gene x
2 days ago

Can’t stop taking double exposures with the #polaroid #I2! This one at the Patrick Martinez show at ICA entitled Ghost Land

Colin aka ManiacalV
2 days ago

Just your annual reminder that #Outkast's Hey Yeah is a super pessimistic song about modern relationships, and that you didn't listen to the words even after André 3000 said you wouldn't, and filmed the video in what looks like a funeral home with a damn casket in the middle.

Also, you aren't supposed to shake #Polaroid pictures.

Andrew Melder
4 days ago

One of those days where I wonder why I’m in my profession if I’m honest (cause I’m good at it and it pays the bills is the answer).

But on the plus side, I have some new photography items to distract me at least temporarily.

In addition to getting the Polaroid out again, I am looking forward to printing more photos.

#Photography #Polaroid #PolaroidGo #Canon #CanonSelphy #printing

A photo of two boxes: on the left, a box of Polaroid Go film and on the right, a box for the Canon Selphy CP1500 photo printer
4 days ago

Morning with delicious coffee is the key to a successful day :)


A snapshot taken by Polaroid.
A glass cup of coffee stands on a table in a strip of sunlight from a window. The cup casts a long shadow
gene x
4 days ago

yesterday at #FolsomStreetFair I gave away almost everything I shot - which was fun to do but of course I only have two shots left of some performers who I wasn't able to give the shots to. Here's the two of them both shot on the #Polaroid I2. I adjusted the exposure on the darker shot after the first one the crosses on the church were blown out. #BelieveinFilm

Also if you know these ppl let them know to reach out if they’d like the actual Polaroids

Martin Liebermann
5 days ago

Backside Nude
Polaraid Negative 1984/2017

In 1984 I experimented with color Polaroid Pack film. I kept the "negative" backsides with the Polaroid images.

They are not proper negatives like from polaroid BW film, but resemble a solarized image on opaque background. They were mostlyvisible when the light hit the right angle.

In 2017, when I scanned them, the "negatives" appearing only as a grey-brown sludge. I wanted to see what was on the image, so I cranked up contrast and saturation in digital post-processing. This was the result.

I also have a few similar nudes, treated the same way, and some portraits of friends, but they are not for publishing.

DM me for a print.


Experimental post-processed "negative" of a Polaroid Pack film. Contrast has been vastly enhanced.
An apricot colored female nude backside disappears in a green-turquoise background. She is sitting on a brown-orange cloth. The image is framed by the markings resulting from the Polaroids chemical processing. The image is very grainy and covered with scratches.
Polaroid image of a nude female torso in the direct light of a single lamp. She sits on a white cloth, colored orange by the incandescant light source. Only the bottom is visible, the upper part disappears in the shadow. The backgound is black.
Trey Piepmeier
5 days ago

Got this #Polaroid flash a few years ago, but have kind of avoided using it because the magnetic colored gels didn’t sit straight. Even if I didn’t use them, it just irked me that this $75 flash wasn’t perfect. Their tech support wasn't super helpful either, basically saying it won’t effect the use of the filter or flash.

I finally opened it up and figured out that one of the magnets was in sideways. Just needed rotating 90º. Now I actually want to use it!


Before: MiNT Flash Bar 2 with a crooked colored gel and another colored gel sitting next to it.
After: MiNT Flash Bar 2 with a now-straight colored gel and another colored gel sitting next to it.
5 days ago

"Look at this grumpy dork!" -???
Programs Used:
-Clip Studio Paint EX
------------ |

#Art #DigitalArt #Digital #Furry #Anthro #Goat #Layne #Polaroid

Jake Brown
6 days ago

Took the Polaroid out to Multnomah Falls today, and it was just water-ful 📷
#portland #oregon #pdx #pnw #polaroid

A Polaroid photo captures Multnomah Falls, with visitors waving from Benson Bridge.

What Remains
Instant film photo art #urbexphotography


Giant blimp hangar that burned down a long time ago. Inside the base frames which are huge. Polaroid instant film photo art
gene x
1 week ago

Keep forgetting to take "normal" shots while playing with the new #Polaroid #I2 but this was set to auto mode in a dark bar but I did have a prism/multi image filter attached and the camera metered it perfectly. Gotta stop playing with double exposures but I just can't help myself 😂 #believeinfilm

Zweifel, Kunst und Glaube
1 week ago

Der Feind hatte ihr Gesicht gezeichnet.
So sah ich ihre Schönheit.
Ihr Bild hatte ich auf der Straße gefunden.
Es lag da wie Abfall.
Alles in meiner Macht Stehende tat ich, um sie zu finden.

The enemy had drawn her face.
So I saw her beauty.
I had found her picture on the street.
It was lying there like garbage.
I did everything in my power to find her.

#zweifel #kunst #glaube #art #doubt #belief #analog #literatur #literature #poem #analogue #argentique #sky #himmel #photography #berlin #wolke #heartache #peinedecoeur #magoa #desamor #clouds #polaroid #outcast

gene x
1 week ago

Last nights failed double exposure #Polaroid shot on the #I2 - wanted to layer the BK2K playfield graphic with a portrait but didn’t hear/feel the first shot so took a 2nd of almost the same thing. Now I know how to read the display though 😂 #believeinfilm #pinball

Dmitri ☕️
1 week ago

Hey #BelieveInFiIm friends,

I completely rewrote my Polaroid SX-70 camera review and shooting guide. I’ve learned a few things during my five years with it and got to appreciate it even more.

It was first published in 2019. The new version includes a new exposure guide (yes, that dial!), more hi-res scans, and answers a question:

Polaroid SX-70 User Guide and Review: Is It Really the Best Instant Film Camera?

#FilmPhotography #polaroid #photography #filmisnotdead

Polaroid SX-70 camera unfolded into an open shape and held out on a stretched hand with the lens pointing towards the camera. This is two photos side by side from a slightly different angle
A diagram of light traveling through Polaroid SX-70 camera on the left with a sheet from a printed manual on the right with instructions on how to open and close it
A close-up photo of watermelon slices with rind on a bamboo cutting board with a kitchen knife that also has a bamboo handle. This photo was taken on Polaroid SX-70 and scanned.
1 week ago

Ein gelungener freier Fototag. Nach Ewigkeiten heute endlich mit der Kamera unterwegs gewesen🥰🙏🏻📸🎞️ ~ und damit der Zuckerspiegel wieder auf trab kommt gab es eine Kugel Joghurt Eis🍦 #icecream #photography #photoday #polaroid #fotografie #happy #goodday

Eis Waffel
2 weeks ago

I cracked up some Nagoya gin and ranted about Polaroid's new camera. Actually, I mostly complained about their marketing/attitude.

#polaroid #film #filmphotography #instantfilm

Dmitri ☕️
2 weeks ago

Hey #believeinfilm friends,

I've been writing a lot about Polaroid this month and as I did, I couldn't find a consistent and complete set of frame and image area dimensions.

So, I made a list of all that data from the manufacturers' websites (although Polaroid seems to be inconsistent!). And I also made a graphic.

Instant Film Dimensions

Did you know that all instant film is larger than the full frame?

#filmphotography #filmisnotdead #photography #polaroid #fujifilm

A graphic that compares image area dimensions and frame dimensions with a Polaroid photo on the background in green and black.
2 weeks ago

Dog walk polaroid

This post for the Footpath sign has been proper cosy for at least a couple of years... 🤣

Polaroid I-2
SX-70 B&W film

#believeinfilm #polaroid

Wooly bobble hat stuck on top of a Footpath sign. B&W polaroid.
2 weeks ago

Dog walk polaroid

Polaroid I-2
SX-70 B&W film

#believeinfilm #polaroid

Two border collie dogs pulling at the end of a lead along a boardwalk. Black and white polaroid photograph
2 weeks ago

Went to a friends 40th birthday party. Took a 30s exposure of the dance floor with the Polaroid I-2. Came out quite nicely... 👌

#believeinfilm #polaroid

Long exposure polaroid photograph of a dance floor with lights. The bright lights from the DJ desk radiate from the centre as multi colour lines with the sillouette of the equipment. A randon squiggily bright line is the only colour in the bottom half.
gene x
2 weeks ago

Had fun shooting my first pack on the #Polaroid I-2! This was a multi exposure shot of myself and my friend Amy Jo #BelieveInFilm #film #filmphotography

Dmitri ☕️
2 weeks ago

Hey #believeinfilm friends,

Ever since Polaroid announced their new I-2 camera earlier this month, I've been publishing articles about their products.

But today I'd like to tell you a story of how we got to this point. As some of you may know, the company and its machines were saved from being crushed seconds before it was all lost forever. This is the story of its incredible survival:

A Brief History of Polaroid

#filmphotography #polaroid #photography

Six Polaroid frames with various Polaroid/Impossible logos below each.
2 weeks ago

I was looking through a big book of Andy Warhol Polaroids in the park, but had to cut it short, because Warhol with a Polaroid in the ‘70s involves a fair number of ambush dick pics.

#Art #Artists #AndyWarhol #Photography #ArtBooks #Polaroid #InstantPhotography

2 weeks ago

The Polaroid gods just setting the tone for my relationship with my new I-2 🤣

The I-2 has a "secret" mode for SX-70 film packs. Yay. I had some I need to finish before I send off my SX-70 for refurb. This was the first image out of the pack. 🙄

#polaroid #believeinfilm

Defective polaroid print. Top left half of the photo has not developed. There is terrible colour cast and uneven development on the rest of the image. It was supposed to be an old horse shoe and corroded forks on a very old chopping stump. Also can be seen is a chuck key for a drill...
3 weeks ago

Oooooooooooh, es gibt eine neue Polaroid Kamera mit manual settings, aber dafür ist sie sauteuer... 🥵


Morag Perkins
3 weeks ago



Ohhhhhhhhhh 👀

Now this *is* interesting. Polaroid have just announced a new real camera with real manual controls and a proper lens.


@Gargron Try #Polaroid photography. It's one rabbit hole of an experience. If you're not into wasting money and resources get yourself a Polaroid Lab[0] to "print" them. ♥️


Morag Perkins
1 month ago

While I'm here - I also still have a few of the originals from the exhibition still available!

The ones at either end with the red vase are all gone, but I still have Deconstructed 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Original Polaroid emulsion lifts on A5 Yupo paper, £50 for one or £90 for a pair, including UK shipping.

See for a better view.

#Art #Polaroid #EmulsionLift #ArtForSale

Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a square white background.

The Polaroid shows a close up view of a branch of a monkey puzzle tree, facing straight on to the camera. It has densely packed triangular leaves, arranged in tight concentric circles fanning out from a cluster in the centre. 

The colour tones are deep rich emerald greens with highlights of yellowish green. The emulsion is very neat and approximately square, with only a few small irregularities at the edges.
Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a white square background.

The image shows a close up view of a dried out skeletal flower head on a weed in winter. The flower head is an umbel structure, with small stems radiating out in a circular arrangement from a single stem in the centre. The stems closest to the camera are in sharp focus, falling away quickly to a soft blur behind. There is a small wisp of spider web clinging to one of the stems close to the middle of the frame, and disappearing off out of shot to the left.

The colour tones are ethereal shades of deep purple and soft pinks, giving the whole image a surreal dreamlike quality. The emulsion is fairly neat and approximately square, with only slight irregularities around the edge and a small crease about halfway up the frame on the left.
Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a white square background.

The image shows another close up view of a dried out skeletal flower head on a weed in winter. The flower head is an umbel structure, with small stems radiating out in a circular arrangement from a single stem in the centre. The central stem runs diagonally from the bottom left corner of the frame, with the umbel structure roughly in the centre. The stems closest to the camera are in sharp focus, falling away quickly to a soft blur behind. 

The colour tones shades of deep purple and pink, fading to a dark inky midnight blue at the outer edges, giving the whole thing a feel that is a little like the night sky. The emulsion is approximately square, but with a large number of folds and creases throughout. The creases echo some of the angles in the plant structure.
Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a white square background.

The image shows a close up detail of part of an evergreen tree in winter, in the rain. Just the very end of one branch is shown in sharp focus, hanging heavy with waterdrops on the very tips of the leaves. The rest of the frame is blurry behind it, showing just hints of deep green foliage and odd points of white where there are more waterdrops.

The colour tones are deep rich emerald greens. The emulsion is approximately square, but with a large number of folds and creases throughout.
Bob Horowitz
2 months ago

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. I'm doing fine, just still in limbo, per usual.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon Chris and I took a ride up the hill to Upper Market to take pictures in the fog. It was the first day of August (Fogust) so, not surprisingly, it was bitter cold and wet.

Here is the view of Noe Valley, the Mission, Portrero Hill, and the bay. The view was so exciting!

#photography #polaroid #ShittyCameraChallenge

A view of a stoplight sitting in on a sidewalk, in front of railing separating the roadway from a steep drop-off below. The signal light is red. And the Market Street street sign is glared-out because, stupid me, I forgot to turn off the flash. 

Everything else (the view) is pretty much lost in the fog.

And being the shitty camera that this is, the colors in the picture are almost completely a cold green-blue.

Heavy S tier max pro meister tip:
Find the tulip lady in #schiphol airport with all the free #stroopwafel and a free #polaroid snappie. 🇳🇱🔥🛫🧇📸

- SINCE 1904 -
The Authentic Dutch
WARM It up on your cup
H Polley
2 months ago

Another Polaroid pinhole photo from the backyard. I love the flare from the backlighting.

📷: Supersense 66/6 Polaroid pinhole camera
🎞️: Polaroid Golden Moments iType film
⏱️: 3.5 minute exposure

#Photography #Polaroid #PinholePhotography @ShittyCameraChallenge

A Polaroid pinhole photo of a maple tree against a pink wall. Light flares through the branches. A potting bench stands to the right, with blurred fig leaves framing the right edge.
A Polaroid pinhole photo with a gold frame of a maple tree against a pink wall. Light flares through the branches. A potting bench stands to the right, with blurred fig leaves framing the right edge.
Bob Horowitz
2 months ago

Here are some flowers burning out from too much sun.

#polaroid #NatureyCrap

A cluster of a dozen white daisy-like flowers with orange centers crowd the frame, looking for attention. Some of the flower's centers are burned out and look fried by the strong sun from above.  They are history.
Bram Meehan
2 months ago

Thanks to all of @dansup’s work on #Pixelfed — most importantly the Mastodon sign-in and the Instagram import — the new home for my #Polaroid photos is

May be occasional cross-posting and boosting here, but my Pixelfed will be solely Polaroid #photography if that sort of thing interests you.

Jeremy Osborn
3 months ago

Polaroid emulsion lift - 7/4/2023

(3.5 x 4.25 in, 8.9 x 10.8 cm. Arches 140lb cold press)

#polaroid #EmulsionLift #BelieveInFilm

An abstract polaroid emulsion lift on paper. There is no obvious representation of an image, the shape is rounded at the top and expands outwards at the sides and bottom, the creases and folds of the emulsion could suggest a figure wearing a cloak. The color scheme is muted warm colors, pale oranges, pinks and greens.
H Polley
3 months ago

I took my Supersense 66/6 pinhole Polaroid camera to Crab Cove, Alameda early this morning. The photos ended up looking like twilight images.

#Polaroid #PinholeCamera #FilmPhotography @ShittyCameraChallenge

Lighter pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
Darker pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
Pinhole Polaroid photo of a calm bay and black rocks under a cloudless sky. The sky is a gradient of very dark blue tones. The Polaroid frame is gold.
Morag Perkins
3 months ago

My exhibition at closes today!

Just wanted to say thank you all for your support on here, I'm been blown away by the enthusiasm and positive response! You are awesome people 💕

If anybody still wants a print then *today* is your last chance to order!

I also have a few of the originals left, available to buy direct from me. DM or email mail <at> if you are interested.

#Photography #Art #Polaroid #EmulsionLift #BelieveInFilm

Photo collage of all 10 colour Polaroid emulsion lifts in my exhibition, laid out in two rows of 5 on a white background.

Each emulsion lift is approximately square (except the second last one, which is more of a teardrop shape), and they show an assortment of still life photographs and close up botanical details. Some are quite pristine and tidy, while others have lots of creases in the emulsion. Overall they get more creased and haphazard as you go through the set.
Morag Perkins
3 months ago

Deconstructed 9 and 10 - the last two Polaroid emulsion lifts from my exhibition.

It was a very deliberate choice to sequence the collection so that the emulsion lifts gradually 'deteriorate' as you progress through, ending with this pair where reality finally starts to crack.

The blur in the final frame is camera shake due to disability. It feels right to have left it in.

See them in context at

#Art #Photography #Polaroid #EmulsionLift

Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a plain white background.

Unlike many of the previous emulsion lifts, this one is very irregular in shape. Parts of the emulsion are missing, leaving it with a sort of teardrop shape overall, narrow at the top left corner and widening towards the bottom of the frame. There are a large number of folds and creases in the emulsion.

The image on the Polaroid is a fairly minimalist one, showing two stems of dried plant material in a dark red glass vase, silhouetted against a light sepia-coloured background. The stem to the left is some sort of allium, with a very large round seed head. To the right, leaning off the edge of the surviving emulsion, there is a dried poppy seed pod on a long stem, with a second narrower stem twisting around it. The creases in the emulsion surround the vase and plant stems in a way that is reminiscent of lightning.
Colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a white background.

This time the emulsion is complete and approximately square, but it has darker edges that are folded over themselves to create a sort of framing effect. There are a number of long deep creases that criss-cross the frame in a way that resembles cracks - a particularly prominent cluster of these emerges from halfway up the left edge of the frame and fans out towards the centre.

The Polaroid shows a fairly minimalist image of the same dark red glass vase, this time with a cluster of dried plant stems with delicate umbel-shaped seed heads. 

The plants and the vase are blurry, which combines with the folds in the emulsion to create a sense of cracking and distortion of reality.
Morag Perkins
3 months ago

I gave a (slightly rambling!) interview to Gustaf from Gallery Afém about my relationship to photography, the joy of film, and letting organic elements drive my work.

Read it here:

#Photography #Art #EmulsionLift #Polaroid #BelieveInFilm

Minimalist colour Polaroid emulsion lift on a white background.

The image shows a simple dark red glass vase with three stems of dried plant material, against a slightly textured warm sepia-toned background. The plant stems are all umbel shaped seed heads with a cluster of 'spokes' radiating out from a central stem, with tiny dried out flowers on the end of each spoke. 

The emulsion is approximately square, with slightly uneven edges, one or two tiny folds, and small patches of chemistry stuck to the emulsion in places that give it a texture slightly reminiscent of a plastered wall.
Bram Meehan
3 months ago

Filigree. Pretty sure this is a new trend, not something I just never noticed before?

#ShittyCameraChallenge x #WeirdCarMastodon

#Polaroid #PolaroidImpulse #PolaroidSX70 #FilmPhotography #BelieveInFilm #SantaFe #NewMexico #Lowrider


Polaroid closeup of a lowrider looking at bumper level; the bumper and trim around the car is decorated with metal filigree.
Closeup Polaroid of a lowrider hood with delicate painted swirls and a filigree fin down the middle.
Morag Perkins
3 months ago

The two questions I get asked most often are "what is a Polaroid emulsion lift?" and "how do you do them?" so I've made a short video of the process that will hopefully shed some light!

Enjoy 😊

#Polaroid #EmulsionLift #Photography #Art #Process #WorkInProgress

Stefan Bartsch
3 months ago

Tried my luck to catch some lightnings on #polaroid last night.

#lightningstrikes #storm #Berlin

Lightning strike with violet sky
Lightning strike with violet sky