Paul Semel
22 hours ago

Started reading Roger Reeves' "King Me: Poems"
Thinking his second book of #poems was better than this, his debut, but we'll see.
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Aqua 🏳️‍🌈
1 day ago

A Certain Kind of Debt


You warned me about striving.
You said once they gave you a house

with waves of peppermint in the backyard,
the Library of Babylon, and free lunch,

they would take it away. Still, I ate
the fake meat they served on Fridays,

always alone with my petite jar of grief.
I liked the jar because it gave me something

to look forward to. The truth is uncomfortable—
now that’s something I told you.

I told you other things too—that we would
end up down south again in that city

of tarot card readers, storms, and gin.
In the summer, it’s terror for people

who can’t take it. But we can.
We were never really going to get away.

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1 day ago

„the #flowers were dressed in nothing but light” excerpt from Mary Oliver's #poem ”Just as the calendar began to day #summer
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Robert J. Tiess
1 day ago

My poem "Within the Wake of Wider Gyres"
for a James Joyce (*waking from the nightmare of history) theme poetry challenge.

(* The comment of waking from history's nightmare comes from Stephen Dedalus, a character in Joyce's novel Ulysses.)

Poem text link:

Allusions are made to Joyce (including Finnegans Wake), Yeats ("The Second Coming"), and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein).

#poems #poetry #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity #history #nightmares #jamesjoyce #Frankenstein #metaphors #horror #poem #thepast

Paul Semel
2 days ago

Finished reading Mai Der Vang's "Yellow Rain: Poems."
Was interesting for a while, but ultimately didn't grab me as much as her previous book of #poems, "Afterland."
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2 days ago


My little contribution for #wearorange

A ballad against gun violence

Thanks for reading

Only 4 minutes reading time
❤️ si_irini 😘

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Poem-ballad against gun violence
Page 1
If you have problems to read it please contact me
Poem-ballad against gun violence
Page 2
Poem-ballad against violence
Page 3

@DrOinFLA @claudiamiles

I’m tryin ta think
But nothing happens. Oh, no
It’s the Three Stooges.

#ThirtySecondHaiku #poetry #poems

2 days ago

Pizza is the best.
It's delicious, and you don't
Have to wash dishes.
OK, now you folks go!
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last robot
2 days ago

On June 8 at 8pm EST, Pinhole Poetry is launching their 1st print publication, a chapbook of poems selected from the inaugural volume of the journal! Contributors will read their work & showcase some pinhole photos. To join the zoom launch, please register here:

ps. Pinhole is awesome. The contributors have written poems that make you feel the feels.

pps. I'm one of the contributors who will be reading 🌞 Come hear us!

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Aqua 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.

When your vision has gone,
no part of the world can find you.

Time to go into the dark
where the night has eyes
to recognize its own.

There you can be sure
you are not beyond love.

The dark will be your home

The night will give you a horizon
further than you can see.

You must learn one thing.
The world was made to be free in.

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.

Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn

anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.

David Whyte

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2 days ago


A UFO per witnesses' information
reported to a passing traffic cop:
glinting metallic blue, grey on top—
turns out, from Kai's birthday celebration.

— § —


wants to show who's boss
storms in demanding, outraged—
I don't give a toss

— § —


houses in decline
faded paint
boards over windows

#haiku #MicroPoetry #SmallPoems #poems #poetry #PoetryCommunity
#DailyHaikuPrompt: toss
#SalemVerse: windswept
#VSSPoem: decline

3 days ago

the locust tree is dying. my love noticed it first. i could see no difference between the pair, their ruffle of green feathers against the june light...

"where the knowing is" by Jill Kitchen #poetry #poem #poems #poets #prosepoem

3 days ago

I think of love as this inexhaustible power. Fueled by honesty and commitment. Often mistaken for weakness. Sometimes given through distance. But always bound to us by belief. Belief that the strongest bond we share is the bond of love and kindness.
Love is pure. It’s just the way we hand it out that can distort its original meaning.
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3 days ago


coming-out ball
irises don ruffled gowns
flaunt décolletage

— § —

medusas pulsate
in ocean's profundity
thoughtless bubbles

#haiku #MicroPoetry #SmallPoems #poems #poetry
#575Prompt 157: circular

Aqua 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Utnapishtim is a character in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. He is tasked by the god Enki to create a giant ship to be called Preserver of Life in preparation of a giant flood that would wipe out all life.


Who knows the shape
of the great sea, Gilgamesh?

I have seen it.

The flood
poured through me like molten lead through cloth
and still even I don't know.

Now you come here to ask for immortality.
Your childishness makes me smile.

Return to your mud walls strong man.
Sit at your muddy river banks and cry for Enkidu.
Then, you too
may know the shape
of the great sea.

#poetry #poet #poetrycommunity #writer #writingcommunity #poem #poetrylovers #poems

by Little_Morry

Aqua 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

"One day, I stopped telling myself what is was that I was telling myself and I stopped needing to know, all the things that I needed to know. "
-David Whyte

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4 days ago

Wet was the light as we saw it
through a threadbare lens
of what we call time or that period
of waiting between what will happen
next and what we regret having happened,
the hard-bad opposite of a world hunch or an omen...

"Wet was the Light" by Millicent Borges Accardi #poetry #poem #poems #poets

4 days ago


Finally, I am very happy that it is finished 😊

A thoughtful poem about the world.

It could almost be a second #introduction, while writing it I often thought it represented me very well.

But I think it does for many.

Thank you so much for reading, only takes 2 small minutes 🙏🏼🌹❤️

For those who can't read it, I'll make a thread about it later.

#writing #poem #text #betterworld #hope #givethemavoice #love #humanity #kindness #poems #human #tolerance #world

Poem about the world
„I saw“
If you can not read it please write me, thank you
Second part of the poem
If you have problems with reading, please feel free to write me.

If I seem reticent,
My eyes sliding slowly off yours
To watch the busy ants on the ground
(Always busy, the ants)

It's because the sun behind you
Has your halo of hair
Bursting into celestial flame,
Matching the light in your eyes

Both of which
Make me shy

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4 days ago
Tony Zee
5 days ago

Some AI art that I've been working on, inspired by some of my haiku poetry.

Cold eyes watching me
Their gaze intent and piercing
Pointed blades of steel.

#haiku #haikupoetry #poetry #poets #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #poetryisnotdead #poems #poemsdaily #poetsofmastodon #amwriting #writing #writingcommunity #ai #aiartwork #AiArtCommunity

Aqua 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

You Reading This, Be Ready

-William Stafford

Starting here, what do you want to remember?
How sunlight creeps along a shining floor?
What scent of old wood hovers, what softened
sound from outside fills the air?

Will you ever bring a better gift for the world
than the breathing respect that you carry
wherever you go right now? Are you waiting
for time to show you some better thoughts?

When you turn around, starting here, lift this
new glimpse that you found; carry into evening
all that you want from this day. This interval you spent
reading or hearing this, keep it for life –

What can anyone give you greater than now,
starting here, right in this room, when you turn around?

#poetry #poet #poetrycommunity #writer #writingcommunity #poem #poetrylovers #poems

alex guenther
5 days ago

i invite you to attempt to enjoy the latest in my ekphrastic series on hiroshige's "100 famous views of edo"! #sonnet #sonnets #poem #poems #poetry

14. temple gardens in nippori.  the winter’s withered branches, gnarled and bent like bony-noded knuckles on a crone, exploding in a sea of fully-blown and brilliant petals, form a feathered tent to drape the temple - not by accident; their seedlings were manipulated, grown for human delectation (all we’re shown’s been pruned, our own aesthetic’s dominant);  but through prioritizing nature’s flaws, its rough and lonely melancholy, signs of weathering - we’ve conjured from the earth  the blossoms’ fleeting transience; the laws and dominance of man aren’t, by design, what lends this dying scenery its worth.
print 14 in the series.
last robot
5 days ago

On June 8 at 8pm EST, Pinhole Poetry is launching their 1st print publication, a chapbook of poems selected from the inaugural volume of the journal! Contributors will read their work & showcase some pinhole photos. To join the zoom launch, please register here:

ps. Pinhole is awesome. The contributors have written poems that make you feel the feels.

pps. I'm one of the contributors who will be reading 🌞 Come hear us!

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alex guenther
6 days ago

embouchure of dusk,
molten thunder-thrumming maw;
swallowing monsoon.

#haiku #poem #poems #poetry #smallpoems

a cloud. photo by me.
alex guenther
6 days ago

pressured anvilhead
hammers hunched, expectant streets;
verdigris of light.

#haiku #poem #poems #poetry #smallpoems

a rainstorm starting. photo by me.
1 week ago

Dear #fediverse

I'm going to get back into the grips of my #poems now....

Started several, want to finish a few, love them and then release them to you.

Thank you so much for reading my poems and thoughts.
You are great!

❤️ si_irini 😘

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Yahia Lababidi
1 week ago

Pleased to have 4 #poems featured in Live Encounters #Magazine : showcasing leading academics, #writers, #poets, #activists of all hues etc. from around the #world.

#poetry #poetrycommunity #writing #WritingCommunity #spirituality #prayer #SilentSunday #Monday #inspiration

katherine montalto
2 weeks ago

2023 05 #Haiku #Zine
how to fold a one-page zine
Print out a free copy here.
#ZineLibraries please feel free to print out this zine and add it to your collection.
contact me to let me know
Read #poems here.

gif of hands folding a one page zine
Schmutzie 🦉
2 weeks ago

Tracy K. Smith's "My God, It's Full of Stars" is especially excellent if you like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. #Poem #Poems #Poetry

Stephanie Burgis
3 weeks ago

This week, I pushed my (still-injured) spine too far, so as I've been enduring the increased pain tonight, I've been reading, like doses of perfect emotional nourishment, the poems in Ada Limon's latest collection, which is called (ironically) The Hurting Kind. Every single one has been exactly what I've needed. Such a gift!

#poetry #poems

3 weeks ago

I've tried to write a poem as a model for children to use in #schools to explore their senses. In the end, I focussed on the the simple joys of a nose and toes. #poetry #poems #poem4kids #poemsforkids #poetrycommuntity #senses

Nose and Toes

When I pull off my socks
and let the air
tickle my toes
My happiness grows

When I lie by my dog
and let her hair
prickle my nose
My happiness grows

When I splash in the sea
and let her waves
nibble my toes
My happiness flows

When I hug with my mum
and let her scent
wiggle my nose
My happiness flows

When I play on the grass
and let its blades
peep through my toes
My happiness glows

When I take a new breath
and let its thrill
sweep though my nose
My happiness glows

Mark Bird
alex guenther
3 weeks ago

leaf-fringed pools of light,
desolate photonic flares;
streetlamps in the park.

#haiku #poem #poems #poetry #smallpoems

Yahia Lababidi
4 weeks ago

My new weekly installment in Metapsychosis: #journal of #consciousness, #literature & #art:

Never mind #poetry or prose, good #literature is the art of friction.

#Poems seem to grow with us. Often, it’s only we who are catching up with a #poem’s dimension.

#Writing is a kind of echolocating—to discover our tribe.

via @madrush

#WritingCommunity #ai #inspiration #motivation #wisdom #spirituality #meditation #poetrycommunity #quotes #words #books #life

alex guenther
4 weeks ago

oily, echoing;
concrete cave, inhuman hive -
catacomb of cars.

#haiku #poem #poems #poetry #mypoem #smallpoems

a parking garage. photo by me
Stanza Cannon
1 month ago

Tired of reading your #poems to yourself? How about sharing them with the world? #Submissions are open for our Summer 2023 issue, and we have a global audience waiting to give you an ear:

#BreakTheSoundBarrier #poetry

olga Brajnović
1 month ago

Last Tuesday, I read my #poems to #kids in the primary #school of my square, who inspire me with their #joy and #vitality. I was afraid of such a new audience. They were so receptive I was impressed. A little girl asked me if she could hug me to say thanks, and then all the kids gathered around me in a big collective hug.😍 Now, when I leave my home, they are playing in the park of my quarter, and they come to greet me. They had stolen my heart!❤️
#Poetry #kids #school #education

Quarter of St. Francis in Pamplona Spain
Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

Delighted to receive this wonderful #illustration to one of my #poems in "Balancing Acts" from #artist, and #friend, J L E



Tell me, have you found a #sea
deep enough to swim in
deep enough to drown in

waters to engage you
distract you, keep you
from crossing to the other shore?"

(Press 53)

#NationalPoetryMonth #poetry #WritingCommunity #art #books #Thursday #hope @bookstodon #bookstodon #writing #poetrycommunity

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

#goodnews from #Egypt 🇪🇬

‘Dear Mr. Lababidi,

I am Associate Professor at Ain Shams #University جامعة عين شمس , Cairo.

I'm planning to write a paper about some of your #poems & #aphorisms. I intend to focus on your admirable use of metaphor within the conceptual metaphor #theory.

I was wondering if you could update me about your most recent poems after those published in Balancing Acts

Looking forward to working on your enjoyable production’

@bookstodon #books #WritingCommunity

1 month ago

Inside of this measuring stick called a line
is the breath of your poem.
See, how you breathe in
then out,
your best-washed thoughts at the end
or beginning of letters strung
on a clothesline of air.

The bigger inhale is a stanza,
a crisp paragraph of words,
thoughts stacked as neat as laundry,
folded, ready to wear,
just waiting for you
to say them.

—Marjorie Maddox Hafer, The Short and Long of It

#MondayMood #photography #poems

In the foreground brightly coloured clothes hang on the line against a forest background of tree trunks and green ferns. Between the trunks are glimpses of the calm waters of a large pond.
Jessica Reisman
2 months ago

A poem from last year. I feel this always. #poems

Jay Stott
2 months ago

Saw a deer running
To be clear, I was running.
He just stood. And looked.
#haiku #running #poems

2 months ago

Check out my latest chap, The Vessel of the Now, available from Back Room #Poetry. Sample poem, a little bit about the book, and order info here:

#poems #chapbooks #nationalpoetrymonth #SupportIndiePresses

Full cover of The Vessel of the Now: a dark tan spread with random black ink blotches, "back room poetry" in red in the upper right, the title in black on teh opposite side, and "Ink" in the lower right.
Stanza Cannon
2 months ago

(Issue) Number Five is alive! Short and sweet with punch and pucker, our first issue of 2023 features eight brilliant #poems by five #poets: @dogtrax; Gregory Schwartz; Laura Cooney; @jackferguson; and Gerald Sarnat. Listen to them all here:

#litmag #literaryjournal #litjournal #audio

Sharon Cummings Art
2 months ago
Colorful seahorse fish art by beach artist Sharon Cummings.  Poem in post.
2 months ago


Hi, I’m Ken, I’ve been on the Fediverse for a couple of weeks now. It seemed silly to introduce myself to nobody when I first started this instance, although I did fill in my bio. I’m a #writer from England who joined the Fediverse to publicise my work and maybe try to #getfedihired. I’m still feeling my way around the social aspects of this though, I don’t just want to use this as an advertising platform.

Looking back over my statuses for the first fortnight, so far I’ve mostly boosted things I found funny or beautiful. I replied to a few other posts including some responses to #SillyCuratorPrompts and #DesignChallenge – two drawings and a silly poem. And early on I posted another poem, largely to push past the anxiety I felt about the whole social media thing. The last thing I put up was some photos of spring flowers.

I already have a blog at or for your rss/atom reader. You can find more information about my book ‘Social card games’ there if you’re interested and I plan to post some stories and poems there soon, perhaps some essays too. No promises about when though, as I’m job hunting right now and not putting pressure on myself to do too much else.

#writing #poems #poetry #bookdesign #typography #cardgames #ttrpg #wargame #crochet #knitting #tunisiancrochet #woodwork #dorset #walking #gawk #guix #TeX #publishing #design

Pd Lietz
3 months ago

by springs earthy scent
arrow hits it mark

pd ~ 🌱
prompt -> arrow
#Imagiku #haiku #poetry #writing #SmallPoem #poet #Poetry #writer #MicroPoetry #poems
#March #Spring #scent
#Love #poem

Sharon Cummings Art
3 months ago

Garden spirits roam
Beneath the shrimp plants
Along the hibiscus
Between the orchids
Hanging soulfully
Their names carved
Into oddly shaped stones
A constant reminder
Of sweet furry paws
Gentle giants and little friends
Never forgotten


#art #artwork #artist #artists #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #flower #flowers #floral #spring #springtime #garden #poetry #poet #poem #writing #writingcommunity #dog #dogs #pet #pets #cat #cats #red #garden #gardening #writer #poems #poets

Bright red poppy fowers with blue and green background in an abstract style by contemporary artist Sharon Cummings.  Poetry in post.

Today’s poem from 'Our Own Coordinates: #Poems About #Dementia (, @missyerem, EIC) is this beauty by Jane Gilheaney ❤️

Come and join us this Friday, March 17 at 7 pm GMT ( #Poetry #PoetryCommunity

Screenshot of this poem from the collection:

He is Gone to the Mountain
Jane Gilheaney

He is gone to the mountain,
and when I want to hear his voice I go there.
It’s been a while now,
since his spirit headed home to Miskawn.
To the lay man, he is in Mum’s kitchen.
Hands working on something unknown to us.
Words are whispers and his smile holds secrets,
that in good moments light now quiet eyes.
But we know different.

We know, he is gone to the mountain.
Soul returned to Skerahoo.
Blue eyes that are not dimmed at all,
but sparkling in a forest stream,
and gazing warmly into Doon.
The wind on the mountain,
his arms around us,
carries us over the watery earth,
over the winding lane of Potore,
back to the place of his birth.

‘Poor Jane’ he laughs, walking,
strong as the iron,
lithe as a willow towards Bencroy,
loving the wind that shakes the heather.
The wild a flaming light in him,
too steady to destroy.
Ria Kovbasa
3 months ago


Next poem, shorter this time - "Bookstores".

Each of these is describing a particular bookstore that stuck out in my memory at some point in time.

#poetry #poems #poem #amwriting #writing #writer #writersofmastodon

Fully Booked - Bonifacio High Street, Manila
Six floors. Infinite-story. Mural -
dark haired woman with a pink cat, painted on a wall of book jackets. Ant people looking up. Growing up from the carpet of the Young Adult section to
Classics armchairs one level above. Ding ding elevator. At the
roof - glossy paper, full color prints, art books with magnificent price tags. Tired? Grab a coffee. Frozen yoghurt around the corner. A pizza place. All in a line. Next to the
biography section. Bring Michelle Obama to lunch! Pay for yourself.
Fully Booked - Rockwell, Manila
One floor. Cafe with five-layer rainbow cake. Unwrap the books that say DO NOT OPEN and hide the wrapper behind the shelf. Sit on the floor, leaving your butt prints all over. Every section memorized. Home is a five minute walk, the shelves a welcome escape. Run after class, stroll in waiting for a movie, meet at the Science section for dates. Kiss on the cheek, book in hand. Let's love.
Bukva - Global UA, Zhytomyr
The first mall - the first chains. McDonald's closer than two
hour ride east. A logo known to Kyiv. Smile at the desk. Steve Jobs smiles back under "BESTSELLERS". Russian shrinks. Ukrainian grows. An equilibrium. Wonder what being from here actually means. Grab a soft cover - identity in letters. Listen: they whisper why we're o n . Sneak glances at the English section. Remember to read in the original. Every summer, come back. A winter - books have turned to candles. No more knowledge for you.
Knigarnya "E" - Old Town, Kyiv
A basement above which hangs a sign: "HELP. WE ARE BEING EXTORTED BY A FAKE GOVERNMENT AGENGI.
THEY WANT OUR LAND. SPREAD THE WORD SO WE DON'T CLOSE DOWN." No graffiti. Cigarette butts disappear around the stairs. Walk in: coat off. One language. Memories of the revolution - which one? Modern Ukrainian Fiction.
Names not taught in school. Covers with flowers. Covers with guns. Confidently, now, present them. Cashier's hands hold them carefully, like fire.
Kinokuniya - Shinjuku, Tokyo
You've only mastered two alphabets. Chinese characters are still beyond you. On the subway, feel proud over recognizing the kanji for "Entrance". It also means "Mouth Person". Draw stick figures in the landscape with your mind. Nobody talks on the train. You read, a book from Ukraine. You wonder if anyone here even knows about it. They probably don't.
Elevator to the top floor. Open. Whoosh. A land of understanding, the foreign language section of heaven.
Curated to perfection. Buy everything count the bills. Walk out with 3450 yen worth of textbooks. Cradle the bag on the train home.
Kinokuniya - Dubai Mall, Dubai
Same name, different store. The trains here have women's sections. The bookstore doesn't. First month here. Run around, laughing the nervousness out of your lungs. The biggest mall. The largest aquarium. The tallest tower. The best bookstore? Walk off with another book you didn't need. Never forget the smell.
Borders - Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi
What percentage of a store's inventory must be made of books to call it a "bookstore"? Toys, doll's stuffed animals, robots, clay, cards, emoji plushies, postcards, pencils, pens, books? In the corner. Abandoned, like dogs in a shelter. Buy them, before they get euthanized. Tuck them away. Feed them with altention, one page at a timc. Do not skim.
Magrudy's - Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi Nowhere to stand twice a ycar. Carts, yelling, laughing, hugging. What class are you taking? May I have your ID? Sign here, please. Come here later. Walk between shelves, waiting for the jackets to whisper. NYUAD RECOMMENDS. Do I trust? Amorphous blob of organization identity. Recommends Shakespeare. Sneak away paperbacks at 10 dirhams a piece.
Collect dust under your bed. One day, all will be read.

At the bottom of the page, there's a photo of a desk with a black notebook and a small brown box with colored pencils in it.
Ria Kovbasa
3 months ago


"Another Forest Song" (2/2)

All writing and illustrations were done by me.

#poetry #poems #poem #amwriting #writing #writer

Collect ink from morning dew on
Freshly bloomed snowdrops,
Collect the threads from leaves of the oldest oak.
Count the rings in the wood that you can't see.

You whisper to me that you remember The shadowy forests near your house. You miss the hand of your mother Along the sunny trails.

Her voice spoke of magic
And you heard it echo in your steps When you ran off to the trees 
Under the full moon, as she slept.

You've waited for dreams
Of music you've never heard 
And collected memories
Of a life you never led.

You're writing a märchendrama 
For shadows under your bed,
Whispers in your nightmares, 
Prayers before bed.
Quand on est bête, c'est pour toujours
Quand on est morte, c'est pour un jour.
A tragicomedy: you seek the philosopher's stone,
Inserting new languages into your speech.

Yet don't know whether Don Juan, 
Is said with an 'h' or a 'j'.
Salamanca doesn't hold the answers
Inked on an acorn in Volyn'.

You tell us nothing is schwarz und weiss,
But we've never heard the tongues
Of the faraway lands in your mind.
Why do you want to tell our tale?
My sister weeps while I carry her tears
In a clay watering can.
You sing "und scheint die Sonne noch so schön, 
am Ende muss sie untergehn."

But beauty is a wound
When you wear skins like shoes
And shed voices, hanging up lives 
With clothespins on tallest branches.

Collect your songs and come to the meadow,
I'll listen from under the guelder-rose.
You play with my hair when you caress the wind.
Tell me if my mother's grave is unscathed.

I would Ieave her poppies and light a candle 
But I don't have hands to hold them.
I would tell her how I've been,
But she never gave me a name.

I call myself after the stream's murmur
On starry nights.
She only looked at my face
Enough to forget it.

She cried with my blood 
And I bleed with her tears.
I cried until the forest
Adopted me as its own.

On top of that mountain,
They are building a new church,
But anyway, I was never bathed, 
In any water at al.
Ria Kovbasa
3 months ago


"Another Forest Song" (1/2)

This poem is lengthy. Will split into multiple toots.

Based on the work of Lesya Ukrainka, one of Ukraine's most treasured writers. The poem is all mine except quotes in German and French were directly taken from her writing, I don't actually speak either and had to consult native speakers to incorporate them :)

The illustrations were also all drawn by me.

#poetry #poems #poem #amwriting #writing #writer

"Another Forest Song"
In Tribute to the work of Lesya Ukrainka.

On top of that mountain,
They are building a new church,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, 
Building a new church.

On top of that mountain, 
My parents once stood, 
Mother, Mother,
Why did you not keep me?

My sister takes baths
In the river down this road
She scrubs off
The curses on her skin.

Red guelder-rose
Is laced around her neck.
The same guelder-rose 
Under which a widow sang:

I grew, I grew like a pine in the woods, My mother gave me away to a little kid. I didn't love him, but he got sick,
Got sick and fell like winter breeze.
Red marigolds
are bright against the snow. 
Cheeks of young girls,
Blushing in the night

Under the moonlight, under the moonlight, 
On our street with the best boys,
Who break the soles of their shoes
Running to their beloved's houses.

Bring us gifts too,
At least on Kupala Night.
Drop a garland in the water - 
I will dance till dawn.
My cradle hung from an oak 
By a single black thread
I will cover it in flowers
To soak up spilled blood.

They call us goddesses
And try to kiss the grass beneath our feet.
We hide in the shadows,
And cover our ears from prayers.

They don't know, but
Our songs rupture eardrums
And our faces are covered with holes, Far too hideous to see.

Dear writer,
Before you begin composing 
Trace my footsteps on the moss 
That grows to the east of a tree.

Feel my breath in raindrops
Which never reach the ground. 
Gather the flowers that bloom
Under a crescent moon.

Listen to the leaves singing 
When there is no wind.
I whisper my story to those 
Who will dare listen.

Bring your flute, and I will dance, Moving on the tips of your hair.
Make paper from the bark of this tree, Build a pen from rays of the dusking sun.
Ria Kovbasa
3 months ago


Today's #poem from my chapbook.

This one is simply titled after the format, "A Haibun", but I like something about its simplicity.

My favorite part is the end, with the quote from that book I picked up.

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A Haibun
We walked up the stairs to the sounds of birds. The sky a perfect blue, much like promised in travel brochures. The only noise was that of a motor at a construction site and somebody's cough, echoing down the stairway. A door opening and closing. No voices. Palm leaves lightly fluttering in the wind. People looking up, wondering why we'd stand and write.
Going up I had to hold my skirt so I wouldn't trip. On the highline we felt a cool breeze. Two young boys were playing with their father between the walkways. I never before noticed the tree growing here. Out of place in the Gulf climate. Thick trunk, Gray leaves. A plane slowly made its way across the sky right above the torch on the roof. I wondered if I could ever stand there and how small I would look in comparison. The button on my chest came loose and opened again. I should probably sew it in. People talked. I find it awkward to even imagine talking while I observe. Ended up in the Arabic literature isle of the library. A book I first picked up said:
"People ate just to satisfy their craving for flavor". I wondered if the hunger I felt was valid.

Promises of bliss
Fall with inconvenience
Craving winter breeze