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IAEA resolves nuclear issues with Iran - Iranian Media #press

Colorado’s Deion Sanders delivers powerful message about ‘success’ in first meeting with ‘new team’ #press

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Women’s Stories Outnumbered Men’s In Streaming Films, Report Says #press

🗣 Eamonn Holmes, a former presenter on This Morning, has accused ITV bosses of orchestrating a "total cover-up" of Phillip Schofield’s affair with his younger lover, saying those in authority "had to know" about the secret relationship.

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For Jaeki Cho’s Righteous Eats, food is the hook, but the social media series is really a platform to celebrate the people who make up one of the world’s most diverse cities. #press

Woman assaulted by police officer partner calls for law change #press

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Bellingham, Kane, Messi, Rice, Osimhen.

Some big names could be on the move 👀

Here's the lowdown on the summer's biggest potential transfers 🤝

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39 women from Delhi and 4,000 women from across the country are undertaking the Haj pilgrimage without 'mahram' (male guardian). This is a big step towards the empowerment of women: Kausar Jahan, Chief, Delhi Haj Committee #press

The NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo, KFOR, raised the number of its troops injured in fierce clashes with ethnic Serbs to 30. Serbs had tried to take over the offices of one of the municipalities where ethnic Albanian mayors took up their posts. #press

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OPINION: It's time policymakers and citizens in Europe become aware of the invisible ways in which emotions influence European policies and politics. #press

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Bankman-Fried charges should not be tossed, prosecutors say #press

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The hard-driving billionaire built Mercedes’ F1 team into an auto racing dynasty. Their championship days may be in the rear-view mirror, but he is more successful than ever. #press

#Delhi CM #ArvindKejriwal speaks on the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in the Shahbad Dairy area of the national capital

"It is a very painful incident. Delhi government will give compensation amount of Rs 10 lakhs to the girl's family and we assure them that our… #press

Russia’s Interior Ministry has issued an arrest warrant for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) after he praised U.S. military aid to Ukraine as “the best money we’ve ever spent.” #press

Rs 2,000 notes' payment denied, Vadodara lawyer seeks FIR #press

Rajiv Singh, a 1993 batch IPS officer, is likely to be appointed as #Manipur Police’s operational commander after the Union home ministry ordered his transfer to the ethnic violence-hit northeastern state

(@LamaPrawesh reports) #press

A comprehensive list of the top 62 most groundbreaking documentaries of all time, according to our film critic Richard Brody. #press

‘David Johnston is a public servant acting in good faith. I wish I could say the same for politicians braying for a public inquiry.’ Conservatives react to report on foreign interference, plus other letters to the editor for May 30 #press

Hino Motors, a Toyota Motor group company, and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus, majority-owned by Daimler Truck, will seek to merge their operations in order to better compete in the market for freight-hauling vehicles #press

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Massive wildfires continue to rage in #Canada

According to preliminary estimates by the Department of Natural Resources, the fire covered 788 hectares of territory. Rescuers evacuated more than 16 thousand people. #press

What Erdoğan's victory means for Turkey — and the world #press

Dear Abby: What the bridesmaid told me sent my wedding stress off the charts #press

Vietnam capital dims street lights to save energy during heatwave #press

A Chinese rocket with three astronauts blasted off from deep in the Gobi Desert, showcasing the space program’s rapid progress.

Here's why the launch marks a significant development for China in the space race #press

Malaysia detains Chinese ship suspected of looting British WW2 wrecks #press

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 First Minister Humza Yousaf is facing millions of pounds of compensation claims by shops that have installed recycling points for his botched deposit return scheme after the UK Government ruled glass bottles cannot be included #press

A #Bihar police constable allegedly shot himself to death from the service revolver of his colleague in the barrack of Sitamarhi police line

(@avinashdnr reports) #press

Looking to go on a Batman binge? We've got you covered with a chronological list of all 13 Batman-led movies. #press

Village school with one pupil faces closure #press

Crucial days ahead as debt ceiling deal goes for vote and Biden calls lawmakers for support #press

Brazilian nutritionist Carlos Monteiro has created a new food classification system, NOVA, which identifies ultra-processed foods as those containing high levels of fat, sugar and salt. #press

Billie Eilish is taking on critics who apparently have an issue with how her style has evolved over the years. #press

The drop in UK food inflation has been credited to lower energy costs starting to filter through to some staples, but chocolate and coffee prices still rose #press

Inside The 150 Frozen Homes, Yachts And Jets Of Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs #press

As poodle mixes explode in popularity, so too have the headaches and bills for their owners. The dogs’ low-shedding hair can be very high maintenance, requiring expensive and frequent grooming—sometimes more than their humans. #press

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#NorthKorea said on May 30 it would launch its first military spy satellite in June and described space-based reconnaissance as crucial for monitoring the United States' “reckless” military exercises with rival South Korea. #press

Artificial intelligence means everyone can now be a computer programmer as all they need to do is speak to the computer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said, hailing the end of the ‘digital divide’ #press

The project uses archival images of immigrant parents to inspire similar shots of their adult children, who were born or raised in the US. #press

The Swiss economy picked up momentum in the beginning of the year with GDP growing by 0.5% in the first quarter #press

NATO soldiers on guard in Kosovo Serb town following clashes #press

JUST IN: Elon Musk’s private jet lands in Beijing in what would be the billionaire’s first visit to China in three years #press

"This Uganda law is horrific & wrong," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said, slamming the country's new anti-gay law that includes the death penalty. #press

Couple fear wedding cancellation if plans to house 300 asylum seekers at hotel go ahead #press

Around 90,000 people have escaped to Chad since fighting broke out in Sudan in mid-April - a major extra burden on one of the world's poorest countries #press

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Asda confirms £10bn merger with petrol stations group EG #press

At least nine people were wounded when gunfire erupted on Monday between two groups near a beach in Hollywood, Florida, in a shooting that sent dozens of panicked beachgoers fleeing, officials said. #press

The Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics on Monday in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. Next they face the Denver Nuggets in the NBA finals. #press

Clayton Kershaw disagreed with Sisters' award, sought return of Dodgers' Christian day #press

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"After half a century of painstaking restoration under the Clean Water Act, streams and wetlands nationwide are once again at risk of contamination by pollution and outright destruction as a result of a ruling on Thursday by the Supreme Court." #press

A painting by Vincent van Gogh sold at an auction for $62 million. A movie producer claimed to be the owner. But the painting later vanished — and its trail led to Caribbean tax havens and a jailed Chinese billionaire. #press

Kurdish officials in northeast Syria have expanded a program to rehabilitate boys from the extremist Islamic State group's ideology - and their families - in a sprawling camp that's home to 50,000. Rights groups say the practice could mean more trauma. #press

New York is the latest large city to join a national push to change how children are taught to read. But principals and teachers may resist uprooting old practices. #press

Drone strikes in Moscow damaged several buildings and prompted evacuations early Tuesday, the city’s mayor said. At least two of the drones crashed into residential towers, Russian state media reported.

Follow updates. #press

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The gender-affirming style coach spreading trans joy – one empowering look at a time #press

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Russia launches a pre-dawn air raid on Kyiv as Moscow says it is attacked by drones

Russia launched a pre-dawn air raid on Ukraine's capital Tuesday, killing at least one person while Moscow authorities said the Russian capital was attacked by drones. #press

Still trying to wrap your head around the “Succession” finale? Here are some noteworthy reads on the series coming to its end. #press

India will soon be history’s most populous country. But the growth is highly uneven, and the Himalayan state of Sikkim, where the birthrate has plummeted, is offering cash incentives to encourage births. #press

That sinking feeling: New York is subsiding even as the seas around it are rising #press

A gunman killed 11 worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018. It was the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history, and it prompted what is arguably the most comprehensive effort ever taken to protect Jewish life in the U.S. #press

From Barbie to Spidey, here are 107 noteworthy movies heading to theaters and living rooms this summer that are sure to satisfy movie lovers of all tastes. #press

Still trying to wrap your head around the “Succession” finale? Here are some noteworthy reads on the series coming to its end. #press

BREAKING: Russia launched a pre-dawn attack on Ukraine’s capital, killing at least one person and sending Kyiv’s residents again scrambling into shelters. Moscow authorities meanwhile reported a drone attack on the Russian capital. #press

One executive whom @zeynepton in her new book, “The Case for Good Jobs,” declines to identify, when presented with a breakdown of wages at his company, said, “I had no idea we were paying that little.” #press

When a teen was killed in a small North Dakota town, Donald Trump and his allies rushed to outrage, obscuring a more complicated story. #press

Even in the Philippines, the 1945 battle by American and Filipino forces to liberate Manila is largely forgotten.

Researchers and historians are trying to change that. #press

American men have achieved thrilling victories at the Olympics, but they haven’t won a world hockey championship in decades. #press

When Julie Ertz walked off the field after collecting her bronze medal for the U.S. at the Tokyo Olympics, it was as if she stepped into the witness protection program: She immediately disappeared. #press

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Pain sponges, strange hand holds and meager portions: On this special episode of Matter of Opinion, @CarlosNYT, @mcottle, @DouthatNYT and @lpolgreen break down the final, brutal moments of “Succession.” #press

“They’re going to have to decide what segment of the Democratic electorate they want to peel off and take ownership of for themselves,” Democratic strategist Roger Salazar said. #press

Just a day before the Texas legislative session ended, state lawmakers on Sunday approved a ban on offices and programs that promote diversity, equity and inclusion at publicly funded colleges and universities. #press

“It’s a very serious problem for the whole city, much less downtown,” said Jeff Bellisario, executive director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. #press

Pro-Ukrainian fighters stormed across the border into southwestern Russia last week, prompting two days of the heaviest fighting on Russian territory in 15 months of war. Yet President Vladimir Putin, in public, ignored the matter entirely. #press

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China launches a new crew into space, including its first civilian astronaut

In addition to their lunar programs, the U.S. and China have also separately landed rovers on Mars, and China plans to follow the U.S. in landing a spacecraft on an asteroid. #press

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a deal to increase the government’s debt limit, enabling the nation to avoid a debt default and economic turmoil.

Here’s what is in the deal: #press

"The governor and Legislature can always ignore the LAO warnings and craft a fantasy budget that compounds the state’s problems down the road. That would be standard for Sacramento," writes @LATimesSkelton. #press

A Brooklyn couple left their city lives behind to raise mollusks. Now they run a farm of 2 million oysters on the North Fork of Long Island. “We have never worked harder and been dirtier, but could not be happier at the end of the day.” #press

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About a million people might flee Sudan by October, the head of the UN refugee agency said. More than 350,000 people have already fled across Sudan's borders since war between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces erupted on April 15 #press

More than 1 million could flee Sudan by October, UN agency says – News

Prep Rally: Rodrick Pleasant and Dijon Stanley have nothing left to prove in high school #press

Kenya’s government said on Monday it would sign a trade agreement to spur business cooperation with Russia, an announcement that came as Moscow sought to deepen its influence in Africa to counter the West’s efforts to isolate it over the war in Ukraine. #press

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5 hours ago

President Joe Biden honors the lives of fallen soldiers during a Memorial Day ceremony in Virginia. He was accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin #press

Biden honors fallen service members on Memorial Day – News

A barrage of Russian missiles targeted Kyiv in a rare daytime attack just one day after the largest strike on the Ukrainian capital since the start of the war. @TSoufiBurridge reports from Kharkiv. #press

Two sloth bear cubs have made their public debut at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Their arrival is celebrated as an important conservation win for this threatened species. #press

Sloth bear cubs make public debut at Philadelphia Zoo

Tina Satter adapted her 2019 play, based on an FBI transcript from the agency's interrogation of Reality Winner, into a film starring Sydney Sweeney. #press

Tiles is meant to be a relaxing game or to keep your hands busy while you listen to music or a podcast. #press

Plans for an artificial surf facility on Oahu is making waves among Native Hawaiians and others who say it's a waste of water in the birthplace of surfing. #press

Why artificial surfing pools are dividing Hawaiians

“I put them up,” said Desiree Benipayo, an author and businesswoman who runs the nonprofit Philippine World War II Memorial Foundation. “People need to see what happened. People need to know.” #press

Anticipating a swell of visitors, workers at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah are clearing trails, training rangers and conserving wildlife. This summer may be the busiest yet for Bryce Canyon, which is celebrating its centennial this year. #press

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
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⚠️🇷🇺Putin will give nuclear weapons to anyone who joins Union State (Kanal13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Azerbaijan #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

In a joint interview Monday morning, Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Braun reflected on their "Succession" characters’ bond and their big finale slap fight. “It was real,” Macfadyen said. #press

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
6 hours ago
⚡️🇦🇿A war may start between Japan and North Korea (Kanal13 - Azeri News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Azerbaijan #USA #UNSC #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

What accounted for the collective amnesia? Only about 30 people attended the ceremony at Intramuros. Was it best to leave the past in the past? And as a new war rages in Ukraine, are there lessons to be learned — to not let those horrors also be forgotten? #press

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
6 hours ago
⚡️🇺🇸Ukraine defends itself from deadly Russian missile attacks (CBS News VIDEO) #Ukraine #USA #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

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Japan’s unemployment rate fell for the first time in three months #press

Once convinced she liked playing people 'with a secret,' the actor now enjoys her role as an everyday woman with many facets. #press

It's a loaded word around these parts during the NBA playoffs thanks to sports rivalries and heartbreak. But more and more these days, when you hear "Boston" in L.A., you think about shoes. #press

Therapy is a new concept for 30-year-old Durk Banks; when asked about who he’d lean on in the past to get through hardships, “Allah” is his one-word answer. But earlier this year, he made the decision to seek professional help for the first time. #press

Rescue groups are accusing the European island nation of Malta of coordinating the return of around 500 people to Libya where they were subsequently imprisoned, in violation of international maritime law. #press

Make the most of your HBR subscription by diving into the magazine archive. Lessons from the past, insights for now. #press

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9 people injured in Hollywood, Fla., shooting

Police are responding to a shooting near the beach boardwalk in Hollywood. A preliminary investigation shows that an altercation between two groups resulted in gunfire, police said. #press

BREAKING: Nine people were injured in a shooting near the beach in Hollywood, Florida, police say. One person has been detained and another suspect is still being sought. #press

Very little separates the trio on policy.

So to forge a path to victory in the 2024 race, they need to find a way to differentiate themselves before California’s March primary. #press

Over the weekend, President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a deal to increase the government’s debt limit, enabling the nation to avoid a debt default and economic turmoil.

Here’s what is in the deal: #press

“Here’s the thing. I made that hat. I crochet,” Haley Lu Richardson says. “I have a crochet side hustle, and I crocheted that hat and I really pushed for it to be Portia’s little vacation hat. And so, you all can thank me for that one.” #press

M-E-T-I-C-U-L-O-U-S … that word describes the process by which a panel chooses the words for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

This year, the AP was granted exclusive access to their final pre-bee meeting. #press

Why are these retailers in Union Square or near it saying goodbye to a well-known tourist destination and the heart of the city’s shopping core? The exodus of these business has concerned some business leaders and economists alike. #press

The Denver Nuggets no-drama way of doing business, both on and off the court, doesn’t grab tons of headlines. But it has set the franchise up for success and brought it to its first NBA Finals in 47 years in the league. #press

With two World Cups, an Olympic medal and two U.S. player of the year awards already on her resume, did Julie Ertz even need to come back? #press