Really struggling with my "no servers" goal with doorman. My original plan was to have a setuid binary that switched to the user that owned all the game files, but I also want to support rootless #Podman in addition to #Docker and running rootless Podman without a systemd session gives it pretty bad indigestion. Starting to think it would be easier to have a daemon process that listens on a UNIX socket, but that seems like a slippery slope: "If it works on UNIX socket, why not a TCP socket or a websocket? All you need to add is a little authentication! How about an SSH server?"

I really really really don't want doorman to be in the business of authentication.

16 hours ago

@scy #Podman uses Sphinx but go-md2man is supposed to work as well, they also do some additional preprocessing for #ReadTheDocs if that's desired:

But I second "what's wrong with #Pandoc"? Having written roff manually and small custom Pandoc filters and templates but never used Pandoc for roff, I'd be very intrigued to know more (and maybe fix things).

Herzenschein 🩵⭐
1 day ago

Note to future self's sanity: #Podman's #quadlet support depends on #cgroups v2.

Using v1 leads to errors like this:

Error: mkdir /sys/fs/cgroup/pids/user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/runtime: permission denied
1 day ago

#Podman, the open-source toolset for managing containers, has released version 4.7.0 with over 40 new features and 30 bug fixes. The update includes Modules for Linux and improvements to Quadlet and Docker Compose.

A background divided in two with dark blue at the bottom representing the sea and light blue at the top representing the sky. In the middle, we can see three sea lions with their heads above the water and the text "podman" on their right.
Dan Jacob
2 days ago

After running into some issues running docker-compose files under #Podman I decided to bite the bullet and use Podman directly without #Docker emulation.

Turns out it's pretty easy to make a simple Kube config for local development:

I just use a few services for day-to-day work (Redis, Postgres, Mailhog etc) and so it's easy to make a Kube YAML file along with docker-compose.yaml for Podman users.

Scott Williams 🐧
2 days ago

FYI, #podman generate #systemd has recently been deprecated in favor of #quadlet, which is a systemd-native way to launch and manage #containers. quadlet was a separate package from podman in #Fedora.

2 days ago

Podman v4.7.0 is just hitting the streets! New features include modules that let you add multiple command options to a conf file for reuse amongst commands, DNS, shmSize, PidsLimit, and Ulimit updates in Quadlet, bug fixes, and more! #opensource #podman

Jorge Castro
3 days ago

Ok, so I think if we just had #podman desktop handle the UI for our terminals ...

We could then have the terminal talk to podman directly and then we could just remove the duct tape entirely. Opinions?


Gokul Das
4 days ago

@linuxtldr If you're into #Podman, have a look at '#Quadlet' as well - it comes integrated with Podman. Quadlet allow containers/pods, networks and volumes to be setup and managed using #SystemD. The configuration is a simple extension of systemd unit files. An interesting application of this is to run self-hosted cloud services like CalibreWeb (ebooks) or Wallabag (pocket alt) for a single user, or multiple users if your desktop can be left on.

docker-compose is great, but I love using @fedora CoreOS lately and I want to use the built-in tools it provides. I also want automatic updates without a privileged watchtower container running.

That's when I learned to love the quadlets. ❤️

#fedora #coreos #podman #quadlets #containers #docker

Quadlets might make me finally stop using docker-compose:

Would a visualization of the layers inside your container image / container instances be of use to you?

#containers #podman

Deploying nginx as containerized podman-systemd service via ansible - you can find one of my first attempts at 🙂
#podman #ansible

6 days ago

I love open source! I needed to utilise the #Plex API to export some playlists to #Jellyfin and found bits and pieces of code through the years. I pieced together why it wasn't working and got a chance to build some #podman images for fun.

If you need to export Plex to M3u playlists for import into #Navidrome or Jellyfin - here you go!

Special thanks to the earlier developers who killed it by adding some of the early code.

Markus Eisele
6 days ago

What is Podman? How is it Different Than Docker? - Cedric Clyburn
#podman #Docker

Linux TLDR
1 week ago

Podman Vs. Docker: Exploring Key Differences and When to Make the Switch
#Podman #Docker #Linux #DevOps #Security

Bueno, me tomó 2 horas y 16 minutos hacer las maniobras de recuperación de un proyecto en #python y #django comenzado hace 10 años y olvidado hace 5.}

Tuve que quitar un par de dependencias que ya ni se pueden instalar, además de refactorizar un poco el código para quitar una tercera dependencia que no funciona en python 2.7 (imagínense).

Y tampoco lo pude hacer en local (creo que tiene que ver con #manjaro) tuvo que ser en contenedores (#podman).

Captura de pantalla de un sitio que ningún ser humano había visto en 5 años. Está hecho en bootstrap 2 probablemente y se nota en el estilo de la barra principal.
1 week ago

Everything is in the cloud...

But if you prepare and develop things for that you do it locally.

I just made some tests and dev things the last two weeks using podman and some containers using a local registry.

Today I was wondering why the builds not work anymore. Answer: my local ssd of my Macbook was full.
Just released 76 GByte local cache and container garbage.


podman releasing 76 GByte trash.

So, who of you wranglers set --cpu-shares=0 on my brain today? 🤔 #podman #brain #friday

1 week ago

If you missed the Podman Community Meeting today, the video is up on our YouTube Channel: We had a good discussion on the default settings for Podman v4.7/4.9/5.0, and possible changes for each. #opensource #podman

jolupa :fedora: :gnome:
1 week ago

Um! A la pròxima versió de #Podman la opció de generate systemd passarà a la historia i s'hauran de fer servir el arxius de #Quadlet.. Hauré de començar a posar-li un ull a sobre!

i do not recommend using #podman on macos; keep to #docker 🐳

every reboot basically breaks the podman vm & if you're using it for running specific versions of a database or whatever, it becomes very annoying having to deal with losing your volumes time & time again.

it seems to also mess with my system sleep? though i haven't been able to confirm or find much on the matter.

it's really not ready yet. hopefully someday?


1 week ago

Cant install podman in ubuntu 20.04 #2004 #podman

Andreas Kilgus
1 week ago

Auf meinem für einen ganzen Schwung von Aufgaben dienenden Raspberry Pi laufen Home Assistant, Whoogle, Watchtower und Portainer in Docker-Containern. Kurz- bis mittelfristig werden wohl noch weitere auf diese Art bereitgestellte Dienste hinzukommen.
Möchte ich da eigentlich mittlerweile unbedingt zu podman wechseln? Oder sollte ich vorher genau recherchieren, in welchen Fällen podman aktuell doch noch nicht so ein passgenaues Drop-In-Replacement darstellt?

#Linux #RaspberryPiOS #Docker #podman

1 week ago

The Podman Community Cabal Meeting is happening tomorrow in a little over 19 hours from now at 11:00 a.m. EDT (UTC-4). We'll discuss Podman v4.7 and have room for more subjects. Agenda with Video URL: Hope to see you there! #opensource #podman

Ilkka Tengvall
1 week ago

@viq if you don't find such, take a look at motion software. I just happened to put such up today in #podman container with usb webcam. I run #MotionEye in couple of SBCs. Works fine with HA.

🦭 Podman Desktop 1.4 is out! 🎉

- 🦭 Podman 4.6.2 included
- Native Windows on Arm64 installers and binaries
- Start containers and map a range of ports
- Persistent terminal sessions
- Create volume from UI
- Terminals using bash

#PodmanDesktop #podman #container

3 selkie seals bobbing in the water while juggling purple podman desktop containers... the smallest is lounging on a rock

#Podman can not create containers that bind to ports < 1024.
The kernel does not allow processes without CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE to bind to low ports.
You can modify the net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start sysctl to change the lowest port. For example sysctl net.ipv4.ip_unprivileged_port_start=443 allows rootless Podman containers to bind to ports >= 443.
A proxy server, kernel firewall rule, or redirection tool such as redir may be used to redirect traffic from a privileged port to an unprivileged one (where a podman pod is bound) in a server scenario - where a user has access to the root account (or setuid on the binary would be an acceptable risk), but wants to run the containers as an unprivileged user for enhanced security and for a limited number of pre-known ports.
If /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid are not set up for a user, then podman commands can easily fail
This can be a big issue on machines using Network Based Password information (FreeIPA, Active Directory, LDAP)
We are working to get support for NSSWITCH on the /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid files.
No cgroup V1 Support
cgroup V1 does not safely support cgroup delegation.
Can not share container images with CRI-O or other rootful users
Making device nodes within a container fails, even when running --privileged.
The kernel does not allow non root user processes (processes without CAP_MKNOD) to create device nodes. If a container needs to create device nodes, it must be run as root.
When using --net=host with rootless containers, subsequent podman execs to that container will not join the host network namespace because it is owned by root.

Kushal Das :python: :tor:
2 weeks ago

Morning `dnf update` includes a @Podman_io update as well. #podman #container

2 weeks ago

Yesterday I tried to run a #Kubernetes cluster on my laptop using minikube. With both #Docker and #Podman drivers it failed with some weird errors and all possibly related GitHub issues were stale and/or closed with no solution. I ended up using the #KVM driver, that one didn't have any issues except for installing libvirt and qemu

2 weeks ago

Hello everyone, so at my new job I'll get a MacBook snd until #AsahiLinux supports the security processor I will be a good girl and use #macOS. For someone coming from a setup mixing #ArchLinux, #Fedora #Silverblue / #CoreOS, even some #NixOS and does weird stuff with #podman sometimes: Are there some general recommendations from other #Linux exiles (I use vanilla #GNOME nowadays mostly, so maybe not too much lol?)

I currently plan to use the mac as mostly a shiny looking physical terminal + some vscode/vi, that should be mostly trivial. As such I'm mostly worried about things like a proper keyboard layout (I use us altgr-intl, caps mapped to ctrl, tab to esc).

Otherwise I'm thinking of grabbing #Firefox and activating Lockdown Mode. I've seen nix-home and will try setting that up for day-to-day tasks/tools.

Coming from Evolution, is Apple Mail decent? Any other "classic" GNOME tool I'd miss? Currently looking for trustworthy replacements for Nick's YT downloader, Warp (Wormhole GUI), Frog (OCR tool), Obfuscate (picture obfuscator/censoring tool), Characters (searching through Unicode symbols/emoji). Anything else I may take for granted but is different? ¹

¹ I already know the cli differences w.r.t. bsd based tools, but my personal scripts are mostly posix/ksh8x compliant anyway :D

2 weeks ago

Anyone got any good #NixOS resources for setting up #Minikube with #Podman or #KVM in a #Nix shell?

Or at least any good #NixFlake guide on setting up #QEMU and #KVM?

#NixShell #NixFlakes #Kubernetes #K8S

jolupa :fedora: :gnome:
2 weeks ago

Interessants noves funcions a la «release candidate» de #Podman


2 weeks ago

The Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo container images for all of the versions on have now been restored. If one is missing, please create an issue in GitHub. Thanks for the patience, apologies for any inconvenience, and details at: #podman #opensource

2 weeks ago

Mit heute ist jetzt jedes von mir direkt genutzte Gerät #Docker frei.

Kein Docker, Docker-Compose, Docker-Maschine mehr. Nur noch #Podman und #podmancompose

👀 at you my little remaining servers

swagg boi :mastoiddong_gold:
2 weeks ago

Is it bad to set the unqualified search thing back to in #podman? (Referencing this post)

Arctic :blobowo:
2 weeks ago

Ok so my #podman setup on Windows has decided it is going to just die. That is fun I guess
2 weeks ago

I started using #Podman mostly because of how easy it was to install on #Debian. But I've been moving a lot of my older #Docker projects over and in a lot of ways it's a perfect drop in replacement.

It might be my imagination but it also feels a bit faster and more responsive. I'm still learning, tho.

If you don’t care about #BuildKit ’s additional features, using #Podman is just a little bit simpler while offering the same user experience. Finally, you could look into #Buildah, which is how podman build is implemented: it’s a tool specifically focused only on building image,it%20does%20support%20build%20secrets.

#pipglr , a #Podman -in-Podman setup to stand up your own rootless #GitLab Runners using rootless Podman. This approach does not require any changes to your .gitlab-ci.yaml configuration, so you can continue using your existing setup as is.
i am new to managing this on my own , so atm tying #trivy 1 for that , let's see

[Package]: #podman · Issue #9141 · #termux /termux-packages · GitHub
Like why
This is precisely why i need #ufs in my phone

Labeling systems like #SELinux require that proper labels are placed on volume content mounted into a container. Without a label, the security system might prevent the processes running inside the container from using the content. By default, #Podman does not change the labels set by the OS.
By default #TLS verification is turned on when communicating to registries from Podman. If the registry does not require encryption the Podman commands such as build, commit, pull and push will fail unless TLS verification is turned off using the --tls-verify option. NOTE: It is not at all recommended to communicate with a registry and not use TLS verification.
rootless containers cannot #ping hosts
Since the administrator of the system set up your home directory to be noexec, you will not be allowed to execute containers from storage in your home directory. It is possible to work around this by manually specifying a container storage path that is not on a noexec mount. Simply copy the file /etc/containers/storage.conf to ~/.config/containers/ (creating the directory if necessary). Specify a graphroot directory which is not on a #noexec mount point and to which you have read/write privileges.

Updated container images are available as well !

Choose Docker Hub or #Quay, #Docker or #Podman ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A screenshot of the instructions for getting started with ara containers.
A screenshot of the ara container image tags on Docker Hub.
A screenshot of the ara container image tags on
Ilkka Tengvall
2 weeks ago

@jarkko likely due that if you build the next images, each previous layer just gets reused. Each Containefile CMD creates a new layer. There is also the non "bud" way where you specifically create layer only at commit. Then you control when you create the image layers. Like this:
#podman #buildah #containers

Ilkka Tengvall
2 weeks ago

@jarkko these sub[gu]ids are for giving change to run pods as user instead of root, yet having separation of permissions from user. They are must. After using #podman for a while, there is no going back 😁

Dirty details:

Jonas Lejon
3 weeks ago

Jag har skrivit en guide om hur Er organisation kan säkra upp en container-baserad miljö:

#containers #docker #podman #security #cybersecurity #säkerhet #sbom

#Weblorg is an Emacs-Lisp API rather than a command line tool. The use of the API becomes the description of a pipeline that takes lists of Org-Mode files as input, templatize them and generate HTML files as an output. Although it can be used just like any other Emacs Lisp API, there are some conventions for creating a weblorg.
sounds good
gotta mod 1 src it a bit to render media
like #Python's os.path.join or in #nix

(defun joindirs (root &rest dirs)
"Joins a series of directories together, like Python's os.path.join,
(dotemacs-joindirs \"/tmp\" \"a\" \"b\" \"c\") => /tmp/a/b/c"

(if (not dirs)
(apply 'joindirs
(expand-file-name (car dirs) root)
(cdr dirs))))


(joindirs "/tmp" "a" "b")
(joindirs "~" ".emacs.d" "src")
(joindirs "~" ".emacs.d" "~tmp")

kinda interesting error #podman 1

podman run --name app --privilaged \
--mount --type=bind,source=target \
-p 9080:80 -d nginx

podman run --network=host nginxinc/nginx-unprivileged

apparently that's pretty much all , there is to mounting a content volume to an #nginx server in a podmain container , now if I want n such containers to talk I might need #k8 or equivalent , if I want this container be hosted on a different os, I might run it with a #vm yeda yeda yeda

3 weeks ago

#selfhosting #docker #podman #containers #databases #database #postgresql #SQL

self-hosting newbie here. Is it worth centralizing all my databases onto one container, or is having a container for each service the best approach?

3 weeks ago

I've been using #Docker on my #LibreComputer, an #SBC abotu equivalent to a Raspberry Pi 3, with 2 GB of RAM. I was just reading about #Podman as a drop-in replacement for Docker. Does anyone have any experience using it? Will it use noticeably less system resources? Any gotchas?

Linux TLDR
3 weeks ago

Docker CLI Cheatsheet
#Linux #Docker #Podman

la vida es lo que pasa mientras subes imágenes de contenedor al registro

#podman #docker

1 month ago

Anybody using #archiveBox ?

I've spun it up in #podman and it's working on http links, but throwing errors on https. I'm not clear the best place to ask for help...

(#GitHub issues never feel like the right spot to ask stuff like this)

@sotolf @Mundon @tulpa @gamey @fedops I can forgive you not using #Fedora if you give #Podman 🦭 a try 🤣

Just kidding.... wait not kidding... 😉

ContainerSSH | Cloud Native Computing Foundation

"ContainerSSH launches a new container for each #SSH connection in Kubernetes, #Podman or Docker. The user is transparently dropped in the container and the container is removed when the user disconnects"

Bryan Redeagle
1 month ago

Without access to docker, I made my own development environment! With blackjack! And hookers!

Thanks to Kenny Dodrill (who hates the internet now) for having a blog post that gave me the info needed to make it happen.

#podman #development #WebDevelopment

Bryan Redeagle
1 month ago

I've hit a stumbling block on using an immutable OpenSUSE. I've been using ddev for my web development (and it works great!), but it requires docker and my OS only has podman.

Could I install docker? Yes, but that defeats the spirit of the thing.

#ddev #docker #podman #OpenSuse #development

1 month ago
Herzenschein 🐰
1 month ago

Awesome academic paper I just found whose name is "Security in Rootless Containers
– Measuring the Attack Surface of Containers", talking about rootless #Podman, #Docker and others.

You can skip to the conclusion here:

The most interesting bits being:

The results from the tests have shown that the design choice of the container engine influences the attack surface more than whether the container is rootless or rootful.

Contrary to intuition, rootless containers do not necessarily have smaller attack surface than rootful
containers, according to this study.

Furthermore, using a local container image instead of downloading one significantly reduces the attack surface.

But in general the rootless Podman fork-exec model had smaller atackability than the rootless Docker client/server model, except when it came to private memory mappings.

1 month ago

We made some progress in July/August, but are back to 42 open requests for new products on

If you use or rely on one of these products, please help us by filing a PR. Doesn't have to be perfect, and we'll guide you in case of any issues.

Sample of open requests: #hasura, #pypy, #rust, #podman, #steam, #jboss, #erlang, #solaris, #spark, #hadoop.

Complete List:

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

Some very good news. #podman support in #SystemInitiative is coming along! The discord (yeah, I know) is very active right now. If you have ways you might want to contribute or test and give feedback for this fresh #opensource #DevOps service, it's a good time to jump in the pool.

Ilkka Tengvall
1 month ago

@vwbusguy this was really confusing. I watched the video, which uses docker to initiate #coreos, which sets up #podman. Which is native on coreos. Made me wonder why the docker in the first place?

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

Hmm, it almost works. There's a #podman engine option in si, but it gives this fancy error message:

"Podman isn't supported as an engine at this time! It's coming soon though..."

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

Progress. Just had to set:

export SI_DOCKER_SOCK=/run/podman/podman.sock

Then `si start` progressed using #podman, but sadly didn't quite complete. #systeminit #SystemInitiative

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

I think I'll see how far I can get using #podman. Whenever I see "this requires #docker", I always seem to take that as a dare and a challenge to prove it false.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 month ago

Do you use #VPN?
Does it always wreck DNS for #WSL, #Podman, Zoom, etc.?

Maybe you need: #WSLVPKit

It worked for me, it could work for you.

oh, fun /s, was going to try using #distrobox again for some stuff, but I'm now having this same issue as this person with #podman #linux

2 months ago

If you didn't see it, check out Podmansh, a new login shell that dropped in version 4.6. Podmansh allows an admin to have a user connect directly to a rootless container at login. @rakevdnamhsekol gives a great intro in this blog post: #opensource #podman

Shrouded Scribe
2 months ago

@hamatti SyncThing is my file synchronization tool of choice for clients on my network. I sync my documents to a server in my #homelab, and they somewhat seamlessly stay updated across my desktop and laptop. Run it in a #podman container connected to my NAS with an NFS share. And there's a windows client, SyncTrayzor. Great piece of software.

Ilkka Tengvall
2 months ago

@rolle todays discussion almost drives me over the edge with my decision not to start hosting my own #matrix.... As I'd be lazy updating it, I'd leave the job for #podman autoupdate. Aaaargh... How can I resist the urge to install it?

Check out the next batch of talks - watch live! #Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #KDE #EPEL #Podman #AsahiLinux


Intro to Podman Desktop:

Fedora & Asahi Linux:

Fedora CI Update:

Scott Williams 🐧
2 months ago

Seems a previous employer has been getting emails from #Docker sales asking to help make sure they're "properly licensed" according to their developers' usage. I'm very happy that I pushed to standardize on #podman there instead. I'm sure they are right now, too. This is #Oracle style tactics.

2 months ago


Whats the best path here?

podman-generate-systemd podman-compose with restart-policy: always (and auto-restart.service)

#Podman #Systemd #Debian #Container

2 months ago

Paige Cruz explains what #Podman is at #FOSSY #ContainerDay

3 months ago

Does anybody have any suggestions for an #opensource #selfhosted #kanban platform that is not based on #postgresql with a preference for #sqlite or something like that. Ideally, I want to be able to just launch one container and have it up and going. I am starting to reconsider if #Podman was really the right choice over #Docker for my #production instances, because otherwise I'd happily just be loading up #compose files. #programming #taskmanagement #trello

I think my issue with anything #Docker or #Podman related is that everyone makes it sound brain-dead easy and then I do exactly what they're doing and nothing works and I have no clue as to why and it makes me get fucking pissed

Why is this so difficult?! ;-;

Major Hayden 🤠
3 months ago

Want to deploy your own Ghost blog in containers on @fedora CoreOS? 👻

It's a great way to self-host Ghost with automated updates. 🤖

#ghost #fedora #coreos #podman #docker #containers #linux

Exporto el sistema de archivos de un contenedor #podman y me sale un .tar de 500 bytes.

Me le quedo viendo.

No puede ser ¿o si?

veo el comando que corrí:

podman container export --help charming_cartwright > mysql.tar

aaaaaaaaaaaa ptm

Michael Friedrich 🦊
4 months ago

📚 Tools and tips for your daily use

gron, Altair GraphQL client, Crane, #Podman in #GitLab Runners, Lima for Linux VMs on macOS, Monokle for #Kubernetes

Scott Williams 🐧
4 months ago

@chris Personally, I really like that #Fedora does #podman out of box. After getting used to podman/skopeo/buildah, #docker feels like some severe legacy stuff.

Gerard Braad
4 months ago

With the release of #Podman Desktop 1.0 and the OpenShift Local as one of the extensions, my team has delivered the next chapter in our journey to enable #OpenShift development on the desktop.

This makes it possible to build containers on Podman and move them to OpenShift/k8s.

You can start an optimized, but experimental Edge solution with Microshift or use the single node OpenShift cluster which is close to a production setup.

Máirín Duffy
4 months ago

Yesterday we announced 🦭 #Podman Desktop 1.0's release from the #RedHat Summit. Podman Desktop is a developer-oriented, free and open source container tool that can help you deploy your apps to Kubernetes. It is cross-platform, supporting Linux, Mac OS, and Linux.

I work on UX for this tool and would love to hear your feedback so we can make it a better tool for you :-)

All of the details for the 1.0 release are here:

Cute cartoon of three happy seals wearing purple party hats next to a large "1.0" with confetti everywhere
Screenshot of Podman Desktop's UI, with three screens: the main screen with a list of containers, the dashboard showing podman running w options to install additional container engines and other extensions, ans a screenshot showing the flow for deploying a pod to Kubernetes
Random Geek
5 months ago

Checking out #podman which means I'm making some actual progress on the intended TOLEARN stack for 2023.

Máirín Duffy
5 months ago

Podman Desktop 0.15 is out! 🎉

- #Podman 4.5 for win/mac
- Kind ingress
- External port controls for podifying
- UI improvements including new nav and markdown support for extensions

Check it out:

A 3D Blender rendering of an isometric living room with purple couches, and 3 cute seals drawn on top cleaning up the room.

Say hi to @Podman_io and @pipewire! Check them out if you want more details on those projects. #Fedora #Podman #Pipewire

GNU/Matt :fedora: :kde:
5 months ago

What is the logic behind packaging #jellyfin server as a #flatpak ? It's not like you can't run #jellyfin as a rootless #podman container on any machine that could also run flatpak.

Are new users hosting on #steamdeck or something?

Bryan Redeagle
5 months ago

I wish there was a DDEV or Lando, but with Podman. I learned that Docker doesn't work well on Fedora.

#docker #podman #fedora #ddev #lando #WebDev

5 months ago

Podman Desktop v0.14 has just been released! It includes a Kind extension, allowing you to manage both Kubernetes and Podman environments seamlessly. It also includes UI enhancements and a few bug fixes. Details: #opensource #podman