21 hours ago

I don't know if this is an insane midnight idea, but what if #AbyssalLinux used one kernel for every device? I know that #postmarketOS has their close-to-mainline kernels, but what if Abyssal Linux merged the patches from these kernels into one unified kernel? The only issue I could find with that is that a lot of close-to-mainline kernels are different versions and that could cause issues with the devices that run them. But... what if?

#VoidLinux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #Linux

There's also high evidence that this device may have USB UART mode. I really really hope that it uses FSA9480, and the only way to test it so far is to hack the fastboot image from EMUI 9 or simply downgrade to EMUI 8. The fact that additional TX/RX pins used for high speed communication are missing in standard USB-C connector may also conclude that.

Without UART I won't be able to do much towards bringing postmarketos to Huawei P20 Lite.

#postmarketos #mobilelinux #linux #pmos

Thomas Aldrian
2 days ago

For anyone getting errors when running `apk upgrade` on #pmOS #postmarketOS, see this:

Tl;dr Run `apk fix`.

PS. @postmarketOS this blog post doesn't seem to be live yet, what gives?

I wish #postmarketOS was immutable. I just upgraded my OnePlus 6, rebooted and it has no WiFi. Now it will be a hassle to fix it instead of just rebooting into the last working image.

Jan Wagemakers
4 days ago

@stacyharper Nice.... thanks for the info. #sxmo #postmarketos

Weather info on sxmo status bar

@Sentientted @CookieJarObserver The only gripe I have with the Pixel (4a in my case) is that the file system is so locked down, but that's just a modern Android thing. I wish I was able to change the default search engine but eh, can't complain.

I don't have a Pinephone personally, but #postmarketOS has come a long way and supposedly runs very well on recent hardware. Give it another 1-2 years and it will be rock solid for daily use.

5 days ago


Not only is there the existing MediaTek 2020 leak (which includes datasheets, lk & preloader code, and some other stuff too), but we (#lowendlibre) are also now aware of:

- a BROM blob and bluetooth blob which both have debug symbols

- a preloader blob that has function names and even FILENAMES in it.

#linux #mobilelinux #postmarketOS #mobilelinux #freesoftware #softwarefreedom #mediatek #android

Current issues include:

- I can't remember the #i3wm hotkeys
- Switching to a virtual terminal doesn't work
- Browsing the web with w3m doesn't display images (but I know it's possible)
- I don't know how to type `|`
- I don't know how to press the F1-12 keys
- It has trouble waking up from suspend (Ahh, a true #postmarketOS classic!)
- When it suspends, it forgets to turn the keyboard backlight off
- I need a keybinding for the screen brightness
- I need a keybinding to turn the screen (and the touchscreen) off
- I need a keybinding for suspend
- I need a way ro remember all my keybindings
- I still haven't decided whether to use #X11 or just the virtual terminal

#Nokia #N900 update: It works, but it's slow. Any UI like #Xfce or #MATE is just too much for the little 600 MHz CPU.

So I'm going to make myself comfortable with a terminal environment. Or rather: I will MAKE myself a terminal environment, because unfortunately there is no good preconfigured terminal "desktop" that just works. I'm going to have to edit a lot of config files...

I wish there was some kind of vintage desktop I could use like... I don't know, #KDE 1? Surely that worked with 256 MB of RAM back then. 🤔

#postmarketOS #linux #linuxmobile

Photo of the Nokia N900 displaying the midnight commander file manager with a gre colour theme, giving it a retro look.

Unfortunately, the screen is in very bad shape. It seems like the top layer is coming off. Any tips on restoring it are very much appreciated.

Do you think I could just stick a screen protector on top to smoothen the surface? It would bubble, wouldn't it? 🤔

#Retro #Repair #Restoration #AskFedi #postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #Linux #MobileLinux

A photo of a Nokia N900 smartphone from an angle against a light source to highlight the damage on the screen surface. There are multiple scratches and marks which look like a thin layer is coming off.

There it is. My #Nokia #N900 #eBay purchase has been blessed with #postmarketOS. This is going to be my new #MobileLinux #SSH #Terminal device.

#Linux #LinuxMobile

Photo of a Nokia N900 smartphone with the keyboard extended.

IS ANYONE HERE who knows how to get a dts from a dtb when dtc says incorrect magic number????? please help me i am so fucking lost and I NEED THAT DTS
#android #postmarketOS #twrp #samsungFuckery

edit we have solved it!

Wasn't there a de-facto standard #emoji set for the #Fediverse, or did I dream that?

You know, with all the #FOSS classic icons like #tux, #archlinux, #postmarketos, #blender, #kde and so on?

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #AskFedi

Ricardo Martín
6 days ago

And probably switching to #postmarketOS as soon the devices are supported 😉

Okay, it's actually compiling #Mesa for real now... you can do it little guy! 📣 🐧

#Linux #postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #MobileLinux #Samsung #MSM8916

A white Samsung tablet showing a black console screen with output lines from a compiler starting with "Compiling" and "Linking" and lots of paths and filenames.

Sucess! But, uhh... I didn't expect the upgrade to change anything, but it got way, way worse... 😔

*taps the screen* Hello? #Firefox? Are you okay? 🥺

Note: Disabling hardware acceleration fixes all these issues. Firefox works fine on #postmarketOS. It's just not #GPU acceleratedd. Yet. 👨🏻‍🔧

Photo of a white Samsung tablet on a wooden surface. The screen is displaying an application that appears to be just a grey rectangle, or rather multiple grey rectangles. There is almost no text, except a slash towards the top and the letter S which can be seen towards the center.

Oh hang on, let me quickly upgrade my @postmarketOS to the `edge` channel while I commute to work... 😎 ☕

#postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #MobileLinux #Linux #MSM8916

A top-down photo of a foldable table on a commuter train. On the table is a paper cup with a wooden stirrer inside as well as a white Samsung tablet. The tablet is displaying a linux terminal with various outputs. At the bottom, there is a red cable plugged into the headphone jack.
1 week ago

My old #n900 booting the mainline kernel on #postmarketOS, installed on a 1TB SD card.

When this came out, flash memory was $1620/TB [1], and a 32GB SD card was *huge*. I don't think anyone expected to install a 1TB card in one. A lot can be said for maintaining backwards compatibility!


Photo of nokia n900 running the neofetch command, showing a 1TB storage device

the #postmarketOS matrix is exactly the type of linux online community that i fell in love with almost 20 years ago. feels exactly like that german gentoo beginners irc channel i joined in 2004 that got me into this whole mess. it’s like a support group for people working their way through brainless beginner’s mistakes, bizarre and impossible errors, and occasionally helping each other. 13/10 would flash my device to death again

now i only have to understand like

how to make a patch for that

because i don’t think “just edit the file and run it again” is the way to go

Imho gnome-keyring should be added as not strict dependency for Geary... Without it, Geary always complains about my ssl certificates... Every time I reinstall Geary on #PostmarketOS I forget that problem and need to look on Internet about a solution 😤

1 week ago

We finally have the Abyssal initramfs compiling! It is modeled after the postmarketOS initramfs, so it shares a lot of the same programs and such, but we finally have a tangible example of Abyssal Linux!

#AbyssalLinux #VoidLinux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #Linux #postmarketOS

Finally I fixed #postmarketos on my #pinephone ; it wasn't working due to a weird known bug where the partitions in fstab are wrong. Now I'm getting mad at gnome-keyring and related apps not accepting my online accounts...

1 week ago

The mobile Full-Disk-Encryption unlocking tool unl0kr has just been packaged under Abyssal Linux's abyssal-packages. We are inching ever so closer to getting a functional initramfs up and running!

(I couldn't really take a screenshot of it since it runs on the framebuffer, so here is the example screenshot.)

#VoidLinux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #AbyssalLinux #postmarketOS #Linux

A prompt stating "Password required for booting" sits in the center of the image with a long text box underneath it that has the words "Enter password..." inside of it and a small eye icon to the side to reveal the password typed in. There is also a top bar with icons, from the left, theme changer, keyboard hiding, keyboard layouts, and on the far side all the way to the right, the power off button. The bottom half of the image is taken up by the touchscreen keyboard.
Jan Wagemakers
1 week ago

@linmob Thanks for the information! I ran the first 4 fastboot lines on my existing #postmarketos installation. After rebooting, postmarketos auto-resized the fs and now I have extra space to install #tut to write this toot :-)

Matt Lewis
1 week ago

It's extremely hacky at the moment, but I have alarms on #Pygenda (my #Psion-like agenda app) working on #postmarketOS. I just needed to hook into the Evolution Data Server, and it worked.

A mobile phone running postmarketOS. On the screen, Pygenda is running in week view. An Evolution alarm notification window has appeared at the top of the screen showing the event summary, date and time.
1 week ago

#gnomemobile 45beta on the #librem5 phone is out for #postmarketos edge
#gnome45 #linuxphone #linux'

1 week ago

Hey all, I'm kasesag (he/they)! 👋

This is my new introduction post. I decided to return after having a small break.

I'm a 20-year-old, and I was always interested in science and #computing stuff since the early days. I'm an avid #Linux :tux:​ user since 2018, and have been daily driving #Fedora :fedora_linux:​. I prefer to use #FOSS stuff and deeply care about user freedom and human rights.

I'm keen on #Rust :rust:​, #embedded, #MobileLinux & #Programming overall. A recent example of that is my ongoing work towards bringing #postmarketOS :postmarketos:​ to Huawei P20 Lite (Kirin 659a). This is also what I love talking about with people, I'm even able to ramble about it for the entire day :D

Apart from that, I'm also vegetarian, and gay. I have diagnosed autism spectrum disorder, which I've been dealing with my whole life.

Check out my website If you want to DM me in other places:

#introduction #introductions

1 week ago

So... I was going to use postmarketOS's devicepkg-dev and just fork it for Void, but apparently xbps-src seems to have it out for me today, so that plan is scrapped. I'll just have to write my own shell scripts.

#postmarketOS #AbyssalLinux #VoidLinux #Linux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile

Beko Pharm
1 week ago

Little one playing Chromium BSU on a #PinePhone running #PostMarketOS connected to a 55" display. Not too shabby.

1 week ago

I’ve updated all my old devices with the latest updates

pixel 4 - #DivestOS
redmi 4x - VoltageOS
mi 6 - #eos #murena
PinePhone #postmarketos

I don’t need them anymore. If someone need an old #android device in a good condition (no scratches on display), maybe for the kids or parents, I would give it for a few bucks away.

#sell #aosp #phone #privacy

I just impulse-bought a used #Nokia #N900 to put @postmarketOS on it and I'm not even sure if it will turn on 🙃

#postmarketOS #Linux #LinuxMobile

Oliver Smith
2 weeks ago

No matter how good AI image generators get, don't think I'll ever get tired of playing around with all the amazing features in @inkscape 😻

Made 3 new shirts ft. :postmarketos: / 🐧 / 🏳️‍🌈 for:

#postmarketos #inkscape #art #freesoftware #linuxmobile

The postmarketOS logo on top of a bunch of phones, displaying various UIs.
A penguin wearing sunglasses. One of the glasses has a small postmarketOS logo. The background says "postmarketOS" in what looks a bit like hard to read graffiti font. And to make sure you really don't miss what this shirt is about, below the penguin it also says "postmarketOS" next to the postmarketOS logo.
The postmarketOS logo in the middle of a circle, below the logo is the rainbow pride flag. Around the circle is text saying "postmarketOS", "All Creatures Welcome", "Good Vibes And Mainline Linux"

i would like to #postmarketOS it but i am already losing my mind over the first couple of steps.

i can probably figure it out eventually but if i had someone to ask questions it would be infinitely easier

2 weeks ago

Scams, cults, and kernels.

Join me in looking back on my adventures in mobile Linux leading up to the Librem 5

#Librem5 #LinuxPhones #LinuxMobile #Phosh #PureOS #Postmarketos #Pinephone

S31bz :linux:
2 weeks ago

Looks like that old Memo Pad 7 of mine may just have a bad chip at this point, if writing to APD is still failing.
#mobilelinux #postmarketos #upcycle

2 weeks ago

Sorry for the delay, but... well... here's a photo of samsung-gta7lite booting postmarketOS.

#postmarketos #linux #mobilelinux #samsung #android

The postmarketOS "Loading..." screen on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

@izaya I had LineageOS on this tablet a few months ago. It's way smoother but very boring. I never used it, because all it could do was browse the web, slowly. #Android feels so locked down once you tried #postmarketOS. 😅

That? Oh that's just an 8 year old #Samsung #Tablet running #Linux and compiling #Mesa.

#postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #MobileLinux

A Samsung tablet showing the console output of compiling mesa.
2 weeks ago

I finally got a #librem5 phone not so expensive on #leboncoin (470€)
I tested #PureoOS yesterday and now i test #postmarketos installed in 128Go sdcard.
Tomorrow, i will try #mobian
I am verry happy to found this smartphone

2 weeks ago

Does anybody know the reason why phones are named "handset" under pmbootstrap? I want to name it "phone" in abysstrap but I don't want to break anything.

#postmarketOS #AbyssalLinux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile

Csepp 🌢
2 weeks ago

My love/hate relationship with the #PinePhone continues...
The hate part is mostly caused by certain apps unnecessarily draining the battery. Otherwise both #postmarketOS and #Waydroid work surprisingly well. Not perfectly, not by a long shot. But they already cover a lot of my use cases.

David Llewellyn-Jones
2 weeks ago

@darkufo @dryak I also recommend #SailfishOS. I use #UbuntuTouch on a Nexus 5; #PostmarketOS on a OnePlus 6 and #SailfishOS on an Xperia 10 III and the last of these works great as my main phone. Like you, I'm also avoiding Big Tech (#Ubuntu, #Firefox, #Mastodon, #NextCloud, hosted email). I think you'd enjoy #TheOptOutProject from @cyberlyra

Robert Mader
2 weeks ago

#Firefox with the #postmarketOS #LinuxMobile patches will now use #PipeWire (and thus #libcamera ) by default, allowing cameras to work out-of-the-box on distros shipping that patchset (well, assuming the camera works with libcamera of course).

TuxPhones :linux:
1 month ago

Now *that* was fast!

#fairphone #postmarketos

Screenshot of postmarketOS's Gitlab page saying:

fairphone-fp5: new device
Luca Weiss requested to merge fp5
Add an initial port for the Fairphone 5
1 month ago

New mt6762 mainlining update! This one is a big one, so bear with me.

We now have the following working:
- postmarketOS rootfs
- 4 CPU Cores
- Haptics
- SD-Card
- PMIC Buttons (Hardware Buttons)
- Real Time Clock
- Thermal (Just not calibrated)
- i2c
- Backlight
- Flashlight
- Charger
- Framebuffer (simplefb causes a kernel panic, but we can still read logs)

#mainline #linux #mobilelinux #postmarketOS

Aero wallpapers ​:blobfoxmelt2:​

#postmarketos #gnome #gnomeonmobile

S31bz :linux:
2 months ago

One of these days, I'd love to run #postmarketos or #ubuntutouch on a Pinephone Pro. One of these days, when I have the funds for one...

Matt Quick
2 months ago

Holy cow! After much tinkering I finally got #PostmarketOS installed on my Amazon Fire tablet. I got it working with #LXQt but now I’m trying again with #KDE to see if I can get that working.

An Amazon Fire tablet from 2015 sits on a wooden coffee table. The screen shown is from TWRP and shows the flashing process of an ADB sideload where PostmarketOS is being installed. The current step is “Installing rootfs…”
An Amazon Fire tablet from 2015 sits in front of a laptop. The PostmarketOS logo is on the screen along with the words “Loading…”. The build information shown is “Linux 3.10.54 | amazon-ford”
An Amazon Fire tablet from 2015 sits on a wooden coffee table. The PostmarketOS desktop interface is shown.
2 months ago

@carbonatedcaffeine Nice article! You mentioned the best phones for #UbuntuTouch and the best phones for #SailfishOS, but it would be nice to make mention of the #OnePlus 6T as the most mature phone for #PostmarketOS.

Carbonated Caffeine
2 months ago

I just published a new article about Linux phones for consumers, check it out!

#mobilelinux #sailfishos #postmarketos #ubuntutouch

2 months ago

I just wanted to get the word out about a cool new project @hexaheximal and I have been working on.

lowendlibre! 🎉🎉

It is a project focused on bringing the developing Mobile Linux ecosystem to devices under $100. The main distros we are going to focus on are #postmarketOS and #Mobian, but per-device support of other distros is also considered. If you are interested in supporting this project, we have a Matrix space at

#mobilelinux #linux #budget #tech #kernel #matrix

Seth Falco
2 months ago

Finally reading #PGP encrypted email on my #PinePhonePro. 🎉

With the latest version of #postmarketOS and #Thunderbird, it's still shoddy, but we can actually set up and read emails. No issues with launching or window sizing!

It's not mobile optimized at all, so I had to minimize the font size and zoom, and to read emails we need to double-tap, so it opens in a new tab.

It's not ideal, but none of the mobile optimized clients support PGP encryption at all afaik, so I'm very pleased with this.

2 months ago

On our way back from an awesome #akademy2023, it's always sad to have to leave. It was great meeting new people and some more familiar faces.

And now we got some ideas from the BoFs, who knows maybe some exciting new thing will happen in #PlasmaMobile on #postmarketOS soon 😉

3 months ago

steam deck? in OUR distro? it's more likely than you think.

just calling out @craftyguy's very cool MR adding support for the Steam Deck to @postmarketOS. next step, make it GAME READY 😄

#postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #SteamDeck

valve-steamdeck: new device.

Clayton Craft requested to merge steamdeck into master
Oliver Smith merged 29 Jun 2023