Andrew Melder
1 day ago

A few prints in, I can already tell this is a very worthy investment into my photography.

Yes, a normal printer can also print 4 x 6 photos but the ease and quality of this little dedicated printer is hard to beat!

#Photography #Canon #CanonSelphy #printing

The Canon Selphy CP1500 printer with a photo it just printed next to it.
2 days ago

The latest Metal Type newsletter is out today.
Take a look here:
Subscribe here:
#letterpress #print #typesetting #printing

Typesetting machine?
3 days ago

How to print command and then 5 live lines of command? #commandline #bash #scripts #printing

Andrew Melder
4 days ago

One of those days where I wonder why I’m in my profession if I’m honest (cause I’m good at it and it pays the bills is the answer).

But on the plus side, I have some new photography items to distract me at least temporarily.

In addition to getting the Polaroid out again, I am looking forward to printing more photos.

#Photography #Polaroid #PolaroidGo #Canon #CanonSelphy #printing

A photo of two boxes: on the left, a box of Polaroid Go film and on the right, a box for the Canon Selphy CP1500 photo printer
4 days ago
4 days ago
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5 days ago

Have you discovered Printle yet? It's Wordle for Printers. There's a new puzzle every week.
Play here:
#letterpress #printing #print #puzzle

Printle - Wordle for Printers!
Vayl Larkin (they/them)
5 days ago

#Poetry #Poem #Printing #BookPrinting I am looking for tips on reasonably-priced, small-batch book-binding. I'll need about 10 copies to start, paperback is fine if it's quality, but fast turnaround is important. This is a book being put together for a friend's end-of-life time and comfort, so please answer if you have experience! Thank you. <3

5 days ago

Printer settings not working for a user #printing

6 days ago
6 days ago

why does firefox ignore font when printing a webpage #firefox #printing

Well, I finished that blog post. In case you missed it, it's here:

It lists the logical flow of what got me into #watercolor #painting, #drawing, and #linocut #printing. It also lists lots of resources. If you read it and have suggestions, please comment there.


6 days ago

Ubuntu sends a print request but printer does not print it? #drivers #printing #dell #hp

1 week ago

How to completely disable/remove cups on Ubuntu snaps? #printing #snap

ITX Mike
1 week ago

Seriously - can HP possibly have more tools that don't reliably work on MacOS? HP Smart and HP East Start - Nothing smart or easy about them. HP Easy Admin seems to be the ticket though - search for a model and it downloads and installs the drivers direct. Sheesh. #HP #InfoTech #SysAdmin #MSP #MacOS #Printing

1 week ago

After installing Ubuntu 23.04 on HP laptop I do not have printer listed in settings. No gui for printer #printing #hp #canon

1 week ago

Printer wants to save as PDF prior printing #upgrade #printing #virtualprinter

巴丢草 Bad ї ucao (@badiucao)
1 week ago

@JapanTraCul RT by @badiucao: Drawn at the Hakone Lookout, by Ito Shinsui, 1938 #shinhanga #printing

Satisfying visually and tactile-wise, bookplates are also catnip for those like me who relish puzzling out who might have read the book in hand (or listened to the old record on turntable).

A new digital exhibit of bookplates from Marquette University's library has just launched. Explore the growing collection here:
#bookplates #bookplate #HelenHayes #printing #ephemera #BookHistory #MarquetteU #libraries

A black and white bookplate. It features a simple line drawing of a waving, book-holding monkey standing on a creature, with the body of a griffin and, in place of a head, the body of a monk. It has the French words, 
Sitôt lu
Sitôt rendu
Sinon pendu
An bookplate featuring a black and white engraving showing a cloudy night sky with a lyre in front of the moon. A banner weaves across, saying Ex Libris Robert Underwood Johnson.
A simple black and white bookplate with an illustration of two large theater masks above a standing woman in silhouette with arms outstretched and, at her feet, piles of books. At the top is printed Ex Libris, at the bottom, Helen Hayes.
Damon Young
2 weeks ago

Genuine but naive question: do beautiful printers exist?

I don’t mean “can you find something attractive in common printers?” because you probably can but I don’t care to try.

I mean: are there any printers that’ve been subject to the same aesthetic care as, say, the iMac?

(I don’t care if you hate the iMac. Use your own example, then.)

#computing #computer #printer #printing #printers #office #hardware

2 weeks ago

It turns out, this is also a nice way to *start* out the week! 🤩
#customerservice #canva #brochures #printing #printmystuff

Discworld Convention
2 weeks ago

Happy National Letterpress Appreciation Day! Who owned the letterpress machine that got William de Worde, quite accidentally, into printing and thereby mass producing the Ankh-Morpork Times?

Bonus: What made an impression on his head?

#Discworld #DiscworldConvention #TerryPratchett
#NationalLetterpressAppreciationDay #Letterpress #Printing

[image description: Pale green background with a blue square frame that has rounded corners. Inside the square is blue text that reads "National Letterpress Appreciation Day". Below the text is a photograph of some printing blocks separated into chambers. Below the image is black text that reads "18 September". Underneath the frame is text that reads: International Discworld Convention @dwcon End image description]
2 weeks ago

"So, why are we giving #Gutenberg all the credit for inventing #printing? Because Gutenberg served the same role for printing as James Watt did for the steam engine. Neither of the men were the original #inventors of the concept, but they made improvements so radical that they made the technology transformational."

2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

After an evening #bikeride it is time to get into the #artstudio. Getting some pre-work done on some upcoming #mixedmedia #artworks #linocut #printing #printmaking #wineglass #wine #winelovers

3 weeks ago

CUPS problem - prints everything three times #2204 #printing

3 weeks ago

ABOUT INTERNET CONNECTION WITH UBUNTU SERVER #server #printing #internet #connection

3 weeks ago

I hate 2D printers, how is it after decades these machines still can’t be reliable. This one is not even 3 years old! Now giving me tons of issues. My 3D printer is more reliable, if I could 3D print documents at this point I would do it just because I seem to have less issues. Do I need to buy another one already? I like print 30 pages a month at most. 🤦‍♂️

#infosec #printer #printing #cybersecurity #IT #3dprinting

A sheet of paper being printed with streaks and missing lines
3 weeks ago

Random print before login after restarting in Ubuntu from Windows on a dual-boot #2204 #printing #authentication

3 weeks ago

unsupported PDF when printing from Thunderbird #printing #googlechrome #pdf #thunderbird

Mike Ellis
3 weeks ago

This is a hellishly clever lady, and I love that she's written about her process. Also: REDUCTION lino, which is a terrifying method (also known as "suicide print" because one screw up and the whole edition can be ballsed up...)

#printing #linocut #printmaking

Aaron Brick
3 weeks ago

I've never seen this kind of #printing #error before. From Potter's “The Impending Crisis,” Harper & Row, 1976.

Black and photos of Sharps Rifles and Fort Sumter on the left hand page are reproduced in inverse on the right hand side.
3 weeks ago

Has anyone gotten HL-L2350DW to print wireless from 22.04? #2204 #printing #brother

3 weeks ago

Print Preview in Ubuntu system print dialog #gnome #printing #systemsettings

3 weeks ago

Printer jobs in "pending" mode, but not printing #printing #canon

3 weeks ago

For anyone in the #Norwich area this weekend, the Norwich Printing Museum has some fab, hands-on events as part of the Open Heritage Days: - do check them out and get yourself a free poster in the process 😉

#Printing #museums #LocalMuseums #Norwich #LocalHeritage

A bundle of letterpress blocks with a banner that reads 'Norwich Printing Museum' laid across them
1 month ago

so uhhhhh I just set up a printer on debian and it just worked without any issues

apparently that is somehow possible?...

#linux #debian #cups #printer #printing

"Stephen Fry takes a look inside the story of Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the world's first printing press in the 15th century, and an exploration of how and why the machine was invented." #Youtube #Video #Videos #Printing #Book #Books #Bookstodon #History #Histodon #Histodons #C15th #15thCentury #Europe #Documentary #Documentaries @histodon @histodons @bookstodon

Kendra K. Levine
1 month ago

I might apply to a print editions thing about book bans today, but I also have never done anything like that before.

It's a step toward being a *serious printmaker* instead of my current state of "angry person who does letterpress printing".

Any advice on doing this is welcome!

#letterpress #BookBans #Printing

A hand holding up a white poster with "Read book. FIGHT FASCISTS!" printed in red.
A hand holding up a sign that says, "BE FREE TO READ ANY BOOK YOU LIKE." It's black text with a red drop shadow.
A hand holding a poster that says, "it starts with... BOOK BANS" It's black text over swipes of red ink.
1 month ago

cups can't print the files, only the test page works fine ( HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125a USB CNB6H376TK HPLIP ) #drivers #printing #hp #hplip

DefectiveWings ✈️
1 month ago
"The Printer That Simply Worked"
And other Fairy Tales
beyond tellerrand
1 month ago

Do you know that we always run a letter press workshop the day after the #btconf conference days in Berlin? Now? I love cooling down with this workshop at p98a with Erik Spiekermann. Still tickets available. Join in and get your hands dirty.

#letterpress #printing #history #workshop

Jason Nabein
1 month ago

Surely there are modern dot-matrix printers with USB connectivity and a PCL6 or similar simple driver that CUPS could use???

#cups #printing #printers #dotmatrix

1 month ago
How difficult is it to make a #3D #scan of an #eyewear #frame and regenerate it using 3D #printing?
Is that a major task?
And is there anyone in #Berlin, who'd do that for me?
The frame below is ideal for me, however refitting it with new lenses isn't feasible, as the frame is cheap and probably contains chemical softeners, which evaporate over time, leading to the lenses falling out at some point.

Four different opticians here couldn't help find the same or even just a very similar frame, just to mention that.

Favourite glasses

How Books Are Handmade At The Last Printing Press Of Its Kind In The US | Still Standing #Youtube #Video #Videos #Handmade #Book #Books #Printing #Press #US #USA #America @bookstodon

1 month ago

@onpaperwings Can someone with knowledge describe what it would have smelled like in those rooms? I imagined ink at first, but that’s not the press. Like a metal workshop? #printing #linotype

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

When I created this #artjournal to digest the terrible images and news of a #wildfire, I had no idea how much the condition could become the new "normality" in so many countries. #Rust and hammer printing, and wild stitches. #wildfires #art #artistsOfMastodon #Rustprint #hammerPrint #ecodyeing #TatakiZome #WildStitching #embroidery #mixedmedia #printing

Two pages: the accidental rust printing in reddish brown on white paper looks like a landscape with a brown sun. Abstract black stitches with paper thread evoke plant skeletons.
Another 2 pages, the backside of photo 1. The wild stitches look different on their backside and become integrated into a new image. The more filigree plant structure at the right is made by hammer printing a grass and lining with black paper thread.
2 pages with spare rust print. On the left, a tree structure is cut out as a hole. It is covered with dyed gauze and offers a view of the landscape below. On the right, three overlapping tree structures: the back of black paper embroidery, green thread structures and the hammer print of common bent grass.
Macro of the gauze. Behind, is the reddish-brown rust print of the page below.

Copy of Hans Alexander Mueller’s work, “Still Life” in two color reduction woodcut print.

Painter, illustrator, designer, and wood engraver, Hans Alexander Mueller was born in Nordhausen, Germany in 1888. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, where he later taught. (Lynd Ward studied under Mueller in 1927).

#woodcutprints #mastoart
#reliefprints #printmaking #printing #print #woodblockprinting #printmaker #woodcutprinting

two color reduction woodcut print.

“The meaning of life is that it stops”
Franz Kafka (1883-1924)
One of the greatest writers of 20 th century, who created amazing characters in absurd and surreal situations where the term “kafkaesque” entered into the English language.

Woodcut reduction print. .
#woodcutprints #mastoart
#reliefprints #printmaking #printing #print #woodblockprinting #printmaker @artmastodon #woodcutprinting

Franz Kafka, Woodcut reduction print. .
Joe Vilas
1 month ago

19th century: printers suck
20th century: printers suck
2001: printers suck
2011: printers suck
2021: printers suck
2023: oh you sweet summer child
#geek #tech #printing

1 month ago

And if you enjoy this sort of thing, you might also like this 1918 issue of "The American Printer", which contains an introduction to the principle that eventually led to the German DIN, now International, paper sizes (A4, etc.): the HYPOTENUSE OBLONG.

#paper #printing #publicdomain #books #oldbooks

An oblong having the proportion of length to width which gives two oblongs of the same proportion when divided is called by printers and binders the Hypotenuse Oblong. This is the only possible rectangle which can be infinitely halved or doubled without changing its proportion of length to width It gets its name from the convenient method of finding the proper proportion. Given the short side we simply draw a perpendicular of the same length at one end making two equal sides of a right angle triangle Then the diagonal line from corner to corner which is the hypotenuse will give the exact length of the oblong Conversely if we have the length and wish to determine the proper width we simply start with half of this length for a base and proceed in the same manner and the hypotenuse obtained will give the exact width.
1 month ago

I'd always thought that the word "bond" in reference to paper (as in "20lb bond") referred to something about the fibers being 'bonded' together somehow.

Apparently—at least according to this fun 1922 commercial reference book I just lost an hour to—that's not the case. It's called that because it was originally made for printing financial bonds and certificates on a printing press.

#paper #trivia #letterpress #printing #books #publicdomain

THE name "Bond Paper" was first applied to paper designed for a single specific use; namely, for engraved bonds and certificates.

At present the term "Bond Papers" covers a wide range, some of which
 possess few of the characteristics of the original Bond. These characteristics were based on a long-fibered, high-grade rag stock, so treated as to obtain the maximum strength and hardness, with little or no attention to sheet formation. Today, however, although bond papers are characterized by a certain degree of rattle, translucency and hardness and a high ratio of strength to weight with
good folding qualities, their content ranges from a permanent all-rag
stock to one of temporary wood pulp.
Handbook of Quality Standard Papers 

A Reference Book covering a comprehensive line of Papers and their employ in Printing
Jeremy Osborn
1 month ago

Stage 1 of a three part reduction linocut print process.

It turns out the years I spent in the 90s learning prepress techniques have come in handy!

#printmaking #linocut #ArtProcess #printing

Three identical strips of media with the identical image of a black and white portrait of a face sit side by side. The first strip is the portrait on plain paper. The second strip is the same portrait mirrored on blue linocut material. The third strip is the same portrait drawn in charcoal on tracing paper.
Bob the Traveler
2 months ago

The Mainz Psalter was published OTD in 1457, it was the first book to feature a printed date of publication and printed colophon #printing #history

Ezlin Rye
2 months ago

What kind of lacquer do you use to protect your 3D printed objects?

My sister made me a headphone / controller holder for my birthday last year, and I've been protecting it by not using it much. I'd like to use it more, but I don't want it to be broken, chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on this stuff, so the less expensive the better. I'm not trying to make it look pretty, just protect it.

#3dprinting #3d #printing

Guido Kühn
2 months ago

Einbanddruck in Progress: Nachdem die Schwarzplatte steht, lasere ich diesmal die erste Farbplatte, nachdem ich die Rasterflächen mit einem entsprechenden Pinsel in Procreate gemalt habe.

Das schöne an Hochdruck ist ja, dass man mit so ziemlich allen Materialen Drucken kann: Pappe, Sperrholz, Plastik, Metalle. Hauptsache das Material steht irgendwie hoch, lässt sich mit Unterbau plan auf die Normdruckhöhe von 23,567mm bringen und ist halbwegs stabil. Sogar Schwämme gehen

#Letterpress #Printing

Video zeigt das Lasern: der Laserstrahl glüht hinter der roten Schutzhaube, während der Kopf über das Material fährt.
K Lars Lohn
2 months ago

I'm very suspicious that there is something seriously wrong with my art printer. I turned it on for the first time since early April. I then sent a job to make a print of a recently sold maze.

There were no error messages.

It ruined no expensive paper.

It didn't dump all its ink into the waste tank.

It just worked.

This is unprecedented behavior and it makes me very uncomfortable.

#printing #artprints #maze #artmaze #digitalart #digitalartist

A Canon Pro-1000 printer just pushed out a new print.  The print is a closeup image of a buff golden tan rose bud in the form of one of my mazes.
Old Book Illustrations
2 months ago

Embossing press.
From "Hoe & Co.'s Catalogue of Printing Presses and Printers' Materials," New York: 1881 #illustration #technology #printing

Three-quarter view of the new embossing press as marketed by Hoe & Co. in 1881, and priced $1200, or $1500 with inking attachment
Old Book Illustrations
2 months ago

Geared copper-plate press.
From "Hoe & Co.'s Catalogue of Printing Presses and Printers' Materials," New York: 1881 #illustration #technology #printing

Side view of a copper-plate press marketed by Hoe & Co. in 1881, which could be worked by hand or run by steam power
Old Book Illustrations
2 months ago

Lithographic power press.
From "Hoe & Co.'s Catalogue of Printing Presses and Printers' Materials," New York: 1881 #illustration #technology #printing

side view of Hoe&#039;s lithographic power press as marketed in 1881. It came in lengths ranging from 13 ft. 5 18 ft. and weighted between 5 and 12.5 tons
Sam at BLAG
2 months ago

'The Language of Printing' on Spitalfields Life:


BATTER – Any injury to the face of the type sufficient to prevent it showing clearly in printing.

BOTTLE-ARSED – Type that is wider at the bottom than the top.

DEVIL – is the term applied to the printer’s boy who does the drudgery work of a print office.

RAT-HOUSE – A printing office where the rules of the printers’ trade unions are not conformed to.

#printing #print #language #type #typography #typesetting

Antique business calling card hand-lettered in a variety of styles with the following text:

Embossing & Other Presses, Endorsing Stamps, &c.
J.J. Baddeley
Lithographer & Printer,
Copper Plate & General Engraver,
Die Sinker, Embosser, &c.
25 Little Bell Alley
Moregate Street, London.
Account Books, Envelopes, Office Seals, &c.
Public Companies Seals, Monograms &c, Designed & Engraved.
Laura E. Hall
2 months ago

4) This man uses a massive custom 3D printer to print life-sized statues of himself in one go

Video: (The printing starts at about 14:10)

#Printing #3DPrinting #3DPrinter

A massive 3D printer in action, showing just the legs of a figure as they are printed
Ben Deutsch 🌊
3 months ago

I'm always happy with leaflet #printing from Solopress. Use this link to get a £10 #discount on your first order.

3 months ago

@mwichary I've just been reading all your toots about this.

Fascinating! I love books, #typewriters (and am old enough to have used quite a few), #paper, pens, fonts, #keyboards, and many related things. Thank you for sharing.

And good luck with your book!

#books #printing #techporn #writing

Denis Vannier
3 months ago

Jouer avec les données d’altimétrie des lits des cours d’eau est mon passe-temps favori du moment. J’ai poussé le vice jusqu’à les transposer sur papier en utilisant le procédé du cyanotype. Tellement fan de ce bleu de Prusse #cartes #gischat #printing

Jennifer =^.^=
3 months ago

Here's one of my big tech problems lately hindering my creativity..

Been thinking of setting up a virtual machine for my mug art prints, because i am in a situation where I don't want to use gimp to use my other printer because I don't want to risk messing up my print settings...
... which I made a backup of but I can't actively load, or load via command line to print stuff
... which seem to remember certain things in memory and one little change can cause me to have several misprints

So the plan is to set up a VM with GIMP, call GIMP,
use a macro to click through the print dialog to print stuff via batch mode.. like suggested in this post from 2014, linking a post to 2009 who was having the same issue:

#linux #printing #gimp

Martijn Geerdes
3 months ago

Who has experience with correct #printing of #NCS colors through #fullcolor printing? My print producer does not get good matches with the NCS specs. Possibly a CMYK translation or correct print profile?

revealingtoomuch :ve_purp:
3 months ago

Random hobby update: really digging #3D #printing. Like, a lot more than I thought I would. If anyone has any #3Dprinting projects they've loved, let me know! I'm still a beginner, but I think my first few prints have turned out alright. #3dprinters

A 3D printed Thor’s helmet (from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) made with white filament. This photo is from the front.
A 3D printed Thor’s helmet (from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) made with white filament. This photo is from the side.
Flipboard Culture Desk
3 months ago

Last month was the 150th anniversary of the invention of the typewriter, which was created in Milwaukee by journalist/printer/politician Christopher Latham Sholes. Here's a look at its history and ongoing relevance, and how Milwaukeeans celebrated the typrewriter's big birthday with the inaugural QWERTYFEST, an inky paradise for collectors, artists, history buffs and word nerds.

#History #Culture #Milwaukee #Printing #Writing

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
3 months ago

Made a few prints today… the white paper looks nice (good contrast!) and the other is some handmade recycled paper I made a while back.

#art #design #print #printing #printMaking #paper

A relief print of a telephone/power pole with wires.

Now I can include directly in the ZPL2 string how many copies of the label the printer should print. So I only have to transfer the data once and the printer itself just repeats. This is now so fast that I have to sit there and fold the printed labels. Took just 20min to print 800 labels!!! #manufacturing #printing #retro #production

Zebra 110xiIII thermal transfer printer printing labels at the set 2”/s speed without pauses!

So I had no choice but to learn ZPL2 ... the native language of Zebra printers. Fortunately there is a quite decent python library for it, making the assembly of the ZPL2 strings easier. #manufacturing #printing #retro #production #python #programming

simple-zpl2 python code

So I got these cool Zebra thermal transfer printer. And I have to print thousands of labels… first I just designed a pdf or he label and used the Cups driver to print… it was quite slow as Cups sends the whole print one at a time 🤦‍♂️ #manufacturing #printing #retro #production

Zebra 110xiIII industrial thermal transfer printer. Printing 3”x4” labels pausing between each label to load data from the computer.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
3 months ago

I designed and (relief) printed a generic birthday card. My plan is/was to do a bunch of different ones and have them sitting around ready to go when an unexpected birthday sneaks up on me.

Would you prefer a hand-printed card (that I actually designed) to a store-bought card?

#art #design #printing #printMaking #birthday

A hand-printed birthday card.
Rokku :v_root:
3 months ago

Let's try this #introduction thing here.

👋​ Hi, I am rokku, a 39+ old human in the #autistic and #adhd spectrum. As a person I behave as a #INTJ or #5w6. I don't use a #gender for me but I know there are a lot of them #agender #nonbinary. If you are talking to me, use no pronouns but my name.

I am #sysadmin for life and #polyglot #developer for 20+ years. I love #selfhosting things. I work in the #hosting business. I was formerly #selfemployed and plan to do so again.

I do #debian servers and #arch for my workstation. All other distros are bad, especially #ubuntu (yes i know its from debian but with ugly things in it)

My beloved languages are #perl, #raku and #nim. But I do much more of them like #cpp, #java, #python and what not. Currently, as an old grumpy human, I try to learn #nodejs (We hadn't this in the old days 😆​)

I like #old #school things, how we did it in the past. I did not stay behind, but new things must proof themself.

My #vocation is #IT and all the stuff around it.

I'm a former member of the pirate party germany (#Piratenpartei Deutschland). I was member of the Landesverband Bayern as a General Secretary and Treasurer. I am founder of the #Bezirksverband #Mittelfranken and also member of the board as a General Secretary.

Not enough, I am a #metroidvana, #megaman, #dragonball #nerd and #gamer starting with an Super NES console long time ago. I prefer the #xbox over the #playstation. I prefer games like #blasphemous, #warframe, #newworld, #doom and much more as I even could write here.

In my spare time I like to do things with #3D #printing

3 months ago

These piece from the Richard Sheaff ephemera collection are incredible! 🤤

lots more about the collection here:

#graphicdesign #printing #vintage #ephemera

Stamped and calligraphic addressed envelope that has been elaborately illustrated with people in and around the address
Card for a 1915 san francisco exposition, showing a bear intercepting the word MIND and standing on the date (1915). Below it is the following text:  "Official Exposition Yell. 'Hand in hand, In the Western land, For California we all stand. What?—Ca-li-for-nial'"
Business card. Type in rainbow coloured with a large PA on the left and ER on the right. When combined with the central letters it reads Parker Painter Paper hanger.
Business card for J.H. Fosbinder's ladies fine shoes. Is in the shape of a boot with fading green to red background colours.
Iain Bancarz
3 months ago

@mhoye Two I've had recent experience of:

TPH very good and efficient, but not the cheapest:

UTposter cheap and the final product was of decent quality, but customer service very unresponsive:

Hope that helps. 😀

#toronto #poster #printing

Esther goes back to uni
3 months ago

I wanted to do some cutting practice before starting the next big print project so I took inspiration from @welshpixie.

#Butts! In Futura Medium.

#linocut #print #printing #typography #art

Linocut block with lettering “Butts”, mirrored horizontally, on a cutting mat with a carving knife and linoleum shavings next to it
3 prints of “Butts”, in black on white A5 paper
6 months ago

On 18th February, 2012, @TheArtyMummy travelled to Mount Larcom #Art #Gallery to set up her first #exhibition

I documented the day.

My first exhibition! Narcissus and Echo explored in printmaking.
Contemporary art.

Project details.


#Printmaking -
Material and Conceptual Design

Project 5 -
Multi-plate #Printing and the Art of the Book.

Katherine Scriffignano
2012 Submission

Book of #Narcissus

Mount Larcom Art Gallery
18th February 2012

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
6 months ago

I recently built a printing press from a DIY kit make by Provision Press. It's a pretty easy build and comes in at half the price of a traditional press of its size...

The plans are open source, so you can build your own, or buy the kit from them and help support what they are doing.


#printmaking #press #printing #diy

A Provisional Press DIY printing press.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
6 months ago

No fooling! I finished building my Provisional Press tonight!

#printing #printmaking #printmaker #maker

An assembled printing press built from a kit.
Rob Whiting 📓
7 months ago

Review - ‘Farewell, Etaoin Shrdlu’ (1978) - a documentary on the last days of #Linotype #Printing at the #NewYorkTimes.


“All the knowledge I’ve acquired over 26 years is now locked up in a little box called a computer.”

Rob Whiting 📓
7 months ago

📕 Le Typographe -

📘 La Lithographe -

Books to introduce children to the wonders of #Printing.

Written and illustrated by Gaby Bazin.

Book cover for Le Typographe. An illustrated typographer picks type from a letter case.
Book cover for La Lithographe. A lithographer works at a press.
7 months ago

Wouldn't want any of you old school #retro 2D #printing enthusiast to feel left out.

#PaperCraft #RetroComputing

A hifidelity recreation of the Atari St Computer with mouse, monitor disk drive and system all made out of paper, print and fold em at link.
7 months ago

Spent way too much money on Luster photo paper in 13x19” but it was so worth it. So beautiful. Get your own work printed at some point.

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7 months ago

The latest illustrated Metal Type Forum is now out. Latest Forum chat, some great eBay finds, highlights from the main site and more - Please consider subscribing #letterpress #linotype #monotype #printing #printing

1954 Stephenson Blake calendar
Intertype for sale
7 months ago

Lots of anti-AI Art people keep saying AI art is blurry and garbage. So surely it wouldn't hold up to printing POSTERS, right?! Right?
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