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[#TRADESHOW] Xiamen #Travel #Photo & #Video Show 2023 presents products such as travel #photography #franchises, photography #clothes and #accessories, #cameras, #printers, #lenses, and more! 17.-19. December, 2023. #Xiamen International Conference & #Exhibition Center, #China.

Ben Tasker
2 days ago

Who was it I saw asking about #printers last?

Because, *everyone*'s using HP now 😂

3 days ago

Another #windows #printers moment

1 week ago

#HP #Printers #TechProblem

Spent over an hour trying to get my old HP Laserjet 8720 printer to connect today.

1st I got a "printer offline" message which I've gotten before but the printer usually reestablishes a connection when I print a pdf file but that didn't work.

Then I reset the printer & computer again with no sucess.

Then I removed the printer and attempted to reinstall it but still could not reconnect it w/Win 10. Got an Error Code 30 msg -- Printer Not Activated and when I looked that up, I found a ridiculous fix suggestion that required me to remove the original driver and install a new one.

F*ck that! 😡

So, I just went to Best Buy & bought a new HP Smart Tank 7602 printer which HP came out with to compete with the Canon EcoTank printers. Just installed it. No comm problems yet.

AKAIK, the 8720 still works. So, when I have more time, I'll entirely uninstall & reinstall the 8720 software to see if I can get it work again but I just didn't have the time/patience to do that this morning. 🤷‍♂️

John Carlsen
1 week ago

@codefolio @bluGill @ifixcoinops

Yeah, definitely stay away from ink spitters. They just don't provide good value compared to laser printers.

I once bought a perfectly acceptable brand new small laser printer for $50. To me, that was when the laser printer market hit it's peak.

That was a Samsung, and I had bought a few other Samsung laser printers (some introduced at $400 and dropped to $180). Unfortunately for consumers, HP bought Samsung's printer division and turned it into crap.

The last printer I considered buying was a Fuji-Xerox. That was for an employer that had an $800 all-in-one that was reaching end-of-life. For $3000, I could have assembled a unit that would have allowed the company to bring its outsourced document production in house and add OCR capability to scan hardcopy archives that were piling up. (They instead spent more to lease an older machine that took up more of the already-cramped office.)

#printers #LaserPrinters

3 weeks ago

Holiday cards are in from the printer. 4 Over 4 really upped their swag game this year. Highly recommend them.
#printer #printers #printing

Tote bag, wireless phone charger, pip sockets, notebook, etc.
1 month ago
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1 month ago

Xiamen Travel #Photo & #Video Show 2023 presents products such as #travel photography #franchises, #photography #clothes and #accessories, #cameras, #printers, #lenses and more! 17.-19. December, 2023. #Xiamen International Conference & #Exhibition Center, #China.

Leonardo Lenoci ✅
1 month ago

Watch out! Is your printer tracking you?

Take a look at this handy list of hardwares that respects your freedom to avoid this sort of problems

#fsf #fsfe #printers #eff #freedom #tracking

1 month ago

Today in I hate #printers. Imaging unit being an arse. Printer rejects OEM cartridges and accepts third party ones.

Samsung printer. Front panel. Printer has rejected legitimate OEM cartridges and accepted reputable third part ones.
Imaging unit of Samsung laser printer during a DIY refurbishment.
Imaging unit of Samsung laser printer during a DIY refurbishment. It is in parts in this picture
How-To Geek
1 month ago
Marcin Lis
2 months ago

Are we facing a ban on the sale and/or ownership of #3d #printers?
Or will a permit be required for them?

Bryan Edward
2 months ago

clear the print queue.
Then delete my printer driver.
Then uninstall my printer software.
Then go to the Brother website and download new printer files.
Then reinstall my printer and its drivers.
Then open the file and click print.

Here you go!

#printers #windows

Dallan I
2 months ago

In the market for a new printer and I'm sharing this article because

a) it will help me remember when I have the money
b) it is very trenchantly funny about the printer and #tech journalism industries, which are both quite depressing in their own way
c) the more people buy these #printers in the meantime, the less likely that Brother will go through some weird Instant Pot-esque bankruptcy before I can buy one

Ashwin Nanjappa 👨‍💻
2 months ago

Installing the Linux drivers for the wireless Brother HL-L2390DW laser printer-scanner required using the shell, but was fairly easy and successful.

As a point of comparison, this device's Linux installer file (a mere 24KB) is 20000x smaller than its Windows installer file (483MB). 😆

#Brother #printers

Ellie 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

If you thought #printers was bad on your #network ... #meet the #smart #toaster.

It is a toaster with a slice of bread in the right slot pulled down. On the front of the toaster there is a touchscreen with different settings for toasting the bread.

#Tech peeps! My mom needs a new printer and two of the better-rated printers I found on Amazon are both cartridge-free (where you just refill the ink). I know #printers can be notoriously finicky and difficult so I thought I'd solicit some opinions before I buy one for her. The two I had bookmarked were an Epson and a Canon.

How-To Geek
2 months ago

HP Sprocket Studio Plus Photo Printer Review: Poor Color Matching Mars a Decent Printer

Check it out! 👇

#Hp #Printers #ProductReviews #ProductReviews

ITX Mike
2 months ago

Why does Apple make everything SO difficult. Trying to install HP Printer. Locks up trying to add the printer every time. Turns out, MacOS is blocking the driver, but MacOS doesn't pop up the warning. Go into Privacy & Security. Scroll ALL the way down and look for 'HP, Inc is trying to install..' and click Allow. Restart. Install the drivers AGAIN. Now go to Settings -> Printers & Scanners and install the printer. It'll take a while but... it'll install 🤬

#HP #InfoTech #Printers #Apple #MacOS

3 months ago

We've all been there ... just print one page. PLEASE.

(our inkjet printer just died RIGHT AFTER we opened a new set of ink cartridges that of course are compatible with as few other printers as possible.)

#Comics #Comic #Printers #Humor

Blake Patterson
3 months ago

Browsing like it's 1994: Integrating a Mac SE and an ImageWriter II printer into a modern network

#tech #blog #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #networks #Mac #Apple #AppleVintage #printers #networking #vintagetech

3 months ago

@ForeignSubstance @VikingChieftain @Huck #HP #Printers

IDK, I've only used HP printers for about 30 years now.

Set up/installation of HP printer has always been the simplest & easiest, even going back to the 80's and all of the HP printers I've owned have lasted a very long time. The current one I have is about 10 years old and still working fine.

The ink cartridge tie-in is a rip-off but what other choices do you have, if you're "old school" like me and still feel the need to print stuff? 🤷‍♂️

I thought about buying an Epson EcoTank on the theory that I'd save $ on ink but, after reading a lot of negative reviews about the line, I decided against it, at least until my current HP printer dies.

3 months ago

The biggest headache of my Windows sysadmin days finally will begin to die

Microsoft will stop accepting new third-party print drivers in Windows | Ars Technica #sysadmin #windows #printers #drivers

3 months ago

Finally! After a long delay caused by visitors in the house, the bedroom roller blind has been fitted! On the left, final result, on the right the material emerging from our wide format printer! #printers #diy #bespokefurnishings

Abstract patterned roller blind fitted to a bedroom window
Abstract print for a roller blind emerging from an HP700w wide-format Latex printer
IT News
3 months ago

Microsoft will stop accepting new third-party print drivers in Windows - Enlarge / One of Brother's compact laser printers. (credit: Amazon)

... - #microsoft #windows10 #windows11 #printers #windows #tech

Tech news from Canada
3 months ago

Ars Technica: Microsoft will stop accepting new third-party print drivers in Windows #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #microsoft #windows10 #windows11 #printers #Windows #Tech

#Microsoft killing off third-party drivers for #printers. I sorta get it. The Register is pretty good tech news most of the time. But this throwaway line is not thought out well:

While some wags have dubbed the framework the "Unwanted Windows Platform", it's always good to see legacy tech being retired in favor of something with a bright future ahead of it.

It's not "always good" to see legacy tech being retired. Often the features that are being retired served some niche need that didn't see widespread adoption. Making it easy for a #printer to serve the middle of the bell curve, virtually always makes it harder/more expensive to build printers that serve small niche customers. It is not "always good".

Furthermore, it's hard to be sure this has "a bright future ahead of it." Generally speaking, monopolies are bad for end users and end customers. Having all the manufacturers gang up in a collective way is almost certainly anti-user and not going to be good for US. Microsoft's support for this and manufacturers' support for this is directly tied to their ability to make more money from doing it this way than they would make doing it another way. Don't imply that the future is "bright" for anyone but them.

How-To Geek
3 months ago

Valleriani, M., Vogl, M., el-Hajj, H., & Pham, K. (2022). The Network of Early Modern Printers and Its Impact on the Evolution of Scientific Knowledge: Automatic Detection of Awareness Relationships. Histories, 2(4), 466–503. MDPI AG. Retrieved from #OpenAccess #OA #Article #History #Science #STEM #Histodon #Histodons #Printers #Publishers #EarlyModern @earlymodern @histodon @histodons

Acompáñeme en este triste drama de "lo que ves en la pantalla no es lo que sale por la impresora"

#Mastoart #printers

3 months ago

Is anyone out there working on an Open Printer?
#OpenHardware #printers #makers #hackers

Jessie Nabein
3 months ago

Surely there are modern dot-matrix printers with USB connectivity and a PCL6 or similar simple driver that CUPS could use???

#cups #printing #printers #dotmatrix

3 months ago

I'm surprised that there's very little open #firmware for common office #printers. I know the printers (even among brands and lines of products) are heterogeneous. But there's has got to be some #hardware #hacker who's tried writing open firmware for #HP, #Canon, and Brother printers. #OpenFirmware

Jack William Bell
3 months ago

This seems interesting.

Handheld inkjet printer that prints on anything. You can even get food-grade ink cartridges.


#printers #art #projects #WTF

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
3 months ago

#UPDATE to the story about HP's evil plot to #control and/or #disable your #printer if you don't follow their strict edicts — & also continue to #pay their #ransom #fees — even when you're not using it to #print!


This is great news for anyone who now owns a plastic and glass electronic #brick.
#HP will face a #ClassAction #lawsuit for #bricking all-in-one #printers when the #ink is low.



4 months ago

So turns out Sticker Mule, where i've ordered lots of stickers from is a right wing piece of shit company. Found another place, ordered a sample pack and they included a fucking "I Did that" Biden sticker.

Does anyone know of a high quality, UV resistant sticker printer that isn't some right wing, trump loving POS company and has decent prices?

Anyone wanna fund me starting a sticker printer instead? 🤔

#Stickers #merch #printers #makers

4 months ago

I own a HP LaserJet Pro M12a, and the most confounding thing about it is, outside of Ubuntu, it is seemingly unusable.

Windows? No drivers, not even a website for driver downloads.

openSUSE Tumbleweed using HPLIP? Doesn't exist.

Get the foo2zjs PPD file in a Debian package, seemingly the only place left in the universe to retrieve it? Printer refuses to work as if out of principle alone.

Ubuntu virtual machine with USB passthrough, it Just Works™️. The cursed thing is installed into its subsystems as if you had Miles O'Brien, the most important person in Starfleet history working on your machine.

It was faster downloading Ubuntu 23.04 and installing it as a virtual machine than trying to get it working natively.

#Linux #Printers #Ubuntu

4 months ago

A judge has ruled that a class action suit against #HP over its all-in-one #printers can proceed. The printers obnoxiously disable their document scanning and fax-sending capabilities when the printer's ink is low, even though those features don't require ink.

HP Faces Class Action Lawsuit For All-in-One Printers That Won’t Scan or Fax When Low on Ink
US District Judge Beth Labson Freeman has rejected HP's attempt to dismiss a class action lawsuit regarding a defect with its multi-function printers
Published 08/11/23 05:02 PM ET|Updated 08/11/23 05:16 PM ET
Andrew Liszewski

@netspooky I too made the mistake of buying a cheap HP printer once upon a time. I rarely use it but once in a while, I do need to print a couple of pages and every time, I’ll have to replace the very expensive ink cartridges, which are able to only print around 4 pages.

So here’s a tiny salute for #HP:
F🤬🤬k you very much, HP, for ripping off your customers, making a laugh of them and, more importantly, killing the environment with all your plastic waste.

#printers #environment #eWaste #plastic

This is the pile of waste after replacing the ink cartridges in an HP 5520 inkjet printer.
Steven Lawson Photography
5 months ago

I've been trying to print digital negatives for turning into cyanotypes but my Epson XP-15000 printer seems incapable of producing them - they come out with runny ink and roller marks. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive A4 photo printer that works well with acetate/transparency film? Canon seem to be the best option, according to the manufacturer of the transparency film, Inkpress, but I'd rather hear confirmed, first-hand experience. TIA
#cyanotypes #digitalnegatives #printers

6 months ago

i'm making some art prints on photo paper (cheap & plentiful at most thrift shops!), and when i got the result on the left, i thought "i just replaced the ink cartridges & they're running low already?"

but when i finished that set of photo papers, i put a different kind of photo paper in the printer & got the results on the right. photo papers are very much not the same & you can get different results even with two papers that are both called "glossy."

#materials #wip #printers #prints #inkjet

closeups on two identical prints on two different kinds of photo paper. the one on the left has white lines (that shouldn't be there), and the one on the right doesn't.
Linux ☑️
6 months ago

::: Ubuntu takes CUPS printing stack to a single handy Snap :ubuntu:

This concerns specifically the non-IPP-driverless printers.

"Snapping" apps like this are apparently good for LTS releases for continuity & stability - Snap packaging has lately matured in a rapid manner.

CUPS as Snap already available =>

Listen all about it from Till Kamppeter - the OpenPrinting project leader

#CUPS #printing #Linux #Ubuntu #printers #drivers #LinuxAppSummit #LAS @till #SnapStore #Snapcraft #development #OpenPrinting #snap

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
6 months ago


Stop the shenanigans now!

HP has found an exciting new way to DRM your printer!

#HP #DRM #Printers #TechNews

An HP printer printing out a page that says "6 months free ink"
Fynn Becker
6 months ago

“For just $85, you get a wireless color printer, scanner, and six months of free ink. It also comes with HP Plus, one of the most dastardly schemes Big Inkjet has ever unleashed.”

#HP #Capitalism #Printers

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
7 months ago

I wonder if the HP devs went to the same school as The Division 2 devs.

HP breaks its own printers (again) with firmware update

#HP #Printers #FirmwareUpdate #Bugs #TechNews

An HP All-in-one printer
7 months ago

my printer is unmatched. i don't even know what to do with these colors.. apparently both magenta & yellow are more of a mustard brown...

they're all too dark. i topped up the red today. also today, i dipped the bottoms of both cartridges in water & when i pressed them into paper towel, i was getting all colors coming through, and a full strip of black.

i bought new cartridges just a couple months ago, too. sad.

#printers #prints

a color test page printout next to a computer screen showing what the colors should be (CMYK). the printed sheet looks nothing like the computer screen, except the black.
7 months ago

#HewlettPackard is working to address a bad #FirmwareUpdate that has been bricking #HP #OfficeJet #printers worldwide since it was released earlier this month.

Impacted printers include HP OfficeJet 902x models:

HP OfficeJet Pro 9022e
HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e
HP OfficeJet Pro 9020eAll-in-One
HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e All-in-One Printer

Affected customers report that their devices display blue screens with "83C0000B" errors on the built-in touchscreen.

Blue screen on HP printer (Bennyboos)
Miguel Afonso Caetano
7 months ago

#HP #Printers #DRM: "A well-known computer brand has disabled the printers of customers using ink cartridges from rival companies.

Hewlett-Packard, or HP, has sparked fury after issuing a recent “firmware” update which blocks customers from using cheaper, non-HP ink cartridges in its printers.

Customers’ devices were remotely updated in line with new terms which mean their printers will not work unless they are fitted with approved ink cartridges.

It prevents customers from using any cartridges other than those fitted with an HP chip, which are often more expensive. If the customer tries to use a non-HP ink cartridge, the printer will refuse to print.

HP printers used to display a warning when a “third-party” ink cartridge was inserted, but now printers will simply refuse to print altogether."

7 months ago

While collecting the evidence in 2023 we (Marco Lux & Pedro Umbelino) recognized the ESXi attack by a random #ransomware group. We decided it is time to publish our results which cumulated in CVE-2023-29552 #vuln #forensics ( via John Kristoff )

Interestingly, #internet search engines like @shodan, still missing SLP in their collection, which is a pity. #ddos #systems #devices #products #services #tools #routers #management #cyber #printers #daemons #hypervisors #networks #threats #informatique

8 months ago

after many months, my printer is back online (with black AND color ink) and it is zine-printing time! yay!

#zines #printers

close-up on a zine page coming out of a canon printer.
Blake Patterson
8 months ago

Was just thinking back to when I was working in a large DC office in the mid-aughts and found a PJL (Printer Job Language) deployment tool and used it to change the "Ready" / "PC Load Letter" display message on the LCD displays on various HP printers around the building to read:


It was a lot of laughs. Mostly laughs.

#goodtimes #officelife #officeprank #printers

CK's Technology News
9 months ago

Numerous #Lexmark #Printers affected by critical security issues

#Security #advisories have been published on March 10, 2023.

Hundreds of printers are affected, including Lexmark MC3224, Lexmark B2338, Lexmark CX930 and Lexmark XC9335.

Valentin Sawadski
9 months ago

Dear Germany, I’ve accepted that you are not the most innovative of countries. But why can’t you even copy what’s working everywhere else without ruining it by adding printers?

Yesterday I’ve tried the new self checkout at a supermarket chain and was confused why the doors won’t open at the end. Turns out, you need to take the paper receipt from the machine and scan it at the door to get out 🤦‍♂️

#innovation #copycat #ruined #printers

Meme with a person riding the bicycle with a pipe in his hand.

First picture says “paperless innovation”. 

Second Picture: Person showed his pipe in the front wheel. Text next to is says “Germany adding a mandatory printing step”

This Picture: Person fell from the bike and got hurt. Text next to it says “Stupid technology”
David Chartier
10 months ago

There’s no actual, functional, valid reason for why there are 16 billion different models and designs and sizes and formats of printer ink cartridges, right?

Besides #capitalism, of course.

Like they couldn’t go with a handful of semi-standardized sizes like batteries did with AA, AAA, C, and D? And yes I know there are plenty more battery types you shut your butt it’s the idea that counts.

Yes, we need to buy a new #printer today. #KillMe #printers

A friend sent this. It's pretty accurate. #cats and #printers

10 months ago

The HP Envy I bought four years ago for $60 keeps dependably working, best printer I've ever owned, doesn't make me want to scream or destroy it. And the HP Instant Ink thing has been great. Cheap, always have ink, rollover pages, no expensive cartridges sitting around. If I leave the program, no, my printer isn't bricked. I just have to buy the non-instant ink ones. But I don't want to. So count me as contrary to this article. I love printer-as-subscription! #printers

Ashley Porciuncula
10 months ago

This scene is 24 years old and we STILL haven't solved printers.

#OfficeSpace #Movies #Work #Printing #Printers #Computers

TuxPhones :linux:
11 months ago

Today I experienced the hell of proprietary, subscription-only HP #printers for the first time.

Not only they require a proprietary #HP account and Windows machine to work, they do not let you print unless you buy ink at ~3000% its value from their subscription service. Buying an old printer nowadays is the only reasonable choice, as they are getting worse and worse.

But non-Linux machines (without Gutenprint) don't support those, because of proprietary drivers!

Bill Driver
11 months ago

Out of all the things IT Department leaders have to do, negotiating managed print services contracts has to be up near the top of the worst things list.

#copiers #printers