Martijn Braam
15 hours ago

More #postmarketos merch get :D

This is the hoody from hellotux

MrDubstep72 🇷🇺
2 days ago

У меня вопрос к федерациям а так же пользователей к данной модели телефона...

Если я прошью recovery на данном аппарате а так же прошью его на pmOS то с какой долью вероятности postmarket не запустится? Шанс окирпичивания 50/50

@rf #rf #phone #opensource #postmarketOS #TWRP

@xianc78 @djsumdog @ryo

Pinephone CE chads stay winning :dude_smug:

Have had mine for 2 years now and it still just werks. Yeah Firefox on phosh can be a little buggy and my modem sometimes doesn't wake back up after a long suspend, but overall am I happy to running bare metal busybox/Linux on an open hardware, fully repairable phone.

#pinephone #postmarketos
5 days ago

@pavot @nekothegamer Gnome Calendar dind't work on #postmarketos stable for me but started to work again lately on edge. On Karlender creating or editing events don't work for me, so I use both Gnome for editing and creating and Karlender for easier view of events.

5 days ago

TIL that using <<- with heredoc ignores leading tabs, so you can make those a bit more readable in scripts. Thanks Piraty for teaching me that one! (on #postmarketOS chat)

5 days ago

I thought I was going to use #postmarketOS for a couple of days and go back to android (grapheneOS), but it's been a week now and I haven't really felt the pull to go back yet.

So far things have been working well. Still some bugs, still some crashes, but it's working as a phone reliably enough where I feel confident to use it as my only phone every day. 👍

Robert Mader
1 week ago

We recently discovered that the #libcamera + #pipewire stack was actually broken on most distros for devices requiring an IPA - such as the #PinePhonePro and other mobile phones - when using distro-packages and not building either of the two projects from source.

#ArchLinux / #Manjaro and #Alpine / #postmarketOS have updates for that in the pipe now.

#debian got that fix a bit earlier already, #Fedora will likely follow soon.

tl;dr: the modern linux camera stack is slowly falling into place.

1 week ago

Anyone know why #linuxmobile operating systems like #postmarketos, #ubuntutouch / #lomiri or #plasmamobile, etc so rarely offer stable or easy to install versions for #x86 devices? Say what you want about the architecture, but x86 tablets are very common and are often way easier to work with for #linux because they use standard UEFI. It's ironic that it's super easy to install desktop Linux on an x86 tablet, but it's hard to get mobile Linux which can take full advantage of touchscreen working.

Albin Larsson
1 week ago

I have noticed that when I make calls from the Pinephone (postmarketOS/Phosh/GNOME Calls) my caller id is hidden. Can't figure out how to change that.

Using the SIM in another phone makes the caller id visible to the receiver once again, so I assume something is up with the Pinephone and not my provider.

#Postmarketos #Pinephone

1 week ago

I think the only piece of software I'm really missing is a #Subsonic or #Navidrome client on pmOS. The web UI for navidrome works, but I'd much prefer something nicer. Unfortunately I have too much music for this tiny #OnePlus6 😭
#LinuxMobile #postmarketOS

LINux on MOBile
1 week ago
2 weeks ago

#postmarketOS + #flatpak + #OnePlus6

Very smooth experience. It's insane how far pmOS has come in the last year or so. Huge leaps.

2 weeks ago

@fosserytech @cliffwade What device do you use for #PostmarketOS? I'll let you know the one I was considering when I get home, I have it bookmarked!

2 weeks ago

Wow. Somehow, #chromium manages to render at 50 #FPS in #software on the #CPU of my #postmarketos #linux #tablet while #firefox can't even do that much with #GPU acceleration, let alone unaccelerated. 📱🐧

2 weeks ago

Starting to get to the point where my #oneplus6 running #postmarketOS is very usable. While I always have both my android and pmos phones on me, I find that I can accomplish 99% of tasks on my pmos device. The only thing I really need android for at the moment is the camera, and even then I rarely use it.

Linux on mobile is looking really good right now.

2 weeks ago

Any music player recommendations for #postmarketOS running #phosh? Looking for something that supports #Navidrome/#Subsonic, as my oneplus6 doesn't have enough room for all my music.

I've been using the browser, but it would be nice to have a proper client.

2 weeks ago

I got my hands onto an BQ Aquaris X5. #paella
How exactly did this phone end up having excellent #postmarketos support (on mainline kernel) but not a single android custom rom supporting since 2019? Haven't seen that before :D

2 weeks ago

Hello again #postmarketOS edge users! Big thanks to all who helped test my last set of patches!! Now that that one is over with, I have a new one ready!

Quite often I was burning through my mobile data cap *much* quicker than normal, because a lot of traffic was being routed over mobile data... despite being connected to a perfectly fine, unmetered wifi network.

This patch should help reduce the chance of that happening. Please help test if you can!

2 weeks ago

Does any of you #linux #kernel or @postmarketOS people have any idea what's going on with my #samsung #tablet when I enable #hardware #acceleration in @firefox? It seems like it renders the first few bits of text towards the top and then just stops. It works fine without hardware acceleration, but it's so much smoother with it.

The Kernel:

I've never done kernel work, any ideas on where to start hacking?
#firefox #postmarketos #askfedi #help

Screenshot of the English Wikipedia front page. Most of the text isn't rendered. Some paragraphs are rendered but disapppear somewhere in the middle.
Screenshot of the English Wikipedia page for Final Fantasy. Almost no text is rendered except for a few bits towards the top of the page.

Documenting the #Motorola Moto e 2020.
I plan on collecting enough information that it's easy to flash operating systems like @postmarketOS to it.

#postmarketos #linux

Trying to flash @postmarketOS onto my Motorola Moto e 2020. So far, here are the issues I've encountered:

- nobody provides *any* images for it, aside from Motorola
- trying to find all the necessary bits are a massive pain in the ass, because they're all spread out across the internet
- documentation on pmOS isn't all that great for adding new devices

If anybody has experience with this, it would be appreciated.

#postmarketos #linux #android #motorola

LINux on MOBile
3 weeks ago

I recently aquired a used Pixel 3a to have a well supported #UbuntuTouch device again. Of course I went with 20.04 rc, it's boring when _everything_ works, right? (20.04 is pretty great already, btw - great work everybody!)

Now here's the dumb idea: I would love to run a #postmarketOS / alpine container to get the apps I am used to in addition to what OpenStore has to offer.

3 weeks ago

This week's donation went to Clayton Craft, aka "Craftyguy". He is a core developer on the PostmarketOS project. He accepts donations through Liberapay.

PostmarketOS is a great distro for the Pinephone among other devices. It is based off of Alpine Linux and uses OpenRC instead of Systemd. It also is one of the few mobile distros that offer an actual installer for the Pinephone as well as full disk encryption.

Craftyguy has a presence on Gitlab; Mastodon; Matrix and has a blog.

#foss #linux #liberapay #postmarketos #gitlab

3 weeks ago

I don't know why but i find this kinda funny: #GIMP on #postmarketos and its actually working.

gimp on postmarketos photo

with #postmarketos vers. 22.06 my #pinephone finally connects to the right mobile network

3 weeks ago
So i'm looking to increase donations to those who are working on making the Pine64 devices better software wise. I use PostmarketOS with Phosh mainly. So far I donate to Clayton Craft; Martijn Braam; Biktorgj; Martin Kepplinger; and Danct12. Can anyone think of someone i'm overlooking ?

#pine64 #foss #postmarketos #phosh #linux
3 weeks ago
Does anybody who uses PostmarketOS or Mobian use a VPN ? If so can you recommend a VPN ? I would be using on the Pinebook Pro; Pinephone CE and the PineTab.

#privacy #vpn #postmarketos #mobian #foss
Supervisor:~$ :idle:
3 weeks ago

i can never be able to install #postmarketos on my pinephone pro it flashed onto my sd card fine it seems but trying to install it to my phone does not work! it just installs to sd card. anyone can help?

LINux on MOBile
3 weeks ago

Weekly GNU-like #MobileLinux Update (9/2023): #Phosh 0.25.0, a first service pack for #postmarketOS 22.12, and new #PinePhone modem firmware!

#LinuxMobile #PinePhone #Librem5 #UbuntuTouch

Justine Smithies ~:idle: :tux:
3 weeks ago

@postmarketOS @alpinelinux For any serious #AlpineLinux or #PostMarketOS out there. Would you share your handy tips, packages and maybe you host your own repositories ??

4 weeks ago

What are people using as #Matrix clients on #phosh #postmarketOS?

4 weeks ago

@craftyguy @alatiera If both of my monitors from over a decade ago ever snuff it and second-hand shops stop stocking "dumb" TVs, it would be interesting to try running #postmarketOS on a "smart" one. Add #SSH as a TV remote and that's a party trick.

1 month ago

Here's a short demo using one with my docked #Librem5 running #postmarketos

Video of me using a handheld keyboard remote control with gyroscope for input on a Librem 5 phone.
1 month ago

Greetings #postmarketOS edge users! This is a general call for help testing changes to our initramfs, testing instructions are at the top of the description here:

Since this modifies boot files, you kinda need to know what you are getting into... and it's obviously not recommended if you rely on your device in any capacity.

Anyways, please help us test this out so we can get it in soon! Thanks!

1 month ago

GNU/Linux (#postmarketOS) on #PinePhone w/ #Keyboard and 4K output #sway #convergence

1 month ago


1. On the #pinephone or #librem5 or any similar smartphone running a GNU/Linux system such as #Mobian or #PostmarketOS with a gnome window manager:

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh.lockscreen shuffle-keypad true

This shuffles (scrambles) the keypad order (layout) after each attempted login. Or do this through the 'Settings' gui.

Just one element of multi-layer security.

2. Winter: use your coat to reduce lines of sight to the screen.


Justine Smithies ~:idle: :tux:
1 month ago

OK so that's me purchased a 128Gb #OnePlus6 to hopefully daily drive with #Linux
Can't wait for it to arrive and get #PostMarketOS on it. 😍

1 month ago

Some people make shiny new changes to #postmarketOS, like @calebccff awesome pbsplash.

I, on the other hand, like spending time that @igalia pays me to work on #postmarketOS by making super unglamorous changes like rewriting our tool for generating and configuring initramfs images...

Maybe one day I'll work on something shinier.

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Wonder if anyone has any ideas why the new Alpine Linux musl/ARM64 Node.js build is failing and/or can help fix it.

If we can get this fixed soon-ish (before it’s reverted) it’ll mean – among other things – that Node.js will run on @postmarketOS on phones and other mobile devices.

CC @martijnbraam @alpinelinux

#NodeJS #postmarketOS #musl #alpineLinux #arm #arm64 #helpWanted

1 month ago

I've been working on #steamos stuff for @igalia and I couldn't resist porting #postmarketOS to the #steamdeck. Sorry folks.

Controls and audio don't work yet, and probably a few other things, and it's running from SD card (not from nvme or emmc)... But still kinda fun to be able to reach this point after only like half a day of effort.

photo of postmarketOS running on a Steam Deck
Cédric Bellegarde
1 month ago

Looks so good, even on phone!

GNOME Shell 44!

#gnome #postmarketos

Gnome Shell 44 on PostmarketOS
2 months ago

#postmarketOS core team... Assemble!

FOSS Surveys
2 months ago

Is it important to you that your smartphone runs #FreeSoftware? :fdroid: :eos: :ubuntu: :postmarketos:

Boost for more range📶

#android #ios #ut #ubports #ubuntutouch #foss #opensource #smartphone #poll #polls #survey #postmarketos

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Imagine Node.js running on a @PINE64 PineBook or PineBook Pro with @postmarketOS… could be very useful for education (not to mention make development more accessible in general).

(If this pull request gets merged, Kitten – – will be able to run on the PinePhone and be used for Small Web development on it.)

#nodeJS #postmarketOS #alpineLinux #arm #musl #JavaScript #SmallWeb #SmallTech #mobile #education

2 months ago

@fell @postmarketOS @plasmamobile

How old are we talking? I have a Galaxy Tab that's old enough that it's android 4.1. Wondering if it could still squeeze #postmarketOS on it? :picklerick:

Pascal Garber
2 months ago

The #GNOME Shell is making great progress as a #mobile interface. A new video from @cassidy demonstrates the latest developments using a #OnePlus6T running #PostmarketOS. The demonstration uses the regular GNOME Shell with many adjustments, not Purism's #Phosh. The quick settings feature introduced in version 43 of GNOME works particularly well on mobile devices and the gesture navigation is familiar and logical. Keep in mind, this is still in development:

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
2 months ago

Working on an update to Clairvoyant to work better with phones… on my phone. 🤯️ GNOME Builder doesn’t quite fit on the screen, but GNOME Text Editor is actually pretty lovely on mobile.

#GNOME #Linux #LinuxMobile #postmarketOS

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
2 months ago

Hello from GNOME on a phone! 🤯️

#GNOME #postmarketOS #Linux

2 months ago

My love for @postmarketOS is still strong! I went ahead and switched to the "edge" channel and also the nightly builds of @plasmamobile Since then, it has been incredibly usable (and stable!). I wish the #performance was a little bit better, but I'm not even sure if it was any better under #android. All in all, putting #linux on an old #samsung tablet is great!
#foss #floss #opensource #linuxmobile #postmarketos #plasma #plasmamobile

Photo of a Samsung tablet displaying a linux terminal with neofetch output.
Photo of a Samsung tablet displaying my profile in the Tokodon Mastodon client
3 months ago


Had to look these up. They sound delicious!

Thanks for all your work on #Megapixels, #postmarketOS and #MobileLinux this year!

Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

Project Insanity
3 months ago

What a neat little christmas surprise 🤶 🎄 Oneplus 6 running #postmarketOS 🎉 Bye bye Apple, welcome #Linux 👋

Smartphone showing postmarketOS Linux
Enron Hubbard
3 months ago

🔧​ #3DPrinter Upgrades: ✅​ DONE

✅​ New Mainboard
✅ ​​Install BL Touch
✅ Install New Hotend
✅ Clean and tune it all

Electrical issue post-upgrades left the printer not booting, adding this to the list of things to fix while taking the opportunity to get a newer chassis

🎹​ #FauxP1 rev0.1:

Finish soldering all controls to #teensy
Configure #teensy for USB-MIDI and kbd
Install and Test #Zynthian

☎️​ #Shellphone rev0.1:

Finish soldering all connections to pi0 (ugh)
Test boot #postmarketOS
Code an interpreter for keypresses
Find a good linux T9 IME

📚​ #TheGuide:

Install #postmarketOS on Kobo Clara HD
Install kiwix & koreader
Install a local copy of Wikipedia
Engrave "Don't Panic" on the back

👑​ #Dukebox:

✅​ Receive material (finally)
Visit the CNC to cut it all
Stain & Assemble

General Installations:

✅ manjaro/phosh on Pinephone Pro
✅​ pmOS/sxmo-de-sway on Pinehpone
inkbox on Kobo Aura SE
dedicated #gemini client on #M5Paper
dedicated #miniflux client on other #M5Paper

To Design:

🧰​ #Zapetesta - an electronics toolbox with inbuilt multimemeter, o-scope, PSU, and tool storage with charging (credit to @futurebird for the idea)

♟️​#ReGIPF - a storage box for all seven GIPF games with board inlaid in the lid (

This is gonna be an awesome week+.

Enron Hubbard
3 months ago

Another #twittermigration, another hashtag-laden #introduction

ohai: I'm Enron Hubbard. I'm a #maker and #linux enthusiast, specifically #arch and #postmarketOS. I'm usually juggling a handful of #DIY projects at any given moment. I post a lot about #electronics, #synthesizers, and various bloviations about the state of #technology in the modern world.

I'm very passionate about #smallTech and #smallWeb with a big focus on #digitalMinimalism - making our relationship with tech a healthier one is of paramount importance.

I also enjoy #boardGames and #ttrpg stuff, #crafts and #journaling, and drink far too much #coffee than is acceptable.

Feel free to hit me up with questions about the #fediverse or if you're looking for #feditips. I'll be hanging out in my Local timeline, looking for folks who are #newHere and trying to get the lay of the space.

#Welcome to the future of the social web!

4 months ago

This is huge! #postmarketOS now supports call audio on the #OnePlus6t! Excellent work, postmarketOS team! The new SDM845 modem audio driver seems to work fine, at least for the first call. Still have an issue where earpiece audio gets messed up on subsequent calls though, but the call audio support was just merged so I'm sure they'll fix it. With the impressive CPU power and battery life, this could be a game changing #linux phone!

LINux on MOBile
4 months ago

Updated blog post:
"How about a more libre PinePhone with atk9k_htc?"

(Mostly footnotes, and the fact that you may want to go #carl9170 instead of #ath9k_htc for even better libre WiFi performance - please note: This is untested for now!)
#PinePhone #linuxmobile #postmarketOS

FOSS Surveys
4 months ago

Do you think #Linux on #phones is usable for daily use in its current state?

Boost for more range📶

#survey #poll #polls #gnulinux #smartphone #mobile #ubuntutouch #gnomemobile #postmarketos #gnomeonmobile

Abishek Muthian
4 months ago

@planetmozilla I wish Mozilla would start treating Linux phones as first class citizen, Even with just community built fixes Firefox is great on a Linux phone and the primary app platform as there aren't many native apps for 3rd party services.

Mozilla should look at need and start catering to the Linux phone community as displacing the duoploy in mobile ecosystem is in everyone's best interest.

#linuxphone #postmarketos

LINux on MOBile
4 months ago

Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (46/2022): A Ubuntu Touch Q&A and progress with mainlining MediaTek phones

#linuxmobile #pinephone #librem5 #postmarketOS #linuxtablet #ubuntutouch

#Volla yggdrasil (original #VollaPhone, left) and mimameid (#VollaPhone22, right) powered by #MediaTek MT6763V and MT6769Z SoCs respectively are now both booting close to #mainline #Linux #kernel v6.1-rc5 and #postmarketOS over USB netboot with #Sxmo :)

Huge thanks to @eriki73 and Luka Panio for contributing to the ports as well! Here's hoping this is the beginning of more MediaTek mainline devices that aren't just Chromebooks

#LinuxMobile #MobileLinux #LinuxOnMobile

postmarketOS booted on the Volla Phone (2020) and Volla Phone 22 (2022) both using close to mainline Linux kernel v6.1-rc5 forks!

@stripey @tulpa to me #PostmarketOS+#sxmo is the most exciting thing happening on the #pinephone today.

1/ the vision of PMOS is really cool, forward thinking and ethical, and the people running it are very dedicated (mobian ppl too by the way ;) )

2/ sxmo is an environment that doesnt try to copycat iOS or Android, but on the contrary to enable endlessly extensive features (what terminal users would seek) through hooks and scripts, while being usable (gestures) AND frugal in resource.

A screenshot of the default screen of sxmo
a rather confusing image displaying all the gestures usable in sxmo on a mobile device
5 months ago

Feature list for the #OnePlus6 running #PostMarketOS

Amazing!! Getting really close.

1 year ago
#NeuHier (auf Friendica) 🏐 🏓 ⚽ 🎶 🎸🐧🐾

🤓 Hallo zusammen, hier doch noch eine etwas verspätete #Vorstellung von mir:
Ich bin relativ #NeuHier auf #Friendica

Schon etwas länger, das heißt seit ca. einem Jahr, bin ich auf #Mastodon unterwegs als @caos
Anlass war damals v.a. der Kuketz-Blog. Erst nach und nach habe ich dann kennengelernt, was es noch alles gibt im großen, weiten #Fediversum 🚀

Meine Interessen sind u.a. #Linux #FOSS #Musik und #Sport.

🏐 🏓 ⚽ Ich habe immer sehr viel Sport gemacht, v.a. #Volleyball #Tischtennis #Fußball , bin aber nun leider seit 1,5 Jahren durch eine Knieverletzung im Reha-Training.

🎶 🎸 Musikalisch interessiere ich mich für ein breites Spektrum , nicht nur #Metal , sondern auch #Alternative #Grunge #Punk #Darkwave #Ska 🎺 u.v.m., war auch ab und zu auf Privatpartys als "DJ" 💿 🕺 engagiert und bin gerne auf Konzerten. Einen kleinen Einblick gibt es u.a. in diesem Thread:… #DamalsInUnsererRockDiskothek

🐧 Ich bin im Linux-Guides-Forum aktiv und schreibe ab und zu auf . U.a. mit Distributionen für ältere Geräte und mit #CustomROM s habe ich mich privat etwas intensiver beschäftigt, um alte Laptops und Mobilgeräte wiederzubeleben, und darüber kleine Artikel geschrieben.
u.a.: #LineageOS #eOS #UbuntuTouch #PostmarketOS #DivestOS #ungoogled #Q4OS #Bodhi #RaspberryPi #LMDE #Sparky #Bunsenlabs

🐾 Vor einigen Wochen habe ich mit Unterstützung v.a. von @Aakerbeere und @ueckueck den Aufruf #KommInsFediverseTaz gestartet.…

Das war auch einer der Anlässe für diesen neuen Friendica-Account, da der sowohl mit Mastodon als auch mit #Diaspora , wo es schon lange einen semi-offiziellen taz-Account gibt, kommunizieren kann. @taz

Darüber hinaus gefällt mir aber Friendica auch sonst sehr gut, u.a. dass es auch auf längere Texte ausgerichtet ist und so auch tiefergehende Diskussionen ermöglichen kann. Ich freue mich über neue Anregungen und weiteren Austausch!