2 hours ago

An old vector art piece I did of a fake airship airline advertising poster.

Where would you have it take you?

#art #airship #poster #fakead #vector #vectorart

Art of an old-fashioned-looking advertising poster featuring a rigid airship flying away from a highly-stylized sunset.

The poster is titled "Hydraline - Continental Air Services" on the bottom.
Copiers of Hindustan
4 hours ago

Another (quick) Bollywood, Posters and Plagiarism post! 😀

Whoa! Not even magazine covers and/or cartoons are safe! 😀 Here, look at this poster for a 2011 Bollywood “film” that shamelessly copied the cover of Mad (magazine)!

#Copied #Bollywood #Design #GraphicDesign #MadMagazine #Poster

8 hours ago

die #oat23 gehen nun in die zielgerade mit der pämierung der #poster. "beste gestaltung": thoth (, "am meisten gelernt": openCost & EZB (, "netteste präsentation": "warum hat mir das keiner gesagt?" 🎖️

Sophie G
9 hours ago

Après l'Alsace et l'Auvergne je bascule vers ma région d'origine, la PACA (on dit région Sud maintenant il parait).

Ce n'était pas prévu mais je suis tombée sur cette belle carte du Mont Ventoux, à laquelle j'ai rajouté du relief grâce à Blender

#blender #carto #vaucluse #montventoux #affiche #poster #helloclermont

carte du mont ventoux accrochée au mur dans un salon avec canapé table basse, décoré de quelques plantes vertes
carte du mont ventoux du 19e siècle avec le relief des montagnes exagéré par 3D
détail de la carte
détail de la carte
Copiers of Hindustan
17 hours ago

Bollywood historians (yes, they exist), help us! 😀 Currently, this is the earliest example of Bollywood copying a poster in our database. We’d like to know if this is indeed the first poster Bollywood copied. If it is, then this truly is a momentous post/occasion! 😀

This Bollywood poster is from 1979. By then Bollywood had already honed its plagiarism skills and was seeking new pastures... to steal from! 😀 Posters were perfect candidates!

#Copied #Bollywod #Design #GraphicDesign #Poster

CLondoner92 (New Account)
23 hours ago

#London #Transport advertisement from 1980:
"If it takes one man one gallon of petrol to get to work. How many gallons will it take 68 men?" - London Transport - the fuelsavers
#oil #congestion #traffic #urbanism #climatechange #poster #transit #pollution

From London Transport News, No. 163 - January 4 1980

If it takes one man one gallon of petrol to get to work.

How many gallons will it take 68 men?

Answer 4 gallons
Nuno Soares
1 day ago

This is Puzzled, from my Mosaic series of posters. It's the design that really started everything for this year, originating a super cool line of work I've been exploring throughout 2023
#graphicdesign #posterdesign #poster #mosaicdesign

1 day ago

noch bis 16 uhr läuft die #poster session der #oat23. 16 der 21 poster sind schon online: und das @OATage-team hatte die gute idee, die abstimmung in 3 kategorien durchzuführen: "gestaltung", "am meisten gelernt" und "nettester austausch". die wahl fiel mir trotzdem nicht leicht ... :)

So many #birds! 🐦‍🦉🦢🦅🪿 Who is your favourite?

Started this project over a year ago as a birthday present (it's a #jigsaw #puzzle! I didn't take any photos when we did it 🤦‍♀️) and now it's finally here!

Testing out #Society6 as an #printer with this one (and #CutePlanets), check it out:

#FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #Inkscape #nature #landscape #birding #crow #jackdaw #blackbird #naturelover #poster #artprint

A vector illustration of a landscape stuffed with (European) birds, there's probably 25 of them including crow, blue tit, jackdaw, seagull, owl and many more.
Detail of the illustration featuring a jay, a robin and a swan (and a house in the landscape).
Another detail with a swift, a crow and a kingfisher, all flying in the sky with clouds in the background.
Annie Hsh 👾🖖☕
3 days ago
Movie poster showing a sketch of Darth Vader, his helmet in the middle of exploding, with the film credits in Polish written below.
Film poster showing Leia, Luke, and Hand behind C-3PO, with the film credits in Polish written below.
4 days ago

#BobFried created this headshop #poster for the #GratefulDead in 1967. It was printed on plastic to let the light shine through!

I know he took the image of the skeleton using fountain pens as stilts from a fin-de-siècle artist but I can't find it now. Anybody know who did the original?

1967 Grateful Dead poster by Bob Fried. It was sold in head shops but wasn't created for a specific concert. It shows a skeleton using fountain pens for stilts, leaving inkblots as it walks across the open pages of medieval tomes. In the background, we see criss-crossing op-art spirals in green, pink, red and blue, as well as the the words "The Grateful Dead" in an arc over the skeleton. Fried definitely borrowed the skeleton image from an earlier artist. Want to say fin-de-siècle? Maybe in Vienna? Anybody know?

Impressions disponibles directement sur mon site.
- Le lien est dans la bio.
Jetez un œil, partagez si vous aimez.😊
Merci pour tout soutien.😘
#Photomonday #poster #illustration #prints

Print vendu sur mon site, prêt à être encadré.
Print vendu sur mon site, prêt à être encadré.
Print vendu sur mon site, prêt à être encadré.
Print vendu sur mon site, prêt à être encadré.
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𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻 / 𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓴𝓪𝓾𝓵𝓸:

Ang guhit na ito ay inspirasyon mula sa bandila ng #Pilipinas at ito ay nagpapahayag na tayo ay dapat magkakaisa/magtutulungan bilang isang komunidad.

Sana kung gaano kadaming tao ang nangangailangan ng tulong ay ganyan rin sana kadaming tao ang gustong tumulong.

#Pinoy #Filipino #Philippines #MastoArt #art #DigitalArt #Sketch #Poster

Ang guhit na ito ay nagpapahayag ng pagtutulungan sa bawat isa. Makikita sa larawang ito ang masayang pagbibigayan ng mga tao sa isang komunidad. At ang mga hugis bilog ay nagsisilbing pagkokonekta upang magsamasama sa pagtutulungan. Ang kulay asul at pulang laso at dilaw na may pagka-kahel na kulay ng araw, na makikita sa guhit ay nag rerepresenta ito ng bandila ng Pilipinas.
Friend Computer
1 week ago

Attention citizens:

The Office for the Preservation of Normalcy would like to remind you that divinity (or lack there of) is not an exception to standard Security Clearances or measures.

Should you meet a floating many-eyed entity wreathed in infernal incandescent flames, please escort them to the nearest mutation registration facility at once.

Thank you for your cooperation.

#paranoia #ttrpg #games #PSA #poster #god #security

RLM Arts poster catalog, p711: "Heroines of Labor".

Giving birth and parenting is work too. This poster promotes an inclusive labor movement, and celebrates those who bring the next generation of rabble-rousers into being.

Available here:

#birth #parenting #motherhood #labor #MastoArt #FediGiftShop #poster

Against a black background, there are 6 different block print style illustrations, in 2 rows of three, showing scenes of mothering and parenthood: including giving birth and breastfeeding in various poses. Each panel has a different watercolored background in pastel shades; the dominant colors are purple, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown. In the middle, with each letter a different color in all caps, are the words "Heroines of Labor."
Ana Mizuta
1 month ago

Deem uma olhada na minha lojinha na Colab55! 😁 Tem uns produtinhos.

#arte #tigre #camiseta #caneca #capinha #poster #sobdemanda #lojinha #anamzt #anamizuta



PT-BR: Print mostrando 4 produtos da minha lojinha na - No canto superior esquerdo: homem com camiseta cinza escura com estampa de tigre colorido estilo estêncil; canto superior direito: pôster de fundo preto com impressão de tigre colorido estilo estêncil; canto inferior esquerdo: mulher vestindo blusa branca com estampa de tigre preta estilo estêncil; canto inferior direito: case para smartphone com impressão de arte de tigres estilo estêncil sobrepostos predominando as cores azul acinzentado, verde claro e cinza escuro.
1 month ago

Ok Mastodon, you're smart.

This poster used to hang on my bedroom wall in the mid-80s. I am searching for the artist, and indeed, another print of it. This image has been taken from a photograph with the poster in the background, so it is very low-res.

It is not an album cover, and is not associated with any singer or band.

Yes, I have tried Google Image Search and TinEye to no avail. Help?

#FantasyArt #80s #BedroomPoster #Poster #ImageID

Fantasy art depicting a night scene with an improbably large, gravity defying rocky sea stack with signs of humanoid occupation. A wave crashes on the bottom, there's a waterfall, a winding path, a cave, and a plank bridge. The full moon is in the background, partially obscured by clouds.

Imprimimos alguns posteres em tamanho A4 da sede do LHC da arte feita pelo Oli Maia ( Interessados em uma cópia façam um Pix de qualquer valor para e envie o comprovante e o seu endereço de entrega no mesmo e-mail

Enviaremos o poster pelos Correios para qualquer lugar do Brasil (só faça um Pix que pague pelo menos o custo de envio), mas se preferir, entre em contato e retire pessoalmente na sede do LHC! #hackerspaces #poster #lhc #campinas

Poster em tamanho A4 de uma arte da sede do LHC em uma moldura preta, pendurado na parede. A arte é um sobrado amarelo de esquina com quatro sacadas no andar de cima, com portas e janelas verdes, cercado por muros e grades verdes. Na calçada um pouco de mato.
Poster em tamanho A4 de uma arte da sede do LHC. Um sobrado amarelo de esquina com quatro sacadas no andar de cima, com portas e janelas verdes, cercado por muros e grades verdes. Na calçada um pouco de mato.
Dr. Anna Latour
2 months ago

Hi fellow academics! I was wondering if y'all can give me some feedback on the poster I am working on for IJCAI ( I'm playing a bit with the design and how to make it attractive.

I'm attaching two screenshots. My questions are about the big eye-catcher in the middle. If you have a minute, can you please let me know what you think?

1. Do you get the reference?
2. Does the effort to make the reference distract you?
3. Do you think that the text in the big pink box has NSFW vibes?
4. Does the text in the big pink box help to pique your interest in the poster?


#AcademicMastodon #conference #IJCAI #IJCAI2023 #BooleanSatisfiability #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #NetworkScience #LaTeX #poster #AcademicChatter #ConstraintOptimisation #ConstraintProgramming #GraphicDesignIsMyPassion #PostdocLife

Screenshot of an academic poster, titled "Solving the Identifying Code Set Problem with Grouped Independent Support". The poster has a design with the colours yellow, orange and fuchsia. It has several blocks with text, tables and figures. In the middle, there's a big fuchsia box with white letters and a centered text. It reads:

by reducing to a
problem, we can create a
tool, solving instances
and handling
stronger (striked through)
Close-up of the big fuchsia box.
Michael Dashow
2 months ago

A wrestling poster - from a few years back - for my favorite Beach City wrestlers.

#StevenUniverse #StevenUniverseFanArt #SUFanArt #Art #MastoArt #GraphicDesign #Poster #TigerMillionaire

It's an old-school wrestling poster - the typography is old-fashioned and it even looks old and worn. It shows Steven and Amethyst - two characters from Steven Universe - leaping out of the poster in their guises as Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma. the text on the poster is all stuff from this specific Steven Universe episode: It announces the Beach City Underground Wrestling League, tells where it meets, and announces this specific tag team made up of these characters from the show.
Theresa Desrochers
2 months ago

The summer students in my lab made a Barbie poster for fun and it is amazing! #neuro #summer #poster #barbie

Nick F
3 months ago

Look, here are three films whose posters all use the same typeface. I believe it is ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

I'm looking for one more film whose poster uses this typeface in a similar way. Do you by any chance know of one?

#film #movie #poster #typography

Posters for Chungking Express, Trouble Every Day, and Goodbye, Dragon Inn - all using ITC Avant Garde Gothic
Iain Bancarz
3 months ago

@mhoye Two I've had recent experience of:

TPH very good and efficient, but not the cheapest:

UTposter cheap and the final product was of decent quality, but customer service very unresponsive:

Hope that helps. 😀

#toronto #poster #printing

atten (18) / røyve 1

first poster of 2023! only took me 6 months :—)

having a go at some silly cursor/touch input mechanisms in this one—the effect changes based on the momentum ✨


#generative #poster #generativePoster #generativeArt #digitalArt #generativeDesign #creativeCoding #creativeCodeArt #codeArt #computational #computationalArt #computationalDesign

interactive generative art poster showing abstract bubbly shapes in white, pink, blue and red. 

a cursor moves across the poster without any particular pattern, creating a sort of bubble around the cursor as the poster reacts to it.

at the bottom of the poster is a line of text saying "experiment 18, touch 1, 2023.06.26, SRD, øøø.com".
Roy Scholten
4 months ago

Printing with large wood type is large fun.
#printmaking #letterpress #woodType #poster

A short, sped up video of me rolling red ink on large wood type, fixing a sheet of paper to the cylinder of a proofing press, then printing. The text on the poster says Print Play.
Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
4 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom Put them up with wheat paste.

How to Wheat-Paste Posters

#NYT #News #Activist #Antifa #anarchist #Poster #Art

Screenshot of linked nyt article.

How to Wheat-Paste Posters
If you saw Someone
stealing food;
no you didn't