2 weeks ago

Red barn on a walk last night with my husband.

The light was spectacular in the field.

#EveningLight #September #Prairie #Farmland #Photography #LandscapePhotography #Landscape #RedBarn #Farms #Walk #Fields #GoldenRod #NativePlants #Walking

Red barn in the background, surrounded by trees. The mid-ground is a field of goldenrod, lit by the evening sun. Foreground is some dark native plants in silouhette (or shadow).
3 weeks ago

I went for a hike yesterday morning in an area of restored prairie (woods adjacent) and it was rather magical.
#hiking #photography #sunrise #prairie #Illinois #fog

Sunrise through fog on Illinois prairie grasses. Tall pine trees in the distance are filtering the light. Lens flare is visible on the left side of the frame.
Don Ray
3 weeks ago

#Bloomscrolling #nativeplants #prairie #iowa

Tall Goldenrod and Tall Boneset with Little Bluestem grass in the background in the Hillside Prairie.

A single stem and plume of yellow Tall Goldenrod (Solidago altissima) beside a clump of white flowers of Tall Boneset (Eupatorium altissimum).  Behind, tall feathery stems of Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium).
Don Ray
3 weeks ago

#bloomscrolling #flores #wildflowers #prairie #nativeplants #iowa

Some more Rough Sunflowers (see thread) — this time showing the front of the flower. The light green bugs appear to be Pale Green Weevils.

Yellow sunflowers in various stages of  blooming.   Largest flowers are about 3 inches (7 cm) across.  Slender light green insects are visible on thd largest flower.
Don Ray
4 weeks ago

#bloomscrolling #flores #prairie #wildflowers #iowa

Rough Sunflower (Helianthus hirsutus) beside a barbed wire fence.

A small, bright yellow sunflowers viewed from slightly below the flowers.  The background is a hazy light blue sky.  One strand of barbed wire visible just in front of the plant.
Heron&Fox Photo
4 weeks ago

#Paynes #Prairie, near #Gainesville, #Florida, is home to a group of wild #horses.
Interfering with them is forbidden, but admiring and #photographing from a distance is fine.

Get a print or other merchandise with this image at

#PaynesPrairie, #WildHorses, #WildlifePhotography, #Photograph

An outdoor, daylight, landscape photograph, with brush in the near field, prairie grasses in the middle ground, and palm trees and oak trees furthest back. Two dark-brown horses are grazing on the prairie grass.
4 weeks ago

The Rosin Weed/Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) is exceptional this year.
It is a classic prairie plant.

The leaves are clamped to the stem and catch rainwater. Useful for insects in hot weather. A few fall in of course and although this is not an insectivorous plant, it doesn't pass up the opportunity to extract any nutrients in the 'soup'.

Although not native in England it is a magnet for various hoverflies and solitary bees. Unfortunately, honeybees have discovered it.

#gardening #prairie

Crowded flower heads consisting of large deep yellow daisies, looking very much like single chrysanthemums
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
1 month ago

"The Country over which we had just passed from Fort Assiniboine to #Edmonton, scarcely merits description, being composed principally of thick woods and swamp -- here and there a small plain to vary the uniformity of the prospect.
"Friday. Having picked out six of my best men and the Guide at Mr. Harriott's request, we once more abandoned the horses and embarking in a Boat, begin to descend the River #Saskatchewan. #Prairie #History #HistoricJourney #Books

Typical fur trade encampment, with canvas tents for the gentlemen and cook fires for all. To the left men talk under a canvas fly. In the background, the palisades of replica Fort Langley.
1 month ago

Morning dew highlighting this of many dozens of similar objects in the prairie grasses. I'm assuming this is the work of a spider or perhaps a caterpillar. Seen during a morning hike in the restored Wingate Prairie.
#photography #prairie #morning #hiking

1 month ago

"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few." ~ Emily Dickinson

#quote #NaturePhotography #prairie

Mown path hiking through a prairie beneath blue sky with some fluffy white clouds overhead on a sunny day.
1 month ago

Greetings from September 1 in the Midwest.

From my morning walk.

My advice this weekend: If at all possible, get outside and be in nature. If only for a few minutes.

And if you can't, open a window and listen. Or put a plant near your seat.

It always reminds me that we are not so important after all.

#Morning #Midwest #IL #Illinois #Prairie #September #Nature #IPhonePhotography #Photography #NaturePhotography #MorningWalk #Drought #HappyLaborDay #HappyLaborDayWeekend

Picked up a copy (well two actually) of Twyla Campbell and Dan Clapson's new cookbook! Flipped it open and I already have a weekend plan!

#food #Edmonton #YEG #Prairie #cookbook #pancakes #whiskey @whisky

Cover of a cookbook:

Dan Clapson And Twyla Campbell

Seasonal, Farm -Fresh Recipes Celebrating The Canadian Prairies
Same cookbook opened up to a page. On the left a picture of a thick stack of pancakes layered with maple syrup, bacon, and hazelnuts. The recipe on the right is for Rye Whiskey Soufflé Pancakes.
Lisa Hamilton
1 month ago

I come from the beautiful mostly flat #prairie, truly big sky country. So now that I live in an acute angle of an #Appalachian valley and can't see the final #superBlueMoon of my life as it rises over the horizon, I AM PISSED

I really hope I can find #work and move away before winter
#hopes #EveningSky #Moon #Vistas

Claude Trudel
1 month ago

I like when I’m listening to the radio and have them solve a problem for me. I now have a birthday present for my step-dad!

Chef Dan Clapson and Twyla Campbell have a new cookbook focussed on the Canadian prairies: “Prairie: Seasonal Farm-Fresh Recipes Celebrating the Canadian Prairies”. Ordered one for myself as well.

#Cooking #Edmonton #Alberta #Prairie

This is an INCREDIBLE 13-minute documentary about #AmericanPrairie, a non-profit seeking to create a prairie reserve in Montana the size of Connecticut. Please watch and share.

#Prairie #NatureConservancy #Bison #Buffalo #GrowNative #Montana

Paul Nance
1 month ago

Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium) in my #Albany New York garden, a long way from its native territory, the tallgrass #prairie of the central United States #wildflower #bloomscrolling

Flower head of Rattlesnake Master, the flowers are grayish green, and resemble spiky balls
1 month ago
Patch of tall golden grass in the foreground on a prairie with a line of assorted trees working its way up a hill in the background with a partly cloudy sky above.
2 months ago

Six weeks ago, the rosinweed flowers stood tall above the foot-high grass - now they are barely visible. Tallgrass Prairies covered much of the Midwest where woodland systems transitioned to grasslands. Relying on regular fires and occasional intense grazing to maintain their biodiversity, they now usually require human intervention for maintenance.

The pictures below were taken at eye level - just to give an idea of the height of the grasses.

#Grasslands #Prairie #NativePlants #TallGrass

A 6-foot tall stalk of Compass Plant (Silphium lacinatum) with large, brightly yellow flowers in the midst of very tall grass. Blue sky with a white cloud and the dark outline of forest is visible in the background.
An eye-level view through 5-6foot tall grass . In the distance, the yellow blooms of  Silphium integrifolium can be spotted among amongst the flowering grasses.
Another view at three flowering stems of Silphium integrifolium in the midst of tall grass.
2 months ago

A bee pollinating a woodland sunflower. 🌻🐝

I like to imagine that the bee and the sunflower coordinated their colors in advance.

#bee #bees #nature #photo #photography #naturephotography #bloomscrolling #flower #flowers #flowerphotography #outdoors #chicago #flora #sunflower #yellow #beauty #beautiful #prairie #wildlife #wildflowers #wildlifephotography #saturday

photo of a bee pollinating a woodland sunflower
2 months ago

Deep fog this morning.

I love me some interesting #weather.

#Prairie #Midwest #nature #Landscape #Scenes #Wildflowers

Scene of prairie and lightly wooded area with heavy fog.
2 months ago

does this work or does it still need to be tweaked? #drevrpg #pirate #prairie

2 months ago

🔒 Thrilled to share big news! Cryspen joins PRAIRIE, the Paris AI Research Institute, diving into Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis.

👀 Stay tuned for privacy-conscious innovations! 🚀

#CryspenInnovates #PRAIRIE #DataPrivacy

Andrea Borden, Photographer
2 months ago

A native #prairie #pollinatorgarden at the local recycling center. I went on a hunt for butterflies and unfortunately did not spot a single one, but this beautiful display of #nativeplants put a smile on my face.

#BloomScrolling #florespondence #photography

A pollinator garden full of flowering plants, notably rough liatris, coneflower, joe pye weed, and various prairie flowers.
Imagery by Rihilism
2 months ago

Silphium (Silphium integrifolium or prairie rosinweed, a native wildlfower, seems likely) a'bloomin' in a section of restored prairie along the trail in City Park in Iowa City, Iowa.

#wildflowers #prairie #flowers #FlowerPhotography #FlowerMastodon #nature #NaturePhotography #NatureMastodon #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a Silphium flower (Silphium integrifolium or prairie rosinweed seems likely) against a blue sky. Silphium have yellow petals arranged in a daisy-like structure with a defined, orange and green center that is actually made up of small flowers or florets (ray florets and disc florets). The flowers extend from an inflorescence that contains as many as 100 stems. The plants reached heights of 7 ft as was likely in this case.
Olga Lovick (she/her)
2 months ago

Purple prairie clover is the prettiest. #bloomscrolling #prairie #nativePlants

Close up of a half blooming purple clover with bright orange pollen.
2 months ago

A native #prairie #pollinatorgarden at the local recycling center. I went on a hunt for more butterflies today and unfortunately did not spot a single one, but this beautiful display of #nativeplants put a smile on my face.

#BloomScrolling #florespondence #photography

A pollinator garden full of flowering plants, notably rough liatris, coneflower, joe pye weed, and various prairie flowers.
2 months ago
photo of trampled prairie flowers with a sign that says "don't doom the bloom" and commentary "signs don't work - park management 101. sigh..."
Don Ray
2 months ago

#bloomscrolling #prairie #iowa #flowers #flores
A solitary Swamp Milkweed in bloom. (Asclepias incarnata)

A tall plant (4 ft /1.2m) with long narrow leaves on the stems and, toward the top, clusters of tiny, pink flowers.
3 months ago

prairie clover with a little rainbow hat

#bloomscrolling #prairie

a couple green stalks with bottlebrush looking ends. they are leaning over from the right of frame and are all covered in water droplets from an earlier rain. one of the plants has a little purple skirt of short spikes with yellow tips on some of them. above it is a little rainbow light diffraction from the after rain sun
Gene McKelvey
3 months ago

Purple prairie clover look on as the Des Moines Art Festival begins the first of its 3-day exhibits. Nearly 200 thousand art patrons and admirers will enjoy the sculptures, wall art, photography, fabric art and wearables, woodworking and jewelry of 200 artists. This contrast of nature and hand created beauty is an annual must-see for this photographer/artist. #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Mastoart #AppArtist #ArtFestivals #Prairie #Wildflowers

Purple prairie cover blossoms resembling bottle brushes point upward toward a line of white artist booths.  Near the top center, colorful kinetic sculptures and a ghostly white sculpture attract attention. The street festival is nestled here between the planted prairie and a clear blue sky. This looks like a fun summer activity.
Gene McKelvey
3 months ago

The Des Moines Art Festival is a nationally-ranked annual event with nearly 200 artists. This view is from a prairie lawn at the headquarters of a regional convenience store chain. The artist's booths line two main streets where nearly 200 thousand art patrons and admirers replace vehicles for the 3 day event. A beautiful art image for an admirer of art and nature. #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Mastoart #AppArtist #ArtFestivals #Prairie #Wildflowers

From a low angle we look across prairie flowers toward a line of white artists booths at a large art festival. The orange, purple and white wildflowers are the main interest here, with the festival booths hiding the crowds of art admirers walking the streets of a capital city.

Here is my latest peer-reviewed scientific article, co-authored with my colleagues Newton Lupwayi, Kevin Floate, Xiying Hao, and Derrick Kanashiro. It has a funny name: "Trickle-down effects of the cattle parasiticide ivermectin on soil microfauna on a prairie grassland"

#ivermectin #soil #grassland #prairie #cattle #insects

4 months ago

Butterflies are starting to be more common here right now. Here's a Common Buckeye and a Variegated Fritillary, from near Manhattan KS yesterday.

#butterfly #nature #wildlife #prairie #photography #FlyoverCountry

Brown, cream, orange and black-winged butterfly with a couple of eyespots on the wing, perched on bare ground
Orange- and black-winged butterfly perched on a dry grass stem

Here's a photo I missed from the last post. This is Shooting star or Dodecatheon meadia

#Missouri #Prairie #RemnantPrairie #MasterNaturalist

Shooting stars are a group of herbaceous perennials in the primula family (Primulaceae). There are over a dozen species in the genus Dodecatheon, all native to North America. The most widespread and common one is D. meadia (sometimes classified as Primula meadia), variously called shooting star, eastern shooting star, American cowslip, roosterheads, or prairie pointers.

This ephemeral spring wildflower from central and eastern US (southern Wisconsin to western Pennsylvania and south to eastern Texas and Georgia) is generally found growing in moist meadows, prairies, and open woods in zones 4-8. It is frequently used as a garden ornamental and received the Royal Horticulture Society’s Award of Garden Merit in 1993.
Basal rosettes are produced from a fibrous root system in early spring. The smooth, lance-shaped leaves up to 6” long and 2½” across are emerald to greyish green, often with a reddish base and with a prominent central vein and smooth margins. The foliage only persists into summer, with plants going dormant after that. Over time rosettes may offset, with new plants developing slowly
5 months ago

There's something charming about the flat, rolling plains of the #Midwest. Gazing out towards the horizon, you can see for miles and miles if there's nothing occluding your view.

#sunday #sonntag #silentsunday #outdoors #sunset #nature #landscape #outdoorphotography #landscapephotography #photo #photography #prairie #beautiful #beauty #illinois #weekend #trees

photo of a trail easing off towards the horizon at sunset with large telephone poles peppering the trail

Last weekend @Jillianmarisa and I went to a 40-acre remnant prairie to peep the spring flowers. They did not disappoint!

#Missouri #Prairie #RemnantPrairie #MasterNaturalist #IndianPaintbrush #WoodBetony #PrairiePhlox #pollinators #bees

Prairie Phlox. A stunning violet flower, with 5 to 6 petals.
Wood Betony is a yellow flower that blooms from the bottom up. There are only a few petals left. A pollinator is really enjoying it
Indian paintbrush in full bloom. This is a poppy colored orange with flecks of yellow.
Another photo of Indian paintbrush with a fat bee visitor
K. Lauren de Boer
5 months ago

May native wildflowers in our garden. This after a neighbor cut down massive privets on the property line, flooding the yard with sunlight. Seeded the area with wildflowers and nature did the awesome rest.
#nativeplants #wildflowers #prairie #naturephotography #nature

Profusion of colorful native wildflowers.
6 months ago

Awesome Chicago #botanist ranting about a beautiful patch of #prairie that's undisturbed. I need his equivalent for #midatlantic #virginia #killYourLawn ideas. The hysterical swearing is appreciated but sadly optional. Everyone can't sound like a mob boss talking about plants, though it'd be an awesome "talk like a pirate day" exercise if they did.

7 months ago

#Bison #contribute to increasing #biodiversity in a manner #unique among #megaherbivores . They engage in wallowing to a degree not observed in other megaherbivores. Bison wallow more than what’s needed to control parasites affecting their fur & skin. Extensive wallowing by such large & powerful animals creates depressions that augment #habitat #diversity & form #MoistureCatch basins in what otherwise would be flat, dry #prairie

#nature #ecosystems #ecology #environment

Douglas Meadowfoam
7 months ago

I joined Mastodon primarily to encourage me to document growth of a #meadow (bee lawn) in front of my apartment in WA. Last spring, I convinced my landlord to let me replace the patchy lawn with something pollinator friendly. It was an embarassing failure. I re-seeded last fall, and lots of things are coming up -- it looks hopeful.

I'll also post about a more successful lakeside #prairie planting at my mom's place in MN, and probably some #math stuff as well.

#introduction #pollinators #seeds

A 1960's brick apartment building with a patchy, mossy lawn in front.
7 months ago

Rockford Airport is set to destroy a thousands year old prairie and ecosystem.

The airport will be using Illinois state tax money to pay for the prairie-destroying road.

Call Gov Pritzker: 312-814-2121
If you don't live in IL you can still help. Scroll to the bottom

Here's the press release:

#SaveBellBowlPrairie #Illinois #Chicago #Rockford #IL #prairie #climateaction #SaveThePlanet #GovernorPritzker #JBPritzker

Karen A Johnson
7 months ago

I can't believe these moths are finally done... they kept me going during my mom's last illness which was complicated by dementia. They still need to be labeled but I'll scan them first so I can play with using them in designs.
#moths #mothing #prairie #prairieart #naturejournal #watercolor #insects

Close-ups of the last four moths in my series of painting the moths and insects that came to a black light and sheet in July of 2021 in my nature journal.  They're done in watercolor and have shadows underneath them to make them pop off the page.
This is the entire two page spread of moths and insects from my nature journal painted to show their diversity of color and pattern.  There are 26 moths,  a planthopper, a treehopper, and a mantidfly.
Karen A Johnson
7 months ago

Two more moths finished! Only 4 more to go until the spread is done!
#moths #mothing #prairie #prairieart #watercolor #naturejournal

Grouping of colorful moths painted in watercolor on a page in a nature journal.  A tiny brush is adding details to the shadows under one of the moths.

While I was not able to see all of the new art, this one caught my eye near gates B51/B52. It really spoke to me. After I read the plaque, I knew exactly why! This is “Prairie Confluence.” It reminds me of the Flint Hills, a tall grass prairie spanning between Kansas and Oklahoma.

#KCIAirport #Prairie #PrairieArt #FlintHills #NaturalistArt

Art installation is three purple/tan pieces above a seating area. Plaque next to art piece: Mona Cliff Prairie Confluence 2022 Seed beads, wood, beeswax, pine rosin, petroleum jelly, thread, glue.

Prairie Confluence is an organic abstraction and expression of converging regional influences. The artist says "During my time living in Kansas I've come to love the billow- ing clouds of incoming thunderstorms and the subtle beauty of the rolling hills and how light plays against the gentle mounds. I wanted to allude to a number of organic influences such as skyscapes, waterways, rolling hills and landscapes." 

Commissioned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art program
Karen A Johnson
8 months ago

Started working on the top of page 2 of my July moth spread in my nature journal...
#mothing #moth #prairieart #schulenbergprairie #naturejournal #watercolor #prairie

Watercolor painting of three moths as they rest on a page in a nature journal.   Top left moth has subtle browns and greens with just a bit of hind wing showing.  Top right moth has upraised wings with light brown tiger stripes on a beige backround with bright blue and yellow on its abdomen.  There's a smaller dark pink moth with white markings below the left moth.
8 months ago

Bird of the Day - Sedge Wren, Kansas 2017
Epic dance moves

#birds #photography #nature #wildlife #wren #prairie #FlyoverCountry

Short-winged, short-tailed brown bird fluttering atop a purple flower (ironweed)
8 months ago

i've started uploading the pictures i post here to flickr as well. so if you've ever wanted a closer look at any of them they'll be here! i recommend checking out my pinned photo larger!

#birds #bugs #mushrooms #frogs #flowers #prairie

Don Ray
8 months ago

#frogfriday #iowa #prairie #frog

August 11, 2022. Gray tree frog on swamp milkweed (the same plant where I saw the monarch caterpillar the week before: ).

A light green frog clings to a long narrow leaf.
Close-up of frog showing cool-green slightly bumpy skin.
Shannon Says
8 months ago

Cool sky right now. #skies #prairie #Winnipeg

Imagery by Rihilism
8 months ago

The cities I live in/next to have been devoting more and more public spaces to prairie restoration. The wonderful thing about prairie is that it is a source of beauty year round, even in January.

#prairie #grass #grasses #wildflowers #flowers #nature #NaturePhotography #NatureMastodon #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of dried and desiccated prairie flowers and grasses. The flowers and grasses are what remains after the previous year's blooms and plant grow. The color palette is a mix of varying shades of browns and orange-browns.
Pd Lietz
8 months ago

a story told
in lingering sunset
skimming stones

#Sunset #Setting
Words & Image
Pd Lietz
Other work found by a simply google search
Paula Lietz or Pd Lietz over the years artist leaning in various genres in numerous venues found

A photograph I took in autumn looking west across a lake. The sun reflecting the orange peach and blue hues of clouds and sky onto calm still waters. In the immediate foreground various wild grass and shrubs growing by the shore
8 months ago

this is one of my favorite pictures i've taken. it's hard to see when not zoomed in but above this little #PalmWarbler there's a grasshopper sitting on a leaf. i love a good bogo deal. #birds #grasshoppers #prairie

a palm warbler sitting on some prairie plants. above its head is a little grasshopper sitting sitting on a leaf extending over the head of the warbler. there are many shades of yellow and green. do you think that the warbler and the grasshopper are friends?
MGFarm :TheCDN4:
9 months ago

Prairie Chickens are back! The boss is not impressed with the visitors. #catsofmastodon #prairie

Karen A Johnson
10 months ago

Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an artist inspired by #nature, especially insects and plants found in the prairie. I'm originally from the Midwest but moved to Texas in Feb of 2022. Would love to connect with fellow #insect, #prairie and #art lovers!

Pd Lietz
10 months ago

we weren't religious
one day of seven we'd rest
but for the milking
cows and barn now long gone
house boards ache with memories

Pd Photos & Wrdz

#MoodyMonday #Monday #PhotoMonday #Haiku #Photography #Abandon #Building #Farm #Snow #Winter #SmallWriting #Tanka #Writing #MondayMemories
#Country #CanadianPrairie #Canada #Prairie

A landscape photography of a gate and past the gate which gates nothing is a field covered in fresh snow with a solitary abandoned farm house. Only the gate the house and some trees and shrubs remain.

Folks seemed to really like a photo I shared from a recent prairie visit. So here's another: I believe this is an #EasternCarpenterBee I don't know the plant.

#PowellGardens #Bees #RemnantPrairie #NativePollinator #Prairie

This is a photo taken with a macro lens so it is very sharp and detailed. The bee has large black shiny eyes, it is incredibly fuzzy, mostly black with a golden band just beyond the head. It clings to a flower of some unknown type.
10 months ago

Just moved over to this instance so I guess a new #introduction is in order!

Hi, I’m Loren.

I am a life-long nature nerd, a far left Jew, a believer in #unions and #accessability, a lover of the weird and obscure especially when it comes to music, movies, tv, video games.

I am particularly fond of photographing #birds but I also love taking pictures of just about anything else out in #nature, be it #bugs, #mushrooms, #opossums, or #prairie #plants.

I am a strong supporter of people with marginalized identities. I believe in fostering an accessible and safe world for everyone except bigots, nazis, fascists, etc. Still learning the best ways to be a part of this community but at the moment any image I boost or post will have alt text and a content warning if necessary.

TL;DR: come for the nature photos, stay for the weird memes, shitposts, and caring about people.