walk around the neighborhood.

#photo #flower #plumeria

A white flower with 5 rounded petals in front of broad green leaves.

🌸PLUMERIA 🌸 プルメリ 🌸

I needed to sketch really quick something for Plumeria being in the anime, no one deserves it more than she does

#Plumeria #TeamSkull #TeamSkullGrunt # プルメリ